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The David G. Bazan Family of McAllen, Texas:
Index of Individuals


(Nanna), Julio


?, Celia
?, Ester
?, Hortensia(b. 1852)
?, Jeanie
?, Jovita
?, Maria
?, Maria Luisa
?, Paula
?, Regina
?, Teresa(b. 1797)


Able, Carroll W.(b. Jul 04, 1951)
Able, Stacey(b. Jun 03, 1980)


Alaniz, Adelaida
Alaniz, Arnold Includes Pictures
Alaniz, Brudnilda
Alaniz, Carmen Louise(b. Oct 23, 1949) Includes Pictures
Alaniz, Celina
Alaniz, Crecencio Includes Notes
Alaniz, Cruz Includes Notes
Alaniz, Cruz Jr. Includes Pictures
Alaniz, David Jaramillo(b. Dec 11, 1920, d. Apr 14, 2005) Includes Pictures
Alaniz, David Raymond(b. Jul 28, 1948)
Alaniz, Dora
Alaniz, Emiliano
Alaniz, Erica
Alaniz, Estorgio (Toco) Includes Pictures
Alaniz, Fred
Alaniz, Gerardo
Alaniz, Inocencio (I.J.)
Alaniz, John Henry
Alaniz, Juan
Alaniz, Julie
Alaniz, Leticia
Alaniz, Linda Ann(b. Apr 07, 1946) Includes Pictures
Alaniz, Luis
Alaniz, Mary
Alaniz, Moses Includes Pictures
Alaniz, Olivia
Alaniz, Olivia Includes Notes
Alaniz, Olivia(b. May 25, 1908, d. Jul 1989)
Alaniz, Orlando
Alaniz, Petrita
Alaniz, Prajedis(d. May 17, 1948)
Alaniz, Ray
Alaniz, Ray
Alaniz, Richard
Alaniz, Robert(b. Apr 04, 1954) Includes Pictures
Alaniz, Robert Jr. (Robby)
Alaniz, Rolando
Alaniz, Rudy
Alaniz, Sandra
Alaniz, Simplicio
Alaniz, Simplicio Jr.


Alvarado, Tomasa(b. Jun 1846, d. date unknown)


Ambriz, Concepcion (Chona)


Anderson, Andrea Lynn
Anderson, Liberty Dawn
Anderson, William


Balderas, Amparo


Barreia, Marla


Barrera, Domitilia
Barrera, Domitilia
Barrera, Petra
Barrera, Rafael
Barrera, San Juana


Barrios, Alexis
Barrios, Joe
Barrios, Joe Jr.
Barrios, Victorian


Bazan, Aaron
Bazan, Abelardo(b. Nov 09, 1923) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Bazan, Abelardo Alejandro(b. Oct 15, 1971) Includes Notes
Bazan, Adan
Bazan, Adan
Bazan, Adelina
Bazan, Adelina
Bazan, Adelita
Bazan, Agripin
Bazan, Aiden Anthony(b. Feb 27, 2003) Includes Pictures
Bazan, Albino
Bazan, Albino(b. Mar 1881, d. date unknown)
Bazan, Albino(b. Mar 01, 1889, d. Jul 1976)
Bazan, Albino Jr.
Bazan, Albino Jr.
Bazan, Alicia
Bazan, Alicia
Bazan, Alicia
Bazan, Alonzo
Bazan, Ameia
Bazan, America
Bazan, Ana Maria
Bazan, Ana Maria
Bazan, Angelika Beth(b. Apr 24, 2000) Includes Pictures
Bazan, Angelo
Bazan, Angelo Jr.
Bazan, Anita
Bazan, Antonia Includes Notes
Bazan, Antonio
Bazan, Apolonia(b. date unknown)
Bazan, Armando
Bazan, Arnoldo
Bazan, Arturo
Bazan, Bacilio
Bazan, Basilio
Bazan, Basilio
Bazan, Berardino Jr.
Bazan, Bernadette(b. Nov 04, 1956)
Bazan, Bernardino
Bazan, Bernardino
Bazan, Bertha
Bazan, Betty Ann Vargas
Bazan, Bianca
Bazan, Bonnie
Bazan, Brigida
Bazan, Carlos
Bazan, Carlos(b. Nov 1874, d. date unknown)
Bazan, Cassie
Bazan, Catarino
Bazan, Christopher(b. Jun 11, 1986)
Bazan, Christopher Dominic(b. Nov 23, 1973) Includes Pictures
Bazan, Clarissa(b. May 31, 1963, d. Jul 29, 2000)
Bazan, Clarita
Bazan, Constancio
Bazan, Constancio
Bazan, Cristina(b. Oct 01, 1959)
Bazan, Cruz
Bazan, Daniel
Bazan, Daniel
Bazan, Daniel
Bazan, Daniel
Bazan, Daniel(b. Oct 10, 1954) Includes Notes
Bazan, David Andres(b. Aug 20, 1971) Includes Pictures
Bazan, David G.(b. Feb 16, 1947) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Bazan, Delma
Bazan, Delma
Bazan, Demencio
Bazan, Desiderio
Bazan, Desidero
Bazan, Domingo
Bazan, Dora
Bazan, Eduardo
Bazan, Eduardo(b. Sep 12, 1920)
Bazan, Eduardo (Eddie)
Bazan, Eduardo (Eddie)
Bazan, Eduardo (Walo)
Bazan, Eduardo (Walo)
Bazan, Eduardo 'Wito"(b. Oct 20, 1944, d. Jan 05, 1975)
Bazan, Edwaldo (Lalo)
Bazan, Elena
Bazan, Eli
Bazan, Eli Michelle
Bazan, Elia
Bazan, Elia
Bazan, Elias
Bazan, Elias Includes Notes
Bazan, Elias Jr.
Bazan, Eliboria(b. 1915)
Bazan, Elida
Bazan, Elida
Bazan, Elizabeth
Bazan, Elizabeth
Bazan, Elva
Bazan, Emilio
Bazan, Emilio
Bazan, Enrique
Bazan, Enrique
Bazan, Enrique
Bazan, Ernesto Includes Notes
Bazan, Esteban Xavier(b. Dec 15, 1945)
Bazan, Estella
Bazan, Estella
Bazan, Eulogio
Bazan, Eulogio Jr.
Bazan, Eva
Bazan, Eva
Bazan, Francisco
Bazan, Francisco(b. Oct 17, 1918, d. Jul 19, 1996)
Bazan, Francisco (Frank)
Bazan, Gabino
Bazan, George
Bazan, George
Bazan, George
Bazan, Gregorio
Bazan, Gregorio
Bazan, Gregorio
Bazan, Gregorio Includes Notes
Bazan, Gregorio
Bazan, Guadalupe(d. Oct 2005)
Bazan, Guadalupe
Bazan, Guadalupe
Bazan, Hector
Bazan, Hector Jr.
Bazan, Homer
Bazan, Homer Jr.
Bazan, Horacio
Bazan, Ignacia (Nachita)
Bazan, Imelda(b. Jan 20, 1959)
Bazan, Irma Margarita
Bazan, Isabel
Bazan, Isabel
Bazan, Isabel
Bazan, Jacklyn
Bazan, Jaime
Bazan, Jaime
Bazan, Jessica
Bazan, Jessie
Bazan, Jesus(d. 1915)
Bazan, Jesus
Bazan, Jesus
Bazan, Jesus
Bazan, Jesus
Bazan, Jesus (Chuy)
Bazan, Jesus Jr. Includes Notes
Bazan, Jimmy
Bazan, Joe Ed(b. Jun 29, 1969)
Bazan, Johnny
Bazan, Jose
Bazan, Jose
Bazan, Jose(b. Sep 03, 1885, d. Oct 17, 1977)
Bazan, Jose Jr.
Bazan, Jose Luis
Bazan, Jose Manuel
Bazan, Jose Maria (Chema)
Bazan, Jose Maria (Chema)
Bazan, Josefa
Bazan, Josefa
Bazan, Josefa
Bazan, Joselyn
Bazan, Joseph(b. Jan 16, 1984) Includes Notes
Bazan, Joshua
Bazan, Juan
Bazan, Juan
Bazan, Jude Alexander(b. Jul 27, 2005) Includes Pictures
Bazan, Julia
Bazan, Juliana
Bazan, Juliana (Alicia)
Bazan, Lucas Wesley(b. Jan 11, 1972)
Bazan, Luis
Bazan, Luisa
Bazan, Macaria
Bazan, Magdalena
Bazan, Magdalena
Bazan, Manuela
Bazan, Marcos
Bazan, Margarita
Bazan, Maria
Bazan, Maria
Bazan, Maria
Bazan, Maria
Bazan, Maria(b. 1890, d. date unknown)
Bazan, Maria Angelica
Bazan, Maria De Jesus
Bazan, Maria Ignacia(b. Jan 02, 1918, d. Apr 12, 1927)
Bazan, Maria Olga
Bazan, Maria Olga
Bazan, Maribel
Bazan, Maricela
Bazan, Maricela
Bazan, Maricela
Bazan, Marina
Bazan, Marina
Bazan, Mario
Bazan, Mark Anthony
Bazan, Mark Anthony
Bazan, Marla
Bazan, Marla Jean(b. Dec 15, 1978)
Bazan, Marta
Bazan, Martin
Bazan, Martin Jr.
Bazan, Matias
Bazan, Maximin
Bazan, Melchora(b. Jan 06, 1894, d. Aug 1980)
Bazan, Melinda
Bazan, Melissa
Bazan, Melissa
Bazan, Mellisa
Bazan, Mercedes(b. Sep 24, 1886, d. Apr 20, 1974) Includes Pictures
Bazan, Michael(b. Oct 17, 1974)
Bazan, Miguel(b. Sep 21, 1921, d. Feb 14, 2001)
Bazan, Miguel III
Bazan, Miguel Jr. Includes Notes
Bazan, Minerva
Bazan, Narcisa
Bazan, Nellie
Bazan, Nellie
Bazan, Nellie
Bazan, Nemencio Includes Notes
Bazan, Nena
Bazan, Nicaela
Bazan, Nicasio(b. Dec 14, 1893)
Bazan, Nicholas Anthony(b. Jul 14, 1975) Includes Pictures
Bazan, Nicholas Kolbe(b. Dec 29, 1999) Includes Pictures
Bazan, Nicole
Bazan, Nora
Bazan, Norma
Bazan, Norma
Bazan, Norma Rose(b. Jul 29, 1949)
Bazan, Otila
Bazan, Pablo
Bazan, Pablo
Bazan, Pamela Cecilia
Bazan, Paul
Bazan, Pedro
Bazan, Pedro Includes Notes
Bazan, Pedro
Bazan, Pedro
Bazan, Pedro
Bazan, Pedro (Pete)
Bazan, Pedro 'Pete"
Bazan, Petra
Bazan, Petra
Bazan, Pilar Includes Notes
Bazan, Pilar(b. Oct 1847)
Bazan, Pilar Jr.(b. Aug 25, 1886, d. Nov 1977)
Bazan, Pilar Jr. Billareal
Bazan, Policarpio(b. Feb 23, 1895, d. May 24, 1937)
Bazan, Prajedis
Bazan, Rafaela
Bazan, Ramiro
Bazan, Ramon
Bazan, Refugio
Bazan, Reyna
Bazan, Reynaldo 'Rey'
Bazan, Richard
Bazan, Rita
Bazan, Roberito(Bebi)
Bazan, Roberto
Bazan, Roberto Jr.
Bazan, Robeto III
Bazan, Romana
Bazan, Rosita
Bazan, Ruben
Bazan, Rudy(b. Dec 01, 1953)
Bazan, Rudy(b. Jun 28, 1976)
Bazan, Ryne Christopher
Bazan, Ryne Christopher
Bazan, Sage Christine(b. Apr 08, 1995) Includes Pictures
Bazan, San Juanita
Bazan, San Juanita
Bazan, Santos
Bazan, Santos
Bazan, Santos
Bazan, Santos
Bazan, Santos(b. Nov 02, 1859, d. Apr 19, 1940)
Bazan, Santos(b. Nov 1885, d. date unknown)
Bazan, Santos Jr.
Bazan, Serena
Bazan, Severo
Bazan, Simon
Bazan, Stella
Bazan, Stephen James Sauceda(b. Feb 11, 1995)
Bazan, Stevan(b. Apr 26, 1972)
Bazan, Tiburcita
Bazan, Tomasa
Bazan, Victor
Bazan, Victor
Bazan, Victor Anthony(b. Aug 10, 1950) Includes Notes
Bazan, Victoria
Bazan, Victoria
Bazan, Victoriano
Bazan, Viola


Benavides, Andres
Benavides, Francisco
Benavides, Julian
Benavides, Romana


Benavidez, Cristobal
Benavidez, Cristobal Jr. (Sonny)
Benavidez, Gloria
Benavidez, Raymond
Benavidez, Robert (Bobby)


Billareal, Olga


Blanchard, Charles
Blanchard, Gerald(b. Sep 22, 1946)
Blanchard, Nichole Babette(b. May 15, 1972) Includes Pictures


Briones, Ernesto
Briones, Wally


Bucerrera, Chila


Caldwell, Albert J., Jr.


Calvillo, Sophia Includes Pictures


Cantu, Eglantina
Cantu, Eloisa
Cantu, Filomeno
Cantu, Gilbert
Cantu, Jesus
Cantu, Simodosia
Cantu, Tiodosia
Cantu, Tiodosia


Cavazos, Ramiro
Cavazos, Ramiro Jr.
Cavazos, Teresa


Chavez, Catarina
Chavez, Catarina
Chavez, Elvira Includes Pictures
Chavez, Juan


Crixell, Rosa Laulom(b. Nov 28, 1884, d. Jan 01, 1954)


Cuellar, Enriqueta
Cuellar, Enriquetta

De Russe

De Russe, Fred
De Russe, Ina Rae
De Russe, Irma
De Russe, Luis
De Russe, Luis


Delgado, Tomasa Salinas(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Diaz, Robert
Diaz, Sophia
Diaz, Stephanie Wiley(b. Aug 21, 1971)


Durante, Joseph




Elizondo, Pioquinta


Estrada, Alexis Sabrina
Estrada, Rosa


Fisher, Jane


Flores, Jesus
Flores, Jesus Jose
Flores, Jorge Carlos
Flores, Jose Oscar
Flores, Luis(b. Aug 25, 1916, d. Oct 03, 1973)
Flores, Luis II
Flores, Melba Teresa
Flores, Romeo Javier
Flores, Selvia


G., Anita


Galvan, Demetrios (Pappas)
Galvan, Nicolas
Galvan, Pricilla
Galvan, Roberto
Galvan, Roberto Jr.


Garcia, Bernardo
Garcia, Julia
Garcia, Manuel
Garcia, Manuel
Garcia, Manuel(b. Nov 30, 1898, d. Mar 14, 1931)
Garcia, Manuel Jr.
Garcia, Michelle
Garcia, Michelle
Garcia, Ruben
Garcia, Rueben


Garza, Amelia
Garza, Aurelia
Garza, Brenda Gayle(b. Aug 30, 1977)
Garza, Brigida Salinas(b. Nov 24, 1855, d. Nov 24, 1935)
Garza, Candelario(b. Feb 02, 1909, d. Oct 04, 1927)
Garza, Carmen
Garza, Carmen
Garza, Carmen
Garza, Carolina
Garza, Cecilio
Garza, Cecilio
Garza, Celia
Garza, Chonita
Garza, Clemencia(d. 2005)
Garza, Corina
Garza, Eduardo (Lalito)
Garza, Elizabeth
Garza, Emeterio
Garza, Emilia
Garza, Emilia
Garza, Enedina
Garza, Erineo
Garza, Ernesto
Garza, Estefan
Garza, Eugenio
Garza, Eugenio
Garza, Euleterio(b. 1866, d. 1952)
Garza, Faustino (Tino)
Garza, Feliciana Includes Notes
Garza, Feliciana(b. Nov 09, 1890, d. Apr 07, 1982)
Garza, Harold Ross
Garza, Harold Ross(b. 1903, d. 1984)
Garza, Jesus
Garza, Jesus
Garza, Jorge(b. 1864, d. 1920)
Garza, Josefa(b. 1886, d. 1963)
Garza, Juan
Garza, Juan Lino
Garza, Julio
Garza, Leonor
Garza, Liza
Garza, Luisa
Garza, Oscar III(b. Jan 12, 1985)
Garza, Pablo(b. Jan 26, 1882, d. Jul 12, 1936)
Garza, Pablo Jr.(b. Mar 10, 1907, d. Jun 11, 1915)
Garza, Paula(d. 1885)
Garza, Pedro
Garza, Petra
Garza, Porfirio
Garza, Ramona
Garza, Raul
Garza, Reynaldo
Garza, Rogelio
Garza, Roman
Garza, Romulo
Garza, Romulo(d. Feb 2004)
Garza, Ross
Garza, Rumaldo
Garza, Sofia
Garza, Sylvia


Godoy, Delia


Gonzalez, Aurelio
Gonzalez, Guadalupe
Gonzalez, Isabel
Gonzalez, Linda


Gracia, Clara
Gracia, Juliana
Gracia, Juliana
Gracia, Juliana


Guerra, Clariza
Guerra, David
Guerra, Juan


Guerrez, Elroy


Gutierrez, ?
Gutierrez, Alcario Includes Notes
Gutierrez, Alicia(d. 2005)
Gutierrez, Cruz(b. May 01, 1869, d. Jan 06, 1937)
Gutierrez, Cruz Jr.(d. 1952)
Gutierrez, Elisa " Licha"(d. Mar 1982)
Gutierrez, Elizardo(b. Feb 12, 1906, d. May 30, 1906)
Gutierrez, Emilio(b. 1905, d. Apr 15, 1995)
Gutierrez, Emilio 'Butch'
Gutierrez, Emilio Jr.
Gutierrez, Emilio, Jr. Includes Pictures
Gutierrez, Ernesto(b. Apr 10, 1904, d. Oct 31, 1991)
Gutierrez, Ernesto, Jr.
Gutierrez, Flor (Nanna)Sylvestre
Gutierrez, Gloria
Gutierrez, Janie
Gutierrez, Jose Manuel
Gutierrez, Laura Rosa(b. Dec 04, 1927) Includes Pictures
Gutierrez, Magdalena
Gutierrez, Maria del Pilar(b. Mar 10, 1902, d. Jun 22, 1982)
Gutierrez, Maria del Rosario
Gutierrez, Maria Gloria
Gutierrez, Mirtala
Gutierrez, Robert Allen
Gutierrez, Rogerio(b. Sep 27, 1905, d. Sep 09, 1998)
Gutierrez, Rogerio Jr.
Gutierrez, Rosa(b. Aug 30, 1899, d. Feb 22, 1980)
Gutierrez, Sandra
Gutierrez, Veronica Nelda


Guzman, Gloria
Guzman, Maria Luisa(b. Mar 11, 1916)


Halamuda, Kathy(b. Jun 11, 1951)


Hernandez, Concepcion
Hernandez, Concepcion


Hinojosa, Cecilio
Hinojosa, Cecilio
Hinojosa, Celina
Hinojosa, Celina
Hinojosa, Celina
Hinojosa, Eduardo
Hinojosa, Eduardo
Hinojosa, Eduardo
Hinojosa, Elia
Hinojosa, Ernesto
Hinojosa, Gloria
Hinojosa, Gloria
Hinojosa, Gloria
Hinojosa, Josefina
Hinojosa, Josefina
Hinojosa, Josefina
Hinojosa, Lucilla
Hinojosa, Lucilla
Hinojosa, Lucilla
Hinojosa, Maria Cila
Hinojosa, Maria Cila
Hinojosa, Maria Cilia
Hinojosa, Maria Irene
Hinojosa, Mercedes
Hinojosa, Mercedes
Hinojosa, Mercedes
Hinojosa, Teresa
Hinojosa, Teresa
Hinojosa, Teresa
Hinojosa, Ubaldo
Hinojosa, Ubaldo
Hinojosa, Ubaldo Jr.
Hinojosa, Ubaldo Jr.
Hinojosa, Ubaldo 'Lalo' Jr.
Hinojosa, Urbano


Jansse, Arian
Jansse, Emilia
Jansse, Juliana


Jaramillo, Pascual
Jaramillo, Petrita


Javier, America
Javier, Gerald-Zea
Javier, Jerry


Jr., Oscar L. Garza(b. Jun 21, 1956)


Justil, Isabel(b. Jun 23, 1953)
Justil, Johann Josef(b. Sep 02, 1921)


Kaigler, Barbara


Kneip, Kevin
Kneip, Nicole


Korky, Jacob




Laurel, Estela


Leal, Oralia
Leal, Oralia


Llanas, Aida(b. Sep 20, 1920)
Llanas, Gabriel C.(b. Apr 09, 1894, d. Jun 21, 1974)
Llanas, Gabriel Leopoldo(b. Mar 22, 1923)


Llanes, Gabriel
Llanes, Gabriel, Jr.


Lopez, ?
Lopez, Agapito
Lopez, Apolonia
Lopez, Delfina
Lopez, Emilia
Lopez, Ernesto
Lopez, Estefana(b. Aug 02, 1854, d. Apr 03, 1929)
Lopez, Felix
Lopez, Graciano
Lopez, Issac
Lopez, Maria
Lopez, Natividad
Lopez, Paula
Lopez, Ramona
Lopez, Ramona
Lopez, Rebeca
Lopez, Santos
Lopez, Transito
Lopez, Yoeldo
Lopez, Zacarias




Luis-Castillo, Alesandra
Luis-Castillo, Jose


Madola, Hugette


Mendieta, Carlos(b. Jul 14, 1971)
Mendieta, Daniel(b. Jun 14, 1979)
Mendieta, Esequiel(b. Jul 30, 1946)
Mendieta, Vanessa(b. Mar 12, 1975)
Mendieta, Victor(b. Oct 15, 1984)


Mircovich, Angelita(d. 1958)


Molina, Apolonia
Molina, Elvira
Molina, Faustina
Molina, Faustina
Molina, Nicolas
Molina, Nicolas


Montalvo, Guadalupe
Montalvo, Guadalupe
Montalvo, Sylvia
Montalvo, Victoria


Muņoz, Marla
Muņoz, Sergio
Muņoz, Sergio Jr.


Nava, Guadalupe (Lupe)


Ortega, Braulio
Ortega, Edward
Ortega, Edward Jr.
Ortega, Michael
Ortega, Victoria


Ozuna, Francisa


Peņa, Alan
Peņa, Christian
Peņa, Eliamar
Peņa, Guadalupe
Peņa, Juan
Peņa, Juan Jose
Peņa, Mariola(b. Jun 20, 1959)
Peņa, Maritza
Peņa, Michael
Peņa, Viola (Chekez)


Perez, Adelfa
Perez, Manuela(b. 1824, d. 1926)
Perez, Maria
Perez, Sofia


Pinter, Ramon Jean(b. Mar 08, 1946)


Puente, Albert Jacob
Puente, Albert Jacob
Puente, Alberto
Puente, Alberto
Puente, David Lee
Puente, David Lee


Puig, Amelia
Puig, Amelia(b. Aug 10, 1915)
Puig, Anastacio Carlos(b. 1880)
Puig, Antonio(b. 1873)
Puig, Dario
Puig, Dario(b. Dec 1883, d. 1973)
Puig, Elvira(b. Feb 1889)
Puig, Emilio Juan(b. 1873)
Puig, Estela Margarita(b. Jan 1886)
Puig, Fabian(b. Jan 20, 1877, d. Sep 09, 1894)
Puig, Francisco Luis Esteve(b. Dec 04, 1845)
Puig, Joseph Sabastia Esteve(b. 1789)
Puig, Juan(b. 1840)
Puig, Juana(b. Mar 1879)
Puig, Luis(b. 1885)
Puig, Maria Luisa(b. 1870)
Puig, Octavo(b. May 06, 1886, d. Sep 19, 1913)
Puig, Raul
Puig, Raul
Puig, Valenti Manuel Esteve(b. Mar 17, 1837)


Quintanilla, Cecilia


Ramos, Ashley
Ramos, Nadien
Ramos, Roy
Ramos, Roy Jr.


Reyna, Amelia(b. Feb 27, 1946)


Ridley, Amanda
Ridley, James Kent


Rodriguez, Eferino
Rodriguez, Maria Angelita
Rodriguez, Modesta
Rodriguez, Pablo(d. date unknown)
Rodriguez, Petra
Rodriguez, Ramon


Roland, Santiago 'Jimmy'


Romaine, Dach


Ruiz, Lucas


Salinas, Adela(b. Nov 06, 1893, d. Jul 14, 1972)
Salinas, Amparao
Salinas, Amparo
Salinas, Tomas(b. 1820, d. 1894)


Sanchez, Alvaro
Sanchez, Alvaro Jr.(Alvarito)
Sanchez, Becky
Sanchez, Everett
Sanchez, Martin
Sanchez, Mary Ann
Sanchez, Paloma
Sanchez, Sylvia


Sandoval, Britanny
Sandoval, Ricky
Sandoval, Ricky Jr.




Sauceda, Alicia Marie(b. Dec 11, 1974)


Sheldelier, Uranie(b. 1848)


Sierra, Diana


Silva, Albino Bazan(d. date unknown)
Silva, Balta
Silva, Baltazar
Silva, Eulojio
Silva, Herminia
Silva, Lile
Silva, Perla
Silva, Prajedis
Silva, San Juanita
Silva, Tina Maria
Silva, Trinidad


Smith, Burton Keith(b. Aug 21, 1955)
Smith, Byron Keith(b. Feb 23, 1977)
Smith, Charmaine Ann(b. Sep 08, 1953)
Smith, Earlene Denise(b. Aug 20, 1951)
Smith, Eldo Earl(b. Jul 04, 1928, d. 2004)


Tamayo, Josefina
Tamayo, Josefina


Towns, Joseph


Treviņo, Alda
Treviņo, Alma
Treviņo, Ben
Treviņo, Clarissa
Treviņo, Epigmenia
Treviņo, Javier
Treviņo, Jose
Treviņo, Juan Pablo
Treviņo, Pablo
Treviņo, Rosie
Treviņo, Sammy


Vargas, Leticia


Vela, Beda
Vela, Eloisa(d. 1975) Includes Notes
Vela, Manuel Chapa(b. Feb 24, 1884, d. May 26, 1968) Includes Notes
Vela, Teresa(b. Oct 15, 1920) Includes Notes


Villagamez, Bethany
Villagamez, Gabriel
Villagamez, Gabriel III
Villagamez, Gabriel Jr.
Villagamez, Norma
Villagamez, Stephanie
Villagamez, Sylvia Villagamez


Villarreal, Petra
Villarreal, Vidal

Von Shaven

Von Shaven, Elisabeth(b. Aug 04, 1919)


Winn, Amy


Ybarra, Genobeva (Chacha)


Zamora, Maria Ignacia


Zobeisein, Gail


Zubizarreta, Maria Eugena
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