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Ancestors of Ronald Leroy Berryhill

Generation No. 7

       64. John BerryhillII, born 1728 in Carolina; died December 28, 1817 in Lexington, VA. He was the son of 128. John BerryhillI and 129. Mary Bigness. He married 65. Rachel Moffett 1750 in Carolina.
       65. Rachel Moffett, born 1728; died 1812. She was the daughter of 130. James Moffett.

Notes for John BerryhillII:
John Berryhill Jr. was born in Carolina in 1728. Married Rachel Moffat, daughter of James Moffat. He was a farmer by occupation. Sometime or other he settled in the Scotch-Irish settlement in Augusta County, VA. They located some where between Staunton and Lexington. John’s name is recorded in the will of James Moffat. Dated June 25, 1757, where appears the words: "Son-in-law John Berryhill and his wife Rachel Berryhill as Beneficiaries." John’s name appears in various legal documents in 1761, 1764, 1765, and 1767. In Calkley’s Augusta Co., Va. Chronicles, Page 778 appear these lines.

"March 12, 1765, James Trimble of Greene Springs and Sarah Trimble conveyed to John Berryhill for 50 lbs. Sterling, 180 acres on Borders Creek in the forks of James River, corner of James Trimble, Patrick McColloms line."

This property is now in Rockbridge, Co. John was a prominent and respected citizen of Virginia.

According to one unconfirmed source, John Berryhill is burried inLexington, VA, in the same cemetery as Stonwall Jackson. Ronald L. Berryhill a 4th great grandson, visited the cemetery in October of 1997 and could not find the grave. However, it is a very old cemetery and has many grave stones which have worn smooth over the years and all inscriptions are completely gone. The cemetery office was closed. Research continues.

Children of John Berryhill and Rachel Moffett are:

  i.   Nancy Berryhill, born Abt. 1751.

  ii.   John BerryhillIII, born Abt. 1752.

  iii.   Rachel Berryhill, born Abt. 1753.

  iv.   William BerryhillIII, born 1756.

  v.   James BerryhillI, born 1759.

  32 vi.   Alexander Moffett BerryhillIII, born 1764 in Virginia, Agusta County; died October 08, 1823 in Green County, Ohio; married Rachel Thomson April 05, 1786 in Agusta County Virginia.
       66. William Thomson, born August 25, 1734 in SCOT.

Notes for William Thomson:
[Brøderbund Family Archive #17, Ed. 1, Birth Records: United States/Europe, Birth Records, AAI Birth Records Extraction, Date of Import: Apr 21, 1997, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Thomson, William
Birth date: Aug 25, 1734
Birth place: SCOT
CD# 100

More About William Thomson:
Fact 1: CD# 100
Child of William Thomson is:

  33 i.   Rachel Thomson, born Abt. 1765; died September 27, 1838; married Alexander Moffett BerryhillIII April 05, 1786 in Agusta County Virginia.
       68. William James, born Abt. 1750 in Wales; died September 30, 1804 in Warren Co., Ohio. He married 69. Jane Williams October 01, 1772 in Virginia.
       69. Jane Williams, born July 31, 1750 in Virginia, or Maryland; died 1843.
Children of William James and Jane Williams are:

  34 i.   John C. James, born November 11, 1773 in Loudoun Co., Virginia; died September 18, 1841 in Sugar Creek Twp., Greene Co., Ohio; married Nancy Whiteford January 25, 1801 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

  ii.   Rachel James, born March 15, 1776 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

  iii.   Richard James, born February 07, 1778 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

  iv.   William James, born November 04, 1779 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

  v.   Jonathon James, born March 17, 1782 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

  vi.   Nancy Or Ann James, born April 02, 1784 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

  vii.   Sarah James, born July 26, 1786 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

  viii.   Morgan James, born July 10, 1788 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

  ix.   David James, born August 05, 1789 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

  x.   Jane James, born December 02, 1792 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.
       72. Thomas Harvey, born 1721; died Bef. 1790. He married 73. Elener E. Groome.
       73. Elener E. Groome, born 1717 in MD; died 1793. She was the daughter of 146. Richard Groome and 147. Amy.

  Notes for Elener E. Groome:

Maryland Census -- 1790, p.94
Name of head of family: Harvey, Eleanor
Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families: 1
Free white females, including heads of families: 2
All other free persons: 3

Maryland Census -- 1790, p.94
Name of head of family: Harvey, Groom William
Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families: 2
Free white males under 16 years: 1
Free white females, including heads of families: 6
All other free persons: 8

Children of Thomas Harvey and Elener Groome are:

  36 i.   Henry Harvey, born 1755; married Sarah Ann McDaniel April 20, 1791 in Prince George's County, Maryland.

  ii.   Virginia Harvey, born 1759.
       80. Johann Phillip Coffelt, born September 09, 1738 in Philadelphia Harbor. He was the son of 160. Johann Christopher Kauffeld and 161. Anna Sara Dillman-Degen. He married 81. Eleanor Nelly Ryan in York County Pennsylvania.
       81. Eleanor Nelly Ryan, born Abt. 1742 in Ireland. She was the daughter of 162. Edward Ryan.

Notes for Johann Phillip Coffelt:
Phillip and Nicholas Henry Kauffelt were twins born to Christopher and Sara Deacon Kauffelt on board the ship GLASGOW in Philadelphia Harbor on arrival from Germany, September 9, 1738

Phillip Coffelt fought in the French and Indian War. He went to York County, Pennsylvania after the war, and to Stony Creed, Virginia in about 1765. Philip spoke English very poorly; possibly why the name change. He served in Braddock's army under George Washington. Fought at Big Meadows. He also faught in the Revolutionary War. Philip and his wife were married and settled in Greenbriar County, VA, then moved to Green County, East TN, before it became a state. His wife Ellen Ryan (nickname Nelly) was captured by the Shawnee Indians during the French and Indian War, and after eleven weeks escaped. She was born in Ireland and came to America with her parents at the age of five. (Documentation from GOODSPEED (1889), Benton County, AK, Biography (1889) and war records. ) Researched by Robert John (Jack) Coffelt, sometime before 1990. Researcher Ron Berryhill wrote Jack Coffelt a letter in April of 1997 and did not get a reply. A search of the Internet showed him living at 1610 Redwood Lane, Davis, CA, 95616, phone 916-756-5290.

He owned land with Nelly in Kentucky in 1788.

Moved to eastern Tennessee between 1788 and 1790.

Last name was changed to Coffelt when the family moved to Virginia.

Sold 69 acres of land with home in County of Hardy (VA) July 7, 1778.
Children of Johann Coffelt and Eleanor Ryan are:

  i.   John Coffelt, born November 13, 1761.

  ii.   Henry Coffelt, born November 13, 1761.

  iii.   Daniel Coffelt, born 1768 in Virginia.

  iv.   Sarah Coffelt, born 1770.

  v.   Rebecca Coffelt, born 1772 in Virginia.

  vi.   James H. Coffelt, born 1772 in Virginia.

  vii.   George Coffelt, born 1775.

  40 viii.   Jacob Coffelt, born 1782 in Greenbair, VA; died 1827 in Marion County, TN; married Susannah Wyatt February 23, 1817.
       82. Samuel Wyatt, born 1750. He married 83. Rebecca Ann Bennett.
       83. Rebecca Ann Bennett, born 1755 in VA; died 1842 in Laurel County, KY.

Notes for Samuel Wyatt:
Thomas Wyatt died in the year 1832. In his will he left all his property, both real and personal, to his wife Polly, and at her death to be equally divided among his children. The will is contained in Box 119 of the Knox County Circuit Court. The real estate belonging to Thomas Wyatt consisted of 250 acres of land in Knox County, Kentucky, lying on the Cumberland River. Polly Wyatt died some time in the year 1851, and upon her death, the heirs brought suit to have the land sold and the proceeds divided amongst the heirs. Plaintiffs were Elizabeth Wyatt, Fanny (Frances) Wyatt, Susan Wyatt, Thomas J. Baughman (purchaser of Benjamin's share) Robert Hays and W. L. Tolbert, administrators of the estate of James hays, who had purchased Martha's (Patsy) share, and Polly Wyatt. Defendants were James Wyatt, Samuel Wyatt, Thomas Wyatt, Davis Wyatt, Samuel Coffelt, Rebecca Wyatt Coffelt, and the children of Catherine Wyatt, Chaplin and Letitia Wyatt. This suit indicates that Thomas Wyatt and Mary (Polly) Davis had 12 children. The result of this suit was that the court found that the land could not be divided amongst the heirs with convenience, and it was ordered by the court that the whole of the tract of land be sold at the courthouse door in Barbourville to the highest bidder. This order is dated 29 March 1854. On January 22, 1855 the sale was made, in accordance with the court's order, the high bidder being Joseph Smith. His bid was $1,140, which is $4.60 an acre.

A later suit indicates that Elizabeth, Polly, Fanny and Susan Wyatt changed their minds about the sale of the property, and asked that the sale be set aside. This suit was first brought in the name of Elizabeth only. Polly, Fanny and Susan then joined the suit, stating that it was a failure and mistake on the part of counsel not to unite them with Elizabeth, they were "very ignorant and illiterate and unable either to read or write and therefore wholly unable to know from an inspection of the record that the mistake existed . . . by which they failed to obtain the relief which has been afforded to the said Elizabeth". Their petition states that "they never aimed to petition for a sale of the whole of the land . . . they are situated on a small portion of the land all living close together on one end of the land and where they wish to remain. . ." They state "they are willing that their parts may be layed off and the balance sold and the proceeds divided . . ." This suit was brought in April, 1854. Subsequently the court ordered that the deed made to Joseph Smith, the purchaser, be canceled, and that deeds be made out to Elizabeth, Fanny, Polly and Susan Wyatt, and to Joseph Smith. These deeds allotted about 28 acres to Elizabeth, including the house in which she lived, Fanny, Susan and Polly received about 44 acres ad the balance of 178 acres went to Joseph Smith. The Commissioners' final report is dated April 5, 1858.

Children of Samuel Wyatt and Rebecca Bennett are:

  i.   Elizabeth Wyatt.

  ii.   Frances Wyatt.

  iii.   James Wyatt, died June 1844 in Laurel County, KY.

  iv.   John Wyatt.

  v.   Lucy Wyatt.

  vi.   Lydia Wyatt.

  vii.   Martha Patsy Wyatt.

  viii.   Rebecca Wyatt.

  ix.   Samuel Wyatt, Jr., married Christine McInturff.

  x.   Thomas Wyatt, died 1832 in Knox County, KY; married Mary Polly Davis April 12, 1799.

  xi.   Vincent Wyatt.

  xii.   William Wyatt.

  xiii.   Sarah Sallie Wyatt, born May 02, 1777; married James Henry Coffelt August 27, 1796 in Greene, TN.

  41 xiv.   Susannah Wyatt, born 1786; died 1864 in Benton County, AR; married Jacob Coffelt February 23, 1817.
       84. Jessie Margrave, born Abt. 1764 in NC; died 1843 in Putman County, IL. He was the son of 168. John MargraveII. He married 85. Mary Laughlin 1802 in KY.
       85. Mary Laughlin. She was the daughter of 170. John Laughlin and 171. Mary White.
Children of Jessie Margrave and Mary Laughlin are:

  i.   John MargraveIV, born January 24, 1785 in NC; died 1866 in NE; married Nancy Wafer March 1813 in KY.

  42 ii.   Anthony Margrave, born 1795 in South Carolina; married Ruth Simpson June 23, 1814 in Caldwell CO, KY.

  iii.   Thomas Margrave, born 1795.

  iv.   Felix Margrave, born 1803 in KY; died 1880 in Hardy, NE; married (1) Elizabeth Moffett July 04, 1826 in Bond, IL; married (2) Elizabeth ? Abt. 1830 in IL..
       88. Henry FleischerI, born Abt. 1760. He was the son of 176. Johannes Fleischer. He married 89. Susan Catherine Peninger.
       89. Susan Catherine Peninger, born Abt. 1765.
Child of Henry Fleischer and Susan Peninger is:

  44 i.   Henry Flesher, Jr., born August 31, 1784 in Highland, VA; died October 01, 1850 in Lexington, McLean, IL; married Susannsh Popejoy December 20, 1810 in Washington C. H. Fayette OH.
       90. Tarrance Popejoy. He married 91. Elizabeth Ann Champe.
       91. Elizabeth Ann Champe.
Child of Tarrance Popejoy and Elizabeth Champe is:

  45 i.   Susannsh Popejoy, born September 30, 1794 in VA; died July 22, 1852 in McLean County, IL; married Henry Flesher, Jr. December 20, 1810 in Washington C. H. Fayette OH.
       104. James BrockI. He married 105. Unknown Blassingame.
       105. Unknown Blassingame.
Children of James Brock and Unknown Blassingame are:

  52 i.   James BrockII, born 1788 in North Carolina; died June 1844 in Newton County, MO; married Laodica Ann Moore May 17, 1812 in Hopkins County, KY.

  ii.   Perry Green Brock, born 1789; married Margaret Scott July 12, 1808.

  iii.   Elizabeth Brock, born 1790; married (1) William Fuller June 16, 1808 in Barren County, KY; married (2) Solomon Reed March 12, 1826 in Cooper County, MO.

  iv.   Blassingame Brock, born 1797; married (1) Caty McDowell August 07, 1817 in Howard County, MO; married (2) Mary Ann Morgan July 14, 1843 in McMinn County, TN.

  v.   Terry Wayne Brock, born 1798 in South Carolina; married (1) Margaret McDowell 1822; married (2) Elizabeth Walker September 11, 1843 in McMinn County, TN.
       108. John Hornback, born December 17, 1760 in Hampshire county, VA. He was the son of 216. Evart Evert Ebert Hoornbeck and 217. Eleanor Cuddeback. He married 109. Elizabeth Phebus.
       109. Elizabeth Phebus, born December 17, 1768.
Child of John Hornback and Elizabeth Phebus is:

  54 i.   James Hornback, born December 08, 1796 in Bourbon County, Kentucky; died July 28, 1877 in Carthage, Jasper County, MO; married Mary McIntyre September 26, 1826 in Champain, OH.
       110. James McIntiyre. He married 111. Mar ?.
       111. Mar ?.
Child of James McIntiyre and Mar ? is:

  55 i.   Mary McIntyre, born November 08, 1802 in Virginia; died April 16, 1862 in Carthage, Jasper County, MO; married James Hornback September 26, 1826 in Champain, OH.
       112. Thomas Dixon. He married 113. Martha Adams December 20, 1771.
       113. Martha Adams.
Child of Thomas Dixon and Martha Adams is:

  56 i.   John Dixon, born Abt. 1775; died Aft. 1806 in TN; married Marion Edmondson.
       116. Benjamine I. Bird, born January 15, 1716/17 in Dorchester Suffolk, MA; died Abt. 1795 in Burk County, HC. He was the son of 232. Benjamine Bird and 233. Johanna Harris. He married 117. Elizabeth.
       117. Elizabeth, born Abt. 1720.
Child of Benjamine Bird and Elizabeth is:

  58 i.   Richard Bird, born August 27, 1769; died July 26, 1856 in Burk County, HC; married Elizabeth Westlake 1794.
       118. Thomas Westlake, born January 01, 1755 in Trenton; died December 05, 1827 in Ohio. He was the son of 236. Samuel WestlakeIII and 237. Sarah Welling. He married 119. Elizabeth Crandall.
       119. Elizabeth Crandall, born Abt. 1760; died Abt. 1830. She was the daughter of 238. Crandall and 239. Anna Constable.
Children of Thomas Westlake and Mary Brasse are:

  i.   Joseph Westlake.

  ii.   Willaim Westlake.

  iii.   James B. Westlake, born 1794.

  iv.   Nancy Westlake, born 1799.

  v.   Mary Westlake, born 1801.
Children of Thomas Westlake and Elizabeth Crandall are:

  59 i.   Elizabeth Westlake, born April 22, 1780 in VA; died May 23, 1853 in BURK CO NC; married Richard Bird 1794.

  ii.   Sarah Westlake, born 1782.

  iii.   Thomas A. Westlake, Jr., born 1786.

  iv.   Samuel Westlake, born 1789.
       120. John Jacks, Sr., born Abt. 1750. He married 121. Mary ?.
       121. Mary ?, born Abt. 1775.
Children of John Jacks and Mary ? are:

  i.   Elias Jack, born 1802 in S C.

  60 ii.   John Jacks, born April 10, 1808; died April 07, 1872; married Mary Ditmore April 07, 1829.

  iii.   John Jack, born April 10, 1808; died April 07, 1872 in McMinn County, TN; married Mary Ditmore April 07, 1829 in McMinn County, TN.
       122. John Ditmore, born July 20, 1766; died June 19, 1830 in McMinn County, TN. He was the son of 244. Johannas Ditmore and 245. Elizabeth ?. He married 123. Eliza Hendrickson April 09, 1809 in CHARLESTON.
       123. Eliza Hendrickson, born 1790 in Charlston, SC; died Aft. June 1830 in TN. She was the daughter of 246. Betje Hendrickson and 247. Anna Maria Schweikhart.

Notes for John Ditmore:
The will was executed in McMinn County, TN.
Children of John Ditmore and Eliza Hendrickson are:

  i.   John H. Ditmore, born 1812 in CHARLESTON; married Amanda Bowling September 02, 1839 in TN.

  61 ii.   Mary Ditmore, born 1814 in ? Carolina; died Abt. 1850; married John Jacks April 07, 1829.

  iii.   Mary Ditmore, born 1814 in North or South Carolina; died Aft. 1850; married John Jack April 07, 1829 in McMinn County, TN.

  iv.   Vincent Goddard Ditmore, born Abt. 1815.

  v.   Vergil Ditmore, born Abt. 1817.

  vi.   Francis M. Ditmore, born Abt. 1819.

  vii.   Elizabeth Ditmore, born Abt. 1820.

  viii.   Emaline Ditmore, born Abt. 1822.

  ix.   Henry Mcgrath Ditmore, born December 27, 1825 in MCMINN TN; married Elizabeth Hampton Abt. 1851.

  x.   Edward Hendrickson Ditmore, born Abt. 1829 in CHARLESTON.
       124. Charles Daugherty, born Abt. 1760.
Child of Charles Daugherty is:

  62 i.   Matthew Daugherty, born December 27, 1794 in Kentucky; died May 30, 1873 in McMinn County, Tennessee; married (1) Nancy Cass 1828; married (2) Sarah Masters May 30, 1873 in TN.
       126. James S. Cass, born March 09, 1775 in Iredell County, NC; died August 29, 1859 in McMinn County, TN. He was the son of 252. James Cass and 253. Nancy. He married 127. Elizaabeth Adeline Moody 1806 in NC.
       127. Elizaabeth Adeline Moody, born March 05, 1774 in Hunting Creek, Iradell County, NC; died 1859 in Englewood, TN. She was the daughter of 254. Thomas Moody and 255. Mary Ann Farncis Young.
Children of James Cass and Elizabeth Moody are:

  i.   Thomas Cass, born 1807.

  ii.   John Cass, born 1809.

  iii.   Louisa Cass, born 1811.

  iv.   Moses Alhasting Cass, born 1812.

  v.   Benjamin Epps Cass, born 1815.

  vi.   James Melmurth Cass, born 1818.

  vii.   Mary Malisa Cass, born 1820.

  viii.   Sarah Cass, born 1822.
Children of James Cass and Elizaabeth Moody are:

  63 i.   Nancy Cass, born November 16, 1798 in North Carolina; died 1880 in Austin, TX; married Matthew Daugherty 1828.

  ii.   Benjamine Epp Cass, born May 14, 1815 in NC; died March 28, 1882 in McMinn County, TN; married Jamina ?.

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