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View Tree for HENDRICK* (PA 1689) (SELLEN) SELLHENDRICK* (PA 1689) (SELLEN) SELL (b. Abt. 17 Oct 1666, d. 1749)

HENDRICK* (PA 1689) (SELLEN) SELL (son of Jacob (Sellen) Sell and Unknown)369 was born Abt. 17 Oct 1666, and died 1749 in Kameysoona, Germany Township, York County, Pennsylvania. He married Margaret or Mary Unknown.

 Includes NotesNotes for HENDRICK* (PA 1689) (SELLEN) SELL:
THE SELL FAMILIES of Adams and York Counties, Pennsylvania and Carroll County, Maryland 1685-1995, Volume One, The Males Lines - BTB115041KD

Description: Tells the story of the Sell families who lived in this three county area in the 1800s and 1900s and to discover how they are related to each other. - 1998, 81/2x11, cloth, index, 619 pp
Price: $45.00

Author: Kenneth D. Sell

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Subject : Sell Fam. in Anc. World Tree
Date : Tue, 8 Jul 2003 23:07:43 EDT
Hello, Donna:

I believe we may have corresponded a few years ago. I recently happened across your Clymer Connections in the Ancestry World Tree Project, and was disturbed by a couple of items I noticed on the page for John Sell ID #128272. I also checked the Hendrick Sellen page.

You use me as a source for the information on John Sell and apparently Hendrick Sellen.

In the only "official" presentation of data on the Hendrick Sellen family [Dr. Kenneth Sell's copyrighted book, "The Sell Families of Adams and York Counties.PA, and etc.] which I have ever made, I state that there is no proof that the Hendrick Sellen born in October 1666 at Krefeld is our Hendrick. It is only a possibility.

I have never associated the John Sell of Upper Hanover Twp, Montgomery Co. (formerly Phila Co.) (a.1700-1767) with Dorothy Eckert of York County. There has been conjecture that his (John of Upper Hanover Twp) wife was named Elizabeth, based on his only daughter being named Elizabeth. This may well be wrong, as the first daughter was most often named by Germans after the wife's mother.

John of Upper Hanover Twp's children are presumed to be in birth order: Solomon; Peter; Henry; Abraham; Samuel; Benjamin; and Elizabeth, based on his will and several deeds naming them..

Someone (I don't have her name handy here) has speculated that John Sellen married Anna Maria Rudi, but again no proof has been put forth. So I feel it is a disservice to others, and to me, to use me as a reference for information which is just speculation. The words "theory" or "possibility" come to mind for use.

This is certainly the first time I have ever seen John Sell of Upper Hanover Twp, and John Sell of York County, shown as one and the same. The John Sell of Upper Hanover was a Mennonite, and died about 10 Feb1767 [ probate date, Phila Wills O-88]. The John Sell of York County, and wife Dorothy Eckert, had their daughter Catherine b. 5 May 1763 (witness was Catherine Eckert) baptised in the Christ Reformed Church at Littlestown. [Adams Co, PA Ch. Recs. of the 18th Century, comp. F.Edward Wright, 1989].

I hope you will correct/update your information so others will not pick up on the errors/speculation as gospel. I am sometimes guilty of not citing my sources, so perhaps I am throwing rocks at my own glass house.

Some input on Hendrick Sellen data: I hadn't seen he immigrated on the "Welcome." He was in Germantown by 20 Dec 1685 when he bought 100A from Lenart Arets (Phila Deeds G-2 p.5). He died by 13 Oct 1749 in "Conewago", Germany Twp, York County where Letters of Admin. were granted to Margaret Sell (York Will Book A-36). He was certainly married before 1700, as he had children in Pastorius' Germantown school by 1706 (Learned, "The Life of Pastorius", 1908).


Richard Sell

Selected Families and Individuals

Many many records on this Henrich Sellen are recorded in other parts of this
CD.; in the newsletters, and Germantown section. He is believed to have
first come to Germantown about 1684 or 1685. About 1713 to 1715 he apparently
moved to the Skippack settlement; and sometime between 1732 and 1736 he moved
his family to then York County, near the present day towns of Hanover and
Littlestown, an area then known as Conewago. He died there before 13 October
1749, when letters of administration were granted to his widow, Margaret.

He may have married as many as three or four times, having children by at least
three wives. Only some of these relationships have at this time (1999) been
proven, others are included here as "probable".

All research done to date indicates that this Henry/Hendrick Sell/Sellen was
both the 1684/5 emigrant to Germantown, who was a member of the Germantown
Mennonite church, later moved to Skippack, (now in Montgomery County),and
finally to York County where he died. He may have had three or more wives,
Margaret being his widow in 1750. (see Celle Family Book, Part I; and the many
issues of the Celle Newsletter that contain records on this Henry and his kin.)

The following comes from The Sells Family History
By Edwin M. Stovall, 1970
Edited and abstracted by Carolyn Cell Bakow, June 1970
Part I:
Notes and Records on Hendrick Sellen of Germantown, PA.
"Hendrick von Sellen came to America from Crefel, Holland in 1686, with three sons, Peter
Ludwick, Jacob, and John?" from Mrs. Willie Mae Skidmore King of Columbus, Mississippi.
"Early Sells Family in America", a four page booklet compiled fromr ecords fround by Dr. Morrish of
Flint, Michigan, assisted by Mr. Jack Willoughby, a professional genealogist of Huntingdon County,
"A reproduction of a "Map of Germantown, 1688" the original owned by Dr. Pennypacker, shows
where Hendrick Sellen's property is located."
"Hendrick Sellen's name appears on an account of a drawing for lots on February 4, 1689"
"Sellen had come to America not only in his own interest; but he was also an attorney in fact for
Jan Streypers, one of the original three purchasers of five thousand acres. He was also, for some
time at least, attorney or agent for Dirck Sipman, an original purchaser?" from Pennypacker,
pages 16, 133, and 278.
"In 1691 sixty-two inhabitants of Philadelphia County were naturalized. ?Among them were
Dirick Sellen and Hendrick Sellen."
"On May 15, 1693 tax was laid on 52 adult male residents of German Town, among them Henry
Sellen and Derick Sellen."
"Martin Sellen (Seelen, Selle) was in Germantown by 1694." Hull, page 405
"In 1698 Henry Sellen made a trip back to the homeland." Hull, pages 405,420; and
Pennypacker, page 133.
"Hendrick Sellen's children attended the Germantown Friends' School sometime between the years
1702 and 1718." Hull, page 405; Pennypacker, page 133.
"August 22, 1709 Hendrick Sellen "had a pint of wine and a roll with Pastorius" who was the school
master." Hull, page 405; Pennypacker, page 133.
"Hendrick Sellen was listed as a member of the Germantown Mennonite Church on May 23, 1708."
Cassel, page 114; and Hull, page 405.
"Hendrick Sellen owned two hundred and ninety-one and a half acres of land, on which he built an
oil mill in 1714. This land must have been at Cresheim." Pennypacker,page 133.
Part I: Notes and Records on Hendrick Sellen of Germantown, PA. Cont.
"In 1734 Heninrich Zell owned land and paid quitrents prior to 1734 in Philadelphia County,
Cresheim township, late part of Germantown, on 100 acres; ? Peter Zell, 60 acres ? Jacob Zell,
90 acres? Johannes Zell had 100 acres in Hanover twp." from Rupp, page 470-471.
"Before April 16, 1739, Henry Sellen had sold his oil mill and moved to Komupeanga, in PA." from
Pennypacker, page 133.
(Editor's note: Komupoanga Creek runs from Wernersville, Berks County, through
Lancaster County, to the Susquehanna River at the York County line.)
According to Mrs. King, Hendrick Sellen died about 1740. But no proof of this has been found.
Possibly they merely lost sight of him in Philadelphia County in 1740. It is possible that this is the
same man who showed up in York County in the 1730's ? and died by 1751.(A note by Edwin

Part II:
The Narrative by Edwin Stovall
Hendrick Sellen was a resident of Germantown., Pennsylvania in 1689. His name appears on the
account of a drawing for lots on February 4, 1689, one, and one-half lots on the east side of the
main Street. It has been said that he was from Muhlheim, on the Ruhr, and, also was a
Mennonite from Crefeld, Germany. He came to America circa 1686 to 1689, when there arrived at
Philadelphia two small groups of German settlers whom William Penn's appeals, had lured from
the Rhine country. Some of their land was bought from the Frankfort Land Company and from the
original Crefeld purchasers. In 1691, Hendrick Sellen's name was on the list of Dutch and
German inhabitants of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania who pledged allegiance to the crown,
and was naturalization by an Act of Assembly passed September 29, 1709. On May 15, 1693 , the
first law assessing and taxing the inhabitants of Philadelphia County was passed and Henry
Sellen was on the list for Germantown. In 1698 Henry Sellen made a trip back to the homeland.
He want to Crefeld, Germany with many business communications, and we may suppose, many
messages of friendship as well. In December, 1701 a committee was appointed to collect
subscriptions and make arrangements with a teacher, "it was found good to start a school in
Germantown." In 1702 Francis Danial Pastorius began his sixteen year teaching career in the
Quaker School or Germantown Friends School. nstructions cost from four to six pence per week.
Sometime during this period, Hendrick Sellen's children received instruction in this school.
August 22, 1709, he had a pint of wine and a roll with Pastorius. On May, 23, 1708, Mary Sellen
and Hendrick Sell were listed as members of the Mennonite Church at Germantown, and
Hendrick Sellen executed a declaration of trust on December 8, 1724 on the behalf of Hans
Neuss, who died before this date.
The first school sponsored by the Mennonites was established about 1717 and was conducted by
Christopher Dock, "the pious school master on the Skippack." The school apparently prospered so
that eight years later, March 30, 1725, feeling the need for a meeting house for worship, Henry
Sellen, Claus Janson, Henry Kolb, Martin Kolb, Jacob Kolb, Michael Ziegler and Hermanus Kuster,
trustees, all living, executed a declaration of trust which set forth:
The Sells Family History - By Edwin M. Stovall, 1970 - page 3
"For the benefit use & behoof of the poor of the s'd people called Menonist (alias Menisten)
in Bebberstownship afores'd forever and for a place to Erect a meeting house for the use &
service of the s'd people, & for a place to bury their dead, as also for all & every the
Inhabitants of the Bebber township to build a school house & fence in a sufficient burying
Van Bebber and his wife conveyed one hundred acres of land to the trustees, in trust, upon which
to build a school house and fence in sufficient ground for a burying place for the use of the
inhabitants of Bebbers Township. This deed was written by Pastorius in1717.
Henry Sellen owned two hundred and ninety one and a-half acres of land, on which he built an oil
mill in 1714, but before April 1739 he sold it and removed to Komupoango, Pennsylvania; there is
a Komupoango Crook which runs from Wernersville, Berks County, through Lancaster County,
over to York County and empties into the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania.
The Mount Pleasant Inn, 7127 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania now stands on
land owned in 1718 by Henry Sellen, oil miller. William Allen bought this land in
1778, and after its sale in 1797 by Andrew Allen, Jr., the property had many owners, most of
whom were small businessmen or tradesmen.
Henry Sellen lived in Kresheim, in the German Township , Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania as of
about 1701. December 8, 1724 Henry Sellen was to execute a deed showing his residence at
Cresheim, besides giving a brief history of the transaction, stated tha the himself had been in 1714
and was still in 1724 a Mennonite.
In 1734 Henry Sellen was probably a resident of Cresheim. On a list of those who "owned land
and paid quit-rents prior to 1734 in Philadelphia, Cresheim township,l ate part of Germantown",
Heinrich Zell 100 Acres
Peter Zell 60 Acres.
Jacob Zell 90 Acres
There was also a Johannes Zell in Hanover township with 100 acres.
The tract of land he had originally acquired in Germantown, as shown on the 1688 map, was held
in 1714 by John Doeden.
The name Sellen was anglicized to Sell, Selle, Sells, Seltz, and Sill by various, members of the
family. The German pronunciation being Zell Zelle, Zellen. The Dutch counterpart being

From "Early Settlers of Germantown", by Vashti Seaman; page 7
"Hendrick Sellen was an early resident, and owned lot #12, on East side of Main Street in
Germantown, with Gerhard Levering, 1689. His wife was named Margaret. Their daughter Barbara
Sellen married Mathias Tyson. Another daughter married Arnold Von Fossen. It is not stated if this
is Mary, wife of elder Arnold Van Fossen, or of the son, Arnold VanFossens Jr."

Peter Ludwick SELLEN\SELL

Records are unclear as to which Peter this is; but our best questiment is that he is the Peter Selle who with wife Margaret moved to York/Adams Co., PA; had at least three children there; and is buried there. See Part 32 of our Celle Family Book for records and descendants of this family. These descedants are
also recorded in another family records file on Celle CD #1; and include some of the Sells Gunsmiths, and are discussed in that chapter.

Joshua DAVIS

BIOGRAPHY: Died at the age of 110 years and served in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 - Celle Family Book, Part 27, page3

Benjamin SELLS

Two other children were deceased by 1923 - Obituary of Benjamin Sells, May 7, 1923, Tipton County Newspaper.

MARRIAGE: Part 27, pg 1 Celle Family History
Note: Marriage Date listed as 8/16, Oct/Nov, 1860/61.

Catherine (Katherine) JOHNSON

BIRTH: Celle Family History, Part 27, pg 1

More About HENDRICK* (PA 1689) (SELLEN) SELL:
Date born 2: Abt. 1665
Date born 3: Abt. 1665, Krefeld, Germany.370
Deed 1: 1717, For 100 acres in "Bebbers" Township from Matthias and Hermana Van Bebber to Henry Sellen, Claus Jansen,Henry Kolb,Martin Kolb,Jacob Kolb,Michael Ziegler, Hermanus Kuster trustees for a place to build schoolhouse/meetinghouse and to start a burial ground.371
Deed 2: 1725, Declaration of Trust to successors of Skippack Congregation, this and 1717 deed are among the oldest Mennonite congregational records in existence in North America.371
Died 2: 1749, Kameysoona, Germany Township, (now Adams County) York County, Pennsylvania.372
Emigrated: Aft. 1683, On ship WELCOME after first Mennonite settlers came to Germantown.
Identity 1: 2004, There is no proof that this is the Hendrick Sellen who came to Germantown according to Richard Sell.
Identity 2: 2003, This may be the Hendrick Sellen, son of Jacob Sellen, who was christened 17 Oct 1666 in Krefeld (see Krefeld Ev-Ref. Ch. Recs), but there is no proof.372
Noted for: Collecting a special tax in Germantown to build a bigger jail.373
Occupation: Land agent, businessman, miller, attorney.374
Office held: Feb 1708, Elected deacon of Mennonite Meeting in Germantown with Isaac Van Sinteren and Conrad Jansen.375
Property: 20 Dec 1685, according to Phila. Deeds G-2, p.5, where Sellen buys 100 acres from Lenart Arets..376
Religion: Mennonite.

Children of HENDRICK* (PA 1689) (SELLEN) SELL and Margaret or Mary Unknown are:
  1. +Barbara* (Sellen) Sell, b. 1693, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, d. 1769, Perkiomen Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.
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