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Ancestors of Tjærand Trondsson Arnevik

Generation No. 25

      23855968. Harald IV Gillechrist116, born Bef. 1103 in Ireland. He was the son of 23964180. Magnus III Olavsson and 47711937. Margaret. He married 23855969. Tora Guthormsdatter.

      23855969. Tora Guthormsdatter116.

Notes for Harald IV Gillechrist:
Harald Gille, (Gillechrist, Christ servant) was born in Ireland, while his father, Magnus III, was living there temporarily. He and his mother, name unknown, remained in Ireland, where he grew to manhood. After King Magnus's death, his three oldest sons ruled Norway jointly for twenty-seven years, and in 1130 Harald claimed the throne. Harald was married to Tora Guthormsdatter. Their son was named Sigurd. Harald also married Ingerid, a daughter of Ragnvald, a son of King Inge Stenkilson of Sweden. Their sons were Inge and Øisten. During the six years he ruled Norway, most of his time was spent in warfare against his nephew Magnus, who claimed the throne after his father Sigurd, a half brother of Harald Gille. In the battle of Bergen, a catapult was used. King Harald met death at the hands of his half brother's son Sigurd, (Slembe), who wanted a larger share of the kingdom.
Child of Harald Gillechrist and Tora Guthormsdatter is:
  11927984 i.   Sigurd III Mouth, married Gunhild.

      23855984. Åslov Skuleson på Rein116. He was the son of 47711968. Skule Rein and 47711969. Gudron Nevstnsdatter. He married 23855985. Toro Skoftesdatter.

      23855985. Toro Skoftesdatter116.

Notes for Åslov Skuleson på Rein:
Åslov was the son of Gudrun and Skule, på Rein. Rein was a large estate in South Trodheim's Amt, (District), Åslov was married to Tora Skoftesdatter. Her father was Skofte Agmundson på Giske, an island near Ålesund, in Söndmö. These families were wealthy and influential people in Norway at this time.
Child of Åslov Rein and Toro Skoftesdatter is:
  11927992 i.   Guthorm Åslovon på Rein.

      23964176. Svein Sveinsson116. He married 23964177. Ragna Ormsdatter.

      23964177. Ragna Ormsdatter116. She was the daughter of 47928354. Orm Eilivsson and 47928355. Sigrid Finnsdotter.
Child of Svein Sveinsson and Ragna Ormsdatter is:
  11982088 i.   Orm Sveinsson, died Abt. 1140; married Ragnhild Svenkesdatter.

      23964178. Svenke Steinarsson He married 23964179. Svenke.

      23964179. Svenke
Child of Svenke Steinarsson and Svenke is:
  11982089 i.   Ragnhild Svenkesdatter, married Orm Sveinsson.

      23964180. Magnus III Olavsson116, born 1073; died 24 Aug 1103 in Ulster, Ireland. He was the son of 47928360. Olaf III Kyrre Haraldson and 47928361. Tora Jonsdatter. He married 23964181. Thoro.

      23964181. Thoro

Notes for Magnus III Olavsson:
Magnus became king after his father, Oluf's death. He was married to Margaret the daughter of King Inge of Sweden and Queen Helena, and the granddaughter of King Stenkil. Before this marriage Magnus had three sons by former marriages. Øistein, Siguard, and Olaf. His son by Queen Margaret was named Harald. He was often out on pirating and warfare, and on his return from Ireland and Scotland, he and his men dressed much like the Scots, with short trousers and coats. For this reason he was nicknamed Magnus the bare-legged, (Barfot). He was killed in battle in Ireland in 1103 at the age of thirty years. His first three sons ruled Norway for 27 years, dividing the country between themselves. Harald, who had been raised in Ireland, laid claim to the throne later.

More About Magnus III Olavsson:
Burial: St. Patrick's Church, Ulster, Ireland
Fact 1: Known as Magnus III "Barefoot" Olavsson
Child of Magnus Olavsson and Thoro is:
  11982090 i.   Sigurd I Magnuson, born Abt. 1089; died 26 Mar 1130; married Malmfrid Haraldsdatter Novgorod 1128.

      23964182. Mstislav Harold I116, born Abt. 1076 in Kiev, Ukraine; died 15 Apr 1132. He was the son of 47928364. Vladimir II Monomakh and 47928365. Gytha. He married 23964183. Kristina Ingesdatter.

      23964183. Kristina Ingesdatter116, born Abt. 1080 in Novgorod; died 28 Jan 1119/20 in Novgorod. She was the daughter of 47928366. Ing I Stenkilsson and 47928367. Helen.
Children of Mstislav Harold and Kristina Ingesdatter are:
  11982091 i.   Malmfrid Haraldsdatter Novgorod, died Abt. 1137; married (1) Sigurd I Magnuson 1128; married (2) Erik Eriksen II Abt. 1132.
  ii.   Ingeborg Haraldsdatter116, died Aft. 1137; married Knut Eriksen Lavard Abt. 1116; born 12 Mar 1090/91 in Roskilde, Denmark; died 07 Jan 1130/31 in Haraldsted Skov, Denmark.

      24007960. Duke of Saxony Albrecht I von Nordmark, born Abt. 1100 in Nordmark; died 18 Nov 1170. He was the son of 48015920. Duke Otte von Anhalt and 48015921. Elicia von Sachsen. He married 24007961. Sophia von Winzenburg Aft. 1125.

      24007961. Sophia von Winzenburg, born Aft. 1110; died 06 Jul 1160 in Winzenburg.
Child of Duke von Nordmark and Sophia von Winzenburg is:
  12003980 i.   Duke of Weimar Hermann I Orlamunde, born Abt. 1130 in Orlamunde; died 19 Oct 1176; married Ermengarde Bef. 1160.

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