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Ancestors of Lynn Dale Baker

      40. Calvin moulton, born November 22, 1796 in Randolph Twp, Orange, VT. He was the son of 80. Calvin Moulton and 81. Mary Trask. He married 41. Emily Eastman.

      41. Emily Eastman, born 1813 in , , Canada.

Notes for Calvin moulton:
SOURCE: Fayette County Census 1856,1860,1870
OCC: Farmer 1860 land $2,500 Personal Property $1,000
IGI: listed with father Calvin and mother Polly. Note name difference: Molton
vs Moulton Batch 7450178 Source Call No. 027632 Type: Film
SOURCE: Fayette County Census 1856, 1860, 1870
OCC: Farmer 1860 Land $2,500 Personal Property $1,000
IGA: Listed with Father Calvin and Mother Polly. Note name difference:
Molton vs Moulton Batch 7450178 Source Call No. 027632 Type: Film

  Notes for Emily Eastman:
SOURCE: fayette County Census: 1856,1860, 1870
"Return of a Marriage to County Clerk" for her daughter Clarinda.

Children of Calvin moulton and Emily Eastman are:
  20 i.   Nelson H. moulton, born 1832 in , , Canada; died July 13, 1894 in Maynard, Fayette, IA; married Catherine C dooley.
  ii.   Salana moulton, born 1833 in , , Canada; married (1) Alfred F clapp January 08, 1871 in Fayette, IA; married (2) George W kidder April 22, 1879 in Fayette, IA.
  Notes for Salana moulton:
SOURCE: Fayette County Census 1856,1860,1870

  Notes for Alfred F clapp:
SOURCE: Fayette County marriage records. In 1871 listed "of Harlan".

  iii.   Hollins moulton, born 1839 in , , Canada.
  Notes for Hollins moulton:
1856 Census

  iv.   Horace moulton, born 1840.
  Notes for Horace moulton:
SOURCE: Census 1856 and 1860. Enlisted August 11, 1862 Company G, 38th Infantry

  v.   Clarinda A moulton, born 1841 in Ontario, , , Canada; married William nesselrhode February 17, 1886 in Oelwein, Fayette, IA; born 1837 in , PA.
  Notes for Clarinda A moulton:
SOURCE: Census 1856, 1860, 1870
"Return of a Marriage to County Clerk" dated 17 Feb 1886. Birth Place Ontario,

  vi.   Sarah Jane moulton, born 1843; married Milton G webb September 18, 1872 in Fayette, IA.
  Notes for Sarah Jane moulton:
Census 1856, 1860, 1870

  vii.   Mary moulton, born 1847 in , IL.
  Notes for Mary moulton:
Census 1856,1860,1870

  viii.   Anna moulton, born 1851 in , WI.
  Notes for Anna moulton:
Census Fayette County: 1856, 1860, 1870 and Marriage records.

  ix.   Fred N moulton, born 1853 in , IA.
  Notes for Fred N moulton:
Census 1860, 1870. Not listed with the family in 1856.

      42. John dooley, born 1810 in , , Ireland. He married 43. Ellen.

      43. Ellen, born 1810 in , , Ireland; died September 1881 in Fayette, IA.

Notes for John dooley:
SOURCE: Census for Fayette County, IA 1860 listed as a farmer, property $300,
personal $400. Crossed over from Ireland in 1840.

  Notes for Ellen:
SOURCE: Obituary in Fayette County, IA newspaper: Catholic Church had her
funeral services. Grandma Dooley mother of John Dooley and Mrs. Nelson Moulton.
She was one of the earlist settlers and suppose to be near ninety. Article
talks of her being blind and stumbling to church. Mile from home, in search
of the church which she failed to reach safely.
Conflict on date of article or statement "suppose to be near ninety".
Census of Fayette County: 1860 w/husband John age 50.

Children of John dooley and Ellen are:
  i.   Bridget dooley, born 1830 in , , Ireland.
  Notes for Bridget dooley:
SOURCE: Census of Fayette County: 1880 lists her as "Illit.", 1900 as "Inmate"

  ii.   John D dooley, born May 05, 1840 in At Sea, , NY; died December 14, 1924 in Fayette, IA; married Sarah Jennie Well; born December 09, 1847 in Monroe, Greene, WI.
  Notes for John D dooley:
SOURCE: Lots of information provided by Fayette County Genealogical Society.
Military Record, Census 1860,1885, 1895, 1900,1910; wedding anniverary
announcement, "1878-Directory of Fayette County", cemetary listing.
Born at sea on the crossing from Ireland. List NY as birth place. Served in the
Civil War, enlisted on 25 Sep 1861 as a private IA Co. F, 3rd Infantry. In 1878
living in section 17 Center Township. Farmer owns 80 acres worth $1, 000.
Republican, protestant. In Feb 1887 a newspaper article calls him "Supervisor
Dooley" (assume county supervisor).

  Notes for Sarah Jennie Well:
SOURCE: For this family Fayette County Census: 1885, 1895, 1900
Additional information provided on this family by FCGS.

  21 iii.   Catherine C dooley, born January 1842 in , WI; married Nelson H. moulton.

      44. Samual beaver, born 1807 in , PA. He married 45. Lucinda.

      45. Lucinda, born 1812 in , PA.

Notes for Samual beaver:
SOURCE: Harlan Township ?, Fayette County, IA Census: Farmer Land $2, 100

Personal property $310. "1878-Directory of Fayette County" Farmer living in
Section 1, Harlan Township. P.O. Box Fayette.

  Notes for Lucinda:
SOURCE: For this family: Harlan Township, Fayette County, IA Census.
Mother born PA, father born England

Children of Samual beaver and Lucinda are:
  22 i.   John Bever, born November 17, 1831 in , PA; died August 06, 1903 in Fayette, IA; married (1) Hannah S; married (2) Catherine liason.
  ii.   Henry beaver, born 1839 in , PA; married Elizabeth; born 1843 in , OH.
  Notes for Henry beaver:
SOURCE: 1870 Harlan Twonship, Fayette County, IA Census
"1878 - Directory of Fayette County" Farmer living in Section 16,
Smithfield Township. P.O. Box Fayette.

  iii.   Joel beaver, born 1844 in , OH.
  iv.   Levi beaver, born 1849 in , OH; married Hattie A Rogers February 25, 1873 in Fayette, IA; born 1856 in , WI.
  v.   Ellen beaver, born 1855 in , OH.

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