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Ancestors of Karen Sue Sisson

Generation No. 12

      2576. Joseph Arnold Carpenter, Sr.1541,1542, born Bet. 1635 - 1638 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England1542; died May 23, 1695 in Musceta Cove, Long Island, New York1542. He was the son of 5152. William Carpenter and 5153. Elizabeth Arnold. He married 2577. Hannah Carpenter April 21, 1659 in Warwick, Kent County, Rhode Island1542.

      2577. Hannah Carpenter1543,1544, born April 03, 1640 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Mass.1544; died 1670 in Musketa Cove, Long Island, New York1544. She was the daughter of 5154. William Carpenter and 5155. Abigail Bennett.

Notes for Joseph Arnold Carpenter, Sr.:

Joseph emigrated from England with his father. In 1664, he moved to Long Island, New York. He married his second cousin, Hannah Carpenter.

Children of Joseph, Sr. and Hannah were: Joseph, Jr., Mary, Tamsen, William, Hannah. He and his second wife, Ann Wickes (Weeks) had the following children: Ann, Sarah, Benjamin, Dorothy, and John (the saddler).

Notes for Hannah Carpenter:

Hannah and her husband were second cousins.

Children of Joseph Carpenter and Hannah Carpenter are:
  i.   Joseph Carpenter, Jr.1544, born Abt. 16601544
  1288 ii.   Nathaniel Carpenter, born May 12, 1667 in Pawtucket, Providence County, Rhode Island; died February 25, 1728/29 in North Castle, Westchester County, New York; married Tamar Coles November 06, 1690 in Musketa Cove, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York.
  1290 iii.   Benjamin Carpenter, born 1680 in Musketa Cove (Glen Cove), Long Island, New York; died Bef. January 05, 1769; married Mercy Coles.

      2578. Robert Coles1545,1546, born Bet. 1630 - 1642 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts1546; died April 16, 17151546. He was the son of 5156. Robert Coles and 5157. Mary Hawxhurst. He married 2579. Mercy Wright January 01, 1669/701546.

      2579. Mercy Wright1547,1548, born June 04, 1651 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island1548; died October 21, 1708 in Glen Cove, Long Island, Nassau County, New York1548. She was the daughter of 5158. Nicholas Wright and 5159. Ann.

Notes for Robert Coles:

Had six children: Nathan, Tamar, John, Charles, Robert, and Mercy.

Children of Robert Coles and Mercy Wright are:
  i.   Nathan Coles1549,1550, born March 18, 1671/72 in Musketa Cove, Westchester Co., NY1550
  1289 ii.   Tamar Coles, born May 18, 1673 in Oyster Bay, Nassau County, New York; married Nathaniel Carpenter November 06, 1690 in Musketa Cove, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York.
  1291 iii.   Mercy Coles, born March 24, 1682/83 in Musketa Cove, Westchester County, New York; married Benjamin Carpenter.

      2688. Col. Nicholas Gasaway1551,1552, born March 11, 1633/34 in London Town, London, England1552; died January 10, 1690/91 in South River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland1552. He was the son of 5376. Thomas Gasaway and 5377. Ann Collingwood. He married 2689. Ann Besson (Benson) Abt. 1672 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland1552.

      2689. Ann Besson (Benson)1553,1554, born Abt. 1658 in South River Hundred, Anne Arundel, Maryland1554; died Bef. 1692 in Anne Arundel, Maryland1554. She was the daughter of 5378. Capt. Thomas Besson and 5379. Hester Unknown.

Notes for Col. Nicholas Gasaway:

Transported from England in about 1649.
Baptism: March 11, 1633/1634, St. Margaret Church, Westminster, London Town, England.
Above information from: Carroll County, Indiana Historical Society, Delphi, IN, Mrs. Phyllis Moore.
Name spelling: Gassaway is used in the book of this family's history.

More About Col. Nicholas Gasaway:
Christening: March 11, 1633/34, St. Margaret's Church, Westminister, London, England1555,1556
Children of Col. Gasaway and Ann (Benson) are:
  i.   Hester Gasaway1556, born in Anne Arundel County, Maryland1556; died Bef. 1735 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland1556; married Nicholas Gross Bef. 16911556; died Bef. February 03, 1697/98 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland1556.
  1344 ii.   Capt. John Gasaway, born 1674 in South River, Anne ArundelCounty, Maryland; died September 02, 1697 in All Hallows, Anne Arundel County, Maryland; married Elizabeth Lawrence Abt. 1696 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
  iii.   Jane Gasaway1557,1558, born Abt. 16801558; died 1736 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland1559,1560
  iv.   Capt. Thomas Gasaway1560, born February 20, 1682/831560; died September 12, 17391560
  v.   Margaret Gasaway1560, born Bef. 1691 in All Hallows Parish, Ann Arundel County, Maryland1561,1562

      2690. Benjamin Lawrence1563,1564, born Abt. 1652 in Somerset, Maryland1565,1566; died June 1685 in Calvert City, Maryland1566. He was the son of 5380. Benjamin Lawrence and 5381. Ann Ascomb. He married 2691. Elizabeth Talbott Abt. 16761566.

      2691. Elizabeth Talbott1567,1568, born August 10, 1656 in West River, Anne ArundelCounty, Maryland1569,1570; died March 05, 1689/901570. She was the daughter of 5382. Richard Talbott and 5383. Elizabeth Scarborough.

More About Benjamin Lawrence:
Fact 1: Was a Quaker.1570
Child of Benjamin Lawrence and Elizabeth Talbott is:
  1345 i.   Elizabeth Lawrence, born February 25, 1678/79 in Anne ArundelCounty, Maryland; died 1700 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland; married Capt. John Gasaway Abt. 1696 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

      2800. Robert Hanna1571,1572, born Abt. 1691 in Galloway, Scotland, Great Britain1572; died in Delaware???1572. He was the son of 5600. Alexander Hanna. He married 2801. Mrs. Hanna.

      2801. Mrs. Hanna1573,1574, born Abt. 1694 in Prince Edward, Virginia1574.
Child of Robert Hanna and Mrs. Hanna is:
  1400 i.   John Hanna, born Bet. 1717 - 1718 in Buffles, Prince Edward County, Virginia; died August 30, 1765 in Buffles, Prince Edward County, Virginia; married Mary Ervin Bet. 1740 - 1742 in Buffles, Prince Edward County, Virginia.

      2804. John Parks1575,1576. He married 2805. Elizabeth Alexander.

      2805. Elizabeth Alexander1577,1578. She was the daughter of 5610. Joseph Littlejohn.
Child of John Parks and Elizabeth Alexander is:
  1402 i.   James Parks, born Abt. 1722 in Virginia; married Mary Fulton Littlejohn 1743 in Virginia.

      2806. John Fulton1578.
Child of John Fulton is:
  1403 i.   Mary Fulton Littlejohn, born Abt. 1726 in Virginia; married James Parks 1743 in Virginia.

      2808. Thomas Adair1579,1580, born Bet. 1679 - 1680 in Genoch County, Amtrim , Northern Ireland, United Kingdom1580; died Aft. 1785 in Duncans Creek, Laurens, South Carolina1580. He was the son of 5616. Alexander Adair II and 5617. Mrs. Adair. He married 2809. Margaret Henart 1703 in Portpatrick, Wigtown, Scotland1580.

      2809. Margaret Henart1581,1582.

Notes for Thomas Adair:

"The Adairs, Scotch-Irish, began to migrate to the American Colonies during the first half of the 18th century. They came from Ulster County in Ireland and Galloway in Scotland. Thomas Adair was born in Antrim County, Ireland in 1680 and came to Pennsylvania in 1730. He subsequently brought his three sons, James, Joseph, Sr., and William and settled on Duncan's Creek in Laurens County, South Carolina in 1750." (Quote taken from Laurens County Historical Society, The Scrapbook - A compilation of Historical Facts About Places and Events of Laurens County South Carolina, Jacob's Press, 1982, p77.)

Children of Thomas Adair and Margaret Henart are:
  i.   James Adair, The Author1582, born 17091582
  1404 ii.   Joseph Alexander Adair Sr., born 1711 in Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom; died 1801 in Duncans Creek Church, Laurens, Clinton County, South Carolina; married (1) Susannah Long; married (2) Sarah Laferty October 1770 in Pennsylvania.
  iii.   William Adair1582, born 17191582

      2880. Hans Jacob Graf1582, born 16601582. He married 2881. Barbara Ruth.

      2881. Barbara Ruth1582. She was the daughter of 5762. Hans Ruth.
Child of Hans Graf and Barbara Ruth is:
  1440 i.   Johann Christian Graef, married Susanna.

      2884. Hans Herr1583,1584, born September 16, 16341584; died October 11, 17251584. He was the son of 5768. Hans Herr. He married 2885. Elizabeth Kendig.

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