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View Tree for Dr. William WardDr. William Ward (b. Abt. 1756, d. 23 Jul 1835)

William Ward (son of Benjamin Ward and Mary Duke) was born Abt. 1756 in VA, and died 23 Jul 1835 in nr. Old Jefferson, Rutherford Co. TN. He married Mary "Polly" Robertson on 24 Oct 1812 in Rutherford Co., TN.

 Includes NotesNotes for William Ward:
Brenda Helen Reed (6th cousin, twice removed to this writer in the Logan/Ward line) is a descendant of Benjamin Ward, Jr., brother of Dr. William and James (our line) Ward. She has done exhaustingly documented research on the Ward line. While some of the material on the Ward line comes from other sources, this and other information on the Wards depends heavily on her work. Dr. William is very important to discovery of the parents of our ancestor Campbell Logan (WCL), as Ward's will annex mentions the children of Elizabeth Ward Logan, wife of Blakely Logan by name, including Campbell.

William was a physician, quite possibly the the first in Rutherford Co., TN, and a well-educated, wealthy plantation owner, having by his death 65 slaves, spending his peak years and the end of his life in Rutherford Co., TN. "He would have trained in medicine under apprenticeship and would have probably possessed a well known book of the time, Gunn's Domestic Medicine which discussed in plain languages diseases of men, women and children. Surgery was limited to opening abscesses, removing foreign bodies, setting fractures, and closing cuts. A cholera epidemic hit Murfreesboro and middle Tennessee the beginning of June 1833. Thirty died the first day; one hundred and nine people died in all. In those days Calomel was the primary treatment." Dr. Ward married Mary Robertson, but they had no children. Dr. Ward was first recorded at Washington Co. NC in the 1770's with his brother Benjamin. By 1804 he had settled near Jefferson on the Stones River in Rutherford Co., TN (TN was originally a part of NC territory). Rumors abound that the Ward had good relations with the Indians, however when the first white settlers came into the middle Tennessee region, the land was unoccupied. In 1748 Dr. Thomas Walker, a Virginia land speculator, explored a part of upper eastern Tennessee. He later passed through the Cumberland Gap. In the spring of 1779, James Robertson and a small group of men, including one Negro, left Watauga, NC going through the Cumberland Mountains through Kentucky, entering Tennessee in what is now Sumner County. They were joined by another group led by Mansker Robertson, (related to William's wife, Mary Robertson?) with over 200 emigrants, set out late in 1779 for the Nashville area reaching French Lick in January 1780. during one of the most severe winters on record. Soon a group led by John Donelson/Donaldson left by water to join the Robertson party arriving April 24, 1780. In 1780 many East Tennesseans fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain. In 1783 Rutherford County was part of Davidson County, NC. Rutherford Co. was formed in 1804 from Davidson and Williamson Counties. (As an aside. this could provide a clue to locating the father of Isabella Saunders, born in 1829 in Maury Co., TN, (wife of Jesse Albert Byrd in another line of this genealogy), Isabella's father, RM Saunders, having been born in NC, or SC, presumably in the early 1800's or even the late 1700's when TN had not been formed out of NC.) In 1778 Benjamin Ward appears on Washington Co., NC List of Taxables 1778-1801, as reported by Mary Hardin Mc Cown, Nancy E Jones Stickley and Inez E. Burns. The amount of the estate of Benjamin Ward was 356.10.0. (British money, as the colonies were pre-revolutionary). Benjamin Ward paid 3.12.0 in taxes. William Ward (Estate of 185.0.0 and paid 1.16.10 1/2) appears in the same record book. In 1779 List of Taxbles, William Ward was assessed for one site of 250 acres valued at 250 and 3 horses valued at 350. He had 7 cattle and had ready money of 21.2.8. The total sum of his property was 691.2.8. In the 1790 Washington Co., NC return of the Taxable Property in Captain Stones' Company for the years 1790 and 91, in both years William Ward listed 1 white poll, 1 black poll and 243 acres of land. Benjamin Ward is not on this list. Benjamin Ward was by this time living in the Watauga area of Ashe Co., NC. On December 4, 1804 records in the Deed Book B:58 of Rutherford Co., TN indicate transfer of Deed from William Nash to William Ward, both of Rutherford Co., TN for $300 in hand paid for a tract of land lying on the water of the east fork of Stones River and on the northeast side of the same river, being part of tract granted to Redmond D. Berry and containing 200 acres. Other family names occur in various Rutherford Co. records, including Jesse Ward, a nephew of Dr. Ward, John Ward (Jesse's brother?) From the History of Medicine in Rutherford County, TN, Part II by Robert G. Ransom, MD (located in the library at Murfreesboro, TN) we confirm: Dr. William Ward was listed as William Ward on the 1810 census of Rutherford Co., TN. He owned 14 slaves and lived in Jefferson, TN. In April 1812, Rutherford Co., TN, Joshua Hadly deeded to William Ward 640 acres of land. (Rutherford Co, TN Court Minutes, April 1812, p5.) April 1812 Willaim Ward was ordered for road work for a road from bank of Spring Creek at William Nash's to Cornelius Saunders; other hands included John Robertson. (p. 59 of the previous Court Minutes)
On Sept 21, 1832 Dr. William Ward of Rutherford Co. TN made his will, naming his wife, Mary Ward, and "my nephew Thompson Ward, son of my brother, James Ward", as his primary heirs. Thompson received "seven Negroes as follows: Ben a Negro man, Polly his wife and her five children namely, Coleman, Paul, Martha, Eliza and Sarah and all of his future increase to him and his heirs forever". He directed that at the death of his wife Mary Ward, that his property be given in equal portions to "my brother Joshua Ward's three daughters: Rachel, Rody and Sealy, and Thompson Ward, son of my brother James Ward to them and their heirs forever".

On July 27 1835 an article was published in the Nashville Banner as follows: "THOMPSON WARD TAKE NOTICE! By applying to Mary Ward, executrix of the estate of your uncle Dr. William Ward, late of Rutherford Co. TN, who died 23 July 1835 you will hear of something to your advantage. Direct to Jefferson Post Office, Rutherford Co., TN".

Mary Ward died in 1842. In 1849, as recorded in the Rutherford County Chancery Court Minutes Book A, page 402. (Copy of original records sent by Barbara Blankenship of Knoxville, TN to Tom C. Ward of Columbus, KS and emailed to Brenda Reed 12/19/97) there appears to have been some dispute over the division of Dr. Ward's estate after the death of wife, Mary. It provides an excellent source of family names and relationships, including James Ward, his daughter ELIZABETH WARD LOGAN (married to BLAKELY LOGAN) and her son, our ancestor CAMPBELL LOGAN: "John Jones, Administrator de bonis with the will annexed of William Ward, dec'd vs. William Major, Administrator & Isaiah Robertson and others. DECREE: "Be it remembered that this cause came on for further hearing on the 16th day of October 1849 before Chancellor Ridley, upon the report of the Clerk & Master made in pursuance of an Inter ____decree heretofore pronounced in this court directing to take proof & report who are the next of kin to William Ward deceased. And it appeared from said report the William Ward deceased had 4 brothers of whole blood, namely JAMES WARD, Joshua Ward, Benjamin Ward and Michael Ward; that he had one brother of half-blood, namely Daniel Ward, and that he had one sister of the whole blood namely Mary Kennedy. It also appears that JAMES WARD died before William Ward, that he left children Thompson Ward, William Ward and Mary Bagley who were living at the death of William Ward; that he left a daughter ELIZABETH LOGAN who died before William Ward, leaving six children; namely William, James, Thompson, CAMPBELL, Polly Ann and Elizabeth Logan. It appears that Joshua Ward died before William Ward leaving a daughter named Rachel afterwards Rachel Duncan who was living at the death of William Ward and that she is the only child of Joshua Ward who is proved to having been living at the death of William Ward. It does not appear whether Benjamin Ward is living or dead or whether he had children or not. It appears that Michael Ward died many year, since, that he left a son Joshua Ward who is now living and he is proven to have had one or two other children whose names do not appear or whether they are living at the death of Dr. Ward. Daniel, son of brother James Ward has children, namely William Ward, Jesse Ward, Daniel Ward, Benjamin Ward, Jonathan Ward, Asa Ward, Samuel Ward, Elizabeth afterwards Elizabeth Marcum, Sealy Ward, Happy Ward afterwards Happy Perdue and Prudence Ward afterwards Prudence Perdue, eleven in number. It appears that Mary Kennedy was living at the death of William Ward. And said report being un excepted to is in all things confirmed. it is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court:" The document goes on to divide the estate between the closest kin of Dr. Ward: Thompson Ward, William Ward and Mary Bagley, children of JAMES WARD. The children of ELIZABETH LOGAN not being children of a brother or sister of William Ward deceased are too remote in blood and take no interest whatever in his estate. Rachel Duncan is entitled to one sixth of the lapsed legacies in right of her father Joshua Ward which is in addition to her legacy to which it has been heretofore decide she was entitled under the Will of William Ward the legacy under the Will being one fourth of one half of the entire estate. Benjamin Ward is entitled, if living, to one sixth and if dead, leaving children, they are entitled in his room & stead. Joshua Ward is entitled on one sixth in the right of his father, Michael Ward deceased. The children and heirs of Daniel Ward are entitled to one sixth in the right of their said father Daniel Ward, deceased. Mary Kennedy is entitled to one sixth.

Dr. Ward's will was finally proved 26 October 1849, Rutherford Co. TN. He died without children of his own. The will names wife, Mary. Names "whole blood" brothers, James, Joshua, Benjamin and Michael, one sister Mary Ward Kennedy and one "half-blood" brother: Daniel Ward. Brother James had predeceased his brother, William, survived by children: Thompson, William and Mary Ward Bagley. His daughter: ELIZABETH WARD LOGAN predeceased her uncle, William Ward. Her 6 children are enumerated as, William , James, Thompson, CAMPBELL, Polly Ann and Elizabeth. (unknown if this represented birth order, or boys first, then girls) Joshua predeceased Dr. Ward, leaving a daughter Rachel Ward Duncan "only child of Joshua proved to be living at time of Dr. Ward's death" A Rutherford Co. Court document from April 29, 1852 indicates that Benjamin Ward died in 1820, left 10 children, 3 deceased prior to Dr. Ward (Mrs. Celia Marlowe, Mrs. Susan Webb and Duke Ward} Benjamin's children living in 1852: Kelly Ward, Daniel, Jesse and James Ward. Nicodemus Ward d. 3-4 years before April 1852, Benjamin Ward (Jr) d. 14 to 16 years before 1852 and William died without marrying, date unknown. Michael Ward, Dr. Ward's brother, died many years prior, leaving son Joshua (several children, but no names given), Daniel Ward deceased many years prior, leaving 11 surviving children: William, Jesse, Daniel, Benjamin, Jonathan, Asa, Samuel, Elizabeth Ward Marcum, Sealy Ward, Happy Ward Perdue and Prudence Ward Perdue.

There was a Ward Family Record passed down from Daniel Ward, son of Benjamin Ward and his first wife (whose name remains unknown) to his daughter Elizabeth Ward Marcum who passed the document to her granddaughter, Mary Ann Hansard, the grandmother of Mary Lorena Hansard Wilson of Sweetwater, TN. The document was in Lorena Wilson's hands until the last period of her life when it fell into the hands of another relative whose name is not known according to her daughter, Sue Wilson Little. Brenda Reed obtained this information from Virginia Smith, who visited with Lorena Wilson in about 1980. Mrs. Wilson allowed her to copy the Ward Family Record. Mrs. Wilson had recently published her grandmother's writings. The Ward Family Record copied by Virginia Smith was a single page that almost certainly was removed from a Bible, originally belonging to Richard Ward (1692-1762)of Lunenburg County, Virginia. It was inherited by his grandson Daniel Ward (1739-1826) of Franklin Co., Virginia. The entries appeared to all be in the same hand and ink except for the last, recording the death of Daniel Ward. The other entries appear to have been recorded in the mid 1700's, after 1739. The Ward Family Record establishes the following: Richard Ward, son of Seth Ward, was born October 29 1692. Frances, his wife, was born September 14, 1700. Benjamin Ward, son of Richard Ward, was born September 18, 1717. Tahpanes Ward, daughter of Richard Ward was born March 29 1729. Daniel Ward, son of Benjamin Ward, was born May 4 1739 and died January 29 1826. On March 11 2002, Virginia Smith posted a message on the Genforum internet site in which she proposed that MARY DUKE is said to have been the second wife of BENJAMIN WARD who was born September 18 1717. She stated that the name of Benjamin Ward's first wife remains unknown. Benjamin Ward had one son, Daniel Ward, 1739-1826 of Franklin Co., VA by the first wife. Benjamin Ward had children by his second wife, she believed to be Mary Duke, including Benjamin Ward (c. 1750-1820) of Ashe Co., NC and Dr. William Ward of Rutherford Co., TN. Dr. Ward married Mary Robertson, but died without issue. He was said to have been very rich and well-educated. It has been said that Dr. Ward kept a journal that his widow, Mary, gave to Dr. Ward's nephew, Peter Markham, which was passed down through the family, but was lost to fire around the turn into the 20th century. Some of the information it is said to have contained was passed down by word of mouth over the years. the journal was said to have included information regarding his slaves and patients, as well as remedies for various ailments. he also wrote an account of his life to include information about his family in which he took great pride. his mother, Mary Duke was said to be the daughter of James Duke and Mary Byrd and a niece of William Byrd II of Westover, after whom Dr. Ward was said to have been named. The Wards honored the Duke and Byrd connection by the use of the names William, Mary, James and Duke in the family. Byrd and Duke families resided in Charles City Co. and James City Co., VA. Dr. Ward was said to have been on close terms with his uncle, William Byrd II of Westover.

Mary A. Hansard in her book "Old Times Tazewell" writes the following: "In the year 1839 (this year is not correct, per court records date of death is July 23,1835) Dr. William Ward of Rutherford Co., Middle Tennessee, an uncle of Father's died. He was a very rich old gentleman, owned a large boundary of land on Stones River not far from the Hermitage of Andrew Jackson, ex-president, and about 25 miles distant from Nashville. His widow engaged my father (Peter Markham/Marcum) to oversee her business, as she had about 65 Negroes and cultivated cotton extensively. He accordingly left Tazewell in May 1840 and moved to said county. He was much pleased with this beautiful country and the surroundings. We visited Nashville in July following and if you remember this was the year of the presidential election. There was greater excitement over this election than any I ever knew. It was the year that Wm Henry Harrison was elected president.....We lived in Rutherford County only one year and then returned to Tazewell on account of the ill health of Mother and sister, and Father's health had failed also."

More About William Ward and Mary "Polly" Robertson:
Marriage: 24 Oct 1812, Rutherford Co., TN.
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