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Moveable Boxes — Family Tree Maker 7.5 Gives You
Control of Your Tree

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Family Tree Maker version 7.5 has incorporated the ability to move boxes within the descendant and ancestor trees in standard view. This allows you more flexibility when it comes to customizing your trees. Moveable Boxes allows the boxes within the trees to be moved to any location within the bounds of the tree display. The steps below will show you how to move boxes in your trees and save the view for later use.

  1. To access Moveable Boxes, go to the View menu and then choose an descendant or ancestor tree that you desire. (Note that this feature can only be used with the standard ancestor and descendant views — it will not work with fan trees, hourglass trees, or the all-in-one tree.)
  2. Put the mouse over the box that you want to move and left-click. When this happens, you will see four arrows and the box will be highlighted. This will enable you to move the entire branch of the tree. To move just one box, hold down the Ctrl key.

Selecting a box to move

Figure 1. Getting Ready to Move a Box

  1. Now drag the box to the desired position by holding down the left mouse button and dragging. You can use this feature to move any of the boxes in the tree.
  2. Once you get the boxes in their desired position, you can exit the tree. When this happens you will be prompted to save the view (see Figure 2). Give the view a file name.

Naming a View

Figure 2. Saving and Naming Your View

Family Tree Maker allows you to save the tree with the changes that you've made for further retrieval. You can save up to 512 different views.

  1. To retrieve the tree that you saved, go to the File menu and then click on Open Saved Views. You will then get a list showing you the trees that you have saved (see Figure 3).
  2. Highlight the desired tree and click Open.

Opening a previously saved view

Figure 3. Opening a Saved View

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