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Ancestors of Janeva Kay Pletcher

Generation No. 3

      4. Paul Odessa Pletcher, born June 28, 1902 in Webb City, MO (Source: Paul Allen Pletcher, son, Pletcher Family Bible); died March 05, 1994 in Weatherford, OK (Source: Myrna Pletcher, granddaughter). He was the son of 8. Thomas Syler Pletcher and 9. Susanna Berkey. He married 5. Alice Beatrice Kile April 18, 1926 in Perryton, TX (Source: Marriage Records.).

      5. Alice Beatrice Kile, born August 05, 1908 in Merkel, TX (Source: Paul Allen Pletcher, son); died December 13, 1987 in Pampa, TX (Source: Paul Allen Pletcher, son). She was the daughter of 10. Frank Bales Kile and 11. Mary Jeanetta Burns.

Notes for Paul Odessa Pletcher:
From a Pampa News clipping announcing their 50th wedding anniversary:

"Mr. Pletcher was born at Neck City, Montana, June 26, 1902 (this is incorrect, it was Webb City, Missouri, June 28)On Christmas Day in 1907 the parents and family left in two covered wagons from Webb City, Montana, (Missouri) and arrived south of Perryton February 1, 1908. They rented a section of land from T.W. Meade. Paul attended Lone Tree school and also attended Old Ochiltree school for a year when he was in the tenth grade while his father operated an ice plant and flour Mill at Old Ochiltree."

More About Paul Odessa Pletcher:
Burial: Ochiltree County Cemetary
Cause of Death: pneumonia/old age
faith: Full Gospel/Pentecostal
language: English
location: Perryton and Pampa, TX
Profession: Farmer/store owner

Notes for Alice Beatrice Kile:
From a Pampa News clipping announcing their 50th wedding anniversary:

"Mrs. Pletcher was born at Merkel August 4, 1908, and moved to Pampa with her parents and family from Gainsville in 1915. She attended her first year of school at the Little Red School House near Pampa and also attended three other country schools at Pampa. The family moved to Perryton in February, 1925. She attended the Lone Tree school in the seventh grade. Her father threshed grain. The family accompanied him and lived in tents and moved about following the threshing crew and Mrs. Kile cooked for the crew."

More About Alice Beatrice Kile:
Burial: Ochiltree County Cemetary
faith: Full Gospel/Pentecostal
Profession: homemaker

Marriage Notes for Paul Pletcher and Alice Kile:
This is from a newspaper clipping announcing their 50th wedding anniversary in Pampa, Texas.

"The couple was married April 18 at 1 o'clock in the afternoon at the home of the groom's parents, T.S. and Susannah Pletcher, in the Lone Tree Community. Rev. Hucklebee, a Methodist preacher, performed the wedding ceremony.

The bride, the former Alice Beatrice Kile, daughter of F.B. and Molly Kile wore a blue taffeta dress made by her mother for the wedding.

The couple spent the night at the home of his parents and the next day they drove in their 1925 Model T Ford to the farm they had rented from Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Kaup. They made their home there for nine years and then lived on two other farms during the next 13 years. In 1948 they moved to Perryton and operated Pletcher Grocery on East Brillhart for three years. They moved to Pampa June 4, 1951 and operated Mobile Home Sales until 1962. Since then they have been semi-retired. He takes care of the oldest son's rent property and makes a garden each year. . . . .

The couple met at a school play presented by the Lone Tree school at Perryton in February 1925. Pletcher was one of the characters in the play."
Children of Paul Pletcher and Alice Kile are:
  2 i.   Rev. Paul Allen Pletcher, born March 13, 1927 in Perryton, TX; married Bonnie June Schrimpf May 30, 1951 in Bethpage, MO.
  ii.   Henry Franklin Pletcher, born November 21, 1928 in Perryton, TX; married Jo Alice Franks December 04, 1949 in Kingsmill, TX; born February 28, 1932 in Ramsdell, TX.
  More About Henry Franklin Pletcher:
faith: Full Gospel/Pentecostal
Profession: minister, missionary to Mexico

  iii.   Thomas Edward Pletcher, born October 04, 1930 in Perryton, TX (Source: Birth Index, Ochiltree County, Texas, P 5 77.); married Wilda Joan Bryan June 03, 1951; born October 23, 1933 in Spearman, TX.
  More About Thomas Edward Pletcher:
faith: Apostolic Faith/ Pentecostal
Profession: Insurance agent

  iv.   Floyd Raymond Pletcher, born November 27, 1932 in Perryton, TX (Source: Birth Index, Ochiltree County, Texas, Vol 3 p 69.); married Judy Carol Busch.
  More About Floyd Raymond Pletcher:
faith: Apostolic Faith/ Pentecostal
Profession: Carpenter

  v.   Roberta Alice Pletcher, born January 14, 1936; married Robert McClenathan.
  vi.   Bertha May Pletcher, born August 11, 1939; married Micheal Owens.
  vii.   Willard Dale Pletcher, born September 20, 1944; married Nancy Jean Schwind March 04, 1963; born September 25, 1946.

      6. Lloyd Alfred Schrimpf, born February 03, 1901 in Roff, Indian Territory.,PC, OK; died November 15, 1976 in Amarillo, TX. He was the son of 12. Elijah Andrew Washington Schrimpf and 13. Della Berry. He married 7. Florence Mary Redhage July 30, 1920 in Oklahoma City, OK (Source: Florence Mary Redhage).

      7. Florence Mary Redhage, born April 14, 1905 in St Clair, Franklin Co.,MO (Source: Florence Mary Redhage); died February 2003 in Pampa, Texas. She was the daughter of 14. August Charles Redhage, Jr. and 15. Eldora Ellen Myers.

More About Lloyd Alfred Schrimpf:
Burial: Kingfisher, OK
Cause of Death: diabetes, heart condition
faith: Apostolic Faith/Pentecostal
Medical Information: had only 1/3 lung as a result of tuberculosis
military: served in Rainbow Division of Army, WW I
Profession: minister

More About Florence Mary Redhage:
Burial: February 2003, Kingfisher, OK
Children of Lloyd Schrimpf and Florence Redhage are:
  i.   Lloyd Alfred Schrimpf, Jr., born January 26, 1922 in Colorado Springs, CO (Source: Florence Mary Redhage.); died July 03, 1924 in Kingfisher, OK.
  More About Lloyd Alfred Schrimpf, Jr.:
Burial: Kingfisher, OK
Cause of Death: dysentery

  ii.   Mary Helen Schrimpf, born December 02, 1929 in Utopia, TX (Source: Florence Mary Redhage.); married (1) Paul August Ross August 10, 1947 in Menard, Menard Co., TX; born July 28, 1918 in Harmon, Ellis Co., OK; died April 14, 1969 in Albuquerque, Barnalillo Co., NM; married (2) Richard Reedy July 1977 in Albuquerque, NM; married (3) Joseph Chavez 1996 in Albuquerque, NM.
  More About Mary Helen Schrimpf:
faith: Apostolic Faith/Pentecostal
language: English
location: Albuquerque, NM
Profession: educator

  More About Paul August Ross:
Burial: Harmon, OK/Harmon, Ellis Co., OK
Cause of Death: cancer
faith: Apostolic Faith/ Pentecostal (Source: Janeva Kay Bailey, niece)
language: English
location: Harmon, OK/Shiprock, NM/Gallup, NM/Albuquerque, NM (Source: Janeva Kay Bailey, niece)
Profession: Educator, Navajo schools (Source: Janeva Kay Bailey, niece)

  3 iii.   Bonnie June Schrimpf, born January 21, 1932 in Knippa, TX; married Rev. Paul Allen Pletcher May 30, 1951 in Bethpage, MO.

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