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The Buzzotto/Faccini/Gass/Konrad Family Home Page

Updated August 21, 2011

Sandy Faccini- Berry

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I am researching the following family members and their ancestors:

My paternal grandparents:
- Mary Buzzotto-Faccini, born 2/4/1888 in San Francisco, Ca.
- Charles Faccini, born 6/14/1879 in Collinsville, Ca.

My paternal great grandparents:
- Frank Buzzotto, born 1858, immigrated from Corsica, France
- Nellie Bona, born 1869, immigrated from Italy
- Henry Faccini, immigrated from Italy
- Camile Romeo, immigrated from Italy

My maternal grandparents & all of their ancestors:
- Mary Veronica Konrad-Gass, born 10/12/1886 in Iowa
- George Andrew Gass, born 3/28/1881 in Iowa

I have many individuals, ancestors and descendants, on my family tree but I am primarily showing ancestors on the genealogy reports born prior to 1900 on this site for the privacy of the living individuals.

The Konrads and Gass's are my mother's ancestors. Some of the other more common family names on my maternal side are Liebler, Bauer, Muller, Griesbaum, Ohnemus, Wachter, Dittmer and Rippenger. This research takes me back to Germany.

The Buzzottos and Faccini's are my father's ancestors. Some of the other more common family names on my paternal side are Bona, Bono, Lo Bono, Lo Buono, Romeo, Taranto This research takes me to Italy and France. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who might be related. I still have much to research on the Faccini and Buzzotto families.

I would like to thank the following people for sharing their research and photos with me: Kevin Konrad, Mike Sommars, David Endres, Don Ohnemus, Laura Tobin, the Vitale brothers, Neva Gass, Diana Mock, Carl Ries, Beate Bauman and any others that I may not have remembered to mention. Thanks to the hard work of others I can trace some ancestors back to the 1600's.

I would be interested in adding additional old family photos to my collection.

Family Photos

  • George Gass & Mary Konrad-Gass Wedding Photo (33 KB)
    My grandparents: Wedding Photo of George Gass & Mary Konrad Gass - about 1904/1905 in Iowa. (Photo from Sandy Berry collection)
  • Konrad brothers (642 KB)
    Four sons of Johann F. Konrad Sr. Top, left to right Christian, Nicholaus. Bottom, left to right Henry and Fred Jr(my grandmother's father). About 1878. (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • The John P. Gass Family Photo (133 KB)
    Back row: Raymond, Emil, Lawrence, Oscar and Fred. Front row: Helen, Anna, Mary, John and Charlotte. (Photo from Neva Gass collection)
  • Home of Johann Friedrich Konrad Sr. (93 KB)
    My grandmother's paternal grandparents: This was the home of Johann Friedrich Konrad Sr. & Anna Maria Weiss-Konrad in Lemburg, Germany. They lived there around 1840. The home has since been destroyed. The photo was taken in the 1960's. (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • John P. Gass Family Photo (older) (86 KB)
    John P. Gass and children. Left to right - Raymond, Emil, Charlotte, Lawrence, Oscar, Helen, Mary and Fred with John seated in front. (Photo from Neva Gass collection)
  • Mary Buzzotto-Faccini & sons (130 KB)
    Mary Buzzotto-Faccini & sons, Leslie - left and Achilles (Al - my father) - right. Taken around 1915. (Photo from Sandy Berry collection)
  • Frank Gass & Margaretha "Theresia" Liebler-Gass (120 KB)
    Frank and Theresia are the parents of my grandfather, George Gass. Photo from the Diana Mock collection.
  • John & Anna Gass and two sons (110 KB)
    John Gass, Oscar, Lawrence & Anna (Photo from Neva Gass collection)
  • Johann Friedrich & Veronica Konrad Jr - middle age (101 KB)
    My grandmother's parents: Johann Friedrich Konrad Jr. & Veronica Griesbaum-Konrad (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • Mary V. Konrad with cousin (106 KB)
    Mary V. Konrad (my grandmother)(left) with cousin Magdalena Wachter (right) (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • Johann Phillip Liebler (9 KB)
    Father of Margaretha "Theresia" Liebler-Gass , grandfather of George Gass. Johann is my great-great grandfather.
  • Frank Gass home and family (102 KB)
    Left to right: John Philip Liebler (my grandfather's maternal grandfather) , Frank Gass (my grandfather's father), Theresia Liebler-Gass (my grandfather's mother) , Guy Wadle, Mary Agnes Wadle, Julia Ann Gass Wadle (widow), Elizabeth Wadle. (Photo from Don Ohnemus collection)
  • Lacona, Iowa Baseball Team - 1900 (87 KB)
    Front row (left) - Frank Konrad, son of Christian Konrad. (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • Gass Gravesites (106 KB)
    Frank V Gass (son of Frank Edward) , Emma Gass, Giles Gass and others. Located in the Bauer Cemetary. (Photo from the Diana Mock collection)
  • Frank Gass family home with George Gass included (151 KB)
    Left to right: Ed Gass, Frank Gass, Nick Gass, George Gass (my grandfather) , Kate Gass Wadle, Theresia Liebler Gass, Johann Philip Liebler. Family home taken prior to 1900 (Nick passed away in 1900) (Photo from Don Ohnemus collection)
  • Caroline Griesbaum Farmhome - 1905 (110 KB)
    Built in 1866 by Caroline's parents, Andrew & Amelia Griesbaum (my grandmother's maternal grandparents) , 2 miles NE of Lacona, Iowa. (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • Mary V. Konrad with sister & brothers (130 KB)
    My grandmother, Mary V. Konrad right. Mary A. Konrad, left. Andrew Konrad, top. Joseph Konrad, bottom. (Photo from Mary Veronica Konrad-Gass collection)
  • Charles Faccini - Wells Fargo Express (2612 KB)
    My grandfather Charles Faccini was at one time a Wells Fargo Express driver (early 1900's). He is the mustached man in the photo.
  • Emma Gass-Miller & Joseph Alexander Miller (97 KB)
    Emma Gass-Miller (1968-1923) and husband Joseph Alexander Miller (1863-1952). Emma is one of George Gass's sisters. (Photo from Don Ohnemus collection)
  • Citizenship Papers - Fred Konrad (159 KB)
    Johann Friedrich Konrad Jr. US citizenship papers - 1878 in the state of Iowa
  • George A. Gass & daughter (106 KB)
    My grandfather & aunt: George A. Gass & Daughter. George had 6 daughters. This is believed to be Marie Veronica, around 1910. (Photo from Mary Veronica Konrad-Gass collection)
  • Joseph E. Gass (27 KB)
    Joseph E. Gass, 1897 - 1953, son of Joseph William Gass (brother of my grandfather George) . (Photo from Don Ohnemus collection)
  • Marriage Certificate - Fred Konrad (125 KB)
    Marriage Certificate for Johann Friedrich Konrad Jr. & Veronica Griesbaum - state of Iowa - 1875.
  • Ida Mae Gass & Joseph Gass (45 KB)
    Ida Mae Gass & Joseph Gass, children of Joseph William Gass & Mary Mynahan Gass (Photo from Don Ohnemus collection)
  • Christian Konrad's shops (83 KB)
    Christian Konrad's blacksmith, wagon, carriage and bobsled factory leading into the basement to the right. Hardware and blacksmith completed July 1885. Christian was my grandmother's uncle.(Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • Joseph William Gass (1860-1897) (41 KB)
    Joseph William Gass, Mary Mynahan Gass & Ida Mae Gass. (Photo from Don Ohnemus collection)
  • Frank Edward Gass children (39 KB)
    These are believed to be the children of Frank Edward Gass (Photo from Don Ohnemus collection)
  • Johann Friedrich KonradFamily Photo (107 KB)
    Entire family of Johann Friedrich Jr. & Veronica Konrad (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • Charles Casassa & sons (34 KB)
    Charles Sr. in center, married to sister of Mary Buzzotto (my grandmother) . Two sons - Charles Jr., left and Lando, right. (Photo from Sandy Berry collection)
  • George A. Gass & brother in law (111 KB)
    My grandfather: George A. Gass, right, Fred Konrad, left (Photo from Sandy Berry collection)
  • Oscar Gass (28 KB)
    Oscar Gass in WWI uniform. Oscar's parents were John P. Gass (brother to my grandfather, George) & Anna Mary Memmel Gass. (Photo from Don Ohnemus collection)
  • Family Home of Johann Friedrich Konrad Jr. (58 KB)
    My grandmother's family: Home of Johann Friedrich Konrad Jr. & Veronica Griesbaum-Konrad and children in Iowa. Mary V. to the left of her mother. (Photo from Sandy Berry collection)
  • Lacona, Iowa. South side of Main Street. (60 KB)
    Notice the Konrad & sons sign.
  • John P. Gass (1862-1940) & Anna Mary Memmel Gass (118 KB)
    Photo of John P. Gass & Anna Mary Memmel Gass. Photo from Don Ohnemus collection)
  • George A. Gass as teen (44 KB)
    My grandfather: George A. Gass, second from left. Others unknown. Woman between two men resembles another picture I have of Emma Louise Gass-Miller. (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • Lacona Post Office - Circa 1918 (204 KB)
    Christian Konrad, left, postmaster Jerome Konrad, right, mail carrier
  • Emma Louise Gass-Miller & Joseph Miller (118 KB)
    2nd row, 2nd & 3rd from left Joe Miller & Emma Gass Miller. Carl or Mary on lap. Would love to know who the others in the picture are if anyone knows. believe the elderly couple in the center is Frank Gass and Theresia Liebler-Gass. (Photo from Diana Mock collection)
  • Mary V. Konrad with sister and cousins. (56 KB)
    Mary Wachter, Mary V. Konrad (my grandmother), Mary Amelia (Millie) Konrad, Magdalena Wachter (left to right) (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • Lacona Post Office - inside (78 KB)
    Christian Konrad - left - postmaster Jerome Konrad - right - mail carrier. Christian was my grandmother's uncle. Jerome was Christian's son.
  • Mary Konrad with sister and brother (72 KB)
    My grandmother: Mary V. Konrad, right. Mary A. Konrad, left. Andrew Konrad, top (Photo from Mary Veronica Konrad-Gass collection)
  • Jerome Konrad (76 KB)
    Jerome Konrad (Christian's son) in World War 1 uniform
  • Emma Gass Miller & son Frank Miller (116 KB)
    Emma Gass-Miller (George Gass's sister) & son Frank Miller. (Photo from collection of Diana Mock)
  • Amelia Ohnemus-Griesbaum & son Andreas/Andrew (72 KB)
    My grandmother's maternal grandmother: Amelia Ohnemus-Griesbaum & son Andrew. (One source says this Amelia's son Andreas/Andrew and anothe says it's her husband Andreas/Andrew. Both had the same name. (Photo from Kevin Konrad collection)
  • Collinsville (birthtown of Charles Faccini) (95 KB)
    Local bar in Collinsville, Ca. around 1900. (Photo from Vitale bros. collection)
  • Anna Magdalena Gass (160 KB)
    Wedding portrait of Anna Magdalena Gass-Ohnemus 1866-1954 (Sister of my grandfather George Gass) (Photo from the colleciton of Don Ohnemus)
  • Christian Konrad Family Photo (141 KB)
    Christian Konrad was my grandmohter Mary Konrad's uncle and Johann Friedrich Konrad Jr's brother.
  • Collinsville Catholic Church on the hill (119 KB)
    Collinsville Catholic Church in Solano County, California. Birthtown of Charles Faccini. Photo taken around 1910 (Photo from Vitale bros. collection)
  • Bernhard Ohnemus Jr. (145 KB)
    Wedding portrait of Bernhard Ohnemus Jr. (1866-1939). (Photo from the collection of Don Ohnemus)
  • Collinsville, Ca. (birthtown of Charles Faccini) (81 KB)
    Collinsville Rd., main street in town. Hotel on the left. Taken 1900-1900. Collinsville was also known as "Little Venice". It was a small fishing town with several Italian families. (Photo from Vitale bros. collection)
  • Unknown Ohnemus or Gass Relative ??? (90 KB)
    This photo is from the family collection of Don Ohnemus. If anyone knows who she is we would like to know.
  • John P. Gass & Anna Memmel Gass (65 KB)
    Wedding Day, February 13, 1888 in Bauer, Iowa. John was my grandfather George's brother. (Photo from Neva Gass collection)
  • Mary Gass (73 KB)
    This picture came from the collection of Don Ohnemus. It had Mary Gass written on it. It is "not" Mary Konrad-Gass. He thinks possibly it is Mary Gass, daughter of John Philip Gass & Anna Mary Memmel that was born in 1909 and died in 1962. If anyone knows who it is we would like to know.
  • Anna Magdalena Gass-Ohnemus family (68 KB)
    Photo taken around 1909. Ohnemus Family. Back row, left to right: Walter, Reuben, Clarence, Ferman, Al Ohnemus. Front row, left to right: Noemi, Addie, Anna Magdalena (my grandfather's sister) , Bernhard, Omer Ohnemus. (Photo from the collection of Don Ohnemus)
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