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Ancestors of Myron Dean Bailey

      218. John Losey,Sr., born October 06, 1700 in Menham,NJ.. He was the son of 436. Jacobus Loyse and 437. Elizabeth Consely. He married 219. Jannetje Brouwer Adams.

      219. Jannetje Brouwer Adams, born Bef. January 08, 1701/02 in Brooklyn,NY.; died in Menhan Twp.,Morris Co.,NJ.. She was the daughter of 438. Wilhemus Brouwer and 439. Martha Boulton.
Children of John Losey and Jannetje Adams are:
  109 i.   Jane Losey, born August 30, 1756 in Morristown,NJ.; died November 25, 1847 in Pretty Prairie,LaGrange,In; married Morgan Young,Jr. 1777.
  ii.   John Losey,Jr., born 1723 in Jamaica,NY.; died 1783 in Hanover,NJ; married Hannah Holbard August 16, 1749 in Morristown,NJ.
  iii.   Catherine Losey, born Abt. 1734; married John Burwell
  iv.   Elizabeth Losey, born September 20, 1740 in Morristown,NJ.; died December 11, 1818 in Morristown,NJ.
  v.   Timothy Losey, born April 14, 1745 in Morristown,NJ; married Hannah Moore June 15, 1767.
  vi.   Phillip Losey, born Abt. June 30, 1750 in Hanover,NJ.; died December 07, 1803 in Morristown,NJ.
  vii.   Cornelius Losey, born Abt. 1732; died Aft. 1807 in Hanover,NJ; married Abigail Dunham
  viii.   Mary A. Losey, born Abt. 1730 in Rariatan,NJ; married Jonathan Pitney
  ix.   James Puff Losey, born Abt. 1725; died January 10, 1809; married Hannah Burwell 1766.

      240. Hugh Dailey9, born 1711 in Belfast, Antrim Co.,Ireland; died 1760 in Isle of Wight. He married 241. Elenor O'Brion.

      241. Elenor O'Brion9, born 1724 in Ireland.

Notes for Hugh Dailey:

Exiled to Isle of Wight for religious and political reasons,where he died in 1760 before his son Jesse was born.His wife removed with children to Fairfax Co. Virginia.

  Notes for Elenor O'Brion:
last name may be O'Brian

More About Elenor O'Brion:
Burial: Moved to Fairfax Co.,Virginia
Children of Hugh Dailey and Elenor O'Brion are:
  120 i.   Jesse Dailey, born December 07, 1760 in Fairfax Co. Virginia; died November 09, 1845 in Leesburg,Virginia; married Mary Polley Turner December 11, 1791 in Pittsylvania Co. Va.
  ii.   John Dailey9

      242. Pierce F. Turner9, born in maybe Culpepper Co.,Virginia. He married 243. UNKNOWN.

      243. UNKNOWN
Child of Pierce F. Turner is:
Child of Pierce Turner and UNKNOWN is:
  121 i.   Mary Polley Turner, born 1765 in Loudoun,Virginia; died 1853; married Jesse Dailey December 11, 1791 in Pittsylvania Co. Va.

      244. Samuel Butcher,Jr.9, born March 28, 1756 in Loudoun Co., Va. or Pa. or Randolph Co.Va.; died May 03, 1847 in Stillwell, Wood Co., West Virginia. He was the son of 488. Samuel Butcher,Sr. and 489. Susannah Marple Lewis. He married 245. Hannah Drake 1778 in prob Wood Co. W. Va. or Loudoun Co. Va. or Randolph Co. Va..

      245. Hannah Drake9, born August 16, 1761 in LOUDOUN CO, VA9; died 18449. She was the daughter of 490. Lt. Thomas Drake,Sr. and 491. Eurah Humphrey.

Notes for Samuel Butcher,Jr.:
Buried in the Kincheloe-Vandiver cemetery, Cedar Grove, Wood Co., West Virginia
Served as a lieutenant in the Continental Army from Virginia.

from "Some Pioneer Cemeteries of Parkersburg and Wood County. " by John A. House - Kincheloe Graveyard- The Old Kincheloe graveyard lies on a hill , on the old Daniel Kincheloe farm. It is on a gentle slope, facing west, some distance South of Staunton Pike , and across the road nearly opposite of the old Kincheloe house (now the County Infirmary). The road leads from the river , at Nicolette, to Staunton Pike. In a plot enclosed by iron railings are three graves. Samuel Butcher died May 3rd 1847, in the ninety-second year of his age. By his grave, on the right , lies Hannah Butcher, died 1844, in her eighty-third year. She was a daughter of Thomas Drake. On his left the headstone reads Deborah, wife of Hiram Pribble, died April 20th,1853, aged forty-nine years, two months. She was a daughter of Samuel Butcher, and married Pribble in 1828. Butcher was a soldier in the Revolution. Another grave in the lot is Elizabeth, wife of P. Butcher,May 4th, 1850 aged sixty years. On a broken slab is Payton Butcher, died January 25th, 1853, aged sixty six years,six months.

His name appears in a Randolph Co.,West Virginia Land Book of 1802 submitted by Ginny Weisman along with Edward Hart.

In the 1820 Wood Co.,WV. census it list Samuel Butcher with 1 male 45 years and upward, 1 female 10 years and under 16, 2 females 16 years and under 26, and 1 female 45 years and upwards.

in the 1830 Wood Co.,WV census Samuel has 1 white male 20 to 30 years old, 1 white male 70-80 years old, and 1 female 60 to 70 years old.

in the 1830 Wood Co.,WV. census Samuel has 1 80 to 90 years old and 1 70 to 80 years old.

In the Dar Linage Samuel Butcher,Jr. served as a Lt. in the Virginia line. He was born in Pennsylvania and died in Wood Co.Va.


More About Samuel Butcher,Jr.:
Fact 4: JR.9

  Notes for Hannah Drake:

Buried in Kincheloe-Vandiver Cemetery, Cedar Grove, Wood Co. West Virginia

Children of Samuel Butcher and Hannah Drake are:
  122 i.   Eli Butcher, born August 15, 1779 in Loudoun Co., Virginia; died December 20, 1862 in Beverly, Randolph Co., West Virginia; married (1) Elizabeth Hart September 27, 1804 in BEVERLY, VA; married (2) Margret Peggy Hart April 18, 1825 in Randolph Co., West Virginia.
  ii.   Urah (Urie) Butcher9, born January 27, 1781 in Loudoun Co., Virginia; died March 13, 1868 in Wood Co. West Virginia; married (1) Richard Reeder October 11, 1801 in Randolph Co., West Virginia; married (2) Richard E. Reeder October 21, 1801 in RANDOLPH CO, VA9
  Notes for Urah (Urie) Butcher:
buried in Reeder Cemetery on the Matheny Farm at Province Grove Route. 21, Fountain Springs, Wood Co., W.Va.

  iii.   Peyton Butcher9, born June 28, 1786 in Bloomfield, Loudoun Co., Va.; died January 25, 1853 in Wood Co. West Virginia; married (1) Elizabeth Renick December 10, 1810 in Beverly,Randolph Co., W.Va; married (2) Elizabeth Rennix December 10, 1810 in RANDOLPH CO, VA9
  More About Peyton Butcher:
Burial: buried in Kincheloe-Vandiver Cem. Cedar Grove,Wood Co. W.Va.

  iv.   Tasy Butcher9, born 1787 in Bloomfield, Loudoun Co., Va.; died Aft. 1870 in Slate District, Wood Co., W. Va; married (1) Seth Hamer; married (2) John Peadro December 22, 1813 in Randolph Co., West Virginia.
  v.   John Humphrey Butcher9, born 1788 in Bloomfield, Loudoun Co., Va.; died 1861; married (1) Nancy Ann "Nannie" Overfield 1810 in prob Loudoun Co., Va; married (2) Mary Glasscock 1827 in Fauquier Co., Virginia.
  vi.   Bailiss Grisby Butcher9, born November 10, 1790 in Bloomfield, Loudoun Co., Va.; died 1856 in Green Bank, Pocahontas Co., W. Va; married (1) Susan Oryd Rust January 10, 1825 in Parkersburg,Wood Co., W.Va; married (2) Patsy McNiel August 13, 1818 in BATH CO, VA9; born in POCAHONTAS CO9.
  vii.   Susannah (Susan) Butcher9, born April 22, 1798 in Bloomfield, Loudoun Co., Va.; died July 17, 1886 in Lawrence Co., Kentucky; married (1) Peyton Pigg in PITTSYLVANIA CO, VA9; married (2) Atwell Daniel Vaughan April 23, 1818 in Butchers Bend, Wood Co.,West Virginia.
  viii.   Anna W. Butcher9, born August 15, 1800 in Elkins,Randolph Co. West Va. (VA?); died April 20, 1861 in Wood Co. West Virginia; married (1) Abraham Pribble November 22, 1823 in Beach Point, W.Va; married (2) John A. Vaughan January 06, 1828 in Wood Co. West Virginia.
  ix.   Deborah Butcher9, born January 26, 1804 in Elkins,Randolph Co. West Va. (VA?); died April 20, 1853 in Wood Co. West Virginia; married Hiram Pribble August 17, 1828 in Beach Point, W.Va.
  x.   Thomas Drake Butcher9, born April 03, 1784 in LOUDOUN CO, VA9; died November 09, 1858 in Butchers Bend, Wood Co.,West Virginia; married Susannah Peadro in RANDOLPH CO, VA9
  xi.   Hannah Mariah Butcher9, born December 11, 1805 in LOUDOUN CO, VA9; died July 10, 1882 in prob Kansas City, Carrolton, Jackson Co. , Missouri; married Daniel Kincheloe,Jr. 1824 in Parkersburg,Va.

      246. Edward Hart9, born December 30, 1755 in Hopewell, Mercer Co., N.J.; died October 06, 1812 in HARDY CO, VA.9. He was the son of 492. John (SIGNER) Hart and 493. Deborah Scudder. He married 247. Nancy Ann Stout October 1777 in NEW JERSEY9.

      247. Nancy Ann Stout10,11, born July 25, 1756 in Hopewell,Hunterdon Co., New Jersey; died February 25, 1844 in Beverly,Randolph Co.,WVA.. She was the daughter of 494. St. Leger Codd Stout and 495. Susannah Hill Simpson.

Notes for Edward Hart:

He served several enlistments as a private in the New Jersey Militia. After his father's farm was destroyed in the Revolutionary War, he moved to Virginia in 1788. He contracted to build then first jail in Randolph County, Va. and he was active in civic affairs.
The first land battle of the Civil War was fought on his son Joseph's land in the Rich Mountains.
Edward served several enlistments as a private in the New Jersey militia. He married Nancy Ann Stout during October 1777 during the American Revolution. He was serving in the New Jersey Militia and received a three day pass to get married. George Washington attended the wedding. The family moved to Beverly,Randolph Co., VA. (WVA.) before 1794.

His name appears in a Randolph Co. Land Book of 1802 submitted by Ginny Weisman along with Samuel Butcher

More About Edward Hart:
Burial: 1788, moved to Virginia

  Notes for Nancy Ann Stout:

The book "Harts of Randolph County" says her linage can be traced to Charlamagne, William the Conqueror and nine signers of the Magna Charta.

More About Nancy Ann Stout:
Died2: August 06, 1812, Beverly,Randolph Co.,WVA.11
Children of Edward Hart and Nancy Stout are:
  i.   Deborah Hart11, born October 11, 1786 in Hopewell, N.J.11; died 187411; married William (Captain) Booth April 20, 1803 in Randolph Co., Va. (WV).
  123 ii.   Elizabeth Hart, born March 03, 1788 in HOPEWELL, N.J.; died October 24, 1823 in BEVERLY, WEST VIRGINA; married Eli Butcher September 27, 1804 in BEVERLY, VA.
  iii.   Edward Hart11, born June 10, 1791 in BEVERLY, WV11; died February 28, 1835; married (1) Katherine Phillip October 09, 1815; married (2) Catharine Phillips October 09, 1815 in RANDOLPH CO, VA11
  iv.   Joseph Hart,Sr.12,13,14, born July 16, 1797 in BEVERLY, WV14; died April 04, 1881 in Randolph Co., Va14; married (1) Mary Kittle April 01, 1819; married (2) Susan Pickens October 08, 1826 in Randolph Co. WV; married (3) Polly Kittle April 01, 1819 in ELKINS, VA14
  Notes for Joseph Hart,Sr.:

He was admitted to the bar of Randolph Co,Va. in 1837.He moved to the summit of Rich Mountain in 1855 for health reasons. His farm on the mountain top became the site of the Battle of Rich Mountain during the Civil War. His residence was between the lines. This was the first land battle of the Civil War and helped keep West Virginia in the Union, as the populace was divided evenly for and against slavery.

  More About Joseph Hart,Sr.:
Occupation: LAWYER14

  v.   John Montgomery Hart14, born October 15, 1778; died March 30, 1865; married (1) Deborah Stout December 17, 1803 in New Jersey14; born 1786 in Hopewell, NJ14; died September 14, 1849 in Vanceburg, Lewis Co., Ky14; married (2) Elizabeth Ryan
  Notes for Deborah Stout:

Daughter of Moses Stout of Hopewell,NJ.

  More About Deborah Stout:
Burial: Buried Vanceburg, Lewis Co., Ky14

  vi.   Elijah Hart14, born April 09, 1792 in Randolph Co., Va. (WV); died December 25, 1818; married Margret Peggy Hart December 23, 1812; born May 19, 1789; died November 03, 1867.
  More About Elijah Hart:
Burial: ist cousin to Margaret

  vii.   Mary Hart14, born 1793 in Randolph Co., Va. (WV); died 179814
  viii.   Susannah Hart14, born February 14, 1782 in Hopewell,N.J.; died July 01, 1843 in Logonsport,In; married George Washington Stalnaker November 17, 1796 in Randolph Co., Va. (WV); born February 27, 1777 in Randolph Co., Va. (WV); died November 14, 1857 in Logonsport,In..
  More About Susannah Hart:
Burial: Ninth St. Cemetery, Logansport, Indiana14

  Notes for George Washington Stalnaker:

He was appointed a Justice of the Peace for Randolph Co. in 1822.Sherriff for the first time in 1833 and for several more successive terms.
Some time after 1837 he moved to Cass Co.,Ind. All their children were born in Randolph Co. Children not in exact birth order.

  More About George Washington Stalnaker:
Burial: Ninth St. Cemetery, Logansport, Indiana14

  Marriage Notes for Susannah Hart and George Stalnaker:
Randolph County Marriages 1787-1971 transcribed by Nicholas Sturm

  ix.   Nancy Hart, born 1800.

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