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The Lucketts of Portobacco

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1796. From the ages and marriages of his children, it can be concluded that Thomas wedded somewhat late in life.

Children of Thomas and Mary (Griffin) Luckett

     1. Benjamin Luckett married Elizabeth Semmes. q.v. 
     2. Priscilla Luckett married Barton Robey, settled in 
         Nelson Co., Ky. 
     3. Sarah Luckett married John Semmes, settled in Nelson 
         Co., Ky. 
     4. Elizabeth Luckett married James Oldham. 
     5. Thomas Luckett married Mary (???). q.v. 
     6. Anne Luckett. 
     7. Verlinda Luckett married Joseph Osborn Robey, 
         according to rites of Catholic Church, Feb. 22, 1797. 
     8. Hezekiah Luckett married Elizabeth (???). q.v. 
     9. Henry Luckett married Elizabeth Beaven. q.v. 

Thomas Luckett maintained his seat in Upper Port Tobacco Hundred, where he was a tax payer in 1783, with the following tracts--"Quick Dispatch" of 15 acres with one good dwelling; "Semmes' Support" of 40 acres; "No Dispute" of 48 acres with one good dwelling; and "Luckett's Outlet" of 24 acres. These tracts were acquired during the Revolutionary War, inasmuch as up to the year 1774 Thomas Luckett paid no quit rents to the Lord Proprietor.

On May 16, 1770, Thomas Luckett and Benjamin Jameson were sureties for Elizabeth Kerrick, of Charles County, the administratrix of Hugh Kerrick. And on January 16, 1775, he and Philip Murray filed bond in the amount of 200 for Walter Gherrick, the administrator of Elizabeth Kerrick.

In 1778 Thomas Luckett took the Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity to the State of Maryland in Charles County,

Page 20

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