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Index of Individuals


Adams, Julian
Adams, Julie
Adams, Phillip


Affsprung, Edward Frederick Wilhelm(b. October 4, 1891, d. September 3, 1970)
Affsprung, Elizabeth(b. June 19, 1884, d. November 20, 1934)
Affsprung, Fred(b. 1888, d. 1897)
Affsprung, Henry (Aufsprung)(b. 1840, d. August 1, 1902) Includes Notes
Affsprung, Wilhemia (Natrup Leeden Kries) Reffelt(b. June 11, 1847, d. May 8, 1925) Includes Notes
Affsprung, Willie(d. date unknown)


Anderson, Lyndell
Anderson, Margaret


Anna(d. date unknown)


Armstrong, Blair
Armstrong, Matthew Craig
Armstrong, Merlina Ann Wilke
Armstrong, Stephen Craig


Bailey, Ananda Deness
Bailey, April Sue
Bailey, Barbara Bowman Wilkins
Bailey, Becky Casey
Bailey, Billy Joe(b. June 10, 1968, d. January 19, 2006)
Bailey, Brandon Alan
Bailey, Brandon Lee
Bailey, Brock
Bailey, Casey Lane
Bailey, Charlotte Ann Schmidt


BAiley, Cheri Lynn Rowin


Bailey, Chylla Ily
Bailey, Connie Murry
Bailey, Crystal LeAnn
Bailey, Daniel Clay
Bailey, Daniel Lee
Bailey, David Allen
Bailey, DereK Vance Johnson
Bailey, Drew Alexis
Bailey, Frances Milstead Carroll(b. May 18, 1891, d. February 26, 1941)
Bailey, Gerald Clinton
Bailey, Gerald Lynn
Bailey, Geraldine Brigman
Bailey, Holly Marie Martin
Bailey, Iva Jean Benner(b. March 5, 1946, d. January 2, 1979)
Bailey, James Alan
Bailey, James Lockard
Bailey, Joe Clinton(b. November 16, 1911, d. June 5, 1953)
Bailey, Joe Edward(b. October 28, 1939, d. August 19, 1986)
Bailey, Joe Edward
Bailey, John Lockard(d. date unknown)
Bailey, John Lockard(b. August 5, 1884, d. March 26, 1954)
Bailey, John Lockard
Bailey, Judy Whalen
Bailey, Julie Burnham
Bailey, Kelly Phillips
Bailey, Kendra Dannielle Johnson
Bailey, Lola Belle
Bailey, Mabel Sue Babb
Bailey, Margaret Ellen Smith(b. 1857, d. 1923)
Bailey, Margie Dell May
Bailey, McKenzie Brooke
Bailey, Murry Dale
Bailey, Nathan Joseph
Bailey, Nicolaus Joseph
Bailey, Olivia Mae
Bailey, Orville Ray
Bailey, Pam Smothers
Bailey, Patti Shreves
Bailey, Rebecca Ann Clauch
Bailey, Ronald Franklin
Bailey, Ronnie Dale
Bailey, Sandra Jolene Burns
Bailey, Shane Evan
Bailey, Shawn Cameron
Bailey, Sheri Hart
Bailey, Sterling Ray
Bailey, Sue Watkins
Bailey, Willie L.(b. January 9, 1880, d. date unknown)
Bailey, Willie L.(b. February 10, 1909, d. date unknown)
Bailey, Yvonne Stroble


Baker, Benjamin David
Baker, Bill
Baker, Deidre Marie Rogal
Baker, Desiree Isabell
Baker, Diana Lynn Williams
Baker, Michael Allen
Baker, William Stanley


Baldridge, Jacob Loyd
Baldridge, Jason
Baldridge, Patricia Diane Schmidt
Baldridge, Zackary Yandell


Blake, Mary Evelyn Green
Blake, Wallace T.


Blanton, Steven


Boner, Martha Evelyn Brigman


Boss, Howard(d. date unknown)


Bosworth, Marie Meinders(b. 1898, d. date unknown)


Bremer, Anthony
Bremer, Benjiman
Bremer, Brad
Bremer, Brenda
Bremer, Carol
Bremer, Caroline Leigh
Bremer, Carrie Krueger(b. 1903, d. 1987)
Bremer, Curtis
Bremer, Dale
Bremer, Deborah(b. 1958, d. 1958)
Bremer, Derril
Bremer, Everett
Bremer, Gary
Bremer, Geneene Hoyer
Bremer, Herschell
Bremer, Janet Koch
Bremer, Jason
Bremer, Jeff
Bremer, Julius(b. June 1, 1980, d. September 1, 1975)
Bremer, Kay
Bremer, Kristen
Bremer, Laura Ann
Bremer, Leona
Bremer, Lindell(b. September 1, 1934, d. August 3, 1936)
Bremer, Lloyd(b. 1938, d. 1939)
Bremer, Lora Logeman(b. January 4, 1898, d. January 3, 1965)
Bremer, Lydia Meinders(b. 1893, d. date unknown)
Bremer, Mary Ann
Bremer, Mary Helen Wehmeyer
Bremer, Mildred
Bremer, Millege
Bremer, Mrs. Herman(d. date unknown)
Bremer, Nicholas
Bremer, Noah(b. 1903, d. 1988)
Bremer, Otis(b. June 8, 1930, d. April 6, 1973)
Bremer, Pam Lauderdale
Bremer, Paul(b. April 15, 1933, d. May 3, 1978)
Bremer, Raymond
Bremer, Ruby Horstman
Bremer, Rueben
Bremer, Steve
Bremer, Sue
Bremer, Teddy
Bremer, Tehrisia Stephens
Bremer, Wendell


Brenningmeyer, Dora Sielbeck


Brigman, Andrew Jackson(b. 1845, d. February 1, 1924) Includes Notes
Brigman, Andrew Jackson(b. July 23, 1877, d. August 10, 1935)
Brigman, Andrew Jackson(b. October 18, 1898, d. date unknown)
Brigman, Darrell Eugene
Brigman, Finis
Brigman, Freddie(b. December 15, 1927, d. December 15, 1927)
Brigman, Golda Bernice Wadeking
Brigman, James Edward(b. October 24, 1911, d. November 30, 1911)
Brigman, James Franklin(b. April 16, 1885, d. June 2, 1971)
Brigman, James Lee
Brigman, John(b. April 26, 1904, d. date unknown)
Brigman, John B.(b. December 12, 1871, d. November 7, 1908)
Brigman, Julia Margaret Lyons(b. August 22, 1870, d. September 4, 1956)
Brigman, Kenneth Alan
Brigman, Lois Ellen Thompson
Brigman, Lulu May Fletcher(b. March 28, 1895, d. December 15, 1927)
Brigman, Mark Wayne
Brigman, Mary Taylor(d. date unknown)
Brigman, Orville Franklin
Brigman, Robert
Brigman, Robert Byell(b. August 17, 1918, d. August 15, 1920)
Brigman, Robert Dwayne
Brigman, Rosie(b. 1868, d. 1919) Includes Notes
Brigman, Sarah Della (Dollie)(b. December 18, 1887, d. January 1, 1984)
Brigman, Thelma Evelyn McAlister(b. January 26, 1913, d. December 27, 1998) Includes Notes
Brigman, William Andrew(b. December 28, 1906, d. date unknown)


Brown, Charles Edward(b. April 8, 1898, d. February 12, 1980)
Brown, Cyrena Brigman
Brown, Joni
Brown, Margaret Rose Patterson-Townsend(b. February 8, 1924, d. May 18, 1983)
Brown, Paul Louis(b. 1913, d. 1980)
Brown, Wilma Marie Ridgeway Dunham(d. date unknown)


Buck, Donald Ray
Buck, Dorothy May Green
Buck, James William
Buck, Michael Stephen
Buck, Robert Lee
Buck, William Wesley


Burnett, Alma Irene Krueger


Burns, Pauline Meinders


Campbell, Cynthia


Carl, Frances E. Carroll(b. 1852, d. date unknown)


Carpenter, Maggie Lucy Lula Carroll(b. December 26, 1891, d. date unknown)
Carpenter, Rebecca Smith(b. 1812, d. date unknown)


Carroll, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Doyle Duke(b. November 6, 1859, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Emeline(b. 1811, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Emily(b. 1831, d. date unknown)
Carroll, George Hiliard(b. May 13, 1886, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Giles A.(b. 1843, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Giles B.(b. 1800, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Hillard(b. March 10, 1855, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Holland(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
Carroll, James(b. 1829, d. date unknown)
Carroll, James M.(b. 1837, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Joel(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Carroll, John(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Carroll, John M.(b. December 17, 1881, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Jottie Vincent(b. October 6, 1887, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Leonard Rainey(b. October 20, 1895, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Martha(b. 1839, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Mary(b. 1832, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Mary A. Hill(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Mary E.(b. 1856, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Minnie Eliza(b. October 23, 1878, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Sallie(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Carroll, Thomas(b. 1824, d. date unknown)


Clark, Danny Joe
Clark, David Lynn
Clark, James
Clark, James Michael
Clark, Lucille Green


Clements, Beatrice Bailey


Cole, Brittany Ann
Cole, Jeffrey Thomas
Cole, Monica Ann Mathis
Cole, Tiffany Lynn


Collie, Jack
Collie, Melva Madaline Wilke Tinsley(b. November 30, 1925, d. August 15, 1982)


Cornette, Cheryl Jean Bailey
Cornette, Joe Winter


Cousins, Lynn Louise Harper


Cozart, Neal


Crenshaw, James Herb(d. date unknown)


Curlin, Betty Jo Brown


Daniel, Sam


Dodson, Angela
Dodson, Don
Dodson, Justin


Doster, Basil
Doster, Grace Green(b. October 2, 1915, d. August 18, 1978)
Doster, James B.
Doster, John
Doster, John W. II
Doster, Kristen E.
Doster, Susan McCarthy
Doster, Tina


Doyle, Brent
Doyle, Jesse
Doyle, Lori Schmidt


Drowns, Tina


Ducharme, Art
Ducharme, Susan Lynn Sullivan Dodson


Duke, Eliza Ann McLemore(b. 1835, d. date unknown)
Duke, William(d. date unknown)
Duke, William A. (Billy)(b. April 7, 1857, d. date unknown)


Dunham, Alma Irene Ely
Dunham, Charles Robert
Dunham, Charles Wesley(d. date unknown)
Dunham, Dave
Dunham, Dave
Dunham, Hollie
Dunham, Holly
Dunham, Lizzie Agnes Rees(d. date unknown)
Dunham, Rita Loeffler
Dunham, Samuel Henry(d. date unknown)
Dunham, Sara
Dunham, Sara
Dunham, Shannon
Dunham, Shannon
Dunham, Wendi Marie
Dunham, Wilma Betty


Dunn, Matilda Smith(b. 1816, d. date unknown)




Ellerbusch, Charlie(d. date unknown)
Ellerbusch, Lydia Logeman(d. date unknown)
Ellerbusch, Marvin
Ellerbusch, Melvin
Ellerbusch, Norman
Ellerbusch, Othyl


Elsasser, Sally Duke(b. 1855, d. date unknown)


Ely, Bertha Agnes Gandy(d. date unknown)
Ely, Clara Belle Harper(d. date unknown)
Ely, Donald Logan
Ely, Kenneth Earl
Ely, Logan Chester(d. date unknown)
Ely, Raymond Dean
Ely, Raymond Helbert(d. date unknown)


Engelman, Laura Jean Rogers


English, Don
English, Donald Edwin
English, Dorothy Laird
English, Joann


Farris, Dorothy Krueger


Flannery, Curtis J.(b. November 2, 1905, d. September 12, 1978)


Ford, Frances Elizabeth Smith(b. November 1, 1853, d. 1934)


Foss, Bertha Wilhemina Schmidt Crenshaw(b. January 1, 1908, d. November 5, 1963)
Foss, Charla Gail
Foss, Dwight L.
Foss, Ernest
Foss, Ernest Steven
Foss, Harold Edward(b. April 25, 1938, d. July 3, 1938)
Foss, Harry
Foss, Julius(d. date unknown)
Foss, Kevin Lee
Foss, Mary Ann Mittendorf
Foss, Patsy Blasdal
Foss, Paula Marie Smallman


Foster, Pauline Annie Bailey


Gandy, Francis Marion(d. date unknown)
Gandy, Ida Mae Works(d. date unknown)


Garland, Illeene Brigman




Girl, Infant(d. date unknown)


Glasletter, Gary
Glasletter, Jason


Grace, Elenora(d. date unknown)


Green, Clara Paris
Green, Donald
Green, Glenn
Green, Henry Franklin(b. September 15, 1901, d. date unknown)
Green, Homer(b. March 27, 1921, d. June 28, 1986)
Green, Jacqueline Stoner
Green, Leanard Lewis(b. July 26, 1919, d. August 14, 1919)
Green, Leanna Catherine Brigman(b. 1881, d. 1919)
Green, Linda Sue Dunham Godbey
Green, Louise
Green, Mary Fuqua(d. 1979)
Green, Michael
Green, Ulysses Schuyler(d. February 4, 1930)
Green, Ulysses Schuylor (Pete)(b. December 19, 1904, d. date unknown)


Grice, Clara June Ely


Grothman, Nettie Krueger(d. date unknown)


Haden, Martha Smith(b. 1840, d. date unknown)


Hall, Charles F.
Hall, Charles Fredreick
Hall, Jason Christopher
Hall, John Jacob
Hall, John Jacobs
Hall, Joyce Faye Jacobs
Hall, Thelma Alice Swanzy


Halstenberg, Charlotte(b. July 5, 1841, d. December 24, 1923)
Halstenberg, Elizabeth Schmidt(b. August 22, 1869, d. October 19, 1951)
Halstenberg, Fritz Richard Rudolph(b. March 6, 1841, d. May 27, 1913)
Halstenberg, Henry F.(b. October 4, 1872, d. January 11, 1957)


Hamm, Erica Lynn
Hamm, Jimmy Don
Hamm, Mendi Kay
Hamm, Rhonda Sue Wilke


Harder, Sue Brown


Harper, Debra Ann Naas
Harper, Donald Lewis
Harper, Donald Mark
Harper, John Gerald
Harper, Joshua Thomas
Harper, Karen Marie
Harper, Lewis H.(b. December 1, 1908, d. December 27, 1968)
Harper, Mary Louise Adamec
Harper, Michael Robert
Harper, Nelle Rubina Williams
Harper, Susan Collins


Herrel, Wanda Lee Ely


Hill, Emily(d. date unknown)
Hill, Joel(d. date unknown)


Hirschy, Bob
Hirschy, Janet Doster
Hirschy, Karen
Hirschy, Susan


Holcomb, Grace Elizabeth Penny


Holtkamp, William(d. date unknown)


Jacobs, Alyssa Rose
Jacobs, Brandi Nichole
Jacobs, Bridget Nannette
Jacobs, Christine Nora Schmidt
Jacobs, Derek William
Jacobs, Emma Hike(d. date unknown)
Jacobs, Harry Paul(d. date unknown)
Jacobs, Katlynn
Jacobs, Kenneth Dale
Jacobs, Kenneth Paul
Jacobs, Lisa Nicole David
Jacobs, Lori Anne Peterson
Jacobs, Mark William
Jacobs, Melodie
Jacobs, Nicholas Christopher
Jacobs, Rachell Anne
Jacobs, Roger Dale(b. October 13, 1961, d. August 14, 1976) Includes Notes
Jacobs, Steven Paul


Jennings, Jeff


Johannes, Mary(d. April 7, 1892)


Johnson, Kenny
Johnson, Lucille Katherine Penny


Jones, Jeff
Jones, Karen Knight


Jr., Carl Huston Smallwood
Jr., Delbert Laverne Curlin
Jr., Elizabeth Smith Ross(b. 1828, d. date unknown)
Jr., Frank E. Townsend
Jr., George Meinders(b. May 8, 1863, d. date unknown)
Jr., John L. Bailey
Jr., Melferd Henry Kruger
Jr., Rolla Miles Smith(b. 1865, d. date unknown)
Jr., William J. Smith(b. 1824, d. date unknown)


Keith, Jared


Kiker, Virginia Lee Smith(b. May 17, 1867, d. date unknown)


Kindle, Donna Jean Baker
Kindle, John
Kindle, Jonathan Adam
Kindle, Lory Gabrielle


Kindred, Lena Mae Frances Bailey


Kinser, Darin Lee
Kinser, Dennis Lee
Kinser, Treva Lynn
Kinser, Wilma Diane Kruger


Kisinger, Mable Louis Ely


Knight, Bob Gene
Knight, Carol Frances Brigman
Knight, David
Knight, Dustin Eric
Knight, Joni Baker
Knight, Joshua Aaron


Krueger, Agnes Minnie (Kruger)(b. December 29, 1909, d. November 1, 1994) Includes Notes
Krueger, Agnes Schulte(d. October 17, 1995)
Krueger, Albert (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Aline Catherine Schmidt(b. January 19, 1921, d. November 8, 1963)
Krueger, Amos (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Andrew (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Artie(d. date unknown)
Krueger, August(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Barbarar Lee
Krueger, Caroline Sophia Stratemeyer(b. November 5, 1871, d. December 31, 1948)
Krueger, Charlie(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Clarence Henry(b. June 1, 1892, d. December 20, 1961)
Krueger, Donald G.
Krueger, Edna Mae Schmidt
Krueger, Ellen Faye
Krueger, Elmer (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Floyd George Walter
Krueger, Frank(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Fritz (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Gilbert
Krueger, Hannah Bremer (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Henry (Cruger)(b. July 11, 1834, d. 1909) Includes Notes
Krueger, Henry (Kruger)(b. October 15, 1873, d. December 4, 1924) Includes Notes
Krueger, Herbert (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, John(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Lavern
Krueger, Lawanda Elizabeth Schmidt
Krueger, Lester
Krueger, Loren Edward
Krueger, Loren John Henry
Krueger, Louie(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Melferd Henry
Krueger, Mrs. Albert(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Noah (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Norbert(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Raymond (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Ronald
Krueger, Sophia Katharina Laura(b. October 8, 1887, d. May 14, 1945)
Krueger, Stephen D.
Krueger, Theodore (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Theodore (Kruger)(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Viola (Kruger)
Krueger, Virgil
Krueger, Walter(d. date unknown)
Krueger, Wilhemina Holtkamp(b. 1827, d. 1926)
Krueger, William
Krueger, William Henry(b. April 25, 1867, d. January 1, 1927) Includes Notes


Kruger, Calvin
Kruger, Christie
Kruger, Ervin
Kruger, Floyd
Kruger, Frank
Kruger, Hattie(d. date unknown)
Kruger, Janet Lee Peck
Kruger, Lena(d. date unknown)
Kruger, Lisa Gail
Kruger, Loren
Kruger, Lydia(d. date unknown)
Kruger, Ralph
Kruger, Sophia Sielbeck
Kruger, Travis Scott
Kruger, Wilbert
Kruger, Wilma(d. date unknown)

La Brezzie

La Brezzie, Sherry Ann Wilkins Corzine


LaBrezzie, Frank


Laird, Barry Wayne
Laird, Donald
Laird, Donald Lee
Laird, Dorothy(b. March 15, 1935, d. August 5, 1989)
Laird, Frank(d. date unknown)
Laird, George W.(d. date unknown)
Laird, Guy(b. October 3, 1900, d. May 11, 1936)
Laird, Howard(b. December 20, 1890, d. September 30, 1957)
Laird, Howard David(b. December 23, 1890, d. September 30, 1958)
Laird, Isaac(d. date unknown)
Laird, Issac(d. date unknown)
Laird, Jackie Don
Laird, John
Laird, Mabel Dorothea Louise Sielbeck(b. November 18, 1910, d. June 25, 1956) Includes Notes
Laird, Marla Sue
Laird, Nora Grace(d. date unknown)
Laird, Virgil(b. March 3, 1930, d. December 31, 1991)
Laird, Virgil Wayne


Lane, Brenda Green


Laws, Debbie
Laws, Gene
Laws, Judy Doster


Layton, Salena Smith(b. 1844, d. date unknown)


Loegman, John(d. date unknown)


Logeman, Alfreda Stratemeyer (Krueger)(d. date unknown)
Logeman, Anna Sophia Louis Reineking(b. October 28, 1872, d. September 24, 1934)
Logeman, Barney(d. date unknown)
Logeman, Fritz(b. October 25, 1870, d. date unknown)
Logeman, Gussie(d. date unknown)
Logeman, Henry(d. date unknown)
Logeman, John Frederick W.(d. date unknown)
Logeman, Maria Sophia Hollendnck(d. date unknown)
Logeman, Marie(d. date unknown)
Logeman, Martin William(d. date unknown)
Logeman, Verna(d. date unknown)


Loyd, Clarence(b. January 31, 1906, d. August 12, 1964)
Loyd, Gertie Russell(b. April 30, 1904, d. February 27, 1990)


Markwell, Connie Jean Buck


Martin, Kenneth Allen
Martin, Lydia Noel
Martin, Rhonda June Sielbeck


Mary(d. date unknown)


Mathis, Larry Gene
Mathis, Martha Ann Brown
Mathis, Terry Gene


McClusky, Dorothy Amelia Schmidt


McGill, DeAnna May
McGill, Elizabeth Susan Bailey
McGill, Kenneth Dean
McGill, Kenneth Scott
McGill, Stephen James


McGrew, George
McGrew, Imogene Rushing Baker


Mchale, Bill
Mchale, Billy A.
Mchale, Helen Elaine Townsend


McLemore, Mahalia(b. 1810, d. 1885)
McLemore, Wesley(b. 1801, d. 1877)


Meinders, Amelia(d. date unknown)
Meinders, Andrew(b. 1901, d. date unknown)
Meinders, Bertha Kruger(b. 1902, d. 1987)
Meinders, Christopher(b. 1866, d. 1930)
Meinders, Edward(b. 1890, d. date unknown)
Meinders, Emma(d. date unknown)
Meinders, Frances
Meinders, George(b. 1834, d. 1926) Includes Notes
Meinders, John(d. date unknown)
Meinders, Leroy
Meinders, Louise(d. date unknown)
Meinders, Sophia Arend(b. 1838, d. 1893)
Meinders, Sophia Thane(b. 1869, d. date unknown)
Meinders, William(d. date unknown)


Meyer, Bryan Scott
Meyer, James Orville
Meyer, Karen Marie Wilkins
Meyer, Tonya Jane


Miller, Sherry Elizabeth Brigman


Moore, Carolyn Ann Rogers


Morse, Brian Keith
Morse, Jack Ray
Morse, Rubie Fern Kruger
Morse, Sandra Aline
Morse, Todd Wayne


Mullen, Sue


Nannie, Ellie E.(d. date unknown)


Newton, Cornelia Jane Smith Woollbright(b. October 5, 1862, d. date unknown)


Niedziela, Rosalee


Norman, Gladys Green
Norman, Julie
Norman, Larry
Norman, Lois
Norman, Lynn Braker
Norman, Marlene(b. January 24, 1934, d. November 18, 1934)
Norman, Michael


Penny, James Riley
Penny, Lena Catherine (Kate) Green


Powell, Margie


Praytor, Angela Geraldine Bailey
Praytor, Brian
Praytor, Chad M.
Praytor, Dennis
Praytor, Nicole Aline


Pressley, Pat Brown


Reagor, Billy Max
Reagor, Deborah Louise Schmidt
Reagor, Jennifer Lynn
Reagor, Rebecca Dawn


Regan, Latrese Irene Crenshaw Foss
Regan, Randall
Regan, Rhonda Sue
Regan, Tommy


Reineking, Anna Teckenbrock(d. date unknown)
Reineking, Henry(d. date unknown)


Reynolds, Bernice Foss
Reynolds, Bob
Reynolds, Burl(d. date unknown)
Reynolds, Denise Gaye
Reynolds, Michael Gene


Ridgeway, Leslie Samuel(d. date unknown)
Ridgeway, Teenei Mossleate Judy(d. date unknown)


Riepe, Jane


Robinson, Ephriam(d. date unknown)
Robinson, Frances(d. date unknown)


Rodgers, Evelyn Meinders


Rodriguez, Anthony
Rodriguez, Samantha


Rogers, Bernice Etta Townsend(b. February 4, 1930, d. June 1, 1984)
Rogers, Kenneth Eugene
Rogers, Rebecca Lynn
Rogers, Russell Frank
Rogers, Valeria Krueger


Rottman, Lisa


Rushing, Della Brigman(b. May 28, 1912, d. November 6, 1994) Includes Notes
Rushing, Ernest Alvah(b. May 24, 1910, d. date unknown)


Salas, Janette


Salyers, Joe(b. August 22, 1877, d. date unknown)
Salyers, Josaphine Brigman(b. January 20, 1880, d. 1904) Includes Notes
Salyers, Robert M.(b. November 10, 1903, d. date unknown)


Sanders, Alice Lena Carroll(b. April 28, 1899, d. date unknown)


Schmidt, Adlia Benjamin(b. January 19, 1921, d. April 2, 1996)
Schmidt, Albert William(b. November 23, 1898, d. August 2, 1985)
Schmidt, Alberta Martha Stratemeyer (Krueger)(b. September 1, 1928, d. September 24, 1992)
Schmidt, Alfred Raymond(b. January 15, 1918, d. January 11, 1975)
Schmidt, Alfreda Emma(b. September 15, 1915, d. November 1, 1917)
Schmidt, Aline Caroline Sielbeck(b. March 10, 1917, d. October 18, 1961)
Schmidt, Benjamin Lee
Schmidt, Carl Andrew
Schmidt, Catherine Kruse(b. February 2, 1837, d. April 17, 1878)
Schmidt, Charles Frederick
Schmidt, Cheryl Ann White
Schmidt, Corey Thomas
Schmidt, Darrel Ray
Schmidt, Edward Dale(b. April 19, 1959, d. date unknown)
Schmidt, Erik Christopher
Schmidt, Ernestine Williams
Schmidt, Frederick Edward(b. November 16, 1912, d. January 25, 1975)
Schmidt, Frederick Loyd Harrison
Schmidt, Frederick William
Schmidt, Frederick William II
Schmidt, Fritz(b. April 13, 1874, d. January 12, 1955)
Schmidt, Geraldine Mae Brigman Bailey(b. April 30, 1916, d. April 1, 2005)
Schmidt, Gloria Jean Jaramillo
Schmidt, Harmony Isabella Evelyn
Schmidt, Henry(b. November 23, 1871, d. February 16, 1961)
Schmidt, Herman(b. April 16, 1878, d. 1878)
Schmidt, Inez Phelps(d. date unknown)
Schmidt, Infant Boy(b. 1863, d. date unknown)
Schmidt, Infant Boy(b. 1876, d. date unknown)
Schmidt, Jeanette Meeks(b. January 19, 1905, d. April 29, 1979)
Schmidt, John Patrick(b. July 2, 1978, d. May 30, 1994)
Schmidt, Joseph Anthony
Schmidt, Judy Kay Loyd
Schmidt, Karol Kay Kidd
Schmidt, Katie Wilke(b. October 2, 1874, d. August 22, 1956)
Schmidt, Lary Don
Schmidt, Liberty Taylor
Schmidt, Lou Strohsick(b. March 3, 1867, d. January 27, 1944)
Schmidt, Michael Vincent
Schmidt, Nellie Holloway(d. 1954)
Schmidt, Priscilla Broadway(d. date unknown)
Schmidt, Robert Hayes
Schmidt, Sherry Don
Schmidt, Sophie Halstenberg(b. January 29, 1876, d. December 28, 1902)
Schmidt, Stephanie Elizabeth Ruth Bowman
Schmidt, Terry Ray
Schmidt, Timothy Lloyd
Schmidt, Vanessa Elizabeth
Schmidt, Velma Lee Ellerbusch(b. March 26, 1924, d. September 22, 1997)
Schmidt, Wilhelmine Elise Berndine Affsprung(b. January 19, 1881, d. August 15, 1950)
Schmidt, William(b. January 19, 1833, d. October 6, 1918) Includes Notes
Schmidt, William(b. July 18, 1865, d. November 3, 1934)


Serna, Michelle Townsend




Sielbeck, Baby(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Brenda J.
Sielbeck, Chad
Sielbeck, Chris
Sielbeck, Christian(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Christian(b. July 4, 1849, d. February 7, 1931) Includes Notes
Sielbeck, Christopher
Sielbeck, Dale
Sielbeck, David
Sielbeck, Donald George(b. February 13, 1937, d. January 1, 2001)
Sielbeck, Dorothea Niegenert(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Emily
Sielbeck, Fritz(b. August 18, 1898, d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, George(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, George
Sielbeck, George Henry John(b. July 2, 1879, d. September 16, 1944)
Sielbeck, George John
Sielbeck, Harmon(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Henry(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Henry(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Hilda Meiders(b. October 1, 1904, d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Laura Dawn
Sielbeck, Laura Kruger(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Linda Lou
Sielbeck, Lizzie Schmidt(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Louie(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Mabel Dorthea Louisa(b. November 1, 1910, d. June 25, 1957)
Sielbeck, Maria Dorthea(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Mary(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Nora Wilhelmina Kruger(b. October 29, 1894, d. November 23, 1981) Includes Notes
Sielbeck, Phyllis June Bailey
Sielbeck, Robert(b. 1931, d. 1931)
Sielbeck, Ruth Pansing(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Sophia(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, Sophia(d. date unknown)
Sielbeck, William(b. September 20, 1886, d. November 3, 1953) Includes Notes


Slusher, Janice Blake


Smallwood, Carl Huston
Smallwood, Cheryl A. Riggins, Jr.
Smallwood, David Carl
Smallwood, Erin Christine
Smallwood, Gary Lee
Smallwood, Jennifer Diane
Smallwood, Wanda Lee Brown


Smith, Celcia Seline(d. date unknown)
Smith, Cheryl Townsend
Smith, Elizabeth Jenkins(d. date unknown)
Smith, Ephriam Robinson(b. March 10, 1864, d. date unknown)
Smith, James Monroe(b. May 11, 1855, d. date unknown)
Smith, John Harris(b. 1860, d. date unknown)
Smith, Johnson(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Smith, Joseph Jesse(b. March 26, 1869, d. date unknown)
Smith, Mary Florence(b. September 26, 1851, d. August 8, 1880)
Smith, Mary Smith(b. 1830, d. date unknown)
Smith, Nancy Smith Berry(b. 1831, d. date unknown)
Smith, Rolla Miles(b. March 8, 1822, d. November 14, 1873) Includes Notes
Smith, Sarah Ann Carroll(b. June 24, 1880, d. date unknown)
Smith, Sarah Smith(b. 1814, d. date unknown)
Smith, Susanna Venellie Robinson(b. July 27, 1832, d. June 21, 1892)
Smith, Thomas(b. 1842, d. date unknown)
Smith, Thomas Jefferson(b. March 26, 1858, d. date unknown)
Smith, William(b. 1787, d. July 8, 1857) Includes Notes
Smith, Willis(b. 1810, d. date unknown)


Sophia(d. 1921)


Sr., Delbert Laverne Curlin


Steinbecker, Angel Marie Hollendnck
Steinbecker, John Henry


Stewart, Anita Mae Kruger
Stewart, Bradley Ray
Stewart, Cheryl Ann
Stewart, Ray Alfred
Stewart, Sharon Kay


Stillwell, Rebecca Gail


Stratmeyer, Amelia Harmon(d. date unknown)
Stratmeyer, Amos
Stratmeyer, Annie Schmidt(b. July 17, 1866, d. December 23, 1947)
Stratmeyer, Benjamin(d. date unknown)
Stratmeyer, Caroline Schmidt(b. October 22, 1861, d. November 15, 1938)
Stratmeyer, Emma(d. date unknown)
Stratmeyer, Eva Mae Krueger
Stratmeyer, Henry(d. date unknown)
Stratmeyer, Henry J.(b. December 5, 1863, d. June 6, 1917)
Stratmeyer, Herschel
Stratmeyer, John(d. date unknown)
Stratmeyer, Katherine(d. date unknown)
Stratmeyer, Louie(d. date unknown)
Stratmeyer, Louis(b. October 7, 1865, d. October 25, 1954)
Stratmeyer, Wilhelmina(d. date unknown)


Strelow, Barbara Gene
Strelow, Christine Townsend
Strelow, Elizabeth Ann
Strelow, Eugene A.


Stuve, Minnie Krueger(d. date unknown)


Sullivan, Cathy Turner
Sullivan, George Martin
Sullivan, Jordon Marcus
Sullivan, Joshua Neil
Sullivan, Lawanda Irene Rushing
Sullivan, Martin Neeeeville
Sullivan, Nicolas Daniel
Sullivan, Partrick Neil
Sullivan, Robin Phillips


Sundmacker, Dorothy


Swanzy, J. M.


Sykes, Mary J. (Molly) Duke(b. November 23, 1851, d. date unknown)


Tatum, Emma Gertrude Carroll(b. February 14, 1885, d. date unknown)


Taylor, Velma Kruger


Teat, Lula Corinne Van Buren(b. December 29, 1876, d. date unknown)


Terry, Dorothy Louise Harper
Terry, Veral


Thomas, Nancy Jo Norman


Thomasson, Lena Mae Brigman(b. September 4, 1901, d. date unknown)


Thomson, Bryan
Thomson, Danial Austin Lee
Thomson, Terri Marie Cozart


Tilghman, Rebecca Carroll(b. 1836, d. date unknown)


Tinsley, Scott


Townsend, Frank
Townsend, Frank E. III
Townsend, John
Townsend, Mary Lillie Green
Townsend, Nan
Townsend, Virginia Boss


Tully, Josha Arron

Van Buren

Van Buren, Albert(b. January 25, 1865, d. date unknown)
Van Buren, Benjamin A.(b. September 21, 1879, d. date unknown)
Van Buren, Charlie(b. October 14, 1873, d. date unknown)
Van Buren, Edward(b. 1868, d. date unknown)
Van Buren, George(b. 1842, d. date unknown)


Verbarg, Anna Krueger(d. date unknown)


Vieitez, Larry


Wages, Allan Huston
Wages, Allan Wilson
Wages, Austin Lee
Wages, Deborah Jo Curlin


Walquist, Lisa Diane Reynolds
Walquist, Phillip Howard


Walters, Barbara Jean Brigman
Walters, Jason Allen
Walters, Joseph Allen


Weseman, Louisa(d. date unknown)


Whitelock, Berdina Kay Krueger


Whittman, Jodi Laws


Wilke, Amelia Elizabeth Schmidt(b. December 3, 1901, d. December 17, 1993)
Wilke, Casper(b. July 29, 1841, d. May 27, 1920)
Wilke, Floyd Casper(b. August 2, 1900, d. October 21, 1973)
Wilke, Gerald Wayne(b. November 4, 1955, d. April 3, 1973)
Wilke, Infant(b. July 13, 1923, d. July 13, 1923)
Wilke, Marilyn Joyce LaMarr
Wilke, Minnie Schmidt(b. March 1, 1859, d. May 10, 1928)
Wilke, Robert Keith
Wilke, Robert Wayne
Wilke, Velma Lee(b. April 22, 1921, d. August 11, 1923)


Wilkens, James


Wilkins, Amber Nickcole
Wilkins, Bobbie
Wilkins, Cody James
Wilkins, Connie Lee Corzine
Wilkins, Cory Lee
Wilkins, Craig Danial
Wilkins, David Lee
Wilkins, David Lee
Wilkins, James L.
Wilkins, Jason Ray
Wilkins, John Lesoy
Wilkins, Lisa Smith
Wilkins, Lniol Bo
Wilkins, Mary
Wilkins, Michael Lee
Wilkins, Pamela Sue(b. October 11, 1963, d. October 13, 1963)
Wilkins, Rebecca Lynn
Wilkins, Robert Ray
Wilkins, Robert Ray
Wilkins, Samatha Hooker
Wilkins, Shane Tyler
Wilkins, Tammy Davis
Wilkins, Terry Eugene
Wilkins, Terry Eugene
Wilkins, Thersa Kay Tully
Wilkins, Travis Ray


Williams, Dawn Marie
Williams, Dora Bell Brigman(b. October 1, 1888, d. March 24, 1928)
Williams, Ernest Logan(b. January 21, 1887, d. October 17, 1959)


WIlliams, James


Williams, Milissa Ann
Williams, Robert Eugene


Wilson, Barbara
Wilson, Rebecca
Wilson, Robert


Windhorst, Emma Krueger(d. date unknown)
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