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Ancestors of Lynn Dale Baker

      10366. John HOLGRAVE4133,4134, born 1580 in Of Salem, Essex, Ma4134; died 1674 in , , Maine4134. He was the son of 20732. Robert HOLGRAVE. He married 10367. Lydia 16034134.

      10367. Lydia4135,4136, born Abt. 1592 in Of Salem, Essex, Ma4136.

More About John HOLGRAVE:
Ancestral File Number: 4JF8-XH4136
Burial: Roxbury, , Massachusetts4136
Christening: Of, Essex, Massachusetts4136

More About Lydia:
Ancestral File Number: FHT1-D84136
Christening: Of, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts4136
Children of John HOLGRAVE and Lydia are:
  i.   Joshua HOLGRAVE4137,4138, born Abt. 1616 in Eng.4138
  More About Joshua HOLGRAVE:
Ancestral File Number: 4JF8-T04138

  ii.   Eliza (Or) Lydia HOLGRAVE4139,4140, born Abt. 1618 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts4140
  More About Eliza (Or) Lydia HOLGRAVE:
Ancestral File Number: VMTD-W34140

  iii.   Lydia HOLGRAVE4141,4142, born Abt. 1618 in Eng.4142; died in Woolrich, , Maine4142
  More About Lydia HOLGRAVE:
Ancestral File Number: 4JF8-WB4142

  5183 iv.   Martha Holgrave, born in Salem, Essex, Ma; died August 25, 1708 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Ma; married William Parke May 18, 1631 in Salem, Essex, Ma.

      10368. Nicholas Traske, born Bef. 1563 in Somerset, England.

Notes for Nicholas Traske:
Capt William Traske was born in East Coker, a small village just west of Yeovil, in Somerset, England, the son of Nicholas Traske and his wife Christian/Christyan. East Coker is very close to Merriott and all Trasks seem to have lived in that area during the 16th century.

Nicholas Traske was the village constable and on the 8th of April 1576, broke up a riotous dispute about the ownership of a tract of land.

Other Traske's living in East Coker who had children during the same time as Nicholes and Christyan were: William, Lionel, George, Edward and Osmund and a number of
others. They appear to be related; a deed written by William Trask of Coscombe to his nephew John in May 1580 mentions William's brothers George and Nicholas.

Child of Nicholas Traske is:
  5184 i.   William Trask, born Bef. December 14, 1585 in East Cocket, Somerset, England; died May 16, 1666 in Salem, Essex, MA; married Sarah Bef. 1630 in Salem, Essex, MA.

      10372. Thomas Parkman, born 1589 in Sidmouth, Devon, England.

Notes for Thomas Parkman:
SOURCE: Judy Hammond Bowman Rhodes 27 Feb 2001
Child of Thomas Parkman is:
  5186 i.   Elias Parkman, born September 27, 1606 in Sidmouth, Devon, England; died July 02, 1662 in Boston, Suffold, MA; married Bridget Conner.

      10376. John Dodge4143,4144, born 1580 in East Coker, Somerset, England4144; died October 15, 1635 in Middlechinnock, Somerset, England4144. He was the son of 20752. John Dodge and 20753. Agnes Lambs. He married 10377. Margery Bridges in Middle Chennock, Somerset, England, England4144.

      10377. Margery Bridges4145,4146, born Abt. 1580 in Of Middlechinnock, East Coker, Somersetshire, England4146; died 1635 in , Somersetshire, England4146.

Notes for John Dodge:
John Dodge of Middlechinnock, Somersetshire, England; will dated 2 April 1635 and proved 15 Oct. 1635. The will is printed in the NEHGS "Register," Vol 44, July, 1890, page 297.

More About John Dodge:
Ancestral File Number: V9Z8-N24146
Burial: October 15, 1635, Middlechinnock, Somerset, England4146
Christening: December 29, 1631, East Coker, Somerset, England4146

  Notes for Margery Bridges:
SOURCE: Judy Hammond Bowman Rhodes 27 Feb 2001

More About Margery Bridges:
Ancestral File Number: 52KR-684146
Burial: 1635, , , England4146
Children of John Dodge and Margery Bridges are:
  5188 i.   Richard Dodge, born 1602 in Of Middlechinnock, Somerset, England; died June 15, 1671 in Beverly, Essex, Ma; married Edith Woodbury 1628 in East Coker, Somersetshire, England.
  ii.   William Dodge4147,4148, born 1604 in Middlechinnook, East Coker, Somerset, England4148; died in Beverly, , Essex Co, Mass4148
  More About William Dodge:
Ancestral File Number: FV5B-504148
Burial: Beverly, Essex, Ma4148
Christening: Abt. 1637, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts4148

  iii.   Michael Dodge4149,4150, born 1606 in East Coker, Somersetshire, England4150; died Aft. 1670 in East Coker, Somersetshire, Eng4150
  More About Michael Dodge:
Ancestral File Number: 11F9-0ML4150
Burial: Aft. 1670, , , England4150

  iv.   Mary Dodge4151,4152, born 1608 in East Coker, Somersetshire, England4152; died in East Coker, Somersetshire, England4152
  More About Mary Dodge:
Ancestral File Number: JZ7N-BQ4152
Burial: , , Eng4152

      10380. Robert Proctor, born November 25, 1571 in St. Albans, Herts., England; died September 26, 1647 in St. Albans, Herts., England. He was the son of 20760. Evan Proctor and 20761. Mary Unknown. He married 10381. Sarah Fletcher January 16, 1613/14 in St. Albans, Herts., England.

      10381. Sarah Fletcher, born March 11, 1587/88 in St. Albans, Herts., England. She was the daughter of 20762. Phillip Fletcher and 20763. Margerie Clark.

Notes for Robert Proctor:
SOURCE: Kelly Munk October 21, 2001

  Notes for Sarah Fletcher:
SOURCE: Kelly Munk October 21, 2001
Children of Robert Proctor and Sarah Fletcher are:
  5190 i.   Robert Proctor, born April 25, 1624 in St. Albans, Herts., Eng, Of Salem, Ma; died April 28, 1697 in ., Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Jane Hildreth October 31, 1645 in Concord, Middlesex, Ma, Massachusetts.
  ii.   William Proctor
  Notes for William Proctor:
SOURCE: Lynn Schoepske July 12, 2000

  iii.   Henry Proctor
  Notes for Henry Proctor:
SOURCE: Lynn Schoepske July 12, 2000

  iv.   Sarah Proctor
  Notes for Sarah Proctor:
SOURCE: Lynn Schoepske July 12, 2000

  v.   Susan Proctor
  Notes for Susan Proctor:
SOURCE: Lynn Schoepske July 12, 2000

  vi.   Margery Proctor
  Notes for Margery Proctor:
SOURCE: Lynn Schoepske July 12, 2000

  vii.   Anne Proctor
  Notes for Anne Proctor:
SOURCE: Lynn Schoepske July 12, 2000

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