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Ancestors of Mark Willis Ballard

      109681315448. Dietrich of Asseburg, born Abt. 696 in Eastphalia.

More About Dietrich of Asseburg:
Title (Facts Pg): Count and Warlord
Child of Dietrich of Asseburg is:
  54840657724 i.   Lord Bruno I of Saxony, born Abt. 726; died Aft. 775; married NN. of Asseburg Abt. 755.

      109681315450. Dietrich of Eastphalia

Notes for Dietrich of Eastphalia:
[De La Pole.FTW]

Sources: RC 92. War leader of Eastphalia.
Child of Dietrich of Eastphalia is:
  54840657725 i.   NN. of Asseburg, born Abt. 726; married Lord Bruno I of Saxony Abt. 755.

      109681320064. Rurick (or Hroerekr) King of Lethra, born Abt. 620; died Abt. 700. He was the son of 219362640128. Ivar Vidfadmi King of Uppsala. He married 109681320065. Aud of Uppsala.

      109681320065. Aud of Uppsala She was the daughter of 219362640130. Ivar "Wide Fathom" of Uppsala.
Child of Rurick Lethra and Aud Uppsala is:
  54840660032 i.   Harold Hildetonn King of Lethra, died 770.

      109681360928. Guillaume De Razes, born 858; died 914. He was the son of 219362721856. Sigebert VI Comte De Razes and 219362721857. Rothilde Princess of France. He married 109681360929. Idoine.

      109681360929. Idoine, born 860.
Child of Guillaume De Razes and Idoine is:
  54840680464 i.   Guillaume De Razes, born 874; died 936.

      109681361184. Gerold, born 710.
Child of Gerold is:
  54840680592 i.   Gerold, born 735; died 779; married Emma.

      109681361186. Nebi, born 709; died 788. He was the son of 219362722372. Nebi (Theubold) Huoching and 219362722373. Hersinde.
Child of Nebi is:
  54840680593 i.   Emma, born 736; died 779; married Gerold.

      109681361192. Markir Theodoric Aymeri, born 755; died 793. He married 109681361193. Aude.

      109681361193. Aude, born 717. She was the daughter of 54840657712. Mayor of Palace Charles "The Hammer" Martel and 54840657713. Duchess Rotrude (Chrodrude) Duchesse De Treves.
Child of Markir Aymeri and Aude is:
  54840680596 i.   Guillaume De Gellone, born Abt. 765; died May 28, 812; married Guiboar of Hornbach.

      109681361216. Fulgaud, born 742; died 837. He was the son of 219362722432. Count of Autun Childebrand I of Austrasia and 219362722433. Rolande of Merovingia. He married 109681361217. Senegonde.

      109681361217. Senegonde, born 760. She was the daughter of 219362722434. Fredelon and 219362722435. Berthe (Aube).
Child of Fulgaud and Senegonde is:
  54840680608 i.   Raymond De Rouergue, born 790; died 863; married Bertha De Reims.

      109681361218. Remigius, born 790. He married 109681361219. Arsinde.

      109681361219. Arsinde, born 790.
Child of Remigius and Arsinde is:
  54840680609 i.   Bertha De Reims, married Raymond De Rouergue.

      109681544256. Ruaidri MacFaelain King of Leinster, died 785. He was the son of 219363088512. Faelan MacMurchada King of Leinster.
Child of Ruaidri MacFaelain King of Leinster is:
  54840772128 i.   Diardmait MacRuaidri O'Faelain.

      109681544304. Tadg Mor MacMuirgius Of Connacht He was the son of 219363088608. Muirgius MacTomaltach King of Connacht.
Child of Tadg Mor MacMuirgius Of Connacht is:
  54840772152 i.   Conchobair MacTadg Mor King of Connacht, died 882.

      109681570084. Nominoe Duke of Brittany, died 851. He was the son of 219363140168. Erispoe. He married 109681570085. Argentael.

      109681570085. Argentael
Child of Nominoe Brittany and Argentael is:
  54840785042 i.   Erispoe Duc De Bretagne, died 857 in Murdered.

      109681571328. Count Rutpert I (Robert) of the Wormsgau205, born 689205; died Bef. 764205. He was the son of 219363142656. Comes Lantbertus II (Lambert) of Neustria and 219363142657. Chrotlind of the Franks. He married 109681571329. Williswint of Adelhelm 730205.

      109681571329. Williswint of Adelhelm205, born Abt. 675205. She was the daughter of 219363142658. Count N.N. of Adelheim.

Notes for Count Rutpert I (Robert) of the Wormsgau:
[De La Pole.FTW]

Sources: RC 102, 169; Ancestral Roots 48; AF; Kraentzler 1608.
Roots: Rutpert I, Count in the Upper Rhine and Wormgau. Seen 722-757.
Rutpert is often used interchangeably with Robert.
RC: Duke in the Haspengau, Count in the Upper Rhine and Wormsgau, Royal
Missus in Italy.
K: Rupert I, Count im Oberrheingau, "an East-Frank."

  Notes for Williswint of Adelhelm:
[De La Pole.FTW]

Sources: RC 102, 169; Ancestral Roots 48; AF; Kreantzler 1608.
Roots: Daughter of Count Adelhelm. Widow in 764.
RC: Williswint in the Wormsgau. Heiress of lands in the Wormsgau. Founded,
12 July 764, with her eldest son, Count Cancor, the Imperial Monastery at
Lorsch, near Worms. Doesn't specify that Rutpert I was the father of Count
Child of Rutpert Wormsgau and Williswint Adelhelm is:
  54840785664 i.   Turincbertus (Thuringbert) of Wormsgau, born Bef. 767; died Aft. 770.

      109681571340. Gui, born 700. He was the son of 109681315426. Bishop of Treves Lievin "St. Leutwinus" Bishop of Treves and 109681315427. N.N. Neustria.
Child of Gui is:
  54840785670 i.   Lambert of Hornbach, born 722.

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