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Descendants of John Towne

15. WILLIAM4 TOWNE (EDMUND3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1)159 was born March 13, 1658/59 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA160, and died January 30, 1749/50 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA161. He married MARGARET162 August 22, 1694 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA163. She died November 05, 1751 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA164.

Notes for W
iv. WILLIAM, b. March 13, 1659; m. (1) Eliza (???); m. (2) Margaret ((???)) Willard, widow of that John Willard who was executed in the witchcraft delusion of 1692, Aug. 22, 1694; his will, dated April 24, 1744, mentions his wife Margaret, son-in-law (step-son) John Willard, daughters-in-law (step-daughters) Hannah and Margaret Willard, sons Isaac and Jeremiah, daughters Lydia Fitts and Mary Towne;(*Essex Probate, 329 : 154) he d. Jan. 30, 1749/50.
Walter Goodwin Davis, "The Ancestry of Lieut. Amos Towne 1737-1793", (Southworth Press, Portland ME, 1927), 8.

More About W
Will: April 24, 1744, will written 165

Notes for M
Widow Margaret Towne made her will Dec. 26, 1750, mentioning her son John Willard, granddaughter Mary Kenney, and daughters Mary Towne and Kezia Fitts, both of Sutton;(+Essex Probate, 330 : 277) she d. Nov. 5, 1751.
Walter Goodwin Davis, "The Ancestry of Lieut. Amos Towne 1737-1793", (Southworth Press, Portland ME, 1927), 8.
Children of W
  i.   LYDIA5 TOWNE165, m. FITTS165.
  ii.   MARY TOWNE166, b. July 03, 1695, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA167.
  iii.   WILLIAM TOWNE168, b. November 22, 1697, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA169; d. December 23, 1697, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA170.
  iv.   WILLIAM TOWNE171, b. February 25, 1697/98, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA172.
  v.   ISAAC TOWNE173, b. April 10, 1701, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA174.
  vi.   MARY TOWNE175, b. August 23, 1702, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA176.
41. vii.   JEREMIAH TOWNE, b. May 27, 1705, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA.
  viii.   DEBORAH TOWNE177, b. August 16, 1707, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA178; m. JOSIAH KENNEY179, May 01, 1729, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA179.
  ix.   MARCY TOWNE180, b. September 19, 1709, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA181.
  x.   KEZIAH TOWNE182, b. February 09, 1714/15, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA183; m. ROBERT FITTS JR.184, November 09, 1739, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA184.
  More About ROBERT FITTS JR.:
Residence: of Sutton, Worcester Co., MA184

16. JOSEPH4 TOWNE (EDMUND3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1)185 was born September 02, 1661 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA186, and died 1717 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA187. He married AMY RUHAMA SMITH188 March 13, 1686/87 in Topsfied, Essex Co., MA189, daughter of ROBERT SMITH and MARY FRENCH. She was born August 16, 1668 in Topsfied, Essex Co., MA190, and died February 22, 1756 in Topsfied, Essex Co., MA191.

Notes for J
surveyor of highways, 1691; selectman, 1694; constable, 1697 from Fredrick A. Virkus, The Compendium of American Genealogy Vol V, (1930), 206.

4. JOSEPH4 TOWNE (Edmund3, William2, John1) was born in Topsfield September 2, 1661. He married Amy Smith, daughter of Robert and Mary (French) Smith of Boxford, on August 10, 1687.
There were three contemporary Joseph Townes in Topsfield in the latter part of the seventeenth century, Joseph3 being the eldest, Joseph4 (Edmund3) being designated Joseph, Jr., and Joseph4 (Joseph3) being called Joseph third or Corporal Joseph. "Joseph Towne Jr. the widows son" was elected surveyor of highways in 1691/2, and he served as selectman in 1694 and as constable in 1697.
Joseph Towne made his will on May 18, 1717, and it was proved on the following December 16. To his wife "Emmy" he left his household furniture, a cow and one-third of his real estate, and his son Daniel, who had the homestead, was to allow his mother a living-room and a chamber above it during her life. To his son Benjamin he left other real property, while the younger children, Nathan, Jesse, Nathaniel, Amos and Amy, received ce30 apiece. Benjamin and Daniel were appointed executors, and the witnesses were William Towne, Jacob Towne and John Curtis.(Essex Probate, 312 : 134. ) Amy (Smith) Towne survived until February 22, 1756, when she died in her eighty-eighth year.
Walter Goodwin Davis, "The Ancestry of Lieut. Amos Towne 1737-1793", (Southworth Press, Portland ME, 1927), 8.
Children of J
42. i.   BENJAMIN5 TOWNE, b. May 10, 1691, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA; d. February 11, 1772, Topsfied, Essex Co., MA.
43. ii.   NATHAN TOWNE, b. 1693, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA; d. 1763.
  iii.   JESSE TOWNE192, b. December 05, 1697, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA193.
44. iv.   NATHANIEL TOWNE, b. June 01, 1700, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA; d. June 17, 1765, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA.
45. v.   AMOS TOWNE, b. July 02, 1709, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA; d. 1747, Enroute to Annapolis, Nova Scotia.
  vi.   EMMA TOWNE194.
  vii.   DANIELL TOWNE195.
  viii.   JOSEPH TOWNE196, b. Abt. 1703, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA196; d. Bef. 1717, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA197.
  More About JOSEPH TOWNE:
Baptism: May 30, 1703, baptized198

17. ABIGAIL4 TOWNE (EDMUND3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1)199 was born August 06, 1664 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA200, and died February 14, 1711/12200. She married (1) JACOB PEABODY201 January 12, 1685/86 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA202, son of FRANCIS PEABODY and MARY FOSTER. He died November 24, 1689203. She married (2) THOMAS PERLEY204 January 14, 1695/96 in MA205, son of JOHN PERLEY. He was born 1669206, and died 1740206.

Notes for A
Acknowledgment of Abigaile Peabody, dated March. 21, 1694-5, of the recept from her mother Towne of her portion.
Essex County Probate Records, vol. 311, page 181

viii. ABIGAIL, b. Aug. 6, 1664; m. (1) Jacob Peabody, son of Lieut. Francis and Mary (Foster) Peabody, Jan. 12, 1686; three children; he d. Nov. 24, 1689; m. (2) Thomas Perley, son of John Perley of Boxford, Jan. 14, 1695/6; five children; Perley was representative to the General Court in 1727; she d. Feb. 14, 1712.
Child of A
46. i.   ABIGAIL5 PERLEY, d. 1800.

18. ELIZABETH4 TOWNE (EDMUND3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1)207 was born November 02, 1669 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA208. She married THOMAS WILKINS208 December 19, 1694 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA209, son of THOMAS WILKINS and HANNAH NICHOLS. He was born May 26, 1673 in Salem, Essex Co., MA210.

Notes for E
xi. ELIZABETH, b. Nov. 2, 1669; m. Thomas Wilkins of Salem Dec. 19, 1694; he was of Boxford when he made his will on Nov. 28, 1726, mentioning his wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas, Hezekiah, Jonathan and David, and daughters Elizabeth Upton, Mary Upton, and Mercy Wilkins.
Walter Goodwin Davis, "The Ancestry of Lieut. Amos Towne 1737-1793", (Southworth Press, Portland ME, 1927), 8.
Children of E
  i.   HANNAH5 WILKINS211, b. April 29, 1696, Boxford, Essex Co., MA212.
Baptism: September 14, 1707, Boxford, Essex Co., MA213

  ii.   ELIZABETH WILKINS214, b. November 10, 1697, Boxford, Essex Co., MA215; m. UPTON216.
Baptism: September 14, 1707, Boxford, Essex Co., MA217

  iii.   MARY WILKINS218, b. March 23, 1698/99, Boxford, Essex Co., MA219; m. UPTON220.
  iv.   THOMAS WILKINS220, b. March 21, 1699/00, Boxford, Essex Co., MA221; m. MERRIAM UPTON222, June 13, 1728, Reading, Middlesex Co., MA222.
Residence: of Reading, Essex Co., MA222

  v.   HEZEKIAH WILKINS223, b. April 15, 1702, Boxford, Essex Co., MA224; m. MEHITABLE UPTON225, August 04, 1726, Reading, Middlesex Co., MA226.
Baptism: September 14, 1707, Boxford, Essex Co., MA227

Residence: of Reading, Essex Co., MA228

  vi.   MIRIAM WILKINS229, b. August 25, 1704, Boxford, Essex Co., MA230.
  vii.   MERCY WILKINS231, b. January 12, 1705/06, Boxford, Essex Co., MA232.
Baptism: June 18, 1710, Boxford, Essex Co., MA233

  viii.   DAVID WILKINS234, b. Boxford, Essex Co., MA.
Baptism: June 18, 1710, Boxford, Essex Co., MA235

  ix.   JONATHAN WILKINS236, b. Boxford, Essex Co., MA.
Baptism: June 18, 1710, Boxford, Essex Co., MA237

19. SAMUEL4 TOWNE (EDMUND3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1)238 was born February 11, 1672/73 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA239. He married ELIZABETH KNIGHT239 October 20, 1696 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA240, daughter of PHILIP KNIGHT and MARGERY. She died July 03, 1764 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA241.

Notes for S
xii. SAMUEL, b. Feb. 11, 1673; m. Elizabeth Knight, daughter of Philip and Margery Knight of Topsfield, Oct. 20, 1696; d. May 22, 1714; administration granted to widow Elizabeth May 3, 1714, and estate divided between her and eldest son Samuel, son Philip, daughters Elizabeth and Rebecca; (Essex Probate, 311 : 119, 234) she m. Elisha Perkins April 4, 1715.
Walter Goodwin Davis, "The Ancestry of Lieut. Amos Towne 1737-1793", (Southworth Press, Portland ME, 1927), 8.

Children of S
  i.   SAMUEL5 TOWNE242, b. July 05, 1702, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA243.
  ii.   PHILIP TOWNE244, b. June 22, 1707, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA245.
  iii.   ELIZABETH TOWNE246.
  iv.   REBECCA TOWNE246, b. February 08, 1699/00, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA247.

20. JACOB4 TOWNE JR. (JACOB3 TOWNE, WILLIAM2, JOHN1)248 was born February 13, 1659/60 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA249. He married PHEBE SMITH250 June 24, 1684250. She was born 1661.
Children of J
  i.   JOSHUA5 TOWNE250, b. November 13, 1684, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA251.
47. ii.   JOHN TOWNE, b. February 02, 1685/86, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA.
  iii.   ABIGAIL TOWNE252, b. 1687, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA253.
  iv.   CATHERINE TOWNE254, b. Abt. 1690, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA; m. BENJAMIN TOWNE255, April 01, 1713, Topsfied, Essex Co., MA256; b. May 10, 1691, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA257; d. February 11, 1772, Topsfied, Essex Co., MA257.
ii. BENJAMIN, b. May 10, 1691; m. (1) Catherine Towne, daughter of Jacob4 and Catherine (Symonds) Towne; m. (2) Susanna Wildes, daughter of Ephraim and Mary (Howlett) Wildes, April 12, 1722; m. (3) Mary Perkins May 2, 1738; m. (4) widow Mary Clark, April 15, 1761; a man of local prominence and wealth; d. Feb. 11, 1772.
Walter Goodwin Davis, "The Ancestry of Lieut. Amos Towne 1737-1793", (Southworth Press, Portland ME, 1927), 9
The Catherine Towne, daughter of Jacob and Catherine (Symonds) Towne, was b. Feb. 25, 1661/62, which would have made her too old to be this Catherine Towne.

48. v.   JACOB TOWNE, b. 1693.
49. vi.   GEDION TOWNE, b. February 04, 1695/96, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA.
  vii.   RUTH TOWNE258, b. March 25, 1698, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA258.
  viii.   STEVEN TOWNE259, b. November 02, 1700, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA259.
50. ix.   JABEZ TOWNE, b. June 15, 1704, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA.
  x.   ELISHA TOWNE260, b. October 25, 1706, Topsfield, Essex Co., MA261.

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