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Ancestors of Dorene Kay Shimp

      204. Father Elliot He married 205. Mother Elliott.

      205. Mother Elliott

Notes for Father Elliot:
Wills: Abstracts 1777-1785: Will Books C - D : Cumberland Co, PA

ELLIOTT, MARTHA. Peters. 29 May 1778. C. 115-116.
ELLIOTT, MARTHA, Peters, widow of Robert Elliott.
February 7, 1776 29 May 1778.
Eldest son James Barnett.
Son Robert Barnett.
Dau. Elizabeth Mackey.
G. children, Robert and Martha Barnett, children of James.
Daus. Jean Elliott, Susannah Elliott and Barbara Elliott.
Sons Benjamin and George Elliott.
John Burd of Fort Littleton, Thomas Smith, John Woolery.
Exs: James Maxwell, Esq., and Patrick Maxwell.
Wit: Elizabeth Terrence, Lidia Porter, Hugh Foster. C. 115-116.
ELLIOTT, JAMES. 7 November 1783. D. 181-183.
ELLIOTT, JAMES, merchant.
September 21, 1783 7 November 1783.
Wife Mary, now in Ireland.
Freehold estate in town called Maguire's Bridge, County of Fermonagh, Ireland.
William Elliott, second son of John Elliott, in said county.
William Lyon of Carlisle and Samuel Weakley of Walnut Bottom, Cumberland Co. Land in Hamilton Township.
Cousin James Brownlee, County Fermanagh, Ireland.
Cousin commonly known by name of Laggon James Brownlee.
Cousin William Armstrong and his two sisters, Nancy Armstrong and Jean Armstrong.
Cousin Archibald Elliott of County Fermanagh, aforesaid.
William Wilson, son of Samuel Wilson, living in Dessiel, County Fermanagh.
David McCurdy, John Dillon, David King, Nathaniel Gillespie and
Stephen Groves, who are each of them married to sisters of Samuel Weakley.
To William, James, Edward, Robert and Nathaniel Weakley.
Widow Arthur of Carlisle and her dau. Elizabeth, and her bro. John Elliott of Middleton Township.
To Sidney Core of Chambers Town.
Margaret Elliott of Middleton Township.
Samuel Liggett of Cumberland Co.
William Ferguson of Hamilton township.
William Brotherton.
Rev. Mr. Lang of Conogogig.
Cousin George Brownlee and his two sisters.
Patrick Campbell.
Plantation in Guilford Township joining lands of Col. Crawford, John Alexander and Col. Chambers.
Exs: William Lyon of Carlisle, Samuel Weakley and Patrick Campbell of Chambersburgh.
Wit: James Hamilton, John Waddell. D. 181-183.
ELLIOTT, MARY. Carlisle. February 15, 1809. H. 3.
ELLIOTT, MARY, Carlisle, formerly of Maguire's Bridge in the Kingdom of Ireland.
January 27, 1809. February 15, 1809.
To Mary Crumer wife of John Crumer.
Anne and Elizabeth Maguaran. Henry Magauran.
Margaret Noble widow of the late John Noble and her daus. Marget, Elizabeth and Anne.
Mary Noble niece of sd. John Noble.
Two nieces Margaret and Jane Johnston and nephew, their bro., Gustavus
Johnston. Exs: Edward Maugausan of Carlisle.
Wit: Francis C. Campbell, Ags. Jordan, Alexr. Woods. H. 3.
Wills: Abstracts 1777-1785: Will Books C - D : Cumberland Co, PA
ELLIOTT, JOHN. Pannet. 15 May 1784. D. 209-210.
ELLIOTT, JOHN, Pannet, yeoman.
October 5, 1781 15 May 1784.
Wife Frances.
Dau. Margaret.
Sons James, John and William.
Daus., Mary and Barbarea.
Sons, Benjamin and Robert.
Daus. Jane and Nanna, minors.
Son Wright, minor.
Step son Richard Chillison and his sister Frances Chillison.
Exs: wife Frances and son William Elliott.
Wit: William Steel, Benson Lecky, William Fowler. D. 209 210.
Jess - I don't know if I have ever replied to you before or not. We might actually have a link in our Elliotts. My ancestor was John Elliott, called "Path Valley" John from Cumberland County/Franklin County, Pa. He had a "mess" of children - eleven. He was born in 1712 in County Donegal Ireland. He married twice and perhaps 3 times. He may have been married to a "Hogan" in Ireland. In America his wives were: Patience Quigley who had 1. Margaret m. William Wilson m. Garrett Pendergrast; 2.James m. Margaret Hamilton 3. John, jr. m. Catherine; 4. William m. Rosanna Craig 1774; 5.Mary m. Robert Culbertson; 6. Barbara m. cousin William Elliott of Bullock Pens, Pa.; 7. Benjamin m. Sarah Ashman m. Mary Carpenter; 8.(my ancestor) Robert m. Ann Duncan m. Jean Wilson (not necessarily in that order- I think the reverse); 9. Jane m. Capt. Robert Wilson - children by Frances Childerstone: 10. Hannah m. Ephraim Harris; 11. Wright m. Margaret. I THINK JOHN'S BROTHER WAS ALEXANDER. I think they came to America together. I have notes on it SOMEWHERE......
Any connection you can see?
Best! Barbara Elliott Adams

John from Path Valley, Cumberland County, Pa. He had a son (out of 10 or so children) Robert, a Col. in the 7th Penna. during Rev. war. Robert had: Patience, William, Robert, Wilson, Daniel, Harriet, John, Commodore Jesse Duncan Elliott, Elie Williams, St. Clair. They were from Hagerstown, Md. Robert was killed by Indians in Muskingham, Oh. I'm about to leave town for a week,so I don't have time to deal with it now, but will try to investigate further when I return.
My e-mail address is:
my name is Barbara Elliott Adams - I'm in Texas :)
JESSE (is that your name?) is A BIG name in my family - also Duncan. Robert married Ann Duncan - Elliotts and Duncans intermarried all over the place, cousins marrying cousins, etc.

Wills: Abstracts 1809-1817: Will Book H: Cumberland Co, PA

ELLIOTT, JAMES. Tyrone. March 23, 1813. H. 157.
February 22, 1813. March 23, 1813.
Wife Elizabeth.
Sons John, James and Robert.
Dau. Betsy Nelson's oldest son James Nelson, a minor.
Son William Elliott, a minor.
Daus. Nancy Elliott, Peggy Elliott and Polly Elliott.
Exs: Son John Elliott and William Irvine.
Wit: David Beard, James Elliott. H. 157.
ELLIOTT, THOMAS. Tyrone. October 30, 1815. H. 351-352.
June 24, 1815. October 30, 1815.
Sons Charles and Robert.
Daus. Mary intermarried with Andrew Patterson and Catherine.
Exs: Sons Charles Elliott and Robert Elliott.
Wit: Nicholas Ikass, Thomas Simonton, Peter Baker. H. 351-352.
ELLIOTT, ROBERT. Toboyne. May 14, 1816. H. 394-395.
ELLIOTT, ROBERT, Toboyne, formerly of Mifflin Co.
August 5, 1814. May 14, 1816.
Dau. Grizell Maxwell.
Sons Thomas and Robert Urie Elliott.
Youngest sons, George D., Alexander and William.
Exs: John Maxwell and George D. Elliott.
Wit: Henry Zimmerman, William Anderson. H. 394-395.
ELLIOTT, ALEXANDER. Mifflin. October 26, 1819. I. 140.
June 15, 1811. October 26, 1819.
Two sons Thomas and James. ****
Daus. Jean Thompson, Mary Russell and Catherine Elliott.
Grandson Alexander Elliott Thompson, son of dau. Jean.
Exs: Sons Thomas Elliott and James Elliott.
Wit: John Scouller, William Mathers. I. 140.
POWER, JOHN, Landisburgh.
September 25, 1811. November 28, 1811.
To Fatima Power, dau. of James Power of Juniatta.
John Power, son of Captain William Power, Senr. of Juniatta.
Eliza Elliott, dau. of widow Jane Elliott of Juniatta Township.
Exs: Meredith Darlington of Juniatta and Dr. John Creigh, Junr., of
Wit: Isaiah Carl, Wm. Wilson. H. 100.
Wills: Abstracts 1817-1825: Will Book I: Cumberland Co, PA

ELLIOTT, MARY. North Middleton. June 26, 1821. I. 209-210.
ELLIOTT, MARY, North Middleton.
July 6, 1820. June 26, 1821.
Three daus. Margaret Elliott, Martha Elliott and Sally Elliott wife of Cadwalader Jones.
Sons David, Robert and George. Living in home of George Sanders.
Land to Henry Singer's and Robert Sanderson's lines.
Exs: Sons George Elliott and David Elliott.
Wit: Jas. Lamberton, Ursula Lamberton. I. 209-210.

ELLIOTT, JAMES. North Middleton. November 30, 1822. I. 269-270.
ELLIOTT, JAMES, farmer, North Middleton.
December 3, 1817. November 30, 1822.
Wife Margaret.
Son John.
Daus. Margaret and Elizabeth, unmarried.
Land joining lands of Mr. Zeigler and Henry Hock, Senr.
Dau. Mary intermarried with John Goudy.
Surviving Exs of James Elliott, decd.
Son George.
Wife's bro. John Sanderson, decd.
Exs: Son John Elliott and son in law James Giffen.
Wit: Isaac Angrey, Geo. Metzgar.
Dau. Martha intermarried with James Giffen. I. 269-270.

Cemeteries: Extracts FROM Vol. 17, JOURNALS OF JOSIAH V. THOMPSON, 1926, Cumberland Co, PA

V17 Page 25
9. James Elliott dob Nov 1, 1783 aged 68 yrs
Samuel Elliott dob Aug 1, 1863 aged 68 yrs
Caroline Elliott dob May 31, 1878 aged 71 yrs

V17 Page 239

109. Alexander Elliott 1818-1866
Susan, his wife 1838-1917
Elizabeth Elliott, wife of Jacob Noel dob Oct 9, 1873 aged 53 yrs 2 mos 10 days
Martha E., daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth Noel dob Dec 31, 1863 aged 2 yrs 4 mos 19 days.
Mrs Elizabeth Elliott dob Feby 19, 1859 aged 64 yrs 7 mos 6 days
Thomas Elliott dob Mch 19, 1849 aged 62
Nancy Elliott dob Apr 16, 1798 aged 46 yrs

110. Robert Fullerton son of James L. & Catherine A. Elliott dob Dec 13, 1859 aged 2 yrs 10 days
Catherine E. relict of Geo Williams of Bellefonte, Pa & daughter of Thomas & Jane Elliott
born near Ickesburg, Perry Co, Pa Aug 5, 1780 died near Newville, Pa Mch 14, 1862
Bessie daughter of John A. & Emma J. Elliott ob Dec 23, 1881 aged 4 yrs 9 mos 17 days
The Philadelphia Directory & Strangerís Guide for 1825, page 47; Philadelphia, PA

Elliott Chas. store keep. 431 N 2d
Elliott wid. Ellen, S 13th bet. Cedar & Lombard house, 81 N 6th
Elliott James, Loxleyís court (Spruce st.)
Elliott E. & M. dry good sto. 74 N 2d
Elliott James, labourer 3 Harmony court n Drinkerís alley
Elliott James, gent. Christian c. Passyunk ro.
Elliott Jane, coat & corset maker, 121 N 11th
Elliott wid. Jane, gentw. N E c. Front & Sassafrass
Elliott John, comb & looking-glass manuf. 1 N 3d d. h. 151 High
Elliott John, inn keep at the intersection of Bridge st. & Lancaster turnpike road
Elliott John, druggist 60 S Front d. h. 13 North alley
Elliott Isaac, conveyancer 82 Chesnut
Elliott wid. Lydia, gentw. 60 S Front
Elliott wid. Rebecca, nurse 24 Branch
Elliott Richard, coach trimmer 10 Myerís cít
Elliott Robert, shoemaker, 182 S Front
Elliott Samuel, gent. 74 N 2d
Elliott Thomas, prin. dep. Sheriff, 1 N 6th
Elliott Thomas, blacksmith & farrier, 176 Shippen, d. h. 312 S 6th
Elliott Wm. innkeep. 1 Frombergerís court
Elliott Wm. Castle st.
Elliott Wm. N Broad S W c. of Vine
Cemeteries: Big Spring Presbyterian Graveyard, Newville, Cumberland Co., Pa

Elliott, Nancy d. 4-16-1798, age 46y, slate tombstone (b. c 1752)
Elliott, Thomas d. 3-19-1849, age 62y (b. c 1787)
Elliott, Elizabeth, Mrs. d. 2-19-1859, age 64y 7m 6d (b. c 8/13/1794)
Elliott, Alexander d. 7-12-1866, age 47y 7m 23d (b. c 12/20/1798)
Elliott, Robert Fullerton d. 12-13-1859, age 4y 0m 10d (b. c 12/3/1855)
      s/o James L. & Catharine A. Elliott
Elliott, Bessie C. d. 12-23-1881, age 4y 9m 17d (b. c 3/6/1877)
      d/o John A. & Emma J. Elliott
Elliott, Mrs. Elizabeth, b. July 13, 1794; d. Feb. 19. 1839

Immigrants: PERSONS NATURALIZED IN PENNSYLVANIA, 1740-1759: PA Archives, Series II, Vol. II

Elliott, Andrew                        Lancaster County

Vital Statistics: PA Archives Series II: Vol. II: Pennsylvania Marriages Previous to 1790

23 July 1762 Addidle, Charity, and George Elliott


I have looked up the Elliott surname in the Muskingum County Will Books Index. The Index is an "every name" resource so it lists the names of all people mentioned in any will filed between 1804-1854, not just those deceased. Although there were no Elliott wills, I found several Elliott listings (from non-Elliott wills). I am passing along all of the Elliott information in the hope it will be useful to you. The Index is broken down into four sections based on these time periods: Book A 1804-1814; Book B 1814-1831; Book C 1832-1843; Book D 1843-1854. The information I found follows (spellings below are how they appear in the Index):

1) Francis Elliott and Jennet Elliott - Book B, page 399 - either in the will of Lemuel Joseph (pgs 396-399) or in the will of Jonathan Cass (pgs 399-401).
2) Susannah Elliot and Simon Elliott - Book C, pages 99, 100 - in the will of James Cummins (pgs 99-101).
3) A. G. Elliott - Book C, pages 358, 361 - in the will of George Crane (pgs 358-361).
4) Andrew Elliott - Book C, page 467 - in the will of Archibald Galbraith (pgs 467-469).
5) Robert Elliott - Book C, page 125 - in the will of James McCormick (pgs 125-126).
6) Thomas Elliott - Book C, pages 497-499 - in the will of Zachariah Blackburn.
7) A. G. Elliott - Book D, page 44 - in the will of Robert Crane.
8) A. G. Elliott - Book D, page 333 - in the will of Robert Mawhortear (pgs 332-333).
9) Elizabeth Elliott - Book D, page 120 - in the will of James Dickson (pgs 119-120).
10) Thomas Elliott - Book D, page 176 - in the will of John Jordon (pgs 176-177).
11) William Elliott - Book D, page 67 - in the will of John Hilton (pgs 67-68).

You can obtain copies of these pages by writing to the Muskingum County Probate Court, 401 Main Street, Zanesville, OH 43701. The cost is five cents per page.

Please let me know if there are further names I can look up for you. I would be happy to help however I can.

Good luck in your research.

Kerry Ceszyk
Laramie, Wyoming

  Notes for Mother Elliott:
Jim Clark Cemetery, Morgan County, OH

ELLIOT, Ambrose M. s/o Ambrose & Margaret; Who died on his passage from New Orleans to San Juan 13 Mar 1852 aged 22y 6m;
"Weep not my dear brothers, my labor is done And I rest in the mercy of God. Weep not my dear sisters your brother in gone. No more in this world will you see He sleeps the long sleep In the waters of the deep. His soul is now free. God is love [picture of a dove here] Weep not dear father for him, he has gone. For kind is our father in heaven Weep not dear mother For I am now come To our father's blest home in heaven.
Although my body is not here Out in the deep doth lie Yet dearest friends we?ll meet again In that bright world on high."

ELLIOTT, __ s/o Ambrose & Margaret ;d 4 of July 1839; age 13y 6mos
"____ ___ thy years where_____ ___of labour too____ ____ __ ___ the ___blest world again."

ELLIOTT, Ambrose , Sacred to the memory of ; s/o A & M d Aug 11, 1818 aged 1y 11m 15da
"Short was his stay Long is his rest The Lord took him home He knows what?s best."

[2 Old large defaced stones-one says Ambrose ELLIOTT ___ _1813; The other is no doubt Margaret his wife.]
Looking for information on MATTHEW ELLIOTT who lived in McConnelsville. Wife was ANNA WILSON. Like to prove SIMEONELLIOTT, who also lived there, was his uncle. Would like to prove MATTHEW's father, THOMAS ELLIOTT, was SIMEON's brother. MATTHEW and family left Morgan County in 1852 for Illinois. Any help will be appreciated. Max Elliott

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 20:13:39

Submitted by: Max Elliott -
1830 Federal Census Index
for Coshocton County, Ohio
by township and name

Elliott Andrew Keene 57 0310110000000 2010010000000
Elliott Elisha Keene 57 1010101000000 0221101000000
Elliott Finly Keene 56 2210001000000 0010010000000
Elliott John Keene 58 2000010000000 1100010000000
Elliott Thomas Keene 56 1000010000000 2000100000000
Elliott William Keene 56 0000010010000 0000001000000

1830 Federal Census Index
for Coshocton County, Ohio
by township and name

Elliott Charles Millcreek 66 2200001000000 1000010000000
Elliott George Millcreek 66 3000010000000 0010200000000
Elliott Robert Millcreek 66 1100010000000 2100010000000
Elliott Samuel Millcreek 66 0100010000000 1000100010000

1850 Federal Census - Coshocton County, Ohio
Mill Creek Township

4/4-George Elliott-53-m-farmer-$5000-Ireland
A.J. Elliott-18-f-0
74/74-Robert Elliott-56-m-farmer-$1200-Ireland

1850 Federal Census - Coshocton County, Ohio
Tuscarawas Township

4/4-Jacob Elliott-41-m-carpenter-$600-New York
Mary Ann Elliott-33-f-Pennsylvania
Elisha W. Elliott-16-m-carpenter-ohio
Margaret Elliott-11-f-ohio
David H. Zlliott-5-m-Ohio
Jane R. Rlliott-10/12-f-Ohio

1850 Federal Census - Coshocton County, Ohio
Keene Township
34/34-Andrew Elliott-60-m-farmer-$1300-Ireland

105/105-Finley Elliott-62-m-farmer-$2700-Ireland
Andrew-25-m-shoe maker-O

138/138-William Elliott-28-m-merchant-$200-0
Lucinda H.-21-f-0
Florance V.-l-f-0
John W. Elliott-32-m-merchant-$340-0

1850 Federal Census - Coshocton County, Ohio
White Eyes Township

140/140-Hiram Stonehocker-23-m-farmer-$950-Ohio
Eliza Jane-3-f-0
John Elliott-20-m-laborer-O
141/141-Thomas Elliott-27-m-farmer-$960-Ireland
Mary Ann-27-f-0
186/186-John H.Elliott-53-m-farmer-$2000-Ireland
Mary Ann-12-f-0
John C.-11-m-0

Child of Father Elliot and Mother Elliott is:
  102 i.   Thomas Elliot, born in Ireland; died Bet. 1825 - 1828 in Muskingum Co., OH; married Eliza Jane.

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