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Ancestors of Lynn Dale Baker

      642. Nathaniel Walker47, born April 15, 1682 in Woburn, MA47; died July 01, 1759 in Union, Tolland, CT47. He was the son of 1284. Israel Walker and 1285. Susannah Baldwin. He married 643. Jemima Ward 1714 in Ashford, Windham, CT47.

      643. Jemima Ward47, born July 05, 1693 in Marlboro, MA47; died WFT Est. 1730-178847. She was the daughter of 1286. William Ward and 1287. Judith Beaman?.
Children of Nathaniel Walker and Jemima Ward are:
  i.   Obadiah Walker, born February 03, 1714/15 in Ashford, Windham, CT.
  321 ii.   Rebekah Walker, born March 07, 1716/17 in Ashford, Windham, MA; died 1797 in Brimfield, Hampton, MA; married Freeborn Moulton June 23, 1737 in Brimfield, Essex, MA.
  iii.   Israel Walker, born March 18, 1718/19 in Ashford, Windham, CT.
  iv.   Abigail Walker, born May 11, 1721 in Ashford, Windham, CT; died January 05, 1746/47.
  v.   Hezekiah Walker, born July 08, 1723 in Ashford, Windham, CT.
  vi.   Edward Walker, born March 23, 1724/25 in Ashford, Windham, CT.
  vii.   Susanna Walker47, born March 24, 1726/27 in Ashford, CT47; died WFT Est. 1764-182247
  viii.   Hannah Walker, born March 24, 1727/28 in Ashford, Windham, CT.

      644. Joshua Blodgett, born February 26, 1693/94 in Woburn, MA48; died WFT Est. 1729-178548. He was the son of 1288. Samuel Blodgett and 1289. Huldah Simonds. He married 645. Dinah Morse WFT Est. 1725-175948.

      645. Dinah Morse, born WFT Est. 1677-170148; died WFT Est. 1729-179048. She was the daughter of 1290. John Morse and 1291. Dinah Knight.

More About Joshua Blodgett:
Ancestral File Number: GRHK-D149

More About Dinah Morse:
Ancestral File Number: LVWT-3550,51
Children of Joshua Blodgett and Dinah Morse are:
  322 i.   James Blodgett, born December 21, 1723 in Monson, MA; died March 20, 1817 in Ascot, Canada; married Theodia Wallbridge October 11, 1749 in Stafford, CT.
  327 ii.   Mary Blodgett, born April 01, 1726 in Stafford, CT; died WFT Est. 1751-1820; married Daniel Colburn June 09, 1744 in Stafford, CT.

      646. Amos Wallbridge, born April 09, 1693 in Preston, New London, CT52; died February 27, 1788 in Stafford, Tolland, CT52. He was the son of 1292. Henry Wallbridge and 1293. Anna Amos. He married 647. Theodia Porter 1719 in CT52.

      647. Theodia Porter, born August 15, 1699 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA52; died December 16, 1760 in Stafford, Tolland, CT52. She was the daughter of 1294. Experience Porter and 1295. Abigail Williams.

More About Amos Wallbridge:
Ancestral File Number: 8PPV-TR53,54
Christening: Stonington, New London, Connecticut, First Church55,56

More About Theodia Porter:
Ancestral File Number: RH1Q-6057,58
Burial: Stafford Village, Cemetary, Tolland Co., Connecticut59,60
Children of Amos Wallbridge and Theodia Porter are:
  i.   Deborah Wallbridge61,62,63, born August 06, 1722 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut64,65
  More About Deborah Wallbridge:
Ancestral File Number: RH1Q-7566,67

  ii.   Theodia Wallbridge68,69,70, born March 15, 1724/25 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut71,72
  More About Theodia Wallbridge:
Ancestral File Number: RH1Q-8B73,74

  iii.   Amos Wallbridge75,76,77, born December 15, 1727 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut78,79; died October 24, 1793 in Stafford, Tollard, CT80,81; married Margaret UNKNOWN.
  More About Amos Wallbridge:
Ancestral File Number: RH1Q-9H82,83

  iv.   William Wallbridge84,85,86, born December 12, 1730 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut87,88
  More About William Wallbridge:
Ancestral File Number: RH1Q-BN89,90

  323 v.   Theodia Wallbridge, born August 08, 1733 in Canterbury, CT; died September 25, 1819 in Randolph, VT; married James Blodgett October 11, 1749 in Stafford, CT.
  vi.   Henry Wallbridge91,92,93, born September 27, 1735 in Stafford, Tolland Co., Connecticut94,95; died December 12, 1738 in Stafford, Tolland Co., Connecticut96,97
  More About Henry Wallbridge:
Ancestral File Number: RH1Q-D198,99

  vii.   Henry Wallbridge100,101,102, born November 10, 1738 in Stafford, Tolland Co., Connecticut103,104; died December 12, 1738 in Stafford, Tolland, Ct105,106
  More About Henry Wallbridge:
Ancestral File Number: RH1Q-F6107,108

  viii.   Abigail Wallbridge109,110,111, born October 17, 1741 in Stafford, Tolland Co., Connecticut112,113
  More About Abigail Wallbridge:
Ancestral File Number: RH1Q-GC114,115

      648. Josiah Trask116,117,118, born December 10, 1691 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts119,120. He was the son of 1296. John Trask, Jr and 1297. Mary Elizabeth Dodge. He married 649. Mary Woodbury May 13, 1719 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts121,122.

      649. Mary Woodbury123,124,125, born November 09, 1701 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts126,127; died 1732128,129. She was the daughter of 1298. Peter Woodbury and 1299. Mary Dodge.

More About Josiah Trask:
Ancestral File Number: JZ7S-G0130,131

More About Mary Woodbury:
Ancestral File Number: JZ7S-QC132,133
Children of Josiah Trask and Mary Woodbury are:
  i.   Mary TRASK134,135,136, born February 13, 1724/25 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts137,138
  More About Mary TRASK:
Ancestral File Number: JZ7S-JB139,140

  324 ii.   Josiah Trask, born 1720 in Beverly, MA; died WFT Est. 1758-1811; married Anna Putnam October 31, 1745 in Sutton, MA.

      650. Isaac Putnam141,142, born March 14, 1697/98 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts142; died 1757 in Sutton, Worchester, Massachusetts142. He was the son of 1300. (Dea.) Edward Putnam and 1301. Mary Hale. He married 651. Anna Fuller December 20, 1720 in Salem, , Mass142.

      651. Anna Fuller143,144, born November 06, 1699 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts144; died 1804 in Prob Sutton, , Mass144. She was the daughter of 1302. Jonathan Fuller and 1303. Susanna Trask.

More About Isaac Putnam:
Ancestral File Number: 8X8L-8V144

More About Anna Fuller:
Ancestral File Number: 8X8L-J8144
Christening: July 06, 1701, Salem Village, , Mass.144
Children of Isaac Putnam and Anna Fuller are:
  i.   Phinneas Putnam145,146, born October 01, 1722 in Salem Village, Essex Co, Ma146; died in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma146
  More About Phinneas Putnam:
Ancestral File Number: JR98-S9146
Christening: October 07, 1722, Salem Village, Essex Co, Ma146

  ii.   Asaph Putnam147,148, born September 11, 1724 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts148; died August 06, 1796 in Pittstown, Rensselaer, Ny148
  More About Asaph Putnam:
Ancestral File Number: HLRN-XP148
Burial: August 1796, Pittstown, , N.y.148
Christening: September 20, 1724, Salem Village, Essex Co, Ma148

  325 iii.   Anna Putnam, born July 27, 1726 in Salem Village, Essex Co, Ma; died in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma; married Josiah Trask October 31, 1745 in Sutton, MA.
  iv.   Susanna Putnam149,150, born August 20, 1728 in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma150; died in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma150
  More About Susanna Putnam:
Ancestral File Number: S182-9J150

  v.   Nathan Putnam151,152, born October 24, 1730 in Sutton, Worchester, Massachusetts152; died August 06, 1813 in Sutton, Worchester, Massachusetts152
  More About Nathan Putnam:
Ancestral File Number: HLRN-ZV152

  vi.   Edward Putnam153,154, born February 05, 1732/33 in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma154; died Abt. 1735 in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma154
  More About Edward Putnam:
Ancestral File Number: S182-BP154

  vii.   Isaac Putnam155,156, born November 04, 1734 in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma156; died in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma156
  More About Isaac Putnam:
Ancestral File Number: S182-CV156

  viii.   Lydia Putnam157,158, born October 20, 1736 in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma158
  More About Lydia Putnam:
Ancestral File Number: S182-D2158

  ix.   Capt. Daniel Putnam159,160, born March 28, 1739 in Sutton, Worcester Co, Ma160; died 1809 in Cornish, Sullivan Co, Nh160
  More About Capt. Daniel Putnam:
Ancestral File Number: S182-F7160

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