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Berger of East Prussia + Miranda from Ecuador:
Index of Individuals


<Unnamed>(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
<Unnamed>(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
<Unnamed>(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
<Unnamed>(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


?(b. date unknown)
?(b. date unknown)

? Mieles

? Mieles, María Inés


?, Renate
?, Simón

Acebo Ponce

Acebo Ponce, Marlene


Acebo, N.

Acosta Miranda

Acosta Miranda, Angela Aurea
Acosta Miranda, Aquilina
Acosta Miranda, Augusta
Acosta Miranda, Hortencia
Acosta Miranda, Luis
Acosta Miranda, Mercedes
Acosta Miranda, Ricardo


Acosta, Luis Felipe


Alarcón, Olga

Alberto Giler

Alberto Giler, Luis

Alcívar Barreido

Alcívar Barreido, Ulbio (Agrónomo)

Alcívar Molina

Alcívar Molina, Beatriz
Alcívar Molina, Maria Cecilia
Alcívar Molina, Maria Laura
Alcívar Molina, Maria Teresa
Alcívar Molina, Patricia
Alcívar Molina, Ulvio


Alcívar, Maria

Almeida Miranda

Almeida Miranda, Alfonso
Almeida Miranda, Cesar (Abogado)
Almeida Miranda, Hilda Maria
Almeida Miranda, Manuel (Ing. Civil)
Almeida Miranda, Nelly
Almeida Miranda, Rafael (Ing. Comercial)

Almeida Villacis

Almeida Villacis
Almeida Villacis
Almeida Villacis, Jazmina

Almeida Yepez

Almeida Yepez, Manuel (Coronel de Ejercito)


Alvarado, Dolores(b. date unknown)


Alvarez, Francisco

Ambrosio Moreira

Ambrosio Moreira, Ramón(b. date unknown)


Ampuero, José

Andrade Miranda

Andrade Miranda, MariaLuisa

Andrade Segovia

Andrade Segovia, Julio


Andrade, Gelo
Andrade, Teresa


Appelt, Anna(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Aragundi, Briseida


Arend, Elisabeth Dorothea(b. date unknown, d. March 16, 1880)


Argandoña, Cecília

Arteaga Cañarte

Arteaga Cañarte, Alfredo
Arteaga Cañarte, Ana Jacinta
Arteaga Cañarte, Angel Rafael
Arteaga Cañarte, Clara Luz
Arteaga Cañarte, Eudosia
Arteaga Cañarte, Gonzalo
Arteaga Cañarte, Guido
Arteaga Cañarte, Hermelinda
Arteaga Cañarte, Jorge
Arteaga Cañarte, Lucresia
Arteaga Cañarte, Moisés
Arteaga Cañarte, Simón
Arteaga Cañarte, Tirso
Arteaga Cañarte, Tulio
Arteaga Cañarte, Wilson

Arteaga Macías

Arteaga Macías, Flor
Arteaga Macías, Graciela
Arteaga Macías, Moisés
Arteaga Macías, Roque
Arteaga Macías, Simón
Arteaga Macías, Yolanda

Arteaga Moreira

Arteaga Moreira, Angel

Arteaga Vera

Arteaga Vera, Alba Lady
Arteaga Vera, Alfredo Rafael
Arteaga Vera, Angel Renán
Arteaga Vera, Elba Estelia
Arteaga Vera, Elsa René
Arteaga Vera, Ercilia Alina
Arteaga Vera, Freddy Atilio
Arteaga Vera, Lida Isilma
Arteaga Vera, Maria Ester
Arteaga Vera, Nela Margarita
Arteaga Vera, Noel Juvenal
Arteaga Vera, Teresa Natalia


Arteaga, Luciano
Arteaga, Rosa


Augusto, Carlos (Dr.)


Avellan, Alvaro (Ing.)


Avellán, Angela

Avila Cedeño

Avila Cedeño, Bolivar


Avilés, ?(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Ayzprua, Dayse


Bader(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bader, Anna Gertrud(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Baez, Hector (Dr. med.)

Ballén Ponce

Ballén Ponce, Edison
Ballén Ponce, Egda
Ballén Ponce, Libertad
Ballén Ponce, Magna
Ballén Ponce, Myrella
Ballén Ponce, Roxana
Ballén Ponce, Surama


Ballén, Francisco


Banoni, Hugo (Abogado)


Barannik, Tamara Lionidovna(b. October 20, 1952)


Barba(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Barcia Bravo

Barcia Bravo, Delfín(b. date unknown)

Barcia Chavez

Barcia Chavez, Anunciata
Barcia Chavez, Gustavo
Barcia Chavez, Neyda

Barcia Garcia

Barcia Garcia, Joselo(b. April 14, 1959)

Barcia Miranda

Barcia Miranda, Joselo Eduardo(b. April 26, 1982)
Barcia Miranda, Luis Fernando(b. March 27, 1984)


Barcia, Olmedo

Barriga Guzmán

Barriga Guzmán, María(b. date unknown)


Becker, Bettina
Becker, Monika(b. September 8, 1963)

Berger Miranda

Berger Miranda, Christian Rigoberto Johannes(b. November 28, 1978) Includes Pictures
Berger Miranda, Melanie Ingeborg Melba(b. November 16, 1980)


Berger, Annette Petra Ingeborg(b. April 10, 1955) Includes Notes
Berger, Anton Ferdinand Bernhard(b. April 12, 1860, d. December 6, 1899) Includes Notes
Berger, Barbara Else Elisabeth(b. January 14, 1949) Includes Notes
Berger, Bruno Max(b. January 23, 1894, d. May 1982) Includes Notes
Berger, Elisabeth Emma Anna(b. October 15, 1924)
Berger, Elma F.(b. September 10, 1892, d. December 30, 1973) Includes Notes
Berger, Ferdinand(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Berger, Frank(b. January 1, 1966) Includes Notes
Berger, Fritz Herman Helmut(b. January 26, 1926, d. May 28, 1934)
Berger, Herbert Walter Viktor(b. July 2, 1920, d. October 18, 1922)
Berger, Hildegard Alice Magdalena(b. October 17, 1936) Includes Notes
Berger, Ida(b. December 15, 1890, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Berger, Ines(b. June 15, 1984)
Berger, Jens Arne Dirk(b. May 30, 1966) Includes Pictures
Berger, Johanna T.(b. January 9, 1899, d. August 19, 1988) Includes Notes
Berger, Johannes Ferdinand Bernhard(b. September 4, 1923) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Berger, Klaus Viktor Ewald(b. October 14, 1950) Includes Pictures
Berger, Margaret(b. Abt. 1897, d. April 17, 1943)
Berger, Marjorie(b. Abt. 1925)
Berger, Martin(b. November 5, 1955)
Berger, Max Arthur Paul(b. September 10, 1868, d. April 29, 1960)
Berger, Reiner Wolfgang(b. April 6, 1952) Includes Notes
Berger, Robert(b. Abt. 1923, d. August 11, 1956) Includes Notes
Berger, Robert(b. March 29, 1989)
Berger, Vera(b. October 21, 1964)
Berger, Viktor Eugen Adalbert(b. October 1, 1895, d. July 9, 1982) Includes Notes
Berger, Walter Gerhard Martin(b. December 1, 1930)

Bermudez Brito

Bermudez Brito, Anibal
Bermudez Brito, Arturo
Bermudez Brito, José
Bermudez Brito, Marcos


Bermudez, Eduardo


Berninger, Auguste Johanna Henriette Adeline(b. May 26, 1832) Includes Notes


Bernzen, Rolf(b. June 18, 1948)



Bolívar Molina

Bolívar Molina


Braas, Albert Includes Notes
Braas, Elise
Braas, Elli
Braas, Emil
Braas, Erna
Braas, Herta Erna(b. September 22, 1914)
Braas, Otto(b. 1884, d. 1919) Includes Notes
Braas, Paul


Brand, Fritz
Brand, Heinrich
Brand, Karl
Brand, Lina
Brand, Minna Alusine Martha Maria(b. March 2, 1871, d. January 13, 1931)
Brand, Otto


Brenner, Ingeborg

Brito Mieles

Brito Mieles, Consuelo
Brito Mieles, Eduardo
Brito Mieles, Gladys
Brito Mieles, Miguel
Brito Mieles, Querida

Brito Miranda

Brito Miranda, ?
Brito Miranda, Climaco Piadoso
Brito Miranda, Rosa


Brito, Jacinto


Brummer, Gregg Alan


Buchholz, Heike(b. June 8, 1965) Includes Notes


Burgos, Isabel


Burk, Marie Friederike Elisabeth(b. December 13, 1829, d. January 4, 1894)


Bustos, Susana


Buttlar, Elisabeth(b. April 28, 1866, d. March 23, 1937) Includes Notes
Buttlar, Karl(b. June 3, 1826, d. September 30, 1883) Includes Notes


Cabezas, Mercedes


Cadena, Carmela


Cadwallader, Sallie D.


Calvo, Gloria


Campoverde, Jorge

Cañarte Andrade

Cañarte Andrade, Carlos Alfredo

Cañarte Avellan

Cañarte Avellan, Bella Valeria
Cañarte Avellan, Brenda

Cañarte Avilés

Cañarte Avilés, Alvaro
Cañarte Avilés, Gonzalo(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Cañarte Cañarte

Cañarte Cañarte, Betty Marlene
Cañarte Cañarte, Gonzalo Francisco
Cañarte Cañarte, Heraldo Edison
Cañarte Cañarte, Maribel Esmeralda
Cañarte Cañarte, Norma Inés
Cañarte Cañarte, Sonia Elizabeth

Cañarte Gamarra

Cañarte Gamarra, Alvaro
Cañarte Gamarra, Clotario

Cañarte García

Cañarte García, Aura Celeste
Cañarte García, Delia Stela
Cañarte García, Elvis Taylor
Cañarte García, Frida Betsabeth
Cañarte García, Jenny Aracely
Cañarte García, Jorge Antonio
Cañarte García, Lenin Iván
Cañarte García, Lorena Alejandra
Cañarte García, Narcisa de Jesús
Cañarte García, Walter Virgilio

Cañarte Garcías

Cañarte Garcías, America
Cañarte Garcías, Bertha
Cañarte Garcías, Esperanza(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Garcías, Floricelda
Cañarte Garcías, Lidia
Cañarte Garcías, Natalia

Cañarte Guadamúd

Cañarte Guadamúd, Carlos Rafael(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Guadamúd, Humberto Tobías(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Guadamúd, Manuél José(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Guadamúd, Ney Gonyalo(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Guadamúd, Nora Eudofilia(b. date unknown)

Cañarte Macías

Cañarte Macías, Aldo Francisco(b. June 16, 1916)
Cañarte Macías, Aura de la Luz(b. October 16, 1924)
Cañarte Macías, Blanca Azucena(b. July 12, 1918)
Cañarte Macías, Blanca Piedad(b. July 12, 1918)
Cañarte Macías, Flor Idalia(b. May 11, 1937)
Cañarte Macías, Francisco Antonio
Cañarte Macías, Heraldo Aristides(b. October 22, 1920, d. Dead)
Cañarte Macías, María Bolivia(b. February 11, 1930)
Cañarte Macías, Melva Italia(b. April 20, 1933)
Cañarte Macías, Virgilio Engberto(b. August 10, 1922)

Cañarte Mejía

Cañarte Mejía, Carlos (Ing.)
Cañarte Mejía, Luz

Cañarte Mendoza

Cañarte Mendoza, Absalón(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Mendoza, Bella Esmeralda(b. January 1, 1924)
Cañarte Mendoza, Bolívar(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Mendoza, Colon(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Mendoza, Fenelón(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Mendoza, Flora(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Mendoza, Lucciola(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Mendoza, Marina(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Mendoza, Zabulón(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Mendoza, Zobeida(b. date unknown)

Cañarte Quijije

Cañarte Quijije, Carmen(b. date unknown)

Cañarte Tello

Cañarte Tello, Carlos Alfredo
Cañarte Tello, Juan Gabriel
Cañarte Tello, Kleber Jovanny
Cañarte Tello, Kleber Orlando
Cañarte Tello, Rocío Germania
Cañarte Tello, Susana Elisabeth
Cañarte Tello, Yadira Beatríz

Cañarte Velásquez

Cañarte Velásquez, Dolores(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Velásquez, Francisco Antonio(b. date unknown, d. February 3, 1967) Includes Pictures
Cañarte Velásquez, Natalia(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Velásquez, Salvador(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Velásquez, Tobías(b. date unknown)
Cañarte Velásquez, Zabulón(b. date unknown)


Cañarte, ?(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Cano Macías

Cano Macías, ?


Cano, Carlos (Dr.)


Cárdenas, Lili




Castro(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Castro(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Castro Chavez

Castro Chavez, Aura
Castro Chavez, Holanda
Castro Chavez, Marle
Castro Chavez, Nila
Castro Chavez, Othón
Castro Chavez, Shirley

Castro Intriago

Castro Intriago, Ramón

Castro Macías

Castro Macías, Eustorgia
Castro Macías, Filerma

Castro Mendoza

Castro Mendoza, Celina
Castro Mendoza, Clemente
Castro Mendoza, Gregório
Castro Mendoza, Héctor
Castro Mendoza, Melanía
Castro Mendoza, Olga
Castro Mendoza, Susana

Castro Vilamar

Castro Vilamar, Ana
Castro Vilamar, José
Castro Vilamar, Lastenia
Castro Vilamar, Luis Eudoro
Castro Vilamar, Ramona
Castro Vilamar, Telma

Castro Vinces

Castro Vinces, Clemencia
Castro Vinces, Clotilde
Castro Vinces, Delfina
Castro Vinces, Federico
Castro Vinces, Josefa
Castro Vinces, Leonidas
Castro Vinces, Manuel
Castro Vinces, Mariana(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Castro Vinces, Ramón
Castro Vinces, Rosa Otilia


Castro, Virgilio



Cedeño Barriga

Cedeño Barriga, María Belén
Cedeño Barriga, María Paula

Cedeño Campos

Cedeño Campos, Pedro Ivar(b. May 31, 1945)

Cedeño Cañarte

Cedeño Cañarte, Alfredo Vicente
Cedeño Cañarte, Ana María
Cedeño Cañarte, Armando Gonzalo
Cedeño Cañarte, Aura Rebeca
Cedeño Cañarte, Gonzalo Ivar
Cedeño Cañarte, Grace Elizabeth(b. date unknown)
Cedeño Cañarte, José María(b. date unknown)
Cedeño Cañarte, Mirna Patricia
Cedeño Cañarte, Pedro Ivar(b. date unknown)

Cedeño Cantos

Cedeño Cantos, Julio (Dr.)

Cedeño Castro

Cedeño Castro, Félix Clemente
Cedeño Castro, Gustavo
Cedeño Castro, José Vicente
Cedeño Castro, María Asunción
Cedeño Castro, María Isabel
Cedeño Castro, Nila Modesta
Cedeño Castro, Ramón Maurilio
Cedeño Castro, Rosa

Cedeño Cordero

Cedeño Cordero, Alfredo
Cedeño Cordero, María de Lourdes
Cedeño Cordero, Miriam Elizabeth

Cedeño Larrea

Cedeño Larrea, Carol
Cedeño Larrea, Jaime Francisco
Cedeño Larrea, José Luis

Cedeño Loor

Cedeño Loor, Oscar

Cedeño Mieles

Cedeño Mieles, Irina
Cedeño Mieles, Jimmy
Cedeño Mieles, Victor Manuel (Dr.)

Cedeño Ponce

Cedeño Ponce, Blanca
Cedeño Ponce, Juan José

Cedeño Vinces

Cedeño Vinces, Clemente


Cedeño, Enrique
Cedeño, Héctor
Cedeño, Isabel(b. date unknown)
Cedeño, Josefa
Cedeño, Juanita
Cedeño, Ofelia
Cedeño, Raúl(b. date unknown, d. Dead) Includes Notes
Cedeño, Vicenta

Cevallos ?

Cevallos ?, ?
Cevallos ?, ?
Cevallos ?, ?

Cevallos Chávez

Cevallos Chávez, Gonzalo Antonio
Cevallos Chávez, José Rafaél Ignacio
Cevallos Chávez, Nora Teresa Beatiz
Cevallos Chávez, Ricardo Gustavo
Cevallos Chávez, Susana Yolanda
Cevallos Chávez, Wilma Rosario Isabel(b. May 21, 1935)

Cevallos Llaguno

Cevallos Llaguno, Maria Fernanda
Cevallos Llaguno, Silvia del Rosio
Cevallos Llaguno, Susana del Carmen

Cevallos Mera

Cevallos Mera, Elke Madelaine
Cevallos Mera, Richard

Cevallos Molina

Cevallos Molina, Arnulfo Aristides
Cevallos Molina, Carmelina Cumanda
Cevallos Molina, Edison Leonel
Cevallos Molina, Filida Emilce
Cevallos Molina, Jesus Gail
Cevallos Molina, Juner Herman
Cevallos Molina, Leni Otilia
Cevallos Molina, Neil Iralda

Cevallos Piedra

Cevallos Piedra, Francisco Ricardo

Cevallos Silva

Cevallos Silva, José Ignacio(b. June 13, 1911)

Cevallos Sión

Cevallos Sión, Ramon

Cevallos Zambrano

Cevallos Zambrano, Arnulfo
Cevallos Zambrano, Baldetrudis
Cevallos Zambrano, Dolores
Cevallos Zambrano, Hector Magin
Cevallos Zambrano, Inés
Cevallos Zambrano, Jorge
Cevallos Zambrano, Lucrecia
Cevallos Zambrano, Marcedes
Cevallos Zambrano, Victoriano


Cevallos, Herman
Cevallos, Lesbia


Chávez(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Chavez Argandoña

Chavez Argandoña, Carmen Betsabé
Chavez Argandoña, Emérita
Chavez Argandoña, José Eugenio
Chavez Argandoña, Pedro Jacinto
Chavez Argandoña, Raquel
Chavez Argandoña, Rosa

Chavez Barba

Chavez Barba, Isabel(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Chavez Barba, Jacinto Ambrosio(b. date unknown)
Chavez Barba, José Silvio(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Chavez Barba, Mariana(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Chavez Barba, Rafaela(b. date unknown)
Chavez Barba, Teresa(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Chavez Barba, Zoila Rosa(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Chávez Bustos

Chávez Bustos, Gustavo (Dr.)
Chávez Bustos, Gustavo
Chávez Bustos, Laura

Chávez Cedeño

Chávez Cedeño, Beatriz
Chávez Cedeño, Carlos
Chávez Cedeño, Eduardo
Chávez Cedeño, Hugo
Chávez Cedeño, Inés
Chávez Cedeño, Jorge
Chávez Cedeño, Margarita
Chávez Cedeño, Miriam
Chávez Cedeño, Patricia
Chávez Cedeño, Teresa

Chávez García

Chávez García, Jorge Emilio
Chávez García, Richard Xavier
Chávez García, Walter Alfredo
Chávez García, Wilma Cecilia

Chávez Macías

Chávez Macías, José Antonio

Chávez Mendoza

Chávez Mendoza, Betty Marlene
Chávez Mendoza, Gustavo Enrique (Lic.)
Chávez Mendoza, Jaime Eduardo
Chávez Mendoza, José Sigifredo(b. May 25, 1937, d. 1989)
Chávez Mendoza, José Silvio
Chávez Mendoza, Kleber Edelberto
Chávez Mendoza, Lilia Susana
Chávez Mendoza, Maria Judid
Chávez Mendoza, Maria Teresa Virginia
Chávez Mendoza, Nancy Josefina
Chávez Mendoza, Rina Azucena
Chávez Mendoza, Walter Edmundo

Chávez Molina

Chávez Molina, Janeth
Chávez Molina, Marlene Teresa
Chávez Molina, Martha Susana

Chavez Moreira

Chavez Moreira, Cesar Napoleón
Chavez Moreira, Jacinto Ambrosio
Chavez Moreira, Pablo Colón
Chavez Moreira, Vicente Miguel

Chavez Parraga

Chavez Parraga, Argentina
Chavez Parraga, Enrique
Chavez Parraga, Italia
Chavez Parraga, Josefa
Chavez Parraga, Lauro
Chavez Parraga, Luciano
Chavez Parraga, Lucila

Chavez Zambrano

Chavez Zambrano, Efrain Rigoberto(d. date unknown)

Chávez Zambrano

Chávez Zambrano, José Antonio
Chávez Zambrano, José Silvio(b. March 1, 1910)
Chávez Zambrano, Maria Asteria(b. March 22, 1905)

Chavez Zambrano

Chavez Zambrano, Maria Dioselina(b. June 5, 1901, d. date unknown)
Chavez Zambrano, Maria Donatila(b. August 28, 1911)
Chavez Zambrano, Maria Guadalupe(b. March 26, 1896, d. September 1974) Includes Notes
Chavez Zambrano, Rebeca Paulina(d. date unknown)


Chávez, Hugo
Chávez, Juan

Chiang Chang

Chiang Chang, Elba

Chiriboga Marzumillaga

Chiriboga Marzumillaga, Colombia
Chiriboga Marzumillaga, Hector
Chiriboga Marzumillaga, Matilde
Chiriboga Marzumillaga, Victoria
Chiriboga Marzumillaga, Zamira


Chiriboga, ?

Contreras Cevallos

Contreras Cevallos, Francisco (Ing.)
Contreras Cevallos, Sonia
Contreras Cevallos, Xavier
Contreras Cevallos, Ximena Margarita

Cordalan Ponce

Cordalan Ponce, Jason

Cordero Loor

Cordero Loor, Mirián

Corral Alcívar

Corral Alcívar, Juan Carlos
Corral Alcívar, Luis Fernando
Corral Alcívar, Pepe


Corral, José (Ing.)

Delgado Cañarte

Delgado Cañarte, Aura Azucena
Delgado Cañarte, Blanca Rosa
Delgado Cañarte, Francisco Maximo (Ing. Agrícola)
Delgado Cañarte, Rubán Darío

Delgado López

Delgado López, Isela Lorena
Delgado López, María Fernanda
Delgado López, María Pamela

Delgado Lucas

Delgado Lucas, Lady

Delgado Rivadeneira

Delgado Rivadeneira, Guadalupe Cleopatra

Delgado Triviño

Delgado Triviño, Segundo Maximo


Delgado, Elba(b. date unknown)
Delgado, Lauro (Ing.)
Delgado, Timo(b. date unknown)

Durán Moreira

Durán Moreira, Carmen


Ehrenpfort, Albert
Ehrenpfort, Annelie(b. April 18, 1946)
Ehrenpfort, August Richard Emil Includes Notes
Ehrenpfort, Eliese
Ehrenpfort, Elli
Ehrenpfort, Emil
Ehrenpfort, Hermann Otto(b. October 23, 1947, d. January 12, 1948) Includes Notes
Ehrenpfort, Hermann Rodolf Karl(b. July 19, 1912, d. May 11, 1985) Includes Notes
Ehrenpfort, Karl Includes Notes
Ehrenpfort, Paul



Farfán Galarza

Farfán Galarza, Daby Maritza
Farfán Galarza, Eva
Farfán Galarza, Gromy
Farfán Galarza, Ligia
Farfán Galarza, Nilo (Abogado)
Farfán Galarza, Sili

Farfán Mendoza

Farfán Mendoza, Betty
Farfán Mendoza, Blanca
Farfán Mendoza, Colón Antonio
Farfán Mendoza, Rosa
Farfán Mendoza, Walter
Farfán Mendoza, Zaida

Farfán Miranda

Farfán Miranda, Colon Eloy
Farfán Miranda, Fulton
Farfán Miranda, Glafira
Farfán Miranda, Hermencia
Farfán Miranda, Holger
Farfán Miranda, Luz América
Farfán Miranda, Nilo Antonio
Farfán Miranda, Oriot
Farfán Miranda, Silvania
Farfán Miranda, Toa

Farfán Montalvan

Farfán Montalvan, Samul

Farfán Vélez

Farfán Vélez, Titino


Farfán, Elfrida


Feller, John(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Feller, Lucille H.(b. Abt. 1915)


Fernández, Gílma


Fernandez, Rosa

Figueroa Ponce

Figueroa Ponce, John Bernardo
Figueroa Ponce, Monica Elisabeth
Figueroa Ponce, Norma Patricia(d. October 24, 1988)

Figueroa Tigrero

Figueroa Tigrero, Bernardo (Dr.)

Flor Alcívar

Flor Alcívar, Armando
Flor Alcívar, Maria Estrella
Flor Alcívar, Miguel Angel

Flor Hidalgo

Flor Hidalgo, Armando (Ing.)

Flores Zambrano

Flores Zambrano, Angelica
Flores Zambrano, Edmundo
Flores Zambrano, Eduardo
Flores Zambrano, Enrique
Flores Zambrano, Maria
Flores Zambrano, Rosalia


Flores, Aparício

Fonseca Cadena

Fonseca Cadena, José Joaquín (Dr.)(b. May 19, 1930)

Fonseca Miranda

Fonseca Miranda, Jaime Patricio(b. September 30, 1961)
Fonseca Miranda, José Xavier(b. November 29, 1958)
Fonseca Miranda, Mary Liliam(b. February 23, 1954)
Fonseca Miranda, Mercedes del Rosario(b. October 28, 1956)


Fonseca, Manuel


Foth, Julianna Anna(b. September 9, 1870, d. February 2, 1954) Includes Notes


Francisco, Esposa de Pedro(b. date unknown)

Galarza Macías

Galarza Macías, Atenógeges
Galarza Macías, Zoila Leonor

Galarza Miranda

Galarza Miranda, Héctor
Galarza Miranda, Sonia
Galarza Miranda, Vicente


Galarza, Ligia


Gamarra, Luz(b. date unknown)

Garcés Ponce

Garcés Ponce, Edita


Garcés, Elias

García Cañarte

García Cañarte, ?
García Cañarte, Meliton (Dr. med.)(b. date unknown)
García Cañarte, Teresa (Ing. agr.)(b. date unknown)
García Cañarte, Viviana Veronica

García Castro

García Castro, Frida Stela(b. August 17, 1933)

García Guevara

García Guevara, Ramón(b. date unknown)

García Jaramillo

García Jaramillo, Mercedes

García Muños

García Muños, Francisco Teodoro (Capitan de Policía)

García Ponce

García Ponce, Chabela(b. date unknown)
García Ponce, Dolores(b. date unknown)
García Ponce, Janeth(b. date unknown)
García Ponce, Kiko(b. date unknown)
García Ponce, Mac Arthur(b. date unknown)
García Ponce, Shirley(b. date unknown)
García Ponce, Yolanda(b. date unknown)

García Zambrano

García Zambrano, Alejandrina
García Zambrano, Matilde


Garcia, Filerma(b. date unknown)
Garcia, Israel(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


García, María
García, Ramon(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
García, Raúl(b. date unknown)

Garcías Cañarte

Garcías Cañarte, Félix Xavier
Garcías Cañarte, Gabriela

Garcías Loor

Garcías Loor, Enrique


Garland, Caroline(d. 1956)


Gerlach, Anke(b. May 9, 1968)
Gerlach, Natali(b. July 8, 1988)

Giler Alvarado

Giler Alvarado, Rafaél

Giler Brito

Giler Brito, Blanca
Giler Brito, Gary
Giler Brito, Ines
Giler Brito, Jorge
Giler Brito, Nancy


Goericke, Else Anna Martha(b. July 8, 1898, d. March 31, 1988)
Goericke, Erna(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Goericke, Friedrich Wilhelm(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Goericke, Georg Friedrich Wilhelm(b. May 22, 1872, d. December 25, 1944) Includes Notes
Goericke, Margarete Erna Marie(b. January 17, 1900, d. June 26, 1973) Includes Notes


Grajecki, Christine(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Guadamúd Cedeño

Guadamúd Cedeño, Eudosia(b. date unknown)

Guerrero Mieles

Guerrero Mieles, Martha Cecilia
Guerrero Mieles, Paúl René

Guerrero Toral

Guerrero Toral, Hugo

Guillen Vélez

Guillen Vélez, Dúval
Guillen Vélez, Esperanza
Guillen Vélez, José
Guillen Vélez, Josefa
Guillen Vélez, Julio
Guillen Vélez, Mercedes
Guillen Vélez, Miguel
Guillen Vélez, Milo
Guillen Vélez, Simon
Guillen Vélez, Vicenta
Guillen Vélez, Zeira
Guillen Vélez, Zoila Modesta


Guillen, Migel




Heinrich, Andreas, Ludwig Brand(b. December 29, 1840, d. December 7, 1908) Includes Notes

Heredia Cedeño

Heredia Cedeño, Carlos (Dr.)



Hernandez Alvarez

Hernandez Alvarez, Timpson (Ing. Agronomo)


Hidalgo, Victoria


Hoffmann, Lieselotte Herta M.(b. September 18, 1934)


Inagetzki, Katharina(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes

Intriago Cañarte

Intriago Cañarte, Carlos Andrés
Intriago Cañarte, Eduardo
Intriago Cañarte, Felipa

Intriago Dillon

Intriago Dillon, Carlos Eduardo


Jalca, Lázaro


Janowski, ?

Jara Cañarte

Jara Cañarte, Aldo Francisco(d. January 27, 1966)
Jara Cañarte, Aldo Yusseti

Jara Loor

Jara Loor, Raúl Moisés

Jarre Mieles

Jarre Mieles, María del Pilar
Jarre Mieles, Ricardo
Jarre Mieles, Roberto
Jarre Mieles, Vicente Iván

Jarre Ponce

Jarre Ponce, Carlos Iván(b. December 16, 1980)
Jarre Ponce, María José(b. November 9, 1986)
Jarre Ponce, Shiri José Raúl(b. July 17, 1985)

Jarre Vivente

Jarre Vivente, Vicente Raúl (Dr. med. vet.)


Jarrin, Judíth Cleméncia


Johnson, Mary(b. Abt. 1865)




Juniaux, Marcos Carlos


Jürs, Ute(b. June 5, 1935)


Kantelberg, Egon


Kickbusch(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Kickbusch, ?
Kickbusch, Maria(b. December 10, 1846, d. January 1924) Includes Notes


Kirchmeyer, Henriette Luise Auguste(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Klappert, Lina(b. July 25, 1888, d. 1976) Includes Notes


Knapik, Helene


Knauff, Jochen(b. March 3, 1959)
Knauff, Johanna(b. September 3, 1989)
Knauff, Stefan(b. August 10, 1991) Includes Notes


Koehler, Anna
Koehler, Dora
Koehler, Edith(b. date unknown)
Koehler, Ewald Wilhelm(b. July 23, 1892, d. December 6, 1962) Includes Notes
Koehler, Helmuth
Koehler, Hermann(d. date unknown)
Koehler, Horst
Koehler, Ingeborg Martha Elisabeth(b. May 1, 1925) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Koehler, Johann Karl Jacob Christian(b. April 6, 1825, d. December 30, 1881) Includes Notes
Koehler, Kurt(b. November 9, 1899, d. 1989)
Koehler, Wilhelm Friedrich Heinrich(b. November 14, 1863, d. July 7, 1936) Includes Notes
Koehler, Willi


Kühn, Anna
Kühn, Anna Lina(b. June 10, 1904, d. 1990)
Kühn, Elise
Kühn, Franziska
Kühn, Hermann Ferdinand Robert(b. April 26, 1862, d. February 2, 1927) Includes Notes
Kühn, Hermine
Kühn, Hugo
Kühn, Ida
Kühn, Karl Adalbert(b. May 24, 1832, d. July 25, 1900) Includes Notes
Kühn, Martha
Kühn, Meta
Kühn, Oswald
Kühn, Otto
Kühn, Robert
Kühn, Robert
Kühn, Willi


Kuhnke, Klaus Includes Notes
Kuhnke, Oliver(b. January 31, 1971)


Kurt, Gisela(b. October 3, 1928) Includes Notes


Laggate, Robert W.(b. Bet. 1945 - 1950)
Laggate, William C.

Lara Chávez

Lara Chávez, Andrés
Lara Chávez, Carlos


Lara, Carlos

Larrea Bravo

Larrea Bravo, Lourdes(b. date unknown)

Laso Cañarte

Laso Cañarte, Bertha
Laso Cañarte, Colombia Natalia
Laso Cañarte, Corona Floricelda
Laso Cañarte, Esperanza
Laso Cañarte, Eva América
Laso Cañarte, Maria Lidia

Laso Velásquez

Laso Velásquez, María Natalia


Laso, Manuel


Legarda, Angel

Lenski (Johannesburg, SA)

Lenski (Johannesburg, SA)


Lenski, Bertha
Lenski, Emma Susanne Regine(b. November 17, 1866, d. January 17, 1947)
Lenski, Ewald Includes Notes
Lenski, Johann(b. August 15, 1835, d. August 1, 1918) Includes Notes
Lenski, Karl Includes Notes
Lenski, Therese



Llaguno Benites

Llaguno Benites, Silvia Dolores

Loor Chavez

Loor Chavez, Bernarda
Loor Chavez, Carmen
Loor Chavez, Consuelo
Loor Chavez, Haroldo
Loor Chavez, Hilderbur
Loor Chavez, Limber

Loor Miranda

Loor Miranda, Viterbo

Loor Toala

Loor Toala, Joffre


Loor, Arturo
Loor, Daniel
Loor, Lidilia
Loor, Nuria Maria
Loor, Rosa

López Caicedo

López Caicedo, María Edelmira


López, Rita


Lopez, Tula(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Macías(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Macías(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Macías Arteaga

Macías Arteaga, Carlos (Ing.)
Macías Arteaga, Euro
Macías Arteaga, Jairo (Ing.)

Macías Cedeño

Macías Cedeño, Rosa Florentina

Macías Fernandez

Macías Fernandez, Agripina
Macías Fernandez, Blanca
Macías Fernandez, Digna
Macías Fernandez, Efrén
Macías Fernandez, Yolanda

Macías Joza

Macías Joza, Filemon
Macías Joza, Julia
Macías Joza, Luísa
Macías Joza, Nora

Macías Marzumillaga

Macías Marzumillaga, Blanca de las Nieves(b. date unknown, d. June 14, 1985) Includes Pictures

Macias Marzumillaga

Macias Marzumillaga, Luz

Macías Miranda

Macías Miranda, Carlos Alberto
Macías Miranda, Euro
Macías Miranda, Jorge
Macías Miranda, José Pedro
Macías Miranda, Luis Hilario
Macías Miranda, Pedro Octavio

Macías Moreira

Macías Moreira, Jorge Ricaurte
Macías Moreira, María
Macías Moreira, Olga

Macías Paralles

Macías Paralles, Egberto (Med. Vet.)
Macías Paralles, Elmo
Macías Paralles, Magdalena
Macías Paralles, Querida
Macías Paralles, René
Macías Paralles, Wilfrido

Macías Parrales

Macías Parrales, Rubén

Macías Pinargote

Macías Pinargote, ?
Macías Pinargote, Maribel


Macías, Alcibiades
Macías, Angelína
Macías, Concepción
Macías, Evaristo(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Macías, Luís
Macías, Teresa

Madre de José Manuel Miranda

Madre de José Manuel Miranda


Manzo, Fausto




Margot ?

Marin Alcívar

Marin Alcívar, Carolina Alejandra
Marin Alcívar, Jaime

Marin Andrade

Marin Andrade, Jaime

Marín Barreiro

Marín Barreiro, Raúl

Martínez Bucarám

Martínez Bucarám, Roberto(b. date unknown)

Martínez Cedeño

Martínez Cedeño, Enrique(b. date unknown)
Martínez Cedeño, Grace(b. date unknown)
Martínez Cedeño, Ricardo(b. date unknown)
Martínez Cedeño, Roberto(b. date unknown)


Martinez, Eloisa(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Marzumillaga(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Marzumillaga, Bartola(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Masurath, Adolf
Masurath, Carmen Marga(b. September 1, 1947) Includes Notes
Masurath, Eugen
Masurath, Gertrud
Masurath, Horst(b. June 5, 1921, d. December 17, 1998) Includes Notes
Masurath, Johan Includes Notes
Masurath, Walter(b. September 29, 1886, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Masurath, Willi
Masurath, Wolfgang Friedrich Wilhelm(b. October 27, 1924, d. July 21, 1944) Includes Notes


Matthisen, Tove(b. October 24, 1957)


Medranda, Violeta


Mejía, María



Mendoza Cañarte

Mendoza Cañarte, Ketty

Mendoza Delgado

Mendoza Delgado, Emilia(b. date unknown)

Mendoza Intriago

Mendoza Intriago, Marcos Tulio(b. date unknown)

Mendoza Velásquez

Mendoza Velásquez, Atilio(b. date unknown)
Mendoza Velásquez, Clara Luz(b. date unknown)
Mendoza Velásquez, Enrique


Mendoza, Blanca
Mendoza, Gloria (Lic.)
Mendoza, Haidee
Mendoza, Lilia(b. April 29, 1925)
Mendoza, Sofía


Menendez, Cielo (Ing.)

Mera Cañarte

Mera Cañarte, Alvaro Ney
Mera Cañarte, Blanca Julia
Mera Cañarte, Enrique Orlando
Mera Cañarte, Laura Piedad
Mera Cañarte, Shirley Violeta
Mera Cañarte, Walter Efraín

Mera Chiang

Mera Chiang, Carlos Fernando
Mera Chiang, Ney Orlando

Mera García

Mera García, Ney

Mera Paz

Mera Paz, Alvaro
Mera Paz, Liz Carolina

Mera Yanez

Mera Yanez, Darinet Yajaira
Mera Yanez, Silvia Patricia
Mera Yanez, Walter Efrain
Mera Yanez, Walter Ney

Mieles Arteaga

Mieles Arteaga, Antonio
Mieles Arteaga, Dolores
Mieles Arteaga, Gaudiosa
Mieles Arteaga, Graciela
Mieles Arteaga, Inés
Mieles Arteaga, Natalia
Mieles Arteaga, Ramón
Mieles Arteaga, Rosa de Navidad

Mieles Márquez

Mieles Márquez, Lucelina

Mieles Mieles

Mieles Mieles, Cristina Pilar
Mieles Mieles, José Antonio
Mieles Mieles, José Antonio
Mieles Mieles, José Ricardo
Mieles Mieles, Yira

Mieles Moreira

Mieles Moreira, Ela Margarita
Mieles Moreira, Gonzalo
Mieles Moreira, Ramón
Mieles Moreira, Ricardo


Mieles, ?
Mieles, Guillermo
Mieles, Ricardo

Miranda ?

Miranda ?, Xavier

Miranda Cabezas

Miranda Cabezas, Ana
Miranda Cabezas, Angela
Miranda Cabezas, José Manuel
Miranda Cabezas, Luis Gustavo
Miranda Cabezas, Rosa

Miranda Cañarte

Miranda Cañarte, Freddy Rigoberto(b. January 21, 1953)
Miranda Cañarte, Gianna Mabel de las Mercedes (Licienciada)(b. September 24, 1959)
Miranda Cañarte, Jenny María Flor(b. June 12, 1963)
Miranda Cañarte, Jerry Marcelo (Ingeniero)(b. October 8, 1961)
Miranda Cañarte, Jimmy Patricio(b. June 3, 1956, d. July 25, 1993)
Miranda Cañarte, Johnny Eduardo (Dr. med.)(b. July 18, 1954)
Miranda Cañarte, Melba Janeth(b. April 12, 1958) Includes Pictures

Miranda Castro

Miranda Castro, Dioselina
Miranda Castro, José Pastor(b. February 20, 1895, d. date unknown)
Miranda Castro, Luis Ciro
Miranda Castro, Mariana

Miranda Cedeño

Miranda Cedeño, Alfonso
Miranda Cedeño, Carlos Augusto
Miranda Cedeño, Janeth Ofelia
Miranda Cedeño, Jenny Beatriz (Ing. Agrónomo)
Miranda Cedeño, Lauro Gonzalo
Miranda Cedeño, Lucrecia
Miranda Cedeño, Milton
Miranda Cedeño, Oliva Nelo
Miranda Cedeño, Yolanda Piedad

Miranda Chavez

Miranda Chavez, Maria Teresa(b. August 27, 1930)
Miranda Chavez, Pastor Rigoberto (Ingeniero)(b. April 27, 1927, d. November 9, 2000)
Miranda Chavez, Walter Edmundo(d. date unknown)

Miranda Delgado

Miranda Delgado, César Augusto
Miranda Delgado, Ciro Patricio (Dr.)
Miranda Delgado, Gilma Patricia
Miranda Delgado, Johnny Andrés(b. November 13, 1988)

Miranda Durán

Miranda Durán, María del Carmen
Miranda Durán, María Eugenia
Miranda Durán, María Fernanda
Miranda Durán, María Paola
Miranda Durán, Raúl Alfonso

Miranda Fernandéz

Miranda Fernandéz, Leonela
Miranda Fernandéz, Luis Júpiter

Miranda Galarza

Miranda Galarza, Iris Paola
Miranda Galarza, Jimmy Eduardo
Miranda Galarza, Maria Jeffry
Miranda Galarza, Maritza Jackeline
Miranda Galarza, Ulbio Ciro
Miranda Galarza, Zoila Estela

Miranda Jarrin

Miranda Jarrin, Cesar Walter
Miranda Jarrin, Jorge Klay (Abogado)
Miranda Jarrin, Lecker Alberto (Ing. Agrónomo)
Miranda Jarrin, Luís Klever
Miranda Jarrin, Rosa Marlene(d. date unknown)

Miranda Loor

Miranda Loor, Fatima
Miranda Loor, José Nicolino
Miranda Loor, Vicente
Miranda Loor, Wendy

Miranda Macías

Miranda Macías, Amadeo(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Miranda Mendoza

Miranda Mendoza, Alfrédo

Miranda Menendez

Miranda Menendez, Karina
Miranda Menendez, Luís Cesar
Miranda Menendez, Marcia(d. date unknown)
Miranda Menendez, Monica
Miranda Menendez, Yissenia

Miranda Moreira

Miranda Moreira, Boris Jerry
Miranda Moreira, Marlon Francisco

Miranda Parraga

Miranda Parraga, Jackson Johnny
Miranda Parraga, Lester Karim
Miranda Parraga, Lorena Jackeline
Miranda Parraga, Yily Francia
Miranda Parraga, Yina Marisol

Miranda Peralta

Miranda Peralta, Jimmy Alejandro(b. 1985)
Miranda Peralta, Luigi Rigoberto
Miranda Peralta, Paolo

Miranda Quiroz

Miranda Quiroz, Jorge Klay

Miranda Silva

Miranda Silva, Freddy André(b. August 7, 1987)
Miranda Silva, María Vanessa(b. November 10, 1975)
Miranda Silva, Sharon Lyllin(b. October 16, 1979)

Miranda Vélez

Miranda Vélez, Adan
Miranda Vélez, Andrea Jimena(b. January 20, 1992)
Miranda Vélez, Gonzalo Oliva
Miranda Vélez, Jorge Luís
Miranda Vélez, Luís Alberto
Miranda Vélez, Marcela Janeth(b. December 22, 1984)

Miranda Vinces

Miranda Vinces, Briselda Godiva
Miranda Vinces, Galo Ciro
Miranda Vinces, Gladys Estela
Miranda Vinces, Hugo
Miranda Vinces, Ulbio

Miranda Zambrano

Miranda Zambrano, Dolores Gertrudis
Miranda Zambrano, Dora Isabél
Miranda Zambrano, Hilda Lucelina
Miranda Zambrano, Luis Nicolás
Miranda Zambrano, Luz Carmelina
Miranda Zambrano, Nestor Modesto
Miranda Zambrano, Oliva Includes Notes


Miranda, Gonzalo
Miranda, José Manuel(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Miranda, N.
Miranda, Pedro
Miranda, Rosa
Miranda, Rosita
Miranda, Walter


Möck Includes Notes
Möck, Jenny(b. June 20, 1987)

Molina Calvo

Molina Calvo, Gonzalo
Molina Calvo, Matilde

Molina Cedeño

Molina Cedeño, Gasthón
Molina Cedeño, Gonzalo
Molina Cedeño, Isabel
Molina Cedeño, Ramiro
Molina Cedeño, Raúl

Molina Cevallos

Molina Cevallos, Napoleon

Molina Chavez

Molina Chavez, Juan Carlos
Molina Chavez, Martín
Molina Chavez, Rocio del Mar

Molina Gacías

Molina Gacías, Galúd

Molina García

Molina García, Alberto
Molina García, Aurelio
Molina García, Gonzalo
Molina García, Laura
Molina García, Maria Teresa

Molina Miranda

Molina Miranda, Duilio
Molina Miranda, Judith
Molina Miranda, Melva
Molina Miranda, Nelson
Molina Miranda, Otília

Molina Vélez

Molina Vélez, Angela Matilde
Molina Vélez, Aurelio Napoleón
Molina Vélez, Mariana de Jesus


Molina, Carmelina
Molina, Nelson


Montesinos, José(b. date unknown)


Mora, Rita

Moreira Aragundi

Moreira Aragundi, Francisca
Moreira Aragundi, Graciela

Moreira Arteaga

Moreira Arteaga, Ada
Moreira Arteaga, Ada(b. date unknown)
Moreira Arteaga, Alcibiades
Moreira Arteaga, Bertina
Moreira Arteaga, David
Moreira Arteaga, Edilma
Moreira Arteaga, Ela
Moreira Arteaga, Ela
Moreira Arteaga, Filadelfia
Moreira Arteaga, Lider
Moreira Arteaga, Ney
Moreira Arteaga, Olga
Moreira Arteaga, Simón

Moreira Castro

Moreira Castro, Ludgardo
Moreira Castro, Regina
Moreira Castro, Rosa
Moreira Castro, Teresa

Moreira Chavez

Moreira Chavez, Gonzalo (Abogado)
Moreira Chavez, Olga
Moreira Chavez, Piedad

Moreira Moreira

Moreira Moreira, Francisco

Moreira Párraga

Moreira Párraga, Jacinto(b. date unknown)

Moreira Pico

Moreira Pico, Flor Maria


Moreira, Agustin
Moreira, Augustín
Moreira, Carlos
Moreira, Clara Luz
Moreira, Medardo
Moreira, Norberto
Moreira, Roberto

Moreno Zambrano

Moreno Zambrano, Dora
Moreno Zambrano, Jocelo
Moreno Zambrano, Maruja
Moreno Zambrano, Rosa Maria


Moreno, Alfonso


Müller, Marga(b. 1925)


Murillo, America


Naguib, George(b. October 14, 1937)
Naguib, Isabell(b. August 3, 1989)
Naguib, Michael(b. September 15, 1966)


Nell(d. 1973) Includes Notes


Nelson(b. date unknown)




Nocia, Freddy


Ork, Elisabeth(b. December 29, 1841, d. September 18, 1919)

Orlando Zabala

Orlando Zabala, José Antonio

Oviedo Miranda

Oviedo Miranda, Daniel
Oviedo Miranda, Henry David
Oviedo Miranda, Juliana
Oviedo Miranda, Nilio


Oviedo, Julio (Ing.)


Pacheco, Judith(b. date unknown)
Pacheco, Wilson

Padilla Almeida

Padilla Almeida, Hector
Padilla Almeida, Jorge
Padilla Almeida, Mauricio
Padilla Almeida, Oswaldo


Padilla, Hector (Mayor)

Padre de José Manuel Miranda

Padre de José Manuel Miranda

Palacios Loor

Palacios Loor, Eduardo


Palma, Hugo

Parraga Macias

Parraga Macias, Juana Auxiliadora


Parraga, Marina



Parrales Alcívar

Parrales Alcívar, Maria Florentina

Patiño Ponce

Patiño Ponce, Evan


Patiño, Edwin


Paz, Grecia

Peralta Hidalgo

Peralta Hidalgo, Nancy


Peralta, Julio


Piedra, Cecilia


Pinargote(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Pinargote Martinez

Pinargote Martinez, Boanerges(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Pinargote Martinez, Eloisa
Pinargote Martinez, Judith
Pinargote Martinez, Marcos
Pinargote Martinez, Numa Pompillo


Pinargote, Rosa



Poggy Carreño

Poggy Carreño, Rita

Ponce Alcívar

Ponce Alcívar, Régulo

Ponce Barannik

Ponce Barannik, Kristina Arturovna(b. August 25, 1983)
Ponce Barannik, Rusla Arturovich(b. November 17, 1978)

Ponce Burgos

Ponce Burgos, Jorge Elías
Ponce Burgos, Plutarco

Ponce Cañarte

Ponce Cañarte, Alvaro (Abogado)(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Byron(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, César(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Dalinda(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Edgar Wilfrido(b. June 3, 1950)
Ponce Cañarte, Eduardo(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Flammarión(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Freddy(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Gina Patricia(b. June 8, 1959)
Ponce Cañarte, Holanda(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Joffre(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Jorge(b. October 24, 1928, d. December 1993)
Ponce Cañarte, Jorge Arturo (Ing.)(b. July 17, 1953, d. 1993)
Ponce Cañarte, Jorge Wilfrido(b. January 16, 1957)
Ponce Cañarte, Katherine Farhanáz(b. December 16, 1970)
Ponce Cañarte, Leopoldina(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Lilia(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Peggy Alexandra(b. December 17, 1961)
Ponce Cañarte, Priscila Annabel(b. July 16, 1977)
Ponce Cañarte, Ramón(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Ruth Violeta(b. July 13, 1951)
Ponce Cañarte, Sócrates(b. date unknown)
Ponce Cañarte, Tania Jashodara(b. June 6, 1966)
Ponce Cañarte, Wagner(b. date unknown)

Ponce Chávez

Ponce Chávez, Lauro Efrain(b. January 5, 1944, d. June 13, 1979)
Ponce Chávez, Norma Ruth(b. March 16, 1946)

Ponce Delgado

Ponce Delgado, Carlos(b. date unknown)

Ponce Farfán

Ponce Farfán, Anita
Ponce Farfán, Ider Orlando
Ponce Farfán, José Orlando
Ponce Farfán, Orlando Segismundo
Ponce Farfán, Otto Orlando
Ponce Farfán, Penélope
Ponce Farfán, Susana
Ponce Farfán, Yila

Ponce Guzmán

Ponce Guzmán, Verónica

Ponce Mera

Ponce Mera, José

Ponce Miranda

Ponce Miranda, Alida
Ponce Miranda, Almagro
Ponce Miranda, Lesvia
Ponce Miranda, Liova
Ponce Miranda, Olga
Ponce Miranda, Orlando
Ponce Miranda, Plutarco
Ponce Miranda, Régulo

Ponce Pacheco

Ponce Pacheco, César Ponciano(b. date unknown)
Ponce Pacheco, Gonzalo(b. date unknown)
Ponce Pacheco, Horacio(b. date unknown)
Ponce Pacheco, Lorgia(b. date unknown)
Ponce Pacheco, Margarita(b. date unknown)
Ponce Pacheco, Ribo(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Ponce Ponce

Ponce Ponce, Alvaro(b. date unknown)
Ponce Ponce, Betty(b. date unknown)
Ponce Ponce, Gloria(b. date unknown)

Ponce Rodriguez

Ponce Rodriguez, Jesenia Elisabeth

Ponce Rojas

Ponce Rojas, Karina
Ponce Rojas, Sandra

Ponce Segovia

Ponce Segovia, Anita
Ponce Segovia, Diana
Ponce Segovia, Else
Ponce Segovia, José Amagro
Ponce Segovia, Mappy

Ponce Zambrano

Ponce Zambrano, Carlos Alberto
Ponce Zambrano, Francisco Rigoberto
Ponce Zambrano, Iván Arturo
Ponce Zambrano, José Orlando
Ponce Zambrano, Luis Vicente
Ponce Zambrano, Mónica Natacha
Ponce Zambrano, Nilda Mercedes
Ponce Zambrano, Plotarco Elías
Ponce Zambrano, Raúl Alfredo
Ponce Zambrano, Víctor Hugo


Ponce, Ibelice Molina
Ponce, Palemón


Priestley, Beryl Jane


Quijije(b. date unknown)


Quirk, Dorothy(b. Abt. 1922)
Quirk, Kenneth(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Quirk, Roger(b. Abt. 1927)


Quiroz, Bertha


Rabbach, Joachim Fritz Richard(b. February 7, 1938, d. 2003) Includes Notes
Rabbach, Kathrin Elisabeth Margareta(b. March 31, 1962)
Rabbach, Richard(b. July 19, 1994)
Rabbach, Torsten Richard Viktor(b. February 28, 1964)


Rammelt(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Rammelt, Elisabeth Wilhelmine Anna(b. November 16, 1895, d. January 28, 1977) Includes Notes
Rammelt, Gustav Includes Notes
Rammelt, Hermann(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Rammelt, Karl Includes Notes


Reuter, Hans Includes Notes

Reyes Chávez

Reyes Chávez, Andrés
Reyes Chávez, Miguel
Reyes Chávez, Sofía

Reyes Loor

Reyes Loor, Miguel (Ing.)


Reyes, Alejandro (Ing.)


Riegel, Karin(b. January 21, 1942)

Rodríguez Cedeño

Rodríguez Cedeño, Narcisa

Rodríguez Ponce

Rodríguez Ponce, Jaime
Rodríguez Ponce, José

Rodríguez Santander

Rodríguez Santander, Ney


Rodriguez, José(b. date unknown)

Rojas Guzmán

Rojas Guzmán, Marlene


Rosales, Mario (Ing.)

Salazar Mera

Salazar Mera, Cristina Elisabeth
Salazar Mera, Karina Veronica

Salazar Ponce

Salazar Ponce, Flor Palma


Salazar, Efraín(b. date unknown)
Salazar, Neptalí (Ing.)

Salvador Moreira

Salvador Moreira, Julio Cesar


Sánchez, Enrique


Santacruz, Marlene(b. date unknown)

Santibáñez Ponce

Santibáñez Ponce, Gonzalo


Santibáñez, Antonio

Santos Centeno

Santos Centeno, Julio (Ing.)
Santos Centeno, Roberto Antonio Olegario (Ingeniero Comercial)(b. October 13, 1958)


Schabitzer, Beatrice H.(b. July 29, 1903, d. February 28, 1973) Includes Notes
Schabitzer, Otto Bruno(b. Abt. 1868)


Schlick, ?


Schulze, Maria


Segovia, Olga


Sieker, Eric Includes Notes
Sieker, Jörg(b. October 9, 1964) Includes Notes
Sieker, Marina Includes Notes

Sierra Cañarte

Sierra Cañarte, Blanca Flor(b. date unknown)
Sierra Cañarte, Jacinto Horacio
Sierra Cañarte, Julio César
Sierra Cañarte, Marco Antonio
Sierra Cañarte, Miguel Angel
Sierra Cañarte, Pedro Francisco(b. date unknown) Includes Notes

Sierra Mieles

Sierra Mieles, Pedro José(b. May 22, 1933)

Sierra Torres

Sierra Torres, Horacio (Ing.)

Silva Andrade

Silva Andrade, María Elena

Silva Cevallos

Silva Cevallos, Jaime Vinicio
Silva Cevallos, José Miguel
Silva Cevallos, José Vicente
Silva Cevallos, Nora Mariana de Jesús

Silva Sanches

Silva Sanches, José Vicente

Solis Guerrero

Solis Guerrero, Raymundo

Solis Macás

Solis Macás, Vicente

Solis Macías

Solis Macías, Vicenta

Solórzano Farfán

Solórzano Farfán, Elmo

Solórzano Farfan

Solórzano Farfan, Luz del Alba (Licienciada en Education)

Solórzano Farfán

Solórzano Farfán, Rosa
Solórzano Farfán, Wilson
Solórzano Farfán, Wober


Solórzano, Amable


Sornoza, Cecibel



Tapia Cañarte

Tapia Cañarte, Jaime Enrique
Tapia Cañarte, Juan Carlos
Tapia Cañarte, Ludgardo Galo
Tapia Cañarte, Miryam Floricelda
Tapia Cañarte, Rocío del Pilar
Tapia Cañarte, Sandra Mónica
Tapia Cañarte, Teddy Tomás

Tapia Mieles

Tapia Mieles, Galo

Tello Macías

Tello Macías, Angela Rosa(b. August 26)


Testen, Elisa(b. Bet. 1951 - 1961)
Testen, Elsa M.(b. Abt. 1921, d. date unknown)
Testen, Erwin F.(b. Abt. 1921)
Testen, Frank(b. December 4, 1879, d. April 19, 1964) Includes Notes
Testen, Gary(b. Bet. 1950 - 1960)


Toala, Josefina

Torres Cañarte

Torres Cañarte, Crishián
Torres Cañarte, Mainé
Torres Cañarte, Richard

Torres Cedeño

Torres Cedeño, Alexandra
Torres Cedeño, Andrea
Torres Cedeño, Gissela
Torres Cedeño, Jorge
Torres Cedeño, Rossana

Torres Gonzáles

Torres Gonzáles, Jorge


Torres, Victor


Tschudy, L. Kenneth(b. date unknown)

Ulloa Alvear

Ulloa Alvear, Oscar
Ulloa Alvear, Thomás

Ulloa Cañarte

Ulloa Cañarte, Johanna

Ulloa Delgado

Ulloa Delgado, Grace Maujerei
Ulloa Delgado, Karem Alexandra
Ulloa Delgado, Oscar José


Unbekannt, Abigale
Unbekannt, Else
Unbekannt, Jenny Includes Notes


Velaquez(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Velasques Sierra

Velasques Sierra, Francisco José(b. date unknown)

Velásquez Arteaga

Velásquez Arteaga, Adulfo
Velásquez Arteaga, Joel
Velásquez Arteaga, Natalia
Velásquez Arteaga, Tulio

Velásquez Cañarte

Velásquez Cañarte, Carlos(b. date unknown)
Velásquez Cañarte, Heroína(b. date unknown)
Velásquez Cañarte, Leovigildo(b. date unknown)

Velásquez Castro

Velásquez Castro, Rosario(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Velasquez Sierra

Velasquez Sierra, Evelyn(b. date unknown)
Velasquez Sierra, Gabriela(b. date unknown)
Velasquez Sierra, José Ernesto(b. date unknown)

Velásquez Vélez

Velásquez Vélez, ?(b. date unknown)
Velásquez Vélez, ?(b. date unknown)
Velásquez Vélez, ?(b. date unknown)


Velasquez, Ernesto (Lcdo.)(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Velásquez, José María
Velásquez, Reynaldo(b. date unknown)

Vélez Cañarte

Vélez Cañarte, Lorena
Vélez Cañarte, Lorena

Vélez Castro

Vélez Castro, Delfina
Vélez Castro, Florinda
Vélez Castro, Mariana Zoila

Veléz Cepeda

Veléz Cepeda, Fanny(b. date unknown)

Velez Chavez

Velez Chavez, Daniel Antonio
Velez Chavez, Luis Arcadio
Velez Chavez, Marcos
Velez Chavez, Zoila Luz

Vélez Miranda

Vélez Miranda, Andrés
Vélez Miranda, David Includes Notes
Vélez Miranda, Xavier

Vélez Pinoargote

Vélez Pinoargote, David (Ing. Com.)

Vélez Toro

Vélez Toro, Floricelda Monserate(b. April 30, 1959)


Vélez, Alberto
Vélez, Augusta
Vélez, Carol del Rocio(b. November 7, 1976)


Velez, Daniel(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Vélez, Fenne
Vélez, Ruperto

Vera Alcívar

Vera Alcívar, Boris
Vera Alcívar, Heydi
Vera Alcívar, Patricio
Vera Alcívar, Xavier

Vera López

Vera López, Jacinto

Vera Ponce

Vera Ponce, Héctor Jonathan(b. August 7, 1985)
Vera Ponce, Peggy Michaelle(b. August 17, 1981)

Vera Vélez

Vera Vélez, Héctor Agustin(b. November 22, 1955)


Vera, Ercilia
Vera, Teresa


Verduga, Pedro(b. date unknown, d. Dead)


Vilamar, Honoria


Villacis, Lilian


Villavicencio, Enma


Vinces(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Vinces(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Vinces, Teresa

Vivanco Cevallos

Vivanco Cevallos, Carlos Patricio

Vivanco Samaniego

Vivanco Samaniego, Carlos Ernesto (Economista)




Weinreich, Herbert(b. March 30, 1950) Includes Notes


Wendt, Anna Martha(b. December 17, 1876, d. July 18, 1952) Includes Notes
Wendt, Friedrich(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Willmann, Antje Barbara Miriam(b. July 7, 1979)
Willmann, Bodo(b. June 8, 1941) Includes Notes


Winkless, Earn
Winkless, Ernest(d. April 1972)
Winkless, Ethel
Winkless, Evelyn Includes Notes
Winkless, George
Winkless, Henry Thomas(b. March 5, 1904, d. 1996) Includes Notes
Winkless, Ian Peter Includes Notes
Winkless, James Keith(b. June 1, 1932, d. December 7, 1994) Includes Notes
Winkless, Margret Includes Notes
Winkless, Nicola Renate(b. April 17, 1964)
Winkless, Trevor Thomas(b. July 20, 1937, d. November 12, 1992) Includes Notes
Winkless, William Includes Notes

Yánez Espinoza

Yánez Espinoza, Lesvia


Zambrano(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)

Zambrano Barcia

Zambrano Barcia, Nilda

Zambrano Castro

Zambrano Castro, Albertina
Zambrano Castro, Arelisa
Zambrano Castro, Erasmo
Zambrano Castro, Esperanza
Zambrano Castro, Felicidad
Zambrano Castro, Felipe
Zambrano Castro, Fortunato
Zambrano Castro, Irene
Zambrano Castro, Margarita
Zambrano Castro, Mercedes
Zambrano Castro, Néstor
Zambrano Castro, Plutaco
Zambrano Castro, Rafaél
Zambrano Castro, Simón

Zambrano Cedeño

Zambrano Cedeño, Pedro Carlos

Zambrano Macias

Zambrano Macias, Arelisa
Zambrano Macias, Carmelina
Zambrano Macias, Ernestina
Zambrano Macias, Guillermina
Zambrano Macias, Nestor
Zambrano Macias, Ofelia
Zambrano Macias, Raquel
Zambrano Macias, Virgilio
Zambrano Macias, Zoila

Zambrano Vinces

Zambrano Vinces, Dolores
Zambrano Vinces, José
Zambrano Vinces, Juan
Zambrano Vinces, Lorenzo
Zambrano Vinces, Mercedes
Zambrano Vinces, Paula(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Zambrano Vinces, Teresa de Jesus(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Zambrano, José
Zambrano, Magdalena
Zambrano, Rosa
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