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Index of Individuals


Agthoven, Jannetje(d. date unknown)


Agtmaal, C.M.P.van


Almond, David
Almond, Jan
Almond, John


Arkesteijn, G.E.M.J.


Bangen, Bernardina H.(b. 1827, d. 20 July 1918)


Barends, Alida(b. 18 October 1821, d. 15 December 1900)
Barends, Andries Antonius(b. 4 September 1892, d. 3 August 1988)
Barends, Anna(b. 3 June 1867, d. 27 December 1867)
Barends, Anna(b. 11 May 1868, d. 10 February 1870)
Barends, Anna(b. 5 November 1870, d. 21 November 1872)
Barends, Anna (Antje) Maria(b. 6 December 1874, d. 3 November 1949)
Barends, Anna Maria(b. 15 November 1873, d. 25 November 1873)
Barends, Bartholomeus(b. 3 November 1822, d. 3 October 1900)
Barends, Bartholomeus(b. 21 December 1872, d. 7 May 1874)
Barends, Bartholomeus(b. 23 February 1876, d. 11 March 1917)
Barends, Bartholomeus Jacobus Antonius(b. 12 August 1896, d. 26 March 1980)
Barends, Catharina Adriana Antonia(b. 24 April 1894, d. date unknown)
Barends, Dirck Jansz.(b. 21 April 1786, d. 27 November 1859)
Barends, Elisabeth(b. 21 September 1858, d. 17 March 1877)
Barends, Elisabeth(b. 27 March 1881, d. 14 June 1882)
Barends, Helena(b. 9 February 1857, d. 8 April 1901)
Barends, Hendrik(b. 3 June 1867, d. 4 January 1868)
Barends, Hendrika(b. 24 April 1869, d. 2 May 1895)
Barends, Hendrika Antonia Jacoba(b. 28 April 1891, d. date unknown)
Barends, Hubertus(b. 30 August 1882, d. 18 March 1889)
Barends, Hubertus Jacobus(b. 26 April 1877, d. 20 August 1878)
Barends, Jacobus(b. 23 April 1862, d. 19 January 1863)
Barends, Jacobus(b. 5 May 1863, d. date unknown)
Barends, Jacobus(b. 15 November 1873, d. 11 December 1873)
Barends, Jacobus(b. 14 April 1878, d. 29 May 1878)
Barends, Jacobus Hubertus(b. 27 April 1879, d. 31 July 1918)
Barends, Johanna(b. 27 March 1881, d. 12 February 1882)
Barends, Johannes(b. 27 March 1884, d. date unknown)
Barends, Johannes (Jan)(b. 1 January 1872, d. 6 February 1938)
Barends, Marinus(b. 17 June 1866, d. 19 May 1887)
Barends, NN(b. 13 August 1883, d. 13 August 1883)
Barends, Petrus (Piet)(b. 14 February 1886, d. 30 December 1959)
Barends, Theodorus(b. 24 November 1859, d. 15 June 1898)


Barendse, A.C.M. (Alexander)
Barendse, A.W.J. (Ron)
Barendse, Adam Petrus Joseph
Barendse, Adolf(b. Abt. 1780, d. 7 February 1842)
Barendse, Adolf(b. 19 February 1839, d. 20 May 1839)
Barendse, Adolf(b. 7 October 1840, d. 8 October 1922)
Barendse, Adolf(b. 30 September 1885, d. 6 June 1960)
Barendse, Adolf (Dolf) Petrus(b. 28 February 1901, d. 7 April 2000)
Barendse, Adolf (Dolf) Wilhelmus Marinus
Barendse, Adolf Bernardus
Barendse, Adolf Bernardus Marinus
Barendse, Adolf Cornelis Jozef(b. 28 November 1947, d. 8 June 1971)
Barendse, Adolf Gerardus Anthonius(b. 15 February 1909, d. 6 August 1983)
Barendse, Adolf Henricus(b. 3 March 1885, d. 5 April 1885)
Barendse, Adolf Jozeph(b. 16 April 1837, d. 26 September 1837)
Barendse, Adolf Petrus(b. 12 May 1913, d. 22 October 1991)
Barendse, Adolf Th. M.(d. 11 November 1947)
Barendse, Adolf Theodorus Gijsbertus Maria(b. 1 January 1950, d. 13 October 1978)
Barendse, Adolf Theodorus Maria(b. 20 November 1946, d. 30 December 1946)
Barendse, Adolf Wilhelmus(d. 2 January 1925)
Barendse, Adolf Wilhelmus(b. 27 July 1854, d. 31 December 1924)
Barendse, Adolf(us) Theodorus Johannes
Barendse, Adolph Joseph(d. 18 April 1837)
Barendse, Adolphus (Rudolf)(b. 10 April 1779, d. 7 February 1842)
Barendse, Adolphus Cornelis(b. 2 December 1882, d. 22 October 1883)
Barendse, Adriana (Jenny ) Elizabeth Jacoba Maria
Barendse, Adriana Anna Maria
Barendse, Adriana Catharina Maria(b. 14 September 1913, d. 27 June 1978)
Barendse, Adriana Catharina Maria
Barendse, Adriana Catharina Maria
Barendse, Adriana Engelbertha(b. 11 April 1920, d. 21 April 1921)
Barendse, Adriana F.M.(d. 31 March 1947)
Barendse, Adriana F.M.
Barendse, Adriana Frederica Maria(b. 27 August 1943, d. 28 March 1947)
Barendse, Adriana Jacoba Maria
Barendse, Adriana Johanna Maria
Barendse, Adriana Johanna Pia(b. 11 November 1909, d. 9 March 1981)
Barendse, Adriana Maria(b. 7 February 1887, d. 30 August 1971)
Barendse, Adriana Maria(b. 19 December 1905, d. date unknown)
Barendse, Adriana Maria
Barendse, Adriana Maria Pia(b. 21 October 1942, d. 17 January 1947)
Barendse, Adriana Theodora Maria(b. 21 May 1914, d. 18 May 1989)
Barendse, Adrianus(d. date unknown)
Barendse, Adrianus (Aad) Cornelis Theodorus
Barendse, Adrianus (Arie)(b. 19 November 1845, d. 26 November 1918)
Barendse, Adrianus (Arie) Johannes Josephus(b. 8 January 1926, d. 30 January 2005)
Barendse, Adrianus Gerardus(b. 15 April 1907, d. 6 March 1931)
Barendse, Adrianus H.M.
Barendse, Adrianus Jacobus
Barendse, Adrianus Laurentius(d. date unknown)
Barendse, Adrianus Laurentius Maria
Barendse, Adrianus Leonardus(b. 23 May 1917, d. 14 June 1985)
Barendse, Adrianus Lourentius(b. 3 May 1909, d. 23 October 1976)
Barendse, Adrianus Nicolaas(b. 13 September 1919, d. 27 November 1997)
Barendse, Agatha Adriana Maria
Barendse, Alida(d. 20 March 1845)
Barendse, Alida(b. 10 February 1807, d. 1 April 1879)
Barendse, Alida(b. 24 March 1844, d. 18 March 1845)
Barendse, Alida (Alette) Theodora Maria
Barendse, Allison
Barendse, Andre
Barendse, Andreas
Barendse, Andreas Fredericus Jacobus
Barendse, Anita Paulina Maria
Barendse, Anna Adriana Maria
Barendse, Anna Elisabeth Maria(b. 28 April 1912, d. 8 July 1994)
Barendse, Anna Helena Maria(b. 11 June 1881, d. 25 February 1882)
Barendse, Anna M.M.
Barendse, Anna Margaretha(b. 19 September 1907, d. 4 February 1995)
Barendse, Anna Petronella
Barendse, Anneke
Barendse, Anneli
Barendse, Anthonius Maria
Barendse, Antonius(b. 1 February 1785, d. 14 March 1785)
Barendse, Antonius(b. 13 December 1789, d. date unknown)
Barendse, Apollonia(b. 25 January 1874, d. date unknown)
Barendse, Apolonia Margaretha(b. 15 July 1879, d. 19 May 1949)
Barendse, Appolonia Engelbertha
Barendse, Appolonia Margaretha
Barendse, Armand Cornelis Maria
Barendse, Barbara Johanna Hendrika
Barendse, Bartholomeus Johannes(b. 28 September 1846, d. 14 January 1847)
Barendse, Bartholomeus Leonardus(b. 14 November 1981, d. 24 December 1983)
Barendse, Bep
Barendse, Bernadette
Barendse, Bernardus (Ben) Johannes Maria
Barendse, Bernardus Adolf(b. 18 September 1928, d. 27 October 1996)
Barendse, Bernardus Adolf Johannes
Barendse, Bernardus Adrianus Nicolaas Maria
Barendse, Bianca
Barendse, C.A.M. (Christa)
Barendse, C.A.M. (Karin)
Barendse, C.J.M. (Christianne)
Barendse, C.J.M. (Cor)
Barendse, Caroline
Barendse, Casper(d. date unknown)
Barendse, Catharina(b. 7 October 1783, d. 12 November 1783)
Barendse, Catharina (Tineke) Johanna Maria
Barendse, Catharina Adriana Maria
Barendse, Catharina Adriana Maria
Barendse, Catharina Hendrika
Barendse, Catharina Hendrika Maria
Barendse, Catharina Maria
Barendse, Catharina Maria (Toke)
Barendse, Catharina Willibrorda Johanna Maria
Barendse, Cheryl
Barendse, Cindy (Cindy) Nicole Maria
Barendse, Cornelia(d. 4 April 1857)
Barendse, Cornelia(b. 28 March 1845, d. 15 July 1927)
Barendse, Cornelia(b. 10 October 1855, d. 4 April 1857)
Barendse, Cornelia (Conny) Agatha Maria
Barendse, Cornelia (Corine) Antonia Maria
Barendse, Cornelia Adriana Josina Maria
Barendse, Cornelia Barbara Maria
Barendse, Cornelia Elizabeth Theodora Maria
Barendse, Cornelia Maria(b. 27 May 1889, d. 8 March 1975)
Barendse, Cornelia Maria Agatha Bernadetta
Barendse, Cornelia Petronella(b. 4 November 1916, d. 13 November 1985)
Barendse, Cornelis (Cees) Theodorus
Barendse, Cornelis (Cock) Hendricus Tumma(b. 12 December 1935, d. 5 May 2001)
Barendse, Cornelis Adrianus Josephus
Barendse, Cornelis Georgius Maria
Barendse, Cornelis Gerardus Maria
Barendse, Cornelis Ignatius
Barendse, Cornelis Nicolaas Adolf Maria
Barendse, Cornelis Petrus Maria Johannes
Barendse, Cornelius (Kees) Jozef
Barendse, Daniël
Barendse, Daphne (Daphne) Roxanne Maria
Barendse, Dochter(b. 16 August 1878, d. 16 August 1878)
Barendse, Dorothea G.
Barendse, Dorothea Jacoba Maria
Barendse, E.M. (Ellen)
Barendse, Edwin Cornelis Nicolaas
Barendse, Edwinus (Edwin) Adrianus
Barendse, Edwinus (Edwin) Adrianus
Barendse, Elisabeth (Elly) Adriana Maria
Barendse, Elisabeth Catharina Maria
Barendse, Elisabeth J.M.
Barendse, Elisabeth Johanna Maria
Barendse, Elisabeth Johanna Theresia
Barendse, Elisabeth Ludovica Anna Maria(Liesette)
Barendse, Elisabeth Maria Jr
Barendse, Elisabeth Maria Sr
Barendse, Elisabeth P.
Barendse, Elisabeth Petronella
Barendse, Elisabeth Petronella
Barendse, Elizabeth A.M.
Barendse, Els
Barendse, Emilia Maria
Barendse, Engelberta A.M.
Barendse, Engelbertha Helena Maria
Barendse, Engelbertha Johanna Maria
Barendse, Engelberthus Josephus(b. 20 April 1918, d. 16 December 1992)
Barendse, Engelbertus (Bertus) Gerardus Jacobus
Barendse, Eric
Barendse, Esme
Barendse, Ester Margaretha
Barendse, Esther
Barendse, Etienne
Barendse, F.A.M. (Fred)
Barendse, F.J. (Frank)
Barendse, Fons
Barendse, Francina Henrica Laurencia
Barendse, Francisca Theodora Anna
Barendse, Franciscus Adrianus Maria
Barendse, Franciscus Petrus Jozef
Barendse, Frieda
Barendse, G.A. (Gemma)
Barendse, G.J.M. (Gertjan)
Barendse, Geertruda C.M.
Barendse, Geertruida Adriana Maria
Barendse, Gerard
Barendse, Gerard
Barendse, Gerarda (Gerritje)(b. 9 July 1780, d. 15 December 1849)
Barendse, Gerardus(b. 1 September 1875, d. 24 May 1876)
Barendse, Gerardus(b. 20 April 1877, d. 23 April 1949)
Barendse, Gerardus (Gerard) Wilhelmus Maria
Barendse, Gerardus A.M.
Barendse, Gerardus Antonius Wilhelmus Maria
Barendse, Gerardus Cornelis(b. 8 June 1911, d. 8 May 1986)
Barendse, Gerardus Cornelis Joseph(d. 24 February 1931)
Barendse, Gerardus Cornelis Josephus(b. 11 March 1911, d. 2 February 1931)
Barendse, Gerardus Jozephus
Barendse, Gerardus Simon Maria
Barendse, Gerardus Wilhelmus Josephus
Barendse, Gerardus Willibrordus Jozef
Barendse, Gerrit(d. 24 May 1876)
Barendse, Gregorius Cornelis(b. 19 October 1914, d. 11 December 1981)
Barendse, Guillaume
Barendse, H.H.M. (Etha)
Barendse, H.M.A. (Marlene)
Barendse, Hans
Barendse, Harry
Barendse, Helena (Leny) E.M.
Barendse, Helena Geertruida Johanna
Barendse, Helena Johanna Maria
Barendse, Helena Jozina Maria
Barendse, Helena Margaretha(b. 20 November 1897, d. 29 November 1970)
Barendse, Helena Maria Cornelia
Barendse, Helena Maria Cornelia
Barendse, Helena Petronella Maria(b. 13 May 1943, d. 7 November 1995)
Barendse, Hendricus (Henk) Antonius
Barendse, Hendricus (Henk) Cornelis Maria
Barendse, Hendricus Adolf(b. 18 May 1909, d. 25 August 1999)
Barendse, Hendricus Anthonius Maria
Barendse, Hendricus Jacobus Cornelis
Barendse, Hendrika Maria(b. 1 June 1891, d. 18 December 1958)
Barendse, Hendrika Maria Johanna Jacoba
Barendse, Hendrikus Adrianus(b. 28 July 1920, d. 8 July 1996)
Barendse, Henrica Anna Catharina
Barendse, Henricus Franciscus Josephus
Barendse, Henricus Johannes(b. 27 September 1914, d. 14 December 1986)
Barendse, Henricus P.J.
Barendse, Henry
Barendse, Huberta P.M.
Barendse, Hubertha Catharina Margaretha Maria(b. 9 September 1947, d. 15 September 1947)
Barendse, Hubertus Antonius
Barendse, Hyronimus (Jeroen) Nicolaas Gerardus
Barendse, Ingrid (Ingrid) Agatha Maria
Barendse, Ingrid Engelina Maria
Barendse, Irma
Barendse, J.E.M. (Judith)
Barendse, J.N.M. (Hans)
Barendse, Jacintha
Barendse, Jacoba Adriana Maria
Barendse, Jacoba Adriana Maria
Barendse, Jacoba Anna Maria
Barendse, Jacoba Gemma Maria
Barendse, Jacobus (Koos) Adrianus Leonardus Maria
Barendse, Jacobus Adolf(b. 5 September 1918, d. 13 October 2003)
Barendse, Jacobus Antonius Martinus
Barendse, Jacobus Johannes(b. 28 July 1912, d. 11 July 1986)
Barendse, Jacobus Johannes Maria
Barendse, Jacobus Leonardus Maria
Barendse, Jacobus Simon
Barendse, Jacques
Barendse, Jard Cornelis
Barendse, Jasper Bernhard
Barendse, Jeana Wilhelmina(b. 21 June 1908, d. 3 January 1979)
Barendse, Jeanine
Barendse, Jeffrey Cornelis Maria
Barendse, Jessey
Barendse, Jim Franciscus
Barendse, Joanna P.M.
Barendse, Joep
Barendse, Joey Theodorus Maria
Barendse, Johanna Adriana Maria
Barendse, Johanna Adriana Maria
Barendse, Johanna Bernardina Maria
Barendse, Johanna Cornelia
Barendse, Johanna Eduarda Maria
Barendse, Johanna Elisabeth Maria
Barendse, Johanna Maria(b. 15 May 1848, d. 17 January 1925)
Barendse, Johanna Maria(b. 2 July 1851, d. 6 August 1851)
Barendse, Johanna Maria
Barendse, Johanna Maria Willibrorda
Barendse, Johanna Martina(b. 30 January 1837, d. date unknown)
Barendse, Johannes(b. 27 October 1879, d. 8 June 1958) Includes Notes
Barendse, Johannes(b. 27 June 1913, d. 26 October 1977)
Barendse, Johannes
Barendse, Johannes (Han) Jacobus Hendrikus Maria
Barendse, Johannes (Hans) Leonardus Maria
Barendse, Johannes (Hans) Nicolaas Paulus Maria
Barendse, Johannes (Hans) Theodorus Simon
Barendse, Johannes (Jan) Marinus
Barendse, Johannes Adam Josephus (Jan)
Barendse, Johannes Adolf(b. 26 January 1923, d. 3 April 1924)
Barendse, Johannes Adolf Maria(b. 15 October 1927, d. 22 April 1992)
Barendse, Johannes Adrianus Petrus Maria
Barendse, Johannes Bartholomeus(d. 11 March 1848)
Barendse, Johannes Bartholomeus(d. 15 January 1850)
Barendse, Johannes Bartholomeus(b. 16 September 1847, d. 11 February 1848)
Barendse, Johannes Bartholomeus(b. 18 April 1849, d. 5 January 1850)
Barendse, Johannes Cornelis(b. 15 November 1921, d. 22 March 1989)
Barendse, Johannes Cornelis Maria
Barendse, Johannes Cornelis Petrus(b. 29 July 1945, d. 20 March 1980)
Barendse, Johannes Hendricus
Barendse, Johannes Jacobus(b. 13 December 1914, d. 31 May 1994)
Barendse, Johannes Jacobus
Barendse, Johannes Jacobus (Koos) Arnoldus Maria
Barendse, Johannes Josephus(b. 21 March 1910, d. 9 July 1980)
Barendse, Johannes Leonardus Maria
Barendse, Johannes Margaretha Adolf Maria
Barendse, Johannes Marinus(b. 5 August 1885, d. 16 December 1923)
Barendse, Johannes Marinus
Barendse, Johannes N.M.
Barendse, Johannes Nicolaas(b. 17 March 1911, d. 12 December 1921)
Barendse, Johannes Petrus(b. 20 January 1884, d. 27 March 1885)
Barendse, Johannes Petrus(b. 22 January 1884, d. 28 March 1885)
Barendse, John
Barendse, Jolanda Francisca Maria
Barendse, Jolijn Johanna Maria
Barendse, Joost
Barendse, Josephus Johannes (Jan) Maria
Barendse, Jozina Maria
Barendse, Judith (Judith) Johanna Anna Theodora
Barendse, Judith Maria
Barendse, Kevin Petrus Henricus
Barendse, Kim
Barendse, L.H.M. (Léon)
Barendse, Laurentius Vitalis Joannes
Barendse, Leonarda (Leoni) Theadora Maria
Barendse, Leonarda Maria (Senna)
Barendse, Leonardus Antonius Joseph(b. 9 March 1915, d. 12 June 1978)
Barendse, Leonardus Johannes Jacobus
Barendse, Leonardus Josephus(b. 11 December 1915, d. 15 April 1990)
Barendse, Leonardus Maria
Barendse, Leonardus P.M.
Barendse, Leonardus Simon Willibrordus
Barendse, Liesbeth
Barendse, Linda Cornelia Maria
Barendse, Lourentius
Barendse, Lourentius Leonardus(b. 2 September 1911, d. 8 February)
Barendse, Lucia
Barendse, Lucia Engelina Maria
Barendse, Ludovica Geertruida Anna Maria (Ludy)
Barendse, Ludovica Maria
Barendse, M.A.C. (Michiel)
Barendse, M.H.A. (Miriam)
Barendse, M.J.M (Monique)
Barendse, M.N. (Marcel)
Barendse, M.W.M. (Matthieu)
Barendse, Magdalena Maria Apollonia
Barendse, Marcel Cornelis Anthonius
Barendse, Marco Gerardus Maria
Barendse, Marcus (Marco) Cornelis Maria
Barendse, Marcus (Mark) Cornelus
Barendse, Margaretha Adriana
Barendse, Margaretha Maria(b. 29 September 1872, d. 23 June 1951)
Barendse, Margaretha Maria(b. 9 July 1887, d. 10 April 1975)
Barendse, Margaretha Maria(b. 20 July 1913, d. 31 January 1914)
Barendse, Margaretha Maria(b. 28 June 1922, d. 25 October 1981)
Barendse, Margretha Johanna
Barendse, Maria(b. 16 December 1792, d. date unknown)
Barendse, Maria(b. 10 May 1811, d. 29 May 1811)
Barendse, Maria(b. 29 May 1813, d. date unknown)
Barendse, Maria(b. 17 August 1841, d. 5 March 1911)
Barendse, Maria(b. 4 August 1853, d. 4 August 1853)
Barendse, Maria (Marian) Petronella
Barendse, Maria (Marleen) Helena
Barendse, Maria (Mieke) Elisabeth
Barendse, Maria (Ria) Anna Magdalena
Barendse, Maria (Ria)Theodora Margaretha
Barendse, Maria Adriana(b. 15 March 1884, d. 31 May 1968)
Barendse, Maria Adriana
Barendse, Maria Adriana Engelbertha
Barendse, Maria Anna
Barendse, Maria Apollonia
Barendse, Maria Apollonia Gerardina
Barendse, Maria Barbara Francina
Barendse, Maria Catharina
Barendse, Maria Catharina Margaretha
Barendse, Maria Christina Francisca(b. 3 June 1853, d. date unknown)
Barendse, Maria Gerarda Catharina
Barendse, Maria Helena
Barendse, Maria Helena
Barendse, Maria Helena
Barendse, Maria Helena Petronella(b. 19 April 1839, d. 30 May 1880)
Barendse, Maria J.
Barendse, Maria Joanna
Barendse, Maria Johanna Jacoba
Barendse, Maria Jozina
Barendse, Maria Magdalena
Barendse, Maria P.A.
Barendse, Maria Pieternella(b. 19 June 1852, d. 20 October 1852)
Barendse, Maria Theresia
Barendse, Maria Wilhelmina
Barendse, Marijke
Barendse, Marinus(b. 18 October 1804, d. 9 April 1871)
Barendse, Marinus (Rien) Johannes Leonardus Maria(b. 8 January 1946, d. 26 April 1980)
Barendse, Marinus Johannes(b. 7 June 1862, d. 24 January 1863)
Barendse, Marinus Petrus(b. 12 May 1893, d. 23 March 1969)
Barendse, Marjolein
Barendse, Marjon (Marjon) Anna Maria
Barendse, Martijn
Barendse, Martina J.M.
Barendse, Maximilianus Petrus(b. 3 March 1977, d. 29 March 2003)
Barendse, Michael Gerardus Jozef
Barendse, Michael Petrus Johannes (Giel)
Barendse, Michel Josephus(b. 21 February 1917, d. 30 July 2004)
Barendse, Mirjam
Barendse, Naomi Helena Maria
Barendse, Nico
Barendse, Nicolaas(d. 27 December 1945)
Barendse, Nicolaas(b. 18 October 1804, d. 27 October 1892)
Barendse, Nicolaas(b. 14 April 1870, d. 12 December 1945)
Barendse, Nicolaas (Nico) Cornelis Adrianus Maria
Barendse, Nicolaas A.P.
Barendse, Nicolaas Adam Jozef(b. 7 March 1944, d. 11 June 2002)
Barendse, Nicolaas Cornelis Maria Emanuel
Barendse, Nicolaas Engelbertus(b. 22 June 1877, d. 26 March 1966)
Barendse, Nicolaas Hendricus Joseph
Barendse, Nicolaas Jacobus Cornelis(b. 9 May 1920, d. 25 February 1937)
Barendse, Nicolaas Johannes(b. 21 May 1913, d. 5 February 1955)
Barendse, Nicolaas Petrus Maria
Barendse, Nicolaas Theodorus(b. 11 July 1910, d. 19 October 1983)
Barendse, Nicolaas W.
Barendse, Nicolaas Wilhelmus Ignatius(b. 25 September 1924, d. 14 August 1969)
Barendse, NN(b. 25 November 1936, d. 25 November 1936)
Barendse, NN(b. 6 October 1948, d. 6 October 1948)
Barendse, P.C.M. (Patricia)
Barendse, P.G.M. (Peter)
Barendse, Patrick
Barendse, Patrick Johannus Maria
Barendse, Paulina (Pauline) Maria
Barendse, Paulina Barbara Maria
Barendse, Paulus (Paul) Adrianus Maria
Barendse, Paulus Joseph
Barendse, Paulus Wilhelmus Jacobus
Barendse, Peter
Barendse, Petronella(b. 6 March 1844, d. 16 February 1927)
Barendse, Petronella(b. 12 July 1855, d. 22 April 1935)
Barendse, Petronella Clazina
Barendse, Petronella J.M.
Barendse, Petronella Maria(b. 1 December 1916, d. 29 October 1923)
Barendse, Petronella Maria Jacoba(b. 14 August 1921, d. 28 January 2005)
Barendse, Petrus (Piet) J. M.
Barendse, Petrus (Pieter)(b. 14 February 1843, d. 15 July 1921)
Barendse, Petrus A.
Barendse, Petrus Adolf(b. 2 December 1902, d. 24 November 1982)
Barendse, Petrus Adolf Maria
Barendse, Petrus Adrianus(b. 12 April 1908, d. 19 March 1984)
Barendse, Petrus Adrianus Joseph
Barendse, Petrus Andreas Maria
Barendse, Petrus F.G.
Barendse, Petrus J.
Barendse, Petrus J.M.
Barendse, Petrus Jacobus(b. 4 May 1886, d. 18 May 1886)
Barendse, Petrus Johannes Adolf
Barendse, Petrus Johannes Maria
Barendse, Petrus Joseph Gerardus(b. 31 January 1951, d. 6 May 1975)
Barendse, Petrus Josephus(b. 8 January 1882, d. 26 August 1953)
Barendse, Petrus Josephus(b. 13 April 1916, d. 15 February 1917)
Barendse, Petrus Josephus(b. 18 August 1927, d. 25 February 1984)
Barendse, Petrus Josephus
Barendse, Petrus Josephus
Barendse, Petrus Josephus Franciscus(b. 25 July 1943, d. 23 December 1945)
Barendse, Petrus Nicolaas(b. 15 April 1907, d. 8 September 1931)
Barendse, Petrus Nicolaas(b. 2 April 1916, d. 26 July 1923)
Barendse, Petrus Nicolaas Maria
Barendse, Petrus Simon(b. 28 February 1909, d. 1 December 1964)
Barendse, Petrus Simon
Barendse, Petrus V.M.
Barendse, Petrus Wilhelmus(b. 18 March 1901, d. 22 August 1970)
Barendse, Petrus Wilhelmus Marinus
Barendse, Pia Apollonia(b. 16 June 1871, d. date unknown)
Barendse, Piet
Barendse, Pieter(b. 15 August 1878, d. 9 April 1947)
Barendse, Pieternella(d. 18 June 1844)
Barendse, Pieternella(b. 26 January 1842, d. 4 August 1842)
Barendse, Pieternella(b. 24 March 1844, d. 15 June 1844)
Barendse, R.E. (Remigius)
Barendse, R.M.G. (Rene)
Barendse, R.W.M. (Robby)
Barendse, Ricardo (R.L.W.)
Barendse, Riley Leonardus Bernardus
Barendse, Rita Dorothea Maria
Barendse, Robertus (Rob) Leonardus
Barendse, Robertus Adrianus Maria(b. 5 January 1953, d. 5 July 1971)
Barendse, Robertus Joseph
Barendse, Robin Julia
Barendse, Romy Petronella Maria
Barendse, Ronald Hendrikus
Barendse, Ronaldus (Ronald) Johannes
Barendse, Rosa
Barendse, Rutger
Barendse, Ruud
Barendse, Ruud
Barendse, Sanne
Barendse, Shirley Lynn
Barendse, Sies Adriana
Barendse, Silvia
Barendse, Simon Petrus(b. 27 February 1910, d. 13 December 1989)
Barendse, Stefan Adrianus
Barendse, Stephanie
Barendse, Susanna (Suzan) Leonarda Maria
Barendse, Suzanne
Barendse, Suzanne Cornelia Maria
Barendse, T.J.M. (Tom)
Barendse, Ted
Barendse, Ted (Ted) Robertus Maria
Barendse, Th. W.M. (Mathé)
Barendse, Thea
Barendse, Theodora (Thea) Adriana Maria
Barendse, Theodora Cornelia(b. 19 January 1919, d. 1 October 1966)
Barendse, Theodora Maria(b. 11 May 1850, d. 10 November 1850)
Barendse, Theodorus(d. date unknown)
Barendse, Theodorus (Dorus) Johannes(b. 26 June 1899, d. 19 June 1972)
Barendse, Theodorus (Theo) Antonius Maria
Barendse, Theodorus (Theo) Cornelis Jospeh Maria
Barendse, Theodorus Adrianus(b. 12 November 1923, d. 6 November 1995)
Barendse, Theodorus Franciscus Maria
Barendse, Theodorus H.M.
Barendse, Theodorus Jacobus Maria
Barendse, Tobias (Toby) Daniel Li-Dan
Barendse, Truus
Barendse, Veronica Louise Maria
Barendse, Vincentius Adelbertus Leonardus
Barendse, W.P.M. (Wim)
Barendse, Wilfridus Adrianus
Barendse, Wilhelmina (Wilma) Maria Hyacintha
Barendse, Wilhelmina Adriana Maria
Barendse, Wilhelmus(b. 1 March 1858, d. 11 August 1925)
Barendse, Wilhelmus(b. 23 December 1897, d. 3 May 1954)
Barendse, Wilhelmus (Wim) Adolf Johannes Maria
Barendse, Wilhelmus (Wim) Adolf Maria
Barendse, Wilhelmus (Wim) Gerardus Maria(b. 11 October 1944, d. 8 November 1993)
Barendse, Wilhelmus Gerardus(b. 8 October 1889, d. 10 December 1965)
Barendse, Wilhelmus Leonardus(b. 16 September 1908, d. 18 April 1977)
Barendse, Wilhelmus Leonardus
Barendse, Wilhelmus Marinus(b. 18 May 1895, d. 16 May 1971)
Barendse, Wilhelmus Marinus
Barendse, Wilhelmus Marinus Petrus(b. 9 August 1941, d. 3 November 1968)
Barendse, Wilhelmus Petrus(b. 8 October 1904, d. 15 November 1975)
Barendse, Wouter
Barendse, Yannick
Barendse, Youri (Y.J.Th.)
Barendse, Yvonne Maria
Barendse, Zoyla Alida Apolonia


Batist, Maria (Ria) Jacoba Johanna


Batje(d. date unknown)


Bauman, G.J.M.


Berend, Hans(b. Abt. 1673, d. date unknown)
Berend, Johannes Henrico(b. Abt. 1669, d. date unknown)
Berend, Juergen(b. Abt. 1643, d. date unknown)


Berends, Anna Catharina Elisabeth(b. 11 May 1728, d. date unknown)
Berends, Catharina Agnes(b. 22 January 1732/33, d. date unknown)
Berends, Godefridus Heinrich Antonius(b. 27 June 1741, d. date unknown)
Berends, Godtfriedt Ludewig(b. 20 February 1729/30, d. date unknown)
Berends, Joh. Jacobus Casparus (Kasper Barendse)(b. 2 May 1744, d. 23 August 1811) Includes Notes
Berends, Josef Nicolaus Adamus(b. 29 March 1735, d. date unknown)
Berends, Maria Theresia(b. 24 March 1737/38, d. date unknown)


Berens, Casper Rudolf(d. 16 September 1751)


Bergmans, Petronella Josephina Gerarda Maria


Beukers, Antonia Hendrika(d. date unknown)
Beukers, Antonia Hendrika(b. 7 March 1868, d. date unknown)


Bocker, Anna Catharina(d. date unknown)


Boer, Kevin
Boer, Patricia
Boer, Rien


Boers, M.


Boode, Helena(d. date unknown)
Boode, Maria(b. 27 June 1885, d. date unknown)


Borsboom, Gertruda Johanna


Bot, P.C. (Nelly)


Bouwmeester, Ria


Brand, Adriana Maria


Bronswijk, Marijke


Brouwer, Alida Petronella Maria


Bruggeling, Casper(b. 26 July 1813, d. date unknown)
Bruggeling, Helena(b. 1825, d. date unknown)
Bruggeling, Jacob(d. date unknown)
Bruggeling, Marijtje(b. Abt. 1810, d. date unknown)
Bruggeling, Pieternella(b. 19 April 1817, d. date unknown)


Bruggers, B.M.


Bruinen, Geertruida Maria(d. date unknown)
Bruinen, Hendricus Adolphus(d. date unknown)
Bruinen, Leonardus Anthonius(b. 1907, d. 26 September 1972)






Caspers, Hendrika Elisabeth(d. date unknown)


Clémens, Nicole Kooderings


Coene, Elis(d. date unknown)


Cordie, Errol


Damen, Adriana Gerarda
Damen, Cornelia


Daniels, Marcel
Daniels, Olav
Daniels, Sophie


Davids, Sandra

de Berg

de Berg, Engelbertus van(d. date unknown)
de Berg, Joke van
de Berg, Jozina van(d. date unknown)
de Berg, Leonardus Nicolaas van(b. 16 June 1868, d. date unknown)
de Berg, Nicolaas van(b. 2 August 1869, d. date unknown)

de Boer

de Boer, Evert
de Boer, Max Christiaan
de Boer, Plona Jo-Anne

de Bruin

de Bruin, Dirk(d. date unknown)
de Bruin, H.(d. date unknown)
de Bruin, Hubertus(b. 13 September 1836, d. 13 March 1869)

de Burg

de Burg, Frank van(d. date unknown)

de Haas

de Haas, Danique Christina Maria
de Haas, G.J.M. (Gerard)
de Haas, Martijn
de Haas, Tom Johannes Maria

de Heus

de Heus, Tjapko

de Kleyn

de Kleyn, Mony (M.M.)

de Knaap

de Knaap, H. van

de Koning

de Koning, Cornelis (Cees) Leonardus(b. 7 August 1911, d. 10 March 2001)
de Koning, Cornelis (Kees)
de Koning, Emma
de Koning, Femke
de Koning, Gerardus (Gerard)
de Koning, Gerrie
de Koning, Helena (Lenie)
de Koning, Jeffrey
de Koning, Josefina (José)
de Koning, Kees
de Koning, Margaretha(d. date unknown)
de Koning, Marinke
de Koning, Marinus (Rien)
de Koning, Mascha
de Koning, Nadine
de Koning, Puck
de Koning, Steven
de Koning, Theodorus (Theo)
de Koning, Wesley
de Koning, Wilhelmina (Ineke)
de Koning, Willie de(b. 26 October 1954, d. 26 October 1954)

de Lugt

de Lugt, Rob

de Ruit

de Ruit, Cornelia(d. date unknown)

de Sande

de Sande, Petrus Jacobus van(d. date unknown)

de Velde

de Velde, Jacobus van(b. 26 October 1817, d. 26 March 1861)

de Vette

de Vette, Adrianus Jacobus
de Vette, Adrianus Simon Petrus
de Vette, C.M.L.
de Vette, Cornelia Maria
de Vette, Magdalena Maria
de Vette, Maria Petronella Helene

de Vries

de Vries, Maria
de Vries, Ria

de Weger

de Weger, Teun

de Zalm

de Zalm, Jolanda van


Dekkers, M.J.T.


Delfgauw, Johannes Gobertus(d. date unknown)
Delfgauw, Johannnes Jacobus(d. date unknown)

den Berg

den Berg, Adrianus Johannes (Aad) van(b. 25 August 1928, d. 30 November 2000)
den Berg, Catharina Johanna van(d. date unknown)
den Berg, Engelbertus van(b. 13 November 1835, d. 3 December 1918)
den Berg, Gerarda Wilhelmina van
den Berg, J.N.M. van
den Berg, Johanna Adriana Maria van
den Berg, Johanna van(d. date unknown)
den Berg, Johanna van(d. date unknown)
den Berg, Johannes Martinus van(b. 25 August 1876, d. 15 October 1948)
den Berg, Johannes van(d. date unknown)
den Berg, Leendert van(d. date unknown)
den Berg, Leonardus van(b. 17 June 1868, d. 12 October 1868)
den Berg, Leonardus van(b. 3 June 1872, d. 18 September 1872)
den Berg, Petronella Barbara Anna van
den Berg, Ruud van

den Bogert

den Bogert, J. van

den Broek

den Broek, Jozina Johanna Maria van

den Burg

den Burg, Wilhelmina van

den Ende

den Ende, J.L.A. van
den Ende, Maria Christina Alida van

den Hollander

den Hollander, Agatha Hendriksdr.(d. date unknown)
den Hollander, Maria Petronella Johanna(b. 19 June 1910, d. 26 October 1955)

den Otter

den Otter, Anne
den Otter, Esmee Michele
den Otter, Jan
den Otter, Jasper Alexander


Dieste, Anna Margarethe(d. date unknown)


Dries, Cornelia Theodora


Drift, Adriana Cornelia van der
Drift, Adriana(Jeanette)Elisabeth Antonia van der
Drift, Lenneke van der


Duijndam, Catharina Jacoba Hendrika
Duijndam, Cornelia(d. date unknown)
Duijndam, G.A.M.
Duijndam, P.M.C.


Duijnisveld, C.J.M.
Duijnisveld, Wim


Duijvesteijn, Apolonia (Paula) Johanna Cornelia
Duijvesteijn, Arie Pieterse(d. date unknown)
Duijvesteijn, Leonardus C.


Duijvesteyn, Maria(b. 3 March 1809, d. 8 September 1849)


Duijvestijn, W.L. (Wim)


Duyndam, Helena Adriana
Duyndam, Leonardus Adrianus
Duyndam, Marinus Nicolaas
Duyndam, Petronella Cornelia
Duyndam, Petrus Gerardus
Duyndam, Wilhelmina Alida


Duynisveld, Karin C.A.


Eekhout, P.A.M.


Eijgenraam, Elisabeth Louise
Eijgenraam, Johannes Abraham


Elderhorst, Elisabeth Maria


Ellens, Paul


Ende, Apolonia van der(b. 12 November 1814, d. 18 April 1852)


Enden, Marijtje Maartense van der(d. date unknown)


Endhoven, A.N.L.A.


Enthoven, Adriana Klasina(b. 27 June 1890, d. date unknown)
Enthoven, Cornelia Maria(d. date unknown)
Enthoven, Cornelis Franciscus(b. 4 October 1891, d. 30 January 1893)
Enthoven, Helena Maria(d. date unknown)
Enthoven, Klasina Maria(b. 6 June 1893, d. date unknown)
Enthoven, L.P.M.
Enthoven, Margaretha Helena(d. date unknown)
Enthoven, Nicolaas(d. date unknown)
Enthoven, Nicolaas Leonardus(d. date unknown)
Enthoven, Nicolaas Leonardus(b. 13 November 1841, d. 3 April 1894)
Enthoven, Nicolaas Leonardus(b. 6 July 1894, d. date unknown)
Enthoven, Nicolaas Petrus(b. 17 January 1889, d. 6 November 1889)
Enthoven, Petronella Helena Maria(d. date unknown)




Fransen, J.J.M.


Gaag, Liane van der


Gouw, Marion Catharina


Graveland, Adriana Jacoba


Greeve, Apolonia(d. date unknown)


Grimbergen, Elisabeth Petronella(b. 23 January 1883, d. 24 September 1971)
Grimbergen, Gerrit(d. date unknown)


Groenewegen, Anna(d. date unknown)
Groenewegen, Catharina Adriana Maria(b. 14 September 1902, d. date unknown)
Groenewegen, Cornelia(d. date unknown)
Groenewegen, J.J.M.
Groenewegen, Josina Maria
Groenewegen, Magdalena Theodora


Grootscholte, Cornelis Andreas Maria
Grootscholte, Cornelis Franciscus Hubertus Maria
Grootscholte, Elizabeth Agatha Maria Stephanie
Grootscholte, Johannes Adrianus Cornelis Maria
Grootscholte, Johannes Cornelis Bernardus
Grootscholte, Maria Elisabeth Margaretha
Grootscholte, Martinus Johannes Maria
Grootscholte, Theodorus Wilhelmus Maria
Grootscholte, Wilhelmus Johannes Maria


Grootscholten, Agatha Elisabeth Barabara(b. 27 August 1897, d. date unknown)
Grootscholten, Cornelia Maria Helena(b. 12 August 1904, d. date unknown)
Grootscholten, J.J.H.M.
Grootscholten, P.M.M.


Haak, C.A.M. (Carola) van der


Hagesteijn, Adriaan(b. 25 January 1852, d. 31 August 1913)
Hagesteijn, Cornelia(b. 26 November 1886, d. date unknown)
Hagesteijn, Johanna(b. 16 December 1878, d. 3 October 1901)
Hagesteijn, Maria Cornelia(b. 14 September 1883, d. date unknown)
Hagesteijn, Marinus(b. 23 February 1875, d. 1940)
Hagesteijn, Petronella Johanna(b. 14 October 1890, d. date unknown)
Hagesteijn, Theodora Johanna(b. 8 October 1876, d. 8 October 1878)
Hagesteijn, Theodorus(b. 2 April 1881, d. 1932)


Ham, Ali ten
Ham, Cornelis Johannes(d. date unknown)
Ham, Jacoba Apolonia(b. 16 May 1914, d. 27 July 1971)
Ham, Johanna Maria


Helm, Elisabeth van der(d. date unknown)


Hendriks, A.J.D


Hersbach, Adriana(d. date unknown)


Hillenaar, Jacob Claesz.(d. date unknown)
Hillenaar, Jacobus(d. date unknown)
Hillenaar, Joh.
Hillenaar, Johanna(b. 13 June 1843, d. 12 January 1908)


Hoberg, Anna Catharina(d. 15 November 1759)


Hoen, C.M.T. 't
Hoen, Jacoba Maria 't(d. date unknown)


Hoeven, Anna Maria Geertruida(Anne-Marie) van der
Hoeven, Arie van der(b. Abt. 1796, d. 7 April 1866)


Hofstede, Adriana Cornelia Maria
Hofstede, Arie Pietrsz.(d. date unknown)
Hofstede, Hendrik Jacobus(b. 29 November 1840, d. date unknown)
Hofstede, Johannes(d. date unknown)
Hofstede, Leonardus(b. 16 May 1843, d. date unknown)
Hofstede, Maarten(b. 1 March 1839, d. date unknown)


Hofsteede, Ariaantje(d. date unknown)
Hofsteede, Arie(b. Abt. 1775, d. date unknown)
Hofsteede, Cornelis(b. Abt. 1765, d. date unknown)
Hofsteede, Maarten(b. Abt. 1764, d. date unknown)
Hofsteede, Pieter(b. Abt. 1774, d. date unknown)
Hofsteede, Pieternella Ariese (Petronella)(b. 7 April 1771, d. 18 December 1833)


Hogeboom, Arjan
Hogeboom, Rianne
Hogeboom, Robert
Hogeboom, Tom


Hoogerbrug, W.C.


Hoogland, A.


Hooijmans, Maria etronella(d. date unknown)


Huijsman, Maria(b. 22 June 1820, d. 3 March 1908)
Huijsman, Willem(d. date unknown)


Hulspas, Adolphus Johannes Gerardus(b. 5 November 1917, d. 6 December 1962)


Jansen, H.G.
Jansen, Ludovica Maria Anna


Janssen, N.J.M. (Nico)
Janssen, Petra


Jaspers, Maria(d. date unknown)


Kamp, P.


Kap, I.


Katers, Anna Margaretha(d. date unknown)


Kemmers, I.


Kerremans, C.A.M. (Lia)


Kester, Georgius
Kester, Jacoba G.J.
Kester, Johanna Petronella Jozefina
Kester, L.J.


Kleij, Hendrica van der(b. 20 January 1832, d. 24 September 1864)
Kleij, Jacobus Pietersz. van der(d. date unknown)


Kleijweg, Bernadette B.M.


Klugt, Apolonia (Ploon)Petronella Adriana van der


Knaap, Adriana Margaretha van der(b. 10 February 1849, d. 14 November 1927)
Knaap, Adrianus van der(d. date unknown)
Knaap, Cornelis van der(d. date unknown)
Knaap, Gerrit van der(b. 20 November 1819, d. 12 September 1872)
Knaap, Theodora Anna Cornelia van der


Knoope, Adriana Maria


Koenekoop, Maria W.L.


Kölcker, Margaretha Adelheit (Aaltje Kulkers)(b. Abt. 1755, d. 26 May 1813) Includes Notes


Kolenbrander, Bastiaan
Kolenbrander, Dik
Kolenbrander, Sandra
Kolenbrander, Wouter


Kolkers, Aaltje(d. date unknown)


Koot, Adolf Wilhelmus Marie
Koot, Cornelis(d. date unknown)
Koot, Cornelis Hendricus Marie
Koot, Helena Adriana Engelberta
Koot, Johannes G.
Koot, Johannes Gerardus(b. 27 June 1897, d. 20 May 1951)
Koot, Margaretha Maria Cornelia Bernadetta
Koot, Maria Helena Margaretha
Koot, Maria Hendrika Johanna
Koot, Thomas Cornelis Marie


Kouwenhoven, Adriana Theodora(d. date unknown)
Kouwenhoven, Bartholomeus(d. date unknown)
Kouwenhoven, Maria Magdalena(b. 2 February 1871, d. 24 December 1945)


Kram, Andrea


Krijger, Annie


Kruk, Gijsbertha van der(d. date unknown)


Kuist, Maria Helena(d. date unknown)


Kurver, Hendrika Aleida Maria
Kurver, Johannes Zacharias


Kuusch, Anna(d. date unknown)


Laan, Nicolaas Cornelis Maria van der(b. 25 July 1902, d. 28 October 1963)


Laar, Johanna Agatha NMaria van der(d. date unknown)


Lagraauw, Jeannette


Langeveld, Bartholomeus(d. date unknown)
Langeveld, Bartholomeus (Bart) Jans(d. date unknown)
Langeveld, Grietje(d. date unknown)
Langeveld, Margaretha (Grietje)(b. 22 March 1811, d. 25 February 1875)


Lans, Arend(d. date unknown)
Lans, Hendrikus Leonardus Maria van der
Lans, Jacqueline Johanna Maria van der
Lans, Johannes (Jan)(d. date unknown)
Lans, Johannes Leonardus van der
Lans, Leonardus van der


Levenig, Anna Maria(b. 18 July 1903, d. date unknown)
Levenig, Joseph(d. date unknown)


Loos, Petronella van der(d. date unknown)


Lucas, Engelina Maria Theodora


Luiten, A.P.M.
Luiten, Cornelis Willibrordus
Luiten, Maria Petronella(b. 30 March 1913, d. 17 February 1991)
Luiten, Wilhelmina Theodora Maria


Lunenburg, Pieternelletje Sijmondr.(d. date unknown)


Maat, Truus


Marel, Nico van der


Maria(Nicolette)Barendse, Nicolette Ludovica Anna


Matthai, Maria(b. 18 November 1694, d. date unknown)


Matthesius, Jan


Meer, Angelique (Angelique) Adriana Maria van der
Meer, Anna Catharina van der(d. date unknown)
Meer, Brigitte (Brigitte) Jacoba van der
Meer, Melissa (Melissa) Corstiana Agatha van der
Meer, William (Bill) Jacques van der


Meijer, Owen
Meijer, T.P. (Tom)
Meijer, Tobe


Middelburg, Jacobus(d. date unknown)


Mulder, Jan(d. date unknown)


Nagel, Anna Helena Sophia
Nagel, Anthonius Cornelis Johannes
Nagel, Bernardus Wilhelmus
Nagel, Robertus Josephus


Nederpel, Anna Apolonia(b. 17 September 1847, d. 8 May 1916)


Nederpelt, Cock
Nederpelt, Jacobus Engelbertus Maria (Jaap)(b. 7 November 1921, d. 1 February 2001)
Nederpelt, Maike
Nederpelt, Pieter(d. date unknown)


Noordermeer, Adriana(d. date unknown)


Nutbey, Erik
Nutbey, Henk


Olierook, Margaretha(d. date unknown)


Olsthoorn, Gerarda Petronella Quirina Maria


Onings, Emma (Emmy) Maria
Onings, G.F.A.


Oudshoorn, Adrianus Willibrordus Martinus
Oudshoorn, Brigita Maria Theresia


Overgaag, Cornelis(d. date unknown)
Overgaag, Margaretha (Gré) Adriana(b. 24 January 1905, d. 13 May 1983)


Persoon, Engelberta Helena Maria(b. 12 March 1883, d. 25 May 1959)


Prinselaar, B.R.H.


Raaphorst, Adrianus Petrus(d. date unknown)
Raaphorst, Petrus(d. date unknown)
Raaphorst, Wilhelmina (Wil) Maria Ludwina


Rapp, Karen


Reijntjes, Ria


Reinders, F.W. (Wendy)


Remmerswaal, Hubertus Joannes
Remmerswaal, Theodorus Hubertus


Ruigrok, Maria Johanna Cornelia
Ruigrok, Sebastianus Petrus


Ruijgrok, Cornelia Jacobsdr.(d. date unknown)


Rutten, Gerardus Jozef
Rutten, Magdalena Cornelia(b. 12 February 1941, d. 28 August 1977)


Salm, Johanna Maria van der(b. 2 January 1866, d. 31 March 1937)
Salm, Lida van der




Scheffers, Adriana Maria Helena(b. 7 September 1884, d. 26 July 1953)
Scheffers, Iris
Scheffers, Jan P.H.
Scheffers, Maria(d. date unknown)
Scheffers, Rufus
Scheffers, Simon(d. date unknown)


Scholtes, G.H.


Schulte, G.M.Ph.(d. 14 August 1989)
Schulte, Sabine


Slaman, Adriana Johanna Maria(b. 15 November 1905, d. 13 December 1984)
Slaman, Dorothea Petronella Maria(b. 7 November 1873, d. 14 October 1937)
Slaman, Engebertha Margaretha(b. 6 November 1912, d. 27 December 1955)
Slaman, J.P.W.
Slaman, Johanna Margaretha(b. 30 June 1907, d. 25 January 1988)
Slaman, Leonardus Johannes(b. 1 July 1914, d. 28 October 1998)
Slaman, Leonardus Wilhelmus(b. 26 January 1875, d. 8 November 1952)
Slaman, Petronella Apolonia Johanna(b. 7 April 1910, d. 24 March 1997)
Slaman, Petrus Gerardus Anthonius Jacobus(b. 25 July 1911, d. 31 July 1960)
Slaman, Wilhelmus(d. date unknown)
Slaman, Wilhelmus(d. date unknown)
Slaman, Wilhelmus Nicolaas(b. 6 August 1904, d. 24 November 1962)


Slijkoord, Dennis
Slijkoord, Hermen
Slijkoord, Monique


Sonnevelt, Leendert Jansz.(d. date unknown)


Stapelbroek, Annick


Storm, Jan(d. date unknown)
Storm, Margaretha(d. date unknown)
Storm, Maria(b. 29 October 1861, d. 8 February 1940)
Storm, Piet(b. 5 December 1852, d. 5 May 1933)


Straathof, M.H.G.


Streefkerk, Yvonne


Strik, J.H.


Swikker, Hendrina(d. date unknown)


Tafener, Julian Tobias
Tafener, Walter


Thoen, Gijsbertha Cornelia Maria(b. 19 September 1925, d. 26 July 1993)


Timme, H.


Touw, Adriana(d. date unknown)
Touw, Helena(b. 25 December 1788, d. date unknown)


Tukker, Cornelia Adriana(b. 6 November 1825, d. date unknown)


Uittenbroek, Bas
Uittenbroek, Bastiaan Bernardus (Bas)
Uittenbroek, Bernardus Johannes (Ben)
Uittenbroek, Bink Dorus
Uittenbroek, Catherina Apolonia Maria (Rhodé)
Uittenbroek, Johanna Maria (Dewi)


Valk, Adrianus Johannes van der(d. date unknown)
Valk, Maria Alida van der(d. date unknown)
Valk, Maria Klazina van der(b. 23 October 1878, d. 7 April 1923)
Valk, Maria Martina van der(b. 30 January 1811, d. 29 November 1875)
Valk, Willem van der(d. date unknown)


Valkenet, Clara(d. date unknown)


Valstar, J.

van Adrichem

van Adrichem, Angelie
van Adrichem, Cornelia J. Andrea
van Adrichem, Magdalena Maria Apollonia(b. Abt. 1910, d. 16 February 1938)
van Adrichem, Petrus Johannes(d. date unknown)

van Alphen

van Alphen, Jo
van Alphen, L.A.M.

van Arkesteijn

van Arkesteijn, C.L.A.M.

van Bergenhenegouwen

van Bergenhenegouwen, Nicole
van Bergenhenegouwen, Paul
van Bergenhenegouwen, Rick

van de Berg

van de Berg, L.G.M.
van de Berg, P.B.A.
van de Berg, W.J.M.

van de Burg

van de Burg, Catharina Johanna Maria
van de Burg, Johannes Adrianus

van de Knaap

van de Knaap, A.P.J.
van de Knaap, Catharina Anna
van de Knaap, J.M.M.

van de Laar

van de Laar, Agatha Geertruida(d. date unknown)

van de Sande

van de Sande, Jacobus Wilhelmus Jozeph
van de Sande, Johannes Adrianus
van de Sande, Wilhelmina Maria

van de Valk

van de Valk, M.J.

van de Ven

van de Ven, Jacobus Petrus Franciscus

van de Zanden

van de Zanden, L.J.
van de Zanden, T.J.W.(d. date unknown)

van der Arend

van der Arend, H.C.A.

van der Burg

van der Burg, Everina Maria Teresia

van der Hoeven

van der Hoeven, Adrianus Petrus
van der Hoeven, Jeannette Maria Adriana(b. 27 November 1946, d. 1973)

van der Klauw

van der Klauw, P.G.

van der Kleij

van der Kleij, Cecilia Johanna Maria

van der Knaap

van der Knaap, Maria(b. 14 June 1862, d. 30 June 1945)

van der Lans

van der Lans, H.T.M.
van der Lans, L.C.

van der Meer

van der Meer, Francina Johanna

van der Valk

van der Valk, Maria Johanna(b. 10 February 1927, d. 19 August 1997)
van der Valk, W.J.P.A.

van der Voort

van der Voort, J.J.M.
van der Voort, M.H.

van der Zanden

van der Zanden, Adolf Hendricus
van der Zanden, Elisabeth Maria(b. 23 October 1880, d. 5 October 1975)
van der Zanden, Engelbertus Adrianus Maria
van der Zanden, Hendrikus Theodorus
van der Zanden, Johanna Jacoba Hendrika Maria
van der Zanden, Johannes Martinus Cornelis
van der Zanden, Margaretha Maria Cornelia
van der Zanden, Maria Margaretha
van der Zanden, Theodora Adriana Cornelia
van der Zanden, Theodorus Johannes Willebrordus(b. 7 November 1888, d. 26 October 1945)
van der Zanden, Theresia Elisabeth Maria

van Dijk

van Dijk, Catharina(d. date unknown)
van Dijk, Frederik(b. 29 June 1829, d. 6 December 1899)
van Dijk, Hendrika(d. date unknown)
van Dijk, Henriëtte (Jet) Geertruida M.
van Dijk, Johannes(d. date unknown)
van Dijk, Johannes Cornelis(d. date unknown)
van Dijk, Leendert(d. date unknown)
van Dijk, Margaretha (Margot) Elisabeth Maria

van Eekelen

van Eekelen, E.C.D.

van Enckevort

van Enckevort, W.C.G. (Mien)

van Gardere

van Gardere, A.C.A.

van Gemert

van Gemert, Sophie Emma Maria
van Gemert, Tessa Rosalie Maria
van Gemert, Tim Johannes Maria
van Gemert, W.M. (Wil)

van Gils

van Gils, Alex
van Gils, Alexander (Xandro) Wilhelmus Maria

van Grevenhof

van Grevenhof, L.

van Haastrecht

van Haastrecht, Lena(d. date unknown)

van Haestrecht

van Haestrecht, Cornelis (Kees) Jaspersz.(d. date unknown)
van Haestrecht, Helena (Lena)(b. 1781, d. 23 March 1858)

van Hagen

van Hagen, Elizabeth Gezina Maria
van Hagen, Lambertus Servatius Emmanuel

van Heijningen

van Heijningen, J.C.H.

van Heiningen

van Heiningen, Harrij

van Holsteijn

van Holsteijn, Jacoba Margaretha Francisca
van Holsteijn, Maria Gerarda(b. 15 February 1907, d. 27 February 1993)

van Kester

van Kester, Johanna Francisca Cornelia
van Kester, Johannes Jacobus(d. date unknown)
van Kester, Maria Adriana(b. 2 July 1901, d. 1 March 1978)

van Koppen

van Koppen, E.G.P.
van Koppen, Maria Petronella

van Leeuwen

van Leeuwen, A.J.M. (Jeanne)
van Leeuwen, Agatha Johanna Maria
van Leeuwen, G.A.L.
van Leeuwen, Jacobus(d. date unknown)
van Leeuwen, Jacobus Adrianus(d. date unknown)
van Leeuwen, Jacobus Wilhelmus Theodorus
van Leeuwen, Johanna Catharina Adriana(b. 1 December 1912, d. 6 September 1980)
van Leeuwen, Johanna Cornelia Maria
van Leeuwen, Johanna Cornelia Maria Wilhelmina
van Leeuwen, Maria Johanna Maria
van Leeuwen, Nicolaas Gerardus(b. Abt. 1909, d. 1 March 1985)
van Leeuwen, Theodorus Johannes Gerardus(b. 8 June 1906, d. 29 June 1973)
van Leeuwen, Theresia Johanna Maria
van Leeuwen, W.C.M.
van Leeuwen, Wilhelmina Cornelia Maria

van Marrewijk

van Marrewijk, Abraham Lambertus(d. date unknown)
van Marrewijk, Adelbertus Simon
van Marrewijk, Adriana Cornelia(b. Abt. 1899, d. 21 March 1940)
van Marrewijk, Cornelis(b. 30 June 1900, d. 14 October 1987)
van Marrewijk, Engelina Maria Cornelia
van Marrewijk, Gijsbertus Josephus Aloydius(d. date unknown)
van Marrewijk, Jan(d. date unknown)
van Marrewijk, Johanna Clasina(d. date unknown)
van Marrewijk, Johannes Franciscus (kleine Jan)(b. 29 December 1861, d. 22 June 1947)
van Marrewijk, Magdalena Johanna Maria(d. date unknown)
van Marrewijk, Petrus(d. date unknown)
van Marrewijk, Pia Appolonia
van Marrewijk, Ria
van Marrewijk, Wilhelmina Arnolda(b. 27 June 1888, d. 12 August 1973)

van Melsen

van Melsen, N.M.

van Mil

van Mil, Koen Conrad Hendrik Simon
van Mil, Simon Jacobus
van Mil, Simon Nicolaas

van Noordt

van Noordt, Anneloes
van Noordt, Ivo
van Noordt, Leo

van Noort

van Noort, Dennis
van Noort, Jasper
van Noort, Jerry
van Noort, Lisette
van Noort, Romy

van Olsthoorn

van Olsthoorn, M.P.A.

van Oosten

van Oosten, Willemina(b. 5 May 1832, d. 11 November 1922)

van Os

van Os, Catharina Cornelia Maria
van Os, Hendrikus Anthonius(b. 10 January 1882, d. 20 May 1968)
van Os, Ivonne
van Os, M.H.C. (Riet)
van Os, Nicolaas Johannes(d. date unknown)
van Os, Piet

van Paassen

van Paassen, Apolonia(d. date unknown)
van Paassen, C.M.M.
van Paassen, Cornelis Adrianus Jacobus
van Paassen, G.C.P.
van Paassen, J.A.M.
van Paassen, Johannes (Jan) Jozephus
van Paassen, Maria(d. date unknown)
van Paassen, Maria Catharina(b. 31 March 1859, d. 14 January 1942)
van Paassen, P.G.F.
van Paassen, Pieter Adamse(b. Abt. 1765, d. date unknown)

van Rest

van Rest, Cornelis Petrus Johannes(b. 6 May 1909, d. 7 August 1982)

van Rijn

van Rijn, G.J.M. (Gerda)
van Rijn, L.A.M. (Louise)

van Rosmalen

van Rosmalen, Marga(d. 1984)

van Ruijven

van Ruijven, Petrus (Piet) Johannes Gerardus

van Ruyven

van Ruyven, Bas Cornelis
van Ruyven, Cornelis
van Ruyven, Joyce Johanna Maria
van Ruyven, Petronella Agatha Cornelia Catharina(b. 13 November 1905, d. 14 September 1963)

van Schie

van Schie, Annette (Annette) Anna Theodora
van Schie, Cornelia Alida
van Schie, Cornelis Petrus(b. 6 September 1917, d. 5 November 1961)
van Schie, Cornelis Theodorus Gerardus
van Schie, Elisabeth Johanna Maria
van Schie, Gerardus Jacobus Johannes(b. 28 January 1956, d. 9 April 1999)
van Schie, Helena Barbara
van Schie, Jacobus(d. date unknown)
van Schie, Jacobus Petrus(d. date unknown)
van Schie, Johanna Catharina(d. date unknown)
van Schie, Johanna Maria(d. date unknown)
van Schie, Johannes
van Schie, Johannes Jozephus Gerardus(b. 23 May 1958, d. 11 February 1999)
van Schie, Leonardus
van Schie, Magdalena Wilhelmina Maria
van Schie, Nicolaas Hendricus Gerardus
van Schie, Nicolaas J.
van Schie, Th.
van Schie, Theodorus Gijsbertus Gerardus
van Schie, Theodurus Jacobus(d. date unknown)
van Schie, Wilhelmina
van Schie, Wilhelmina Johanna

van Steekelenburg

van Steekelenburg, A.J. (Jeannette) M.

van Tilburg

van Tilburg, Wilma

van Tol

van Tol, Antje(d. date unknown)
van Tol, Antje Jansdr.(d. date unknown)

van Uffelen

van Uffelen, Adrianus J.M.
van Uffelen, Apollonia (Ploon) Johanna(b. 26 January 1919, d. 29 August 1993)
van Uffelen, Arnoldus C.M.(b. 24 July 1955, d. 6 October 1999)
van Uffelen, Bertha
van Uffelen, Cornelia A.M.
van Uffelen, Corrie
van Uffelen, Esther
van Uffelen, Gijsbertus Gerardus
van Uffelen, Jacob(d. date unknown)
van Uffelen, Johannes(b. 14 October 1841, d. 14 January 1920)
van Uffelen, Johannes(b. Bef. 1868, d. date unknown)
van Uffelen, Johannes P.A.(b. 19 January 1914, d. 30 October 1974)
van Uffelen, Jolanda
van Uffelen, Magdalena Theodora
van Uffelen, Maria J.W.
van Uffelen, Maria M.
van Uffelen, Marinus Petrus Paulus(b. 29 June 1880, d. 12 January 1964)
van Uffelen, Marinus W.M.
van Uffelen, Martinus A.J.
van Uffelen, Paulina F.M.A.
van Uffelen, Petronella
van Uffelen, Petronella Maria Jacoba
van Uffelen, Theresia M.
van Uffelen, Wilhelmina
van Uffelen, Wilhelmina J.M.

van Veen

van Veen, Adrianus (Aad)Theodorus Wilhelmus Maria
van Veen, Bianca
van Veen, Debbie (Debbie) Adriana Maria
van Veen, Gerarda Petronella
van Veen, Jacoba Theodora(d. date unknown)
van Veen, Robertus (Rob) Cornelius Petrus
van Veen, Ron (Ron) Adrianus Cornelus
van Veen, Simone (Simone) Theadora Maria
van Veen, Sylvia (Silvia) Elisabeth Maria
van Veen, Vanessa (Vanessa) Petronella Agatha
van Veen, Wendy (Wendy) Anna Maria

van Velzen

van Velzen, Cornelia(d. date unknown)

van Vliet

van Vliet, Alida
van Vliet, Lenarda Adriana Maria
van Vliet, W.C.A.

van Weert

van Weert, Elisabeth Helena Maria (Elleke)
van Weert, J.R. (Jeroen)
van Weert, Petrus Gerardus Franciscus (Pieter)

van Wingerden

van Wingerden, A.A.M.
van Wingerden, A.J.M.
van Wingerden, anna (Anny) Magdalena Theodora
van Wingerden, W.S.F.

van Zaalen

van Zaalen, Gijsbertus(b. 19 September 1855, d. 5 August 1940)

van Zeijl

van Zeijl, Catharina(b. 1 February 1873, d. 10 May 1956)
van Zeijl, Catharina Engelina Wilhelmina(b. 24 January 1885, d. 23 April 1969)

van Zijl

van Zijl, Agatha (Zus) Theodora Maria
van Zijl, Barbara Hendrika Agnes


Veen, Agatha Johanna in 't


Veenman, Johanna(d. date unknown)
Veenman, Wilhelmina (Wilma) Maria Adriana


Velde, Christoffel Dircksz van der(d. date unknown)


Verbakel, Maria Cornelia


Verbeek, Catharina(d. date unknown)
Verbeek, H.J.


Vermeulen, Maria Johanna Cornelia


Vijftigschild, Johannes Petrus Nolatius(b. 31 January 1833, d. 16 January 1904)


Vijverberg, Adrianus Jacobus(d. date unknown)
Vijverberg, C.M.T. (To)
Vijverberg, Clazina (Sien) Gerarda Catharina
Vijverberg, Cornelia Johanna(b. 11 May 1911, d. 24 March 1945)
Vijverberg, Cornelia Johanna(b. Abt. 1922, d. 24 March 1945)
Vijverberg, Dolf
Vijverberg, G.J.
Vijverberg, Hubertha Petronella Anthonia
Vijverberg, J.P.
Vijverberg, L.J.M.
Vijverberg, M.C.
Vijverberg, Machdalena Johanna Maria(d. date unknown)
Vijverberg, Petrus Cornelis(d. date unknown)
Vijverberg, Piet
Vijverberg, W.P.M.
Vijverberg, Wilhelmus(d. 25 October 1981)
Vijverberg, Willem


Vis, E.T.J.
Vis, Gijs
Vis, John Thomas(d. date unknown)
Vis, Maartje
Vis, Peter Johannes(b. 20 March 1910, d. 10 June 1999)


Vis., G. (Guus) J.C.
Vis., J. (Hans) W.P.
Vis., P. (Pieter) W.


Visser, Andrea


Vollebregt, Henricus(b. 2 March 1846, d. 1 January 1909)
Vollebregt, Hubertus Wilhelmus(d. date unknown)
Vollebregt, Johannes(d. date unknown)
Vollebregt, Johannes Cornelis(d. date unknown)


Vonk, Maria Cornelia Oda
Vonk, Wilhelmus Johannes Maria


Voort, Cornelis Calistus van der(d. date unknown)
Voort, Gerardus Petrus van der(d. date unknown)


Vos, Besseltje


Waterschoot, Elisabeth (Ellen) Maria


Weerdenburg, Antonius J.M. (Ton)
Weerdenburg, George
Weerdenburg, Laura Cornelia Wilhelmina
Weerdenburg, Susanna Apolonia Maria (Sanne)


Weide, Neeltje van der(d. date unknown)


Wibben, Enne(b. 1702, d. date unknown)
Wibben, Geerd Anton(b. Abt. 1701, d. date unknown)
Wibben, Herman(b. 1705, d. date unknown)
Wibben, Jan(d. date unknown)


Wielens, H.G.W. (Riekie)


Wildthagen, Anna(d. date unknown)


Winter, Catharina Maria


Witteman, Aad J.


Wooning, Arie Johannes
Wooning, Arnoldus Wilhelmus Maria
Wooning, Egidus Cornelis Maria
Wooning, Maria Wilhelmina


Wubben, Adelheid(b. 1736, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Andreas Maria
Wubben, Andreas Theodorus Maria
Wubben, Anna Maria
Wubben, Anna Wilhelmina(b. 8 September 1861, d. 25 September 1942)
Wubben, Catharina Johanna Maria
Wubben, Christina Petronella
Wubben, Cindy Adriana Maria
Wubben, Cornelia Maria
Wubben, Cornelis(b. 3 February 1829, d. 12 July 1907)
Wubben, Cornelis Bartholomeus Andreas(b. 4 May 1902, d. 27 June 1981)
Wubben, Cornelis Leonardus Andreas
Wubben, Cornelis Nicolaas
Wubben, Gerardus(b. 12 April 1813, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Gerardus Jacobus(b. 1779, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Gerardus Leonardus(b. 1864, d. 3 April 1906)
Wubben, Gertrudis(b. 23 October 1824, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Gesina(b. 1740, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Gesina Angela(b. 1769, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Helena Hendrika(b. 1 June 1903, d. 12 March 1915)
Wubben, Hendricus(b. 18 February 1832, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Hendrikus Carolus Leonardus(b. 28 June 1909, d. 7 July 1998)
Wubben, Hendrikus Cornelis Theodorus
Wubben, Hendrikus Joannes Gerardus
Wubben, Hendrikus Petrus Johannes
Wubben, Henricus Hermanus(b. 9 April 1859, d. 3 January 1943)
Wubben, Herman(b. 1732, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Hermanus Henricus(b. 24 August 1765, d. 15 May 1855)
Wubben, Hubertha Alida
Wubben, Isabelle Chrysostoma Wilhelmina
Wubben, Jacoba Cornelia Maria
Wubben, Jacobus(b. 29 September 1870, d. 28 November 1957)
Wubben, Jeannette Maria Josina
Wubben, Joanna(b. 24 February 1816, d. 21 May 1819)
Wubben, Joanna(b. 9 November 1817, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Joannes(b. 12 August 1821, d. 10 April 1902)
Wubben, Joannes(b. 24 May 1823, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Joannes Leonardus(b. 9 February 1866, d. 16 October 1896)
Wubben, Johannes(b. 28 October 1871, d. 7 December 1961)
Wubben, Johannes Bernardus(b. 1773, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Johannes Christianus(b. 1769, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Johannes Gerardus Antonius(b. 1759, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Johannes Hendricus
Wubben, Johannes Hendrikus Andreas
Wubben, Johannes Henricus(b. 1730, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Johannes Jacobus(b. 23 April 1868, d. 3 May 1942)
Wubben, Johannes Meinardus(b. 1763, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Johannes Theodorus Maria
Wubben, Josephus Servatius
Wubben, Ludovicus Andreas
Wubben, Margaretha(b. 27 August 1814, d. 15 February 1888)
Wubben, Margaretha (Gré) Wilhelmina(b. 16 June 1911, d. 23 May 1980)
Wubben, Margaretha Maria(b. 15 October 1873, d. 12 September 1928)
Wubben, Margaretha Wilhelmina Maria
Wubben, Maria(b. 16 September 1811, d. 14 December 1893)
Wubben, Maria(b. 16 October 1826, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Maria Anna Margaretha
Wubben, Maria Cornelia Adriana
Wubben, Maria Johanna
Wubben, Maria Magdalena
Wubben, Maria Wilhelmina
Wubben, Maria Wilhelmina
Wubben, Martine Francina Adriana
Wubben, Monica Catherina Maria
Wubben, Nicolaas Christiaan Maria
Wubben, Paulus Wilhelmus Andreas
Wubben, Petronella Maria
Wubben, Petronella Theresia Maria
Wubben, Petrus Johannes Maria
Wubben, Richard Gerardus Maria
Wubben, Theodora(b. 5 April 1820, d. 3 May 1832)
Wubben, Theodorus Adrianus Handrikus
Wubben, Theodorus Maria
Wubben, Wilhelmina Geertruida
Wubben, Wilhelmina Maria(b. 26 August 1905, d. date unknown)
Wubben, Wilhelmus Lambertus Maria
Wubben, Yvonne Petronella Maria


Zande, Cornelia Theodora van der(b. 1 May 1882, d. 20 February 1973)


Zanden, Hendricus van der(d. date unknown)
Zanden, Hendrika Maria Adriana van der


Zeegers, Wilhelmina Cornelia(d. date unknown)


Zonneveld, Adrianus(d. date unknown)
Zonneveld, Adrianus(b. 8 August 1823, d. 15 May 1877)


Zuidervlied, Klaas(d. date unknown)


Zuidgeest, J.G.
Zuidgeest, Johanna Wilhelmina
Zuidgeest, Maria(d. date unknown)
Zuidgeest, Paul
Zuidgeest, Roy


Zuijdervlied, Cornelis(b. Abt. 1809, d. date unknown)


Zuijdervliet, Clasina(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Zuijdervliet, Cornelia(b. 1843, d. date unknown)
Zuijdervliet, Nicolaas(b. 3 January 1836, d. 30 March 1838)


Zwinkels, A.W.Th. (Aad)
Zwinkels, Anacetus Nicolaas Hendricus
Zwinkels, Anna Apolonia Maria
Zwinkels, Anna Jacoba Maria
Zwinkels, Cornelia Imelda Maria
Zwinkels, Cornelis (Kees) A.M.
Zwinkels, Cornelis (Kees) H.G.M.
Zwinkels, Dennis (Dennis) Cornelis Adrianus
Zwinkels, Elisabeth Petra Maria
Zwinkels, Engelbertus Gerardus Jacobus(b. 23 June 1885, d. date unknown)
Zwinkels, Gerarda Maria(b. 1864, d. 30 January 1898)
Zwinkels, Gerardina Hendrica Maria Irene
Zwinkels, Hendricus(d. date unknown)
Zwinkels, Hendrika Elisabeth Maria
Zwinkels, Jimmy (Jimmy) William Maria
Zwinkels, Joost (Joost) Renatus Maria
Zwinkels, Lucia Maria
Zwinkels, Maria (Monique) C.
Zwinkels, Maria Petronella
Zwinkels, Martinus Petrus Jozef
Zwinkels, Miranda
Zwinkels, Nicolaas Henricus(b. 10 September 1911, d. 30 January 1982)
Zwinkels, Nicolaas Henricus
Zwinkels, NN(b. 5 January 1947, d. 5 January 1947)
Zwinkels, Patricia (Patricia) Leonarda Maria
Zwinkels, Paulus (Paul) Leonardus Maria
Zwinkels, Petrus Anacetus Nicolaas Maria(b. 24 January 1946, d. 25 January 1946)
Zwinkels, Petrus Nicolaas Jozef
Zwinkels, Yvonne E.
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