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Ancestors of Lynn Dale Baker

Generation No. 21

      1311521. Margaret Hastings, born 13356758; died WFT Est. 1403-14326758. She was the daughter of 2623042. Hugh (Sir) Hastings.
Child of Margaret Hastings is:
  655760 i.   Robert (Sir) Wingfield, born 1403 in A KNIGHT; died 1451; married Elizabeth Consell WFT Est. 1418-1443.

      1311522. Robert (Sir) Cousell, born WFT Est. 1350-1379 in A KNIGHT6758; died WFT Est. 1405-14636758. He married 1311523. Eleanor Fitzalan WFT Est. 1381-14126758.

      1311523. Eleanor Fitzalan, born 13666758; died 14256758. She was the daughter of 2623046. John Fitz Alan.
Child of Robert Cousell and Eleanor Fitzalan is:
  655761 i.   Elizabeth Consell, born 1402; died WFT Est. 1433-1496; married Robert (Sir) Wingfield WFT Est. 1418-1443.

      1311526. John Montacute, born WFT Est. 1347-1392 in 3RD EARL OF SALISBURY6758; died WFT Est. 1388-14716758. He was the son of 2623052. John Montacute and 2623053. Margaret Monthermer.
Child of John Montacute is:
  655763 i.   Anne Montacute, born WFT Est. 1388-1420; died WFT Est. 1426-1503; married John (Sir) Fitzlewis WFT Est. 1405-1454.

      1315330. Robert James6759,6760, born Abt. 1375 in Of, Boarstall, Glemorgan, Wales6760. He married 1315331. Catherine De La Pole.

      1315331. Catherine De La Pole6761,6762,6763,6764, born Abt. 1372 in Of, Boarstall, Glamorgan, Wales6765,6766,6767; died February 16, 1430/316768,6769,6770. She was the daughter of 2630662. Edmund De La Pole and 2630663. Elizabeth Handlo.

More About Robert James:
Ancestral File Number: B1P2-3C6771

More About Catherine De La Pole:
Ancestral File Number: B1P1-V66771,6772,6773
Child of Robert James and Catherine La Pole is:
  657665 i.   Christina James, born 1401 in Of Boarstall, Glamorgan, Wales; died March 28, 1435; married Edmund Rede Abt. 1427 in Of Boarstall, Buckinghamshire, England.

      1315344. Thomas Hoo6774,6775,6776,6777, born Abt. 1366 in <Litcham, Norfolk, England>6778,6779,6780. He was the son of 2630688. William Hoo and 2630689. Alice De Saint Omer. He married 1315345. Elizabeth De Etchingham.

      1315345. Elizabeth De Etchingham6781,6782, born Abt. 1394 in Of, Etchingham, Sussex, England6782. She was the daughter of 2630690. William Echingham.

More About Thomas Hoo:
Ancestral File Number: 9HFV-LC6782,6783,6784

More About Elizabeth De Etchingham:
Ancestral File Number: FKMQ-KJ6785
Child of Thomas Hoo and Elizabeth De Etchingham is:
  657672 i.   Thomas Hoo, born Abt. 1416 in <Of, Etchingham, Sussex, England>; married Dorothy Norwood.

      1325312. Robert White, born 1370 in Yatley, England6786; died WFT Est. 1423-14626786. He was the son of 2650624. John White. He married 1325313. Alecia WFT Est. 1401-14356786.

      1325313. Alecia, born 1373 in Swanborne, England6786; died WFT Est. 1424-14686786.
Child of Robert White and Alecia is:
  662656 i.   John White, born Abt. 1422 in Swanborne, England; died 1462 in Swanborne, England; married Eleanor Alice WFT Est. 1453-1461.

      1326592. Robert Parke6787,6788, born Abt. 1369 in Of, Gestingthorpe, Essex, England6788; died 14006788. He married 1326593. Margaret.

      1326593. Margaret6789,6790, born Abt. 1373 in Of, Gestingthorpe, Essex, England6790; died August 22, 14086790.

More About Robert Parke:
Ancestral File Number: 9GDK-XN6790

More About Margaret:
Ancestral File Number: 9GDK-ZT6790
Child of Robert Parke and Margaret is:
  663296 i.   John Parke, born Abt. 1399 in Of, Gestingthorpe, Essex, England; died 1455.

      1328128. Robert Dodge He was the son of 2656256. Ralph Dodge.

Notes for Robert Dodge:
SOURCE: Judy Hammond Bowman Rhodes 27 Feb 2001
Child of Robert Dodge is:
  664064 i.   William Dodge VI.

      1331200. Roger De Puttenham6791,6792,6793, born Abt. 1272 in Of Puttenham, Herts., Eng.6794,6795; died Abt. 13406796,6797. He was the son of 2662400. John Puttenham and 2662401. Agnes. He married 1331201. Alina Spigornell Abt. 12946798.

      1331201. Alina Spigornell6799,6800,6801, born Abt. 1274 in , , Northamptonshire, England6802,6803; died Aft. 13406804,6805.

More About Roger De Puttenham:
Ancestral File Number: 4JGC-L96806,6807

More About Alina Spigornell:
Ancestral File Number: CQ34-V76808,6809
Child of Roger De Puttenham and Alina Spigornell is:
  665600 i.   Roger De Puttenham, born Abt. 1295 in Of, Hertfordshire, England; died Bef. 1380; married Margery.

      1332736. John Hutchinson6810,6811,6812,6813, born Abt. 1350 in Cowlam, Yorks., England6814,6815,6816; died in England6817,6818,6819. He was the son of 2665472. Bernard Hutchinson and 2665473. Boyvill. He married 1332737. Edith Wouldbie Abt. 1425 in England6820.

      1332737. Edith Wouldbie6821,6822,6823,6824, born Abt. 1378 in Wouldbie, Yorks., England6825,6826,6827; died in England6828,6829,6830. She was the daughter of 2665474. William WOULDBIE.

More About John Hutchinson:
Ancestral File Number: 94SL-MS6831,6832,6833
Burial: England6834,6835,6836

More About Edith Wouldbie:
Ancestral File Number: 94SL-ZJ6837,6838,6839
Burial: England6840,6841,6842
Children of John Hutchinson and Edith Wouldbie are:
  i.   Margaret Hutchinson6843,6844,6845,6846, born in Cowlam, Yorkshire, England6847,6848,6849
  More About Margaret Hutchinson:
Ancestral File Number: 9CR2-KM6850,6851,6852

  ii.   Barbara Hutchinson6853,6854,6855,6856, born Abt. 1342 in Cowlam, Yorks., England6857,6858,6859
  More About Barbara Hutchinson:
Ancestral File Number: 9CR2-H96860,6861,6862

  iii.   Julia Hutchinson6863,6864,6865,6866, born Abt. 1344 in Cowlam, Yorkshire, England6867,6868,6869
  More About Julia Hutchinson:
Ancestral File Number: 9CR2-JG6870,6871,6872

  666368 iv.   James Hutchinson, born Abt. 1402 in Cowlam, Yorks., England; died in York, England; married Ursula Gregory Abt. 1451 in York, Eng.
  v.   Barbara Hutchinson6873,6874,6875,6876, born Abt. 1404 in <Cowlam, Yorks., England>6877,6878,6879
  More About Barbara Hutchinson:
Ancestral File Number: HMRC-226880,6881,6882

  vi.   Julia Hutchinson6883,6884,6885,6886, born Abt. 1406 in Cowlam, Yorks., England6887,6888,6889
  More About Julia Hutchinson:
Ancestral File Number: 94SM-1T6890,6891,6892

      1573376. Thomas Danyers, born 1285 in Tabley Cheshire, England; died 1374 in Tabley Cheshire, England. He was the son of 3146752. William Danyers and 3146753. Margaret. He married 1573377. Margaret De Tabley Bef. 1305 in Tabley Cheshire, England.

      1573377. Margaret De Tabley, born in Tabley Cheshire, England; died in Tabley Cheshire, England.
Child of Thomas Danyers and Margaret De Tabley is:
  786688 i.   Thomas Daniell, born 1305 in England; died 1383 in England; married Katherine De Tabley Bef. 1350 in England.

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