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Generation No. 4

      8. CALVIN RENEGAR, born 30 Sep 1837 in Mulberry / Lincoln / TN; died 13 Feb 1913 in Franklin / TN. He was the son of 16. WILLIAM HENRY RENEGAR and 17. ARRENIA MILES. He married 9. MAHALA ELIZABETH (Lizzie) FRANKLIN 3 Nov 1865 in Franklin / TN.

      9. MAHALA ELIZABETH (Lizzie) FRANKLIN, born 23 Apr 1846 in Owlhollow / Franklin / TN; died 5 Jan 1930 in Franklin / TN. She was the daughter of 18. JOSEPH FRANKLIN and 19. MAHALA GRIFFIN.

Eula Mae Riddle reported in 1986:
      "The old farm house of our grandparents Renegar (Calvin and Lizzie) burned when I was a baby, 1909. I have a chair that was on the back porch. All that was saved was a large table and chair. The chair is hand made, solid wood. Think Great Grandpa Franklin made both the chair and table."

      Re: The brick-house nearby
      Trib Cole's wife was Grandma (Lizzie) Renegar's niece, a Franklin. A few years back Alton Cole sold the farm that included half of Grandma Renegar's place facing the Lynchburg Highway. Will Cole had the back part of the place. This is the first time a Franklin oes not own the Franklin home.     
  4 i.   WILLIAM JOSEPH RENEGAR, born 14 Apr 1867 in Winchester, Franklin, TN; died 4 Nov 1949 in Manchester, Coffee, TN; married LOUISA FRANCES COLLINS Feb 1898 in Maxwell, Franklin, TN.
  ii.   Mahala Arenia (Rena) Renegar, born 23 Aug 1868 in Winchester/Franklin/TN; died Jul 1949 in Harvey/IL; married James B. Grant 5 Jun 1892; born 1867; died 1909.
  iii.   Musadore (Dora) Cathrain Renegar, born 21 Jul 1871 in Franklin / TN; died 2 Jun 1953 in Franklin / TN; married (1) Robert Albert Gosset; born 24 Jul 1867; died 22 Aug 1933 in Franklin / TN; married (2) Keller
  iv.   Martha Ann (Annie) Renegar, born 24 Mar 1875; died 16 Jun 1934 in Franklin / TN; married William Clayton Ayers; born 1875; died 1933 in Franklin/TN.
  v.   James Calvin (Jim) Renegar, born 24 Sep 1878 in Franklin / TN; died 21 May 1940 in Pell City/AL; married Mary Agnes (Minnie) Meehan; born 22 Mar 1884 in Hanceville/Cullman?AL; died 15 Dec 1962 in Pell City/AL.
  vi.   Sarah (Sallie) Elizabeth Renegar, born 4 Mar 1882; died 29 Dec 1962 in Shelbyville/TN; married Persis David (Persey) Kincaid; born 13 Apr 1879; died 13 Mar 1962 in New Herman/Bedford/TN.
  vii.   Flossie Theora Renegar, born 12 Feb 1888; died 29 Dec 1960 in Jacksonville Beach/FL; married William Edward Riddle, Jr.; born 20 Jun 1886; died 23 Feb 1945 in Jacksonville Beach/St. John/FL.

      10. BARBEE WARREN COLLINS, born 10 Aug 1836 in Alabama; died 1881 in Maxwell / Franklin / TN. He was the son of 20. RICE GARLAND COLLINS and 21. HESTER MALINA FEEMSTER. He married 11. LOUISA (ELIZA JANE) WEEKS 16 May 1861.

      11. LOUISA (ELIZA JANE) WEEKS, born 15 Sep 1848 in Alabama; died 14 Apr 1900 in Maxwell / Franklin / TN. She was the daughter of 22. SAMUEL WEEKS and 23. LAVINA CHASTAIN.

Samuel J. Weeks, Louisa's father, wrote his will 6 March 1945. He died in 1845, date unknown.

He left at home a wife, Lavina, and two small daughters, Lucinda and Louisa. Lucinda was by a former marriage and she was classified as an idiot. Louisa was by his last wife, Lavina.According to his will which had been contested, he had at least the following other children: Peter, Jeptha and Samuel, Jr.

He also left two servants, Caleb and Matilda who were husband and wife, and six or seven other slaves. A few years after Samuel's death, Caleb and Matilda had a son and daughter, Jim and Jane. Jane went to Kentucky and Jim went to Nashville, claiming to be a free man, but was brought back by the family to work for them. Caleb and Matilda were willed 20 acres of Samuel's farm, which was located on Bean's Creek in Buncomb near Salem Community of Franklin County, Tennessee. The will directed Caleb and Matilda to care for Lucinda and Louisa until they were grown.

Lucinda H. Weeks (Weaks) had a Mr. Faris as a guardian and he died and Clem Arledge was appointed her guardian. Lucinda's cousin, Emeline and Emeline's grandmother cared for Lucinda, who lived on one third of her father's farm. Emeline (Hutchinson) married James Noah. They had five children and lived on Lucinda's land and cared for her for 17 or 18 years when in 1877 Lucinda's brother-in-law brought a law suit against James and Emeline Noah to try to get possession of Lucinda and her land. At this time I do not know the outcome of the lawsuit. Emeline's grandmother died before Emeline and James Noah married.

Samuel J. Weeks' farm consisted of 30 or 40 acres and was willed one third to Lucinda, one third to Louisa, and one third to Lavina after 20 acres had been willed to Caleb and Matilda.

  i.   John Garland Collins, born 15 Jan 1863 in Maxwell / Franklin / TN; married Rachel Roper
  ii.   Mary Jane Collins, born 17 Feb 1864 in Maxwell / Franklin / TN; died 7 Jun 1883; married Jerry Sisk
  iii.   Joseph "Joe" Albert Collins, born 17 Feb 1866 in Maxwell / Franklin / TN; died 12 May 1948 in Aqua Dulce / Nueces / Texas; married Mary Ella May Cooper 25 Dec 1887; died 5 Feb 1954.
  iv.   Hester A Collins, born 15 Apr 1868; died 15 Jan 1868.
  v.   Hester Lovina Collins, born 22 Jan 1870 in Maxwell / Franklin / TN; died 22 Jun 1952 in Amarillo / Potter / Texas; married (1) James McHale Sisk; married (2) R. P. Scarorough
  vi.   Benjamin Warren Collins, born 24 Aug 1873 in Maxwell / Franklin / TN; died 24 May 1940; married Sarrah Belle Couch; born 24 Aug 1877; died 8 Sep 1963 in Huntland/TN.
  5 vii.   LOUISA FRANCES COLLINS, born 8 Jan 1875 in Maxwell, Franklin, TN; died 8 Nov 1934 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA; married WILLIAM JOSEPH RENEGAR Feb 1898 in Maxwell, Franklin, TN.
  viii.   Margaret E. Collins, born 31 Mar 1877 in Maxwell / Franklin / TN; married Sam Smith
  ix.   Pearl Collins, born 21 May 1880 in Franklin / Maxwell / TN; died 1953; married Gabe E Couch; born 1874; died 1943.

      12. FRANCOIS Marie (DR) BRY, born 11 Jun 1820 in Cagliari/Isle of Sardaigne; died 27 Dec 1881 in La Salle /La Salle Co/IL. He was the son of 24. AMY BRY and 25. JUDITH GIUDI. He married 13. ANNA BROWN ABT 1847 in St. Louis/St. Louis/MO.

      13. ANNA BROWN, born 11 Jun 1832 in Pittsburg/Alleghany/PA; died 21 Sep 1888 in La Salle/La Salle/ IL. She was the daughter of 26. DAVID BROWN, SR. and 27. MARGARET (HAMILTON?).

Notes for FRANCOIS Marie (DR) BRY:
The birth of the chidren of Amy, born in Cagliari (Sardaigne) were
reported to the City of Geneva the 14th August 1829 by their half-brother
Jacques-Louis BRY. Why ? [I guess Amy was too sick to do it himself (he was
75 at that time)]

La Salle History books state Dr. Bry was born Dept of Juro/France. Church records in Cagliari/Isle of Sardaigne show Francois Bry was baptized 3 June 1820 there.

According to Michel Watin of Geneva:
Dept. of Jura was used for Geneva and part of Vaud and Savoie during the reign of Napoléon I, from 1798 to 1814 . Maybe the children held both nationalities as after Napoléon everything came back as before (Geneva became Swiss, Savoie was again what it was before, etc.) But I doubt it. If the part of your family state themself French, it is because of this...the"occupation" of Geneva by the French.

Napoléon ruled Europa until 1814 ~ and then was followed by the king Louis
XVIII (brother of Louis XVI) and himself followed from 1824 to 1830 by his
other brother, Charles X. After, came Louis-Philippe, king of the French,
instead of king of France (big difference...) from 1830 to 1848. After a
few years of Republic and again a Napoléon III, nephew of the 1st one. The
1st one had a son, called King of Roma, and grew up in Austria at the court
of his grand-father François I. He died from tuberculose in 1831, virgin
(it is said !).

The birth date of the children born in Sardaigne were reported in Geneva
around 1820, for all of them, even if they were born abroad. So, we can say
that they were Swiss from Geneva.

Sa·voy (se-voi¹)
A historical region and former duchy of southeast France, western Switzerland, and northwest Italy. The region changed hands many times after its conquest by Julius Caesar and became a duchy in the early 15th century. In 1720 the duke of Savoy gained the title king of Sardinia, and in 1861 the Savoyard Victor Emmanuel II ascended the throne of the newly formed kingdom of Italy. Much of the original territory was ceded to France at the same time.

Michel Hutin
76, r. de Carouge
CH-1205 Geneva
SWITZERLAND is a contact for La Salle/IL genealogy and newspaper clippings, etc.

Obituary of daughter Harriet Therese Bry Treat says she moved to La Salle at
7 weeks ... so the family of three came to La Salle approximately March 1849 boarding with a Mr. and Mrs. Ben Foster at 706 Fifth Street, La Salle.

"Dr. Francis Bry was born in Geneova, Switzerland of French parents. Francis was the youngest of the three brothers, Henry, Antoine and a sister, Theresa. Francis mother died when he was very small and his father put him in a monastery in the alps. How long he was there I don't know.
"While Dr. Bry remained in France Henry, Antoine and his sister came to this country. If the sister married in France, I don't know ... she went to California with her husband and done very well.

"When Dr. Francis Bry came to New Orleans his brother came there because most of the people were French and I suppose it was natural that they would come toa French city.
Now Henry settled on a plantation on the Red River and he had two boys. One boy was killed I think during the civil war. What happened to the other boy, I don't know. What Dad said (was) he went west with another family but I am not sure if he were living he could give you more accurate information.
"Antoine was Soldier of Fortune. He served in the Confederate Army, went to Colorado during the Gold Rush and from there to New Mexico.
"To begin with the family name was DeBry that I am sure of. When Henry and Antoine came to New Orleans they dropped the De and called themselves Bry. They just left off the de.

Francis, the doctor's stay in the south was short. He came to St. Louis to study medicine and got his degree to practice (in this country). After his graduation he married my grandmother whose name was Brown, moving to LaSalle later where five children were born to them: Francis, Harry, Margarate, Harriet and Hannah were born."
                              -- Frank Bry 1936

"The name 'Dr. Francis De Bry' is inscribed on a gold headed cane given to him by grateful friends. Elenor Bry Rausch (daughter of eldest son Frank Bry) has this cane." Taken from letter dated 1985 to Al and Marian Studz from Rose Ella Pereczalski."

CENSUS: Appears 1850/1860/1870 in La Salle Co., IL



"BRY, FRANCIS, M.D. Physician and Surgeon, was born in France, in the Department of Jura, on June 11th, 1820. His father was Amy Bry, a jeweller and watchmaker. He first attended the village school, next went to an academy at Geneva and afterward to an academy in Paris where he began the study of medicine.

In 1841 he left to see his half-brother and benefactor, lying sick at Monroe City, Louisiana. After remaining with him one year he went to New Orleans.

In 1843 he moved to St. Louis, and pursued his medical studies in the medical department of the St. Louis University, graduating in 1848.

He received his citizenship in 1846 in St. Louis. Copy of document in file.

In 1847 he was married to Anna Brown of St. Louis. During the following year he, with his father-in-law, moved to La Salle, Illinois, supposing from its location on the Illinois river and on the canal that it would become the greatest town on the river. He here began the practice of medicine and surgery, which he has continued through an unbroken period of twenty-seven years; and is still in full practice, having acquired a high reputation for skill and experience.

He was School Director of La Salle for twelve years, has served as Health Officer of the city, and has twice been elected Coroner of La Salle County. During hours that he has been able to spare from his extensive professional practice he has taught classes in French and has given lectures on anatomy, botany and physiology. He has also at various times published pamphlets on the homoeopathic school of a controversial character.


Purchaser: BRY FRANCIS Record ID: 517240
Date: 05/13/1856
Evidently Frances Americanized his Swiss name " Francois Marie Bry" to "Frances Albert Bry."

Acres: 0
Price: 0.0
Type of sale: Canal (CN)
County: 50
Section: Section Part: L6BL89LS
Township: Range:
Meridian: Purchaser Res:
Arch. Vol. No: L7B Vol. Page No.: 157
Cash warrant code: Record corrected: 0


From Ottawa Journal December 28, 1881:

Dr. Francis Bry, of La Salle, died at his home in that city yesterday morning of general prostration. He was at one time coroner of this county and as such made many friends among the county officials and public generally. The funeral will take place on Thursday afternoon, and will be attended by the officers of the county in a body, who will go to La Salle on the 1:40 train.

  Notes for ANNA BROWN:
La Salle Co Journal September 23, 1888:

Mrs. Francis Bry, wife of the late Dr. Bry for many years a successful practioner in this city, died at 11 o'clock yesterday morning at the home of her son, Mr. Frank Bry. She had been sick for a number of months and came to La Salle a few days ago from Chicago with a view of bettering her condition. She was a kind and loving parent who leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her departure. She was the mother of Mrs. George Treat and Mr. Frank Bry of this city. The funeral will take place on Sunday next.

La Salle Republic September 22, 1888:

Mrs. (Hannah - error) Anna Bry, relict of the late Dr. Francis Bry, died at the residence of her son, Frank, in this city on Friday morning in the 57th year of her age. She was a native of St. Louis (error) but for many years, and until recently, her home has been in La Salle. Of late she had been living in Chicago with a aughter, Mrs. Cavarly. She had a large circle of warm friends, and leaves two sons and three daughters to mourn the loss of a kind and indulgent mother.
Children of FRANCOIS BRY and ANNA BROWN are:
  i.   Harriet (Hattie) Therese Bry, born 15 May 1849 in St. Louis/St. Louis/MO; died 27 Jul 1929 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; married George Bulford Treat 27 Oct 1869 in La Salle/La Salle/IL; born 6 Apr 1846 in New Haven/Conn; died 16 Jul 1918 in La Salle / La Salle / IL.
  Notes for Harriet (Hattie) Therese Bry:
Came to La Salle with her parents at 7 weeks of age boarding with a Mr. and Mrs. Ben Foster (where she would die 78 years later in the same house.

  Notes for George Bulford Treat:
Ancestry can be traced to Robert Treat, first governor of CN 1683-1708 when that "state" was a crown colony.
                        --Past and Present of La Salle County

  ii.   Frances (Frank) Amy Bry, born 15 Oct 1851 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; died 1934 in Peru/La Salle/IL; married Sarah Schey 1886 in La Salle / La Salle / IL; born 1870; died 8 Jan 1900.
  iii.   Madge (Margaret) Bry, born 1853; died 1916 in Dayton/OH; married Walter A. Caverly; died 1936.
  Notes for Madge (Margaret) Bry:
Aunt Harriet said they had no children

  iv.   Hanna Louise Bry, born 4 Dec 1857 in La Salle /La Salle Co/IL; died 1941 in La Salle /La Salle Co/IL.
  Notes for Hanna Louise Bry:
Aunt Harriet said "She was an old maid."

  6 v.   HARRY HAMILTON BRY I, born 3 Dec 1859 in La Salle / La Salle/IL; died 23 Mar 1943 in La Salle / La Salle/IL; married ROSE ELLA CHRISMAN 13 Sep 1888 in Los Angeles/Los Angeles/CA.

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