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Barbara TRAMMELL Black Genealogy Home Page

Updated April 17, 2009

Barbara TRAMMELL Black

10251 FM 2970

Athens, TX 75751

A-United States

903) 675-6807

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"They who make researches into Antiquity,
may he be said to pass often through many dark lobbies
and dusky places,
before they come to the Aula Lucis, the great Hall of Light;
they must repair to old archives. and peruse many moulded and moth-eaten records, and so bring to light, as it were, out of
darkness, to inform the present world what the former did, and make us see truth through our ancestors eyes."

J. Howel

Place name research currently includes:
Maryland; Virginia; North Carolina; South Carolina; Georgia; Alabama; Texas

Surname research for April 2009 is:

Few; Greene; Morgan; Clark; Marion; Trammell; Echols/Eckles/Eccles; Farrell

Subject research for April 2009 is:
Southern Campaign in American Revolution.

“The danger in tracing your family tree is that you may find an ancestor hanging from a branch, either by his neck or by his tail.”
George Bernard Shaw

"Lo, there do I see my father.
Lo, there do I see my mother, my sisters and my brothers.
Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place on Asgard in the halls of Valhalla,
Where the brave may live forever." - Old Norse prayer

Some of my information has not been verified against official records. Since the information is contributed, it is the responsibility of those who use the file to verify its accuracy. BTB

Family Photos

  • Wade Boothe, my grandson, with catch. (33 KB)
    2000. Wade went fishing at my place in Trinidad and was showing off his catch at "MiMi's" house.
  • John Wesley Allen and Cynthia Dawn Trammell Allen (14 KB)
    After 20 years of marriage, notice the body language of the bride and groom. I love you two. Lynn
  • Francis Wayne Trammell w/girlfriend at Y2K Reunion (19 KB)
    This is proof that Wayne Trammell did attend at least one reunion in the last 20 years! I love you, my cousin, my friend. Lynn
  • Ruth Trammell Boyd in 1960 Athens Review (323 KB)
    Here is proof the women of our family can bring in the deer. In 1960 Ruth was listed only as "Mrs. H. L. Boyd." What a world.
  • Lady Barbara in one of her green moods. (242 KB)
    The last of my floosy pictures before hitting the mid-life crazies. You all may now call me Lady Barbara, if you please. Yeah, right! Lady Barbara in 1995.
  • Barr Family Bible-Marriages: Barr, Griffin, Gipson (111 KB)
    A Page from P.C. Barr Family Bible. Lori DeRavello Collection. 2002
  • Barr Family Bible-Births (238 KB)
    Barr Family Bible. Lori Boyd DeRavello Collection. 2002
  • Daryl in lap, Robert Levi (Daddy), Lynn (me) (122 KB)
    Hunting and fishing dominated our early lives. My father exposed me and my brother to the enjoyment of hunting and fishing and we both continue today. Daddy tried to pass on what he knew before he was gone. Thanks Dad, it has been a pleasurable life in the woods. Lynn
  • Ed Curren (136 KB)
    Ed Curren and wife, Annie Surber Curren.
  • Alberta Beatrice "Bertie" Barr Trammell (262 KB)
    Birth certificate of Aunt Bertie Barr Trammell. Lori Boyd DeRavello Collection. 2002
  • Joe Ancil Trammell, Sr. (46 KB)
    My Uncle Joe. He is a great hunter and fisherman, I have proof. He has been a dad to me after mine died and I have enjoyed him all these years. He tells such good and truthful stories. That cannot be said for all the bunch. He is a well-known man around Athens, Texas. He was head of the water department for many years. Get out of the way at deer season, he will get that big one ahead of you. I love you, Uncle Joe. Lynn
  • Western Union Telegram concerning Glyn F. Trammell (794 KB)
    Glyn was MIA for six years. My grandmother, Jesse Verna Miller would not give up till his remains were returned to the USA. When the government did indeed find the wreckage and remains years after the war, they sent the families an invitation to the interment in a mass grave in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. There, with the other men on board, they share a common monument with all their names and ranks on it. Barbara
  • Martha Elizabeth Griffin Barr (53 KB)
    Obituary of Martha Griffin Barr. Lori Boyd DeRavello Collection. 2002
  • Joe Ancil Trammell exhibiting a fine Texas Art (169 KB)
    Uncle Joe was a young man in this picture and was showing everyone how to eat a watermelon. One of the treasures of a Texas summer. Thanks for the memory Uncle Joe. Lynn
  • Fred Curren (138 KB)
    Fred Curren is buried in Bethel Cemetery near Katemcy in Mason County, Texas. From the Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz. 2003
  • Wade Boothe, Taylor Porter, Natalie Porter 2002 (47 KB)
    Natalie and her boys Taylor (dark hair,5) and Wade (blonde hair,7). Taken in 2001-2002 Winter.
  • Joe Ancil Trammell clan. (25 KB)
    The whole bunch of his kids and grandkids.
  • The Famous Fish Catch (237 KB)
    This photo has stirred much conversation and controversy about who is who in the picture. As of 3 Aug 2000, the identities are as follows: Far left is Guy Mitchell with son, Donald Ray in front, Joe Trammell holding bat, behind fish is Robert "Babe" Trammell, and Uncle Alton and Uncle Cook (Alton and Cook identified by sons, Jack and Buddy Trammell). Pauline MITCHELL Pierce identified her father and brother. I identified my father, Babe. Peggy identified her father, Joe. Thanks to all for the updates. This one was tough to do. Lynn
  • Fred and Mary Curren (153 KB)
    Buried in Bethel Cemetery near Katemcy, Mason County, Texas. From the Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz. 2003
  • Natalie and the boys, another pose. (59 KB)
    Natalie Porter, Wade Boothe, and Taylor Porter in Kemah, Texas 2002.
  • Natalie Anne Porter, with son Wade Reid Boothe (491 KB)
    Natalie is my youngest daughter and lives with her two sons in Kemah,Texas. The day this pic was taken, she had bought a new digital camera and was trying it out. Wade is his mother's biggest fan, behind me. I love you both. Mom/Grandma 2000
  • Daryl Randolph Trammell (17 KB)
    My brother is my companion during deer season and I enjoy his company year 'round. He now can be found residing in Athens, Texas with our mother. Lynn
  • Mary Doxey Curren Headstone (129 KB)
    Buried in Bethel Cemetery near Katemcy, Mason County, Texas. She shares a double pink granite marker with husband, Fred Curren. From the Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz. 2003
  • Taylor Layne Porter (70 KB)
    My youngest grandson. He is 3 in this picture and having a good time for himself. Busy, this kid is busy! I love you, Taylor. 2002 Grandma
  • Cynthia Dawn TRAMMELL Allen (8 KB)
    My sister is a great gal. She knows how to cook the biscuits and gravy just like Momma. At least one of us learned how to do it right! I love you and wish Alabama was a little closer. Lynn
  • Martha Curren Headstone (170 KB)
    I believe this to be Martha Fay Curren.
  • Isadora Powell Doxey Headstone (111 KB)
    Isadora is buried in Coffey Cemetery next to her husband, B. F. Doxey, and son, Doney Carl Doxey. The cemetery is located near Streeter, Mason County, Texas. From the Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz. 2003
  • Curren Ranch House in Katemcy, Mason County, Texas (135 KB)
    Curren Ranch house in Katemcy, Mason County, Texas. This house is now owned by Brian and Jaime Schultz. Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz. 2003
  • The Sullins Girls (73 KB)
    Amber holding 6 month old sister Savannah, Sarah, and Whitney on end. These are my adorable granddaughters. I love each of you. Grandma Barbara
  • Natalie Porter 2002 Kemah, Texas (47 KB)
    My youngest daughter dearest, Miss Natalie Anne. She is a peach of a person and she is still available. If she won't look for a husband for her, I will. Any interested single, working men must apply through her mother, me, address to be found at top of this web page. Mom 2002
  • Wade Boothe, age 7. Taylor Porter, age 5. 2002 (52 KB)
    Wade Reid Boothe, age 7, son of Natalie Porter and William Ryan Boothe, step-son to Lisa Murillo Boothe. Taylor Porter, age 5, son of Natalie Porter and Russell Lance Pettie. 2002
  • Johnnie Elizabeth and Robert Levi Trammell (24 KB)
    My Mom and Dad were a great couple. I enjoy seeing them in a time when life was good. This photo was way before me and my siblings came into their world. I love you Mom and Dad. You are the best parents one could have. Lynn
  • USS Steamer Bay (cve87) of WWII (41 KB)
    The CVE/87 on which my father served in WWII. My father was a Radarman 3C on board. 2002
  • Andy Fuller (33 KB)
    Typical of Henderson County, Texas farmers. He worked hard every day and raised a wonderful family that I loved very much. From the Laura Gregory-Calvin Collection. Lynn
  • Stephen Michael Black with grandson, Taylor Porter (63 KB)
    Steve went to school on "Circus Day" in Taylor's preschool class to see him be a clown. Proud Taylor mugs for the camera. 2002
  • Rome Cemetery Sign by Fm 753 Athens, TX (38 KB)
    This photo is from the Laura Gregory-Calvin Collection and was taken to show the landmark for where to turn to the site of the cemetery. Lynn
  • Curren Ranch in Katemcy, Mason County, Texas (135 KB)
    Curren Ranch house in Katemcy.
  • Isadora Evaline Powell Doxey (186 KB)
    Taken before 1938, this photo is from the Collection of Polly Kuhrt Eckles, widow of Leslie Eckles, and is thought to be the only photo in existance of this individual. Isadora is my great great grandmother. She was the wife of Benjamin Franklin Doxey. She was the daughter of James Powell. She was buried in Mason County, Texas in Coffee Cemetery. She was born 12 Sep 1855 in Illinois and died 21 Feb 1938 in Mason County, Texas. This was one of my "brick wall" lines and individuals. Due to a family tree book authored and distributed by Rita Joyce Waggoner Eckles to the family, and the subsequent sharing this year in August 2002 by Polly Kuhrt Eckles, I have been able to solve a lot of the mysteries of our line which had been a problem for all my years. My mother is now 75 and this is the first time she knew her great grandmother's name or seen her face. "Good things come to those who wait!" Thank you so much Joyce and Polly. Barbara Trammell Black August 2002
  • Harold Trammell (30 KB)
    With horse and dog. Before 1956. Peggy TRAMMELL Allen Collection. Lynn
  • Ranch House in Katemcy (135 KB)
    Curren Homestead in Mason County, Texas. Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz. 2003
  • Heather Porter Sullins with daughter, Savannah. (78 KB)
    Heather and her children. She is holding Savannah, the latest in Heather's all girl lineup. Heather in green holding Savannah, Whitney in center of tree, Sarah youngest standing, Amber behind Sarah. June 2002. Mom
  • Grandma Jake and Grandpa Perry Trammell (33 KB)
    Pauline MITCHELL Pierce has identified the place and time as Levi Trammell's home about 1955/56, at a Trammell Reunion. This is where the Reunions used to be held in Athens, Texas. Peggy TRAMMELL Allen Collection. Lynn
  • Katemcy, Mason County, Texas (79 KB)
    The town my family lived in.
  • The Sullins Girls Group Photo Day (76 KB)
    June 2002 in Alvin, Texas
  • Road to Coffey Cemetery near Streeter, Texas (43 KB)
    Coffey Cemetery is on private land near Streeter, Mason County, Texas. Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz. 2003
  • Amber, Whitney, Sarah, and Savannah Sullins (73 KB)
    My four granddaughters take center stage in 2002. Grandma Barbara loves her girls.
  • Roy Miller, Jesse Verna Trammell's brother. (74 KB)
    Uncle Roy Miller with wife and daughter.Peggy TRAMMELL Allen Collection. Lynn
  • Barbara Trammell Black as quilt maker. (113 KB)
    One of my Grandkid's quilts that I made in 2003.
  • June 2002. Summer is fun to the Sullins Girls. (74 KB)
    Amber Nicole, Whitney Elizabeth, Sarah Bethany, and the only redhead, Savannah Renee Sullins. You are the best a grandma could want. I love you. Grandma Barbara
  • The Schumachers in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (65 KB)
    Aunt Leilor MILLER Schumacher with husband Phillip, son Bob and daughter Phyllis. Jesse Verna MILLER Trammell's sister and family. From the Peggy TRAMMELL Allen Collection. Lynn
  • A Quilt I made in 2003 (34 KB)
    Barbara Trammell Black made a series of seven quilt tops in 2003, six of which are made for my six grandchildren. The seventh is for myself.
  • Thomas Jefferson Gipson Headstone (287 KB)
    Photo from the Collection of James K. Hackler (Genevia Gipson line.) Thomas Jefferson Gipson b.1788 NC d.1868 is buried in Cross Roads Cemetery near Brumley Community on FM 2494 in Upshur County, Texas. His grave is in the old section of this cemetery near a large oak tree to the right of the entrance gate. His stone is made of iron ore and is one of a group of our family, all with iron ore stones. He is the earliest documented Gipson of our line. We are working on finding out who his parents or siblings were. If you have information that could help in any way, please contact me.
  • Sullins Girls steal the show again. 2002 (74 KB)
    Amber, Whitney, Sarah, and Savannah Sullins.
  • Byron Eugene Trammell with his prize steer. (50 KB)
    Byron, better known as "Sonny", had a prize steer. There is an Athens Review story about this. He is son of Byron Russell and Clara LEOPARD Trammell. From the Peggy TRAMMELL Allen Collection. Lynn
  • Thomas Lane Gipson Headstone (546 KB)
    Photo from the Collection of James K. Hackler (Thomas Lane Gipson direct line descendant.)Thomas Lane Gipson b. 1824 is buried in Cross Roads Cemetery in Upshur County, Texas. This cemetery is near the Brumley Community at the intersection of Mule Deer Road and FM 2494. The grave is located with other members of our Gipson family including his father and two of his wives. The headstones are all of iron ore and located to the right of the entrance gate in the old section of cemetery by a large oak tree.
  • Gary and Kelli Foster Fannin Family (35 KB)
    This is a photo taken in 2002 of Gary Fannin, wife Kelli Foster Fannin, and their three children, Foster, Grant and Rachel. Kelli is the daughter of my first cousin Patsy Trammell Foster and Don Foster of DeKalb, Texas. From the Collection of Kelli Foster Fannin.
  • Savannah and Heather at Vacation Bible School 2002 (41 KB)
    Heather was a worker for VBS at South Park Baptist Church in Alvin, Texas in 2002. She and last daughter, Savannah, smile for the camera.
  • Heather and Warren Sullins with 4 daughters 2002. (322 KB)
    My daughter, Heather's, family. Alvin, Texas 2002. This picture was taken in May just before Warren went overseas to Kuwait.
  • William Oliver Farrell and wife Bessie Eckles (141 KB)
    William Oliver Farrell with second wife, Bessie Eckles. These were my maternal grandparents.
  • Wiley Trammell, CSA Veteran, Ceremony in 1999 (422 KB)
    Willow Springs Cemetery, in Athens,Henderson Co., Texas was the site for this ceremony held in 1999. The ceremony was to install a stone for P.C.Barr and ackowledge two other soldiers, one being ours. In October of 2000 a headstone was installed listing Wiley Trammell's Confederate Service in the Civil War.
  • The Farrell Siblings from Alabama (142 KB)
    Joel Thomas Farrell was my great grandfather and son of Richard William Farrell and Mary Ann Kersey. These are he and his siblings at their finest. Hazel Green,Alabama, From the Riley Jarrett Farrell Collection. Barbara
  • Perry Frank and Jesse Verna Miller Trammell (114 KB)
    Grandmother "Jake" in yard. Lum Hickman on left, Grandpa "Purrie" in center bending over calf, Pete Ballard (Stella Jo Trammell's husband) on right. At the cattle pen by barn in Athens, Texas at the home of P.F. and Jesse Verna MILLER Trammell. From the Pauline MITCHELL Pierce Collection. Lynn
  • 1953 Photo of P.F. Trammell family in Athens, TX. (149 KB)
    Shown left to right: Bruce, Robert "Babe", Perry, Hayden "Peggy", "Jake", Harold, Joe and Byron. Not in picture: P.J.(living at time but not in pic), Grady and Glyn both deceased. 1953 printed on back of photo. From the Peggy TRAMMELL Allen Collection. Lynn
  • Isadora Evaline Powell Doxey, prior to 1938. (255 KB)
    This photograph is of my great great grandmother, Isadora Evaline Powell who married my great great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Doxey. She was born in Illinois and her father was James Powell born in Kentucky. Her mother was born in Illinois but we have no info at this time as to her name. The information came via Polly Kuhrt Eckles and the photograph is from the Collection of Polly Kuhrt Eckles, widow of Leslie Eckles. Thank you Polly for the info and photo. This photograph was enhanced and improved by coloring a black and white print. The enhancement was done by John P. Trammell in Alabama as a hobby. Thank you so much, J.P., for this gift. Barbara August 2002.
  • The Earliest Farrell Generations (312 KB)
    Richard William and Mary Ann Kersey Farrell were the parents of Joel Thomas Farrell. Shown here is the beginning of our line. Joel Thomas and Elizabeth Zuspann Farrell were my great grandparents.From the Riley Jarrett Farrell Collection. Barbara
  • Me in Dodge City, Kansas (Summer 1980) (361 KB)
    Dodge City, Kansas Saloon. Was working as a welder's helper in Laverne, Oklahoma and all of the welding crew from the job went on a trip to see the famous "Boot Hill" and have some fun. The fellow in picture with me was another welder's helper. Lynn
  • Miss Gabby and Barbara Trammell Black (41 KB)
    Me and my special bird friend before her death. August 2002. I loved this little one so much. I will miss her. Barbara
  • Riley Jarrett Farrell in Alabama (16 KB)
    The family member that I most wanted to meet has lovingly shared family photos and genealogy with me ever since late 1999. I continue to be amazed at how the younger generation can figure this out faster than me! Thanks to you, Jarrett, for just being who you are. I appreciate you and all you have done for me. It will be returned to you a hundred fold. I will it to be that way.Barbara
  • Cynthia TRAMMELL Allen tells Santa. (9 KB)
    Having her chance to tell Santa all about it is my sister, Cynthia. Lucky girl. He stopped giving me stuff long ago! I love you, Lynn.
  • Miss Gabby and her loving owner, Barbara Black. (42 KB)
    Miss Gabby and me having one of our special days. Gabby had a tragic death but I am getting on with my life. Some things take forever to heal. These pictures were taken just before she died, so they are part of my healing. Barbara August 2002.
  • Daryl Randolph Trammell's Wedding Day (42 KB)
    Mom (Johnnie), Lynn(me), Daryl, and Cynthia at Daryl's home in Deer Park after the wedding of he and Cheryl Nash on 1 November 1982. Looks like this was a good year for all of us. All four of us in picture were married within 12 months of each other, either before or after this day. Lynn
  • P. J. and Ethel Trammell Children in 1951 (35 KB)
    This picture was taken when Terry was a baby and dates the picture to about 1951/1952. On left holding baby Terry is Bobby, then Jimmy, Patsy, Wayne, with Kay in front. Behind them is the old barn we all climbed up in when Jimmy and his daddy P.J. got into a gunfight in the yard years later. Original picture taken from the Kelli Foster Fannin Collection. 2004
  • Miss Gabby chowing down on her favorite treat. (43 KB)
    Miss Gabby was my friend and companion. She loved her little Kaytee Healthy Bits. August 2002.
  • Trammell Family Group Photo, Athens, Texas. (87 KB)
    Perry Frank holding Cynthia as baby in lap, Jesse Verna, Daryl, Lynn, Uncle Bruce, and Vickie. Vickie bacame a Correctional Officer for the State of Oregon and Lynn became a Correctional Officer for the State of Texas. Who would have thought from our outfits on this day what we would later become? In the home of P.F. and Jesse Trammell in Athens, Texas. Lynn
  • Farrell Group Photo (22 KB)
    Aunt Mildred FARRELL Christian, me, Uncle Bill Farrell, Alice (Uncle Bill's companion.) Lynn
  • Almedia Tedford Sanders and Daughter Clara (40 KB)
    Tedford descendants. Unknown girl on left.
  • Henry Hayes Eckles of Salem, Oregon (88 KB)
    Henry Hayes Eckles was born 15 April 2001, son of Raymond Bryce Eckles and Holly Ridgway Eckles. Collection of Bryce and Holly Eckles 2004.
  • Miss Gabby on her favorite perch, my hand. (39 KB)
    This little girl loved me so much, and I her. She died before I could find out for certain if she was a male or female parakeet. She had a few more months to go before that would be possible. Under these circumstances I elected to continue calling her a female. Barbara August 2002.
  • Barbara Trammell Black at Diamond Shamrock plant. (299 KB)
    This is the job I was famous in my family for. They taught me to drive a train in the plant. I loved doing it and never derailed. I was an operator and a pumper working eighty hours a week for $10.70 hour plus overtime and on call. Good pay for the time period. Good pay for women any day. I was just a young woman working at a chemical plant in Houston, Texas. After being on site during two plant explosions and the death of my coworkers,and running from chlorine twice, this single mom got out of "Dodge" and found something else to do. Barbara
  • Christian,Farrell,Kemp, and Eckles mini Reunion (21 KB)
    All us relatives met at Aunt Mildred's to meet Uncle Raymond Eckles who was visiting from Oregon. He and his son and family arrived in a motor home and we had a wonderful time together. Lake Somerville, TX. Lynn
  • Amon Gouge/Guge (134 KB)
    Tombstone of grandfather to my Uncle Everett M. Guge, husband of my Aunt Mary Eckles Guge. He was married to Mary Rife. He was born 11 DEC 1828 and died 8 DEC 1877. He is buried in Mays Cemetery, Miami County, Indiana. Link to that online cemetery page:
  • Gracie Rae Eckles of Salem, Oregon (156 KB)
    Gracie Rae Eckles born 10 October 2002, daughter of Raymond Bryce Eckles and Holly Ridgway Eckles. Collection of Bryce and Holly Eckles 2004.
  • Miss Gabby in her final days on earth. (42 KB)
    Goodbye, Gabby, momma loves you. August 2002.
  • More Farrell Mini Reunion (19 KB)
    Farrell, Felts, Porter, Kemp, Eckles families represented at Lake Somerville home of Aunt Mildred sometime after 1982. Lynn
  • Almedia Tedford (186 KB)
    Death certificate of Almedia Tedford Sanders.
  • Tobias Bryce Eckles of Salem, Oregon (202 KB)
    Tobias Bryce "Toby" Eckles born 15 November 2004, son of Raymond Bryce Eckles and Holly Ridgway Eckles. Collection of Bryce and Holly Eckles 2004.
  • Sarah Bethany Sullins gives us a smile! (44 KB)
    This is one of the cutest kids ever born. I may be her grandmother and partial as can be, but I know other people find this child a winner too. Grandma loves you, Sarah. Barbara Trammell Black August 2002.
  • Martha Tedford Terrell (196 KB)
    Death certificate of Martha Tedford Terrell.
  • Alphonso H. Chandler and brother Hassel Chandler (68 KB)
    Alphonso H. (A.H.) Chandler was in the Confederate States Army in the War of the Rebellion. He served in a separate unit from his brother Hassell S. Chandler, having entered service one year prior to Hassell. They are the sons of Sarah "Sally" Echols/Eckles and Zachariah Chandler late of Georgia. Alphonso first settled the area now known as Chandler, Texas in 1859 and later the town was named for him. It was first named Stillwater. Alphonso is buried in Chandler Memorial Cemetery. Hassell is buried in the Old Rock Hill Cemetery near Chandler, Texas. Hassell was a bugler in Co. E (later Co. F) in 20th Texas Cavalry, CSA. Captain Jeremiah Warren's Regiment. Both of these men were also Postmasters for the Chandler Post Office. From the Collection of Barbara Trammell Black and Peggy Trammell Allen. December 2004.
  • Savannah Renee Sullins showing her computer skills (47 KB)
    At eight months old, Savannah shows an early interest in what she has seen Momma and Daddy do so many times with her in their lap. Go Savannah. You can show Grandma how to do it when you get it down, I bet. I love you, sweetie. Barbara Trammell Black, your Grandma. August 2002.
  • Mom and Dad Just Married! (4 KB)
    Looky, looky! Mom and Dad were near the Athens, Texas college and they had been married just thirty minutes when this picture was taken by the Arbor where he had proposed. Lynn
  • Robert James Tedford (217 KB)
    Death certificate of Robert James Tedford.
  • Our dog "Gabby" , the best canine in Texas. (22 KB)
    This was my daughter, Natalie's, dog by law, but mine by love that was reciprocally shared! Now gone due to a tragic accidental poisoning in the home, I will miss her with all my heart.
  • Trammell Reunion around 1982 (28 KB)
    Gula CHIPLEY Trammell, Joanna MITCHELL Braxton, Savannah SMITH Trammell, Theresa TRAMMELL Lamb holding Jonathan Allen. Rome Cemetery Reunion site. About 1982, per Pauline MITCHELL Pierce. Lynn
  • Barr Families on the 1870 Census (124 KB)
    1870 Census for Titus County, Texas.
  • Andrew "Andy" and Hassie Blanton Fuller (26 KB)
    Old friends from Athens, Texas whose children were later my aunts and uncles by marriage. I loved this couple dearly. They were good, honest folks.
  • John Benjamin Eckles & Elizabeth Gertrude Doxey (723 KB)
    My great-grandparents and my great-aunt Mary whose photograph collection was handed down to me through my mother, Johnnie Elizabeth Farrell. The photos were sent to my mom from Oregon after the death of my aunt.
  • Robert Levi Trammell at Shell Oil Co. Lab . (680 KB)
    I followed in dad's footsteps in more ways than one. He and I both shared law enforcement as a followup to our chemical plant jobs. This photo is taken in Deer Park, Texas and dad is second from left on stool. Barbara
  • Robert Levi Trammell, USNR Radarman III, WWII. (655 KB)
    Dad at 17 years of age following the rest of his brothers into the Navy to do battle with the Japanese in World War II. What a good looking man you were, dad! I love you. Lynn
  • Robert Levi "Babe" Trammell in movie star pose. (506 KB)
    Daddy at his best before he died. They don't make men like they used to. I know I have good genes, dad. Thank you. Lynn
  • Benjamin Franklin Doxey Headstone (98 KB)
    Located in Streeter, Mason County, Texas and in Coffey Cemetery. Photo from the Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz. (Doxey, Curren, Shultz)
  • Doney Carl Doxey Headstone (95 KB)
    Doney Carl Doxey is the brother to my great grandmother Elizabeth Doxey Eckles. He is buried next to his father, Benjamin Franklin (B.F.)Doxey and shares a headstone with his father. From the Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz. 2003
  • Officer Barbara Black (10 KB)
    I was a Correctional Officer for the State of Texas from March 1995---August 1999. I am learning to enjoy life again after my term of service at the "Zoo." Barbara
  • B. F. Doxey/Doney Carl Doxey Headstone (93 KB)
    Coffey Cemetery in Streeter, Mason County, Texas.
  • Page 1 of 3 Page letter from Bessie ECKLES Farrell (116 KB)
    This letter has survived the years somehow, but do not reproduce by copying too well. It is interesting and gives glimpse of life picking cotton in Texas. It was written in pencil and on tablet paper. (V.V.T. stands for Valley View, Texas and date was October 5, 1924) Lynn
  • Page 2 of 3 Page letter from Bessie ECKLES Farrell (190 KB)
    This letter tells more about the health of her father as well as picking cotton. Lynn
  • Mom says vows for the fourth time! Go Momma! (12 KB)
    Momma marrying Kenneth Paul Kemp. I had Kenneth for a Dad for 9 years and loved him very much. We got along well. {I miss you and wish you were still here with us.} He passed away in the front yard near Mom's flower bed after going out to change out a light bulb in the well house. Lynn
  • Curren headstones. (123 KB)
  • Page 3 of 3 Page letter from Bessie ECKLES Farrell (21 KB)
    The last page of the letter provides a signature. Lynn
  • Mom and Kenneth Paul Kemp, my last Dad. (10 KB)
    A very good time for both of them. They were happy and Mom had lost a lot of weight on the Medifast program but later almost lost her life from the effect of the program on her pancreas. I am so glad you made it, Momma. You scared me to death. I thought you really weren't coming home that time from the hospital. But you did look good. I love you, Momma. Lynn
  • Newspaper article on Red Shirt Miller (594 KB)
    One of the Millers we are not sure of lineage on. He was a regular Athens, Texas figure in olden times. He was always with my family but unsure if he was related to my grandmother or not.
  • Uncle Joe, Peggy Louise, Daddy, Dennis, Thelma (136 KB)
    Joe Ancil, Peggy Louise (future Correctional Officer for the State of Texas), Robert Levi(Daddy), Dennis, and Aunt Thelma. A typical day back then, either hunting or fishing going on. Lynn
  • Trammells Only (43 KB)
    So many, but still so few of the clan.
  • Dan Curren (134 KB)
    Dan Curren
  • Sarah Sullins (40 KB)
    Sarah at 17 months old. Sarah is our little sweetie. So smart for her age.
  • Barbara TRAMMELL Porter 1979, before next marriage (111 KB)
    This is a photo of me working for Brown and Root at the Diamond Shamrock Plant in Houston, Texas. This area was the Dacthal Unit where we made pre-emergent weed killers. Nasty job, but enjoyed the adventure of it until the fateful explosions and death of my co-workers made me reevaluate my need for a new career path. Barbara
  • Mom, me, Sonny, and Cynthia at Mom's (19 KB)
    1999 summer. I had come over to bring jars of jelly I had canned. I was a sight, but the rest of them weren't. So here is one of my blackmail pics for you all to enjoy and gloat over. Be careful, it could happen to you, and I can diet! Lynn (the fat one second from left) Hee Hee τΏ~
  • Doney Carl Doxey (135 KB)
    Headstone. Collection of Brian Anthony Schultz.2003
  • Nancy Tedford (88 KB)
    My great-great grandmother. This is her Confederate Widow's Pension Application that was approved.
  • Sarah, Natalie, and Momma (252 KB)
    Thanksgiving 1999 at my daughter Heather's in Alvin, TX. My g-daughter Sarah, my daughter Natalie, and my mom enjoying Heather's first hosting of a Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanks, Heather and Warren, for the food and fellowship. You both were great! And Mom, what would Thanksgiving be without your many contributions to the event? Love to all of you. Lynn, Mom, Grandma
  • Nancy Tedford (188 KB)
    Page 2 of 3, Nancy Tedford Gipson Confederate Pension Application filed on husband, Benjamin Franklin Gipson's service in the Civil War. These were my great-great grandparents through my father, Robert Levi Trammell (Jessie Verna Miller Trammell, Virginia Eloise Gipson Miller, Nancy Ann Tedford Gipson)
  • Doxey Plot in Coffey Cemetery. Mason County, Texas (72 KB)
    The Doxey Family Plot in Coffey Cemetery near Streeter, Mason County, Texas.
  • Nancy Tedford (78 KB)
    Page 3 of 3, Nancy Tedford Gipson Confederate Pension Application, this page clearly states the company and battalion he served with.
  • Minnie Ethel FULLER Trammell with daughter, Lana. (121 KB)
    This was my aunt, the best friend I had in the world till we lost her a few years ago. She was always there for me and I will be there for her kids as long as I am able. I love you and miss you, Aunt Ethel. Life is not the same without you. I got up here too late to enjoy that funny humor and the "wrastling" matches with you. I will meet you again, you better know it. Lana, slow that thing down! This picture was taken at Rome Cemetery Reunion Area during a Trammell Reunion. Sometime between 1990 and 1995. Lynn
  • Joe Trammell, "Man of the Year" in Texas Utilities (105 KB)
    Uncle Joe voted Man of the Year with his utility association.
  • Peggy Ann TRAMMELL Lewis (44 KB)
    My Aunt Peggy. She was once known as Hayden Aileen around Athens, but somewhere along the way it became Peggy Ann. I go with the flow and call her Aunt Peggy. Lynn
  • Page from a Trammell Family Bible (169 KB)
    This page was given to Lori DeRavello from her grandmother, Ruth Trammell Boyd, before she died. It is a birth record of her and her siblings. 2002
  • Trammell Men of the Service in World War II (124 KB)
    This page is from a book made by the local VFW if I remember correctly. It is from Athens, Texas. My father is Robert Levi Trammell found near bottom. There is a copy available at the Murchison Library in Athens. 2002
  • McCool Men of the Service in World War II (80 KB)
    This is another page from a book that can be found at Murchison Library in Athens, Texas. This and another page were given to me by a family member. Thank you so much. 2002
  • Clara Trammell at 2000 Trammell Reunion (16 KB)
    Aunt Clara with her grandkids at reunion in 2000 at Rome Cemetery, Athens, Texas.

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  • Boyd Descendants (18 KB)
    Thomas Wayne Harris compiles Boyd/Fuller descendants.
  • Petty and Quarter Sessions, Wirksworth (9 KB)
    Crime and Punishment in England and Wales and the relative earnings in which to pay the fines. Some surnames included in my compilation. Use link below to find your surname of interest.
  • Country Church in Texas (1 KB)
    Could not resist posting this. It is so true.
  • Porter Letters Pennsylvania westward. (913 KB)
    Pat Thomas, a Porter descendant, transcribed a large volume of letters and gave me the file in 2001. These are a treasure trove of history, names, dates, places and not just Porters. It has politics and ways of life never heard of. Wonderful stuff to read. Barbara
  • Tedford (7 KB)
  • Jake Eckles and Mabel Eckles (1 KB)
    This is the site of burial for Uncle Walter Daniel Eckles' two children.Palo Pinto County, Texas - Sturdivant Cemetery Made available to The USGenWeb Archives by Toni Richard Turk - STURDIVANT CEMETERY THE DEAD (*) Sturdivant Cemetery is located near the eastern boundary of Palo Pinto County, Texas. The farming community from which it draws its name straddles the Palo Pinto/Parker County line. The first documented burial was that of an infant daughter of Ransom Cass Holland and his first wife, Melinda Ann Yocum. This daughter died in April 1880. The mortality schedule for that year lists the cause of death as malaria. This cemetery is occasionally referred to as Mt. Vernon in the records.
  • Sandra Tedford Letters to Peggy L. Trammell Allen (13 KB)
    Sandra Haney Tedford, wife of a descendant, and frequent researcher on Tedford line writes to Peggy Louise Trammell Allen about some of the Tedford research mysteries back in 1987. 2002 BTB
  • Kelly and Shirley (1 KB)
    Kelly and Shirley
  • McCool Bible Entries (2 KB)
    Peggy TRAMMELL Allen received a Bible from her father, Joe Trammell, that he got lucky and found at a garage sale. She posted the contents on the Henderson County Rootsweb site. It contains info on Trammell side of family. Barbara
  • William, William, Tremble Toe (10 KB)
    This children's rhyme was taught by my grandmother to me and all the rest of my siblings and cousins long ago. Here is the best of my childhood memories. Barbara Trammell Black 2002
  • ZUSPANN (2 KB)
    ZUSPANN letter from me to John Zuspan. His line uses just one N on the name.
  • TX (5 KB)
    Denton Co, TX
  • 55th Alabama Volunteer Regiment Roster (161 KB)
    Muster Rolls
  • The Names of the Alamo's Defenders (7 KB)
    A brief, documentary of who defended the Alamo cause. Includes deceased as well as survivors.
  • Smith Co., TX (1 KB)
  • Atascosa Co., TX (1 KB)
  • Index to Vol. 1 and 2, "History of Titus County" (23 KB)
    Index to Traylor Russell's "History of Titus County" (Titus County, Texas) 2002
  • DOXEY family history as told by my mother to me. (3 KB)
    Elizabeth DOXEY Eckles and some events in her life.
  • Denton Co., TX (1 KB)
  • The Fish Story (1 KB)
    The big catch.
  • Our Oregon Eckles by Tara Hauff (2 KB)
    This is an email from Tara helping me to fill in the gaps on our lines in Oregon. Tara is of my Uncle Raymond Eckles' line. 2002
  • Sturdivant Cemetery (1 KB)
  • Wirksworth Parish Records/UK (25 KB)
    DOXEY and variant spellings with codes for lookups.
  • Uncle PJ (1 KB)
    The buggy story.
  • Oregon Eckles Family. Bryce and Holly info. (1 KB)
    This is a letter from Bryce giving a few details and updates on his part of the family. Received via email October 15, 2004.
  • Chuck McCaulla compilation on Eckles branch. (10 KB)
    This seems to be a match on my Eckles line but will bear more research on my part.
  • Wirksworth Parish Records 2 (1 KB)
    KELLY and SHIRLEY families with variant spellings for look ups.
  • CSA Muster Roll of Evan M. Floyd (1 KB)
    Muster Roll of Evan M. Floyd, Confederate Military Record. Co. H., 18th Alabama Infantry Regiment Volunteers.
  • Heather Sullins Dictation on Porter Lineage (11 KB)
    Heather Porter Sullins took dictation from her grandmother, Shirley Mace Porter, on her lineage. This was done in 2001. Surnames included are: Mace, Anderson, Bjork, Johnson, Trammell.

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