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Descendants of Thomas BOYLSTON, Jr.

29. JOHN B.6 BOYDSTUN (JAMES5, DAVID4 BOYDSTON, WILLIAM3 BOYLSTON, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 1766 in Frederick Co, MD, and died 23 Oct 1820 in Warren Co, KY. He married NANCY ANN GARDNER 05 Sep 1795 in Warren Co, KY, daughter of ISAAC GARDNER and HULDA ... She was born 18 Sep 1776 in North Carolina, and died 09 Nov 1854 in (see notes).

Notes for J
Joe Winsell shows a birth year of 1765.

This information is taken from "Two Sons of James Sr. Boydstun and their Descendants" by: Thora Ruth Green Moody.

The children of John and Nancy Ann Gardner Boydstun: John G. we don't know as yet what the G was for but it could have been Gardner as it was his mother's maiden sir name and that was often used to keep the mother's sir name alive in the family.

Well, John G. was born Aug. 1, 1805 and he married Jan 11, 1826 to Elizabeth Atterberry she was called Betsy. John was almost 20 and 1/2 years old. They had three children that we know of. Betsy was eighteen or neneteen years old. James Berry b. 1827, John Riley b. Jun 10, 1834, then in 1835 Louisa Jane was born. Betsy the mother died Jan 24, 1836. We think they wee living in Calloway Kentucky. Then on Mar 6, 1838 John married Malinda Shirley still living in Calloway Kentucky. They moved to Warren Co., Ill., where he died 1847. John and Malinda had four children by then though. Mary Frances b. 1839 or 40, Benjamin Shirley 1841, Tabitha Elizabeth 1843, and Martha Ann 1845. John died July 31, 1847 leaving three children by his first wife, Betsy and four children by Malinda.
Malinda, his widow, married James M. Hodgen on Sep 22, 1852, at Monmouth, Ill., 5 years after John G died. Louisa Jane Boydstun daughter of John G. and Betsy Atterberry married Mr. Hodgen son of James Hodgen March 27, 1853 less than a year after her stepmother Malinda Shirley Boydstun married his father James Hodgen. Both families left Springfield, Ill., in 1853 by covered wagon and traveled by the Oregon trail to Walla Walla, WA.. We don't know who Louise Jane stayed with until she married Isaac Hodgen, but we do know that James Berry was in the Henry Ground Household in 1850 as his uncle Benjamin Boydstun daughter Elizabeth Ann married Henry Ground. So, he stayed with them. John Riley, his brother was with their Grandma Nancy Ann Boydstun in the 1850 census.

In 1851 James Berry married Hannah Caroline Rea Mar 6, at Warren Co., Ill.. When he went to Texas with his family we don't know but we find a record that their fourth child, Charles Eugene was born Dec 12, 1860 in Ellis Co., TX.. We thinkk that maybe his brother John Riley also went with him.

John Riley enlisted in the civil war Sep 1861 at Dallas, TX., and also was with the Home Guard of Dallas in Jul 1, 1861. He enrolled Sep 8 at Dallas in the civil war. In the Home Guard they at Cedar Hill was not to be taken out of the state, nor marched south or east except by 2/3 vote while in the Cedar Hill Calvary Company Home Guard which he was in at first. He was reported killed in Mississippi in 1862, (he was actually captured and then released) but we find that he came back to Dallas and married and had children after that and is buried in the Dallas down town Masons cemetery. And two of his children with him. He died Mar 15, 1886 and his wife was young so she must have remarried as she is not buried with him and the boy Willie, 20 years old and Fannie only two. His wife's name was Lucy. James Berry died June 18, 1897 in Johnson County, or at leasthe is buried in the cemetery in Johnson County, TX.

In 1895 there is two records, so don't know which is right. But he settled area of village of Retta, in 1859 Tarrant Co land grant. His wife and children or some of them went to Groom, Carson Co., TX as she died there in Jun 11, 1917. But some of the older boys are found in Johnson Co., and Tarrant Co 1880 census.

We have been sent a clipping from the Groom Booster Newspaper of a story that was written by a Grand daughter of James Berry's about the trip from Johnsons Co., TX to the plains of Texas in the panhandle and how they got land and settled there. It was named Boydstun, a cemetery and a school was all named Boydstun. Groom is the next town. I will put the copy in the bank box so fire or etc., will not destroy the one copy and then you or someone can make the other copies and as I get the money for them I will put it in the same fund back and it can be for my burial expenses. I will feel like I have done what GOD helped me to do for all of my families.

There will be 12 or 15 more pages of this story. But it is on the newspaper and has ads of the stores in groom in it so I am just coping and it will be larger print also. Groom was the next town. Boydstun was the town where they founded the town and it is on the map, but a small place maybe like McComb is now. I also have pictures of Henry of this story. So many of the people that gavve me this information is dead now, so could never get it again. I will advertise in the magazine that has all these bamily books and etc. so will be able to sell some.

I am so glad you are doing this for me and will pay you for the material and you keep a record of it and give me a copy and you keep a copy so I will know how much it cost to do it and then I will know how much to charge for each book. May God richly bless you for doing this for which I am very thankful. There is a lot more to add to the book, but will get it together by the time you have done what you do have. Also of the Green's as I found them back in near Boston and have birth records, marriage and death and before the revolutionary war even. When I went to D.C. and saw where they used to go to church where the washington's went and near neighbors and build the two breeze ways between the Home in Mt. Vernon. And hunted with George. I don't know if I told you or not but when I first started this in 1977, I asked the Lord if I should do this for records and etc. so HE didn't say "yes" or "no", but to go read the first chapter of Mathew and I did and you go look and you will know my answer. Wasn't that something???? So, he really opened doors for me, met my kinsmen and it was wonderful. I hope you will get a portion of the blessing that I have received on doing it. I have made many mistakes on this.

Notes for N
Joe Winsell shows a birth year of 1775 for Nancy Ann.

According to data from the William Thomas Bible transcribed in Domonoske's "The Boydstun Family" p. 213, Nancy Ann Gardner Boydstun died 9 Nov 1854. Other information states that she died 1 Apr 1851.

In question is the parentage of Nancy Ann Gardner. From the notes of Roberta Dukes Richardson, parents are listed as Isaac and Mary Gardner. This information may have come from Gustine Weaver's book on the Boydstun Family. Gladys Domonoske states that parents were Jacob Gardner and Mary Bartlett, his third wife.

John's brother, Benjamin, married Mary Gardner, long-assumed to be a sister of Nancy's. If this is true, DAR accepts Mary's father as Isaac Gardner, which may or may not lay to rest the parentage issue, but here, she is listed as such.
Children of J
  i.   LUCINDA7 BOYDSTUN, b. 17 Aug 1796; d. 04 Nov 1818.
  ii.   TALITHA BOYDSTUN, b. 02 Feb 1798; d. 17 Sep 1859.
  iii.   LEVICIA BOYDSTUN, b. 31 Jan 1800; d. Unknown; m. JOHN BURNARD, Aug 1826, Warren Co, KY; b. Bet. 1795 - 1805; d. Unknown.
Note that my information had a Levisa Boydstun, daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Gardner) Boydstun married to John Barnard. This is too close for coincidence.

  iv.   ELIZABETH BOYDSTUN, b. 15 Jun 1802; d. Mar 1822.
70. v.   JOHN GARDNER BOYDSTUN, b. 01 Aug 1805, Bowling Green, Warren Co, KY; d. 31 Jul 1847, Knox Co, IL.
  vi.   SARAH P. BOYDSTUN, b. 26 Sep 1808; d. 25 Nov 1865.
  Notes for SARAH P. BOYDSTUN:
Sarah is age 50 and living in the household of her sister and family, Isaac Butler, in Warren County, Illinois, in 1860.

71. vii.   BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BOYDSTUN, b. 23 Jan 1811, Prob. Warren Co, KY; d. 14 Dec 1882, Rockwall, Rockwall Co, TX.
72. viii.   MARY ANN BOYDSTUN, b. 31 Dec 1813, Warren Co, KY; d. Dec 1891, Prob TX.
  ix.   EMILY B. BOYDSTUN, b. 25 May 1817; d. 16 Dec 1819.
73. x.   WILLIAM THOMAS BOYDSTON, b. 25 Nov 1819, Warren Co, KY; d. 02 Jul 1880, Johnson Co, TX.

30. MARY6 BOYDSTUN (JAMES5, DAVID4 BOYDSTON, WILLIAM3 BOYLSTON, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 13 May 1766, and died 09 Dec 1857 in Selma, Dallas Co, AL. She married THOMAS ARNOLD 26 Oct 1786 in Laurens Co, SC. He was born 05 Oct 1766, and died 23 Mar 1844 in Selma, Dallas Co, AL.

Notes for M
Mary has been added largely based on information from Cindy Owens. It may be that "Mary" is actually one of the daughters who were already known, but in order to accommodate Cindy's information, I have chosen to add Mary as a separate daughter until more information is known. I agree with her that the information she has found makes it very likely that Mary is a daughter of James Boydston Sr., especially in light of the controversy surrounding Mehitable Nancy and her supposed marriage to Seth/Thomas Arnold.

From: "Cindy Owens" <>

I'm a descendant of Mary BIDESTONE b. 1766, married 1787 to Thomas Arnold.

In 1790 they were in rutherford Co., NC next to 3 Boidstone men: James Jr & Sr & Samuel. James Sr would be old enough to be her father. I've never found anyone by the BIDESTONE spelling & I'm quite familiar w/ name changes, mispellings, etc. It seems logical to me that James, Sr was her father. The next year Thomas Arnold moved to Logan Co.,KY. In 1804 he & James Boydston rec'd land grants on the Big Whipporwill in Logan Co. You see the pattern....

I looked over quite a few family trees on David Boidston & they are all different slightly. Not unusual but I would like to know what the latest thoughts are on this family. Could Mary be a daughter of James?? I see where someone has recorded a Mahala Boidston married to a Seth Arnold, I don't know who this Seth Arnold is & have never run across that in the Arnold family. Mary is well documented through her husband's pension application, she didn't however mention who her father was though! Thanks for any help, Cindy

Extracts from her notes:

Mary Bidestone Arnold gave her birthplace as Tennessee and was born in 1766. James Boydstun was receiving service payments in Washington/Sullivan County, Tennessee, about 1782. At that time, the location was part of western North Carolina. When Mary gave information in the 1840s, the area was part of Tennessee. From this we know that Mary was born either in Washington or Sullivan Counties, Tennessee.

All of them were living next to each other in Rutherford County, North Carolina, moving together to Logan County, Kentucky, buying land next to each other, and even a deed between Thomas Arnold and James. Then James Jr., Samuel, and Mary all head to Alabama, while the others went North. Perhaps they had a falling out over the Free State / Slave State issue.

Notes for T
From Cindy Owens' notes:

Cindy has researched the Arnold side of the family and only recently became interested in the "Bidestone" side. She says that there is NO Seth Arnold of the age and geographic area to have married one of James Boydstun Sr.'s children, and believes Mary is the only child of James Sr. to have married an Arnold...and that this was Thomas Arnold.

1790 NC Heads of Families, p. 120
Thomas Arnold is lifing next to Sam Boidstone and James Boidstone in Morgan District, Rutherford County, North Carolina. He has three females in the household, plus one slave.

Cindy says that Thomas lived in Rutherford County, North Carolina at least until the US Census of 1780, and was in South Carolina when his father wrote his will in 1796.

Logan County, Kentucky - Deed Book F, page 333
Deed from John Boydston to Thomas Arnold
(no date given)

Thomas Arnold and James Boydston Sr. both received land grands on the Big Whipporwill in Logan County, Kentucky. Thomas Arnold was living in Logan County on the Red River by 1798.

Cindy says that of James Boydston Sr.'s children, James Jr., Samuel, and Mary all moved south from Kentucky. Mary died in Selma, Alabama. Her branch went on to Mississippi and ended up near the Water Valley, Yalobusha County, Mississippi.

Thomas Arnold's Pension File
16 Apr 1833
State of Alabama

Autoga County. Personally came before me on this 16 day of Aprile Eighteen hundred and thirty three in open Court of the Circuit Court of Autoga County and State of Alabama now sitting, Thomas Arnold, a resident of Autoga County, in the State of Alabama aged seventy years, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the fol(lowing) declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June7th 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers as a volunteer in the State of South Carolina, under Capt. John Ridgeway in the year 1779, in the District of Ninety-six, that he was marched from thence under the command of Capt. John Ridgeway to the state of North Carolina, Rutherford County where he joined the army of Genl Morgan, a short distance from Cowpens, that he was at the battle of the Cowpens but was unable to fight in consequence of a wound he had previously received in a skirmist at Hamm...(rest of page missing)..

(page 2) William Sumpter. That he continued (word blurred)... the service in North Carolina about three (?) months during which time he was marched through different parts of the state, in skirmishing expeditions. Then after the expiration of his then (?) stay in North Carolina, he was marched back to South Carolina, Ninety-six district, by Capt. John Ridgeway. That he continued under his command until he was killed by William Cunningham on Dirty Creek in the District of Ninety-six. By reason of whose death he was unable to get a discharge from the service. That he served as a volunteer upwards of nine months. That he served with Col. Lumpster, Genl Morgan, Col. Washington, Col. Elijah Clark and Lieut Walter Garner and others whose names he cannot remember. That he has no documentary evidence and that he knows of no person whose testimony he can procure that can testify to his service. I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except that present and declare that my name is not on the pension roll of the Agency of any State.

Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid.
Attest: M. T. Hohn and AC (signed) Tho Arnold

Mary Arnold's Widow's Pension Application
The State of Alabama, Dallas County
On this the 18th day of April 1859 personally appeared before me Warren B. Andrews an acting Justice of the Peace in and for said County and State Mary Arnold a resident of Selma County of Dallas, aged eighty seven years, who being duly sworn, according to Law, doth, on her oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the provisions made by the act of Congress for the benefit of widows of deceased revolutionary pensioners. That she is the widow of Thomas Arnold, who was a soldier for a time during the revolutionary war from the State of South Carolina, and who has received his pension from the Government of the United States under a declaration heretofore filed by him in the office of the Comm. of Pensions, up to about the time of his death, which occurred on the 23th day of March 1844. She further declares that she was married to the said Thomas Arnold on the 26th day of Oct. 1786; that her husband the said Thomas Arnold died on the 23 day of March 1844; that she Was not married to him previous to him leaving the service; but that the marriage took place previous to the 2nd Jan'y 1800 viz ab the time above stated. She further swears that she is now a widow and that she has never before made application for a pension.

Mary X Arnold
her mark
Sworn and subscribed on the day and year above written
Test: W. B. Andrews JP
Jas. G. Dunklin
Ams H. Dunklin
Book E., Vol. 8, p. 43
Recorded by _. T. Sprager (?) Clk

Alabama - Mobile
Mary Arnold, widow of Thomas, who was a private in the Revolution Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of 30 Dollars 00 Cents per annum, to commence on the 4th 23rd day of March 1844.

Certificate of Pension issued the 31st day of August 183__ (page torn)
and sent to William A. Dunklin, Selma, Ala.

Act of June 17, 1844
Recorded in Book A, Vol. 2, p. 230

From a Family Bible, apparently owned by Mrs. Frank Beard, but of which Cindy Owens has photocopies:
Tho. Arnold was born Oct 5th Day 1766

Mary Arnold was borh May the 13th Day 1766
William B. Arnold was born July 1st 1791
Temperance Arnold Our Daughter was born November the 25th Day 1789

John Arnold was born Aprile 4th 1793
Thomas H. Arnold was born March 7th 1797
Sally P. Arnold was born Aprile 27th 1799
Ann H. Arnold was born June 28 Day 180_ (blurred)

Thos Arnold was married To Mary his wife October 26th Day 1786
Temperance Arnold was married to Peter Ross her husband August 15th Day 1804
Hoarce (?) Dunklin was married to A. H. Arnold March the 11th 1824
William A. Dunklin was married to his wife Priscilla (?) Hartsfield Sept the 4 1850 (?)
Children of M
  i.   TEMPERANCE7 ARNOLD, b. 25 Nov 1789; d. Unknown; m. PETER ROSS, 15 Aug 1804; b. Bet. 1785 - 1790; d. Unknown.
  ii.   WILLIAM B. ARNOLD, b. 01 Jul 1791.
  iii.   JOHN ARNOLD, b. 04 Apr 1793; d. Unknown.
  iv.   THOMAS H. ARNOLD, b. 07 Mar 1797.
  v.   SALLY P. ARNOLD, b. 27 Apr 1799.
74. vi.   ANN H. ARNOLD, b. 28 Jun 1801, (Birth year blurred in Bible; estimated); d. Unknown.

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