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Ancestors of James Daniel Beshires

      9398. Arthur O'Neil411, born Abt. 1602 in Craigbilly, Antrim, Ireland; died Abt. 1639 in Ireland. He was the son of 18796. Shane Mcbrian O'Neil and 18797. Anne O'Neil. He married 9399. Grace O'Hara Bef. 1594 in Ireland.

      9399. Grace O'Hara, born in Ireland; died in Ireland. She was the daughter of 18798. Charles O'Hara and 18799. Margaret Macduffy.
Children of Arthur O'Neil and Grace O'Hara are:
  i.   Cormac O'Neil, born in Ireland.
  ii.   Sorley O'Neil, born in Ireland.
  iii.   John O'Neil, born Abt. 1594 in Ireland.
  4699 iv.   Grace O'Neil, born Abt. 1603 in Dunluce Castle, Giant's Head, Ireland; died Bef. 02 March 1681/82 in Elizabeth City County, Virginia; married (1) Edward Waters Abt. 1620; married (2) Obedience Robins Abt. 1634 in Long Buckby, Northampton, England.

      9402. William Andrews412, born Abt. 1592 in St Clements, Cambridge, England; died Bef. 28 February 1654/55 in Northampton County, Virginia. He was the son of 18804. John Andrews and 18805. Easter __________. He married 9403. Susanna __________ June 1632 in Chalke, Wiltshire, England413,414.

      9403. Susanna __________, born 03 November 1588 in England.
Children of William Andrews and Susanna __________ are:
  i.   William Andrews, born Abt. 1632; died 28 August 1673 in Northampton County, Virginia.
  ii.   Susanna Andrews, born 05 April 1635 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England; died 29 January 1655/56 in Northampton County, Virginia.
  iii.   Robert Andrews, born Abt. 1637; died Abt. 1657 in Northampton County, Virginia.
  4701 iv.   Johanna Andrews, born Abt. 1638 in London, England; died Abt. 1688 in Northampton County, Virginia; married Thomas Harmanson Abt. 1660 in Northampson County, Virginia.

      9404. Roger Daniel, Sr.415, born Abt. 1600 in Taunron, Dorsetshire, England; died Abt. 1680 in Granville County, North Carolina.
Children of Roger Daniel, Sr. are:
  i.   Roger Daniel, born Bef. 1628 in Bristol, England; died Aft. 1680 in North Carolina.
  ii.   Darby Daniel, born Bef. 1635 in England; married Anne Cary.
  iii.   Hugh Daniel, born Bef. 1635 in England; married Mary Billington in Rappahannock, Virginia.
  iv.   Thomas Daniel, born Bef. 1635 in England; died Abt. 1679 in York County, Pennsylvania.
  v.   William Daniel, born Bef. 1635 in England; died in Virginia.
  4702 vi.   John Daniel, born Abt. 1635 in Bristol, Virginia; died Abt. 1666 in Accomack County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Williams Bef. 1650.
  vii.   Elizabeth Daniel, born Abt. 1635 in England.

      9426. Henry Askewe416, born 19 July 1584 in Newgate, London, England. He was the son of 18852. Christoner Askewe. He married 9427. Elizabeth Mosse 03 May 1604 in Saint Dunstan, Stephney, London, England417.

      9427. Elizabeth Mosse, born in England.
Child of Henry Askewe and Elizabeth Mosse is:
  4713 i.   Elizabeth Askew, born 06 March 1610/11 in Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England; married William Vane 08 August 1631 in Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England.

      9440. William Wimberly, born Abt. 1545 in South Witham, Lincolnshire, England; died Abt. 1610 in South Witham, Lincolnshire, England. He was the son of 18880. Thomas Wimberly and 18881. Jane Sharpe. He married 9441. Dorothy Nikes Abt. 1578 in Coston, Leicestershire, England.

      9441. Dorothy Nikes418, born 01 July 1563 in Sutterton, Lincolnshire, England419. She was the daughter of 18882. William Nix.
Children of William Wimberly and Dorothy Nikes are:
  i.   George Wimberly, born Abt. 1580 in South Witham, Lincolnshire, England; died Abt. 1635; married Elizabeth Watt Abt. 1604.
  4720 ii.   William Wimberly, born Abt. 1582 in South Witham, Lincolnshire, England; died 19 June 1644 in Aldersgate Parish, London, England; married (1) Francis Percival; married (2) Susanna Kay Abt. 1624 in England.
  iii.   Edward Wimberly, born Abt. 1584.
  iv.   Thomas Wimberly, born Abt. 1586.
  v.   Anne Wimberly, born Abt. 1588 in England; married John Batte 30 January 1623/24 in England.

      9442. Edward Kay, born 24 February 1573/74 in Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England420. He was the son of 18884. Edward Kay.
Child of Edward Kay is:
  4721 i.   Susanna Kay, born 01 March 1589/90 in Kirburton, Yorkshire, England; died Abt. 1658 in London, England; married William Wimberly Abt. 1624 in England.

      11072. Frederick Staring421,422, born Abt. 1616 in Palatine, Germany. He married 11073. Barbara __________.

      11073. Barbara __________423, born Abt. 1616 in Palatinate, Germany; died Bef. 10 February 1697/98 in Wonsheim, Palatinate, Germany.
Child of Frederick Staring and Barbara __________ is:
  5536 i.   Johanne Nicholas Staring, born Abt. 26 December 1659 in Alzey, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany.

      11664. John Whicker424,425, born 23 October 1588 in Colyton, Devonshire, England; died Abt. 11 February 1657/58 in Colyton, Devonshire, England. He was the son of 23328. John Whicker and 23329. Jayes Bawden. He married 11665. Anna Starre 08 June 1612 in Seaton, Devonshire, England.

      11665. Anna Starre, born Bef. 21 January 1590/91 in Seaton, Devonshire, England426; died 10 September 1657 in Colyton, Devonshire, England. She was the daughter of 23330. John Starre and 23331. Cicile Hurden.
Children of John Whicker and Anna Starre are:
  i.   Joyce Wicker, born 18 April 1613 in Colyton, Devonshire, England.
  ii.   Anne Wicker, born Abt. 07 July 1616 in Colyton, Devonshire, England; died in England.
  5832 iii.   John Wicker, born 21 March 1617/18 in Colyton, England; died 29 April 1668 in Colyton, Devonshire, England; married Judith Ticken 15 September 1632 in Colyton, Devonshire, England.
  iv.   Marie Wicker, born Bef. 06 March 1621/22 in Colyton, Devonshire, England; died Bef. 31 May 1628 in Colyton, Devonshire, England.
  v.   William Wicker, born Abt. 13 February 1624/25 in Colyton, Devonshire, England; died Bef. 01 May 1658 in England.

      11712. Matthew Whitfield, born Abt. 1604 in England. He was the son of 23424. Thomas Whitfield and 23425. Mary Reid Whitfield.
Child of Matthew Whitfield is:
  5856 i.   Matthew Whitfield, born Abt. 1646 in Nansemond County, Virginia.

      11716. Robert Lawrence427, born Abt. 1617 in England428; died Aft. 19 October 1682 in Virginia429. He was the son of 23432. John Lawrence and 23433. Mary Grisselle Gibbons. He married 11717. Elizabeth Adkinson Bef. 1638 in England430.

      11717. Elizabeth Adkinson, born Abt. 1615 in England; died Aft. 1600 in Ware Parish, Gloucester, Virginia431.

Notes for Robert Lawrence:
      Robert entered Oxford University on 4 November 1631, and possibly studied law at the Inner Temple in the following year. Upon becoming of legal age and receiving his inheritance, he married and departed for the Virginia Colony with his wife, Elizabeth.
      He received two patents on 25 August 1642 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.
      He later joined other Puritians in migrating to Nansemond County, Virginia, prior to 1659. He was a Justice of the County 1659-1660. He probally became a Quaker about this time as well, as he asked to be releived of his duties.

  Notes for Elizabeth Adkinson:
      Elizabeth's last name is supposition as there is no proof that it was Adkinson.

Children of Robert Lawrence and Elizabeth Adkinson are:
  i.   Robert Lawrence, born Abt. 1641 in Virginia; died 20 April 1720 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.
  5858 ii.   John Lawrence, born Abt. 1643 in Virginia; died Abt. 1696 in Nansemond County, Virginia; married Mary Power Abt. 1666 in Nansemond County, Virginia.
  iii.   Henry Lawrence, born Abt. 1644 in Virginia; died 27 September 1739 in Nansemond County, Virginia.
  iv.   George Lawrence, born Abt. 1645 in Virginia; died in Nansemond County, Virginia.

      12048. Rev. Richard Price432, born Abt. 1560 in Newton Hall, Wales, England; died Abt. 1620. He was the son of 24096. John Price and 24097. Elizabeth Blayney. He married 12049. Ursula Middleton Abt. 1582 in Wales.

      12049. Ursula Middleton, born Abt. 1560 in Montgomery, Wales. She was the daughter of 24098. David Middleton.
Children of Richard Price and Ursula Middleton are:
  6024 i.   John Price, born Abt. 1584 in Breknock, Wales, England; died Abt. 1638 in Charles City, Henrico County, Virginia; married (1) Ann __________; married (2) Mary Ann Matthews Bef. 1615 in Charles City, Henrico County, Virginia.
  ii.   William Price, born Abt. 1589.

      12062. John Rolfe433,434, born 06 May 1585 in Heacham, Norfolk, England435; died 22 March 1621/22 in Jamestown, James City,Virginia436. He was the son of 24124. John Rolfe and 24125. Dorothea Mason. He married 12063. Jane Pierce Bef. 25 January 1620/21 in James City County, Virginia437,438.

      12063. Jane Pierce439,440, born Abt. 1600 in Heacham, Norfolk, England441; died Aft. 25 January 1620/21 in Virginia. She was the daughter of 24126. William Pierce and 24127. Joann __________.

Notes for John Rolfe:
      John Rolfe sailed for Virginia in May 1609. The ship - the 'Sea Venture' in which he came was wrecked in the Bermudas, and a daughter was born there, aptly named Bermuda.
      He became a prominent member of the Colony and is said to have been the first person to suggest the cultivation of tobacco. Early in April 1614 his celebrated marriage to Pocahontas took place. Though evidently greatly attached to her, he had wrestled in spirit( he has much of the Puritanism so prevalent in the eastern counties of England), before he could make up his mind to marry one of heathen birth.
      He wrote to Governor Dale: 'Nor am I out of Hope, but one day to see my countrie, nor so void of friends, nor mean of birth, but there to obtain a match to my great content', but love was stronger that his fears. This letter is referred to in Meade's " Old Churches and Families of Virginia' I p 126-129.
      In 1616 Rolfe and Pocahontas went to England and her reception there and the interest she excited are well known.
      They were about to set sail for Virginia when Pocahontas died at Gravesend and was buried in the Church there 21 March 1616/17. He had to leave his young son, Thomas, behind as he could not stand the voyage.
      In the year 1617, John was appointed Recorder and Secretary General of the Colony, and in 1619 was a member of the Council. As a member of this body, he sat in the first American legislature, the Virginia Assembly of 1619.
      He married about 1619 Jane Pierce. He died in 1622 and notwithstanding his former marriage to Pocahontas, it is supposted that he was killed in the great Indian massacre of 22 March 1622..
      His will, dated 10 March 1621 was proved 21 May 1630, and he names his father-in-law, William Pierce his execitour.

Child of John Rolfe and Jane Pierce is:
  6031 i.   Elizabeth Pierce Rolfe, born 25 January 1620/21 in James City County, Virginia; married John Milner Abt. 1638 in became Nanesmund County in 1642.
Generation No. 15

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