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Descendants of William BENTLEY I

9. WILLIAM W.4 BENTLEY I (JOHN3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1702 in Chowan County, North Carolina, and died Abt. 1778 in Bertie County, North Carolina. He married ELIZABETH ASHLEY, daughter of ASHLEY. She was born Abt. 1705.

Notes for W
Chowan County Deed Book W, pg. 206-207. John PIPKIN Sr. to John PIPKIN Jr. 17 Jan 1732. For an unspecified amount of shillings, a part of the patent granted to Charles SCOTT on 17 April 1694, beginning at the mouth of a branch that runs out of (Nickel) Swamp and running up the swamp to beginning of the patent line to a marked hickory, then to a number of indentified branches and trees that would not now be identifiable. Signed 17 Jan 1732 by John PIPKIN and witnessed by SIMON DANIEL, WILLIAM W. BENTLEY and Henry Goodman.

Gates County, NC, Land Deeds - 1776-1795
Early Chowan County

95 - 7 Apr 1782 - John Goodman to "My brother William Goodman" - land William Goodman, Senr. purchased of WILLIAM BENTLY, was taken up by William ASHLY on Beaver Dam Swamp - joining Isaac Pipkin, land that William Goodman, decd. made to his son, Henry Goodman, John Bethey land that William Goodman, decd.
made to Stephen (no last name given.) Wts: Henry Goodman, Edith Goodman, John Goodman

17 - 12 May 1789 - Isaac Pipkin for the love of son, John Pipkin, both of Gates Co. - 100a. - part of a patent granted to William Bently 22 Feb 1719 - joining Main Road, Bray Warren and Phillip Lewis. Wts: William Goodman, John Goodman, Isaac Pipkin

Note: Gates County became Chowan County.

1 Mar 1719/20 WILLIAM BENTLY 640 acres in Chowan Precinct , joining William Barefield, Samuel Merriot , Sector Swamp Branch , and Richard Barefield.

"Bertie Co. Deeds 1757-1785" by Bradley

Deed Bk I, pg 215 ---- William COWARD of Bertie Co to William BELOTE of same. 15 Mar 1759. 22 pounds 10 shillings proclamation. 50 acres which was part of land sd COWARD purchased from John MOY, George MOYE & George MOORE, joining William BENTLY, John WARD, Roanoke River. Wit: John HURST, John HYMAN, Peleg (x) BELOTE. Apr Ct 1759 CC: Benj Wynns

Margret M. Hofmann

WILLIAM BENTLEY of Edgecombe County to Simon DANIEL (co. not identified) 30 May 1747 for the love and good will I bear my son-in-law 150 acres on the north side of Tosneott (?) swamp, joining the mouth of the Deep branch, the mouth of Bear branch and the swamp part of 400 acres granted in 1743. Wit: Thomas AMASON X his mark, Levin Buffkin, Jr. Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1747 R. Forster C. Ct.

"COLONY OF N. C. 1735-1764, ABSTRACTS OF LAND PATENTS", Vol I, Margret M. Hoffman

Pat. #2541 pg 154
William BENTLEY--15 Nov 1743--400 acres in Edgecombe County on the N. side of Tosnot (?) joining the creek.


DB 00 - page 199 WILLIAM (X) BENTLY of Edgecombe Co., planter, to his son, JOSHUA BENTLY, Dec 30 1760, for love and affection and 5s, a tract of 250 acres on the north bank of of Toisnot Swamp, it being part of a tract of 400 acres bearing date 1743. The 250 acre tract included the plot whereon the dwelling house of said WILLIAM BENTLY stood and the deed was not to take effect until after the death of said BENTLY and his wife, ELIZABETH. Wit: William DANIEL, John SINGLETON, Thomas EDMUNDSON.

Land Record Tyrell County, North Carolina dated June 29, 1734

"Colonial Bertie County, North Carolina, Deed Books A-H 1720-1757", by Mary Best Bell, page 102

Edmund SMITHWICK of Tyrrell Precinct to James LEGETT for 60 pounds, for 273 acres in Cashie Neck joining to said LEGGETT's dwelling plantation commonly known as "Trowell's, containing by the said Trowell's deed to me 273 acres". Witnesses: WILLIAM BENTLEY, Edward GRIFFIN, North Carolina Court, August 28, 1734, W. SMITH, C. J. , John WYNNS, Deputy Register, North Carolina Court (Deed Book D-131)

Land Record Tyrell County, North Carolina dated 4, June 1735

4, June 1735 Ordered that WILLIAM BENTLEY be overseer of the Highways from the Pamlico Road near the Beaver Dam to SMITHWICKS Creek and whereas the Said road is not Laid out it is Ordered that Mr James SWAIN, Mr Alexancer RAY, Mr William ROBINSON, Mr Edmund SMITHWICK, Mr John STANCILL, Mr John BROWNEY, Mr Jos HUDSON, Mr William MORRIS, Mr Benjamin KARKETT, Mr JOHN HARDISON, Mr Robt MOSS, Mr John GARDINER Doe Survey and lay out ye Said road to the best advantage of the Said road and less __ hurt to the inhabitants as the Law directs - this Court is adjourned for an hour. (TYRRELL CO NC MINUTES Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1735 thru 1754 Book I, by Betty Fagan Burr)

Land Record Tyrell Precinct, North Carolina dated August 1, 1739

"Colonial Bertie County, North Carolina, Deed Books A-H 1720-1757", by Mary Best Bell, page 102

John SESSIONS to James LEGETT, ... 150 acres, on Main Swamp at Roquist. Witnesses: WILLIAM BENTLEY, William PETERS, North Carolina Court, August 28, 1734, W. SMITH, C.J., John WYNNS Deputy Clerk of the Court.

Land Record Tyrell County, North Carolina dated March 25, 1743

John HARDISON 25 March 1743 300 Acres in Tyrerell County in the fork of Swifts creek between HARDISON and POWELLS land, joining BENTLEY SWAMP, Penersonís (?) Corner, BENTLEY'S line a small branch and HENDERSONS line. (Colony of NC 1735-1764 Abstract of Land Patents, by Margaret M. Hofmann, Vol. 1, Patent Book 5 #2302, p. 98)

"Colonial Bertie County, north Carolina Deed Books A-H 1720 - 1757", by Mary Best Bell, page 255

July 26, 1757. 10 pds. 10 sh. for 50 acres Islands of Roanoke adjacent John WARD, John SMITHWICK, _____ BENTLEY. Witnesses: George SUTTON, John WARD.

"Colonial Bertie County, North Carolina Deed Books A-H, 1720-1757", by Mary Best Bell, page 102

Deed book D, page 129 WILLIAM BENTLEY of "Terryl Precinct" to JOHN BENTLEY August 3, 1734. 14 pounds for "All the Timber that is or shall be on the Said land to have free (egress etc.) to Cutt and carry off the said land...Except the Oak and other Timber he cr his Heirs shall have ocassion for any plantaion to use....." Land on Beverdam Swamp at mouth of Bull Branch. Witnesses: James LEGGETT, John STANSELL. North Carolina Court August 28, 1734. W. SMITH. C. J. *.

"Colonial Bertie County, North Carolina Deed Books A-H, 1720-1757", by Mary Best Bell, page 102

Deed book D, page 129 Cullen POLLOCK to WILLIAM BENTLEY September 5, 1733. 20 pounds for "within patent". "...I shall defend title from me or my Heirs of my brother Thomas POLLOCK....reserving to me and my Heirs all the Timber...and (right) to Cutt and carry same except the Oak and as much other Timber as he shall have occasion for any plantation to use ..." Also 50 Acres lying between within patent and swamp. Witnessses: John STANCILL, Mary WEST. North Carolina Court August 28, 1734. W. SMITH, C. J. John WYNNS Deputy Clerk of the Court.

NOTE: CULLEN POLLOCK SR (son of North Carolina Governor Thomas Pollock and 2nd. wife Martha CULLEN) married FRANCES WEST, daughter of (--?--) WEST, at of, Perquimans, North Carolina. He was born on 27 Sep 1697 at Perquimans, North Carolina. He died on 9 Feb 1750 at Tyrrell (County), North Carolina, at age 52. Cullen Pollock, Jr. was born after 1729.

Isaac EASON, Sr. was probably born as early as 1731. He settled in what is now Pitt County, North Carolina. On June 20, 1761 the Earl of Granville granted him for £10. sterling money per hundred acres, a tract of 520 acres on both sides of Little Contentnea Creek in Beaufort County adjoining "his former land". The 1762 List of Pitt County Taxables listed Isaac EASON with one white and four black tithables. On February 28, 1769, Jacob (x) DUNN of Edgecombe County sold Isaac EASON of Pitt County for £30. Proclamation Money, 500 acres on Wards Swamp in the former county adjoining Richard GAY (land formerly belonging to WILLIAM BENTLEY), witnessed by Jesse BARNES and Henry IRVIN.

Note: EASON and DUNN appear in Georgia in Marriages with the MILNER Family

Luke MIZELL (husband of Sarah SMITHWICK) - mentioned 1757: "SMITHWICK, Mildred, 5 year old child. Killed accidentally through a stroke in her left breast from a cythe swung by Annis Leggett (14 years old) while mowing oats in John SMITHWICK's field. Witnesses: William SMITHWICK, RUTH BENTLEY and MERUM BENTLEY.
Inquest held in Bertie Co., (NC) on 2 Jul 1757. Joseph Hardy, coroner. Jury: Jos. Jordan, H.
Hunter; Thos. Hare, George Clements, John Hurst, George Strawhan, Thos. Hooks, John Ward,
Luke Ward, Wm. Jordan, Luke Mizell, Wm. Yoemans, George Sutton, Jas. Bonner. (Ref.13)


When the Colonial Assembly met in December, 1767, the Committee returned in favor of Gray's Landing, and thus, on Jan 8, 1768, the Assembly passed an act "to create New Windsor on Cashie River." CULLEN POLLOCK, David Standley and THOMAS BALLARD were appointed commissioners to sell lots on which each purchaser had two years to build a suitable edifice at least sixteen feet square with a brick chimney.

The two main avenues of land traveled into Windsor were the Halifax Road and the "Cashy" Road. A portion of the "Cashy" Road was laid out in 1717 from the west side of Roquist Swamp over the head of the Cashie River near "New Market" and down to the mouth of Salmon Creek. The portion to the west of the Cashie River Bridge (Hoggard Mill now) became known as the "Quitsney Road," and a fork one-half a mile west of the bridge led into Gray's Landing.

Lot      Owner            Date      Drawn in Lottery by:
#106 Macon Whitfield 1774 William Bently

"RECORDS OF ESTATES-BERTIE COUNTY, N.C., VOL 1, 1728-1744, 1762-1790", By David B. Gammon, copy in Archives Library, Raliegh, N.C., p. 51-118

745 (page 121) WILLIAM BENTLEY - Inventory Feb. 18, 1779 by ELIZABETH BENTLEY

748 (page 133) William Bentley - Equal division of estate among
(1) Mrs. Elizabeth Bentley
(2) William Bentley
(3) Arter Rasco
(4) John Bentley
(5) Duren White Bentley
(6) James Bentley
(7) Mildred Bentley
(8) Ann Bentley
(9) Robert Bentley
(10) Martha Bentley
(11) Susannah Bentley, (no date)

773 (page 148) Wiliam Bentley - Account of sale Sept. 20, 1779. Buyers:

Elizabeth BENTLEY
Peter Barnett
Arthur Rasco
Thomas Collins
Thomas Rasco
William Knott
John Hyman
Benjamin Wright
Luke Collins

821 (page 208) William Bentley - A one-third share of the estate was alloted to Elizabeth BARBER, former widow of the deceased, February 8, 1781

Note: This 1/3 share was the Dower of William Bentley's wife, Elizabeth Ashley. This shows that by 1781 Elizabeth had remarried to Charles BARBER.

SOUTHERN HISTORICAL FAMILIES by Boddie, Vol. XVI, Appendix V, pp. 173-174

William BENTLEY, born ca 1701-2, as he was already a juryman in Bertie County in 1723, and probably the father of the grandson John BENTLEY to whom John BENTLEY Sr. left a bequest in his will dated 1728. On Sept. 5, 1733
Cullen POLLUCK deeded to William BENTLEY land from his brother, Thomas POLLUCK, and 50 acres additional (Bertie Co. D.B.k."D",p.129), and on Aug. 13, 1734 William BENTLEY of "Terryl Precinct" deeded this land to John BENTLEY (same reference). From these records it appears that William BENTLEY moved to Tyrell Co., N.C. about 1733-4, and was father of a John BENTLEY who died in Tyrell Co. in 1754. The will of this John BENTLEY, dated March 21, 1754 and probated in Tyrrell Co. in 1754. (Hathaway, Vol.I,p.79) mentions his wife Sarah and son, Isaac; "my mother" ; brothers William and James; and appoints William GARDINER, Jr. and Isaac GARDINER his executors. Another of William BENTLEY'S sons probably married a daughter of John STANSELL, whose will dated Aug 22, 1750 and probated at the March court, 1750/1751 (Grimes, p.359) mentions his wife Sarah, sons John and Godfrey, and daughters Elizabeth BARBER, Rebecca STANSELL and Mary BENTLEY (she was the wife of Robert BENTLEY). William BENTLEY was granted 400 acres in Edgecombe County, N.C. July 27, 1743 (N.C. Colonial & State Records, Vol. 4, p. 638) and apparently moved to Edgecombe Co., where on Dec. 30, 1769 he and his wife Elizabeth made a deed of gift of 250 acres to their son, Joshua, the said deed to take effect after the death of William and his Wife (Edgecombe Co., D.B."OO", p. 199). The son Joshua was still living in Edgecombe Co., in the U.S. Census of 1790. William BENTLEY'S wife Elizabeth was probably a sister of William ASHLEY of Princess Anne Co., Virgina, whose will, dated Oct. 4, 1729 and probated March 1, 1731 (Princess Anne Co., Bk.4, p.382), leaves a negro to "my child, if my wife Mary be with child"; otherwise to "my sister Elizabeth BENTLEY, she living in the hither side of North Carolina in a place called Serum". Nothing further is known of William BENTLEY'S family except that the grandson, Isaac BENTLEY. son of the son John, seems to have moved to Martin Co., N.C., where he died in 1774 leaving a will which mentions only his wife Sarah (Olds "Abstracts of N.C. Wills). The son Joshua in his will, probated in Edgecombe Co. in 1799, mentions as legatees Martha (probably the wife) TURNEL, Martha, and Joshua (probably children) (Olds, op.cit.).

William Wellings- 1759
Accidentally Drowned in Roanoake River.

Coroner- Joseph HARDY

Inquest held at the plantation of James LEGETT in Bertie Co. on May 4, 1759.

James LEGETT- Foreman John Hyman, Luke Ward, Charles Houghton, Thomas Savage, Abraham BARBREE, John Watson, William SMITHWICK, Benjamin MANNING, WILLIAM BENTLEY, John Savage, George SUTTON, Daniel Handrick

Note: James LEGGETT is the grandfather of Molly Leggett (Legett) who married James BENTLEY, Sr. the brother of William BENTLEY, I.

"Abstract of North Carolina Wills", by Byran Grines, Raleigh, 1910

BEASLEY, James. Bertie County. January 2, 1758, January Court, 1758. William BENTLEY (Son of John BENTLEY). Godson: Luke SMETHICK. Executors: John SMETHWICK, John WARD. Witnesses: John SMETHWICK, Edmund SMETHWICK. Clerk of the Court, Benjamin WYNNS.

Database: North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1660-1790
Combined Matches: 1

Name: John Stansell
Location: Tyrrell County
Will Date : 22 Aug 1750
Probate Date: - Mar 1750

Sons: John and Godfrey.
Daughters: Elizabeth Barbre, Rebeckah Stansell, Mary BENTLEY.
Wife and Executrix: Sarah.
Witnesses: Edmund Smithwick, Rebeckah Stansell, Samuel Smithwick.
Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones.

John Stansell above is John Stansell, Jr. his parents are John Stansell, Sr. and Katherine HARDY
Sarah Godfrey Smithwick's parents are Edward Smithwick and Sarah Godfrey. Mary BENTLEY is the wife of Robert BENTLEY.

Note: Robert BENTLEY married Mary Stansell, daughter of John STANSELL, Jr. and Sarah SMITHWICK, daughter of Edward SMITHWICK.

Elizabeth Stansell married Peter Barbre and had child: Stansell Barbre born 1753 in NC.

Godrfrey STANSELL: Born: 1732 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina. Died: 1799 in Pitt County North Carolina.
Parents: John STANSELL and Sarah Godfrey SMITHWICK

North Carolina Revolutionary War Soldiers

Pierce'S Register
page 489
13. John Stansell

Peter BARBRE will Nov 1770
Posted by:
Kathleen E. Greene
Will of Peter BARBRE; Peter of Tyrrel County, North Carolina - 28 April 1770 unrecorded will. Wife Elizabeth, son Jessie one desk, land to sons Peter, James and daughters Mary, Rhoda, Martha, Susannah. Son Jesse Barbre & John Stansell as executors. Nov 1770 Tyrell Co. John Stansell made oath he saw & heard Peter Barbre sign & seal to be his last will & testament.

North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

Bride:            Raney Godwin
Groom:            Godfrey Stansel
Bond Date:      07 Sep 1838
County:            Johnston
Record #:            01 202
Bondsman:      John G Stansell
Bond #:            000069873

North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

Bride:            Zilpha Grice
Groom:            John Stansell, Jr
Bond Date:      29 Aug 1785
County:            Johnston
Record #            01 202
Bondsman:      Benjamin Oneil
Bond #:            000069879

1790 Census of Bertie County, North Carolina

1. John Bentley
2. John Bentley
3. John Bentley
4. John Bentley
5. John Bentley
6. James Bentley
7. James Bentley
8. William Bentley
9. Henry Bentley

1790 Census of Edgecombe County, North Carolina

1. Joshua Bentley

More About W
Burial: Bertie County, North Carolina
Property 1: November 15, 1743, 400 acres in Edgecombe Couty, North Carolina on the north side of Toisnot, joining the creek.
Property 2: May 30, 1747, William Bentley of Edgecombe County, North Carolina to son-in-law Simon Daniel 150 acres on the north side of Toisnot Swamp..Witness Thomas AMASON
Property 3: 1757, Bertie County, North Carolina, Tax Digest
Property 4: December 06, 1760, Edgecombe County, North Carolina. William Bently to his son Joshua Bently for love and affection and 5 shillings, 250 acres on the noth bank of Toisnot Swamp, it being part of a tract of 400 acres bearing date 1743...Witness William DANIEL, John SINGLETON
Property 5: 1763, New Hanover County, North Carolina, Tax Digest
Property 6: 1769, Dobbs County, North Carolina, Tax Digest
Property 7: 1769, Onslow County, North Carolina, Tax Digest
Property 8: 1769, Onslow County, North Carolina, Tax Digest
Property 9: 1770, Onslow County, North Carolina, Tax Digest
Property 10: 1771, Onslow County, North Carolina, Tax Digest
Property 11: 1774, Bertie County, North Carolina, Tax Digest

Notes for E
State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787, page 10


Taken by Andrew OLIVER
A list of he inhabitants in Captain Spellers District, Taken by Andrew OLIVER. THe number of the whole is 959, page 1

(Taken in Bertie County, North Carolina in 1787)

BARBER, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ashley wife of William Bentley deceased)

State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787, page 11

BENTLY, William
BELOTE, Stylus
BARBER, Charles
LEGGETT, Jeremiah

More About E
Census: 1787, Bertie County, North Carolina
Children of W
20. i.   JOHN5 BENTLEY, b. Abt. 1724, North Carolina; d. 1754, Tyrell County, North Carolina.
21. ii.   JAMES BENTLEY, b. Abt. 1725, North Carolina.
22. iii.   JOSHUA BENTLEY, SR., b. North Carolina; d. Aft. July 16, 1799.
23. iv.   ELIZABETH BENTLEY, b. Abt. 1720, Edgecombe County, North Carolina.
  v.   MILDRED BENTLEY, b. Abt. 1721, North Carolina.
24. vi.   ANN BENTLEY, b. Abt. 1721, Chowan County, North Carolina.
  vii.   ROBERT BENTLEY, b. Abt. 1723, North Carolina; m. MARY STANSELL.
Robert's Wife, Mary Stansell, is the daughter of John Stansell, Jr and Sarah Smithwick. Sarh Smithwick's parents are Edward Smithwick and Sarah Godfrey.

  viii.   MARTHA BENTLEY, b. North Carolina.
  ix.   SUSANNAH BENTLEY, b. North Carolina.
25. x.   CAPT. WILLIAM BENTLEY II, b. Abt. 1729, North Carolina; d. Bet. April - May 1792, Wilkes County, Georgia.

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