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Ancestors of Philip Dale Bailey

      22. Charles Francis Pinnell201, born August 16, 1851 in Niles, Michigan202,203; died September 21, 1921 in Bellaire, Antrim Co, Michigan204,205. He was the son of 44. Samuel F. Pinnell and 45. Elizabeth Sargent. He married 23. Cora M. Holden.

      23. Cora M. Holden206, born July 09, 1855 in Michigan207. She was the daughter of 46. Horace G. Holden and 47. Martha M. Shivels.

More About Charles Francis Pinnell:
Cause of Death: Valvular Heart Disease208
Census: 1880, Chikaming Twp, Berrien Co., Michigan209
Occupation: 1880, Farmer210

  Notes for Cora M. Holden:
In the 1860 census I belive Cora is listed as M.E. Holden. The dates for the birth, more or less, line up with the dates that are provided in the 1900-1920 census information. There may have been other children. In the 1870 census the name is listed as Marcell. It could be that Marcell is her given name which she initialized later as her middle name and Cora could be her knickname.

More About Cora M. Holden:
Census: 1870, Michigan, Cass Co., Porter Twp., Cassopolis (p. 199)
Children of Charles Pinnell and Cora Holden are:
  i.   Grace Pinnell211, born Abt. 1879 in Michigan211; married George Marvin Friend December 05, 1897 in Bellaire, Michigan212.
  More About Grace Pinnell:
Census: 1880, Listed as 1 year old at the time of census, Chikaming Twp., Berrien Co., Michigan213

  ii.   Elizabeth Pinnell214, born November 1882215; married Ion Vernon Dewey December 18, 1907 in Bellaire, Michigan.
  More About Elizabeth Pinnell:
Census: 1900, Listed as 18 years old at the time of census, Forest Home Twp., Antrim Co., Michigan216

  Notes for Ion Vernon Dewey:
Tom was listed in the records of the family bible found in Michigan Library. Not sure of the relationship but in census records he is listed as son.

Doris Bailey stated that as a girl she remembers her Grandfather Solomon Dewey stating that Uncle Iny would someday he would be killed by getting kicked by the horses. Uncle Iny liked to get behind the horses and scare them. Death records and Doris confirm that he indeed was killed by a kick from the horses.

From the Bellaire County Courthouse: Estate of Ion V. Dewey File No. 2234.

  More About Ion Vernon Dewey:
Cause of Death: Kicked by Horse217

  11 iii.   Alice Pinnell, born November 28, 1886 in Forest Home Twp., Antrim Co., Michigan; died March 19, 1976 in Mancelona, Michigan; married Solomon Jeremiah Dewey June 21, 1906 in Bellaire, Michigan.
  iv.   Viola Belle Pinnell218, born July 09, 1892 in Forest Home Twp., Antrim Co., Michigan219; married Glenn Bush May 06, 1914 in Bellaire, Michigan220.
  Notes for Viola Belle Pinnell:
-"Marcella and Marceta Denny, Twins are spending the summer with their aunt, Mrs. Belle Bush. Richard Denny is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dewey, are are his aunt and uncle, this summer. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Denny attended their family reunion at the George Friend home a week ago last Sunday and visited friends and relatives in Bellaire and vicinity last week." (Bellaire Tidbits, Bellaire, Michigan, Bellaire Record, 16 July, 1931, p. 8, col. 1).

  More About Viola Belle Pinnell:
Census: 1900, Listed as 7 years old at the time of census, Forest Home Twp., Antrim Co., Michigan221

  v.   Mildred Pinnell222, born February 1895222; married Emmett L. Denny May 14, 1917 in Bellaire, Michigan223.
  More About Mildred Pinnell:
Census: 1900, Listed as 5 year old at the time of census, Forest Home Twp., Antrim Co., Michigan224

      24. Samuel Hassler225, born December 01, 1825 in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania225,226,227; died January 28, 1886228,229. He was the son of 48. Johannes Hassler and 49. Barbara Keiser. He married 25. Amanda Heilman May 14, 1872.

      25. Amanda Heilman230, born July 10, 1835 in North Annville Twp., Lebanon Co. Pennsylvania231,232,233; died November 23, 1903234,235. She was the daughter of 50. Henry Heilman, Jr. and 51. Elizabeth Heilman.

Notes for Samuel Hassler:
Samuel Hossler, is supposed to have apparently backed some type of financial endeavor which either went bust or the partner took off with the money. In either event, Samuel, lost the "Hossler" farm. This forced him to move from Lancaster to Lebanon Co. where the Heilman's resided. Apparently, William H. Hossler, moved back to the area and bought a farm, of which there are a number of photographs, perhaps for retirement. Horace Hossler, was to have taken over the operations of the farm but severe illness and a felt calling to perform Christian Service in Ohio caused him to leave the farm. (Reported by Elizabeth Hossler).

More About Amanda Heilman:
Baptism: November 10, 1835236
Burial: Hill Church Cemetery, Cleona, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania237

Marriage Notes for Samuel Hassler and Amanda Heilman:
Marriage performed by the Rev. J.E. Heister (Heilman, 1992).
Child of Samuel Hassler and Fanny Strickler is:
  i.   Emma Hassler.
Children of Samuel Hassler and Amanda Heilman are:
  12 i.   William Heilman Hossler, born December 18, 1879 in Lancter County, Pennsylvania; died January 13, 1939; married Phoebe Anna Fast October 12, 1904 in Ashland, Kentucky.
  ii.   Samuel H. Hossler238, born November 18, 1875 in Lancester County, Pennsylvania239,240; died August 20, 1950 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; married Alice B. Groh November 09, 1895 in Anneville, Pennsylvania241.
  More About Samuel H. Hossler:
Burial: August 23, 1950, Rolling Green Cemetery, Linglestown, Pennsylvania
Residence: Palmyra, Pennsylvania241

  Marriage Notes for Samuel Hossler and Alice Groh:
Samuel H. and Alice Groh were married by the Rev. Jonathon E. Heister (Heilman, 1992).

  iii.   Ellen H. Hossler242,243, born August 25, 1873243,244; died October 03, 1887245,246.
  More About Ellen H. Hossler:
Burial: Hill Church Cemetery, Cleona, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania247

      26. Abraham Fast, born November 05, 1826 in Fairfield County, Ohio; died April 19, 1902 in Mercer County, Ohio (Mercer Co. Home). He was the son of 52. Jacob Fast and 53. Catherine Springer. He married 27. Alvernon Lovett June 19, 1880 in Mercer County, Ohio248.

      27. Alvernon Lovett, born December 03, 1849249. She was the daughter of 54. Joseph Nathaniel Lovett and 55. Phebe Fishbaugh.

Notes for Abraham Fast:
Obituary for Abraham fast foudn in family documents. It is believed to come from a St. Mary's:

Abraham Fast was born in Fairfild Co., Ohio, November 5, 1826 and died in Mercer Co., Ohio, April 19, 1902, age 75 years; 5 months, and 14 days. He was united in marriage to Rachael Sheets in 1848. To them were born 6 children, four boys and two girls. This union was broken by death in 1865. Later he was married to Rebecca Conkle. To them were born two children, one boy and one girl. This union was also severed by the hand of death. Again he was married to Alice Reynolds. To them was born one child.
He leaves one brother, one sister, eight children and twenty-two grandchildren to mourn. He was coverted to the Lord at an early day, and continued until his death.
He not not afraid of death but his chief concern was to be ready when his Master called.

Marriage Notes for Abraham Fast and Rachael Sheets:
This marriage produced six children, four boys and two girls (Newspaper clipping of unknown origin.)

  Notes for Rebecca Manley Conkle:
Some have listed her last name as Kenkle.

Marriage Notes for Abraham Fast and Rebecca Conkle:
The marriage resulted in the birth of two children, one boy and one girl (newspaper clipping of unknown origin).

More About Alvernon Lovett:
Burial: Elm Grove Cemetery, St. Marys, Ohio

Marriage Notes for Abraham Fast and Alvernon Lovett:
Abraham Fast married Alvernon (Lovett) Reynolds after her first husband (C. Reynolds) travelled west and hadn't come home or been heard from. When Phoebe Anna Fast was young, Abraham set Alvernon up in a house in St. Mary's, Ohio. The reason for this is supposedly that Abraham's older children didn't like or approve of the marriage. Alvernon's first husbanddid show up or wrote to her after she had remarried. (This was information that was told to me by Elizabeth Hossler who received the information from Ruth (Hossler) Wood.)
Children of Abraham Fast and Rachael Sheets are:
  i.   Jesse Fast, born May 03, 1860; died June 05, 1920; married Charlotte Webb March 18, 1880.
  ii.   Anderson Fast250, born Abt. 1849250.
  iii.   Burhing Fast250, born Abt. 1856250.
  iv.   Louisa Fast250, born Abt. 1857250.
  v.   Jesse Fast250, born Abt. 1860250; married Charlotte.
Children of Abraham Fast and Rebecca Conkle are:
  i.   Benjamin M. Fast251, born Abt. 1867251.
  ii.   Ercue R. Fast252, born Abt. 1870252.
Child of Abraham Fast and Alvernon Lovett is:
  13 i.   Phoebe Anna Fast, born October 15, 1880 in St. Marys, Ohio; died April 16, 1965 in Ricmond Burrough, Staten Island, New York City, New York; married William Heilman Hossler October 12, 1904 in Ashland, Kentucky.

      28. Abraham A. Holdeman, born November 28, 1838 in Congress Township, Wayne County, Ohio; died July 10, 1895 in Van Buren Co. Michigan. He was the son of 56. George Holdeman and 57. Anna Eicher. He married 29. Elizabeth Curtis December 25, 1864 in Elkhart County, Indiana.

      29. Elizabeth Curtis, born March 15, 1848 in Waterloo County, Canada West.; died November 08, 1924 in Michigan. She was the daughter of 58. Burton H. Curtis and 59. Elizabeth Koblin.

Marriage Notes for Abraham Holdeman and Elizabeth Curtis:
Married by Samuel Holdeman, Justice of the Peace.

Less than three years after marriage Abraham and Elizabeth moved to Noble Township, Branch County, Michigan, where a few Mennonite families had settled shortly before, and in a neighborhood where there had seldom been any religious services. As early as 1866 Mennonite ministers made trips to Branch County, and John M. Brenneman has reported a visit he made there when on November 20, 1867 a meeting was held at the home of Abraham Holdeman, where two persons were received into the church. The membership then numbered twenty-eight, and they were in need of a meeting-house. In 1873 Abraham moved with his family back to Elkhart County, Indiana near Wakarusa, and later near Nappanee, but returned to Branch County, Michigan. The final move was to Bloomingdale Township, Van Buren County, Michigan.

Abraham was a soldier in the Civil War, having enrolled, September 5, 1861 at LaPorte, Indiana for three years. He was a member of Company C, 9th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and on December 26, 1862 at the battle of Lavargne was severely wounded. He was discharged September 15, 1864.

A daughter of Abraham, who had not reached her ninth birthday when her father died, wrote of him as follows: "He exacted obedience and might have been considered stern, but he never seemed so to me; he must have been quite patient , for he helped me all one summer after I had failed in the second grade. I do not remember any coercion about the study, for I distinctly remember that I was tempted to give up when I reached the place where the fine print began. It seems the decision to continue was entirely my own. When I was small I sat beside him a great deal on winter days and remember that, though I had two places to play, I was never allowed to have more than one strewn with paper dolls, etc. at a time. When I went to the other place the one where I had been playing had to be put in order first. I have always been thankful for that training in order. My father's word was counted good and he was able to say "It's alright" before his sudden death. He was one of those whose life was shortened as a result of his three years in the army." (Weaver, 1937)
Children of Abraham Holdeman and Elizabeth Curtis are:
  14 i.   Franklin Alvin Holdeman, born January 19, 1879 in Noble Twp., Branch Co., Michigan; died November 09, 1967 in New Carlisle, Ohio (Buried in New Carlisle Cemetary); married Emma Sando March 25, 1908 in Potsdam, Ohio.
  ii.   Catharine C. Holdeman, born December 02, 1865 in Olive Township, Elkhart COunty, Indiana.
  iii.   Joseph C. Holdeman, born August 05, 1867 in Elkhart Township, Elkhart County, Indiana.
  iv.   Maria C. Holdeman, born August 01, 1869 in Noble Township, Branch County, Michigan.
  v.   Anne C. Holdeman, born May 08, 1871 in Noble Township, Branch County, Michigan; died August 20, 1872.
  vi.   Emma A. Holdeman, born October 28, 1873 in Olive Township, Elkhart County, Indiana; died January 09, 1874.
  vii.   Grace May Holdeman, born June 11, 1881 in Noble Township, Branch County, Michigan.
  viii.   Claudius Holdeman, born August 21, 1884 in Bloomingdale Township, Van Buren COunty, Michigan.
  ix.   Eleanor Jane Holdeman, born November 06, 1886 in Bloomingdale Township, Van Buren COunty, Michigan.

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