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Familias Badilla y Apuy de Costa Rica:
Index of Individuals

Abarca Jiménez

Abarca Jiménez, Nidia

Abarca Leiva

Abarca Leiva, Manuel

Achío Chen

Achío Chen, Rosa(d. date unknown)

Achío Lee

Achío Lee, Boy1
Achío Lee, Boy2
Achío Lee, Sen-He

Achío Sánchez

Achío Sánchez, Angela(b. 08 Oct 1912, d. 01 Aug 1989) Includes Notes


Achío, José Fco(d. date unknown)
Achío, José-María(d. date unknown)

Acon Ng

Acon Ng, Fui-Seong


Acón, Emilia


Acosta, Greis



Alan Badilla

Alan Badilla, José-Manuel
Alan Badilla, Valeria

Alan Cheng

Alan Cheng, José-Manuel


Alan, Emily

Alfaro Alfaro

Alfaro Alfaro, Carlos

Alfredo Hernández

Alfredo Hernández(d. date unknown)


Alva, María

Alvarado Apuy

Alvarado Apuy, Emily Mariam

Alvarado Calvo

Alvarado Calvo, Allan
Alvarado Calvo, Michael

Alvarado Morales

Alvarado Morales, Denis

Alvarado Murillo

Alvarado Murillo, Wilfrido

Alvarado Ramos

Alvarado Ramos, Anastasio


Alvarado, Maribel

Amey Apuy

Amey Apuy, Stephanie Elaine

Amey Castillo

Amey Castillo, Alfonso

Amey Gómez

Amey Gómez, Alfonso

Angulo Fonseca

Angulo Fonseca, Elena
Angulo Fonseca, Rito Iván
Angulo Fonseca, Roberto
Angulo Fonseca, Rocío


Angulo, Luis Paulino

Apellido Alpízar

Apellido Alpízar(d. date unknown)

Apellido Segura

Apellido Segura(d. date unknown)

Apuy Achío

Apuy Achío, Alfonso(b. 06 Jun 1906, d. 09 May 1998) Includes Notes
Apuy Achío, Alfonso
Apuy Achío, Angela
Apuy Achío, Claudia-María
Apuy Achío, Clementina
Apuy Achío, Eduardo(b. 31 Jul 1937, d. date unknown)
Apuy Achío, Francisco
Apuy Achío, Franklin
Apuy Achío, Leoncio
Apuy Achío, María-Rosa
Apuy Achío, Nicolás

Apuy Alvarado

Apuy Alvarado, Ricardo Josué

Apuy Chan

Apuy Chan, Franklin-José
Apuy Chan, Juan-Carlos

Apuy Chavirra

Apuy Chavirra, Francisco
Apuy Chavirra, Gabriela
Apuy Chavirra, Ivonne

Apuy Cheng

Apuy Cheng, Juan Francisco
Apuy Cheng, Laura
Apuy Cheng, Nicolás
Apuy Cheng, Nicole
Apuy Cheng, Rosa Maritza
Apuy Cheng, Susana

Apuy Garro

Apuy Garro, Andrés

Apuy Kuen

Apuy Kuen, Gustavo
Apuy Kuen, Silvia

Apuy Lecuna

Apuy Lecuna, Gonzalo

Apuy Li

Apuy Li, Francisco(d. date unknown)
Apuy Li, Hermana Dos(d. date unknown)
Apuy Li, Hermana Uno(d. date unknown)
Apuy Li, Ricardo(d. date unknown)

Apuy Martinez

Apuy Martinez, Gabriel
Apuy Martinez, Israel

Apuy Morales

Apuy Morales, Ariana

Apuy Morún

Apuy Morún, Jose Alberto

Apuy Muñoz

Apuy Muñoz, Alfonso André
Apuy Muñoz, Alfonso André
Apuy Muñoz, Eddy-Javier
Apuy Muñoz, Kim-Lan
Apuy Muñoz, Mhey-Lann

Apuy Murillo

Apuy Murillo, Lizeth Patricia
Apuy Murillo, Luis Fdo
Apuy Murillo, Luis Fernando(b. 25 Nov 1969, d. 15 Jun 1993)
Apuy Murillo, Ricardo

Apuy Rodríguez

Apuy Rodríguez, Fiorella

Apuy Sanchez

Apuy Sanchez, Fausto
Apuy Sanchez, Kai Fai

Apuy Villalobos

Apuy Villalobos, Carlos André
Apuy Villalobos, Luis Fernando
Apuy Villalobos, Oscar Eduardo

Apuy Wong

Apuy Wong, Carlos Eduardo
Apuy Wong, Juan Diego
Apuy Wong, Juan Gilberto
Apuy Wong, Lahing
Apuy Wong, Lisa
Apuy Wong, Manuel Alfonso
Apuy Wong, Siuyen

Apuy Zheng

Apuy Zheng, Roger-Alberto


Apuy, Angel(d. date unknown)
Apuy, Michelle



Arauz Centeno

Arauz Centeno, Bernal
Arauz Centeno, Efrén
Arauz Centeno, Flor
Arauz Centeno, Luis-Diego
Arauz Centeno, Marco-Livio

Arauz Morera

Arauz Morera, Alice
Arauz Morera, Angela
Arauz Morera, Efrén
Arauz Morera, Mercedes


Arauz, Felipe(d. date unknown)

Araya Rodríguez

Araya Rodríguez, Elva

Arce Carmona

Arce Carmona, Roxana

Arce Carranza

Arce Carranza, Jose Manuel

Arce Gonzalez

Arce Gonzalez, Marielos


Arias, Brandon
Arias, Esposa
Arias, Esposo

Arroyo Rodriguez

Arroyo Rodriguez, America
Arroyo Rodriguez, Leyla
Arroyo Rodriguez, Rafael Angel

Arturo Godines

Arturo Godines, Alvaro



Avila Badilla

Avila Badilla, Angie Yanina


Avila, Luis Carlos


Awai, Mabel


Azofeifa, Jimmy Ulate

Badilla Abarca

Badilla Abarca, Carlos Daniel
Badilla Abarca, Isaac Felipe

Badilla Apuy

Badilla Apuy, Alfonso
Badilla Apuy, Cam-Lin María
Badilla Apuy, Mario-Francisco
Badilla Apuy, Oscar-Antonio Includes Pictures

Badilla Arce

Badilla Arce, Gloriana
Badilla Arce, Lissa Roxana
Badilla Arce, Maria Daniela

Badilla Arroyo

Badilla Arroyo, Juan Carlos
Badilla Arroyo, Patricia
Badilla Arroyo, Rodrigo
Badilla Arroyo, Walter

Badilla Briceño

Badilla Briceño, Mario Fco

Badilla Chan

Badilla Chan, Elmer-Gregorio del Jesús

Badilla Chang

Badilla Chang, Carlos-Porfirio del Jesús
Badilla Chang, Francisco-Gonzalo(b. 25 Nov 1932, d. 19 Apr 1994)
Badilla Chang, Juan-Rodrigo-Humberto(b. 22 Jul 1938, d. 02 Aug 1990) Includes Notes
Badilla Chang, Mayra(b. 30 Apr 1934, d. 08 Jun 1989)

Badilla Fonseca

Badilla Fonseca, Francisco-Alonso Includes Pictures
Badilla Fonseca, Jose-Pablo Includes Pictures

Badilla Gonzalez

Badilla Gonzalez, Felssy

Badilla Jimenez

Badilla Jimenez, Warner Humberto

Badilla Ledezma

Badilla Ledezma, Anabel
Badilla Ledezma, Carlos-Francisco
Badilla Ledezma, Gerardo
Badilla Ledezma, Laura
Badilla Ledezma, Mauren
Badilla Ledezma, Mayra
Badilla Ledezma, Orminta
Badilla Ledezma, Pilar
Badilla Ledezma, Susana

Badilla Martinez

Badilla Martinez, Hazel

Badilla Sibar

Badilla Sibar, Kenneth Rodrigo

Badilla Venegas

Badilla Venegas, Benigno
Badilla Venegas, Dolores
Badilla Venegas, Francisco(d. 18 Mar 1979)
Badilla Venegas, Francisco
Badilla Venegas, Francisco
Badilla Venegas, Isabel
Badilla Venegas, Joaquín
Badilla Venegas, María
Badilla Venegas, Pedro
Badilla Venegas, Tobías
Badilla Venegas, Xinia(d. 2008)

Badilla Villegas

Badilla Villegas, Alfonso Gonzalo

Badilla Zamora

Badilla Zamora, Ana-Elena
Badilla Zamora, Elmer Francisco
Badilla Zamora, Emilia Maria de los Angeles
Badilla Zamora, Isabel Cristina
Badilla Zamora, Silvia Lolita


Badilla, Dagoberto
Badilla, Daniela Vargas
Badilla, Eddie Alberto Solano
Badilla, Gabriel Borbón
Badilla, Heiner Cháves
Badilla, Jorge Luis Cháves
Badilla, José Pablo Borbón
Badilla, Juan Carlos
Badilla, Lindy Yesenia Cháves
Badilla, Marcos Josué Ruiz
Badilla, Raquel Borbón
Badilla, Sergio Arias
Badilla, Silvia Elena Ruiz
Badilla, Tranquilino(d. date unknown)

Barrantes Marín

Barrantes Marín, Jenny

Barrantes Sanchez

Barrantes Sanchez, Jason Andres

Barrantes Segura

Barrantes Segura, Jason
Barrantes Segura, Yajaira

Berrocal Perez

Berrocal Perez, Jennifer
Berrocal Perez, Lorena

Blanco Arroyo

Blanco Arroyo, Ricardo

Blanco Bogantes

Blanco Bogantes, Alejandro
Blanco Bogantes, Gerson
Blanco Bogantes, Hazel
Blanco Bogantes, Nelson

Blanco Carranza

Blanco Carranza, Aida
Blanco Carranza, Juanita

Blanco Mora

Blanco Mora, Adriana
Blanco Mora, Maria-Cristina
Blanco Mora, Nelson

Blanco Valverde

Blanco Valverde, Patricia
Blanco Valverde, Trinidad(d. date unknown)


Blanco, Araceli
Blanco, Juanita
Blanco, Margarita

Bogantes Herrera

Bogantes Herrera, Nuria


Bogantes, Alvaro Vargas

Bohano Esquivel

Bohano Esquivel, Lisa María
Bohano Esquivel, Pablo Daniel


Bohano, John


Bolpa, Pablo
Bolpa, Pablyn
Bolpa, Paul
Bolpa, Susan

Bonilla Vargas

Bonilla Vargas, Marianela


Borbón, Fabricio Medina
Borbón, José

Brenes Quezada

Brenes Quezada, Angela


Brenes, Francisco(d. date unknown)

Briceño Hernández

Briceño Hernández, Héctor
Briceño Hernández, Magaly
Briceño Hernández, Maritza
Briceño Hernández, Sergio
Briceño Hernández, Walter


Briceño, Adelina
Briceño, Braulio
Briceño, Francisco
Briceño, Guillermo(d. date unknown)
Briceño, Hilda
Briceño, Mario
Briceño, Natalia

Calderon Artavia

Calderon Artavia, Marco Tulio

Calvo Calvo

Calvo Calvo, Isabel
Calvo Calvo, Tereza

Campos García

Campos García, Harry

Campos Jiménez

Campos Jiménez, Cruz
Campos Jiménez, Diadelí

Campos Rojas

Campos Rojas, Patricia

Campos Venabides

Campos Venabides, Luis Alberto

Campos Villegas

Campos Villegas, Leoncio




Cartín, Fernando Murillo

Cascante Alvares

Cascante Alvares, Edgar(d. date unknown)

Cascante Piña

Cascante Piña, Adolfo(d. date unknown)
Cascante Piña, Benjamín(d. date unknown)
Cascante Piña, Elena(b. 20 Sep 1905, d. 15 May 1972)
Cascante Piña, Luis(d. date unknown)
Cascante Piña, Mercedes
Cascante Piña, Pantaleón(d. date unknown)
Cascante Piña, Rogelio(d. date unknown)


Cascante, Ambrosio(d. date unknown)

Castillo Cotrina

Castillo Cotrina, Félix

Castillo Jiménez

Castillo Jiménez, Andrés
Castillo Jiménez, Carlos
Castillo Jiménez, Cinthia
Castillo Jiménez, Karen
Castillo Jiménez, Reiner
Castillo Jiménez, Wilfredo
Castillo Jiménez, Xiomara

Castillo Mayorga

Castillo Mayorga, Ofelia

Castro Jiménez

Castro Jiménez, Tito

Castro Murillo

Castro Murillo, Pedro(b. 28 Dec 1909, d. 09 Jan 1991)


Castro, Alex Eduardo Peña
Castro, Felicidad
Castro, Manuel(d. date unknown)

Centeno Reyes

Centeno Reyes, Susana(b. 05 Feb 1927, d. 07 Dec 2009) Includes Pictures


Chacon, Gerardo Barrantes

Chan Acon

Chan Acon, Johnny Alberto
Chan Acon, Wendy

Chan Apuy

Chan Apuy, Johnny
Chan Apuy, Jorge
Chan Apuy, José
Chan Apuy, Serafín

Chan Blanco

Chan Blanco, Elsie
Chan Blanco, Juan José
Chan Blanco, Orlando
Chan Blanco, Yailin
Chan Blanco, Yanine

Chan Calvo

Chan Calvo, Douglas
Chan Calvo, Dustin
Chan Calvo, Emmanuel
Chan Calvo, Melissa

Chan Chen

Chan Chen, Alvaro
Chan Chen, Douglas
Chan Chen, Jose
Chan Chen, Minerva
Chan Chen, Noemi
Chan Chen, Orlando
Chan Chen, Roger
Chan Chen, Walter

Chan Cheng

Chan Cheng, Carlos

Chan Fung

Chan Fung, Zully

Chan Jing

Chan Jing, Juan(d. date unknown) Includes Notes

Chan Li

Chan Li, Jose(d. date unknown)
Chan Li, Nancy
Chan Li, Patricia

Chan Lom

Chan Lom, Elena
Chan Lom, Rosa
Chan Lom, Serafín(b. 12 Apr 1919, d. 2005)

Chan Ramirez

Chan Ramirez, Blanca Flor
Chan Ramirez, Blanca Gloria
Chan Ramirez, Laying
Chan Ramirez, Yokfay
Chan Ramirez, Yokfor
Chan Ramirez, Yoknan

Chan Wong

Chan Wong, Jose
Chan Wong, Juan


Chan, Carlos
Chan, Franklín
Chan, Hermana Uno
Chan, Hija Uno
Chan, Hijo Dos
Chan, Hijo Uno
Chan, Lin-Ong(b. 24 Nov 1876, d. 07 Dec 1936)
Chan, Manuel(d. date unknown)
Chan, Roxana Calvo
Chan, Sau-Lan(d. date unknown)
Chan, Sofía Fung
Chan, Wa-Quon(b. 11 May 1866, d. 27 Jul 1939)

Chang Apuy

Chang Apuy, Ana-Guisela
Chang Apuy, Augusto-Erick
Chang Apuy, Mey-Lynn
Chang Apuy, Ronny
Chang Apuy, Sergio-René

Chang Arauz

Chang Arauz, Alfredo
Chang Arauz, Carlos Alberto
Chang Arauz, Héctor
Chang Arauz, Horieta
Chang Arauz, Marta
Chang Arauz, Sara
Chang Arauz, Vera Liener

Chang de León

Chang de León, Kasen
Chang de León, Siu-Ling

Chang Lau

Chang Lau, Augusto

Chang Murillo

Chang Murillo, Alfredo-Berselay(b. 03 Sep 1921, d. 26 Mar 1980)
Chang Murillo, Hermana1
Chang Murillo, Hermana2
Chang Murillo, Horminta(b. 18 Oct 1915, d. 28 Mar 2009)
Chang Murillo, María-Faustina

Chang Saade

Chang Saade, Sebastián


Chang, 1st-son-of-Koon-Pu
Chang, 2nd-child-of-Chu-Quon
Chang, 2nd-son-of-Koon-Pu
Chang, 3rd-son-of-Koon-Pu
Chang, Ah-Lung
Chang, Benjaming
Chang, Chuen-Hing(b. Aft. 1907, d. date unknown)
Chang, Chu-Quon(b. 24 Nov 1876, d. Sep 1930)
Chang, Corlis
Chang, David
Chang, Denise
Chang, Dennis
Chang, Donna-Marie
Chang, Edward Mun-Dat(b. 12 Apr 1916, d. 21 Dec 1989)
Chang, Janine
Chang, Kam-Hing(b. 18 Nov 1907, d. 20 Dec 1989) Includes Notes
Chang, Kam-Ngo
Chang, Kenneth
Chang, Koon-Pu(d. date unknown)
Chang, Lai-Quon(d. 1930)
Chang, Lawrence-Choy
Chang, Lum-Chee
Chang, Melanie
Chang, Ming-Quon(b. 02 Nov 1871, d. 28 Mar 1940)
Chang, Mun-Bo(b. 06 Aug 1923, d. 29 Oct 1976)
Chang, Rhonda-Ann
Chang, See-Kong
Chang, Shing-Kim
Chang, Shing-Tak
Chang, Timothy Y.W.
Chang, Yee-Kai(d. date unknown)
Chang, Yim-Ki(b. Aft. 1907, d. date unknown)
Chang, Yip-Sung(d. 04 Feb 1989) Includes Notes


Cháves, Ana María
Cháves, Frank
Cháves, Hellen
Cháves, Karol

Chavirra Alva

Chavirra Alva, Luz


Chavirra, Jesús

Chen Wong

Chen Wong, María(d. date unknown)


Chen, Elda

Cheng Lee

Cheng Lee, Martha


Cheng, Carmen Alan
Cheng, María Alan
Cheng, Pedro Alan
Cheng, Rosa
Cheng, Salvador Alan
Cheng, Santiago Alan


Ching, Florence


Chu, Manuel Alan(d. 25 Jun 2002)

Cortés Fonseca

Cortés Fonseca, Hermes
Cortés Fonseca, Randall


Cortés, Pablo

Coto Lobo

Coto Lobo, Cynthia


Coto, Raúl


Cruz, Eugenia(d. date unknown)

Cubillo Jiménez

Cubillo Jiménez, Geldi
Cubillo Jiménez, Jannia
Cubillo Jiménez, Karina

Cubillo Saizar

Cubillo Saizar, Leonel


Dang, Dorothy





De León

De León, Silvia

Delgado Jimenez

Delgado Jimenez, Miguel


Dinh, Ritch



Duran Castro

Duran Castro, Ana

Durán Durán

Durán Durán, Antonio

E. Castro

E. Castro(d. date unknown)

Elizondo García

Elizondo García, Erolida
Elizondo García, Liliana
Elizondo García, Maria Isabel
Elizondo García, Socorro
Elizondo García, Sorayda
Elizondo García, Wilber

Elizondo Rojas

Elizondo Rojas, Gonzalo


Elizondo, Dolores


English, Phillip
English, Sean Michael-Chang

Esquivel Jiménez

Esquivel Jiménez, Elvia
Esquivel Jiménez, Ligia
Esquivel Jiménez, Yesenia


Esquivel, Guillermo Ortiz


Fenwick, William

Fernández Rodríguez

Fernández Rodríguez, Lexty


Fernández, Alfonso

Flores Badilla

Flores Badilla, Leyla Patricia

Flores Montero

Flores Montero, Jose Antonio

Fonseca Cascante

Fonseca Cascante, Aida
Fonseca Cascante, Alvaro
Fonseca Cascante, Amado
Fonseca Cascante, Donaldo-Alonso(b. 30 Oct 1938, d. 01 Jul 2008)
Fonseca Cascante, Leticia
Fonseca Cascante, Luis Fernando
Fonseca Cascante, Marielena
Fonseca Cascante, Omar

Fonseca Fonseca

Fonseca Fonseca, Carlos Eduardo
Fonseca Fonseca, Cinthia
Fonseca Fonseca, Geovanny
Fonseca Fonseca, Jorge
Fonseca Fonseca, Marieta
Fonseca Fonseca, Omar
Fonseca Fonseca, Patricia

Fonseca Jiménez

Fonseca Jiménez, Hildred-María
Fonseca Jiménez, Julissa-María

Fonseca Lara

Fonseca Lara, Hermeregildo(d. date unknown)
Fonseca Lara, Rafael(d. date unknown)

Fonseca Matarrita

Fonseca Matarrita, Alvaro
Fonseca Matarrita, Argeri
Fonseca Matarrita, Freddy
Fonseca Matarrita, Gustavo
Fonseca Matarrita, Ileana
Fonseca Matarrita, Mainor

Fonseca Morales

Fonseca Morales, Diego
Fonseca Morales, Mauricio
Fonseca Morales, Sandra

Fonseca Ortega

Fonseca Ortega, Aristides(d. date unknown)
Fonseca Ortega, Filomena(d. date unknown)
Fonseca Ortega, Guillermina(d. date unknown)
Fonseca Ortega, Isolina(d. date unknown)
Fonseca Ortega, Luis Paulino(d. date unknown)
Fonseca Ortega, Odette
Fonseca Ortega, Rafael Angel
Fonseca Ortega, Rodolfo
Fonseca Ortega, Zeneida(d. date unknown)
Fonseca Ortega, Zoraida(d. date unknown)

Fonseca Rojas

Fonseca Rojas, Amado(b. 13 Sep 1899, d. 10 May 1998)


Fonseca, Carlos




French, Joshua-Ryan
French, Scott
French, Steven-Alexander


Fujimoto, Kelly M

Gamboa Badilla

Gamboa Badilla, Víctor

Gamboa Coto

Gamboa Coto, Javier
Gamboa Coto, Jose Miguel

Gamboa Guillén

Gamboa Guillén, Andrés-Alfonso
Gamboa Guillén, Daniela

Gamboa Vásquez

Gamboa Vásquez, Luis-Carlos
Gamboa Vásquez, Mauricio
Gamboa Vásquez, Víctor-Hugo

García Fenández

García Fenández, Antonio(d. date unknown)

García Solano

García Solano, Jesús
García Solano, José
García Solano, Karen
García Solano, María-Dimas
García Solano, Nathalia
García Solano, Rosa
García Solano, Victoria

Garro López

Garro López, Jorge

Garro Ramirez

Garro Ramirez, Maria Andrea

Godines Esquivel

Godines Esquivel, Karen Vanesa

Gómez Mong

Gómez Mong, María


Gómez, Alfonso Amey


Gonzáles, Zulema

Gonzalez Mayorga

Gonzalez Mayorga, Zaida

Gonzalez Salas

Gonzalez Salas, Antonia del Carmen


Gonzalez, Yolanda Segura


Granados, Luis Felipe Murillo(d. date unknown)


Guido, Alvaro Rovira

Guillén Campos

Guillén Campos, Audrey

Guillén Elizondo

Guillén Elizondo, Victor-Manuel

Guzmán Castillo

Guzmán Castillo, Jerónimo
Guzmán Castillo, Yolanda


Hamilton, Paula
Hamilton, Paula


Hasegawa, Thelma Matsue

Hermano de Juan Chang Jing

Hermano de Juan Chang Jing(d. date unknown)


Hernández, Aurelio
Hernández, Felipe
Hernández, Mario
Hernández, Reyes


Herrera, Faustina(d. date unknown)


Hirai, Jessie Y.

Ho Cheng

Ho Cheng(d. date unknown)


Hong, Marcus-Lum


Honjiyo, Scott


Hungarian, Julia


Husband-of-Ah-Lung, 1st-child-of-

Jiménez Artavia

Jiménez Artavia, Cruz

Jiménez Badilla

Jiménez Badilla, Anna Priscilla
Jiménez Badilla, Emilio Rodrigo

Jiménez Barquero

Jiménez Barquero, Henry

Jiménez García

Jiménez García, Adelaida
Jiménez García, Alba
Jiménez García, Antonio
Jiménez García, Eduarda
Jiménez García, Juana
Jiménez García, Marcelino
Jiménez García, Nery
Jiménez García, Zeneida

Jiménez Gonzáles

Jiménez Gonzáles, Alexa
Jiménez Gonzáles, Alice

Jiménez Gonzales

Jiménez Gonzales, Ana

Jiménez Gonzáles

Jiménez Gonzáles, Cruz
Jiménez Gonzáles, Donald
Jiménez Gonzáles, Elizabeth
Jiménez Gonzáles, Evelia
Jiménez Gonzáles, Leonel
Jiménez Gonzáles, Manuel
Jiménez Gonzáles, Nehemías
Jiménez Gonzáles, Vianey

Jiménez Miranda

Jiménez Miranda, Blasa

Jimenez Porras

Jimenez Porras, Alexandra

Jiménez Sánchez

Jiménez Sánchez, Adolfo
Jiménez Sánchez, Gumercindo
Jiménez Sánchez, Ireth
Jiménez Sánchez, José Alfredo
Jiménez Sánchez, Juan Carlos
Jiménez Sánchez, Marielos
Jiménez Sánchez, Marjorie
Jiménez Sánchez, Walter
Jiménez Sánchez, Xiomara


Jiménez, Elbert Ruiz






Kuen, Juanita


Kwock, Irma


Kwok, Cecilia


Lally, Boni Anne

Ledezma Ledezma

Ledezma Ledezma, Pilar


Ledezma, Susana

Lee Cheng

Lee Cheng, Kam-Po


Lee, Laura



Li Zheng

Li Zheng, Sonia


Li, Nicolasa(d. date unknown)






Lobo, Marita


Lom, Maria(d. date unknown)


Look, Kam-Inn(b. 22 Jun 1884, d. 12 Jul 1963)

López Badilla

López Badilla, Danilo
López Badilla, Franklin-Diego
López Badilla, Lidia
López Badilla, Mayra-Cecilia

López Barrantes

López Barrantes, Nathalia

López Blanco

López Blanco, Sebastián
López Blanco, Viviana

López López

López López, Franklin(b. 30 Oct 1929, d. 23 Sep 1999)


Lum, Andrew
Lum, Ashley
Lum, Breanna
Lum, Brian
Lum, Guy H.
Lum, James
Lum, Jason
Lum, Jeffrey
Lum, Matthew
Lum, Sui-Ping Benson(b. 09 Sep 1909, d. 03 Nov 1977) Includes Notes
Lum, Sylvia Sau-Fong


Lund, Nicole
Lund, Scott

Mama de Juan Chang Jing

Mama de Juan Chang Jing(d. date unknown)



Marroquín Apuy

Marroquín Apuy, Cam-Lin
Marroquín Apuy, Sue-Lin

Marroquín Arrechea

Marroquín Arrechea, Eduardo-Rafael

Martinez Elizondo

Martinez Elizondo, Elena


Martinez, Rebeca


Matarrita, Maria Eugenia


Medina, Guillermo


Mejías, Yénifer Cristina Ruíz
Mejías, Yorleny




Meza, Jorge Cháves

Milanés Cruz

Milanés Cruz, Esperanza


Milanes, Jose Luis(d. date unknown)


Molina, Emilio Díaz(d. date unknown)

Mora Barquero

Mora Barquero, Cecilia

Mora Vargas

Mora Vargas, Oliva(d. date unknown)
Mora Vargas, Oliva(d. date unknown)


Mora, Emilia Díaz
Mora, Tatiana Sanchez

Morales Arroyo

Morales Arroyo, Jorge

Morales Marin

Morales Marin, Carmen
Morales Marin, Vanessa

Morales Morales

Morales Morales, Jorge

Morales Núñez

Morales Núñez, Leonel Gerardo

Morales Rivera

Morales Rivera, Jimena
Morales Rivera, María Pía


Morales, Francisco(d. 20 Feb 1998)
Morales, Hilda

Morera Chaves

Morera Chaves, Sara(d. date unknown)

Morún Centeno

Morún Centeno, Suraya


Moya, Carlotta Mora(d. date unknown)
Moya, Julieta

Muñoz Araya

Muñoz Araya, Leda

Muñoz Chaverry

Muñoz Chaverry, Sylvia Elena

Murillo Apuy

Murillo Apuy, Giovanni

Murillo Arce

Murillo Arce, Alexandra Includes Pictures
Murillo Arce, Giovanni Alfonso

Murillo Badilla

Murillo Badilla, José-Alberto

Murillo Díaz

Murillo Díaz, Francisco
Murillo Díaz, Manuel Antonio
Murillo Díaz, Marielos
Murillo Díaz, Rosalina
Murillo Díaz, Teresita

Murillo Herrera

Murillo Herrera, Alberto(d. date unknown)
Murillo Herrera, Bernardo(d. date unknown)
Murillo Herrera, Esmeralda(d. date unknown)
Murillo Herrera, Faustina(b. 11 Jan 1896, d. 09 Nov 1981)
Murillo Herrera, Genaro(d. date unknown)
Murillo Herrera, Horacio(d. date unknown)
Murillo Herrera, Marta(d. date unknown)
Murillo Herrera, Nicomedes(d. date unknown)
Murillo Herrera, Teófilo(d. date unknown)

Murillo Milanés

Murillo Milanés, Cristina
Murillo Milanés, José Carlos

Murillo Miranda

Murillo Miranda, Saray

Murillo Mora

Murillo Mora, Andrea
Murillo Mora, Carlos Emilio

Murillo Murillo

Murillo Murillo, Jose-María(b. 11 Mar, d. 08 Aug 1978)

Murillo Porras

Murillo Porras, Jorge Omar
Murillo Porras, Wilson

Murillo Vega

Murillo Vega, José-Alberto


Murillo, Alvaro Rovira
Murillo, Ana Catalina Rovira
Murillo, Jaime
Murillo, Luis

Naranjo Cascante

Naranjo Cascante, Sonia


Naranjo, Johellen Rojas



Nuñez Badilla

Nuñez Badilla, Esteban Gregorio
Nuñez Badilla, Luis Eduardo

Nuñez Campos

Nuñez Campos, Gilberth


Núñez, Virginia


Ortega(d. date unknown)
Ortega, Elvia


Ow, Lisa


Page, Wayne

Papa de Juan Chang Jing

Papa de Juan Chang Jing(d. date unknown)


Piña, Magdalena(d. date unknown)

Porras Jiménez

Porras Jiménez, David
Porras Jiménez, Edgar
Porras Jiménez, Federico
Porras Jiménez, Gerardo
Porras Jiménez, Jilma
Porras Jiménez, Juan Alí
Porras Jiménez, Nidia
Porras Jiménez, Santiago
Porras Jiménez, Yamileth

Porras López

Porras López, Federico

Porras Mora

Porras Mora, Cristobalina


Porras, Patrocinio




Quesada, Eddie Solano

Quiros Obando

Quiros Obando, Mariana

Quiroz Obando

Quiroz Obando, Mabel

Rafael Castro Murillo

Rafael Castro Murillo(b. 22 Aug 1907, d. 04 Jun 1991)

Ramirez Bertozzi

Ramirez Bertozzi, Yamileth

Ramírez Rojas

Ramírez Rojas, Liliana


Ramirez, Blanca

Recinos Jo

Recinos Jo, Gerardo

Ricardo Rodríguez

Ricardo Rodríguez(d. date unknown)

Rivera Acosta

Rivera Acosta, Adrian Eduardo
Rivera Acosta, Nicole-Sofía

Rivera Chang

Rivera Chang, Luis-Adrián
Rivera Chang, María-Sirleny

Rivera Gómez

Rivera Gómez, Rafael

Rivera Ruiz

Rivera Ruiz, Miguel A.

Rocha Ledezma

Rocha Ledezma, Aidelayan
Rocha Ledezma, Ana
Rocha Ledezma, Cecilia
Rocha Ledezma, Enith
Rocha Ledezma, Marconia
Rocha Ledezma, Oiner
Rocha Ledezma, Saray


Rocha, Nicolás



Rodríguez Alvarado

Rodríguez Alvarado, Arnoldo

Rodriguez Arroyo

Rodriguez Arroyo, Carlos
Rodriguez Arroyo, Elizabeth
Rodriguez Arroyo, Irma
Rodriguez Arroyo, Mabel
Rodriguez Arroyo, Miguel

Rodríguez Moya

Rodríguez Moya, Arlyn

Rodríguez Murillo

Rodríguez Murillo, María Sofía(d. 14 Dec 1995)

Rodriguez Rodriguez

Rodriguez Rodriguez, Isaac


Rodríguez, Angela

Rojas Gonzáles

Rojas Gonzáles, José

Rojas Gonzalez

Rojas Gonzalez, Diana

Rojas Naranjo

Rojas Naranjo, Johellen


Rojas, Sara(d. date unknown)

Ruiz Montero

Ruiz Montero, Carmen


Saade, Yadira


Sáenz, Delia Cartín(d. date unknown)

Salas Trigueros

Salas Trigueros, Valeria


Salas, Jorge


Saldebar, Carron

Sánchez Badilla

Sánchez Badilla, Grettel Laura
Sánchez Badilla, Milton Bairon

Sánchez Briceño

Sánchez Briceño, Yorliana María

Sánchez Cubillo

Sánchez Cubillo, Marisol
Sánchez Cubillo, Melissa

Sánchez Muñoz

Sánchez Muñoz, Javier


Sánchez, Alberto
Sánchez, Fidelina


Sanchez, Julia(d. date unknown)


Sánchez, Julia(d. date unknown)
Sánchez, Julia
Sánchez, Milton


Schoknecht, Christopher Nolin
Schoknecht, Christopher-Nolin
Schoknecht, Olaf
Schoknecht, Olaf

Segnini Alpizar

Segnini Alpizar, Martín

Segnini López

Segnini López, Brian Eduardo
Segnini López, Luis Gerardo
Segnini López, Marco

Segura Gonzalez

Segura Gonzalez, Yorleny

Segura Quezada

Segura Quezada, Audelina


Shin, Joy



Sibar Sibar

Sibar Sibar, Luz Marina

Solana Sevilla

Solana Sevilla, Juana(d. date unknown)


Talavera, Joaquín
Talavera, Juan(d. date unknown)
Talavera, Juan


Tam, Kam-Fung Cheng


Tasaka, Joann Yoshie


Tato, Héctor Ton Wong(d. 23 Nov 1965)


Tay, Jon(d. date unknown)

Tim Lay Lee

Tim Lay Lee(d. date unknown)


Tom, Alex Nicole
Tom, Celeste
Tom, Curtis
Tom, Dana Marie
Tom, Doranett-Marie
Tom, Duane
Tom, Elliot
Tom, Emma-Elizabeth(b. 22 Feb 1928, d. 25 Dec 2003)
Tom, Eric Paul
Tom, Ernest-Patrick
Tom, Evelyn
Tom, Franklin(b. 11 Nov 1936, d. 04 Jun 1954)
Tom, Grace
Tom, Hee-Wo(b. 29 Sep 1909, d. 03 Nov 2002)
Tom, Henry
Tom, Hong-Sut(b. 10 Mar 1898, d. 11 Aug 1944) Includes Notes
Tom, James
Tom, Jeffrey
Tom, Jeffrey James
Tom, Joyce-Leen
Tom, Karly Shizue
Tom, Mun-Keong(b. 1924, d. 1924)
Tom, Peggy-Catherine
Tom, Robert
Tom, Walter Neal
Tom, William(b. 03 Mar 1909, d. 28 Nov 1975)
Tom, Yun-Bun(b. 16 Oct 1880, d. 1939)


Tong, Cathy

Torres Esquivel

Torres Esquivel, Elvia Cristina
Torres Esquivel, José David
Torres Esquivel, Luis Gmo


Torres, Esposo
Torres, Hermes

Trigueros Elizondo

Trigueros Elizondo, Adriana
Trigueros Elizondo, Alberto
Trigueros Elizondo, Rosaura
Trigueros Elizondo, Vera


Trigueros, Edwin

Ulate Badilla

Ulate Badilla, Maria Paula

Uvelia Murillo Alpízar

Uvelia Murillo Alpízar

Valverde Monge

Valverde Monge, Lucrecia


Varak, Erika


Vargas, Rodrigo

Vásquez Vásquez

Vásquez Vásquez, Adelina
Vásquez Vásquez, Eliza(d. date unknown)
Vásquez Vásquez, Mélida


Vega, Alvaro Murillo
Vega, Blanca
Vega, Carlos Murillo
Vega, Gerardo Murillo
Vega, Lidieth Murillo


Venegas, Josefa(d. date unknown)

Villalobos Rodríguez

Villalobos Rodríguez, Zenay

Villegas Brenes

Villegas Brenes, Alvaro

Villegas Guzmán

Villegas Guzmán, Angela
Villegas Guzmán, Hija
Villegas Guzmán, Ofelia
Villegas Guzmán, Yolanda

Villegas Salas

Villegas Salas, Amado(d. date unknown)


Villegas, Axel


wife-of-Chu-Quon(b. 26 May 1885, d. 10 Jun 1932)




Wife-of-Ming-Quon(d. date unknown)


wife-of-Yee-Kai(d. date unknown)


Williams, Byron Chew-Mun
Williams, Erick Tan-Wah
Williams, Patrick Aidan
Williams, Scott Varak
Williams, Steven Erick
Williams, Weston

Wong Li

Wong Li, Manuel

Wong Segura

Wong Segura, Gerardo
Wong Segura, Gilberto
Wong Segura, Jorge
Wong Segura, Lilia
Wong Segura, Luis
Wong Segura, Manuel
Wong Segura, María Isabel
Wong Segura, Marvin
Wong Segura, Meylin
Wong Segura, Rodolfo
Wong Segura, Vicente


Wong, Alicia
Wong, Angelina(d. date unknown)


Wug, Vivian


Yeung, Kristy
Yeung, Man Cheong
Yeung, Stephanie
Yeung, Yazmin


Yiu-Shee(b. 18 Oct 1879, d. 28 Mar 1962)

Zamora Carrillo

Zamora Carrillo, Lolita-Teodora-Matilda


Zheng, Feng-Qiong
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