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Ancestors of Lauren Ashley Anderson

Generation No. 7

       64. Anders Andersson, born April 24, 1824. He was the son of 128. Anders Ersson and 129. Kjerstin Ersdotter. He married 65. Maria Lisa Ivarsdotter January 01, 1849.
       65. Maria Lisa Ivarsdotter, born December 02, 1824 in Svanskog, Sweden. She was the daughter of 130. Ivar Jansson and 131. Cajsa Andersdotter.

       Children of Anders Andersson and Maria Ivarsdotter are:
  i.   Erik Johan, born February 18, 1850.
32 ii.   Anders August Andersson, born May 28, 1852 in St. Golan,Edsleskog, Sweden (farm named Kenas).
iii.   Mathilda, born January 14, 1855.
iv.   Elisabeth, born May 16, 1857.
v.   Anna Elina, born June 18, 1859.
vi.   Gustaf, born September 05, 1861.
vii.   Carl fredrik, born January 19, 1864.
viii.   Otto Simon, born January 05, 1867.
ix.   Abel, born September 04, 1869.

       82. Joseph Knittel, born 1823 in France; died April 09, 1909. He was the son of 164. Anton Knittle. He married 83. Katherine Abholter Knittel.
       83. Katherine Abholter Knittel, born 1830 in France; died February 22, 1923.

       Children of Joseph Knittel and Katherine Knittel are:
  i.   Joseph Knittel (Jr.?), died 1933; married Louise Kutzenborn.
41 ii.   Mary Josephine Knittle, born September 07, 1850 in Wellington, Illinois; died May 19, 1930 in Shattuke, Oklahoma; married Remigus Bouquot.

       88. Peter John Frederickson, born January 1815 in Sweden; died 1878 in Vista (part of Waseca), Minnesota. He married 89. Johanna Johanson.
       89. Johanna Johanson, born December 14, 1819 in Sweden; died March 20, 1907 in Frank Lake Covenent Church, Murdoch, MN.

       Children of Peter Frederickson and Johanna Johanson are:
  i.   Henry Oscar Frederickson, born April 21, 1845.
ii.   Karl F. Frederickson, born 1846 in Oland, Smalad, Sweden.
iii.   Victor Julius Frederickson, born February 23, 1847 in Jon Koping, Smaland, Sweden.
iv.   Axel Frederickson, born May 09, 1849 in Smaland, Sweden; died in Kerkhoven, Minnesota; married Charlotte Wass.
44 v.   Rudolf Theodore Frederickson, born January 06, 1852 in Smaland, Sweden; died August 31, 1887 in Murdoch, Minnesota; married Christina Wass 1874 in Waseca, Minnesota.
vi.   Emily Emilia Frederickson, born 1855; married Nels John Nelson.
vii.   Claus Hjalmer Frederickson, born April 30, 1864; died 1906; married Teckla Sandeen.

       90. Adolph Wass, born April 27, 1826 in Sweden; died April 09, 1914 in Murdoch, Minnesota (Frank Lake Cemetery). He married 91. Johanna Hulthun.
       91. Johanna Hulthun, born May 01, 1823 in Sweden; died June 27, 1913 in Murdoch, Minnesota (Frank Lake Cemetery).

Last name in Sweden was Vasen
Farmer, Buried in Frank Lake Cemetery

       Children of Adolph Wass and Johanna Hulthun are:
  i.   Charlotte Wass.
45 ii.   Christina Wass, born November 30, 1854 in Smaland, Sweden; died 1912 in Murdoch, Minnesota; married Rudolf Theodore Frederickson 1874 in Waseca, Minnesota.
iii.   Carl John Wass, born January 20, 1859; died 1936.

       92. Johan Larson, born April 13, 1818 in Nashult, Smaland, Sweden; died March 30, 1895 in Murdoch, Minnesota. He was the son of 184. Lars Idquist. He married 93. Kristina Maria Johannesdotter 1848.
       93. Kristina Maria Johannesdotter, born January 10, 1828 in Stenberger Parish, Smaland, Sweden; died May 31, 1875 in Murdoch, Minnesota. She was the daughter of 186. Johannes Magnuson and 187. Anna Kathrina.

Marion, their great grand daughter relates that Johan and Kristina came to America in 1871 and lived in a sod house until 1874

Possibly killed by a bull in Sweden , or maybe it was Minnie's mother instead, Marion recounts.

       Child of Johan Larson and Kristina Johannesdotter is:
  46 i.   Frans Edward Larson, born March 10, 1866 in Nashalt, Smaland, Sweden; died March 10, 1937 in Murdoch, Minnesota; married Ellen Wilhelmina Chritina Brandt January 1892.

       94. John Brandt, born 1842; died 1888 in New York--Murdered. He married 95. Christina Adamsdotter 1874.
       95. Christina Adamsdotter, born 1844 in Smaland, Sweden. She was the daughter of 190. Adam Larson and 191. Maria Gustafsdotter.

       Child of John Brandt and Christina Adamsdotter is:
  47 i.   Ellen Wilhelmina Chritina Brandt, born December 21, 1875 in Stenberga, Smaland, Sweden; died September 13, 1936 in Murdoch, Minnesota; married Frans Edward Larson January 1892.

       116. George W. Booth, born April 30, 1825 in Tomkins County, New York; died February 15, 1892 in Winnebago, Minnesota. He married 117. Nancy Bemis Booth.
       117. Nancy Bemis Booth, born January 19, 1825; died November 01, 1892 in Winnebago, Minnesota.

George W. Booth served in the Civil War as a Private in the 64th regular of the Illinois Infantry.

He is buried at Bass Lake Cemetery in Bass Lake, Minnesota       

He was 5'7" and had blue eyes, light complexion.

He joined the service on August 13th, 1862 for a three year term; and was discharged for promotion. He filed a claim of invalid 507-170 on February 28th, 1884, which was allowed on April 26th, 1884. His disability was classified as Chronic Diar. Certificate number 324-743.

At his discharge, he was given a beautiful black horse that he had used in the army, where he was a horse doctor!

       Nancy is buried at the Bass Lake Cemetary in Bass Lake, Minnesota.

       Children of George Booth and Nancy Booth are:
  i.   Stephen Adelbert Booth.
58 ii.   Oscar Lucius Booth, born February 18, 1843 in Cherry Creek, NY; died June 28, 1933 in Cambridge, Minnesota; married Elizabeth Jane Alvey March 18, 1864 in Bass Lake, Minnesota.
iii.   Charles N. Booth, born July 22, 1849 in Cattaraugo County, New York; died April 05, 1879 in Shelbyville, Minnesota.

       118. John Alvey, born March 30, 1807 in Nottingham, England; died April 11, 1891 in Bass Lake, Minnesota. He married 119. Sarah Turpin 1836.
       119. Sarah Turpin.

       He was instrumental in the organization of the town of Bass Lake on October 20, 1858. He was chosen to be the town clerk at the time. He came to America in 1848, and located in Conneticut where he had relatives. At that time he went to work in a factory. The factory for which he worked was good enough to advance John the money to bring his family to America, which they did in November of 1948.       
       Leaving his family in comfortable circumstances, he found a claim on government land near Bass Lake Minnesota. This was in 1857; he subsequently bought eight acres of woodland from a George Hart. He built a house, broke up twelve acres of sod, made some rough articles of furniture, put up some hay, and in September went and retreived his family at Hastings.
       He took great interest in the public affairs of the city. He was town clerk for fifteen years, clerk of the school district for twelve years, and was subsequently appointed postmaster at the village of Delvan. He was also school district treasurer for six years, and was the Justice of the Peace for fourteen years. He took a great interest in politics, becoming a member of several state and county conventions. He came to America as a Democrat, but in 1859 he changed affiliation to that of a Republican.
       He retired in 1886 to his farm, surrounded by his children. But also in 1886 he was elected to the position of County Coroner, a position which he held for many years. He was a member of the Methodist Protestant church.
       He died in 1891 at the age of eighty four. Mrs. Alvey died in 1889. For many years he was familiarly and kindly referred to as Uncle John Alvey, and was long remembered by many old time friends.
       Worth noting is that the first school was established in John Alveys house.

       Children of John Alvey and Sarah Turpin are:
  i.   WilliamT. Alvey.
ii.   Samuel Alvey.
iii.   Elizabeth Alvey.
iv.   Mary Alvey.
v.   Sarah Alvey.
vi.   Eliza Alvey.

       Children of John Alvey and Sarah Turpin are:
  i.   William T. Alvey, born in Nottinghamshire, England.
ii.   Samuel Alvey, born in Nottinghamshire, England.
iii.   Elizabeth, born in Nottinghamshire, England.
iv.   Alfred Alvey, born in Nottinghamshire, England; died in Died at sea.
v.   Mary Alvey, born in Bass Lake, Minnesota.
vi.   Sarah Alvey, born in Bass Lake, Minnesota.
59 vii.   Elizabeth Jane Alvey, born December 24, 1851 in Glastenberry, Conneticut; died January 13, 1916 in Winnebago, Minnesota; married Oscar Lucius Booth March 18, 1864 in Bass Lake, Minnesota.

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