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Dorothy Helen Martin

      248. Samuel Giveans, born 1693 in Antrim Ireland; died 1741. He was the son of 496. Samuel Giveans. He married 249. Sarah Cathey 1718 in Antrim Erie.

      249. Sarah Cathey, born 1697 in Antrim, Erie; died Aft. 1744. She was the daughter of 498. Alexander Cathey.

Notes for Samuel Giveans:
From Keith Giveans:
The Giveans family, including nine children, came to America from Antrim, Ireland, in 1735 along with the John Lewis Family and other Protestants from Northern Ireland, first to Pennsylvania. Then they made their way on foot to what became Augusta Co., VA, prior to 1738. Samuel Giveans made a "record of Importation" in Orange Co., VA, and then died in the late fall of 1740 after making out his Will.
"Headrights of Orange Co., Virginia file:" Samuel Giveans made oath on 28 Feb 1739 that they came to US from Ireland and that he brought his wife and children (named below):
Marriage: Sarah CATHEY b:1697 in Antrim, Ulster,IrelandMarried: 1718 in Ireland
John GIVEANS b: 1719 in Ulster, Ireland.
Samuel GIVEANS Jr. b: 1721 in Antrim, Ireland.
James GIVEANS Sr. b: 1723 in Ulster, Antrim, Ireland.
Martha GIVEANS b: 1725 in Ulster, Antrim, Ireland.
Elizabeth GIVEANS b: 1728 in Antrim, Ireland.
William GIVEANS b: 18 MAY 1729 in Ulster, Antrim, Ireland.
Margaret GIVEANS b: 1731 in Ulster, Antrim, Ireland
Sarah GIVEANS b: 1733 in Antrim, Ireland. Jane GIVEANS b: 1735 in Ulster, Antrim, Ireland.
George GIVEANS b: DEC 1740 in Orange Co., VA
John Givens (born 1719) would be the first Giveans/Givens grandfather in my personal tree to be married in America.
** All persons on this list have been verified by birth/death dates, spouse names, marriage dates, children's names and birth dates etc.
The A in the name Giveans was either omitted or added, either by mistake in records or on purpose as a name change when the family came to this country from Ireland. Since I can find duplicate records on some ancestors using both spellings and even triplicate records with the spelling GIVAN I am not sure at this point whether is was by mistake or not, BUT I am sure beyond any doubt that these are all from the same family by simply cross referencing birth/death dates, children, marriage dates, etc.

From Ann:
This is not my line. I try to post a family per month if I think the family could be difficult to find. This is a family who came in from Great Britain to Orange Cty. Virginia. Some people came in by themselves, others were sponsored...this family came alone.
Samuel Givins, Sarah, his wife, John, Samuel, James, Martha, Elizabeth, William, Margret, Sarah and Jane Givins, his children 18 Feb 1739; O. Bk 11 . 109
This information can be found in "The Tinkling Spring Headwater of Freedom"..a study of the Church and Her People 1732-1952 by Howard McKnight Wilson, Th. D. The Tinkling Spring and Hermitage Presbyterian Churches Fishersville, Va. 1954. Before I get I usually do...I don't say that this is accurate as I only print what I see

  Notes for Sarah Cathey:
Possibly married an Allen who was born in Tyrone Co after Samuel died.

More About Samuel Giveans and Sarah Cathey:
Marriage: 1718, Antrim Erie
Children of Samuel Giveans and Sarah Cathey are:
  i.   Samuel Giveans, born 1721 in Antrim, Ireland.
  Notes for Samuel Giveans:
Possible Child ( From Patty):
My brick wall is my 4th great grandfather. Samuel Givens (1763 - 1847) was born in Ireland, brought up in England, and came to America with his father when a young boy. His father's name is thought to have been Samuel. He fought in the war of the revolution in 1776, when only sixteen years of age, and his father was in the same war. He lived in Orange County, where he married Jane King. He moved to Dryden, Tioga County, NY in 1804. (Dryden was annexed by Tompkins county in 1822). Six of their eight children were born in Ulster/Orange County.
They had the following children.
Catherine Givens, born 1786 in Montgomery NY
Margaret Givens, born 26 nov 1787 in Montgomery, NY
Amos King Givens, born 16 Dec 1790 in Montgomeyr, NY
Leah Givens, born 22 Dec 1792 in Montgomery, NY
Sarah Givens, born 14 Oct 1795
They were members of the Dutch Reformed Church in Montgomery, NY and the above children were baptized there.

Also from Patty:
Samuel Givens served as a Private in the Rev. War. He enlisted in February 1777 and came up missing in Nov. 1777. He died intestate and Adm. was granted to his son, Joseph Givens.
According to the U.S. National Archives & Records Administration - MilitaryService Records - Samuel Givens was a Private in 5 New York Regiment - Captain Philip D. Bevier's Co. of Foot, in Regiment commanded by Col. Lewis Duboys. He enlisted on Feb 25, 1777 for a period of 3 years
Company Muster Roll July 1, 1777 on duty
Company Muster Roll Sept 2, 1777 on duty
Company Muster Roll Oct 6, 1777 missing
Company Muster Roll Nov 1, 1777 missing
Source: List of Deserters, Dead, and Prisoners Capt. Bevier's company Oct 6, 1777 Pris'r or dead

Ulster County, N.Y. Probate Records in the Office of the Surrogate, and in the County Clerk's Office at Kingston, N.Y.:
GIVENS,SAMUEL, late a Private in Col. Dubois Reg., deceased intestate. Adm. granted, July 16, 1788, to Joseph Givens, of Montgomery, labourer, a son of said Samuel Givens.--Adm. bond, L200, by said Joseph, Alexander McCoy, same place, Innkeeper, and Justus Banks, of Shawangunk, merchant
~Liber A., page 15, Estate Box 3.

Update Feb 2008:
Posted by Nina Brush:
the date of Samuel Givens' having 'gone missing' coincides with the Battle of Ft. Montgomery: Oct. 7, 1777. A relative of my family was taken prisoner there, sent to New York and died in prison. He too was in DuBois' company. I'm sure you will get replies telling you better than I can, where to seek more information. Your "Samuel Givens" seems to have had a lot in common with our "Samuel Garrison"! Could there be a transciption error somewhere? Do you have any further info--marriage? wife's name, etc? 'Our' Samuel had an infant son, Samuel, but no wife's name.

  124 ii.   James Giveans, born 1723 in Antrim, Eire; died 01 May 1801; married Martha Allen.
  iii.   William Giveans, born 18 May 1729 in Antrim, Ireland.
  Notes for William Giveans:
From Bob Givens:
I too am a descendant of Samuel and Sarah Cathey Givens through their son, Capt. John. I have the William Givens / Jean McClure marriage with 7 children - Agnes, Sarah, Samuel, Esther, Elizabeth. Martha, and William Jr. All told I have 80 descendants of William (including spouses) in my data base - which isn't that extensive. I have the family primarily for about 3 or 4 generations. What I do have are notes from the files of Parry Parr, an early Givens researcher. I am sure these will be of interest to you. I too would love to exchange data. My email
Notes on William Givens (son of Samuel Givens and Sarah Cathey):
BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH: The Samuel Givens Family and Kin, by Jane Reichlein, pp 51-, 151.
WILL: Dated 1798 in Mecklenburg Co, NC.
SOURCE: Givens Family Genealogy, by Perry Louis Parr found on FHL Film 0982311 on indefinite loan at the Fresno CA North Stake Family History Center. This source provides pedigree charts and individual family folders with information on descendants of Samuel Givens, the immigrant.
The following information was in the notes on this individual - It was stated in the VA Magazine of History and Biography that William Givens, son of Samuel of Augusta Co., VA was killed by Indians and that he married Agnes Bratton. Neither fact is true. He was mentioned in Chalkleys annuals of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in which a record of Augusta Co, VA is cited "Fitzgerald VS Givens - The defendant killed by the Indians." It was Fitzgerald who was killed by the Indians.
1740 - 22 Oct - Named as youngest son in his father's will, by which he was to recieve 350 acres.
1743 - 30 Apr (Aug?) - received patent with his sister, Sarah, for 311 acres (on which father's dwelling house stands.)
1744 - 17 Jun - his mother Sarah deeded this 311 to Wiliam, her son.
1747/8 - processioned for William Givens, Andrew Hays present.
1755 - Processions - William named along with John, Samuel and James.
1756 - 23 Sep - James McClure's will, Taylor of Sourth Carolina. Executors Wm. Givens and Wm. McClure. Named daughter Jean and wife Agnes.
1757 - 14 Mar - Wm. Givens & Jean to James Givens, tract on Middle River patent to Sarah and William Givens 30 Aug 1743. Delivered to James Givens Aug 1758. On or about this time William must have gone to South Carolina.
1761 - 18 Aug - James McClure's will proved, William Givens, one of the executors lives in South Carolina.
15 Nov 1762 - Wm. Givens got patent to 143 a on 12 Mile Creek next to James Dunn
24 Apr 1767 - Wm Givens got patent to 230 a on 6 Mile Cr. in New Providence.
1770 - deed from James McClure.
19 Apr 1775 - Wm Givens from James McColloh - 100 a at Cedar Fork on 12 Mile Creek. At the same time Wm Givens sold to James McColloh 80 a on 6 Mile Creek.
April 1775 - Wm Givens from James McClure 300 a on 12 Mile Creek.
14 Apr 1778 - Wm Givens sold 15 a to Robert Scott on 6 Mile Creek. Also sold 143 a on 12 Mile Creek to Robert Scott.
11 Jul 1778 - Wm Givens from Wm. Haggins 250 a on McCorkles Cr.
26 Aug 1785 - Wm. Givens from James Armand on Cedar Fork 40 a.
27 Aug 1785 - Wm. Givens from Robert Porter 49 a on 12 Mile Creek.
24 Mar 1780 - Wm Givens from State of NC & Caswell 100 a on Giverns Mill Rd (12 Mile Creek. - State Grant #93)
7 Aug 1787 - Wm Givens from State NC (Grant # 6 & 7) 100 a on 12 Mile Creek.
21 Mar 1795 - Wm Givens to Samuel Givens 250 a on McCorkles Cr.
25 Apr 1795 - Wm Givens sold 30 a of his home place to Robert RAmsey.
1798 - Wm. Givens will left 370 a he lives on to Wife Jennet and son William plus 50 a + 40 a to dau Elizabeth Bracker and 100 a and mill to be sold and proceeds to be divided. (This totals 560 acres)
1805 / 1806 - Wm. Givens Jr sold 290 a to Shepard Gray (the Mill tract
20 Dec 1806 - Wm. Givens Jr sold 40 a and 49 a on 12 Mile Creek to Shared Gray.
1809 - Wm. Givens Jr. sold 180 a to Wm Ward (only reserving graveyard)
WILL: William Givens will - Mecklenburg Co., NC - dated 1798 - wife Jennet. Mill with 100 a to be sold and proceeds divided. Son William got plantation where Wm. Sr. lived - 2 tracts adjoining - 370 acres in all - on south side of 12 Mile Creek bordering Monday's Branch. Executers were sons William and Samuel.
BIOGRAPHICAL: William, son of Samuel (d. 1740) md Jean McClure and moved to South Carolina about 1756 - 1760. May have returned to Augusta Co. for there are records of a Wm. Givens in Augusta Co., but perhaps that was a different William.
RESIDENCE: Boundary Dispute betweek North and South Carolina - This probably explains why Augusta Co. records say William Givens and Jean lived in S. Carolina whereas they apparently lived in North Carolina from the Mechlenburg Co. records The Waxhaws where they lived was in the 11-mile strip which was part of South Carolina (but claimed by North Carolina) until 1771 when it became part of Mechlenburg Co.

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