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Ancestors of Jack Ray Arnold

Generation No. 11

      1024. Richard Arnold, born Abt. 1630 in England. He was the son of 2048. Robert Arnold. He married 1025. Ann.

      1025. Ann

Notes for Ann:
Possible that Stroud is the maiden name.
Child of Richard Arnold and Ann is:
  512 i.   Richard Arnold, born 1656 in England; died December 20, 1720 in Thornbury, Chester, PA; met Sarah Chamberlain February 19, 1680/81 in John Woolston's House in Burlington, NJ.

      1026. Robert Chamberlain, born Abt. 1630 in Wiltshire, England; died February 14, 1661/62 in Berkshire, England. He met 1027. Elizabeth Chamberlin Abt. 1652 in Lambourne, Berkshire, England.

      1027. Elizabeth Chamberlin, born Bet. 1630 - 1640 in Lambourne Woodlands, Berkshire, Wiltshire, ENG; died 1698 in Thornbury, Chester Co, PA. She was the daughter of 2054. Thomas/Robert Chamberlin and 2055. Margaret.

More About Robert Chamberlain:
Burial: February 1661/62, Berkshire, England

  Notes for Elizabeth Chamberlin:
Though her father is listed here as Chamberlin, there may be evidence that her father was Francis Hickman.
Children of Robert Chamberlain and Elizabeth Chamberlin are:
  513 i.   Sarah Chamberlain, born 1657 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England; died Abt. 1723; met Richard Arnold February 19, 1680/81 in John Woolston's House in Burlington, NJ.
  ii.   Elizabeth Chamberlain, born 1654 in Welford, Berkshire, England; died March 1691/92 in Crewcorne, PA; met Richard Ridgeway 1676 in Welford, Berkshire, England.
  Notes for Richard Ridgeway:
Richard is from the prominent Ridgeway Family of PA and NJ.

  iii.   Robert Jr Chamberlain, born Bet. 1652 - 1666 in Wiltshire, England; died 1732; met Mary Sharpless Bef. 1691.
  Notes for Robert Jr Chamberlain:
Robert Jr. and Mary settled in Concord Township where he purchased 100 acres of land on Sep 27, 1686. He also owned land in Aston Township.

  iv.   Jean Chamberlain, born 1656 in Berkshire, England; married Charles Jones 1678.

      1032. Roger Parke, born in Hopewell, NJ.
Children of Roger Parke are:
  516 i.   John Parke, Sr., died in Frederick Co., W. VA; married Sarah Smith.
  ii.   Ann Parke
  iii.   Roger Parke

      1034. Andrew Smith
Child of Andrew Smith is:
  517 i.   Sarah Smith, died in Hampshire Co., W. VA; married John Parke, Sr..

      1056. Francis Athey, born 1615 in Athey Castle, Galway, Ireland; died Bef. 1666. He was the son of 2112. Walter d'Athey and 2113. Ann Martin. He met 1057. Ire-Martin Abt. 1630 in Galway, Ireland.

      1057. Ire-Martin, born Abt. 1618. She was the daughter of 2114. George Martin.

Notes for Francis Athey:
He was named after his maternal grandmother.

At this time, the family castle was owned by Walter's brother's (Edmond's?) descendants. Francis is stated, however, to have lived at Oranmore castle and used it as his residence and warehouse for his merchant business as it has a dock.

By the 16th century, the family would be speaking English. They spoke French prior to that time.

Before 1643, Catholicism was outlawed in Galway. In 1643, during the Irish rebellion, Catholicism was restored at St. Nicolas's church. The 14 tribes of Galway had beenloyal to the Kings of England and to the Catholic church through the centuries.

In the 1630's, Francis built a three-story residence at the back of his father's property.

1639 - was the sheriff
1644 - was a councilman

By law in these times, Protestants had to take an oath although many were still Catholics at heart.
Children of Francis Athey and Ire-Martin are:
  528 i.   George Athey, Sr., born 1642 in Galway, Ireland; died March 07, 1709/10 in Prince George's Co., MD; met (1) Ann Moorehead Abt. 1670 in Prince George's Co., MD; met (2) Sarah Marsh Abt. 1686 in Prince George's Co., MD.
  ii.   John Athey, born 1644.
  iii.   Walter Athey, born 1640; married Anne French.
  Notes for Walter Athey:
Walter was named after his paternal grandfather. He was the eldest son so when Francis died, Walter took over the family merchant business and moved into Oranmore Castle. (He inherited the castle when his father died as he was the eldest son.)

Sons George and John were younger sons and had to enter into servitude (bond servant for seven years). George went to Maryland. He is listed as a tobacco planter after he was a free man.

  iv.   Susannah Athey, born 1638.

      1058. Thomas Marsh He married 1059. Margaret Neall.

      1059. Margaret Neall
Child of Thomas Marsh and Margaret Neall is:
  529 i.   Sarah Marsh, born Abt. 1666; met George Athey, Sr. Abt. 1686 in Prince George's Co., MD.

      1968. John Thompson Sr, born 1652 in Kirkfenton, Yorkshire, England.

Notes for John Thompson Sr:
John Thompson, Sr. born 1652, came to America in 1680 from His birthplace in England to Baltimore.
Child of John Thompson Sr is:
  984 i.   John Thompson, born 1684 in MD.

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