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Descendants of John George Conser/Ganser/Ganzer/Ganzert

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN GEORGE1 CONSER/GANSER/GANZER/GANZERT was born Abt. 1685 in Alsace-Lorraine, and died January 16, 1749/50 in Frederick Township, Philadelphia County (now Montgomery Co.), PA. He married ANNA BARBARA Abt. 1715 in prob. Alsace-Lorraine. She was born Abt. 1687 in prob. Alsace-Lorraine, and died March 31, 1766 in Frederick Township, Philadelphia County (now Montgomery Co.), PA.

Notes for J
      John George Conser (Johann Jurg Ganser, Ganzer, or Ganzert, but he almost always went by his middle name George) was born about 1685, probably in Alsace-Lorraine. It was in Alsace-Lorraine that he grew to adulthood and later married Anna Barbara (last name unknown) about 1720. It was in that region that they began raising a family. Probably because of religious persecution, (they were protestant in a primarily Catholic area) Johann Jurg, Anna Barbara, and family, along with thousands of other Alsace-Lorraine Protestants immigrated to Colonial America, Pennsylvania. Johann Jurg and family probably immigrated in the late 1720s. The Ganzer Family probably arrived in Philadelphia and then along with other German families traveled northwest of the city to a place known as Faulkner's Swamp Creek (later Macall's Manor and then New Hanover). It was a Faulkner's Swamp Creek that Johann pruchased a farm and settled with his family. This land was then in Frederick Township of Philadelphia County, but later became part of Montgomery County. Here the Ganzer family attended the Faulkner's Swamp Lutheran Church (later known as the New Hanover Lutheran Church, often claimed as the first organized Lutheran Church in America. It was at this place that all of their children were raised. George died on the farm in 1750 and his wife, Anna Barbara remained living on the farm with her son, Conrad and his family until her death in 1766. Both, George and Anna Barbara are buried in now unmarked graves at the New Hanover Lutheran Church Cemetery on the church grounds.

1. Joh. George Gonsor is listed in Frederick Township of "Four hundred sixty-five names of German, Dutch, and French immigrants of Philadelphia County, who owned land and paid quit-rents prior to 1734 found in Rupps, Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants in Pennsylvania, Appendix XVI, (Second Edition), page 72.

2. "Among the Landholders of Philadelphia County in 1734, under Frederick Township, and the following supposed to be settled on the Proprietor's Land, John George Gansard," in Pennsylvania Geneological Society Proceedings, Volume 1, Number 4, page . This land was purchased from Chrisopher Witmann, a neighbor of George Conser and fellow member of the Faulkner's Swamp Lutheran Church (see Will for this information).

3. The George and Anna Barbara Ganzert family attendance and burial at the Faulkner's Swamp Lutheran Church, now the New Hanover, Pennsylvania Lutheran Church can be found in the Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings, Volume 2, part 1, pp. (1), 351; Volume 20, (1896) pp. 227, 336, 346, and 426; Ibid., Volume 6, (1906) pp. 27, 426; Ibid., Volume 7, pp. 483, 525; Pennsylvania Church Records, from Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings and Addresses, Volume II, (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1983), pp. 189, 292, 373; Reverand J. J. Kline Ph.D., The Lutheran Church in New Hanover, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (New Hanover, Pennsylvania: 1910), pp. 342, 662.

4. Joh. Jurg Ganser's will, signed "George Conser, his mark , was written at McCall's Manor, now part of Pottstown, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1750 and was probated in the Philadelphia County, Courthouse on April 9. 1751. The original is still extant. Conrad Conser was the chief heir. Record for Will located in Pennsylvania County, Pennsylvania Probate Records, 1748-1752, Will # 250 of George Conser, LDSG.S. Microfilm Number 021724.

5. John P. Horan, The Conser Family (Puncsatawney, Pa: 1966), pp. 1-7.

Children of J
2. i.   ANDREW2 CONSER/GANSER/GANZER/GANZERT, b. January 06, 1714/15, Alsace-Lorraine; d. August 21, 1776, Dover Township, York Co., Pennsylvania Buried: Strayer's Cemetery.
3. ii.   CONRAD CONSER/GANSER/GANZER/GANZERT, b. Abt. 1720, Alsace-Lorraine; d. Abt. 1773, prob. York County, PA.
  iii.   CHRISTINA CONSER/GANSER/GANZER/GANZERT, b. Abt. 1725; d. Unknown; m. JOHN ADAM LIEBEGUT, Abt. 1745, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; d. Unknown.
  iv.   ELIZABETH CONSER/GANSER/GANZER/GANZERT, b. Abt. 1727; d. Unknown; m. NICHOLAS FOOSE, Abt. 1747, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; d. Unknown.
  v.   CATHARINA CONSER/GANSER/GANZER/GANZERT, b. Abt. 1730; d. Unknown; m. ADAM WITMANN, June 02, 1747, Moden Creek, Berks County, Pennsylvania; b. November 01, 1723, Moden Creek, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; d. Unknown.

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