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The Askins Clan of Tennessee:
Index of Individuals


?, Carolyn
?, Carolynn
?, Carrie Lou(b. Bet. 1890 - 1900, d. date unknown)
?, Gail
?, Georgie
?, Margaret Amarintha(b. Abt. 1773, d. Abt. 1798)
?, Sarah(b. Abt. 1744, d. Bet. 1773 - 1824)
?, Wilma


Abbott, Buna
Abbott, Joe(b. Bet. 1892 - 1902, d. date unknown)
Abbott, Johnny(b. Bet. 1892 - 1902, d. date unknown)
Abbott, Thomas H.(b. 1869, d. 1940)
Abbott, Will(b. Bet. 1892 - 1902, d. date unknown)


Ables, Della Adeline(b. March 16, 1897, d. date unknown)
Ables, Mattie Lowella(b. May 05, 1904, d. April 06, 1969)
Ables, Tennie Sue(b. December 27, 1901, d. October 25, 1928)


Allan, Andrew


Allen, Floyd Edwin(b. October 10, 1925, d. August 30, 1994)
Allen, Floyd Eli(b. December 07, 1898, d. date unknown)
Allen, James Robert
Allen, John Lawrence
Allen, Toni Jane
Allen, William Robert
Allen, William Robert, Jr.


Amerson, Annie Lee(b. August 18, 1898, d. 1990)
Amerson, Benjamin Jasper(b. September 18, 1906, d. date unknown)
Amerson, Caldonia Catherine(b. May 28, 1892, d. December 28, 1961) Includes Notes
Amerson, Claud
Amerson, Cordelia Adeline(b. May 28, 1887, d. date unknown)
Amerson, George
Amerson, Jennie Elizabeth(b. November 14, 1888, d. June 19, 1925)
Amerson, Joe Joe
Amerson, John Hardin(b. February 03, 1867, d. October 22, 1934)
Amerson, Joseph Riley(b. February 15, 1897, d. date unknown)
Amerson, Madge
Amerson, Margret
Amerson, May Ellen(b. April 07, 1902, d. date unknown)
Amerson, Mildred
Amerson, Patsy
Amerson, Pauline
Amerson, Thomas Fielder(b. March 22, 1890, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Amerson, Tommie


Anderson, George Hudson
Anderson, Mary Lisa
Anderson, Nina
Anderson, Oscar Bridge
Anderson, Richard Louis
Anderson, Susan Ruth


Andrews, William Eldon


Archer, Willie Iris


Arrowood, Debra Sue
Arrowood, Donald
Arrowood, Leanne
Arrowood, Perry Jean
Arrowood, Robert Burton


Ashby, Annie May Myrtle(b. November 05, 1895, d. Bet. 1916 - 1988)
Ashby, Bessie Christine
Ashby, Julie Mae(b. April 11, 1915, d. November 18, 1960)
Ashby, Peggy Ann


Askins, Acie Crawford(b. March 29, 1904, d. January 21, 1985)
Askins, Ada Adelia(b. March 10, 1911, d. Abt. 2000)
Askins, Adelia Susana(b. April 17, 1878, d. September 10, 1895)
Askins, Albert Greenfield(b. May 18, 1893, d. December 02, 1977)
Askins, Albert Greenfield, Jr.(b. November 29, 1934, d. 1935)
Askins, Albert M.(b. October 13, 1865, d. September 04, 1940)
Askins, Aletia Ann
Askins, Alfred B.(b. Bet. 1923 - 1939, d. date unknown)
Askins, Alton Howard(b. May 30, 1910, d. 1927)
Askins, Amanda Claire
Askins, Amanda E.(b. June 02, 1882, d. February 08, 1914)
Askins, Amanda Jane(b. May 05, 1856, d. July 30, 1893)
Askins, Ana Marie
Askins, Andrea Cole
Askins, Angela Denise
Askins, Anita Joy(b. December 22, 1932, d. July 24, 1933)
Askins, Anne(b. Aft. 1725, d. date unknown)
Askins, Annie Ruth
Askins, Argie Evelyn(b. July 13, 1912, d. November 05, 2001)
Askins, Aulton Young(b. November 12, 1904, d. date unknown)
Askins, Barbara Jean
Askins, Barbara Jean
Askins, Barry Glenn
Askins, Bessie Evelyn
Askins, Betty Ann
Askins, Betty Jo
Askins, Billie Diane
Askins, Billy Templeton(b. May 06, 1927, d. July 09, 1977)
Askins, Boy(b. 1841, d. 1841)
Askins, Brenda Fay
Askins, Brenda Gay
Askins, Bruce
Askins, Carl Cleveland
Askins, Catherine Elizabeth(b. July 28, 1907, d. July 26, 1962)
Askins, Cecil Ray M.
Askins, Charles Homer(b. September 29, 1920, d. September 23, 1922)
Askins, Charles T.(b. May 27, 1810, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Askins, Charles T., Jr.(b. Bet. 1825 - 1840, d. date unknown)
Askins, Cheryl Lynn
Askins, Clara Caldonia(b. September 14, 1897, d. date unknown)
Askins, Cordelia Arrena(b. May 28, 1875, d. date unknown)
Askins, Danny Ray
Askins, David
Askins, David Clark(b. April 02, 1903, d. August 1968)
Askins, David Earl
Askins, David Luther(b. October 17, 1853, d. August 17, 1935)
Askins, David Luther II(b. August 12, 1909, d. November 1982)
Askins, David Michael
Askins, David Milton Cullum(b. January 24, 1911, d. May 14, 1970)
Askins, David Napolion
Askins, Dawn Rae
Askins, Deborah June
Askins, Dennie Louis(b. February 14, 1877, d. January 17, 1959)
Askins, Denny Jackson
Askins, Diane
Askins, Doris Jean
Askins, Doris Marie
Askins, Dorothy Mae
Askins, Dorthy Jean
Askins, Ed Willard(b. May 10, 1906, d. February 03, 1974)
Askins, Edna Marion
Askins, Edward(b. 1660, d. Aft. 1747) Includes Notes
Askins, Edward(b. Abt. 1725, d. date unknown)
Askins, Edward(b. Abt. 1728, d. date unknown)
Askins, Edward Clifford
Askins, Elgie Joseph(b. April 30, 1880, d. January 15, 1953)
Askins, Elgie Joseph, Jr.
Askins, Elie(b. January 29, 1895, d. date unknown)
Askins, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1738, d. Bef. 1815)
Askins, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1742, d. date unknown)
Askins, Ella Carol
Askins, Elmer(b. December 1869, d. date unknown)
Askins, Emmett Luther(b. May 22, 1905, d. July 07, 1981)
Askins, Eunice Edwin
Askins, Eva O.(b. June 19, 1873, d. September 21, 1895)
Askins, Fannie B.(b. Abt. 1869, d. Abt. 1954)
Askins, Farley
Askins, Florence Wiley
Askins, Floyd Hugh(b. July 28, 1910, d. August 08, 1992)
Askins, Fonda Dean
Askins, Frances Marie(b. November 12, 1887, d. January 18, 1966)
Askins, Freeman(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Askins, Gary LaMont
Askins, Geneva Aleene(b. October 24, 1902, d. September 06, 1911)
Askins, Geneva Elaine
Askins, George(b. Abt. 1840, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Askins, George Edward
Askins, Geri Leigh
Askins, Girl(b. 1836, d. 1836)
Askins, Girl(b. 1851, d. 1851)
Askins, Gloria Gene
Askins, Glyndon
Askins, Harre Flemen(b. March 30, 1903, d. date unknown)
Askins, Hayden(b. May 11, 1900, d. February 23, 1948)
Askins, Henry(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Askins, Herbert Knox(b. September 30, 1905, d. May 09, 1965)
Askins, Herschel M.(b. November 05, 1901, d. July 1986) Includes Notes
Askins, Homer Clarence(b. April 12, 1915, d. August 29, 1939)
Askins, Inez(b. Bet. 1913 - 1935, d. July 1969)
Askins, Infant Dau(b. February 1924, d. February 1924)
Askins, Infant Dau.(b. August 16, 1860, d. August 16, 1860)
Askins, Infant Son(b. December 12, 1867, d. December 12, 1867)
Askins, Infant Son(b. December 17, 1898, d. January 20, 1899)
Askins, Infant Son(b. May 23, 1900, d. May 23, 1900)
Askins, Infant Son
Askins, Ira Lee(b. March 29, 1928, d. September 15, 1934)
Askins, Isadora(b. 1856, d. date unknown)
Askins, Isom Luther(b. February 04, 1908, d. December 1978) Includes Notes
Askins, Iva Cordelia(b. June 19, 1873, d. April 07, 1922)
Askins, J. H.(b. September 26, 1834, d. February 16, 1835)
Askins, James(b. Abt. 1700, d. Bet. 1743 - 1792) Includes Notes
Askins, James(b. Abt. 1732, d. date unknown)
Askins, James(b. Abt. 1767, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Askins, James(b. March 09, 1909, d. January 1979)
Askins, James Earl(b. August 08, 1884, d. October 29, 1969)
Askins, James Eugene
Askins, James Glen
Askins, James Glen, Jr.
Askins, James Horton Denard(b. November 13, 1901, d. April 11, 1962)
Askins, James Howard
Askins, James Jr(b. 1736, d. Bef. 1811)
Askins, James Knox
Askins, James Lee(b. March 13, 1871, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Askins, James Loyd
Askins, James Loyd, Jr.
Askins, James Washington(b. August 16, 1847, d. January 17, 1870)
Askins, James Worth(b. October 13, 1911, d. February 20, 1951)
Askins, Janet Lynn
Askins, Janice Carlene
Askins, Jeannie Darlene
Askins, Jeffrey David
Askins, Jennie Cornelia(b. October 20, 1897, d. September 06, 1961)
Askins, Jerry Milton
Askins, Jimmy(b. July 07, 1875, d. date unknown)
Askins, Joe Douglas
Askins, John(b. Abt. 1728, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Askins, John(b. Abt. 1730, d. date unknown)
Askins, John(b. 1734, d. Bef. 1811)
Askins, John Bartlett(b. March 24, 1881, d. August 09, 1969)
Askins, John Calvin(b. February 20, 1869, d. August 25, 1920)
Askins, John Dudley
Askins, John Horton(b. January 07, 1925, d. July 24, 1994)
Askins, John L
Askins, John Robert Eli(b. October 16, 1896, d. July 11, 1975)
Askins, John Scott(b. 1840, d. 1870) Includes Notes
Askins, John W.(b. Bet. 1825 - 1840, d. date unknown)
Askins, John William Manley(b. February 27, 1900, d. April 04, 1965)
Askins, John William Manley, Jr.
Askins, John William Wilson(b. June 14, 1921, d. April 1987)
Askins, Joseph Elgie(b. March 09, 1902, d. May 31, 1966)
Askins, Joseph Gault(b. January 24, 1843, d. September 23, 1917)
Askins, Joseph Isham(b. June 23, 1886, d. February 26, 1908)
Askins, Joseph Lacoma(b. April 10, 1923, d. January 1980)
Askins, Joseph Lewis(b. July 07, 1798, d. April 11, 1872) Includes Notes
Askins, Joseph Manley(b. Abt. 1769, d. Bet. 1801 - 1830) Includes Notes
Askins, Joyce Ann
Askins, Joyce Gail
Askins, Judy Gayle
Askins, Julia Swann
Askins, June Elizabeth
Askins, Karah(b. Abt. 1874, d. Abt. 1959)
Askins, Karah(b. June 09, 1900, d. June 09, 1900)
Askins, Karah
Askins, Karen Janine
Askins, Kelly Marsh
Askins, Kenneth Howard(b. January 11, 1916, d. January 25, 1992)
Askins, Kenneth, Jr.
Askins, Knox Winford
Askins, Larry Edward
Askins, Larry Eugene
Askins, Laura E.(b. September 29, 1854, d. September 07, 1873)
Askins, Leatha(b. Bet. 1880 - 1883, d. date unknown)
Askins, Lee Joseph(b. October 07, 1901, d. May 22, 1988)
Askins, Leroy
Askins, Lewis Alan
Askins, Lewis Cooper(b. June 14, 1909, d. May 27, 1993) Includes Notes
Askins, Lisa Laverne(b. April 29, 1961, d. date not given)
Askins, Lloyd Kelvy Theo(b. December 06, 1905, d. January 1981)
Askins, Lori Jayne
Askins, Louis David(b. June 23, 1918, d. February 25, 1975)
Askins, Louisa(b. Bet. 1825 - 1840, d. date unknown)
Askins, Low Anna
Askins, Lucinda Susanna(b. January 26, 1869, d. August 15, 1959) Includes Notes
Askins, Lula Maggie Jane(b. November 30, 1899, d. November 27, 1933)
Askins, Luther Neil(b. August 08, 1907, d. January 26, 1908)
Askins, Luther Wiley(b. December 07, 1882, d. May 31, 1965)
Askins, Mabel(b. May 12, 1901, d. June 28, 1925)
Askins, Mable Clair
Askins, Maggie(b. 1865, d. date unknown)
Askins, Maggie Mae(b. April 24, 1877, d. February 13, 1961)
Askins, Malcolm Lacoma(b. August 15, 1915, d. August 15, 1915)
Askins, Malissie Roberta(b. October 19, 1935, d. March 22, 2003)
Askins, Margaret(b. 1704, d. Bet. 1721 - 1814)
Askins, Margaret(b. 1744, d. date unknown)
Askins, Margaret
Askins, Margaret Ann(b. January 10, 1890, d. March 07, 1983)
Askins, Margie
Askins, Margie
Askins, Marie
Askins, Martha Elaine(b. April 21, 1937, d. July 28, 1975)
Askins, Martha Florena(b. May 01, 1871, d. February 06, 1952)
Askins, Martha Frances
Askins, Mary(b. July 13, 1917, d. Bet. 1987 - 1990)
Askins, Mary Elizabeth
Askins, Mary Ruth
Askins, May(b. Bet. 1825 - 1840, d. date unknown)
Askins, Meta Faye
Askins, Michael Lance
Askins, Mildred Egera
Askins, Mildred Louise
Askins, Miller R.(b. March 26, 1904, d. date unknown)
Askins, Minnie L.(b. September 05, 1883, d. November 02, 1893)
Askins, Minnie Lee(b. August 03, 1873, d. date unknown)
Askins, Minnie Martha Elizabeth(b. January 30, 1895, d. April 15, 1966)
Askins, Mollie L.(b. 1867, d. December 21, 1952)
Askins, Myra Lucile
Askins, Nancy(b. Bet. 1825 - 1840, d. date unknown)
Askins, Nancy Adaline(b. May 13, 1873, d. 1960)
Askins, Nancy D.
Askins, Nancy Elizabeth(b. July 02, 1905, d. August 30, 1990)
Askins, Nathaniel(b. Abt. 1698, d. Bet. 1721 - 1810) Includes Notes
Askins, Ocie Ola(b. March 13, 1877, d. September 22, 1952)
Askins, Odie Calvin(b. January 29, 1902, d. June 20, 1994)
Askins, Ola Easter(b. January 18, 1900, d. date unknown)
Askins, Olivia Caughran(b. June 18, 1883, d. September 03, 1965)
Askins, Opal(b. June 29, 1904, d. January 12, 1991)
Askins, Ora Viola(b. November 25, 1891, d. November 15, 1975)
Askins, Owen Little(b. August 13, 1913, d. September 19, 2001)
Askins, Paul Worthington
Askins, Peter(b. Abt. 1738, d. date unknown)
Askins, Peter(b. Abt. 1740, d. 1803) Includes Notes
Askins, Peter(b. 1773, d. date unknown)
Askins, Peter Calvin(b. September 22, 1849, d. October 03, 1929)
Askins, Philemon(b. Bef. 1734, d. Aft. 1783)
Askins, Philemon(b. February 20, 1768, d. May 29, 1831) Includes Notes
Askins, Philena(b. December 26, 1803, d. November 06, 1852)
Askins, Polly(b. 1702, d. Bet. 1721 - 1814)
Askins, Polly(b. 1742, d. date unknown)
Askins, Ralph W., Jr.(b. February 01, 1933, d. September 24, 1991)
Askins, Ralph Wilson(b. September 30, 1907, d. February 02, 1982)
Askins, Randy William
Askins, Raymond Bruce(b. May 04, 1914, d. January 1974)
Askins, Richard Dean
Askins, Robert E. Lee(b. September 29, 1870, d. August 11, 1950)
Askins, Robert Emmet
Askins, Robert Ernest
Askins, Robert Franklin(b. November 22, 1894, d. January 1984)
Askins, Robert Hamilton(b. February 08, 1837, d. November 12, 1898) Includes Notes
Askins, Robert Herbert
Askins, Robert Leland
Askins, Robert Patrick
Askins, Robert Roy(b. July 13, 1877, d. March 01, 1958)
Askins, Robert W.(b. August 17, 1908, d. August 14, 1996)
Askins, Ross Hamilton(b. May 25, 1886, d. December 19, 1947)
Askins, Rossa Lee(b. Bet. 1923 - 1939, d. date unknown)
Askins, Roy Kevin(b. April 29, 1963, d. April 29, 1963)
Askins, Rubie Louise(b. May 20, 1923, d. December 31, 1923)
Askins, Rufus Edward(b. October 29, 1921, d. October 29, 1921)
Askins, Ruth Elvira
Askins, Sadie Florence
Askins, Sally Ann
Askins, Sara Jane(b. October 30, 1922, d. Bet. 1944 - 1996)
Askins, Sara Marie
Askins, Sarah(b. Abt. 1771, d. Bef. 1855)
Askins, Sarah Alese
Askins, Sarah Ann Retha
Askins, Sarah Frances
Askins, Sarah May(b. November 03, 1879, d. May 11, 1910)
Askins, Steve
Askins, Steven Lawrence
Askins, Susan Hannah(b. April 04, 1845, d. May 08, 1887)
Askins, Susan Hannah Jane(b. July 17, 1895, d. April 06, 1948)
Askins, Susan Henrietta Davis(b. November 08, 1870, d. January 21, 1958)
Askins, Susan Ollie(b. November 15, 1875, d. September 18, 1909)
Askins, Suzanna
Askins, Sylvia Diane
Askins, Thomas(b. 1727, d. date unknown)
Askins, Thomas(b. Abt. 1734, d. date unknown)
Askins, Thomas(b. February 10, 1914, d. February 1992)
Askins, Trenton Patterson
Askins, Unknown(b. Aft. 1724, d. date unknown)
Askins, Unknown(b. Abt. 1726, d. date unknown)
Askins, Unknown(b. 1775, d. date unknown)
Askins, Unknown
Askins, Unknown
Askins, Unknown
Askins, Unknown Dau.(b. Abt. 1744, d. date unknown)
Askins, Vallie Overton(b. September 28, 1888, d. March 26, 1917)
Askins, Vanellie Colona
Askins, Vera Nell
Askins, Wanda Jean
Askins, William(b. Abt. 1730, d. date unknown)
Askins, William(b. Abt. 1736, d. date unknown)
Askins, William(b. December 29, 1832, d. June 28, 1908)
Askins, William Henry Carl(b. December 07, 1903, d. September 04, 1977)
Askins, William Manley(b. May 30, 1866, d. October 23, 1939)
Askins, William Manley(b. July 23, 1879, d. April 10, 1963)
Askins, William Roy(b. July 08, 1914, d. January 05, 1989) Includes Notes
Askins, William Roy(b. May 19, 1929, d. November 01, 1931)
Askins, William Roy, Jr.
Askins, William Shawn
Askins, William Thomas(b. December 01, 1866, d. August 23, 1868)
Askins, Winnie Ola(b. September 25, 1897, d. October 27, 1897)


Aycock, Annie Dorothy


Ayers, Eula Maye(b. July 06, 1903, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Infant Dau.
Ayers, Infant Dau.
Ayers, Infant Dau.
Ayers, Lillie Ethel(b. August 31, 1903, d. date unknown)
Ayers, Margie
Ayers, William Cleveland(b. July 29, 1869, d. date unknown)


Ayres, Mary Ellen(b. September 1873, d. date unknown)


Bagley, Richard


Baker, John H.(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Baker, Lida Florence
Baker, Nancy Jane(b. July 15, 1868, d. December 28, 1939)


Barkdoll, Maria Peckcane


Barnes, Betty Cornelia
Barnes, Cathy Ann
Barnes, Claudia Sue
Barnes, Edward Charles
Barnes, Ernet Patrick(b. October 06, 1936, d. October 28, 1936)
Barnes, Geneva Morrell
Barnes, George Walter
Barnes, Guy Mitchel(b. June 05, 1916, d. January 01, 1950)
Barnes, Helen Roberta
Barnes, Infant
Barnes, Infant
Barnes, J. B.(b. July 12, 1933, d. April 26, 1969)
Barnes, John Dee(b. October 31, 1911, d. Abt. 1986)
Barnes, Kenneth Lee
Barnes, Marty Ray(b. December 10, 1967, d. December 12, 1967)
Barnes, Mayme Katheryn
Barnes, Michael Bret
Barnes, Michele Renee
Barnes, Patricia Lynn
Barnes, Pleas Holbert(b. November 18, 1902, d. January 1973)
Barnes, Robert Lee(b. September 07, 1895, d. Bet. 1923 - 1986)
Barnes, Robert Lee, Jr.
Barnes, Robert Mitchel Sonny
Barnes, Shannon Kay(b. December 10, 1967, d. December 12, 1967)
Barnes, Terry Allen
Barnes, Thelma Louise
Barnes, Timothy Shane
Barnes, Unknown
Barnes, Unknown
Barnes, Unknown
Barnes, William Hubert(b. June 10, 1938, d. March 03, 2003)


Barriere, Catherine Lida
Barriere, Constance Marie
Barriere, Hilaary F.


Barrock, Helen Marie


Barton, Anthony Reid
Barton, Courtney Alyse
Barton, Nicholas James


Barziza, ?
Barziza, David Mason
Barziza, Terri Lynn


Bays, Benjamin
Bays, Benjamin
Bays, Jacob


Beard, Myrtle Lou
Beard, Nora Belle(b. August 10, 1881, d. October 20, 1960)


Beddingfield, James W.
Beddingfield, John(b. July 26, 1901, d. April 1969)
Beddingfield, Lena Ruth
Beddingfield, Paul


Bejach, Arlene


Bell, Amy Joyce
Bell, Clio Annella
Bell, George Gibbs(b. September 20, 1848, d. March 24, 1917)
Bell, George Gibbs, Jr.(b. June 25, 1880, d. December 04, 1907)
Bell, John(b. August 14, 1877, d. May 15, 1908) Includes Notes
Bell, John A.
Bell, Lee John
Bell, Marilyn Bransford
Bell, Marjorie(b. July 05, 1912, d. November 1976)
Bell, Mary Elizabeth
Bell, Reba Geraldine
Bell, Robert Erskine(b. November 29, 1883, d. April 27, 1966)
Bell, Robert Erskine III
Bell, Robert Erskine, Jr.
Bell, Susan


Benedict, David James
Benedict, Elizabeth Grace
Benedict, Stephen Thurmond


Benmore, Carolyn


Bennett, Alverine(b. January 31, 1906, d. April 27, 1975)


Benson, Clifford Leon(b. April 05, 1908, d. August 1982)


Berg, Evelyn Annamarie(b. Bet. 1890 - 1903, d. date unknown)


Berryhill, Ed


Binkley, Brenda Elaine
Binkley, Cody


Blair, Robert Richard


Bogle, Beverly Jean
Bogle, Joe Glen
Bogle, Johnny McKnight


Bomely, August Lee


Boner, Shiela Dee


Booker, Ford
Booker, Joy


Boyd, Bessie Aldana(b. May 15, 1906, d. November 27, 1994) Includes Notes


Bransford, Lady Emma(b. January 16, 1888, d. December 05, 1962)


Brock, Hilda Mellissa


Brown, ?(b. Bet. 1860 - 1870, d. date unknown)
Brown, Buford T.
Brown, Edith Lorry
Brown, Helen Elizabeth
Brown, Jana Denise
Brown, John M.
Brown, Mildred Inez
Brown, Nancy Annette
Brown, Nolan(b. December 09, 1898, d. May 16, 1970)
Brown, Patricia Ann
Brown, Retha Pauline
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert Allen
Brown, Robert L.(b. July 15, 1926, d. July 14, 1963)
Brown, Ronald Gene
Brown, Sarah Catherine
Brown, Webster C.(d. date unknown)
Brown, William Joel


Buchanan, Dorothy


Bullington, Lurline
Bullington, Wallace(d. date unknown)
Bullington, Wallace Askins(d. date unknown)


Burgett, Edmond F.
Burgett, Karen L.


Burras, Eddie


Burton, Carla
Burton, Chris
Burton, Christy Lynn
Burton, Derrick
Burton, Frankie D.
Burton, Glyn
Burton, Hubert
Burton, Janice Cornelia
Burton, Kenny
Burton, Nicky Wayne
Burton, Pamela
Burton, Sabrina Dawn


Campbell, J. W.
Campbell, Joe Wayne
Campbell, Malah Louise(b. 1912, d. 1940)
Campbell, Mattie Sue
Campbell, Nancy Jane


Cantrell, George
Cantrell, Gina Denise
Cantrell, Rhonda Leighann
Cantrell, Roy S.
Cantrell, W. J.


Carlisle, Andrew Arthur
Carlisle, Catherine Kennedy
Carlisle, Charles Henry
Carlisle, Charles Todd
Carlisle, Edna Marie
Carlisle, Elizabeth Renwick
Carlisle, Emma Elvira(b. January 20, 1918, d. March 15, 1933)
Carlisle, Hubert Toland(b. August 20, 1888, d. February 17, 1985)
Carlisle, Lucille Askins
Carlisle, Martha Lucille
Carlisle, Nancy Fern(b. July 03, 1949, d. July 03, 1949)
Carlisle, Rebecca Naomi(b. February 10, 1926, d. August 29, 1926)
Carlisle, Toland Askins(b. July 04, 1916, d. February 22, 1987)
Carlisle, Virginia Catherine


Carlton, James(b. 1791, d. 1841)


Carney, Dan Charles(b. Bet. 1890 - 1900, d. date unknown)


Carter, Barry Warren
Carter, Charles Travis
Carter, Luther(b. Bet. 1870 - 1880, d. date unknown)
Carter, Mary Katherine
Carter, Mildred
Carter, Susan Louise


Caughran, Allen Edward
Caughran, Bennett Wiley
Caughran, Bertha Arline(b. April 12, 1899, d. June 05, 1978)
Caughran, Carl Wiley(b. October 09, 1879, d. October 12, 1930)
Caughran, Carl Wiley, Jr.
Caughran, Catherine Elvira(b. February 23, 1859, d. December 10, 1906)
Caughran, Cathey
Caughran, Clarence Sloan(b. August 14, 1892, d. May 05, 1958) Includes Notes
Caughran, Clarence Sloan, Jr.
Caughran, Claud Calvin(b. November 11, 1903, d. September 08, 1989)
Caughran, Don Higgins
Caughran, Eddie A.(b. June 06, 1874, d. August 13, 1895)
Caughran, Edgar Pitts(b. June 20, 1909, d. May 10, 1975)
Caughran, Edward Allen
Caughran, Elmer Ross(b. October 30, 1885, d. February 03, 1966)
Caughran, Elmer Ross II
Caughran, Frances Amanda(b. August 27, 1905, d. February 10, 1991)
Caughran, Fred Augustus(b. May 01, 1904, d. December 14, 1934)
Caughran, Fredrick Daniel
Caughran, Horton Lee(b. November 05, 1882, d. September 28, 1926)
Caughran, Horton Lee(b. November 11, 1918, d. November 13, 1918)
Caughran, Infant(b. August 30, 1910, d. August 30, 1910)
Caughran, Joel Allen
Caughran, Joseph Louis(b. October 06, 1876, d. June 11, 1962)
Caughran, Mabel Clare(b. 1898, d. 1899)
Caughran, Malinda
Caughran, Mary Naomi(b. February 21, 1856, d. October 25, 1897)
Caughran, Melanie Lee
Caughran, Nellie Alberta(b. September 04, 1903, d. January 20, 1923)
Caughran, Phillip Bennett
Caughran, Phillip Myers
Caughran, Rebecca Elizabeth
Caughran, Rena Amanda(b. November 24, 1896, d. January 16, 1897)
Caughran, Rose Ann
Caughran, Suzette Marie
Caughran, Thomas Wiley(b. December 16, 1853, d. October 19, 1894)
Caughran, Unknown(b. February 07, 1901, d. May 27, 1901)
Caughran, Vera Sue
Caughran, Virginia Louise


Chapman, Christopher G.
Chapman, Eddie Buford
Chapman, Michael W.
Chapman, Willis H.
Chapman, Willoene


Cherry, Frances


Childers, Lois


Childress, Elizabeth N.
Childress, Ellis Holman(b. December 11, 1915, d. March 06, 1989)
Childress, Ellis Nelson


Clark, Catherine
Clark, Elizabeth Ann
Clark, J. C.
Clark, Jeff Allen
Clark, Lester James
Clark, Lizzie Odell(b. June 20, 1881, d. June 25, 1933)
Clark, Robert Smith III
Clark, Robert Smith, Jr.
Clark, Timothy James


Clayton, Donald R.
Clayton, James G.
Clayton, Joel Presley
Clayton, Ralph Donald


Clements, Amy Louise
Clements, Janet Theresa
Clements, Joan Theresa(b. December 01, 1967, d. December 01, 1967)
Clements, Julie Ruth
Clements, Karen Marie
Clements, Keith Edward
Clements, Kermitt H.
Clements, Michael Henry
Clements, Stephen Henry


Clenton, Luther


Cochran, Jean(b. Abt. 1704, d. Bet. 1742 - 1785) Includes Notes
Cochran, Margaret(b. Bet. 1695 - 1710, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Cole, Garry


Coleman, Carol Ann
Coleman, Georgia Theodora
Coleman, Larry Carter
Coleman, Lucille(b. November 15, 1918, d. January 09, 1998)
Coleman, Silas Carter


Cooper, Becky Jo
Cooper, Byron


Copeland, Artie
Copeland, Charlie H.(d. date unknown)
Copeland, Dempsey
Copeland, Irene
Copeland, Jackie
Copeland, Jim
Copeland, Marjorie


Cork, Frances Sue
Cork, John D.(b. February 18, 1910, d. December 16, 1990)
Cork, John Marvin
Cork, John Marvin, Jr.


Cornish, Catherine


Cothron, ?


Cowherd, Vilma


Crabtree, Billy Wade


Craft, Dewy Clinton
Craft, Rickie Clinton


Crawford, Robert L.(b. Abt. 1868, d. Abt. 1944) Includes Notes


Creson, Gary
Creson, Jennifer
Creson, Renee


Crosslin, Connie


Cummins, Elizabeth Ann
Cummins, Mary Frances
Cummins, William J. III
Cummins, William Joseph, Jr.


Daniel, Bobbie
Daniel, Charles
Daniel, Dwight
Daniel, Sue


Daniell, Debora Lee


Davenport, J. Harve(d. date unknown)
Davenport, Knox(d. date unknown)


Davis, Adeline Henrietta(b. August 20, 1847, d. November 26, 1905)
Davis, Alice
Davis, Andrew Harris
Davis, David Wesley
Davis, Eli Wesley
Davis, Kathryn Louise


Degroat, Floyd

Del Burton

Del Burton


Denton, Louise


Diggs, Nari Nelson(b. February 11, 1962, d. 1963)
Diggs, Nelson
Diggs, Robert L.
Diggs, Sara
Diggs, Spencer


Dillin, Lenora(d. date unknown)


Dilworth, Fannie Mae
Dilworth, Herman Shelby
Dilworth, William Shelby


Dixon, Jewel
Dixon, Josef Russel


Dorsey, Freddy
Dorsey, Judy
Dorsey, Odis


Douglas, Allen
Douglas, Debbie
Douglas, Debbie Sue
Douglas, Elvin
Douglas, Gwendolynn Jean
Douglas, Richard
Douglas, Richard Glen
Douglas, Roy Allan
Douglas, Roy Ewen
Douglas, Teresa
Douglas, Theresa Ann
Douglas, Tina
Douglas, Trina Marie


Drew, Jane M. Russell(b. Bet. 1800 - 1810, d. date unknown)


Druse, Rose Marie


Duke, Peggy


Dunman, Fred Eugene(b. October 16, 1907, d. October 20, 1960)


Durden, Delores


Dyer, Charles


Easley, Tennie May(b. August 22, 1887, d. April 17, 1977)


Edde, Barbara Sue
Edde, G. W.
Edde, Linda Louise
Edde, Orea


Edward, James David
Edward, Lisa Ann
Edward, Robert Gregory
Edward, Robin Lorraine


Edwards, Barbara(b. Abt. 1664, d. Bet. 1721 - 1724)
Edwards, Robert C., Jr.


Elkins, Bennie
Elkins, Bill
Elkins, Brenda
Elkins, Glenda
Elkins, Janice
Elkins, Linda
Elkins, Susan Elaine


Elrod, Tammy Darlene


Ely, John Frederick
Ely, Larry Duane
Ely, Lawrence


Engle, James Coleman
Engle, James Coleman, Jr.
Engle, John Shannon
Engle, Stephanie Elizabeth


Epperson, Charles Lee(d. date unknown)
Epperson, Marion Evelyn
Epperson, Ruth Lida
Epperson, Trudy Elizabeth


Epps, Dorothy


Eslick, Janet


Evans, Sherry


Ezell, Lou


Fenner, Carol
Fenner, Charles Ray
Fenner, Judy
Fenner, Rickie
Fenner, Roy
Fenner, Roy J. R.
Fenner, Tracy
Fenner, Troy


Fielder, Dan
Fielder, Glen
Fielder, J. Frank(d. date unknown)
Fielder, Merle
Fielder, Ola Mae


Fisher, J. Russel
Fisher, James
Fisher, James Delmar
Fisher, Joe Thomas


Fitch, ?(d. date unknown)


Fitzgerald, Charles
Fitzgerald, Margaret Ruth
Fitzgerald, Susna Cathirene


Floyd, Arthur


Foster, Nicky


Fuller, Charles
Fuller, Charles Gary
Fuller, Earl
Fuller, Frankie
Fuller, Robert E., Jr.
Fuller, Twyla Denise


Galbreath, Edwin Jay


Galloway, Anny Elizabeth
Galloway, Charles McCowan
Galloway, Charles Miller
Galloway, Christy Ann
Galloway, Infant Unnamed(b. 1895, d. 1895)
Galloway, Jean Ellen
Galloway, Laura Jean
Galloway, Lisa Evelyn
Galloway, Naomi Callie(b. November 10, 1898, d. date unknown)
Galloway, Rennie Lou(b. January 18, 1885, d. September 08, 1967)
Galloway, Ruth Kathleen(b. March 23, 1903, d. April 25, 1976)
Galloway, Samuel H.(b. June 19, 1873, d. May 26, 1926)


Gardner, Nell
Gardner, Rob


Garrison, Earnest
Garrison, W. T.


Getty, Robert John


Gibson, James Elven
Gibson, Keith
Gibson, Mary Bell
Gibson, W. S.(d. July 20, 1959)
Gibson, Wayne


Gillard, Ruth


Gleghorn, Mary Rebecca(b. July 05, 1875, d. December 27, 1919)


Good, Danny


Gorby, ?


Grant, David Bruce
Grant, Henry Bruce


Grantham, Dottie Lee
Grantham, Herbert L.
Grantham, Herbert Leonard
Grantham, John Jay


Gray, Clemmie Albert
Gray, Emily Ross
Gray, Gus


Green, Theresa


Grissom, Bryan Terry
Grissom, Gerald Homer
Grissom, Joe B. II(b. February 23, 1918, d. July 31, 1998)
Grissom, Joe B. III
Grissom, Mary Ann


Groover, Verna


Hairston, Margaret Ann(b. April 05, 1844, d. September 26, 1895)
Hairston, Nancy Dodson(b. October 09, 1845, d. June 15, 1918)


Hall, Belinda Michelle(b. February 22, 1962, d. October 01, 1963)
Hall, Daniel Ernest
Hall, Debbie
Hall, John Thomas
Hall, Kay
Hall, Lorraine Renee
Hall, Mickey


Hamblen, Maargaret Grace


Hamlin, Jo Ruth


Hannah, Susan(b. August 11, 1811, d. February 10, 1862)


Hardy, Charles William
Hardy, Stephen Carlisle
Hardy, Stephen Wade


Harper, Betty Frances
Harper, Joseph Ferdinand


Harris, Brian Dee
Harris, Daren Jacob
Harris, Donald
Harris, George Christopher
Harris, George Dewin
Harris, Herman O.
Harris, Herman Otis(b. August 18, 1901, d. January 15, 1972)
Harris, Jared David
Harris, Kathryn Yvonne
Harris, Melody Ann
Harris, Nathan Michael
Harris, Rebecca Susanne


Harrison, Emily Ann
Harrison, Emily Lester
Harrison, William Bailey
Harrison, William David


Haskins, Clayton Lee
Haskins, Robert(b. February 21, 1912, d. November 1975)
Haskins, Robert Clifton(b. July 30, 1939, d. May 1986)
Haskins, Robert Clifton, Jr.


Haygood, David


Hazlett, Angela
Hazlett, Claude A.(b. April 13, 1916, d. December 1986)
Hazlett, Elizabeth Louise
Hazlett, Howard David
Hazlett, James Russell
Hazlett, Kim
Hazlett, Terry
Hazlett, William Terrell


Heath, Audrey


Heck, Landa Marie


Henderson, Elise Margarette


Hendon, Wilma Jo


Henning, Dudley


Henry, Infant
Henry, John Torbit(b. November 12, 1895, d. June 17, 1953)
Henry, John Torbit, Jr.


Herbert, Helen Virginia


Herring, Clinton


Hicks, Cecil T.
Hicks, Kara Margaret
Hicks, Lori Susanne
Hicks, Sarah Alma(b. March 01, 1878, d. January 03, 1961)
Hicks, Wendy Dee


Higgins, Rose(b. 1887, d. January 17, 1961)


Hill, Bryson Floyd III
Hill, Bryson Floyd, Jr.
Hill, Bryson Floyd, Sr.(b. August 06, 1894, d. January 02, 1956)
Hill, Era Jane
Hill, James Gray
Hill, James Thomas(b. July 06, 1941, d. July 06, 1941)
Hill, Joni Karen
Hill, Judy Carol
Hill, Margaret Ann
Hill, Margaret Lucille
Hill, Martha Nell
Hill, Mary Ruth
Hill, Patsy Jeanette
Hill, Peggy Jane
Hill, William Edward(b. May 25, 1921, d. March 15, 1994)


Hindman, David
Hindman, Ned
Hindman, Troy


Hines, Connie


Holcomb, Phillip


Hollingworth, Juneata


Holloway, Patricia


Holt, Terry


Hood, Ida Mae(b. July 10, 1902, d. May 22, 1982)
Hood, William


Hopkins, Karan Ann
Hopkins, Mary Frances
Hopkins, Pamella Jo
Hopkins, Ronald Earl
Hopkins, Thurman Whittie


Hopper, Reid


Hoyt, Sandra Sue


Hughes, Jane(b. Abt. 1922, d. 1969)


Hulen, Betty June


Hunter, Billy
Hunter, Billy
Hunter, Leigh Ann


Jackson, Ira Rebecca(b. March 19, 1900, d. August 31, 1925)


James, Bettye


Jean, Alvin Estille
Jean, Betty Gail
Jean, Bonnie Louise
Jean, Caroline Louise
Jean, Everett Wayne
Jean, Floyd Estille
Jean, Herman Everett(b. November 16, 1913, d. March 03, 2003)
Jean, Homer Ray(b. September 30, 1911, d. November 08, 1932)
Jean, J. D.
Jean, J. R.
Jean, James Elmer(b. June 07, 1909, d. November 1979)
Jean, James Elmer, Jr.
Jean, James Riley(b. September 15, 1876, d. December 31, 1956)
Jean, Janice Faye
Jean, Jimmie William
Jean, Judy Gaye
Jean, Kathy Kay
Jean, Mary Elizabeth(b. December 07, 1948, d. March 14, 1965) Includes Notes
Jean, Nannie D.(b. February 07, 1927, d. November 04, 1932)
Jean, Riley(b. July 27, 1905, d. July 27, 1905)
Jean, Rose Anna
Jean, Sally Frances
Jean, Shirley Marie
Jean, Thomas Edward(b. August 11, 1961, d. October 26, 1961)
Jean, William Fenton
Jean, Willie Edna


Jennings, Debbie
Jennings, Deborah Sue
Jennings, G. Eskin
Jennings, Tim


Jenson, Dorothy E.


Jerome, Twinton


Jobe, Evelyn(b. June 08, 1906, d. May 04, 1971)


Joiner, Edna


Jones, Hazel Christine(b. December 24, 1919, d. November 18, 1997)
Jones, Linda Joyce
Jones, Linda Sue
Jones, Otto H.(b. October 17, 1904, d. June 1970)


Jordan, ?
Jordan, Carol
Jordan, Malinda Dawn
Jordan, Martha Michelle
Jordan, Melanie Faye
Jordan, Ronnie


Justice, Jamie


Kedney, Elizabeth May
Kedney, Margaret Jean
Kedney, William(d. date unknown)


Kelley, Andrew LeWayne
Kelley, Caroline Jean
Kelley, Edith Marie
Kelley, James William
Kelley, James William, Jr.
Kelley, Kelvin Lee
Kelley, William Andy(b. September 24, 1918, d. September 1985)


Kelly, James
Kelly, John
Kelly, Kirkland
Kelly, Lavada
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Robert
Kelly, Ruth


Kendrick, Ora Belle(b. February 28, 1897, d. date unknown)


Kern, Michael Robert


Kidd, Mamie Taylor(b. March 12, 1887, d. November 07, 1970)


Kincaid, Minnie(d. date unknown)


Kinney, Ira(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Kirby, Charles W. III
Kirby, Charles W., Jr.(b. August 25, 1925, d. date unknown)
Kirby, Charles Walton(b. September 04, 1897, d. March 15, 1970)
Kirby, Charlotte Kay
Kirby, Dorothy Eugenia
Kirby, Florence(b. September 28, 1899, d. November 23, 1959)
Kirby, Hope Gardner
Kirby, Milford Aycock
Kirby, Minnie Fay(b. March 07, 1902, d. date unknown)
Kirby, Pauline(b. December 17, 1904, d. March 20, 1970)
Kirby, Peter Kendrick(b. March 09, 1927, d. February 09, 1970)
Kirby, Peter Kendrick, Jr.
Kirby, William Sloan(b. January 14, 1876, d. August 29, 1946)
Kirby, William Sloan


Kiser, Lila(b. Bet. 1895 - 1902, d. date unknown)


Koonce, Chad Hamilton
Koonce, Emma Constance
Koonce, Marie


Landis, Ronald William
Landis, Ronald William, Jr.
Landis, Tiffany Renee


Lane, Nancy Kay


Lee, Virgil(b. November 01, 1922, d. December 1981)


Lemm, Ann


Leo, ?
Leo, Peter A.
Leo, Sharon Margaret


Lester, Robert Leon(b. November 11, 1911, d. December 09, 1965)


Levy, Elizabeth Karen
Levy, Mark Marie
Levy, Milton Van Ness
Levy, Susan Marie


Lewter, ?
Lewter, ?
Lewter, ?
Lewter, ?
Lewter, Clarence Marvin(b. June 26, 1906, d. January 14, 1999)
Lewter, Clarence Marvin, Jr.
Lewter, James Donald
Lewter, Malah Geraldine
Lewter, Peggy Joyce


Ligon, Katharine(b. Bet. 1875 - 1885, d. date unknown)


Lilly, Betty Jane
Lilly, Lowell


Limbuagh, ?


Lincoln, Fred(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Lincoln, Ira H.(b. 1870, d. 1946) Includes Notes


Linville, Robert W.


Lones, Dorthy Mae


Luna, Lois Jean


Maddox, Annie Lelia(b. February 06, 1902, d. November 27, 1990)
Maddox, Bryan
Maddox, Daryl
Maddox, Don
Maddox, Mildred S.
Maddox, Patricia
Maddox, Randy


Madewell, Myrtle
Madewell, Rickey
Madewell, Rickey, Jr.


Madison, Doris Estell


Manley, Nannie Bea(b. August 08, 1904, d. date unknown)


Mann, Annie Laurie
Mann, Daniel Jess
Mann, Louis Francis
Mann, Louis Francis, Jr.


Marsh, Betty June


Martin, Alice Kay
Martin, Caren Ruth
Martin, David Harrison
Martin, Homer Ledford(b. March 06, 1896, d. November 22, 1974)
Martin, Joseph Charles
Martin, Russell T.
Martin, Susan


Mason, Frances W.
Mason, Julia Estelle(b. April 07, 1911, d. November 20, 1977)


Maxwell, George B(b. April 21, 1916, d. July 24, 1982)


May, Calvin Vern
May, Michael Kent
May, Timothy Vern


McAlister, Annie Marverine
McAlister, Annie Ruth(b. December 08, 1899, d. May 02, 1961)
McAlister, Aubrey Fredrick(b. 1925, d. 1973)
McAlister, Audrey May(b. July 26, 1897, d. 1954)
McAlister, Barbara Mae
McAlister, Betty Orene
McAlister, Edith Wayne
McAlister, Edwin Hurley
McAlister, Henry Clay(b. April 08, 1913, d. July 20, 1927)
McAlister, Henry Robert(b. December 20, 1874, d. September 30, 1942)
McAlister, Hurley Lee
McAlister, Jewell Evangeline
McAlister, Joe Farrar(b. February 12, 1903, d. date unknown)
McAlister, Lee Russell(b. March 14, 1906, d. May 05, 1971)
McAlister, Linda Sue
McAlister, Margaret Helen
McAlister, Martha Florene
McAlister, Martha Lee
McAlister, Mayme Sue
McAlister, Nancy
McAlister, Robbie Lou
McAlister, Robert Worth(b. February 24, 1911, d. September 1978)
McAlister, Sherman(b. December 01, 1901, d. March 27, 1976)
McAlister, Walter(b. November 27, 1895, d. November 21, 1985)


McBride, Barbara Charlotte


McCandless, Bruce Anderson
McCandless, James B.
McCandless, Margaret Jane
McCandless, Paul Montgomery


McCarty, Danielle Lee
McCarty, Denise Evelyn
McCarty, Fannie Louena
McCarty, Garrett Dean
McCarty, Harvey Wade
McCarty, Helon Yvonne(b. August 13, 1964, d. January 24, 1967)
McCarty, James Edgar(b. October 09, 1932, d. January 07, 1990)
McCarty, Jennie Mae
McCarty, Jennifer Ann
McCarty, Jimmy Dean
McCarty, John Dex
McCarty, John Norman
McCarty, John Sion Jeter, Jr.(b. February 19, 1928, d. February 05, 1995)
McCarty, John Sion Jeter,Sr(b. July 24, 1897, d. January 12, 1960)
McCarty, Karen Renee
McCarty, Kathryn Elizabeth
McCarty, Lena Barney(b. November 01, 1920, d. October 19, 1926)
McCarty, Margaret Leigh
McCarty, Pamela Alane
McCarty, Parker Shayne
McCarty, Payton Wayne
McCarty, Phillip Wesley
McCarty, Unnamed(b. July 06, 1931, d. July 06, 1931)
McCarty, Vicky Ann


McClure, Ann Ezela
McClure, Deloris Jane
McClure, James Frank
McClure, James Frank
McClure, Janet Lynn


McCowan, Andrew William
McCowan, Annie Laurie(b. April 05, 1884, d. June 04, 1932)
McCowan, Archie Coleman(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
McCowan, Carol Edith
McCowan, Charles Ernest
McCowan, Daniel Owen
McCowan, Effie Ellen
McCowan, Elsie Louise
McCowan, Jane Aurelia
McCowan, Janet Worth
McCowan, John Allen
McCowan, John Joseph
McCowan, John Robert
McCowan, Joseph Alexander(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
McCowan, Joseph M., Jr.
McCowan, Joseph Montgomery(b. July 21, 1888, d. date unknown)
McCowan, Katherine Anne
McCowan, Keith Hardy
McCowan, Kenneth Scott
McCowan, Lena Mildred(b. March 19, 1886, d. June 28, 1938)
McCowan, Leon
McCowan, Marjory Ann
McCowan, Patricia Ann
McCowan, Robert Joseph
McCowan, Rufus(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
McCowan, Sandra Patrick
McCowan, Sandra Picarre
McCowan, Thomas Irwin(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
McCowan, Thomas J. II
McCowan, Thomas J., Jr.
McCowan, Thomas James(b. August 09, 1892, d. January 05, 1931)
McCowan, Thomas Paul
McCowan, Worth Montgomery(b. February 01, 1887, d. date unknown)


McCown, Floyd A.(b. November 18, 1885, d. June 01, 1960)


McDaniel, Pearl(b. Bet. 1890 - 1905, d. date unknown)


McDill, Etta Alice(b. March 23, 1876, d. April 21, 1950)


McFerrin, Cleveland Susan(b. October 08, 1884, d. September 22, 1913)


Mcgee, Sallie E. Pitts(b. October 17, 1858, d. September 14, 1922)


McGehee, Thelma Eugenia(b. June 08, 1908, d. 2001)


McHenry, Bruce King
McHenry, Evelyn Carol
McHenry, James Graham
McHenry, Paul Graham


McKinney, Kimbel Denice(b. July 06, 1962, d. March 30, 1967)
McKinney, Richard S.


McNeal, Jennie


Meeks, Ruth


Mench, Michell C.


Merritt, Dixon II
Merritt, William Michael


Meske, Albert Edward(b. June 24, 1901, d. April 24, 1950)
Meske, Jill Galloway


Michele, Dawn


Miller, Amanda Michelle
Miller, Caleb James
Miller, Danny Earl
Miller, Jacob Stephen
Miller, Jenny Lee
Miller, Jewell Faye(b. August 09, 1924, d. Bet. 1980 - 1995)
Miller, Mildred Eileen
Miller, Stephen Lee
Miller, Steven Michael


Milliken, Elizabeth Diane
Milliken, Richard
Milliken, Richard E., Jr.


Mitchell, Anna


Moats, Hazel(d. date unknown)


Montgomery, Allie Pearle(b. October 06, 1877, d. February 22, 1902)
Montgomery, Betty Jean
Montgomery, Bridget Ann
Montgomery, Carrie Esther(b. February 27, 1887, d. October 09, 1958)
Montgomery, Cecil Cory(b. March 06, 1894, d. July 1971)
Montgomery, David Lee
Montgomery, James Darwin
Montgomery, James Robert
Montgomery, Janie Margaret(b. August 22, 1882, d. May 26, 1909)
Montgomery, Joseph Flemming(b. January 06, 1838, d. April 10, 1912) Includes Notes
Montgomery, Josie Aurena(b. August 04, 1886, d. date unknown)
Montgomery, Langston Lee
Montgomery, Laura Ruth
Montgomery, Leah Jane
Montgomery, Lida Ruth(b. October 05, 1898, d. date unknown)
Montgomery, Margaret Lee(b. November 10, 1891, d. date unknown)
Montgomery, Margaret May
Montgomery, Margaret Ruth
Montgomery, Mary Susan Anna(b. December 19, 1865, d. date unknown)
Montgomery, May Evangeline(b. December 21, 1863, d. June 27, 1947)
Montgomery, Norman Lee
Montgomery, Ollie Aurena(b. February 14, 1871, d. date unknown)
Montgomery, Paul Robert
Montgomery, Percy Eugene
Montgomery, Percy Simpson(b. December 26, 1887, d. May 1964)
Montgomery, Ralph Hurt(b. February 22, 1896, d. November 1975)
Montgomery, Robert Eugene
Montgomery, Robert Worth(b. May 18, 1874, d. August 31, 1896)
Montgomery, Roselynn Lenore
Montgomery, Sarah Amanda(b. February 26, 1880, d. date unknown)
Montgomery, Susan Jane
Montgomery, Susie May(b. November 12, 1889, d. August 1967)
Montgomery, Theresa Marie
Montgomery, Thomas Jon
Montgomery, Thomas Joseph(b. December 07, 1868, d. September 10, 1890)
Montgomery, Thresa Laree
Montgomery, William Lee
Montgomery, William Lee, Jr.
Montgomery, William Leonidos(b. September 27, 1860, d. January 20, 1931)


Mooningham, ?
Mooningham, Billy Marshall
Mooningham, Elizabeth Joanne
Mooningham, Jackie Ralph
Mooningham, Marshall Everette


Moore, Amy Leigh
Moore, Annie
Moore, Faye
Moore, Jackie Thomas
Moore, Jeffrey Scott
Moore, John Martin(b. Abt. 1896, d. October 1945)
Moore, Langston L.(b. Bet. 1880 - 1895, d. date unknown)
Moore, Martha Belle(b. December 27, 1933, d. 1964)
Moore, Mary
Moore, Mary Elizabeth(b. May 07, 1928, d. January 27, 2003)
Moore, Pauline(b. December 14, 1906, d. October 1983)
Moore, Sallie(d. date unknown)
Moore, William R.(b. November 22, 1922, d. Bet. 1975 - 1990)


Moorehead, Alicia Dawn
Moorehead, John Robert
Moorehead, Richard Danny
Moorehead, Robert Earl
Moorehead, Steven Wesley


Morgan, Brenda Carol
Morgan, Della(d. date unknown)


Morris, John(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Morrow, Betty
Morrow, David
Morrow, Doris
Morrow, Elbert
Morrow, Gene(d. date unknown)
Morrow, Thomas


Mosley, Judy Carol


Moss, Joseph Henry
Moss, Joseph Henry, Jr.
Moss, Logan Vansin


Motlow, Julia Gray
Motlow, Robert Lee II
Motlow, Robert Lee III
Motlow, Ross Daniel
Motlow, William Edward
Motlow, William Edward, Jr.


Moyers, Evelyn


Murphey, Ruppell


Murray, Doris Mae


Myers, Gladys Ruth


Nelson, Albert Sloan(b. July 09, 1925, d. 1927)
Nelson, Jane(b. April 03, 1923, d. November 15, 1945)
Nelson, Nancy
Nelson, Robert Oliver(d. 1970)


Nix, William(d. date unknown)


Norris, Russell


Ogle, German(d. date unknown)


Ogrady, Catherne


Ouzts, Barbara Fay
Ouzts, David Carlisle
Ouzts, James Farrell
Ouzts, Janet Lona
Ouzts, Jonathan Peterson
Ouzts, Julie Ann
Ouzts, Kimberly Diane
Ouzts, Leora Jane
Ouzts, Lisa Katherine
Ouzts, Michael David
Ouzts, Peter Ephraim
Ouzts, Rachael Marie
Ouzts, Regina Catherine
Ouzts, Richard Diedrich
Ouzts, Robert Stacy
Ouzts, Stacy C., Jr.
Ouzts, Stacy Carter
Ouzts, Stephen Paul
Ouzts, Vicki Faye


Owick, Aurena(b. September 26, 1893, d. May 19, 1914)
Owick, Elizabeth Montgomery(b. May 23, 1896, d. date unknown)
Owick, Elsie Josephine
Owick, Harold
Owick, Harold Tab
Owick, John Morgan(d. July 23, 1934)
Owick, Joseph(b. December 19, 1886, d. August 16, 1887)
Owick, Pauline May(b. August 31, 1885, d. date unknown)
Owick, Susie Anna(b. September 01, 1888, d. January 11, 1914)
Owick, Tiffany Carol


Pace, Genie


Parker, ?(d. date unknown)
Parker, Grace Eugenia


Pasche, Jacqueline


Patterson, Aldon T.


Payne, Edith Oleen


Perry, Agnes Mirror


Peterson, Corinne


Petrone, Michael Angelo II
Petrone, Michael Angelo III


Phillips, Chap
Phillips, Ronald
Phillips, Stanley


Pierce, Anna Denise
Pierce, John Robert
Pierce, Mary Elizabeth


Pitchford, John Robert


Pitcock, Agnes
Pitcock, Ailene
Pitcock, Alta Viola
Pitcock, Elta May
Pitcock, G. W.
Pitcock, G. W. Richard(d. September 20, 1943)
Pitcock, George Askins(b. September 27, 1922, d. November 1982)
Pitcock, Jerry Wayne
Pitcock, John Cullum
Pitcock, Johnny Thomas
Pitcock, Lorene(b. November 04, 1904, d. date unknown)
Pitcock, Lula May
Pitcock, Marsha Kaye
Pitcock, Martha Ann
Pitcock, Mesha
Pitcock, Nova Lucille
Pitcock, Pam
Pitcock, Richard Douglas
Pitcock, Ronnie Lee
Pitcock, Stanley Thomas
Pitcock, Virginia Dare
Pitcock, Wayne


Pitman, John David(d. date unknown)
Pitman, John David, Jr.(b. November 13, 1907, d. January 12, 1936)
Pitman, Katherine Montgomery


Pitts, Alice Florena
Pitts, Betty(b. February 05, 1885, d. May 13, 1965)
Pitts, Francis
Pitts, Geraldine
Pitts, Inez
Pitts, Jean
Pitts, Katie Augusta(b. November 15, 1879, d. November 13, 1918)
Pitts, Mildred Aldora
Pitts, R. L.(b. Bet. 1860 - 1870, d. date unknown)
Pitts, Reginia
Pitts, Robert Eli
Pitts, Robert McDonald(b. Bet. 1880 - 1890, d. date unknown)
Pitts, Ruby
Pitts, Thomas Edward
Pitts, Vera Ann


Porter, Albert
Porter, Danny
Porter, J. T.
Porter, Mary Ann
Porter, Rhonda Jean
Porter, Sammy


Posey, Daphane Dawn
Posey, James Patrick
Posey, Kimberly Diane
Posey, Robert Wayne


Potter, Anna Belle
Potter, Lee Roy(b. 1896, d. 1965)
Potter, Orval


Power, David Scott


Poynter, Rosa L.


Pressly, Anna May(b. February 09, 1898, d. March 17, 1971)


Price, Edward Bryan
Price, Edward Lee
Price, Gerald
Price, Jeremy Matthew
Price, Unknown


Prince, Donnie
Prince, Nancy Elizabeth(b. July 24, 1963, d. July 26, 1963)


Prophet, Wesley


Pruitt, Vera Mai(b. August 25, 1916, d. June 02, 1971)


Rakes, Daniel James
Rakes, Jeffery Allan
Rakes, Joel Andrew
Rakes, Rebekah Dawn


Ramsey, Emma Jean


Randolph, Cordelia Caldonia(b. January 03, 1849, d. May 20, 1937) Includes Notes
Randolph, Olevia E.(b. August 28, 1876, d. June 22, 1972)


Rawls, Earl(b. Abt. 1900, d. date unknown)
Rawls, Evangeline
Rawls, Infant Son(b. June 28, 1925, d. June 28, 1925)
Rawls, Luke(d. date unknown)
Rawls, Mildred


Reddell, Bob
Reddell, Bobby


Rees, Ruby Ernestine(b. December 29, 1892, d. April 23, 1956)


Reeves, Patricia Ann


Rhoades, Royce
Rhoades, Thurman(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Richardson, Jean


Risch, Barbara
Risch, Donna
Risch, Frank J.(b. February 04, 1911, d. May 30, 1990)


Rittel, Sharon Dawn


Robertson, Mollie Martin(b. May 14, 1865, d. June 20, 1939)


Robinson, Albert Ellis
Robinson, Jack(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Robinson, Mary Madoline
Robinson, Verbie Lucille


Roemisch, Mary Ann


Roland, Sue Ella(d. September 26, 1895)


Rollins, Carrie Anne
Rollins, Danny Ray
Rollins, Danny Ray, Jr.


Ross, Anna(b. August 05, 1877, d. April 16, 1945)


Roulison, Geneva


Rowlett, Buford(d. date unknown)
Rowlett, Louise


Rozell, William


Russell, Nell Frances


Saley, James Chad


Salmon, Doris


Saul, Hal


Sawyers, Charles


Saxon, Ann
Saxon, Joseph Ray(b. Abt. 1898, d. date unknown)
Saxon, Terry
Saxon, Troupe(d. date unknown)
Saxon, Worth Montgomery(b. June 11, 1899, d. April 1975)


Scott, Barbara Ann


Sellars, Charlotte Sue


Sewell, Betty Joe
Sewell, Bryan Kevin
Sewell, Daniel William
Sewell, Gary William
Sewell, Joe Jackson(b. March 01, 1905, d. December 1993)


Shadden, David Ferrell
Shadden, Elizabeth Douglas
Shadden, Vaden Clyde, Jr.
Shadden, Webster Brown


Shaw, Barbara
Shaw, Horace, Jr.


Shelton, Mattie Gibson


Shepard, Marshia
Shepard, Ray Buster


Shepherd, Anna Gibbs(d. date unknown)


Shockley, Henry Edward
Shockley, Linda Janice
Shockley, Mary Diane


Shumake, Donald Ray
Shumake, Holt(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Shumate, Charity Anne
Shumate, Christy Carola
Shumate, Garland E.


Shutt, Ed


Simpson, Lida(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Slater, Carol Jean
Slater, Gregory Chestnut
Slater, William Carlisle


Slawson, Jerry


Sloan, Albert Lowry(b. August 06, 1873, d. July 15, 1948)
Sloan, Elizabeth
Sloan, Elizabeth Lorene(b. July 15, 1899, d. May 16, 1935)
Sloan, Everette Askins(b. November 26, 1895, d. April 14, 1976)
Sloan, Infant(b. 1895, d. date unknown)


Smith, Barbara Joyce
Smith, Bobbie
Smith, Bobby
Smith, Bobby Joe
Smith, Bobby Terrell
Smith, Buddie
Smith, Carrie Renee
Smith, Catherine Barrett
Smith, Doyce
Smith, Earl Dwayne
Smith, Earl Dwayne, Jr.
Smith, Edith Lorene(b. October 09, 1920, d. July 23, 1985) Includes Notes
Smith, Elizabeth Marshall
Smith, Elzie
Smith, Gerald Jo
Smith, Horace Lindsay
Smith, Howard John
Smith, Hoyte(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Smith, Ima Dean
Smith, Joe
Smith, Joey Kent
Smith, Kenneth Daniel
Smith, Kimberly Keith
Smith, LaWanda
Smith, Little Fulton(b. October 02, 1954, d. October 27, 1954)
Smith, Lynda Jean
Smith, Malissie Katie Caldonia(b. September 06, 1880, d. November 26, 1920)
Smith, Marilynn Suann
Smith, Mary Alice
Smith, Mary Eunice(d. date unknown)
Smith, Rickie Marie
Smith, Ronnie Lee
Smith, Susanne Margaret
Smith, Teresa Ann
Smith, Thelma Ruth
Smith, Tommy Nelson
Smith, Valentine W. R. III
Smith, Valerie Scott
Smith, Velma Louise
Smith, Virgie Lee
Smith, Wanda Kay


Smythe, Jane(b. Abt. 1773, d. January 14, 1850) Includes Notes


Somers, Ruth(d. date unknown)


Speight, Charles Askins
Speight, Corrine(b. September 13, 1898, d. date unknown)
Speight, Harry(b. December 08, 1903, d. date unknown)
Speight, James Carman(b. November 24, 1900, d. date unknown)
Speight, James Charles(b. February 05, 1876, d. date unknown)
Speight, Judy
Speight, Max
Speight, May
Speight, Nancy
Speight, Patricia
Speight, Virginia F.


Spray, Loretta
Spray, Martha Jane(b. March 16, 1876, d. February 29, 1956)


Stafford, Janet Sue
Stafford, Michele Lee
Stafford, Paul Leo
Stafford, Ricky Paul


Stanley, Jenny(d. date unknown)


Stayton, Philena(b. 1771, d. 1826)


Steelman, Charles Doc
Steelman, Christie Lynn
Steelman, Richard Ray
Steelman, Richard Ray, Jr.


Stinnett, Cleveland, Jr.
Stinnett, Mark
Stinnett, Marka Dea
Stinnett, Rebecca Sue
Stinnett, Tony Dinnard


Stoltz, Sandra Lee


Stovall, Morgan
Stovall, William(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Stover, Cecil
Stover, Keith Byron


Stroud, Ryan James


Summerlin, Daniel
Summerlin, David
Summerlin, John
Summerlin, John Owick(b. September 20, 1920, d. July 19, 1943)
Summerlin, Joseph
Summerlin, Joseph Owick(b. May 01, 1916, d. June 02, 1917)
Summerlin, Lacy Thomas(b. April 13, 1918, d. June 11, 1943) Includes Notes
Summerlin, William D., Jr.
Summerlin, William Daniel(b. Bet. 1880 - 1895, d. April 18, 1928)


Swatek, Janet
Swatek, Lori
Swatek, William A.


Swinford, Alverine


Swing, Angeline Carol
Swing, Cathy Gay
Swing, Dora Mearie
Swing, James Thomas
Swing, Joe Loyd
Swing, Joe Michael
Swing, Melissa
Swing, Mildred Lucille
Swing, Pamela
Swing, Paul Askins(b. March 29, 1925, d. March 06, 1944)
Swing, Paul Ray
Swing, Robert Elijah(b. December 06, 1893, d. June 07, 1964)
Swing, Robert Walter
Swing, Thomas William


Tally, ?


Tarwater, Herman
Tarwater, Jerry
Tarwater, Ronald
Tarwater, Shirley


Tate, Joyce Ann


Taylor, Albert Don
Taylor, Bonnie Kay
Taylor, Millie Alene Jenkins
Taylor, Nancy Ann
Taylor, Ritchie Don
Taylor, Robert Marshall


Templeton, Amy Carol
Templeton, Bazzie W., Jr.
Templeton, Bazzie Wilson(b. November 20, 1887, d. October 16, 1973)
Templeton, John Edward
Templeton, Shields W., Jr.
Templeton, Shields Wilson
Templeton, Vela Swann(b. June 20, 1897, d. January 16, 1992)
Templeton, Wiliam Kevin
Templeton, William Edward


Terry, Ruth Harriett(d. date unknown)
Terry, Vicki Ann


Thomas, Augusta Ann
Thomas, Franz
Thomas, James Herbert
Thomas, Rachel


Thompson, Andrea Elaine
Thompson, Donna M.
Thompson, Jimmy Marion
Thompson, Johnny Melton
Thompson, William Melton


Thornton, ?(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Thornton, ?
Thornton, ?
Thornton, Carol Jean
Thornton, Diemer
Thornton, Roger
Thornton, Theo
Thornton, Wilson


Thorpe, Harry Douglas


Tindol, Sharon Phyllis


Todd, Jean Kennedy


Toelle, Donnie Aurelia(d. date unknown)


Towry, Calvin
Towry, Geraldine Marie


Trammel, Willodean Crump


Trentham, Kathleen


Tucker, Clayton
Tucker, Sandra Lee


Turner, Robert Edward


Turpen, Donald Lee, Jr.
Turpen, Timothy


Unknown, Almyra(b. 1838, d. date unknown)


Unnamed, Infant Twins(b. August 05, 1908, d. August 05, 1908)

Van Levy

Van Levy, Richard


Vestal, ?


Vogel, Clyde J.
Vogel, Faye Ann


Wade, Oscar


Wagnon, Elmo Kaverne


Walker, Addie Lou
Walker, James Thomas(b. January 30, 1898, d. May 11, 1977)
Walker, John Christopher(b. August 02, 1874, d. January 26, 1949)
Walker, Martha Pauline
Walker, Nelda Elizabeth


Walls, Dewey Leon


Waters, Mary(b. Abt. 1709, d. Abt. 1768)
Waters, Ruth Laverne


Watkins, Deborah Gaye
Watkins, Mary Cathrine
Watkins, William Ray, Jr.(b. December 03, 1971, d. date unknown)
Watkins, William Ray, Sr.


Watts, Joyce Ann


Wauson, Belinda


Welch, Mary Nan


Welsh, Clifford Martin(b. May 06, 1910, d. February 26, 1963)
Welsh, David Andrew
Welsh, Dennie Martin(b. December 30, 1942, d. January 01, 2004) Includes Notes
Welsh, Nancy Lynn
Welsh, Steve Martin


West, Carrie


Whalen, Donald Keith
Whalen, Keith


Whitaker, Elizabeth Ann(b. July 12, 1830, d. April 22, 1909) Includes Notes


White, Leon Allen
White, Leon Allen, Jr.


Whitfield, Christine


Widner, Mary
Widner, Monica E.
Widner, Paul


Wiley, Lawrence J.(b. Bet. 1890 - 1905, d. date unknown)


Williams, Lawrence


Wilse, Frances Laree


Wilson, Lucy Mai
Wilson, Mary Una(b. February 28, 1879, d. July 08, 1918)


Windham, Annie Evangeline
Windham, Carol Anne
Windham, James Eustis(b. Bet. 1875 - 1890, d. date unknown)
Windham, James Eustis III
Windham, James Eustis, Jr.(b. September 29, 1909, d. March 1978)
Windham, Joey Samuel
Windham, Lillian Mary
Windham, Richard Eugene
Windham, Sherrill Ann
Windham, Virginia Worth


Wingard, Celeste Carlisle
Wingard, Grady Bennett
Wingard, Janet Lee
Wingard, Melissa Connley


Winkler, Freda Fay


Woodard, Charles
Woodard, Charles Stephen
Woodard, Gary Leon
Woodard, Scottie Lynn


Woodward, Helen Maxine(b. January 25, 1936, d. September 11, 1991) Includes Notes
Woodward, Nora Jean


Woolley, Judy


Worley, Ann


Wotring, Billy Glen
Wotring, LeBrone
Wotring, Richard M.


Wyatt, Joseph(b. Bet. 1875 - 1885, d. date unknown)


Wyrick, L. C.
Wyrick, Phillis Anne
Wyrick, Valorie
Wyrick, Victor
Wyrick, Victoria


Yeargen, Ozella Rebecca


Yell, Bonita Ivy
Yell, Chris Anne
Yell, J. T.
Yell, Jackie Lynn
Yell, Johnnie Ray


Young, Arrean C.(d. date unknown)
Young, Doris
Young, Herbert
Young, Joyce
Young, Ronald S.
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