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Ancestors of Charles Henry Fonde

Generation No. 5

      16. Andre Fonde, born Abt. 1769 in France or Italy/France; died 1833 in New Orleans, LA. He married 17. Sarah Esling Oct 11, 1794 in Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA.

      17. Sarah Esling, born Abt. 1775; died 1833 in New Orleans, LA.

Notes for Andre Fonde:
It is believed by the family that Andre Fonde came to America from France, but that the family originally came from the Lombardy area of Italy, and that Fonde was originally spelled Fondi. There is a town in Italy called Fondi, located on the west coast about halfway between Rome and Naples. David Fonde quotes the Chambers Encyclopedia, published in England, as describing Fondi this way: "A small town in Italy on the Appian Way between Rome and Naples, located near a pestiferous swamp and noted during the Middle Ages for its brigands and horse thieves." The family story is that during some political disturbance it became necessary for an early Fondi to escape from his own country if he could. This may have been when Napoleon overcame Venice and gave Northern Italy into Austrian (German) control. There is a poem written in Italian among the Fonde papers which lends some credence to this theory.

According to a letter written by his great-granddaughter Elizabeth Fonde, Andre relocated in France, where he served as a scrivener, writing documents beautifully in more than one language. Later (between 1790 and 1794) he removed to America, probably to Philiadelphia, where records of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania document that he either made a Declaration of Intention (to become a citizen) or an Oath of Allegiance on February 16, 1798. (Philadelphia Naturalization Records, edited by Wm. Filby, Gale Research Co., Detroit, MI, 1982, page 197). His nationality is given as French.

We have copies of letters that Andre Fonde wrote, one from New Orleans to his wife in Philadelphia, and another (1818) from Philadelphia to his son, John P. Fonde, who had recently moved to Washington, D.C. It is believed that Andre and Sarah Fonde moved to New Orleans before 1830 and that they are buried there. Although their marriage in 1794 and the baptisms and burials of several Fonde/Fondy children are recorded at Christ Church (Episcopal), Philadelphia, not all their known children are in these records. (Henry and John Philip are not recorded, nor is the birth of two Fondy children who were buried at Christ Church -- Calipso in 1803 and Andrew in 1801). I have made some estimates about the birth order of these children and their dates of birth.

  Notes for Sarah Esling:
Esling, the maiden name of Sarah Fonde, was found in the marriage records of Christ Church, (now known as St. Peter's, Episcopal) Philadelphia. We have copies of a letter written to Sarah by Andre after he had arrived in New Orleans while she was still in Philadelphia. The letter was written in French which leads me to believe that Sarah spoke French even though her name appears likely to be German. This may mean that she was Swiss (where both German and French is spoken) or Belgian (where Flemish and French are spoken). She may also have been married before and Esling could be the name of her first husband. Until I know otherwise, however, I will consider it her maiden name. The information from Christ Church was sent to me by my cousin David Fonde and is also found in "Record of Pennsylvania Marriages, Prior to 1810, Vol. 1, p. 92 and p. 83" originally published in volume VIII of the second series of the Pennsylvania Archives.

Marriage Notes for Andre Fonde and Sarah Esling:
Information about the marriage of Andrew Fondy and Sarah Esling was provided by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia: Copies of records of Christ Church (known since the early 1800's as St. Peter's Church (Episcopal). The records are hand-written copies of the originals, and may contain errors. The originals are on file in Philadelphia.
Children of Andre Fonde and Sarah Esling are:
  8 i.   John Philip Fonde, born Abt. 1795 in Philadelphia, PA; died Dec 13, 1831 in at sea between Baltimore and New Orleans, (ship Alfred) of illness or duel; married Elizabeth Stewart Mar 9, 1820 in Washington, D.C..
  ii.   Charles Fonde, born Feb 22, 1798 in Philadelphia, PA; died May 15, 1849 in New Orleans, LA.
  Notes for Charles Fonde:
Charles Fonde was baptised July 20, 1798, at Christ Church, Philadelphia (Episcopal). It was Charles who wrote the letter to Elizabeth Stewart Fonde in 1831 informing her of her husband's death (John Philip). And I believe that Charles was the uncle (or relative) who C.H. Fonde went to see in New Orleans when he was a young man, after the death of his father. C.H. Fonde recorded the date of death of this uncle in his family Bible.

  iii.   Calipso Fonde, born Abt. 1799 in Philadelphia, PA; died Jul 1803 in Philadelphia, PA.
  Notes for Calipso Fonde:
There is a record of the burial of Calipso, daughter of Mr. Fondy, in July 1803, at Christ Church Philadelphia. The 1800 census for Pennsylvania has an Andrew Fonday (who I believe to be Andre Fonde) living in Philadelphia with 2 sons under 10, and 1 daughter under 10. Calipso may be this daughter, which would put her birth in or before 1800. It is also possible that she was born and died in the same year, 1803 and that the daughter under age 10 is another unrecorded child. The only confirmed birth date before 1800 for Andre and Sarah's children, based on records from Christ Church, Philadelphia, is for Charles, born and baptised in 1798. The death notice for John P. Fonde in the National Intelligencer indicates that his year of birth was probably 1795.

  iv.   Andrew Fonde, born Bef. Oct 7, 1801 in Philadelphia, PA; died Bef. Oct 7, 1801 in Philadelphia, PA.
  Notes for Andrew Fonde:
There is a burial record for Andrew Fondy on Oct 7, 1801, in Christ Church, Philadelphia records. Since there is also a baptism record of an Andrew Fonde in 1806 at the same church, it is likely that this Andrew was the first son of this name, (named for his father, of course). When this first Andrew died, the next son born was also named Andrew (in 1806). Another possibility is that the burial record from Christ Church Episcopal, (which is extracted from handwritten records) was misread, and the year of burial is actually after the recorded year of birth and baptism, possibly 1807. This would mean that there was only one Andrew Fonde, not two, as I have recorded here.

  v.   Harriette Fonde, born May 11, 1804.
  Notes for Harriette Fonde:
Harriet Fondy was baptised at Christ Church (Episcopal), Philadelphia on June 6 or 8, 1804.

  vi.   Andrew Fonde, born Jul 11, 1806 in Philadelphia, PA.
  Notes for Andrew Fonde:
Andrew Fonde was baptised at Christ Church (Episcopal), Philadelphia, on August 8, 1806.

  vii.   Henry Fonde, born Abt. 1808 in Philadelphia, PA; died Apr 6, 1827 in New Orleans, LA.
  Notes for Henry Fonde:
Among the Fonde papers gathered by Dorothy Fonde there is a handwritten poem "On the Death of Henry Fonde". It may have been written by John Philip Fonde (or another Fonde sibling) on the death of this younger brother Henry. The year of birth for Henry was not known (his baptism is not recorded at Christ Church) until the newspaper record of his death was found. This gives his age as 19 when he died in 1827, so he would have been born in 1808. We knew there was a son named Henry from the evidence of the poem on his death, and from silhouettes of the Fonde children which Aunt Dot copied. One is labeled Henry, one Charles, one Harriet, and one Andrew. The silhouette labeled Henry looked older than the one for Andrew or Harriet so I had guessed that he was born in 1802. The poem on his death indicated that Henry died and was buried in New Orleans. If the poem is written by John P. Fonde as supposed, we estimated that Henry's death was before December 1831, when John P. died.

Nov 12, 1998: From CD210 NGS Quarterly, Disk 1, Vol. 46, Vital Statistics from the National Intelligencer 1827: Fonde, Henry, youngest son of Andrew Fonde, Sr., aged 19 years, died at New Orleans 6 Apr. (12 May).

This information indicates that Henry Fonde was born in 1808 not 1802 as I had originally surmised. And that he died in 1827.

  viii.   Mary Ann Fonde, born Apr 14, 1810 in Philadelphia, PA; died Unknown.
  Notes for Mary Ann Fonde:
Mary Ann Fonde was baptised at Christ Church, Philadelphia, on June 13, 1810. This may be the "Aunt Mary" that Elizabeth McClester Fonde referred to in one of her letters to Charles Henry Fonde (son of John P. Fonde). She may be the mother of Camilla Welch who became the second wife of Charles Henry Fonde. Camilla was mentioned in the same letter as "Aunt Mary". (Look for marriage records between Fonde and Welch, possibly in Louisiana where Andre and Sarah Fonde died).

      18. Samuel Stewart, born Abt. 1765 in Londonderry, Ireland?. He was the son of 36. Captain Stewart. He married 19. Mary or Margaret ? Abt. 1789.

      19. Mary or Margaret ?

Notes for Samuel Stewart:
It is believed that Samuel Stewart is the name of Elizabeth Stewart's father, and that Elizabeth, Mary, and Hamilton are sisters. They also had brothers who were sea captains but their names are not known. One is believed to be John. Another may have been William, and another Samuel. (Not verified yet). According to family stories, Hamilton was named for Lord Nelson's love, Lady Hamilton, and was born after her father (who fought with Lord Nelson) returned from captivity after he had been given up for dead. The other part of the family story is that Elizabeth's oldest sister Mary ran off with a cousin (Jack Fleury) when she was 17 and was disowned by her father. They hid in Scotland where her husband eventually died of TB and all their children also died. Mary then returned to London where she married Edward Owen who was younger than she and considered beneath her in education and station. The Owens are said to have arrived in America about 1830. After Samuel's death Mary Stewart Owen's mother sought her out and they reconciled. (Her mother went blind and believed this was retribution for the separation from her daughter). The Stewart connection still needs much research to clarify the exact relationships of all parties. That there is a connection is certain, since Mary Owen's daughter, Mary Owen Dean, was called "Aunt Mary" by Henry Fonde when he stayed at their home during the Civil War and Mary Dean called Charles Henry Fonde, her "cousin Charley". (Charles H. and Mary Dean would have been first cousins if their mothers were sisters as supposed). Hamilton was called "Aunt Hammie" in family letters.
Children of Samuel Stewart and Mary ? are:
  i.   Mary Stewart, born 1790; died Jul 2, 1851; married (1) John Fleury 1807; died Bef. 1817; married (2) Edward Owen Nov 12, 1817 in London, England; born Abt. 1793 in Wales.
  ii.   Samuel Stewart, born Abt. 1792.
  iii.   John Stewart, born Abt. 1794.
  9 iv.   Elizabeth Stewart, born Abt. 1796 in Scotland or Ireland; died Oct 2, 1856 in Mobile, AL; married John Philip Fonde Mar 9, 1820 in Washington, D.C..
  v.   William Stewart, born Abt. 1798.
  vi.   Hamilton Stewart, born 1801; died Unknown; married John Guzman Sep 19, 1849 in New Orleans, LA; born 1792; died Sep 15, 1858 in Bonfuca, St. Tammany Parish, LA.
  Notes for Hamilton Stewart:
She was known as Aunt Hammie and was supposed to have been named after Lord Nelson's love, Lady Hamilton. Her father was supposed to have fought with Lord Nelson, been captured and given up for dead. When he returned this daughter was born. Her year of birth is not certain since there is a record that she married in 1849 and had two sons. If she were 48 (born 1801) at the time of her marriage I don't think this would have been very likely, although it is possible. Another possibility is that her husband had married before and already had the two children when he married Hamilton. She may have been their stepmother.

      24. Capt. Archibald Broun, born Jan 9, 1751/52 in Goose Creek, S.C.; died Dec 14, 1797 in South Carolina. He was the son of 48. Robert Broun, M.D. and 49. Elizabeth Thomas. He married 25. Mary Deas Aug 17, 1780.

      25. Mary Deas, born Jun 19, 1762 in South Carolina; died Mar 12, 1857 in Charleston, S.C.. She was the daughter of 50. John Deas and 51. Elizabeth Allen.

Notes for Capt. Archibald Broun:
Archibald Broun was entrusted with a mission to France in behalf of the Revolutionary forces prior to the war, to negotiate a loan for military supplies and equipment. Although his mission was successful, the ship bringing the supplies back was captured by the British and all was lost. He served in the Revolutionary War as a Captain. He was wounded by a bayonet at the Siege of Savannah when a sentry mistakenly stabbed him upon being awakened. He was troubled by this wound the rest of his life, and eventually died from it. Archibald Broun was a friend of the Marquis de Lafayette who he had met while he was in France. After the war the Marquis visited Charleston and Captain Broun entertained him at a dinner in his honor at the Blessing Plantation of Cooper River in Goose Creek.

  Notes for Mary Deas:
When widowed, Mary Deas moved into Charleston and lived with her daughter Anna Caroline (Mrs. Thomas Lesesne) where she survived the Captain by 60 years. She was affectionately known as "Greatie". The Federal Government approved a pension of $480/year on 6/22/1840, making it retroactive to 1831 because of his Revolutionary War service. She is buried in St. Philip's Churchyard in Charleston. Her family home was Thorowgood Plantation.

Children of Archibald Broun and Mary Deas are:
  i.   Robert Broun, born Dec 23, 1781; died 1809; married Harriet Singleton 1804; born Mar 13, 1779; died Jun 2, 1817.
  ii.   Elizabeth Allen Broun, born Mar 17, 1783; died Jun 3, 1821; married William Sinkler.
  iii.   Anna Caroline Broun, born Dec 22, 1786; died May 18, 1874; married Thomas Lesesne Oct 5, 1804.
  iv.   Mary Deas Broun, born Apr 26, 1789.
  v.   Harriet Broun, born Dec 19, 1791.
  vi.   John Deas Broun, born Jul 13, 1793.
  12 vii.   Archibald Broun, Jr., born Nov 7, 1795 in Charleston, S.C.; died Aug 17, 1863 in Mobile, AL; married Ann Harleston Dec 15, 1818 in Mobile, AL.

      26. Nicholas Harleston IV, born Jul 24, 1768; died Oct 31, 1832. He was the son of 52. Nicholas Harleston and 53. Ann Ashby. He married 27. Ann Olney Sommers Mar 6, 1794.

      27. Ann Olney Sommers, born 1771 in Providence, R.I.; died Apr 14, 1814 in Charleston, SC. She was the daughter of 54. Humphrey Sommers and 55. Marcy Olney.
Children of Nicholas Harleston and Ann Sommers are:
  i.   James Burn Harleston, born Jul 5, 1795; died Sep 21, 1828.
  13 ii.   Ann Harleston, born Jan 3, 1797 in Charleston, S.C.; died Jan 5, 1860 in Mobile, AL; married Archibald Broun, Jr. Dec 15, 1818 in Mobile, AL.
  iii.   Susan Somers Harleston, born Jul 20, 1798; died Jul 21, 1850.
  iv.   Nicholas Harleston V, born Feb 27, 1800; died Nov 28, 1853.
  v.   Elizabeth Harleston, born Dec 4, 1801; died Apr 2, 1890.
  vi.   John Ashby Harleston, born Feb 28, 1804; died 1833.
  vii.   Mary Deas Harleston, born Dec 29, 1805; died Nov 16, 1813.
  viii.   Somers Harleston, born Dec 30, 1807; died Jan 19, 1876.
  ix.   Ashby Harleston, born Apr 5, 1810; died Nov 1, 1813.
  x.   Olney Harleston, born Apr 14, 1814.

      28. Wesley Reynolds, born 1794; died 1816. He was the son of 56. Elisha Reynolds and 57. Judith Eddins. He married 29. Nancy Eddins 1811.

      29. Nancy Eddins, born Abt. 1795. She was the daughter of 58. ? Eddins.

Notes for Wesley Reynolds:
Wesley Reynolds married his cousin Nancy Eddins when he was 17 and died at age 22. He was a twin to sister Sarah Spencer Reynolds.

  Notes for Nancy Eddins:
After the death of her first husband, Wesley Reynolds, Nancy Eddins Reynolds moved to McMinnville, TN, with her three children. She later married Marcus Stroud and had two more children.
Children of Wesley Reynolds and Nancy Eddins are:
  i.   Margaret Reynolds
  ii.   Rebecca Reynolds
  14 iii.   Elisha Reynolds, born Aug 2, 1816 in Wilkes Co. N.C.; died 1872 in Shelby Co., AL; married Nancy Petty Mar 5, 1835 in Warren Co., TN.

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