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Ancestors of Caroline and Rebekah Ayres

Generation No. 7

      64. William Allen AYRES, born February 09, 1822 in Montgomery County, Alabama; died April 23, 1865 in See notes in Tyler TX. He was the son of 128. Arthur AYRES and 129. Lydia MIDDLETON. He married 65. Nancy Patton 1843 in Fulton or Warren Mills, Itawamba CO Mississippi.

      65. Nancy Patton, born February 14, 1820 in TENN, USA; died July 11, 1896 in SALONA, TX, USA. She was the daughter of 130. John Patton and 131. Elizabeth Langston.
Children of William AYRES and Nancy Patton are:
  i.   John Thomas Jack. AYRES, born March 18, 1850 in Fayette Co, Al; died January 05, 1927 in Saint Jo TX; married Magarite Louise Lou Hardin; died Unknown.
  ii.   Sarah Elizabeth AYRES, born May 12, 1844 in Mississippi; died March 31, 1895 in Callisburg Cemetary; married William Kelley Pierce; died Unknown.
  iii.   Mary Margret Ayres, born December 03, 1845 in FAYETTVILLE, ALA, USA; died December 05, 1935 in BULCHER, COOKE CO., TX, USA; married James Garrison Jones May 16, 1861 in TYLER, SMITH CO., TX, USA; born February 27, 1836 in GRAVES CO., TENN., USA; died September 20, 1903 in BULCHER, COOKE CO., TX, USA.
  iv.   James Arthur Bud AYRES, born November 11, 1847 in AL; died Unknown.
  v.   Robert Elbert AYRES, born June 29, 1853 in Itawamba Co MS; died 1926 in Salona, Bowie Co TX; married (1) Georgia Texas Bernard in Cooke Co TX; died December 10, 1892; married (2) Mahala J. Corpening 1894; died Unknown.
  vi.   William Albert AYRES, born June 29, 1853 in Itawamba Co.Mississippi; died Unknown; married (1) Mary Mollie E. Unknown; died Unknown; married (2) R. L. Unknown; died Unknown.
  32 vii.   Holland Middleton Ayres, born March 31, 1861 in Near tyler TX, Smith Co; died August 20, 1926 in Tishomingo Cemetary; married Isabel English Burnett 1880.

      66. Joshua Ellis Burnett, born 1834 in North Carolina; died Unknown. He was the son of 132. James Burnett and 133. Martha Ellis. He married 67. Susannah D. Crenshaw March 22, 1865 in Tennessee.

      67. Susannah D. Crenshaw, born May 05, 1841 in TN; died June 30, 1929.
Children of Joshua Burnett and Susannah Crenshaw are:
  33 i.   Isabel English Burnett, born November 10, 1862 in Texas IT Census; died May 12, 1939 in Tishomingo Cemetary; married Holland Middleton Ayres 1880.
  ii.   Lee BURNETT, born 1866 in Texas; died Unknown.
  iii.   Ada Carrie Burnette, born 1867; died 1951; Stepchild.
  iv.   Allie BURNETT, born 1868 in Texas; died Unknown; married William P. Chance; died Unknown.
  v.   Linnie Burnette, born 1880; died 1976.

      68. William Ham, born Abt. 1814 in Jordan states England on his 1900 Census But AL probably true; died Abt. 1850 in Alabama. He was the son of 136. James H. Ham and 137. Mary Ann Clayton. He married 69. Charlotte Elizabeth Wheeler July 31, 1831 in Bibb County, Alabama.

      69. Charlotte Elizabeth Wheeler, born 1814 in SC; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 138. John Wheeler and 139. Susannah Langston?.
Children of William Ham and Charlotte Wheeler are:
  i.   McElroy HAM, born 1835 in Bibb CO. Alabama; died Unknown; married Ann UNKNOWN; born 1842 in Bibb Co, AL at Randolph; died Unknown.
  ii.   Emilnda HAM, born 1837; died Unknown.
  iii.   William L. HAM, born 1839; died Unknown.
  34 iv.   Jordan HAM, born 1844 in Alabama; died December 19, 1929 in tishomingo, OK; married Fannie A. Park.
  v.   Charity HAM, born 1850; died Unknown.

      70. Wesley P. Parkes, born 1829 in TENNESSSEE; died WFT Est. 1871-1920. He married 71. Frances Mitchel July 18, 1848.

      71. Frances Mitchel, born 1836 in Tennessee; died WFT Est. 1870-1926. She was the daughter of 142. James B. Parks and 143. Sarah Allison.
Children of Wesley Parkes and Frances Mitchel are:
  i.   Will Parks, born WFT Est. 1850-1879; died WFT Est. 1875-1958; married WFT Est. 1871-1916.
  ii.   Worthy Parks, born WFT Est. 1850-1879; died WFT Est. 1856-1958.
  iii.   Lula Parks, born WFT Est. 1850-1879; died WFT Est. 1881-1961; married ? Jones WFT Est. 1881-1917; born WFT Est. 1840-1877; died WFT Est. 1881-1955.
  iv.   Dora Parks, born WFT Est. 1850-1879; died WFT Est. 1881-1961; married ? Fulton WFT Est. 1881-1917; born WFT Est. 1840-1877; died WFT Est. 1881-1955.
  v.   John R. Parks, born 1851 in Alabama; died WFT Est. 1852-1941.
  35 vi.   Fannie A. Park, born January 05, 1854 in AL; died December 07, 1927 in Tishomingo OK Johnson Co; married Jordan HAM.
  vii.   Hiram Parks, born 1857 in Alabama; died WFT Est. 1858-1947.
  viii.   Simpson Parks, born 1859 in Alabama; died WFT Est. 1880-1949; married WFT Est. 1878-1910.
  ix.   Avington Wesley Parks, born January 04, 1868 in BRIERFIELD, ALABAMA; died July 23, 1936 in BRIERFIELD, ALABAMA; married Lucinda Barnett WFT Est. 1899-1928; born September 29, 1868 in BRIERFIELD, ALABAMA; died May 01, 1954 in BRIERFIELD, ALABAMA.

      72. John FUSON, born March 07, 1823 in WIlson TN; died September 14, 1890 in Seymor, Webster Co. Mo.. He was the son of 144. Jonathan FUSTON and 145. Margaret Maloan. He married 73. Mary Elizabeth Grimes October 06, 1843 in Wayne Co, Tennessee.

      73. Mary Elizabeth Grimes, born September 09, 1827 in Wayne Co, TN; died 1854 in Missouri.
Children of John FUSON and Mary Grimes are:
  i.   Mary FUSON, died Unknown; married UNKNOWN TATE; died Unknown.
  ii.   Martha Elender Fuson, born November 03, 1844 in Wayne, TN; died Unknown.
  36 iii.   William Thomas Fuson, born September 19, 1847 in Whayne CO TNN; died February 09, 1927 in Tishomingo OK; married Mary Canzadie HAMMONDS September 09, 1867 in Union Co Illinois.
  iv.   Jonathan Aiken FUSON, born January 17, 1849 in Wayne Co, TN; died Unknown; married Thula E. UNKNOWN; born 1870 in Missouri; died Unknown.
  v.   Robert Bethel Fuson, born August 05, 1851 in Wayne, TN; died Unknown.
  vi.   Martha Jane Fuson, born January 18, 1854 in Wayne Co, TN; died Unknown.

      74. Thomas Hammonds, born 1825 in Kentucky or Tennessee; died WFT Est. 1812-1914. He was the son of 148. Thomas Hammonds and 149. Mary. He married 75. Nancy Bell Abt. 1848 in Illinois.

      75. Nancy Bell, born 1830 in Illinois; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 150. James Bell and 151. Elizabeth UNKNOWN.
Children of Thomas Hammonds and Nancy Bell are:
  i.   Thomas HAMMONDS, born 1849; died Unknown.
  37 ii.   Mary Canzadie HAMMONDS, born March 16, 1851 in Southern Illinois; died September 17, 1927 in Tishomingo in her home; married William Thomas Fuson September 09, 1867 in Union Co Illinois.

      76. Charles Butler MUCKLEROY, born February 03, 1852 in Appleby Texas; died November 07, 1926 in Athens Texas. He was the son of 152. James MUCKLEROY and 153. Adeline ALLEN. He married 77. Martha Jane JOHNSON December 01, 1870 in Cherokee Co Texas.

      77. Martha Jane JOHNSON, born August 06, 1852 in Rusk Texas; died April 20, 1897 in Athens Texas.
Children of Charles MUCKLEROY and Martha JOHNSON are:
  i.   Mrs. Eddie Knight (MUCKLEROY), died Unknown; married Eddie KNIGHT; died Unknown.
  ii.   Dora MUCKLEROY, born in Athens TExas; died Unknown in Athens, Texas; married Elmer Stevens; died Unknown.
  38 iii.   James William MUCKLEROY, born November 23, 1871 in Cherokee CO., TX; died July 19, 1963 in Tishomingo, Oklahoma; married (1) Belle PHILPOTT in Texas; married (2) Florence Ella STALTER November 1891 in Henderson County Texas.

      78. William Andrew Stalter, born October 10, 1827 in Ohio; died April 10, 1908 in Sol Ormands Athens, TX. He was the son of 156. Henry F. Stalter? and 157. Harriet Elizabeth Glison. He married 79. Alice Jane ABRAMS October 11, 1865 in Rapides Parrish, LA.

      79. Alice Jane ABRAMS, born January 25, 1850 in Concordia Parrish, LA; died March 12, 1902 in Athens Texas. She was the daughter of 158. James ABRAMS and 159. Mary Elizabeth Walker.
Children of William Stalter and Alice ABRAMS are:
  i.   Alice Ann STALTER, born 1868; died Unknown; married Jim SIMS; died Unknown.
  ii.   Edmund STALTER, born 1868; died Unknown.
  iii.   James STALTER, born August 1870; died Unknown.
  iv.   Charles W. STALTER, born August 1870; died Unknown.
  39 v.   Florence Ella STALTER, born June 16, 1872; died May 21, 1896 in Athens Texas; married James William MUCKLEROY November 1891 in Henderson County Texas.

      80. Elisha Thomas HORN, born Abt. June 1800 in North Carolina; died June 11, 1881 in Leake Co Mississippi. He was the son of 160. UNKNOWN HORN and 161. UNKNOWN UNKNOWN. He married 81. Marilda Frances RICHARDSON September 05, 1826 in Greene County, Alabama.

      81. Marilda Frances RICHARDSON, born 1808 in Anson Co. NC; died April 1852 in Leake Co. Mississippi. She was the daughter of 162. Samuel Garthon Richardson and 163. Celah Hackney.
Children of Elisha HORN and Marilda RICHARDSON are:
  i.   Manasseh Lee HORN, born January 17, 1828 in Eutaw, Greene County, AL; died June 24, 1862 in Died in Civil War in VA Richmond VA.
  40 ii.   William Lemuel HORN, born December 17, 1829 in Greene Co Alabama; died February 11, 1908 in Mountain View OK; married (1) Manerva Ann Malone April 06, 1854 in Fairfield, Freestone County, Texas; married (2) Naomi Elizabeth SIMMONS October 02, 1865.
  iii.   Rebecca Frances HORN, born February 17, 1832 in Greene, Co. AL; died 1840 in Al.
  iv.   Henry W. HORN, born August 29, 1834 in AL; died October 02, 1855.
  v.   Samuel G. HORN, born August 26, 1836 in Al; died Unknown.
  vi.   Celia Ann Alice HORN, born June 10, 1838 in Alabama; died Unknown.
  vii.   Joshua Lawrence HORN, born August 13, 1842 in Uniontown, AL; died February 28, 1916 in Baird, Callahan CO, Texas; married (1) Harriet H. JOHNSON; born Abt. 1846; died Unknown; married (2) Rachel Harriet YATES; died 1919.
  viii.   John Thomas HORN, born August 10, 1846 in Leake Co. MS; died 1864 in GA; married Martha F. Nazary February 04, 1864 in Leake Co. MS; born July 22, 1846 in Gainsville, Sumter Co. Al.; died Unknown.
  ix.   Infant Unamed HORN, born 1852; died Unknown.

      82. William Jared SIMMONS, born February 28, 1819 in Indian Creek Jackson, TN; died June 30, 1888 in Alma, Arkansas. He was the son of 164. John SIMMONS and 165. Naomi JARED. He married 83. Susannah Hahn March 20, 1842 in Cape Girardeau County Missouri.

      83. Susannah Hahn, born October 13, 1824 in Perry, Missouri; died October 02, 1865 in Mountainview OK. She was the daughter of 166. Abraham Hahn and 167. Barbara Weise.
Children of William SIMMONS and Susannah Hahn are:
  i.   Sarah J. SIMMONS, born 1843 in Missouri; died Unknown.
  ii.   John J. SIMMONS, born 1844 in Missouri; died Unknown.
  41 iii.   Naomi Elizabeth SIMMONS, born February 18, 1846 in Perryville, Mo.; died April 18, 1901 in Mountain View OK; married William Lemuel HORN October 02, 1865.
  iv.   Mary Ann SIMMONS, born 1849 in Missouri; died Unknown.

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