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Descendants of Policarpio Sisneros

Generation No. 5

      8. Manuel Conrado5 Martinez (Gregorio4, Antonio Jose3, Maria Ygnacia2 Sisneros, Policarpio1)15 was born 25 December 1864 in Catskill, New Mexico15, and died 19 May 1939 in Taos, New Mexico15. He married Gertrudes Cortez15 20 February 1893 in Trinidad, Las Animas, Colorado15, daughter of Lucas Cortez and Maria Valdez. She was born 27 November 1880 in Vermejo, Colfax, New Mexico16, and died 26 February 1966 in Taos, Taos, New Mexico17.

Notes for Manuel Conrado Martinez:
The first state representative from 8th District Colfax County, Ponil Creek, located North and West of Cimarron. Member of Education, Liquor Traffic, Roads & Highways, Public Institutions, and Penitentiary Committees. Political affiliation is Democrat. Manuel Martinez served as the Secretary of State in 1919-1920 and a second term from 1921-1922. This information comes directly from the Blue Book, 2005-2006 (p. 136).
Ponil Creek was a lively place and miners from Red River camps came here for dances. He was the caller for the square-dances. When worked as logger, he hired men to fell trees and make ties to sell to railroad. He worked on the railroad as Section Hand for 3 years. During time in legislature his occupation was timber contractor. Ponil Park was founded as a center for logging and sawmill operations. Founded in 1850 or thereabouts. It died out about 1900 along with Ring, Labelle, Bonito, Dawson, Anchor, Midnite, & Hopewell.

According to Taos County NM Sheriff and Alguacil Mayors web site ( he was the Diputado Alguacil Mayor on January 8, 1924. David Struck with Alguacil Mayor. On May 18, 1934 he was appointed Village Marshal.

According to 1900 Census owned home free. According to 1930 Census value of home $1000

Death Certificate #2801 issued by Taos County, NM May 1939

Catskill enjoyed a reputation rare for towns in the 1890s. It was known as a happy and fun loving town. Its citizens contributed time and money to build a church, a recreation hall, a racecourse, a dance pavilion, a picnic ground and a ballpark. It had a twenty-two-piece band as well as a dance orchestra. It was a fun loving town without violence. It was also a lumbering and sawmill town. It produced charcoal in such great demand that three thousand cords of wood were burned daily in the Catskill ovens. During the boom years thirty to fifty flatcar loads of lumber were shipped daily. The town was born in 1890 and had a good life until 1902. The timber around Catskill was becoming scarce and one by one the sawmills began closing down. In that year, the tracks of the Colorado and Southern Railway were pulled up cutting off Catskill's lifeline. There are a few surviving relics of the town most notably ten perfectly preserved red brick charcoal ovens east of Catskill beside the Canadian River. Once so easily accessible by rail, it can now only be reached with a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

More About Manuel Conrado Martinez:
Burial: 22 May 1939, Taos, New Mexico17
Cause of Death: Complications of diabetes17
Census 1: 1910, ED4 Sheet 6 Colfax Co. Precint #1417
Census 2: 1920, ED 18 Sheet 7A Colfax Co Precint #2617
Census 3: 1930, ED 7 Sheet 1B Tao Co. Precint #417
Elected 1: 1911, State House Representatives; First Legislature17
Elected 2: 1910, School Director, Ponil, New Mexico17
Occupation 1: 1930, Logger; contractor17
Occupation 2: 1910, Teamster17
Occupation 3: 1920, Foreman Tie Camp17
Property: 1920, Ponil Creek17
Residence 1: 1925, Taos, New Mexico17
Residence 2: 1910, Catskill, NM17
Residence 3: 1913, Santa Fe, NM17
Residence 4: 1920, Ponil, Colfax, New Mexico18

More About Gertrudes Cortez:
Name 2: Gertrudis Martinez19
Name 3: Getrudes Martinez20
Date born 2: November 187921
Date born 3: 1880, New Mexico, New Mexico22
Date born 4: 1880, New Mexico, New Mexico23
Residence 1: 1930, Prado, Taos, New Mexico24
Residence 2: 1920, Ponil, Colfax, New Mexico25
Residence 3: 1900, Catskill, Colfax, New Mexico26

More About Manuel Martinez and Gertrudes Cortez:
Death of one spouse: Abt. 1939, New Mexico27
Marriage: 20 February 1893, Trinidad, Las Animas, Colorado27
Children of Manuel Martinez and Gertrudes Cortez are:
  11 i.   Josefina6 Martinez27,28, born 17 April 1894 in Raton, New Mexico29; died Unknown. She married Juan; died Unknown.
  More About Josefina Martinez:
Date born 2: 1893, New Mexico, New Mexico30
Residence: 1900, Catskill, Colfax, New Mexico30

+ 12 ii.   Leonor M Martinez, born 08 February 1896 in Springer, Colfax, New Mexico; died 08 January 1963 in Albuquerque, NM.
  13 iii.   Lusiano Martinez31, born 13 December 1898 in Springer, Colfax, New Mexico31; died Bef. 1980. He married Florida; died Unknown.
  More About Lusiano Martinez:
Name 2: Luciano Martinez32
Residence: 1900, Catskill, Colfax, New Mexico32

+ 14 iv.   Fedelina Martinez, born 01 September 1900 in Lorenzo, Colorado; died 08 November 1983 in New Mexico.
  15 v.   Gregoria Martinez33, born 13 March 1902 in Catskill, New Mexico; died Unknown. She married Juan; died Unknown.
  16 vi.   Piedad Martinez, born 13 September 1903 in Raton, New Mexico; died 09 July 1904.
  17 vii.   Francisco Martinez33,34,34, born Abt. 1904 in Colfax County, New Mexico35; died Unknown in New Mexico. He married Preciliana LaVarta; born 21 October 1907; died 16 April 2006 in Albuquerque, New Mexico36.
  Notes for Francisco Martinez:
Raised nephew Leonard R. Martinez.

  More About Francisco Martinez:
Name 2: Frank Martinez37
Date born 2: 1904, New Mexico38
Date born 3: 1904, New Mexico, New Mexico38
Residence: 1920, Ponil, Colfax, New Mexico38,38

  18 viii.   Eliseo Martinez, born 02 April 1904 in Trinidad, Colorado; died Unknown.
  19 ix.   Frederico Conrado Martinez39, born 03 December 1905 in Dawson, Colorado40,41; died November 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah42,43. He married Raphlita Private; born Private.
  Notes for Frederico Conrado Martinez:
Individual: Martinez, Fred      Social Security #: 525-07-0224
Issued in: New Mexico

ZIP Code of last known residence: 84115
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code: Salt Lake City, Utah

  More About Frederico Conrado Martinez:
Name 2: Fred Martinez43
Name 3: Conrado Martinez44
Date born 2: 1906, New Mexico, New Mexico44
Residence: 1920, Ponil, Colfax, New Mexico44
Social Security Number: Social Security #: 525-07-022445,46

  More About Frederico Martinez and Raphlita:
Private-Begin: Private

  20 x.   Lucio Martinez46,47,48,49,50, born 13 December 1907 in Springer, Colfax, New Mexico51,52; died 27 December 1987 in Tooele, Ut53. He married Ursula Mary Private; born Private.
  Notes for Lucio Martinez:
According to July 14, 1938 Taos newspaper he was a delegate from Precint 1 to the county Demcratic Convention.

  More About Lucio Martinez:
Date born 2: 13 December 1907, New Mexico54,55
Date born 3: 1908, New Mexico, New Mexico56
Died 2: December 1987, Tooele, Utah57,58
Fact 1: Issued in: New Mexico59,60
Residence 1: Tooele, Utah: 8407461,62
Residence 2: 1920, Ponil, Colfax, New Mexico63
Residence 3: 1938, Taos County, New Mexico
Residence 4: 1920, Ponil, Colfax, New Mexico64
Social Security Number: Social Security #: 525-07-823365,66,67
SSN issued: New Mexico67

  More About Lucio Martinez and Ursula Mary:
Private-Begin: Private

  21 xi.   Alejandro Martinez68,69, born 24 December 1909 in Springer, Colfax County, New Mexico70; died Unknown. He married Manla Martinez Private; born Private.
  More About Alejandro Martinez:
Name 2: Aleandro Martinez71
Date born 2: 191072
Date born 3: 1910, New Mexico, New Mexico73
Residence 1: 1930, Prado, Taos, New Mexico74
Residence 2: 1920, Ponil, Colfax, New Mexico75

  More About Alejandro Martinez and Manla Martinez:
Private-Begin: Private

  22 xii.   Eva Martinez, born 03 August 1911 in Springer, Colfax, New Mexico; died 25 May 1912.
  23 xiii.   Esutasia R. Martinez, born Private.
  24 xiv.   Isidra Gracianna Martinez, born Private.
  25 xv.   Beidra G Martinez, born Private.
  26 xvi.   Simon Guillarmo Martinez76, born 27 October 1916 in Springer, Colfax, New Mexico77,78; died May 1985 in Abiquiu, Rio Arriba, New Mexico, United States of America79.
  Notes for Simon Guillarmo Martinez:
Social Security #: 525-16-9948 Issued in: New Mexico

Residence code: New Mexico

ZIP Code of last known residence: 87510
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code: Abiquiu, New Mexico

  More About Simon Guillarmo Martinez:
Name 2: Martinez, Simon80
Name 3: Simon G Martinez81
Name 4: Simon Martinez82
Name 5: Guillermo Martinez83
Date born 2: 191784
Date born 3: 27 October 191685
Date born 4: 1917, New Mexico, New Mexico86
Died 2: May 1985, New Mexico87,88
Residence 1: Residence code: Abiquiu, New Mexico89,90
Residence 2: 1930, Prado, Taos, New Mexico91
Residence 3: 1920, Ponil, Colfax, New Mexico92
Social Security Number 1: Social Security #: 525-16-994893,94
Social Security Number 2: 525-16-994895
SSN issued: New Mexico95

+ 27 xvii.   Andrea Simplicia Martinez, born 02 March 1919 in Springer, Colfax, New Mexico; died January 1990 in New Mexico.
  28 xviii.   Winifield Martinez, born Private.
+ 29 xix.   Juan J Martinez, born 10 October 1921 in Taos, New Mexico; died 26 January 1961 in New Mexico.
+ 30 xx.   Griselda Rebecca Martinez, born Private.

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