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Ancestors of Robert Walker Baldwin

Generation No. 10

      512. Sergeant Zachariah Baldwin, born September 22, 1660 in Milford, Cn; died May 31, 1722 in Milford, Cn. He was the son of Richard Baldwin and Elizabeth Alsop. He married 513. Mary Atkinson 1679 in New Haven, New Haven Co, Cn.

      513. Mary Atkinson, born May 14, 1652 in New Haven, New Haven Co, Cn; died Bef. 1689. She was the daughter of Luke Atkinson and Mary Platt.

Notes for Sergeant Zachariah Baldwin:
      As "Zachary" he was auditor in 1696. He was Representative for Milford for fourteen sessions, 1705-1718. He made several conveyances to his children during his life rime. Among other provisions of his will, he gave his interest in Hogg meadow purchase to son Zachariah; but Zachariah left Hogg meadow and lived in Stratford.
Children of Zachariah Baldwin and Mary Atkinson are:
  i.   Mary Baldwin, born Bef. May 02, 1680 in Milford, Cn; died March 29, 1744 in Milford, Cn; married Thomas Newton June 20, 1704 in Milford, Cn; born April 21, 1675 in Milford, Cn; died June 08, 1753 in Milford, Cn.
  ii.   Solomon Baldwin, born Bef. January 16, 1680/81 in Milford, Cn; died Abt. 1743; married ?.
  256 iii.   Zachariah Baldwin II, born Bef. January 16, 1680/81 in Milford, Cn; died November 06, 1766 in Stratford(Huntington) Cn; married Sarah (Mary) Merwin(Marvin) August 25, 1708 in Milford, Cn.

      516. Azariah Crane, born Abt. 1647 in New Haven, Cn; died November 05, 1730 in Newark, NJ. He was the son of Jasper Crane and Alice. He married 517. Mary Treat.

      517. Mary Treat, born May 01, 1650 in Milford, Cn; died November 12, 1704 in New Jersey. She was the daughter of Robert Treat and Jane Tapp.
Child of Azariah Crane and Mary Treat is:
  258 i.   Azariah Crane, Jr., born 1682 in Newark, NJ; married Rebecca Prince.

      518. Job Prince He married 519. Rebecca Phippeny.

      519. Rebecca Phippeny
Child of Job Prince and Rebecca Phippeny is:
  259 i.   Rebecca Prince, born 1691; died June 13, 1739 in Essex Co, NJ; married Azariah Crane, Jr..

      528. Francis Ledbetter, born Abt. 1625 in England; died Bef. 1743 in Bristol Parish, Prince George Co, Va. He was the son of Henry Ledbetter.
Child of Francis Ledbetter is:
  264 i.   Henry Ledbetter, born Abt. 1690 in Charles City Co, Va; died 1751 in Brunswick Co, Va; married Edith Williamson Abt. 1730 in Virginia.

      530. John Williamson
Child of John Williamson is:
  265 i.   Edith Williamson, died 1765 in Brunswick Co, Va; married (1) Henry Britt; married (2) Henry Ledbetter Abt. 1730 in Virginia.

      532. John Randle, died Abt. August 28, 1753 in Brunswick Co, Va. He married 533. Mary Johns.

      533. Mary Johns She was the daughter of Richard Johns and Jane.
Child of John Randle and Mary Johns is:
  266 i.   Peter Randle, born 1714 in King William Co, Va; died August 09, 1786 in Montgomery Co, NC; married Frances Barrett February 15, 1741/42 in Montgomery Co, NC.

      536. Richard Hyde II, born Abt. 1647 in Surry Co, Va; died Abt. 1710 in Surry Co, Va. He was the son of Richard Hyde and Judah. He married 537. Mary.

      537. Mary
Child of Richard Hyde and Mary is:
  268 i.   Richard Hyde III, born Abt. 1683 in Surry Co, Va; died Abt. May 02, 1719 in Surry Co, Va; married Mary.

      656. John Martindell, born 1623; died 1693. He was the son of John Martindale and Jane Rumnai. He married 657. Anne Tucker.

      657. Anne Tucker, born 1646; died 1676.
Child of John Martindell and Anne Tucker is:
  328 i.   John Martindale, Jr., born 1676; died 1750; married Mary Bridgman.

      688. Philip Tippett II, born Bef. 1706; died 1736 in Halifax Co, NC. He was the son of Philip Tippett and Mary ?. He married 689. Mary? Hilton in Saint Mary Co, Md.

      689. Mary? Hilton
Children of Philip Tippett and Mary? Hilton are:
  i.   Frances Tippett
  ii.   John Tippett, died Abt. 1748.
  iii.   Sarah Tippett
  iv.   William Tippett
  v.   Jane Tippett
  vi.   Thomas Tippett
  344 vii.   Philip Tippett III, born Bef. 1732 in Saint Mary Co, Md; died May 1772 in Halifax Co, NC; married Jane Lee.

      770. James McCulloch, of Grogan, born in County Armagh, Ireland. He was the son of William McCulloch, of Randalston. He married 771. Wife 1.

      771. Wife 1
Children of James McCulloch and Wife 1 are:
  i.   Daughter1 McCulloch, married Charles McCarney; born in Dublin, Ireland.
  385 ii.   Mary McCulloch, married Henry McCulloch.

      774. Daniel Latham, Jr. He was the son of Daniel Latham.
Child of Daniel Latham, Jr. is:
  387 i.   Sarah Latham, born Abt. 1700; died in Bertie Co, NC; married Col. Benjamin Hill.

      776. William Stokes, born Abt. 1619 in Stanshawes, Wiltshire, England; died Bef. October 13, 1699 in York Co, Va. He was the son of Christopher Stokes III and Elizabeth. He married 777. Jane Scarsbrook.

      777. Jane Scarsbrook, born Abt. 1623.
Children of William Stokes and Jane Scarsbrook are:
  i.   David Stokes
  ii.   Thomas Stokes
  iii.   William Stokes
  388 iv.   John Stokes, born 1650 in Lunenburg Co, Va; died 1758 in Virginia; married Mary.
  v.   Sylvanus Stokes, born Abt. 1654; died February 06, 1747/48 in Lunenburg Co, Va.

      784. Isaac LeNoir, born in Switzerland; died August 04, 1723 in Philadelphia, Pa. He married 785. Ann Oldfield.

      785. Ann Oldfield

Notes for Isaac LeNoir:
Arrived in New York ca1695, maybe from Barbados. A deed shows he bought land in NJ in 1695. Family settled in Jamaica NY, Long Island, then Philadelphia, then maybe NJ.
Children of Isaac LeNoir and Ann Oldfield are:
  i.   John LeNoir
  ii.   Francis LeNoir
  iii.   Isaac LeNoir, Jr., born November 25, 1696 in Pennsylvania; died in Pennsylvania; married Ann Cordery; died in Pennsylvania.
  392 iv.   Thomas LeNoir, Sr., born May 05, 1701 in Long Island, NY; died Aft. May 14, 1765 in Edgecomb Co, NC; married Mourning Crawley 1730 in Brunswick Co, Va.

      786. Robert Crawley, Jr., born Abt. 1670 in Virginia. He was the son of Robert Crawley, Sr. and Isabelle. He married 787. Ann Timson.

      787. Ann Timson She was the daughter of Samuel Timson and Mary Matthew.
Child of Robert Crawley and Ann Timson is:
  393 i.   Mourning Crawley, born May 02, 1709 in Brunswick Co, Va; died Abt. 1800 in Franklin Co, NC; married Thomas LeNoir, Sr. 1730 in Brunswick Co, Va.

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