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Ancestors of Ronald Leroy Berryhill

Generation No. 6

       32. Alexander Moffett BerryhillIII, born 1764 in Virginia, Agusta County; died October 08, 1823 in Green County, Ohio. He was the son of 64. John BerryhillII and 65. Rachel Moffett. He married 33. Rachel Thomson April 05, 1786 in Agusta County Virginia.
       33. Rachel Thomson, born Abt. 1765; died September 27, 1838. She was the daughter of 66. William Thomson.

Notes for Alexander Moffett BerryhillIII:
Alexander fought in the Revolutionary War. He served with Sumter's Brigade (Captain M.N. Martin) in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and received a severe sabor or sword wound across his forehead, the scar of which he carried to the grave. He had volunteered at age 19, was captured during the Gilford battle, was a prisoner for two years.

He settled on a farm in Agusta County, Virginia, moved to Ohio in 1815.

He is buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Bellbrook, Greene County.

Sources: Ohio D.A.R. Roster, vol I, p. 38, Greene County will book E&F, p. 120, Broadstone's History of Greene County, Ohio, vol. II p. 544, N.S.D.A.R. Report, vol. 28, p. 173, Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of Indiana D.A.R., vol. II, p. 24, Cemetery Inscriptions, Bellbrook Cemetery and Pioneer Cemetery.

Descendants: Leona Crow Goodpasture, Stephen Berryhill

Ronald Berryhill Received all the above information from the Green County Historical Society, October, 1996. His research continues.

On page 142 of the 1820 Greene County, Sugar Creek Township, Ohio census lists Alexander Berryhill as head of Family. It lists 1 male 0-10, 2 males 10-16, 3 males 18-26 and 1 male 45 up. It also list 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45 and 1 female 45 up. The census shows 3 persons living in the household being engaged in farming.

  Notes for Rachel Thomson:
Alexander Berryhill and Rachel Thomson were married April 5, 1786 by Reverend Archibald Scott. Rachel was the daughter of William Thomson and a niece of Charles Thomson. Charles Thomson was a secretary to the First Continental Congress; a man of some executive ability and writer. His Translation of the New Testament was a four volume work and the copy, his niece had, is still in the possession of her descendants.
Alexander seems to have been a very active and industrious citizen of Virginia and very successful in his endeavors. He is recorded as being named to positions of trust and seems to have the confidence of his neighbors. In 1808, William Thomson, in his will, named his daughter, Rachel Berryhill, as one of the legatees.

We are not certain of the exact spot where they lived in Virginia. The biographies of all say they were born in Augusta County, Virginia. Archibald near Staunton, Augusta County, William T. Mentions being born near Brownsburg, Augusta County, Virginia. Warden Crow places them near Moffett’s Creek, Post Office. Alexander Berryhill (genealogist of Pittsburgh) placed them at a place now called called Church Ville, near Staunton.

Marriage Notes for Alexander Berryhill and Rachel Thomson:
Early American Marriages: Atlantic South
Berryhill, Alexander married Thompson, Rachel on 05 Apr 1786 in Augusta County, Virginia
Children of Alexander Berryhill and Rachel Thomson are:

  i.   James BerryhillII, born March 08, 1788 in AUGUSTA CO, VA; died August 30, 1839 in LEBANON, BOONE CO., OHIO; married Esther Tanner July 06, 1809 in SUGARCREEK TOWNSHIP, OHIO.

  ii.   William F. Berryhill, born June 23, 1790; died April 27, 1874 in Green County, Ohio, buried Bellbrook Cemetery; married (1) Nancy B. Lyle 1826 in Greene County, Ohio; married (2) Sidney Smith April 29, 1851 in Green County, Ohio; married (3) Francis Neil April 07, 1870 in Green County, Ohio.

  16 iii.   John F. Berryhill, born December 23, 1792; died February 21, 1870; married (1) Rachael James November 23, 1819 in Green County, Ohio; married (2) Sarah McCelland May 04, 1859 in Lima, Allen County, Ohio.

  iv.   Alexander BerryhillIV, born January 18, 1795; married Elizabeth Smalley June 27, 1826 in Highland County, Ohio.

  v.   Margaret Berryhill, born April 29, 1796; married Robert Currie Cunningham September 04, 1817 in Greene County or Montgomery County, Ohio.

  vi.   Samuel Berryhill, born June 26, 1799; died June 09, 1849 in Green County, Ohio, buried Bellbrook Cemetery; married PollyMary Crumley November 21, 1821 in Green County, Ohio.

  vii.   Archibald Berryhill, born October 22, 1801; died July 07, 1877 in Green County, Ohio, buried Bellbrook Cemetery; married (1) Rachel Forgy; married (2) Keziah Miller September 06, 1832 in Green County, Ohio; married (3) Jemima Tibbals December 08, 1836 in Montgomery County, Ohio.

  viii.   Rachel Berryhill, born February 27, 1804; married Alexander Hopkins August 02, 1828 in Green County, Ohio.

  ix.   Matthew Berryhill, born January 07, 1807; died 1898 in Green County, Ohio, buried Bellbrook Cemetery; married Angelina Tolbert March 21, 1831 in Green County, Ohio.

  x.   Elizabeth Berryhill, born March 22, 1809; married Joseph Watkins June 27, 1833 in Green County, Ohio.

  xi.   Franklin Berryhill, born March 01, 1811; died August 24, 1902 in Green County, Ohio, buried Bellbrook Cemetery; married (1) Nancy Sloan January 21, 1841 in Montgomery County, Ohio; married (2) Julia Cooper February 11, 1865 in Green County, Ohio.
       34. John C. James, born November 11, 1773 in Loudoun Co., Virginia; died September 18, 1841 in Sugar Creek Twp., Greene Co., Ohio. He was the son of 68. William James and 69. Jane Williams. He married 35. Nancy Whiteford January 25, 1801 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.
       35. Nancy Whiteford, born March 1780 in Ohio, or Maryland, or Virginia; died May 02, 1851 in Sugar Creek Twp., Greene Co., Ohio.
Children of John James and Nancy Whiteford are:

  17 i.   Rachael James, born November 15, 1801 in Ohio; died August 26, 1846; married John F. Berryhill November 23, 1819 in Green County, Ohio.

  ii.   Evan Bain James, born November 16, 1803 in Greene County, Ohio; died January 25, 1831; married Sarah Sanders September 14, 1826 in Greene County, Ohio.

  iii.   David Whiteford James, born November 03, 1805 in Greene County, Ohio; died July 09, 1875 in Sugar Creek Twp, Greene County, Ohio; married (1) Rebecca Austin January 09, 1832 in Greene Co., Ohio; married (2) Lydia Austin December 02, 1851 in Ohio.

  iv.   Sarah James, born April 15, 1808 in Greene County, Ohio; died August 05, 1851; married William Wilgus March 03, 1839 in Miami County, Ohio.

  v.   Joshua Collett James, born March 11, 1810 in Greene County, Ohio; died April 28, 1867; married Maria Burr May 21, 1834 in Greene County, Ohio.

  vi.   Lydia J. James, born January 08, 1813 in Greene County, Ohio; died March 02, 1849; married Jacob Smith September 12, 1839 in Greene County, Ohio.

  vii.   Catherine James, born March 09, 1816 in Greene County, Ohio; married Jackson Smith November 29, 1838 in Greene County, Ohio.

  viii.   John C. James, born March 09, 1816 in Greene County, Ohio; died Aft. 1889; married Susan Brown April 26, 1838 in Greene County, Ohio.
       36. Henry Harvey, born 1755. He was the son of 72. Thomas Harvey and 73. Elener E. Groome. He married 37. Sarah Ann McDaniel April 20, 1791 in Prince George's County, Maryland.
       37. Sarah Ann McDaniel.
Child of Henry Harvey and Sarah McDaniel is:

  18 i.   George Norris Harvey, born December 03, 1802 in Ohio; died June 1879 in Ohio; married Nancy Slye June 07, 1820.
       38. Willaim Slye, born Abt. 1755. He married 39. Ann Notley June 19, 1773 in Prince George's County, MA.
       39. Ann Notley, born Abt. 1755.
Child of Willaim Slye and Ann Notley is:

  19 i.   Nancy Slye, born December 17, 1801; died 1868 in Ohio; married George Norris Harvey June 07, 1820.
       40. Jacob Coffelt, born 1782 in Greenbair, VA; died 1827 in Marion County, TN. He was the son of 80. Johann Phillip Coffelt and 81. Eleanor Nelly Ryan. He married 41. Susannah Wyatt February 23, 1817.
       41. Susannah Wyatt, born 1786; died 1864 in Benton County, AR. She was the daughter of 82. Samuel Wyatt and 83. Rebecca Ann Bennett.

Notes for Jacob Coffelt:
According to researchers Leona Joyce Wikman-Coffelt and Robert John (Jack) Coffelt of 1610 Redwood lane, Davis CA, 95161-1018, Phone 916-756-5290 ( current as of 4/18/97) The following notes are entered.

Jacob Coffelt was in the 1810 and 1020 census for Knox County, KY.

Jacob was the youngest son of Philip Coffelt. Jacob moved from Greenbrair County VA to Claivorne, TN, then to Knox County, KY and then to Monroe County, TN.

Most of Jacob's children were born in KY. Wyatt, Nancy, Plesant, James, and Thomas moved to MO in about 1833.

More About Jacob Coffelt:
Fact 1: 1833, Jacob Moved to Missouri

  Notes for Susannah Wyatt:
Birth and death dates obtained from Kinder Konnections 3/6/97 using the internet. A gentleman named Michael Preuss 1747 Willow Brook Dr., Provo, UT, 84604 submitted the information to Kindred Connections. Research continues.

If the information submitted for Susannah Wyatt is correct, she is the 15th of 15 children.

Per researchers Leona Joyce Wikman-Coffelt and Robert John (Jack) Coffelt of 1610 Redwood lane, Davis CA, 95161-1018, Phone 916-756-5290 ( current as of 4/18/97) The following notes are entered.

Susan Wyatt married Jacob Coffelt 2/23/1927. Susan is the daughter of Samuel Wyatt (English descent). Samuel Wyatt was a second cousin of Francis Wyatt, the first Governor of VA.
Children of Jacob Coffelt and Susannah Wyatt are:

  i.   Martha Coffelt, born 1807 in KY.

  ii.   Rebecca Coffelt, born February 18, 1808 in KY; died February 16, 1873 in Athens, near Decatur, TN; married Jacob Sliger in KY.

  Notes for Rebecca Coffelt:
Rebecca Coffelt-Sligar is buried in Rogers Creek cemetery.

  iii.   Emily Coffelt, born 1809 in KY.

  iv.   Nancy Coffelt, born 1809 in KY.

  v.   James Filmore Coffelt, born 1810 in Knox County, KY; died 1864 in Monroe County, IO; married Elizabeth Finley January 01, 1840 in Gasconde County, MO.

  Notes for James Filmore Coffelt:
The James Coffelts appeared to move in a wagon train with the Finleys. James F. moved from MO to IO. He bought and sold land in Monroe County IO for 15-20 years and is listed as having been a farmer.

  Notes for Elizabeth Finley:
Researchers Leona Joyce Wikman-Coffelt and Robert John (Jack) Coffelt of 1610 Redwood lane, Davis CA, 95161-1018, Phone 916-756-5290 ( current as of 4/18/97) The following notes are entered.

We have a letter from 1829( from Elizabeth Finley's grandparents, another John and Elizabeth Finley) in which she writes to her son, John Finley in IN and explains how to take the wabash River etc. to get to MO where they are located at the time. In the letter she talks about Betsy Coffelt, the wife of John Coffelt, and Betsy Coffelt's sons. According to family history some of James F. Coffekts sons were wheelwrights on wagon trains and thus moved with the wagon trains West. Elizabeth Finly came to Lopez WA with Jasper and Her daughter in the late 1860s after her husband died. At the timw Ekizabeth moved to WA some of her relatives (brother and nwphew) aslo came to WA and settled in Granger. Elizabeth Finley Coffelt lived with Mr. Edwatds on Lopez Island WA but never married him. Elizabeth Coffelt died before Jasper married.

  vi.   Jacob Coffelt, born 1812 in KY.

  vii.   Wyatt Coffelt, born February 03, 1812 in KY.

  viii.   Plessant Wesley Coffelt, born 1815 in Kentucky; married Cloe Clary Richey November 27, 1837 in Gasconade County, MO.

  Notes for Plessant Wesley Coffelt:
According to the 1840 Missouri Census Index, there was a Plesant Coffelt living in Ganconade County at location 246, Bolware Twn. Shp.

From the 1850 U.S. Census, Jasper County, MO

Coffelt.       Pleasant       35 M Ky.
       Cloe       33 F Ky.
       Mary        9 F Mo.
       Rebecca 6 F Mo.
       Elizabeth        3 F Mo.
       Emely 1 day F Mo.

  Marriage Notes for Plessant Coffelt and Cloe Richey:
The Marriage CD form Family Tree Maker list the marriage between Plesant Coffelt and Clary Richey as November 27, 1837.

  20 ix.   Thomas W. Coffelt, born 1818 in Knot County, Kentucky; died Abt. 1857 in Jasper County, Mo, Buried cedar Bluff; married Julia Ann Margraves March 20, 1844 in Osage County, MO.

  x.   Enoch Coffelt, born 1819 in KY.

  xi.   Daniel Coffelt, born 1820 in TN.

  xii.   Henry Coffelt, born 1824 in TN.
       42. Anthony Margrave, born 1795 in South Carolina. He was the son of 84. Jessie Margrave and 85. Mary Laughlin. He married 43. Ruth Simpson June 23, 1814 in Caldwell CO, KY.
       43. Ruth Simpson, born 1800 in Kentucky.

Notes for Anthony Margrave:
From the World Family Tree Volum #5 Tree # 1939, Additional Margrave family information is added whih includes Anthony's parents, grandparents, great grand parents and great great grandparents.

Marriage Notes for Anthony Margrave and Ruth Simpson:
Source: Early American Marriages: Atlantic South, Ancestry CD, Volume 1.
Children of Anthony Margrave and Ruth Simpson are:

  i.   Sarah Margrave, born 1824.

  21 ii.   Julia Ann Margraves, born 1825 in MO; died 1864 in Jasper County, Mo, Buried Cedar Bluff; married (1) Thomas W. Coffelt March 20, 1844 in Osage County, MO; married (2) John Foster February 15, 1860 in Jasper County, Mo,.

  iii.   Rachel Margrave, born 1830.

  iv.   Benjiman Margrave, born 1832.

  v.   Daniel Margrave, born 1833.

  vi.   Mahila Margrave, born 1836.
       44. Henry Flesher, Jr., born August 31, 1784 in Highland, VA; died October 01, 1850 in Lexington, McLean, IL. He was the son of 88. Henry FleischerI and 89. Susan Catherine Peninger. He married 45. Susannsh Popejoy December 20, 1810 in Washington C. H. Fayette OH.
       45. Susannsh Popejoy, born September 30, 1794 in VA; died July 22, 1852 in McLean County, IL. She was the daughter of 90. Tarrance Popejoy and 91. Elizabeth Ann Champe.
Children of Henry Flesher and Susannsh Popejoy are:

  i.   Elizabeth Flesher, born Abt. 1812.

  22 ii.   Harrison Flesher, born April 16, 1813 in Fayett County, OH; died September 20, 1877 in Jasper County, MO; married Sarah Spawr May 16, 1835 in McLean County, IL.

  iii.   Mary Ellen Flesher, born Abt. 1815.

  iv.   Commodore Perry Flesher, born Abt. 1817.

  v.   Caroline Flesher, born Abt. 1819.

  vi.   Sarah Ann Flesher, born Abt. 1821.

  vii.   William Peter Flesher, born Abt. 1823.

  viii.   Catherine Flesher, born Abt. 1825.

  ix.   Henry Dutch Flesher, born Abt. 1827.
       46. Valentine Spawr, born 1793; died 1878. He married 47. Anna Margaret Richer 1812.
       47. Anna Margaret Richer, born 1796; died 1884.

Notes for Valentine Spawr:
This information was obtained from the World Family Tree #2. It has not been verified, so for now it's just speculation.
Children of Valentine Spawr and Anna Richer are:

  23 i.   Sarah Spawr, born December 16, 1815 in OH; died February 06, 1890 in Jasper County, Missouri; married Harrison Flesher May 16, 1835 in McLean County, IL.

  ii.   George Spawr, born 1813.

  iii.   John Spawr, born 1818.

  iv.   Jacob Spawr, born 1822.

  v.   Margaret Spawr, born 1824.

  vi.   Elizabeth Spawr, born 1826.
       48. Joel WescottI, born WFT Est. 1786-1815; died WFT Est. 1840-1900.

Notes for Joel WescottI:
Researched 3/31/1997.

The 1830 Ohio U.S. census for the town of West Zanesville, Muskingum County, list a Joel Wescott as head of family. It list 1 male 30-40. It list 2 females under 5, 2 females 5-10, and 1 female 20-30.

If this is the census for this researcher's 3-greatgrandfather, it means that Joel Wescott had 4 older sisters. Research continues.
Children of Joel WescottI are:

  24 i.   Joel Thomas WescottII, born March 23, 1832 in Zanesville, Ohio; died July 25, 1876 in Newton County, MO; married Elizabeth Watson August 28, 1859 in Piatt County, IL.

  ii.   William H. Wescott, born February 19, 1837 in OHIO; died July 01, 1919 in PUYALLUP, WA; married Sarah Ann Homer WFT Est. 1873-1903.

  Notes for William H. Wescott:
According to the Certificate of Death for William from the Washington State Board of Health he died of Senility at the age of 82 yrs., 4 mo., 12 days. His occupation is listed as lumbering ?

       50. Felix Watson, born 1820 in Ohio. He married 51. Milla Ater August 16, 1840 in Vermillion County, Indiana.
       51. Milla Ater, born 1823 in IL..

Notes for Felix Watson:
The 1860, Piatt County, Willow Branch Township, IL, US census list a Felix Watts, 40, b-VA, Permelia, 37, b-OH, Eunah 18, F, b-IL, Thomas 16, M, b-IL, E. 11, F, b-IL, America 9, F, b-IL, M. M. 5, F, b-IL, Cintha 3, F, b-IL, Emerzilla 1, F, b-IL. Also living at the same location was Joel Wescott 25, M, b-OH and Elizabeth Wescott 19, F, b-IL. Plus a Jocob Watson 18, M, b-IL, was living at that location also.

The 1870 Piatt County, IL, US census list a Philix Watson, Farmer, ETV, 46, born in Virginia. It list Amilia, Keeping house 45, born ohio, Maria, at home, 26, b-IL, Isabellia, at home 20, b-IL, America, at home, 17, b-IL, Malissa, at home, AS, 14, b-IL, Emme, at home, AS, 12, b-il, Alice and George, Twins, AS, 8, b-IL.

The 1880 Piatt County, IL, US census list a Felix Watson, 63, M, Farmer, Cannot Read/Write B- VA, Both parents also b-VA. Amelia 56, Wife, Keeping House, b-IL, Both parents born VA. Maria 37, Daughter, S, b-IL, Cynthia 23, Daughter, S, b-IL, Emma 21, Daughter, b-IL, George 19, Son, Works on Farm, b-IL.

  Notes for Milla Ater:
Also named as Permelia (1860 census) Amilia (1870 census) Amelia ( 1880 census)

There ia a John Ater listed in the book of immigrants 1727, 1223. P6.

In the 1860 Piatt County, IL, census there is a Nelson Ater living next to Felix and Permilia Watson. Also living at the same location with Nelson 40, b OH, is Elizabeth 19, b OH and Elizabeth 65, b, VA. And one location from Nelson there is a John Ater 38, b OH, Hanna 33, b OH, V. E. 18-F, b OH, Thomas 16, b IL and E. 14, b IL. And two locations from John there is a Richard Ater 20, b IN and Margaret 19, b OH. And two locations from Richard there is a Solomon Ater 41, b OH, M.A. 30-F, b VA, S.J. 15, b IL, John 13, b IL, Willis 6, b IL, Ann 4, b IL, and Edward 1, b IL. And two locations from Solomon there is a Eliza Ater 62, b VA.

In the 1870 Piatt County IL census there is Solomon 52, b OH, Margaret 50, b VA, Ann, 14, b IL, Elizabeth 14, b IL, Edward 11, b IL, Catherine 9, b IL, and Alice 6, b IL. Nearby is John Ater 47, b OH, Maria 45, b OH, and Eliza 73, b DE. At the next location is Eli Ater 23, b IL and Martha 17, b IL. And at the next location is Nelson 45, b OH. And at the second location from Nelson is John Ater 22, b IL, and Elizabeth 17, b KY. Living with John and Elizabeth is a Owen Hurst 38, b OH who is a teacher.

Marriage Notes for Felix Watson and Milla Ater:
Reference, Ancestry, Early American Midwest Marriages.
Children of Felix Watson and Milla Ater are:

  25 i.   Elizabeth Watson, born 1841 in IL; married Joel Thomas WescottII August 28, 1859 in Piatt County, IL.

  ii.   Jacob Watson, born 1844.

  iii.   Eunah Watson, born 1842.

  iv.   Thomas Watson, born 1844.

  v.   E. Watson, born 1849.

  vi.   America Watson, born 1851.

  vii.   Maria M. Watson, born 1855.

  viii.   Cintha Malisa Watson, born 1857.

  ix.   Emerzilla Watson, born 1859.

  x.   Alice Watson, born 1862.

  xi.   Gorge Watson, born 1862.
       52. James BrockII, born 1788 in North Carolina; died June 1844 in Newton County, MO. He was the son of 104. James BrockI and 105. Unknown Blassingame. He married 53. Laodica Ann Moore May 17, 1812 in Hopkins County, KY.
       53. Laodica Ann Moore, born July 13, 1796 in TN; died July 19, 1874 in Jasper County, MO, Buried in Stone Cemetery.

Notes for James BrockII:
For future reference purposes only. In the book of Early American marriages, it list a John Brock married to Elizabeth Rowden June 5, 1684 in Philidephia, PA.

From the 1850 U.S. Census, Missouri, Jasper County.

Brock,       Dicy A.              51, F Tn.
       Terry Wiley       26, M Mo.
       Perry              17, M Mo.
       Nancy              16, F Mo.
       Martha Ann       14, F Mo.
       Dicy A.              10, F Mo.

Based on this census, Dicy's husband was already deceased prior to 1850. According to Jasper County Probate Records Box 4- 107 for William A. Brock, Terry W. Brock is the guardian for the other minor Brock children.

However, I must visit this Probate file again. I have a copy of the inventory of the Estate dated 1879. This appears to be a long time in coming to Probate. research continues. I'm sure futher investigation will reveal the actual facts.

Ronald. L. Berryhill, researcher, 3rd Great-grandson.

  Notes for Laodica Ann Moore:
According to the 1870 census for Jasper County, MO, Laodica was living with her son Terry Wiles and at that time she told the census taker she was born in NC.
Children of James Brock and Laodica Moore are:

  i.   Susan Brock, born Abt. 1815.

  ii.   Tabitha Lavina Brock, born Abt. 1823; married (1) Elijah Flanary October 03, 1839; married (2) Tarlton Taylor September 26, 1869.

  26 iii.   Terry Wiley Brock, born January 15, 1824 in MO; died October 31, 1913 in Newton County, Missouri; married (1) Jariska Jane Hornback October 24, 1850 in Jasper County, MO; married (2) Martha McCarver September 08, 1863.

  iv.   James Wilburn Brock, born May 22, 1827 in KY; died March 28, 1916 in Jasper County, MO, Buried in Stone Cemetery; married (1) Nancy E. Hicky February 05, 1847; married (2) Elizabeth A. Burrus Hickey 1878; married (3) Anna M. Walls Grimes August 12, 1901.

  Notes for James Wilburn Brock:
According to the Stome Cemetery Records, James W. Brock M. D. (1827-1916) from Kentucky. Came to Jasper County with his parents, James and Dica Moore Brock when Japser County was a territory (1844) Dr. Brock a physician and surgeon, enlisted in the 15th Missouri Calvery and was in charge of a hospital during the Civil War. He is the father of Jimmy Brock.

  v.   Margaret Jane Brock, born June 1830; married James G. Rucker March 14, 1850.

  vi.   Perry Green Brock, born May 11, 1832; married Mary Anne Hokit February 10, 1854.

  vii.   Nancy Emeline Brock, born July 18, 1835; married Johnson Calaway September 01, 1852.

  viii.   Martha Ann Brock, born January 18, 1837; married William Charles Robertson June 25, 1854.

  ix.   Laodicea Ann Brock, born November 20, 1840; died 1935 in Newton County, Missouri; married Rufus King Roberson September 29, 1856.
       54. James Hornback, born December 08, 1796 in Bourbon County, Kentucky; died July 28, 1877 in Carthage, Jasper County, MO. He was the son of 108. John Hornback and 109. Elizabeth Phebus. He married 55. Mary McIntyre September 26, 1826 in Champain, OH.
       55. Mary McIntyre, born November 08, 1802 in Virginia; died April 16, 1862 in Carthage, Jasper County, MO. She was the daughter of 110. James McIntiyre and 111. Mar ?.

Notes for James Hornback:
1850 U. S. census, Missouri Counties, Jasper.

Hornback,       James              54, M Ky.
              Mary              48, F Va.
              George              21, M Oh.
              James              20, M Oh.
              Jariska              19, F Ia.
              William              16, M Ia.
              Isaac              14, M Ia.
              Samuel              12, M Ia.
              Abraham              10, M Mo.
              Elizabeth               8, F Mo.
              Mary               5, F Mo.

It appears that James and Mary came to Missouri between 1838 and 1840 based on the birthplace of their children.

During the Civil War, James lived in Douglas County, KS.
Children of James Hornback and Mary McIntyre are:

  i.   John Hornback, born August 24, 1827 in Champaign county, Ohio.

  Notes for John Hornback:
From the History of Jasper County Missouri, published in 1883 by Mills and Company of Des Moines, Iowa

Judge John Hornback, judge of the county court, pioneer settler, and farmer of Jasper county, is widely known as one of the early inhabitants of Jasper county, as was his father before him. He was born in Champaign county, Ohio, Aug. 24, 1827. At the age of four years his father , James moved to Tippaconue, county, Ind., and in Ovt.1838, arrived at then almost unknown Southwest, settling where his son Judge Hornback now lives in Jackson township, southwest of Carthage. James Hornback entered this land before the county was surveyed, which comprised a track of 556 acres, and died on his estate at the home of his son, July 29, 1877, at the age of eighty one.

The subject of this sketch was about eleven years of age when he came to this county, and has therefore been chiefly raised and educated in this county. He was united in the holy bonds of matrimony January 24, 1850, with Eleanor Walker, who was born in Highland county, Ohio, in 1831, and has been deceased since May 2, 1877; she left eight children, whose names are as follows; James F., Mary I., William W., Malinda E., George D., John G., Eleanor S., Ira W.

Mr. Hornbach is a member of the Masonic order; he was a member of the Kansas Militiamen, with rank of first lieutenant. In 1863 h3 left jasper county and settled in Douglas county, Kan, during the civil war, returning to Jasper county in 1866.

Judge Hornback owns a good farm of 320 acres, raising 700 bushels of wheat, 1500 bushels of corn, 500 bushels of oats, and a fine orchard producing quantities of fruit.

Judge Hornback in the earlier history of the county was a judge of the county court, and has always been quite predominately identified with its public enterprises and improvements. He shared the peculiar experiences of pioneer life, so mingled with hardships and joys; as long and tedious journeys, by slow ox team, to distant markets; and then the house-raising for a neighbor , ten miles distant; the hunting of game then so plenty, and the welcoming of the ‘Tenderfoot," etc. Judge Hornback lives in the quiet of his rural home in sections 19 and 30, township 28, range 31 of Jackson township. He is quite prominently known as a greenbacker, and commands the respect of all men and parties.

  ii.   George Hornback, born 1829 in Ohio.

  iii.   James M. Hornback, born 1830 in Ohio; married Polly Fraker August 08, 1849.

  Marriage Notes for James Hornback and Polly Fraker:
The Family Tree Maker CD listing certain U.S. marriages between 1728 amd 1850 list this mirrage in Cedar County, Mo. This researcher is not certain of this connection and research continues.

  27 iv.   Jariska Jane Hornback, born November 28, 1832 in Iowa; died 1869; married Terry Wiley Brock October 24, 1850 in Jasper County, MO.

  v.   Willaim Hornback, born May 09, 1834 in Indiana.

  Notes for Willaim Hornback:
From the History of Jasper County Missouri, published in 1883 by Mills and Company of Des Moines, Iowa

William Hornback, farmer and stock-raiser , section 28, post office Carthage. The subject of this sketch first saw the light of the famous Tippecanue battle ground, Ind., may 9, 1834, his father having settled in Indiana at a very early day, and owned land upon which Gen. Taylor acquired so much fame. He immigrated to southwest Missouri and settled four miles southwest of where Carthage now is, which was then the very outskirts of civilization. There our subject spent his youth and early manhood, assisting his father in clearing and making a farm, and acquiring what education he could by the limited means then in vogue. In 1855 or 1856 he, with a younger brother, located a claim on section 29, Madison Township, erected a cabin of black hickory logs, and ‘kept bach" while breaking and improving sixty acres. His brother died in 1860, and our subject administered the estate; he sold the property, taking the purchasers’ notes due in one year, but before the paper matured the civil war broke out and the makers of the notes scattered he knew hot where. During the subsequent years of the he shifted about as best he could; tended the crops when the country was free from armed bonds, his greatest difficulty being to keep his cattle from falling into the hands of marauding parties, in which effort he was not always successful. In 1853, he drove what stock he had left into northern Kansas and sold them.

He then went to Montana and engaged at mining and teaming. From there he went to British Columbia; then to Lewiston, Idaho; then to Dallas City and to Portland, Ore.; Chico, Cal.; Idaho City, Idaho; and San Francisco; then to Humboldt, Nev.; again back to Chico and Sacramento, and took shipping for New York via Panama ; then to Douglas County, Kan., whither his parents had fled during the civil war, and returned to Jasper County April 9, 1866, his travels having occupied three years to the day.

He then resumed his farming operations, or in other words made a new start. He rebuilt his fences destroyed by the hostile parties and raised a fair crop the same year, for which there was a good demand and good prices. He was married April 30, 1868, to Miss Elizabeth E., daughter of John and Nancy McMeechan (deceased), a native of Greene County, Mo., but reared and educated in Decatur County, Iowa. Of this union there are three children living; John J., born Jan. 29, 1869; Mary N., born march 13, 1872; and Hattie M., born Nov. 16, 1877. His farm consist of 100 acres, well improved, with fine house, orchard, etc.; he also owns sixty acres of timber.

  vi.   Isaac Hornback, born 1835 in Iowa.

  vii.   Samuel Hornback, born April 05, 1838 in Ohio; married Rebecca Criss March 18, 1866.

  Notes for Samuel Hornback:
Recorded in the 1900 US, MO, Census

Hornback,       Samuel       w/mh       62, m/32 farmer       IN PA VA
              Rebecca       w/f w       51, 6-4              WV MD MD
              Albert A.       w/ms       25, m/2 farmer       MO IN WV
              Lily A.       w/f d/1       25, 1-1              TN TN TN
              Verne       w/mg/s       01, s              MO MO TN

From the History of Jasper County Missouri, published in 1883 by Mills and Company of Des Moines, Iowa

Samuel Hornback, one of the early pioneers of Jasper County was born in Ohio, April 5, 1838. His father, (James) came to Jasper county when Samuel was a mere babe, and he has therefore been reared and educated here. The schools of the early day were very primitive, and held in log school-houses, having none of the modern conveniences; and for the most part the schools were select where each paid a monthly tuition. His instructor was Peter Copelan, who had about thirty-five pupils, and charged $1 a month for each scholar. At the outbreak of the civil war Samuel Hornback enlisted in the Missouri State Militia, acting as a scout. He was married March 18, 1866, to Rebecca Criss who was born in Marion county, West Va., March 1, 1848. Their children are Benjamin, Leroy, William S., Albert A., and Ellery E. Mr. Hornback owns a fine farm of 100 acres, well improved, raising good crops of wheat, corn, and 1,500 bushels of apples having four acres of the finest orchard in the county, besides an abundance of small fruit. This farm is located in section 19, Township 28, range 31 of Jackson township four and one-half miles southwest of Carthage.

  viii.   Abraham Hornback, born 1840 in Missouri.

  ix.   Elizabeth Hornback, born 1842 in Missouri.

  x.   Mary Hornback, born 1845 in Missouri.
       56. John Dixon, born Abt. 1775; died Aft. 1806 in TN. He was the son of 112. Thomas Dixon and 113. Martha Adams. He married 57. Marion Edmondson.
       57. Marion Edmondson, born Abt. 1780.
Child of John Dixon and Marion Edmondson is:

  28 i.   John J. Dixon, born May 06, 1806 in Blount County, TN; died August 27, 1866 in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Athens, Tennessee,McMinn County, TN; married (1) Nancy Caroline Kennedy April 01, 1828 in Blount County, TN; married (2) Elvira Bird January 16, 1845 in McMinn County, TN.
       58. Richard Bird, born August 27, 1769; died July 26, 1856 in Burk County, HC. He was the son of 116. Benjamine I. Bird and 117. Elizabeth. He married 59. Elizabeth Westlake 1794.
       59. Elizabeth Westlake, born April 22, 1780 in VA; died May 23, 1853 in BURK CO NC. She was the daughter of 118. Thomas Westlake and 119. Elizabeth Crandall.
Children of Richard Bird and Elizabeth Westlake are:

  29 i.   Elvira Bird, born November 03, 1819 in North Carolina; died October 21, 1890 in Cochran Cemetery, McMinn County, TN; married John J. Dixon January 16, 1845 in McMinn County, TN.

  ii.   Matilda Bird, born January 31, 1795; married John Moffett March 08, 1823 in BURK CO NC.

  iii.   Lucinda Bird, born February 16, 1800 in BURK CO NC; married Thomas Curtis December 18, 1815 in BURK CO NC.

  iv.   Nelson Bird, born December 04, 1801 in BURK NC; married Mary Wilson Abt. 1825 in BURK NC.

  v.   Elizabeth Bird, born Abt. 1806; died in YORKTOWN VA; married William Moffett.

  vi.   Wilsonn Lee Bird, born April 05, 1807 in BURK NC; married (1) Mary Wilson; married (2) Rebecca Lytel May 21, 1828 in BURK NC.

  vii.   Susan Salina Bird, born April 05, 1807 in BURK CO NC; died in MCMINN CO TN; married Joseph Hamilton June 14, 1831 in BURK CO NC.

  viii.   Caroline E. Bird, born 1811 in BURK CO NC; married Abraham S. Grahl August 25, 1841 in BURK NC.

  ix.   Synthia Bird, born September 27, 1814 in BURK NC; died 1841.

  x.   Francis Asbury Bird, born June 03, 1816 in NC; died June 25, 1898; married (1) Pauline Patton February 16, 1836 in NC; married (2) Elizabeth Mackay Abt. 1879.

  xi.   Albert Jefferson Bird, born June 03, 1816 in NC; married Mary Elmira Jerrett Abt. 1836.

  xii.   James W. S. Bird, born 1817; died 1849.

  xiii.   Richard Ivey Bird, born April 17, 1821 in BURK NC; married (1) Harriot Hicks; married (2) Elmira ?.
       60. John Jacks, born April 10, 1808; died April 07, 1872. He was the son of 120. John Jacks, Sr. and 121. Mary ?. He married 61. Mary Ditmore April 07, 1829.
       61. Mary Ditmore, born 1814 in ? Carolina; died Abt. 1850. She was the daughter of 122. John Ditmore and 123. Eliza Hendrickson.
Child of John Jacks and Mary Ditmore is:

  30 i.   Vincent Henderson Jacks, born September 13, 1830 in McNunn County, TN; died November 11, 1887; married Sara Malisa Daugherty February 14, 1852.
       62. Matthew Daugherty, born December 27, 1794 in Kentucky; died May 30, 1873 in McMinn County, Tennessee. He was the son of 124. Charles Daugherty. He married 63. Nancy Cass 1828.
       63. Nancy Cass, born November 16, 1798 in North Carolina; died 1880 in Austin, TX. She was the daughter of 126. James S. Cass and 127. Elizaabeth Adeline Moody.
Children of Matthew Daugherty and Nancy Cass are:

  i.   James Melmurth Daugherty.

  ii.   William Armstrong Daugherty.

  iii.   Elizabeth Daugherty.

  iv.   Martha Daugherty.

  v.   Adeline Daugherty.

  31 vi.   Sara Malisa Daugherty, born May 01, 1835 in South Carolina; died March 11, 1923 in Webb City, MO; married (1) Vincent Henderson Jacks February 14, 1852; married (2) Vincent Hendrix Jack February 14, 1852 in McMinn County, TN.

  vii.   J.M. Daugherty.

  viii.   Willaim A. Daugherty, born August 19, 1827; married (1) Nancy Riggs; married (2) Sarah Davis June 1868 in Jasper County, MO.

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