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Descendants of Jordan Chaffin

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES M.2 CHAFFIN (JORDAN1)1,2,3 was born 1800 in Virginia, and died Unknown in Newton County, Arkansas. He married (2) MARY A.4 1836. She was born October 21, 1811 in Virginia, and died November 08, 1897 in Newton County, Arkansas.

Notes for J
According to Moses Hill, James Chaffin was an "invalid" but could walk. He didn't come back from a walk one day and was never seen again. The family suspected that he had been killed by bushwackers and the body thrown in a hole somewhere.

According to Cynthia (Cendia) Chaffin, James was born in 1800 in Virginia and migrated from Boone County, by coming down the Ohio River in a flatboat to the Mississippi to the Arkansas River and up the Arkansas to Russelville or Dardanelle. There, they traded the boat for a wagon and team and came over the mountains to Jasper. She reported that the forest had not been cut off yet and yo ucould see a long way under the trees.

One of his sons (possibly Jasper), fought for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He spent some time as a sniper near the forks of the Buffalo River and near Bear Creek Cave off a bluff overlooking the river, presumably picking off Yankees as they went by.

More About J
Occupation: Farmer, laborer5

More About M
Burial: Jasper Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas
Children of J
3. i.   HARMON OWEN3 CHAFFIN, b. June 24, 1823, Lawrence County, Ohio; d. February 24, 1911, Chanute, Neosho County, Kansas.
4. ii.   HENSEN C. CHAFFIN, b. 1826, Lance County, Tenneessee; d. November 15, 1864, Arkansas.
  iii.   HENRY J. CHAFFIN, b. 1830, Lawrence County, Ohio; d. Unknown.
  More About HENRY J. CHAFFIN:
Occupation: Carpenter.
Children of JAMES CHAFFIN and MARY are:
  iv.   JASPER3 CHAFFIN, b. 1838, Ohio; d. February 19, 1875, Illinois Township, Pope County, Arkansas; m. SARAH ANN MCEVER; b. August 14, 1861, Illinois Township, Pope County, Arkansas; d. Unknown.
Jasper was a Confederate Soldier in the Civil War.

  v.   LUCINDA CHAFFIN, b. 1840, Kentucky; d. Unknown.
  vi.   MARY HARRIETT CHAFFIN6,7, b. 1844, Ohio; d. Unknown.
  vii.   WILLIAM R. CHAFFIN, b. 1846, Boone County, Kentucky; d. November 15, 1915, Texas.
William fought on the Union side during the Civil War and served in the 2nd Arkansas Calvary, Company "D" . He enlisted 2/10/1864. He was a bugler. After the war ended, William was afraid to return home, so he moved to Texas. Bunk Chaffin had a store/post office in Talequah. A traveling salesman told him he knew an old man named Chaffin who lived in Texas in a log cabin with a couple of coon dogs and slept with a chunk under his head. Tommy and Bunk Chaffin went down by train to see him. After he died, they went back to settle his affairs.

(From an old scrapbook of newspaper clippings and obituaries donated by Zoe Hazelwood of Paris, Texas: The Paris News, 6/15/1916. "UNKNOWN HEIRS ARE MADE DEFENDANTS". A suit was instituted in the district court yesterday and a number of person who allege that their home in Oklahoma against the unknown heirs of W.R. Chaffin for the purpose of recovering land located near Sanders Creek, being a part of the Wideman Survey. The plantiffs named in the petition are Mary Dave joined by her husband, Frank Chaffin, Janty Morrison, Pearl Gregory, and Mrs. Sarah Chaffin. The petition alleges that W.R. Chaffin died in 11/15/1915 leaving land in Lamar County nears Sanders Creek, heretofore mentioned and personal property consisting of $600.00 deposed on a Paris Bank and horses, cattle, farming tools and implements. The petition further alleges that the plantiffs are the children of Chaffin, deceased who was a brother of said W.R. Chaffin, that the plantiff, Mrs. Sarah Chaffin, is the widow of the said Chaffin and that she and the other plantiffs are the only heirs of the said W.R. Chaffin, but that it is claimed by some parties in Lamar County that there are other and different heirs of said W.R. Chaffin, which places a cloud on the real estate. The petition alleges that the said Mrs. Sarah Chaffin is entitled to a life interest in one-third of the estate and the aforesaid children to a fee simple title to the land. It is alleged that the land is not susceptible of partition and the court is asked to appoint a receiver to sell it and divide the proceeds between the plantiffs share and share alike and the cloud on the title be removed".

Military service: February 10, 1864, Union Soldier, Arkansas Calvary, Company D8

5. viii.   MATTHEW PERRY CHAFFIN, b. November 17, 1848, Boone County, Kentucky; d. March 25, 1900, Newton County, Arkansas.
  ix.   JOHN WESLEY CHAFFIN, b. Unknown, Kentucky9; d. Unknown.
One story is that during the Civil War, his mother dressed him up as a girl and took him to Springfield to protect him. As a matter of history, the Union Army moved most of the residents of Newton County there to protect them from bushwackers.

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