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Generation No. 3

      4. WILLIAM JOSEPH RENEGAR, born 14 Apr 1867 in Winchester, Franklin, TN; died 4 Nov 1949 in Manchester, Coffee, TN. He was the son of 8. CALVIN RENEGAR and 9. MAHALA ELIZABETH (Lizzie) FRANKLIN. He married 5. LOUISA FRANCES COLLINS Feb 1898 in Maxwell, Franklin, TN.

      5. LOUISA FRANCES COLLINS, born 8 Jan 1875 in Maxwell, Franklin, TN; died 8 Nov 1934 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. She was the daughter of 10. BARBEE WARREN COLLINS and 11. LOUISA (ELIZA JANE) WEEKS.

Calvin Renegar, eldest son always believed that his mother died from overwork combined with taking a patent medicine for a long time that he thought affected her heart causing her death.
  2 i.   BARBIE CALVIN RENEGAR, born 22 Jan 1899 in Owlhollow / Franklin / TN; died 1 Jul 1973 in Oakland / Alameda / CA; married VIOLA ROSE BRY 2 Nov 1925 in Los Angeles / Los Angeles / CA.
  ii.   Benjamin Joseph Renegar, born 12 Feb 1902 in Owl Hollow/Franklin/TN; died 15 May 1964 in Castro Valley/Alameda/CA; married Rosemarie Malvine Machabee 29 Oct 1928 in Modesto/Stanislaus/CA; born 9 Jan 1909 in Oakland/Alameda/CA; died 1995.
  iii.   Floyd "Floie" Ray Walter Renegar, born 22 May 1904 in Owl Hollow/Franklin/TN; died 10 Jun 1906 in Owl Hollow/Franklin/TN.
  Notes for Floyd "Floie" Ray Walter Renegar:
Floyd's mother, Louisa Renegar, my grandmother, who believed in dreams told me a story when we lived in San Francisco. She had a dream book, long lost, that she took out and showed me when the story was over.

Back in Owl Hollow, TN, living on a farm she dreamed one night there were three kittens sitting on a limb of a tree that hung out over muddy water. The smallest kitten lost its balance and fell into themuddy water, floating down stream and died.

She showed me in the book that the tree limb stood for the family; the three kittens were her sons, Barbee, Benjamin and Floie (she called him). Muddy water meant death.

Within the week Floie died at just a little over two years of age.

  iv.   Clifford Gilbert Renegar, born 8 Dec 1911 in Owl Hollow/Franklin/TN; died 26 Nov 1971 in San Francisco/San Francisco/CA; married (1) Phoebe Burchill Brown, DIV; married (2) Elizabeth Catherine Berthall, DIV 28 Dec 1963.

      6. HARRY HAMILTON BRY I, born 3 Dec 1859 in La Salle / La Salle/IL; died 23 Mar 1943 in La Salle / La Salle/IL. He was the son of 12. FRANCOIS Marie (DR) BRY and 13. ANNA BROWN. He married 7. ROSE ELLA CHRISMAN 13 Sep 1888 in Los Angeles/Los Angeles/CA.

      7. ROSE ELLA CHRISMAN, born 21 Sep 1864 in Rose Creek Farms / NB; died 26 Jan 1938 in La Salle / La Salle / IL. She was the daughter of 14. JOHN WILLIAM CHRISMAN II and 15. HARRIET LUCRETIA SOULE.

Rose Ella and Harry Bry buried in Oakwood Cemetery: Rose E. L 5 Gr8 1864-1938 -- Harry Hamilton Bry 83 years - 1943

Harry graduated from St. Vincent Catholic school at 15 years of age.

He told his daughter, Harriet, regarding church...."when I get better I'm going to find out about religion." She said he was frail as a child.



Harry Hamilton Bry, Sr., 83, retired wholesale candy and confectionary dealer, died at 3:20 a.m. Tuesday in the home of a daughter, Mrs. Casimi Studzinski, 1720 Campbell Ave., La Salle. He has been ill for the last six weeks.

A native of La Salle, he was born December 3, 1859, a son of Dr. Francis and Anna Brown Bry. He was married in Los Angeles, CA, in 1888, to Rose Ella Chrisman who died Jan 5, 1938

Mr. Bry retired from business five years ago and since that time had ben residing with his daughter.

Surviving are five children, Mrs. Studzinski; Harry Bry, Jr., Peru: Mrs. Joel Paulson, Park Ridge; Mrs. Howard Heitz, Ashland, Or., and Mrs. Calvin Renegar, Oakland, Ca, 14 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife and five children.

The funeral will be held at 2:30 p.m. Thursday from the Peters Funeral Chapel, Peru. Services will be conducted in St. Paul's Episcopal church, La Salle, by the Rev., Leon Harris. Burial will be in Oakwood Cemetery. There will be no services at the funeral chapel.

Aunt Harriet said her mother attended the Episcopal St. Mary's Convent for 5 years in Ogden or Salt Lake, UT.

Mama used to tell me of the playfulness of her parents -- her dad dropping a $20 gold piece down her mother's bossom to tease.

Nellie's daughter, Rose Ella, writes that she remembers Grandma Bry's "beautiful piano and paintings." Grandma and Grandpa Bry separted but in later years reconciled before Grandma Bry died of cancer.

Before Grandma Bry died her only son, Harry, had lunch with her every day.



The funeral of Mrs. Rose E. Chrisman Bry, La Salle, who died Tuesday morning was held on Thursday afternoon from the King and Schielcher Funeral Home to St. Paul's Episcopal church where services were conducted at 2:30 o'clock by the Rev. Quinter Kephart. Burial was made in Oakwood cemetery, La Salle.

Serving as pallbearers were the following men: K. A. Studzinski, Howard Studzinski; Frank Prichard, Emil Hanson, Ragner Paulson and Herbert Youngblood.
Children of HARRY BRY and ROSE CHRISMAN are:
  i.   Pearl Elaine Bry, born 1889 in La Salle / La Salle / IL.
  ii.   Charlotte (Lottie) Mildred Bry, born 29 Nov 1891 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 16 Apr 1935 in Chicago/Cook/IL; married Charles N. Colvin; died in Chicago, IL.
  Notes for Charlotte (Lottie) Mildred Bry:
Sisters Viola and Daisy claim "Lottie" had a treatable illness and went to a Christian Science healer being treated for six weeks or so. Waiting too late, she was finally treated by medical doctorsat Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago and died within a week. See file for obituary

  iii.   Daisy Albertina Bry, born 3 Dec 1892 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 1982 in Ashland, Oregon; married Howard Heitz ABT 1910 in WY; born ABT 1890 in Frontier/WY; died ABT 197 in Ashland, Oregon.
  Notes for Howard Heitz:
Story is told that Howard Heitz and his dad, Howard Heitz, Jr, were tending bar when a patron got into an argument over a cue stick threatening the elder man. Howard tried to intervene and Howard Heitz, Jr. shot the patron, killing him.

  iv.   Margaret Lucy Bry, born 1893 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 1893.
  v.   Annabell Rose Bry, born 29 Dec 1894 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 26 Jan 1924 in Ogden/UT; married Guy Calvin Decker 24 Jan 1916 in Kemmer/Lincoln/WY; born 21 Sep 1883 in Friend/Salina/NB; died 22 Jan 1958 in Salt Lake City/Salt Lake/UT.
  Notes for Annabell Rose Bry:
After surgery for removal of adnoids at Dee Hospital Ogden/UT she contracted spinal mengitis and died

  vi.   Nellie Lucretia Bry, born 6 Feb 1897 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 19 Jul 1926 in Peru, IL; married Emil Herman Hanson 1915.
  3 vii.   VIOLA ROSE BRY, born 23 Aug 1898 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 9 Nov 1973 in Concord / Contra Costa / CA; married (1) Walter Ball; married (2) BARBIE CALVIN RENEGAR 2 Nov 1925 in Los Angeles / Los Angeles / CA.
  viii.   Harry Hamilton (Jr) Bry II, born 6 Jan 1900 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 9 Mar 1956 in Peru, IL; married Ruth Lindemeyer; born 1 Jun 1901 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 18 Jul 1987 in La Salle / La Salle / IL.
  Notes for Harry Hamilton (Jr) Bry II:
Harry, known as Bud, was Viola's favorite sibling. She writes a lot about him in her childhood memoires. Served in WW 1 serving in France. Lived in Peru with his wife Ruth and only son. Later he had a garage on Third Street in La Salle.

Their son married and had a daughter and a son. He worked as a carpenter building houses. He had heart surgery and spent his last days in a wheelchair.

Bud was his mother's "favorite" and it is said he spent every day with her before she died.


  ix.   Marion Elizabeth Bry, born 7 Oct 1902 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 20 Feb 1996 in Burlington/WI; married Ragner Paulson 15 May 1922 in Ottawa/IL; born 1895 in Kringo/Sweden; died 1978 in Elkhorn/WI.
  x.   Harriet Chrisman Bry, born 9 Mar 1905 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 15 Mar 1995 in Peru, IL; married Casmir Studzinski 25 Oct 1923 in La Salle/La Salle/IL; born 26 Nov 1904; died 31 Dec 1977.

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