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Ancestors of Brad Robert Bahler

Generation No. 5

      16. Christian Bähler VII, born March 08, 1823 in Wattenwil, Switzerland; died March 18, 1891 in Redwood City, California (While visiting America). He was the son of 32. Christian Bähler VI and 33. Barbara Wenger. He married 17. Magdalena Trachsel April 07, 1852 in Wattenwil, Switzerland.

      17. Magdalena Trachsel, born July 09, 1824 in Wattenwil, Switzerland; died March 18, 1899 in Wadenswil, Switzerland. She was the daughter of 34. Christian Trachsel and 35. Susanna Zimmerman.
Children of Christian Bähler and Magdalena Trachsel are:
  i.   Wilhelm Bähler, born July 26, 1853 in Wattenwil, Switzerland (#1); died May 19, 1923 in Belp, Switzerland. Wilhelm lived as an adult in Bern and Trachselwald, Switzerland, where he held civic offices. He held the top political office in Trachselwald. He had nine children, five of whom survived to adulthood; married Maria Drayer.
  ii.   Gertrud Bähler, born October 15, 1854 in Klarreute, Switzerland; died July 10, 1855 in Klarreute, Switzerland.
  iii.   August Bähler, born July 21, 1857 in Wattenwil, Switzerland (#2); died July 11, 1917 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, CA; married (1) Mary Rupp in California?; married (2) Ida.
  Notes for August Bähler:
At this time we know very little about August. He emigrated to Solano County, California. (Benecia?). We know of one son Godfrey "Fred" Bahler, who was affiliated with the Southern Pacific Railroad in California and became associated with the Caterpillar Company in San Leandro in 1925. He moved to Washington, Illinois in 1930 and was involved in the firm Bishop & Bahler of Peoria. He returned to San Leandro August 29, 1943. The only survivor listed in his obituary is his wife Alma.

  iv.   Gertrud Bähler, born August 30, 1858 in Wattenwil, Switzerland (#3); married Christian Moser in Switzerland. They had made plans to come to America. Her mother, who had visited the U.S. and disliked it, convinced them not to go. They remained in Switzerland and lived in Basel.
  v.   Simon Bähler, born April 07, 1860 in Wattenwil, Switzerland.
  vi.   Jakob (Jacob) Bähler, born December 12, 1861 in Mattwil, Switzerland (#4); died March 22, 1944 in Remington, Indiana; married Nina Keller March 03, 1889 in Fairbury, Illinois; born 1865 in Woodford County, Illinois; died 1951 in Remington, Indiana.
  Notes for Jakob (Jacob) Bähler:
he came to America to avoid the Swiss compulsory military service as a conscientious objector, as well as for economic reasons. He and Robert hired out as farm workers and also rented land in Illinois, moving to Indiana ca. 1902 and buying land. As an adult he affiliated with the Apostolic Christian Church where he was active as a song leader. He and Robert became United States citizens in 1913

  vii.   Johannes Bähler, born December 12, 1861 in Mattwil, Switzerland (twin of Jacob); died April 05, 1862.
  8 viii.   Robert Bähler, born May 30, 1863 in Mattwil, Switzerland (#5); died December 04, 1936 in Remington, Indiana; married Mathilda (Tillie) Waibel March 25, 1888 in Fairbury, Illinois.
  ix.   Adolf Bähler, born July 03, 1864 in Klarreute, Switzerland; died April 30, 1866 in Klarreute, Switzerland.
  x.   Martha Bähler, born July 03, 1864.
  xi.   Adolf (Adolph) Bähler, born June 06, 1867 in Klarreute, Switzerland (#6); died November 29, 1951 in Ellington, CT. He moved from Illinois to Connecticut in 1897, and was a minister in the Apostolic Christian Church; married Mary Wuthrich in Connecticut; born April 09, 1859; died June 04, 1919 in Ellington, CT.
  xii.   Gottfried Bähler, born June 01, 1869 in Kirchenthurnen,Switzerland (#7); died November 29, 1951 in Ellington, CT. He moved from Illinois to Connecticut in 1897 with his brother Adolf; married (1) Anna Trachsel; born 1852 in Switzerland; died June 10, 1928 in Ellington, CT; married (2) Sophie Schop.

      18. Thaddaus Waibel, born September 21, 1826 in Nesselwangen, Baden, Germany; died April 24, 1884 in Fairbury, Illinois. He was the son of 36. Konrad Waibel and 37. Katherina Mayer. He married 19. Josepha Biller February 22, 1861 in Uberlingen, Germany.

      19. Josepha Biller, born March 03, 1828 in Sipplingen, Germany; died December 17, 1896 in Straun, Illinois. She was the daughter of 38. Stephen Biller and 39. Katherina Widenhorn.

Notes for Thaddaus Waibel:
The family lived in Uberlingen, Germany which is located on the shore of the Boden Sea. He was a wagon maker and had a blacksmith shop. The children spent much time swimming in and skating on the sea. The family desired to come to the
Children of Thaddaus Waibel and Josepha Biller are:
  9 i.   Mathilda (Tillie) Waibel, born March 05, 1862 in Nesselwangen, Baden, Germany; died May 01, 1932 in Remington, Indiana; married Robert Bähler March 25, 1888 in Fairbury, Illinois.
  ii.   Mary Waibel, born August 15, 1863 in Germany; died April 19, 1923; married Louis Koehl.
  iii.   Nickolas Waibel, born December 06, 1865 in Germany; died June 22, 1927; married Leah Kempf; born April 28, 1869; died November 12, 1930.
  iv.   Gottfred Waibel, born October 23, 1867; married Marguerite Clauss; born May 23, 1865; died February 08, 1924.
  v.   Fred Waibel, born February 14, 1869; died August 19, 1929; married Caroline Lehman.
  vi.   Louise Waibel, born April 19, 1871; married Andrew Steffen; born August 17, 1867 in __(1st m. Lydia Greider: Edward, Lena, Andrew, Lydia, Louise).

      20. William McGlynn, born in Ireland. He married 21. Margaret Wilson.

      21. Margaret Wilson, born in Ireland.
Child of William McGlynn and Margaret Wilson is:
  10 i.   Dominic Vincent McGlynn, married Emma Olive Gray.

      22. John Redd Gray He was the son of 44. David Gray and 45. Elizabeth Redd. He married 23. Mary Ellen Coppess.

      23. Mary Ellen Coppess She was the daughter of 46. Adam Coppess and 47. Elizabeth Oliver.
Child of John Gray and Mary Coppess is:
  11 i.   Emma Olive Gray, married Dominic Vincent McGlynn.

      24. George Reed, born October 01, 1838. He was the son of 48. John Reed and 49. Jane Brandt. He married 25. Martha Smith.

      25. Martha Smith She was the daughter of 50. George Smith and 51. Margaret Sanderson.
Child of George Reed and Martha Smith is:
  12 i.   Edmund R. Reed, born December 13, 1877 in Cass County, Indiana; died June 01, 1972 in Miami county, Indiana; married Pearl Ivy Mast.

      26. Jacob D. Mast He was the son of 52. Andrew Mast and 53. Caroline Cook. He married 27. Caroline Stuber.

      27. Caroline Stuber She was the daughter of 54. John Stuber and 55. Mary.
Child of Jacob Mast and Caroline Stuber is:
  13 i.   Pearl Ivy Mast, born February 18, 1885 in Miami county, Indiana; died July 15, 1960; married Edmund R. Reed.

      28. Henry Benner He was the son of 56. Christopher Benner and 57. Sarah. He married 29. Mary Jane Hall.

      29. Mary Jane Hall She was the daughter of 58. Silas Hall and 59. Hebzibah.
Child of Henry Benner and Mary Hall is:
  14 i.   Finley Benner, married Alpha Retta Glaze.

      30. James Newton Glaze He was the son of 60. Thomas Glaze and 61. Rebecca. He married 31. Phoebe Jane Bailey.

      31. Phoebe Jane Bailey She was the daughter of 62. Daniel Bailey and 63. Martha Pady.
Child of James Glaze and Phoebe Bailey is:
  15 i.   Alpha Retta Glaze, married Finley Benner.

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