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View Tree for Estienne Henry De Sully Blois de NavarreEstienne Henry De Sully Blois de Navarre (b. 1045, d. May 19, 1102)

Estienne Henry De Sully Blois de Navarre (son of Theobald (Thibaud) III de Blois and Gersende (Garsinde Garsenda Berthe) du Maine) was born 1045, and died May 19, 1102 in Ramla, Palestine. He married Adela Alice Princess of England, daughter of King William I of England and Princess Mathilde of Flanders.

 Includes NotesNotes for Estienne Henry De Sully Blois de Navarre:
Stephen II Henry (c. 1045 – May 19, 1102), (in French, Étienne Henri), Count of Blois and Count of Chartres, was the son of Theobald III, count of Blois, and Garsinde du Maine. He married Adela of Normandy, a daughter of William the Conqueror around 1080 in Chartres.

Count Stephen was one of the leaders of the First Crusade, often writing enthusiastic letters to Adela about the crusade's progress. He returned home in 1098 during the lengthy siege of Antioch, without having fulfilled his crusading vow, which would have been completed only if he had made it all the way to Jerusalem. He was pressured by Adela into making a second pilgrimage, and along with others who faced the same pressures after returning home prematurely, he joined the minor crusade of 1101. In 1102, Stephen was killed in battle at the age of 57, at the Battle of Ramla.

[edit] Family and children
Stephen and Adela's children were:

Guillaume (William) (d.1150), Count of Chartres married Agnes of Sulli (d.aft 1104) & had issue.
Theobald II, Count of Champagne
Odo, died young.
Stephen, King of England
Lucia-Mahaut, married Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester. Both drowned on 25 November 1120.
Agnes, married Hugh III of Le Puiset
Eléonore (d.1147) married Raoul I of Vermandois (d.1152) & had issue they were divorced in 1142.
Alix (d.1145) married Renaud (d.1134)III of Joigni & had Issue
Lithuise (d.1118) married Milo de Brai, Viscount of Troyes (Divorced 1115)
Henry, Bishop of Winchester
Humbert, died young.
Philip (d.1100), Bishop of Chalons
Lithuise, who married Milon of Troyes, viscount of Troyes, was possibly his sister and not his daughter, judging from the dates of her children.

ETIENNE [Henri] de Blois, son of THIBAUT III Comte de Blois & his third wife Adela [Alix] de Valois (-murdered Ramla 19 May 1102). The Liber Modernorum Regum Francorum names (in order) "Stephanus et Hugo" as sons of "comes Tetbaudus", specifying that Etienne "factus est Blesensium Carnotensium atque Meldensium comes" on their father's death[102]. Son of Thibaut according to Orderic Vitalis, who does not specify his mother's name[103]. The source which confirms that he was the son of his father's second marriage has not yet been identified. He succeeded his father in 1089 as ETIENNE Comte de Blois, de Chartres, de Châteaudun, de Sancerre et de Meaux. He joined the contingent of Robert II Count of Flanders on the First Crusade in Sep 1096, along with Robert "Curthose" Duke of Normandy. After the capture of Antioch in Jun 1098, he escaped from the city, "on the pretext of illness" believing it doomed after it was besieged by Kerbogha atabeg of Mosul, sailed for Alexandretta, and from there to France on hearing that the siege was progressing badly[104]. He was one of the leaders of the second wave of the First Crusade which left France in Spring 1101[105] and appointed Comte Raymond as their overall leader when they arrived at Constantinople[106]. After the combined armies left Constantinople in May 1101, they captured Ankara from the Seljuk Turks 23 Jun 1101 but were scattered after their defeat by the Turks at Mersivan[107]. Robert of Torigny records that "Stephanus comes Blesensis" was killed "1102 XV Kal Aug apud Ramulam"[108]. Albert of Aix records that he was captured at Ramla and decapitated[109]. Two of his letters to his wife Adela, written during the First Crusade, have survived and provide a unique first-hand account of events[110]. The necrology of Chartres cathedral records the death "XIV Kal Jun" of "Stephanus palatinus comes"[111]. The necrology of Saint-Jean-en-Vallée records the death "XIV Kal Jun" of "Stephanus nomine Henricus comes palatinus"[112]. The necrology of Pontlevoy records the death "XIV Kal Jun" of "Henrici comitis"[113].

m (Breteuil 1080, confirmed Chartres Cathedral 1081) ADELA de Normandie, daughter of WILLIAM I "the Conqueror" King of England & his wife Mathilde de Flandre (Normandy [1066/67]-Marigney-sur-Loire 8 Mar 1138, bur Abbey of Holy Trinity, Caen). She is listed by Orderic Vitalis last among the daughters of King William in his description of their careers[114]. Named third in his list of the daughters of King William I by Matthew of Paris[115], but this appears unlikely in view of Adela's child-bearing until her husband's death in 1102. Her birth date is estimated bearing in mind that marriage frequently took place in early adolescence at the time, and also that Adela clearly continued to bear children right up to her husband's death. Orderic Vitalis records that she encouraged her husband to join the First Crusade and did not hide her shame when he deserted from Antioch in 1098[116]. Regent of Blois 1102-1107, after the death of her husband. She became a nun at the Cluniac priory of Marigney-sur-Loire in [1122]. The necrology of Chartres cathedral records the death "VIII Id Mar" of "Adela comitissa"[117], and in another manuscript the death "VIII Id Mar" of "Adela nobilis Blesensium comitissa regis Anglorum Willelmi filia"[118].

Mistress (1): ---. The name of Comte Etienne's mistress is not known.

Comte Etienne & his wife had [eleven] children:

1. [HUMBERT de Blois (-young). Comte de Vertus. Humbert is shown by Weir[119] as the oldest son of Comte Etienne but the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified.]

2. GUILLAUME de Blois ([1090/93]-[1150]). His parentage is stated by Orderic Vitalis, who names him first in order of the sons which he lists, specifying that his father-in-law was Gilo de Sully, and calling him a "good and peaceful man blessed with children and wealth"[120]. Orderic also provides some indication of his birth year when he records[121] that his mother Ctss Adela provided troops to Louis VI King of France at the time of the siege of Montmorency in [1108] "because Count Stephen her husband had gone on crusade and her eldest sons, William and Theobald, who were not yet of age, were unable to command troops of knights". The description is confused because Count Etienne had died several years earlier, but it nevertheless provides some indication of the comparative youth of the brothers Guillaume and Thibaut at the time. Comte de Chartres. Sire de Sully, by right of his wife. He was disinherited, retaining only Sully. According to Weir[122], Guillaume is described in the chronicles as an idiot but she does not cite the primary source. During a dispute in [1103][123] with the chapter of Chartres that was awaiting arbitration, he forced the burgesses of Chartres to form a confederation and take a solemn oath to kill the bishop[124]. Chibnall, in order to reconcile this incident with the description of Guillaume by Orderic Vitalis, speculates that he was of retarded mental development and, though irresponsible, violent only in words[125].


3. THIBAUT de Blois ([1090/95]-10 Jan 1152, bur Lagny). His parentage is stated by Orderic Vitalis, who names him second in order of the sons which he lists[126]. He succeeded his father in 1102 as THIBAUT IV “le Grand/le Vieil” Comte de Blois, de Troyes.

- see below.

4. EUDES de Blois (-after 1107). The necrology of Chartres cathedral records the death "VIII Kal Jan" of "Odo filius comitis Stephani", stating that "Adela…comitissa mater eius" made a donation for his soul[127]. This entry is dated "after 1106" in the edition but the basis for this is not clear. Eudes is shown in Europäische Stammtafeln[128] as the fifth son of Comte Etienne but the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified. Weir suggests that he has been confused with Etienne's son Henri who, she states, is referred to as Eudes in one charter[129], but the Chartres necrology shows that Eudes was a separate person.

5. MATHILDE de Blois (-drowned off Barfleur, Normandy 25 Nov 1120). Her marriage is recorded by Orderic Vitalis, who also names her parents[130]. William of Malmesbury records that she drowned with her husband following the sinking of the “Blanche Nef [White Ship]”[131]. m (1115) RICHARD d'Avranches Earl of Chester Vicomte d’Avranches, son of HUGUES d’Avranches "Lupus" Earl of Chester & his wife Ermentrude de Clermont [en-Beauvaisis] ([1093]-drowned off Barfleur, Normandy 25 Nov 1120).

6. [AGNES de Blois . Agnes is shown by Weir[132] as the second daughter of Comte Etienne III and as the wife of Hugues III du Puiset but the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified. "Hugo Puteacensis vicecomes" donated property to the abbey of Sainte-Trinité de Tiron by charter dated 1129 witnessed by "uxore eius Agnete et filiis…Evrardo, Bucardo filiorum vicecomitis"[133], although the origin of Agnes is not stated. "Hugo Carnotensis vicedominus…et Agnes uxor eius" donated property by charter dated to [1100/04][134]. "Hugo vicecomes…et uxorem suam Agnetam, et filios Ebrardum atque Burchardum" donated property to Chartres Saint-Père by charter dated to [1101/29], with the consent of "comite Theobaldo"[135]. m (before 1104) HUGUES [III] du Puiset Vicomte de Chartres, son of ERARD [III] du Puiset Vicomte de Chartres & his wife Adelaide de Corbeil (-Palestine 1132).]

7. [ADELAIDE de Blois . "Adela or Lithuise" is shown by Weir[136] as the daughter of Comte Etienne, and wife of Milon, but the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified. "Lithuaise", daughter of Comte Etienne, is shown in Europäische Stammtafeln[137] as the wife of Milon. It is assumed that the name "Lithuaise" results from confusion with his mother. m ([1112], divorced 1113) as his second wife, MILON [II] de Montlhéry Vicomte de Troyes, son of MILON [I] "le Grand" Seigneur de Montlhéry & his wife Lithuaise Vicomtesse de Troyes (-1118).]

8. ELEONORE de Blois (-after 1148). Kerrebrouck names Eleonore, daughter of Comte Etienne III, as the first wife of Raoul Comte de Vermandois[138] but the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified. After her repudiation she found refuge with her brother Thibaut IV Comte de Champagne who declared war on her husband and appealed to Pope Innocent II, who excommunicated him. Ctss Eléonore appeared in person before Pope Eugene III at Reims 21 Mar 1148, but the Pope confirmed the annulment of her marriage[139]. m ([1120], repudiated 1142) as his first wife, RAOUL I "le Vaillant" Comte de Vermandois, son of HUGUES "le Maisné" de France Comte de Vermandois & his wife Adelais Ctss de Vermandois, de Valois et de Crépy ([1094]-13 Oct 1152, bur Priory of Saint-Arnoul de Crépy). No issue.

9. ETIENNE de Blois (Blois [1096/97]-Dover 25 Oct 1154, bur Faversham Abbey, Kent). His parentage is stated by Orderic Vitalis, third in order of the sons which he lists, specifying that he was son-in-law of Eustache Comte de Boulogne[140]. Created Comte de Mortain by Henry I King of England "after Guillaume Comte de Mortain was captured at Tinchebrai" (in 1106)[141]. Orderic Vitalis records that Etienne was invested with Séez, Alençon, Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe and Almenèches with La Roche-Mabille by his brother Comte Thibaut IV, after the latter was invested with these lands by Henry I King of England who had confiscated them from Robert de Bellême[142]. It is difficult to date this event accurately. Robert de Bellême's territories were confiscated in 1112, but the passage in Orderic follows a description of the rebellion of Robert Giroie which is assumed to have taken place in Jul [1119]. Comte de Boulogne, by right of his wife, before 1125. He succeeded 22 Dec 1135 as STEPHEN King of England.


10. [ALICE de Blois . Alice is shown by Weir[143] as the youngest daughter of Comte Etienne and the wife of "Renaud III Comte de Joigny" (who has not been identified) but the primary source on which this is based has not been found. m [as his first/second wife,] RENAUD [III] Comte de Joigny, son of --- & his wife --- (-1150).]

11. HENRI de Blois (Winchester [1099]-Winchester 1 Jul 1171, bur Winchester Cathedral[144]). His parentage is stated by Orderic Vitalis, fourth in order of the sons which he lists[145]. Chaplain to Empress Matilda. On the recommendation of Emperor Heinrich V, he was elected Bishop of Verdun in 1118 but could not be consecrated due to the ongoing dispute between the Papacy and the empire regarding lay investiture. The Pope arranged his consecration in Milan by cardinal John of Cremona, but the emperor forbade the inhabitants of Verdun from receiving him and he took refuge in the fortress of Hattonchatel. He was finally installed in 1120 with the military support of Renaud Comte [de Bar], Comte de Verdun, but was expelled in 1123 by Henri Comte de Grandpré who stormed Verdun on the orders of Emperor Heinrich V. He escaped by swimming across the river Meuse. He was reinstalled as bishop following the peace of Chalade signed between Renaud de Bar and the emperor in 1124[146]. Monk at the priory of Cluny. Monk at Bermondsey Abbey, later abbot. Orderic Vitalis records that he was appointed abbot of Glastonbury[147] in 1126. He was nominated Bishop of Winchester 4 Oct 1129, when he resigned as Bishop of Verdun, and was consecrated 17 Nov 1129. He was elected Archbishop of Canterbury in 1136, subject to papal approval[148].

Comte Etienne had one illegitimate daughter by Mistress (1):

12. EMMA de Blois . The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified. m HERBERT FitzHenry the Chamberlain, son of ---.

a) WILLIAM Fitzherbert . The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Archbishop of York 1143-1153. Bishop of Durham 1153-1154.

Children of Estienne Henry De Sully Blois de Navarre and Adela Alice Princess of England are:
  1. +Guillaume De Sully de Blois, b. Bet. 1090 - 1093, d. 1150.
  2. +Theobald Thibaut IV De Sully de Blois, b. 1093, d. date unknown.
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