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View Tree for Gerard of Upper LotharingiaGerard of Upper Lotharingia (d. Bet. April 14 - August 11, 1070)

Gerard of Upper Lotharingia (son of Gerhard and Gisela) died Bet. April 14 - August 11, 1070. He married Hedwig de Namur, daughter of Albert I de Namur and Ermengarde.

 Includes NotesNotes for Gerard of Upper Lotharingia:
GERARD, son of GERHARD Graf [von Metz] & his wife Gisela --- (-Remiremont [14 Apr] or 11 Aug [1070]). The Notitiæ Fundationis Monasterii Bosonis-Villæ names (in order) "Adalbertus, Gerhardus, Cuonradus, Adalbero, Beatrix, Cuono, Huoda abbatissa, Azelinus, Ida, Adeleth" as children of "Gerhardus comes [et] Gisela"[2]. In an earlier passage, the same source names "Odelrico comite et Gerhardo duce" as sons and successors of "Gerhardus comes marchio [et] cum uxore sua Gisela"[3]. Comte de Metz, Comte de Châtenois. Emperor Heinrich III appointed him as GERARD Duke of Upper Lotharingia after his brother was killed in battle in Nov 1048. "Gerardus…Lothariensium dux" donated property to Echternach abbey by charter dated 11 Apr 1067 which names "uxoris mea Hadvidis filiique nostre Theoderici…patris mei Gerhardi matrisque meæ Gislæ"[4]. According to the 14th century chronicle of Jean de Bayon, Duke Gérard was poisoned[5]. The Obituaire de Saint-Mansuy records the death "11 Aug" of "Gerardus dux"[6].

m HEDWIG de Namur, daughter of ALBERT I Comte de Namur & his wife Ermengardis of Lower Lotharingia [Carolingian] ([1005/10]-28 Jan [1080]). The Genealogica ex Stirpe Sancti Arnulfi names "Hadewidem et Emmam de Los" as the two daughters of "Ermengardis [filiæ Karoli ducis]" and as mother of "Theodericum ducem et Gerardum comitem fratres"[7]. It is likely that Hedwig was born during that latter part of the married life of her parents, given her own death in [1080] and her father's death before 1010. The Liber Memoriales of Remiremont records the donation of "Haduydis ducissa…consentientibus filiis suis duce Teoderico atque comite Girardo"[8]. "Hadewidis ductrix" founded the abbey of Châtenois by charter dated to after 1075, confirmed "post obitum ductricis Hadewidis" by "dux Theodericus filius eius"[9].

Duke Gérard & his wife had four children:

1. THIERRY de Lorraine (-30 Dec 1115). The Notitiæ Fundationis Monasterii Bosonis-Villæ records the succession of "dux Theodericus puer parvulus Gerhardi ducis filius"[10], although, considering the estimated birth date range of his mother, Thierry must have been adult when his father died. He succeeded his father in 1070 as THIERRY II Duke of Lorraine, opposed by his brother to whom he ceded territories which became the county of Vaudémont in Apr 1073 after waging war for two years. Weakened by this conflict, Louis Comte de Mousson claimed the title duke from Duke Thierry. "Hadewidis ductrix" founded the abbey of Châtenois by charter dated to after 1075, confirmed "post obitum ductricis Hadewidis" by "dux Theodericus filius eius"[11]. During the investiture crisis, Duke Thierry supported Emperor Heinrich IV who enabled him to take control of Metz after expelling Hermann Bishop of Metz[12]. Emperor Heinrich V granted him the title "Marquis" in [1114][13]. The Obituaire de Saint-Mansuy records the death "30 Dec" of "Theodoricus dux"[14]. m firstly ([1080]) as her second husband, HEDWIG von Formbach, widow of GERHARD von Süpplingenburg Graf im Harzgau, daughter of FRIEDRICH Graf von Formbach & his wife Gertrud von Hadmersleben (-[1090/93]). According to Poull, Duke Thierry unsuccessfully petitioned the Pope in early 1079 to marry Agnès d'Aquitaine, widow of Pierre Comte de Savoie, which if correct means that his first marriage inevitably took place after this[15]. m secondly (Han-sur-Lesse 15 Aug 1095) as her second husband, GERTRUDE de Flandre, widow of HENRI III Comte de Louvain, daughter of ROBERT I "Friso" Count of Flanders & his wife Gertrud of Saxony [Billung] (-[1115/26]). Her parentage and both her marriages are deduced from the Cartulaire de Saint-Bertin in which is named "Gertrude filia Roberti Frisonis, vidua Henrici Bruselensis" mother of "Theodericum" who is in turn named "filium Theoderici ducis de Helsath"[16]. The Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana specifies that "Robertus comes cognomento Frisio" had three daughters "tercia Theoderico comiti Alsatie [nupsit]"[17]. Duke Thierry II & his first wife had three children:

a) SIMON de Lorraine (-before 1095). The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified.

b) GERTRUDE [Petronilla] de Lorraine (-23 May 1144, bur Rijnsburg). The Annales Egmundani name "Petronilla" as widow of "Florentius crassus comes filius Theoderici" but do not give her origin[18]. The Chronologia Johannes de Beke records the marriage of Count Floris and "Petronillam Lotharii cesaris sororem"[19]. The Annales Magdeburgenses name "Gertrudeis comitissa de…Holland…soror Lotherii Saxonis ducis" when recording her rebellion in 1123[20]. Regent of Holland for her son Count Dirk VI during his minority. She founded the Abbey of Rijnsburg in 1133. The Annales Egmundani record the death in 1144 of "Petronilla comitissa uxor Florentii crassi comitis" and her burial at "Rinsburch"[21]. The Chronologia Johannes de Beke record that "Petronilla…comitissa" became a nun at Rijnsburg after her husband died, and died and was buried there "X Kal Iun"[22]. Beke's Egmondsch Necrologium records the death "1144 X Kal Iun" of "Petronilla comitissa"[23]. m (1113) FLORIS II Count of Holland, son of DIRK V Count [of Holland] & his wife Othelindis --- (-2 Mar 1121).

c) SIMON de Lorraine (-13/14 Jan 1139, bur Stürzelbronn). The Genealogica ex Stirpe Sancti Arnulfi names "Symonem ducem" as son of "Theodericum ducem"[24]. He succeeded his father in 1115 as SIMON I Duke of Lorraine.

- see below.

Duke Thierry II & his second wife had [five] children:

d) THIERRY de Lorraine ([1099/1101]-17 Jan 1168). He is named in the Cartulaire de Saint-Bertin, which also specifies his parentage[25]. He succeeded in 1128 as THIERRY I Count of Flanders.


e) [GERARD de Lorraine (-after 1117). The Passio Karoli Comitis names "Simonis et Gerardi" as sons of "Theodericus dux" & his wife Gertrude[26]. This is the sole reference so far identified to the couple having a son named Gérard. However, it is possible that "Gerardi" in the source was simply an error for "Theoderici". Considering the extent to which the role of the future Count Thierry is discussed in later parts of the Passio, it is barely credible that he should have been omitted from the section recounting the family's genealogy. The inaccuracy of this genealogical section is also demonstrated by Simon being referred to as Gertrude's son which, as demonstrated above, is unlikely to have been correct.]

f) HENRI de Lorraine (-6 Jun 1165, bur Toul Cathedral). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the appointment of "Henricus…frater ducis Simonis de Nanceio et illius qui postea fuit comes Flandrensis" as Bishop of Toul in 1126[27]. William of Tyre names him brother of Thierry I Count of Flanders when recording his presence with Konrad II King of Germany in Palestine in 1148[28]. Elected Bishop of Toul in Mar 1126, installed at Metz in Jul 1126.

g) BAUDOUIN . The Cartulaire de Saint-Bertin records "Balduinum fratrem Theoderici comitis Flandrie"[29].

h) ERMENGARDE de Lorraine . The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines in 1193 refers to "soror…comitis Theoderici et ducis Symonis" as wife of "cuidem forti castellano de Burgundia Bernardo", by whom she had "Iosceranum et sorores eius, qui de sorore comitis Cabilonensis genuit Henricum patrem Iosceranni Grossi"[30]. m BERNARD [V] "Grossus" Seigneur de Brancion, son of LANDRIC "Grossus" de Brancion Seigneur d'Uxelles & his wife --- (-1148).

i) [GISELA de Lorraine . According to Europäische Stammtafeln[31], the wife of Graf Friedrich may have been the daughter of Thierry II Duke of Lorraine, but the basis for this speculation is not know. The primary source which confirms her two marriages has not yet been identified. m firstly --- [von Tecklenburg], son of ---. m secondly FRIEDRICH [I] Graf im Saargau, son of SIGEBERT [I] Graf im Saargau & his wife --- (-before 1135).]

2. GERARD de Lorraine (-1108, bur Belval). The Genealogica ex Stirpe Sancti Arnulfi names "Theodericum ducem et Gerardum comitem fratres" sons of "Hadewidem [filiam Ermengardis]"[32]. He opposed his brother's sole succession in 1071, waged war for two years, the dispute being settled when his brother ceded him the Saintois and other territories, which became the County of Vaudémont, 14 Apr 1073[33].


3. GISELE de Lorraine (-after [1114]). The primary source which confirms her parentage has not yet been identified. Abbess of Remiremont and Saint-Pierre at Metz 1070/1114.

4. BEATRIX de Lorraine (-[1116/17]). "Stephanus comes Burgundie et dominus de Treva" donated property to Cluny by charter dated [1100] in which he refers to his wife as "filia ducis Lotharingie" but does not name her[34]. The primary source which names her has not yet been identified. m ([1085/90]) ETIENNE I Comte de Mâcon, son of GUILLAUME I "le Grand" Comte Palatin de Bourgogne & his wife Etiennette --- (-murdered Ascalon 27 May 1102).

Children of Gerard of Upper Lotharingia and Hedwig de Namur are:
  1. +Gerard de Lorraine, b. 1057, d. 1108.
  2. +Thierry II of Lorraine, d. January 23, 1114/15.
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