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Descendants of John Baldwin

Generation No. 5

       47. David B5 Baldwin (Abijah4, Stephen3, Elisha2, John1) was born 1839, and died 1899. He married Nancy Pruet, daughter of John Pruitt and Susie ???.

       Children of David Baldwin and Nancy Pruet are:

  97 i.   Jon6 Baldwin, born June 03, 1856 in Tazewell Co, Va.

  98 ii.   John Baldwin, born June 24, 1858 in Tazewell Co, Va. He married Bettie ???.

  99 iii.   Bigie Baldwin, born 1862; died 1885.

  100 iv.   Arch Baldwin, born May 29, 1866 in Tazewell Co, Va.

  101 v.   Bob Baldwin, born 1869; died 1897.

+ 102 vi.   J.R. Baldwin, born June 27, 1871 in Va..

+ 103 vii.   George W. Baldwin, born 1873 in Tazewell Co, Va.
       63. William Monroe5 Williams (Narcissa4 Baldwin, Jacob3, Elisha2, John1) was born February 25, 1847 in Ashe County, NC, and died August 22, 1922 in Roanoke, Va. He married Elizabeth Pasley 1865.

       Child of William Williams and Elizabeth Pasley is:

+ 104 i.   Mary Jane6 Williams, born February 13, 1867 in Sparta, NC; died February 15, 1945 in Pulaski, Va.
       64. Joseph R.5 Baldwin (William D.4, Joseph3, Elisha2, John1) was born August 20, 1831 in Grayson County, Va, and died February 19, 1909. He married Marilda Jones Abt. 1851 in Grayson County, Va, daughter of Reeson Jones and Mary Testerman.

Notes for Joseph R. Baldwin:

Found among family relics a copy of the minutes of the 57th Annual session of the center District
Primitive Baptist Church Association. The 57th was held with the River View Church Ashe Co.,N.C.
Sept.28, 29 & Oct. 1911 On the back side appeared:

"Elder Joseph Baldwin son of William D. Baldwin and Margaret Baldwin, was born Aug.20, 1831.
deceased Feb.19, 1909, making his stay on earth 77 years 6 months and 29 days. He was born and
raised in the mountain part of Va. Grayson County. Between the age of 20 and 21 he was married to
Marilda Jones from which union were born 9 children. 5 boys and 4 girls, seven are still surviving their

"He professed and claimed a hope in Christ about the year 48 or 49 and joined the Primitive Baptist
Church shortly afterwards at Big Helton and remained a faithful member until his death. Shortly after the
Civil War he was licensed to exercise a public gift. Then soon after was ordained to preach the gospel of
our Lord Jesus Christ and officiate in all offices of Christ's Church, and in the division of the church he
stood firm, and done much good in keeping the church together.

"In the death of Brother Baldwin, the church has lost a useful member, the community a good and
worthy neighbor, and his family a kind and affectionate father, and we as the church extend our heartfelt
sympathies to the bereaved, and we pray that our Heavenly Father may lighten their sad and deep
affliction by His abundant Grace and Mercy. May God take care of us all and send another to take up
Brother Baldwin's mantle."

Brother Baldwin may be gone, but he's not forgotten. Regular readers of this column will recall last
week we printed Elder Joseph Baldwtn's obituary in this apace. On Monday Brother Baldwin's grandson
walked into the office. It was a complete surprise, since we had no idea Brother Baldwin had surviving
relatives living here.

John M. Baldwin, 72, of 104 Grove Street, offered additional information about his somewhat famous
relative Elder Baldwin, a circuit-riding Primitive Baptist preacher who grew a beard to his waist and had
only one leg, as the other was shot off during the Civil War, descended from a most interesting family.
According to John Baldwin, the founder of the ancient English family is said to have been Bawdewyn
de Brugge, who came to England with the Army of William the Conqueror (1066).

It was reported that after the country had been conquered, Bawdewyn was appointed governor of the
royal castle at Montgomery, south of Wales.

From him the many families, who write their name several ways; Baldwin, Baidwyn and Baldewin
claim to be descendants. The chief families were located in the north and west of England.
The family which located In Yorkshire prior to the 15th century during the reign of Henry VIII
(1509-1547) acquired the lease of Ingthrope Grange for 300 years. It was not relinquished to the crown
until 1827.

The western branch of the family was located at Diddlebury in Shropahire in the 14th century. Of this
family was Thomas Baldwin, agent of the Earl of Shrewaberry, the custodian of Mary1 Queen of Scots
during her captivity in England by Elizabeth I (1558-1603).

Suspected of plotting the escape of the Scottish Queen, Thomas was confined to the Tower of
London for several years, but he later was vindicated.

The Irish branch of the family settled in the west, Cork County. The family was established in the U.S.
in 1639, when a John Baldwin came from England to settle at Milford, Conn.. The following year another
member of the clan, Samuel Baldwin, settled at Windsor, Mass.

Basil L. Baldwin born 1902 at White Top, Grayson Co., Va was first cousin to the (above) John Baldwin.

       Children of Joseph Baldwin and Marilda Jones are:

  105 i.   Jane6 Baldwin, born 1854. She married John Childers.

+ 106 ii.   Jessie Baldwin, born November 20, 1855 in Ashe County, NC; died April 28, 1914.

+ 107 iii.   Margaret Baldwin, born March 06, 1859.

+ 108 iv.   William M. Baldwin, born September 20, 1861.

+ 109 v.   Reason Baldwin, born October 06, 1864; died May 24, 1926 in Piney Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina.

+ 110 vi.   Malvina Baldwin, born July 07, 1867; died October 08, 1902.

+ 111 vii.   Roby Baldwin, born February 09, 1870; died May 16, 1948 in Piney Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina.

  112 viii.   Marion Baldwin, born March 09, 1872; died April 11, 1898.

+ 113 ix.   Laura Baldwin, born September 02, 1874 in Ashe County, NC.
       65. Lousia5 Baldwin (William D.4, Joseph3, Elisha2, John1) was born September 30, 1832, and died February 08, 1912. She married (1) King Roop. She married (2) ??? Johnson.

       Children of Lousia Baldwin and King Roop are:

+ 114 i.   William Riley6 Roop, born October 28, 1853 in Ashe County, NC; died January 16, 1935.

+ 115 ii.   Mary A. Roop, born August 12, 1855 in Ashe County, NC.

  116 iii.   Catherine Roop, born 1856.

+ 117 iv.   John W. Roop, born January 25, 1857 in Ashe County, NC.

+ 118 v.   Wiley Roop, born 1858 in Ashe County, NC.

+ 119 vi.   Frances Roop, born May 01, 1861.
       Child of Lousia Baldwin and ??? Johnson is:

  120 i.   James6 Johnson.
       66. Thomas Jefferson5 Baldwin (William D.4, Joseph3, Elisha2, John1) was born May 19, 1834 in Ashe County, NC, and died March 18, 1925. He married Elizabeth Jones October 16, 1865, daughter of Reeson Jones and Mary Testerman.

       Children of Thomas Baldwin and Elizabeth Jones are:

  121 i.   Hampton P.6 Baldwin, born January 21, 1868; died September 17, 1946. He married Etta Jane Jones.

+ 122 ii.   Mary Baldwin, born September 02, 1869.

+ 123 iii.   Martha Ellen Baldwin, born March 24, 1871.

  124 iv.   Rachel E. Baldwin, born April 11, 1876; died 1952. She married Dump Stanley.
       67. Catherine5 Baldwin (William D.4, Joseph3, Elisha2, John1) was born October 14, 1835 in Grayson County, Va. She married William M. Weaver.

       Children of Catherine Baldwin and William Weaver are:

+ 125 i.   Marion F.6 Weaver, born September 26, 1860; died March 12, 1892.

  126 ii.   Jefferson F. Weaver, born March 04, 1862.

+ 127 iii.   Abraham Weaver, born February 19, 1863.

+ 128 iv.   William Weaver, born February 19, 1863 in Grayson County, Va.

+ 129 v.   Frankie Weaver, born March 29, 1866; died August 12, 1893.

+ 130 vi.   Grant Weaver, born February 28, 1868.

  131 vii.   Sherman Weaver, born December 25, 1870.

+ 132 viii.   Hampton Weaver, born April 01, 1872.

+ 133 ix.   Margaret Weaver, born November 16, 1874 in Ashe County, NC.

  134 x.   Winfield F. Weaver, born June 27, 1883.
       68. Noah C.5 Baldwin (William D.4, Joseph3, Elisha2, John1) was born 1837 in Grayson County, Va, and died October 09, 1895. He married Mahala Blevins May 14, 1857 in Ashe County, NC, daughter of Elisha Blevins and Elizabeth ???.

       Children of Noah Baldwin and Mahala Blevins are:

+ 135 i.   Cicero M.6 Baldwin, born January 09, 1860; died July 20, 1939.

+ 136 ii.   Charlotte Baldwin, born March 27, 1862; died October 02, 1896.

  137 iii.   Neoma Baldwin, born September 30, 1864. She married Phillip H. Booker.

+ 138 iv.   Catherine Baldwin, born June 27, 1866; died December 31, 1946 in Old Park "Barr" Cemetary, Whitetop, Va..

+ 139 v.   Mary Baldwin, born June 27, 1866 in Grayson County, Va.

+ 140 vi.   Margaret L. Baldwin, born September 12, 1868.

+ 141 vii.   Cordelia Baldwin, born 1870.

  142 viii.   Austin Baldwin, born March 30, 1874.

+ 143 ix.   Nancy Jane Baldwin, born April 27, 1877 in Grayson County, Va.
       69. John R.5 Baldwin (William D.4, Joseph3, Elisha2, John1) was born January 22, 1837 in Ashe County, NC, and died September 29, 1913. He married Francis R. Kilby.

       Children of John Baldwin and Francis Kilby are:

+ 144 i.   James Nelson6 Baldwin, born May 30, 1860 in Ashe County, NC.

+ 145 ii.   Freelin Harrison Baldwin, born November 07, 1861 in Ashe County, NC; died May 01, 1932.

+ 146 iii.   W.S. Baldwin, born January 22, 1863.

+ 147 iv.   Malissa Baldwin, born January 07, 1871 in Ashe County, NC.

+ 148 v.   Effie Baldwin, born March 13, 1874 in Ashe County, NC.

+ 149 vi.   Clabe C. Baldwin, born October 26, 1876.
       70. Hiram5 Baldwin (William D.4, Joseph3, Elisha2, John1) was born 1842, and died October 14, 1892 in Rubin's Place. He married Julia Ann Osborne in Mud Creek, Va., daughter of James Osborne and Rachel Blevins.

       Children of Hiram Baldwin and Julia Osborne are:

+ 150 i.   James6 Baldwin, born May 10, 1861 in Grayson County, Va; died June 05, 1938.

+ 151 ii.   Jefferon Franklin Baldwin, born December 15, 1862 in Grayson County, Va.

+ 152 iii.   John H. Baldwin, born 1865 in Grayson County, Va.
       71. William M.5 Baldwin (William D.4, Joseph3, Elisha2, John1) was born July 21, 1845 in Grayson County, Va, and died May 15, 1925 in Grayson County, Va. He married Rosa Osborne October 21, 1869 in Ashe County, NC, daughter of George Osborne and Catherine Taylor.

       Children of William Baldwin and Rosa Osborne are:

+ 153 i.   Wiley Monroe6 Baldwin, born August 27, 1869; died March 09, 1932.

+ 154 ii.   Robert Lee Baldwin, born April 11, 1871 in Grayson County, Va; died December 22, 1926.

+ 155 iii.   Reece B. Baldwin, born November 20, 1873 in Grayson County, Va; died June 28, 1919.

+ 156 iv.   George Clinton Baldwin, born March 27, 1876; died March 28, 1929.

  157 v.   Alice Baldwin, born March 17, 1878; died December 19, 1961. She married Green Brown.

  158 vi.   William H. Baldwin, born February 08, 1880; died September 25, 1883.

  159 vii.   Margaret A. Baldwin, born April 22, 1882; died November 12, 1940.

+ 160 viii.   Boyd Baldwin, born December 28, 1884; died December 21, 1931.
       72. Reuben K.5 Baldwin (William D.4, Joseph3, Elisha2, John1) was born 1852 in Grayson County, Va, and died 1927. He married Martha Osborne, daughter of James Osborne and Rachel Blevins.

       Children of Reuben Baldwin and Martha Osborne are:

+ 161 i.   Malissa6 Baldwin, born May 01, 1877 in Grayson County, Va.

+ 162 ii.   Wiley Baldwin, born February 23, 1883; died October 03, 1953.

+ 163 iii.   Walter Baldwin, born December 08, 1895.

  164 iv.   Ambrose Baldwin, born 1898.
       73. Creed Fleming5 Baldwin (William Madison4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born November 02, 1840, and died December 31, 1907. He married Aletha Wilcox.

       Children of Creed Baldwin and Aletha Wilcox are:

  165 i.   Ethel6 Baldwin, died 1924 in Canada.

  166 ii.   Rush Lewis Baldwin, died 1974 in Newark, New Jersy.

  Notes for Rush Lewis Baldwin:
Had at least one son, name unknown

  167 iii.   Mary Baldwin.

  Notes for Mary Baldwin:
Lived in Largo, Florida

       75. Noah Lee5 Baldwin (William Madison4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born December 07, 1844 in Ashe County, NC, and died November 17, 1925. He married Elizabeth Goodman Abt. 1868.

       Children of Noah Baldwin and Elizabeth Goodman are:

+ 168 i.   Orbie J.6 Baldwin.

  169 ii.   Norton R. Baldwin. He married Orpha Fink.

  Notes for Orpha Fink:
Lived in Norton, Virginia

+ 170 iii.   Ethel Baldwin.

  171 iv.   Mary W. Baldwin.

  Notes for Mary W. Baldwin:
Never married

+ 172 v.   William Kyle Baldwin.

  173 vi.   Valasco Xerxes Baldwin, born April 22, 1869; died January 24, 1946. He married (1) Mary Ellen Price. He married (2) Carrie Dobbins.

+ 174 vii.   Sara Jeston Baldwin, born 1876; died 1946.

+ 175 viii.   Roy Gilmer Baldwin, born May 06, 1881; died February 11, 1981.

+ 176 ix.   Henry Neal Baldwin, born February 15, 1888 in Home, Russell, Virginia; died April 01, 1971 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
       76. Esther Ann Virgina5 Baldwin (William Madison4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born May 26, 1846 in Catletsburg, Kentucky, and died April 09, 1934 in Ashe County. She married Morgan Fielden Baker January 25, 1877, son of John Baker and Elizabeth Young.

       Children of Esther Baldwin and Morgan Baker are:

  177 i.   Bertha6 Baker, born WFT Est. 1862-1881; died January 09, 1883.

  178 ii.   Bessie Baker, born June 14, 1878; died September 27, 1878.

+ 179 iii.   Henry Clayborn Baker, born October 02, 1879 in Ashe County, NC; died January 10, 1964 in Cecil County, Maryland.

  180 iv.   Baby Baker, born March 01, 1884; died July 06, 1884.
       77. William Henry Harrison5 Baldwin (William Madison4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born July 23, 1849 in Ironton, Ohio, and died June 18, 1940. He married Lizzie O Baker 1878, daughter of Benjamin Baker and Nancy Morris.

Notes for William Henry Harrison Baldwin:
Transcript of a letter sent to Noah Lee Baldwin on July 24, 1921...
I transcribed this word for word with no attempt to spell correct.
I am still in possesion of this handwritten letter.
Ben Baldwin

Rockport,Texas. July 24, 1921

My Dear Brother Lee,

Yesterday was my 72 birth day. My recollection is you are my senior by two years. We have both lived to a pretty good old age. But alas, how short, how short seems the time since we were boys together. Do you remember in 61, I suppose it was, we were working in the cors on Cats Fork; you were plowing old doc, the gray horse, when we discovered a terrible looking snake coiled on a stump not far from where we were. We threw rocks and whatever we could get, and finnally the thing looked as if it were going to spring on to the horse, which was pretty near it. A tremendously dark cloud was coming up and we took
advantage of its approach as an excuse for giving up the battle with the snake, and all of us retreated toward the house in good order. And do you remember when a red steer about one or two years old belonging to us broke his neck some way in or at the straw stack up above the house there on that same Cats Fork? Of course you remember well when the yankees came and took our little chestnut squrel house and a big lot of things from the house, there at the same place. Oh ! these terrible times and the experience of our dear old mother. Of course I did not appreciate the situation then. Do you remember Bill Goins, Butler Roberts and Little Sink Roberts, and how the latter could drive oxen? Old man Sink Roberts was a smart fellow. His son Bill was also smart. And do you remember Sam, I have forgotten his other name, Old Man Sink Roberts ox driver. I think he loved oxen. And do you remember one old mule of "Old Sink" that would almost always bray when the dinner horn blowed? Well I am thankful for God's kindness to me and you. I try to love him more and more. Whatever comes to me, I shall implictetly trust
him. Give my regards to all the family. God bless you and yours.


Notes for Lizzie O Baker:
From Texas

       Children of William Baldwin and Lizzie Baker are:

  181 i.   Charles M6 Baldwin.

  182 ii.   Henry B Baldwin.
       81. Clara Luella5 Baldwin (William Madison4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born October 28, 1861 in Catletsburg, Ky, and died March 15, 1941. She married McIver Stuckey.

       Children of Clara Baldwin and McIver Stuckey are:

+ 183 i.   Herbert John Jefferson6 Stuckey, born December 19, 1887; died November 01, 1964.

+ 184 ii.   Jeston Young Stuckey, born January 13, 1890; died January 16, 1976.

+ 185 iii.   Victor Stuckey, born December 17, 1892; died February 21, 1966.
       82. Lucy Jane Missouri5 Baldwin (William Madison4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born November 21, 1894 in Scott Co., Va., and died WFT Est. 1855-1948. She married William Dickey.

       Children of Lucy Baldwin and William Dickey are:

  186 i.   Harriet Jeston6 Dickey, died 1971.

  Notes for Harriet Jeston Dickey:
Never married

  187 ii.   Bessie Lee Dickey, died 1944.

  Notes for Bessie Lee Dickey:
Never married

       87. Otto William5 Baldwin (William Madison4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born March 07, 1892, and died May 01, 1968. He married Louise Howell.

       Children of Otto Baldwin and Louise Howell are:

  188 i.   Williams6 Baldwin. He married Violet ???.

  189 ii.   Ray Baldwin.

  190 iii.   O. C. Baldwin.
       88. Alonzo Earl Hicks5 Baldwin (William Madison4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born June 28, 1895, and died April 10, 1960 in Ashe County, NC. He married Caroline Lizabeth Goodman WFT Est. 1927-1954.

       Children of Alonzo Baldwin and Caroline Goodman are:

+ 191 i.   Roy Dean6 Baldwin.

+ 192 ii.   Virginia Juanita Baldwin, born October 03, 1916; died March 12, 1983.

  193 iii.   Ronford Ralph Baldwin, born November 23, 1918; died November 07, 1978. He married Hallie Faye Harless.

+ 194 iv.   Wilma Victoria Baldwin, born September 15, 1920.

+ 195 v.   Radford Orville Baldwin, born March 01, 1923; died October 17, 1976.

+ 196 vi.   Hugh Henry Baldwin, born July 04, 1925.

  197 vii.   William Edward Baldwin, born April 08, 1930.

  Notes for William Edward Baldwin:
Died in infancy.

+ 198 viii.   Jackie Dale Baldwin, born May 12, 1931.

+ 199 ix.   Robert Charles Baldwin, born June 03, 1934.

  200 x.   Jesse Ann Baldwin, born August 05, 1936.

  201 xi.   Melba Sue Baldwin, born August 19, 1939. She married John Paul Jones.

+ 202 xii.   Winston Hicks Baldwin, born March 01, 1942; died March 07, 1993 in West Jefferson, NC.
       90. William5 Baldwin (Wiley Gordon4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born 1855. He married Eliza Bowling June 1888.

       Children of William Baldwin and Eliza Bowling are:

  203 i.   Jennie6 Baldwin. She married (1) Homer Griffith. She married (2) Bill Hampton.

  204 ii.   Florence Baldwin, born July 14, 1901.

  205 iii.   Maude Baldwin, born September 15, 1905; died February 17, 1940. She married Willard A Purser.

+ 206 iv.   Robert E Baldwin, born July 20, 1908; died July 1980.
       93. Edwin John5 Baldwin (Wiley Gordon4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born 1861. He married Martha Richards.

       Children of Edwin Baldwin and Martha Richards are:

  207 i.   Wiley G6 Baldwin.

+ 208 ii.   Mona Baldwin.

+ 209 iii.   Joyce Baldwin.

  210 iv.   Mary Louise Baldwin.

  211 v.   Clifford Baldwin. He married Minnie ???.

  212 vi.   Jonta Baldwin.

+ 213 vii.   Mozetta Baldwin.
       94. Wiley Gordon5 Baldwin, Jr (Wiley Gordon4, Enoch W3, Elisha2, John1) was born 1863. He married Callie Morgan.

       Children of Wiley Baldwin and Callie Morgan are:

  214 i.   Mona6 Baldwin.

+ 215 ii.   Edwin John BaldwinI, born November 08, 1914.

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