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Ancestors of Justin Royce BIRD

      49. Nancy TRAPP, born Abt. 1808 in Tennessee; died 1863. She was the daughter of 98. Martin TRAPP and 99. Jemimah Ruth DODSON.
Children of Abraham LINVILLE and Nancy TRAPP are:
  24 i.   Perman Henderson LINVILLE, born 06 August 1843 in Buchanan Co., MO; died 12 February 1920 in Woodson Sanitarium, St. Joseph, MO, Buchanan Co; married (1) Martha A. BIGHAM 06 February 1863; married (2) Frances Barbara DAVIS 08 October 1874 in Platte County, MO.
  ii.   Sally (Sarah) LINVILLE, born 1827 in Missouri; married Thomas BLAIR 06 July 1843.
  iii.   Jemimia LINVILLE, born 1828; married Josiah HENDRICKS 14 January 1846 in Buchanan Co., MO.
  iv.   John T. LINVILLE, born Abt. 1835; married Mary MARTIN; born 1837.
  v.   Mahala Evaline LINVILLE, born 1835; died 1863 in Buchanan Co., MO; married (1) William H. ALLEN; married (2) James CASH March 1855.
  vi.   Catherine LINVILLE, born 1836; married Milton N. PROFITT 17 July 1856 in Nodaway Co., MO.
  vii.   Charles (Lum?) LINVILLE, born 1840; died Abt. 1852.
  viii.   Willard P. LINVILLE, born 1846; died 21 March 1893 in Platte County, MO; married Mary I. PEPPER.
  ix.   Nancy A. LINVILLE, born 1848; married Samuel Franklin BIGHAM 13 March 1866; born in Missouri.
  x.   Francis (Mary) LINVILLE, born Abt. 1851; married Woodward CLEMENS.
  xi.   infant LINVILLE, born Abt. 1853.
  xii.   infant LINVILLE, born Abt. 1855.
  xiii.   Lycurgus (William?) LINVILLE, born Abt. 1857.

      50. Richard DAVIS, born 05 October 1833 in Kentucky27; died 05 March 1906 in Missouri27. He married 51. Mariah Elizabeth RALSTON.

      51. Mariah Elizabeth RALSTON, born 04 April 1838 in Indiana?27; died 17 December 1923 in DeKalb, MO28. She was the daughter of 102. Samuel F. RALSTON and 103. Julia Frances RANDOLPH.
Children of Richard DAVIS and Mariah RALSTON are:
  25 i.   Frances Barbara DAVIS, born 19 May 1856 in Leavenworth, KS; died 17 September 1930 in Rushville, Buchanan Co., MO; married Perman Henderson LINVILLE 08 October 1874 in Platte County, MO.
  ii.   Amanda M. DAVIS
  iii.   Mary A. DAVIS, born 1860.
  iv.   Pheobe R. DAVIS, died in Dekalb, Buchanan Co., MO; married Sylvester Jackson OGDEN; died 21 March 1910.
  v.   William R. DAVIS
  vi.   Albert F. DAVIS
  vii.   Thomas P. DAVIS, born June 1869 in Missouri.
  viii.   Sterling DAVIS, born May 1875 in Missouri.
  ix.   Tina DAVIS, born February 1883 in Missouri.

      52. William Randolph DICKERSON, born 25 May 1837 in Howell Works, Monmouth County, NJ; died 10 January 1929 in Curtis, Frontier Co., NE. He was the son of 104. David Willis DICKERSON and 105. Anna Jane MILLER. He married 53. Caroline E. BRAINO 16 January 1865 in Newark, NJ.

      53. Caroline E. BRAINO, born 27 December 1842 in New York City, NY; died 11 May 1926 in Curtis, Frontier Co., NE.

Notes for William Randolph DICKERSON:
William was descended from Philemon Dickerson who emigrated from England to escape religious persecution and who landed at Salem, Massachussetts in 1637. Descendents of the immigrant family of Dickersons migrated to New York and New Jersey where they acquied extensive land holdings and mineral deposits, particularly iron ore. The family loved horses and owned many.

  Notes for Caroline E. BRAINO:
Caroline was the daughter of German immigrants.

Children of William DICKERSON and Caroline BRAINO are:
  26 i.   George Willis DICKERSON, born 26 August 1870 in North Bend, Dodge Co., NE; died 27 March 1933 in Worth Co, Mo; married Zelma Mae HAGANS 10 June 1900 in Grant City, MO, Worth County.
  ii.   Orilla Jane DICKERSON, born 22 February 1866 in North Bend, Dodge Co., NE; died 23 March 1957; married (1) J.W. ADAMS; born 15 June 1862; died 28 February 1921; married (2) LINNENMEYER.
  iii.   William Edward DICKERSON, born 21 May 1868 in North Bend, Dodge Co., NE; died 15 November 1960; married Isabell GREGG; born 13 December 1868; died 13 February 1944.
  iv.   Lillian May DICKERSON, born 16 April 1873 in North Bend, Dodge Co., NE; died 03 March 1945; married Henry E. LANGEVIN; born 10 September 1862; died 11 February 1926.
  v.   Benjamin R. DICKERSON, born 25 October 1875 in Wyoming; died 12 February 1926; married Sara BEERS; born 1870; died 08 December 1946.
  vi.   Minnie Bell DICKERSON, born 27 August 1881 in North Bend, Dodge Co., NE; died 10 August 1972; married Arthur STOCKS.

      54. William Henry Harrison HAGANS, born 12 January 1842 in Clay County, MO; died 07 March 1932 in Grant City, Worth Co., MO. He was the son of 108. John Mason HAGANS and 109. Lucy Ann STRIBLIN. He married 55. Mary Ellen SISK 15 October 1865 in Green Township, Worth Co., MO.

      55. Mary Ellen SISK, born 09 April 1849; died 14 December 1945 in Allendale, MO. She was the daughter of 110. Jesse SISK and 111. Hannah MORRIS.

Notes for William Henry Harrison HAGANS:
William Henry Harrison Hagans was called Pa by his family.

His mother, Lucy Ann Strahn, passed away when he was very young. His father, John Macon Hagans, remarried. Pa did not get along with his new mom, so he was farmed out to another family. Pa worked hard on the family's farm and his father took the pay.

Pa was a carpenter. He built the house that sits northwest of Grant City and a house for each of his daughters.

  Notes for Mary Ellen SISK:
Mary Ellen Sisk was called Ma by her family.

The Sisks came from Illinois when Ma was nine years old. She met Abraham Lincoln along the way.

Judge Merckling was Ma's guardian after Pa's death and stole everything she had.
Children of William HAGANS and Mary SISK are:
  27 i.   Zelma Mae HAGANS, born 14 July 1879 in near Grant City, MO; died 01 December 1944 in Allendale, MO; married (1) George Willis DICKERSON 10 June 1900 in Grant City, MO, Worth County; married (2) Doctor Joseph David Franklin DOVE, Dr. 16 August 1927.
  ii.   Mary Alice HAGANS, born 14 July 1867; died 17 November 1945 in Municipal Hospital, Clarinda, IA; married Samuel A. McCALLA 25 September 1892; born 1859; died 1953.
  iii.   Medora E. HAGANS, born 1869; died 1895; married Charles SAGER.
  Notes for Medora E. HAGANS:
In front of the Hagans' home was a large tree with low branches and huge roots that protruded from the ground. Medora Hagans was pregnant with her first child. While walking across the yard, she tripped on a tree root. She lost the baby as a result of the fall. She died from complications after the miscarriage.

  iv.   Marion HAGANS, born 1872; died 1872.
  Notes for Marion HAGANS:
Died at the age of 5 weeks of pneumonia.

  v.   Olive HAGANS, married Howard RIDGE.

      56. John C. BENNETT, born March 1855 in Davies Co., MO29. He was the son of 112. James J. BENNETT and 113. Missouri Ann. He married 57. Martha M. GOINS.

      57. Martha M. GOINS, born 17 September 1858 in Tennesse; died 24 January 188930. She was the daughter of 114. James Madison GOINS and 115. Sophia Jane WEBB.
Children of John BENNETT and Martha GOINS are:
  28 i.   Omer Oney BENNETT, born 01 September 1884 in Harrison Twp., Davies Co., MO; died 10 August 1958 in St. Joseph, MO; married (1) Esther J. GUESS 28 December 1912 in Halls, Buchanan Co., MO; married (2) Effie Lou (Lulu) EBLING 22 September 1914 in Halls, Buchanan Co., MO.
  ii.   Ora BENNETT, born March 1878 in Missouri; married William HALE; born July 1857 in Missouri.
  iii.   Dora C. BENNETT, born 05 October 1886; died 05 January 1889.
  iv.   Tona BENNETT, born 15 December 1888; died 15 January 1889.
  v.   Roe BENNETT

      58. James William EBLING, born 23 May 1856 in Missouri31; died 20 September 1925 in Halls, MO32. He was the son of 116. John Herman EBLING and 117. Mary. He married 59. Sarah Elizabeth FRAKES 28 May 1886 in Buchanan Co., Missouri33.

      59. Sarah Elizabeth FRAKES, born 07 June 1867 in Buchanan Co., MO; died 07 April 1957 in St. Joseph, MO, Buchanan County34. She was the daughter of 118. Nathan A. FRAKES and 119. Martha Louisa SEIBERT.

Notes for James William EBLING:
James Ebling died of a stroke.

  Notes for Sarah Elizabeth FRAKES:
Sarah Frakes was blind for the last thirty years of her life.
Children of James EBLING and Sarah FRAKES are:
  29 i.   Effie Lou (Lulu) EBLING, born 30 July 1887 in Buchanan Co., MO; died 06 August 1972 in St. Joseph,Buchanan Co., MO; married Omer Oney BENNETT 22 September 1914 in Halls, Buchanan Co., MO.
  ii.   Emma EBLING, married (1) COTTER; married (2) Charles MORLOCK.
  iii.   Daniel EBLING
  iv.   Thomas EBLING
  v.   George EBLING, married Kitty.
  vi.   Myrtle EBLING, married William AMES.
  vii.   Elsie EBLING, married BARBEE.

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