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Ancestors of Edgar Hugh Eakin

      168. William Brashears, born Unknown; died Bef. August 1781. He was the son of 336. Joseph Brashears and 337. Unk. He married 169. Anne Ray.

      169. Anne Ray, born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for William Brashears:
Was killed by Indians on Salt River, Jefferson/Bullitt Co., VA/KY

Subject: Re: Perrins History Breckinridge Co KY
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 From: "Merle R. Likins"
Perrin's History of KY, page 1052 gives a biographical sketch of Samuel S.
Brashear which is summarized as follows.
Samuel S. Brashear was born near the falls of Sinking Creek, Breckinridge
County, 21 Sep 1808. He was the fourth of eight children of Joseph and
Elizabeth (Cummins) Brashear. (Samuel's siblings are not named) Joseph was
born in Brownsville PA on 16 Sep 1770 and was the son of William Brashear
who moved his family from Brownsville to the Falls of the Ohio about 1780.
He resided there for some time, living in a fort near Salt River. While on
a hunting trip he was killed and mutilated by Indians leaving his wife and
son Joseph with two younger brothers to fend for themselves in this
wilderness. Joseph was married twice. First to the above Elizabeth Cummins
and on 21 Sep 1837 to Miss Sarah J. Avit, daughter of Andrew and Jane (Helm)
Jane was born 22 Mar 1817 and died 3 May 1879. The children of this second
marriage are listed as (1) Elizabeth, wife of James T. Skillman (2) Eliza
(3) John L., deceased by 1886 (4) William R. and (5) Matilda H., wife of
Camillus McGlothlan.
Child of William Brashears and Anne Ray is:
  84 i.   Nicolas Ray Brashears, born Abt. 1771 in Prince George Co., MD; died Bef. 1807; married Martha Simmons August 09, 1787 in Nelson Co., KY.

      170. Samuel Simmons He married 171. Verlinda Willet.

      171. Verlinda Willet
Child of Samuel Simmons and Verlinda Willet is:
  85 i.   Martha Simmons, born Abt. 1771 in Prince George Co., MD; died Unknown; married Nicolas Ray Brashears August 09, 1787 in Nelson Co., KY.

      174. Thomas Jr Phelps, born 1725 in Albermarle Co Virginia; died March 05, 1797 in Shepherdsville,Bullitt Co Ky. He was the son of 348. Thomas PHELPS and 349. Elizabeth PATTERSON. He married 175. Lucy Guy.

      175. Lucy Guy, born Abt. 1745 in Albermarle Co Virginia.
Child of Thomas Phelps and Lucy Guy is:
  87 i.   Sarah Phelps, born 1771 in Buckingham Co Virginia; died April 13, 1794 in Jefferson Ky; married Cornelius Lucas.

      224. Joseph Scales, born June 16, 1716 in Savannah, Ga.; died May 1774 in Rockingham Co., NC.. He was the son of 448. John Scales. He married 225. Mary Gibson Fox.

      225. Mary Gibson Fox, born Abt. 1718; died January 07, 1804 in Rockingham Co., NC..
Children of Joseph Scales and Mary Fox are:
  i.   Agnes Scales
  ii.   Betsy Scales
  iii.   David Scales
  iv.   Hannah Scales
  v.   Mary Scales
  vi.   Robert Scales
  vii.   Sarah Scales
  viii.   Thomas Scales
  ix.   John Scales, born 1736; married Lydia Jane Mcleary.
  x.   Anne Scales, born 1740; married Samuel Hill.
  xi.   Henry Gibson Scales, born 1743 in Rockingham, North Carolina/Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC; died February 14, 1818 in Rockingham, North Carolina/Rockingham Co., NC; married Mary Crunk Abt. 1763; born Abt. 1735 in Virginia.
  112 xii.   Joseph Scales, born January 06, 1749/50 in Rockingham Co., NC.; died September 09, 1796; married Anne Hardin Perkins January 08, 1771 in Henry Co. Va. ??.
  xiii.   James Scales, born 1754.
  xiv.   Nathaniel Scales, born April 13, 1756.

      226. Nicolas Perkins, born Abt. 1718 in Tucahoe Creek, Henrico Co., Virginia; died Abt. 1762 in Halifax Co., Virginia. He was the son of 452. Constantine Perkins and 453. Ann Pollard. He married 227. Bethenia Harden Abt. 1738.

      227. Bethenia Harden She was the daughter of 454. Thomas Harden Harding and 455. Mary Giles.
Children of Nicolas Perkins and Bethenia Harden are:
  i.   Charles Galloway Perkins
  ii.   Elizabeth Perkins
  iii.   Peter Perkins, born 1739.
  iv.   Bethania Perkins, born August 30, 1739; died Aft. 1809 in Stokes Co., North Carolina; married Absalom Bostick June 22, 1762 in Halifax Co., Virginia.
  v.   Nicholas Perkins, born 1745.
  vi.   Constantine Perkins, born 1747.
  vii.   Susannah Perkins, born 1750.
  113 viii.   Anne Hardin Perkins, born August 09, 1752 in Goochland Co., Va.; died May 20, 1829 in Henry Co., Va; married Joseph Scales January 08, 1771 in Henry Co. Va. ??.
  ix.   Mary Perkins, born 1754.
  x.   Thomas Harden Perkins, born 1757.

      230. David Poindexter He married 231. Miss Chisholm.

      231. Miss Chisholm
Child of David Poindexter and Miss Chisholm is:
  115 i.   Theodocia Poindexter, born 1764; died 1850 in Williamson County, Tennessee; married Watson Gentry 1780 in Rockingham County, North Carolina.

      254. Benjamin Camden, born Abt. 1760; died Bef. 1860. He was the son of 508. John William Camden and 509. Mary Ann Cash. He married 255. Elizabeth Wright.

      255. Elizabeth Wright, born Abt. 1765; died Bef. 1865. She was the daughter of 510. Benjamin Wright and 511. Elizabeth.

Notes for Benjamin Camden:
Name: Benjamin CAMDEN
Sex: M
ANCI: MarylandVirginia

Father: John CAMDEN
Mother: Mary Ann CASH

Marriage 1 Elizabeth WRIGHT
George Washington CAMDEN
Elizabeth CAMDEN
Benjamin B. CAMDEN
Bartley CAMDEN
William F. CAMDEN
Leonard CAMDEN
Elizabeth CAMDEN
Marble McPatrick Peter CAMDEN

  Notes for Elizabeth Wright:
Name: Meonie WRIGHT
Sex: F

Father: Benjamin WRIGHT
Mother: Elizabeth UNKNOWN

Marriage 1 John CAMDEN
::::::::BENJAMINS BROTHER:::::::
William W. CAMDEN
Benjamin CAMDEN
Elizabeth CAMDEN
John F. Jackson CAMDEN

Children of Benjamin Camden and Elizabeth Wright are:
  127 i.   Polina Camden, born 1800 in Rockbridge County,Virginia; died Aft. 1860 in Coffee County,Tennessee; married Richard Glass January 23, 1817 in Rockbridge County,Virginia.
  ii.   George Washington Camden
  Notes for George Washington Camden:
Name: George Washington CAMDEN
Sex: M
Reference Number: 16586

Father: Benjamin CAMDEN b: ABT 1750 in Virginia
Mother: Elizabeth WRIGHT b: in Virginia

Marriage 1 Nancy DUNCAN
Married: 4 NOV 1807 in Amherst Co., VA
John Duncan CAMDEN b: 9 OCT 1810 in Rockbridge, VA
Pamela CAMDEN b: ABT 1807 in Amherst Co., VA
James W. CAMDEN b: ABT 1812
Sarah Elizabeth CAMDEN b: ABT 1818
Benjamin F. CAMDEN b: 17 APR 1819 in Rockbridge, VA
George W. CAMDEN b: ABT 1820

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