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George W Headlee and Caroline Smith

Updated May 27, 2014

Barbara Blizzard

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By Barbara Blizzard, with info from cousins Ron Potter:; Glenn Headley:; Carolyn Headley;; Joyce McCool; and Josephine Bendon.

I started this Headley genealogy because I wanted to find something good about it....They have a history to be proud of if you go back far enough. Ancestors of George and Caroline include the Pharaoh Ramses and Abraham in the Bible. You can trace it in the book "Royalty for Commoners." (See link below.)

Richard Headley born 1642 was an eight year old orphan in a 1650 church record of members. He moved from CT to NY and NJ with the Drakes (his future in-laws twice over) so his line probably came from one of the three towns of various Headley spellings in south-western England near Plymouth, because he was a church group going to the new world from that area. Many of our Headley and Smith ancestors were in the American Revolution (See the link below.) Eventually our family line went to Iowa where our ancestor George W. Headlee was born. His parents were George J. Headlee and Mary Ann Fry, granddaughter of Vincent Fry and his first wife Mary Snow, through Dorothy Fry and James Stewart of WV. Both our Headley and Stewart lines are R-y-DNA.

George W. Headlee married Caroline Smith, both born in Iowa. Caroline and George W. Headlee....who once rode with "Buffalo Bill," William Cody in his Wild West Show....had a family large enough to have their own country-music band. The family held dances every Saturday night in their bar, and charged ten cents to attend.

Who was Caroline Smith? Most researchers agree she descended from William Smith of Willoughby, England, the brother of Captain John Smith of Pocahontas fame. Caroline's great-grandparents were George Thomas Smith and Leah Agee who were born in Colonial Virginia. Leah was the ancestor of multi royal descent, including Muhammad the Prophet and Lady Godiva. Their son William Smith married his cousin Betsy Smith November 1812, giving us a double dose of the Smith bloodline, so DNA matches will appear closer related than they are. Their marriage bond was dated 11 January 1813. (Again marriage predated license, probably had to do with a traveling judge.)

Betsy was the daughter of James, brother of George Thomas Smith. William and Betsy moved to Iowa where their granddaughter Caroline was born. William's brother James Agee Smith married our ancestor Margaret Love as her second husband. Her first husband was our ancestor Hezekiah Stephens. Their son Adam Stephens married Polly Reynolds. Their daughter Margaret "Peggy" married Charles Smith, son of William and Betsey.

Charles Smith and "Peggy" were the parents of Caroline. Caroline's maternal great-grandmother was Ann Snickers, of Snickers' Ferry, VA. Caroline's mtDNA is Haplo-H through Ann and her earliest maternal ancestor, Christina Ollesdotter born in Sweden, died in Delaware. Her granddaughter Catharina Robinson married Henry Joransson "Snickers" aka Suicher which is French for sugar. Perhaps he sold sugar, because his surname should have been Joransson in America, but we do know he owned Snickers' Ferry which is mentioned in at least one history book.

We come from a fun and historical family. BB

GEDCOM Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later)

  • Ron Potter Family (21 KB)
    This tree is of the family of Ron Potter son of Golden Daisy Headley and Harold Delos Potter.
  • Clyde Headley's Family Tree (171 KB)
    Clyde was born Headley and changed his name to Hadley until late in life when he changed it back to Headley.

Family Photos

  • Charles Smith, Jr. and wife Mary Higginbotham (66 KB)
    Charles Smith was the brother of Caroline. You must admit we came from a nice looking family.
  • Claude and Clyde Headley (72 KB)
    Claude and Clyde Headley were twins. The Entire Headley family was named Hadley in the 1925 census on the link below. Elder brother Rit changed his name to George Hadley---Grandpa said his family changed the spelling of their name every generation or so. He said to was to avoid mixing the mail with another in the family. One excuse is as good as another, but he had to change it back to Headley when he went on Social Security, hence, he died as Clyde Headley.
  • Golden Daisy Headlee Potter (13 KB)
    Golden Daisy was 19 years old when this photo was taken. Daisy was Ron Potter's mother, and my mother's aunt.
  • George and Caroline Headley's Headstones (111 KB)
    George and Caroline Smith Headlee/Headley
  • Daisy Headley Potter shopping (218 KB)
    Golden Daisy Headley Potter is the lady in the center her son Ron stated.
  • Gene Pursell and sister Kathleen (485 KB)
    News article from the Harlan Newspaper of Shelby County, Iowa, 2 June 1953, of Gene Pursell the Irish Tenor of the Lawrence Welk Show, grandson of Nora Headley and Otha Bendon. Gene's mother was their daughter Eldean Bendon.
  • William and Elizabeth Smith Tombstone (28 KB)
    William and Elizabeth Smith, cousins who married, are both descended from the brother of Capt. John Smith of Virginia fame. Ron Potter is busy cleaning the tombstone.
  • Clyde Hadley Family Reunion (28 KB)
    Clyde and Sybil Hadley aka Headley, family reunion in 1960. I was living a long way from there with my husband who was in the Navy so I am not in the picture. This picture was taken fifty years ago. Trust me on this---no one looks the same way today as they did then, and several are no longer living.
  • David Fry LDS Record Page 1 (449 KB)
    David Fry LDS Record from Brenna Stokes. Only pages 1 and 2 are included on this site. Page 2 is below.Thank you, Brenna.
  • Caroline's Rolling Pin and Corn Cob Pipe (53 KB)
    Yes Caroline smoked a pipe as many women did a hundred years ago. I don't know if Caroline inhaled or not, but grandpa Clyde told me he never inhaled, that Indians didn't inhale in his day either.
  • James Stewart and Sally Fleshman Marriage Record (1 KB)
    This is one of two marriage records of James Stewart and Sally Fleshman in Greenbrier, West Virginia. Also listed on the same page is Solomon Stuart son of Charles. The marriage of James and Sally is marked with an X where the Minister's name should be, but is Rev. John Alderson on another typed list, marriage date of 6 Nov 1795. There is no date for the marriage of James Stuart and Sally Fleshman on this image above, only 1795-6. The Actual marriage license was not applied for until July 11th the next year. The area of Kentucky where Sally was born was once West Virginia and prior to that part of Botetourt Co., Virginia, prior to that part of Augusta Co., Virginia. There are more marriage records of two daughters and son of John Stuart and Agatha Lewis in these marriage records but on different pages. On page 135 is George Stuart, born 1736 in England, in 1782 married Christin Helshopple,(aka Holsapple) son of George born Ireland. No further Stuart men were married until Solomon. In addition to James and Solomon Stuart on page 136, is the record of Henry Stuart who married Lydia Murphy on page 137. Alexander and Margaret Dye (Dyer) are on page 138, also John Stuart and Elizabeth Hoenoff?. On page 139 is James Stuart and Rachel Buchanan, and Charles Stuart and Peggy Buchanan. Stuart daughters are in books listed under the names of their husbands, including Jane Stuart who married Robert Crockett; Nancy Stuart who married Samuel Winall; Margaret Stuart who married Andrew Lewis. NOTE: Greenbrier, WV was settled by Col. John Stuart, an only child of David, of whom it is believed he was the son of Andrew Stuart Lord CastleStewart and Eleanor Dallway. These Stuarts need lots of DNA testing and may be unrelated.
  • David Fry's LDS Record Page 2 (474 KB)
    David Fry's LDS Record page 2 of 10 sent to me by Brenna Stokes. The entire file of 10 pages is on a link of files below.
  • Claude and Clyde Headley (6 KB)
    Claude and Clyde were the younger sons of Caroline and George W. Headlee.
  • 1810 Census James Stewart, Casey, Kentucky (171 KB)
    The children of James Stewart and Sally Fleshman were born in Kentucky. This is where Presbyterian James joined the Moravians and moved to their settlement in Indiana. Sally took Lewis and went home to Greenbrier, WV so they are not in this census. In 1833 James divorced Sally, so she married a man named Legg.
  • Clyde and wife Sybil Newman Headley (42 KB)
    Clyde was twin of Claude, younger sons of George and Caroline Smith Headley. His wife Sybil was the granddaughter of Nebraska Legislator William D. Rowles of Sarpy Co, Nebraska.
  • James Stewart Sally Fleshman marriage record #2 (72 KB)
    The above is a typed marriage record of Greenbrier County, West Virginia, stating James and Sally were married 6 Nov 1795 by Rev. John Alderson.
  • Golden Daisy Headley (33 KB)
    Golden Daisy Headley aka Daisy G. Headley, daughter of George and Caroline Smith Headley, was the wife of Harold Potter and mother of Ron Potter.
  • Amanda "Jane" Fry (65 KB)
    Jane Fry was Mary Fry's sister. Jane married first Ansalum Coon. When Ansalum died she married James Headlee, brother of Mary Ann Fry's husband George J. Headlee.
  • William and Betsey Smith Marriage Bond (280 KB)
    Today the year begins 1 January, but when William and Betsey were married the year began in the Spring. So their marriage bond was probably paid for after they were married. The two people paying the surety bond were William himself and Jesse Smith who was probbly a relative.
  • Mary Ann Fry (22 KB)
    Mary Ann Fry was the daughter of David Fry and Dorothy Stewart who descended from the Emperor Charlemagne. Mary Ann married our ancestor George J. Headley first. Her second husband was James A. Bowes. Thirdly she married William Palmer and had several children by him.
  • Athen Ritter Headley (75 KB)
    Athen "Uncle Rit" was the eldest son of George and Caroline. In later life he took the name of George Hadley. He died using that name in California.
  • Charles Smith and Mary Kenady marriage (686 KB)
    This record states Charles Smith and his first wife Mary Kenady obtained a license on 10 April 1840 and were married 12 April 1840 in Gibson, Tennessee. They had two sons, William Robert and James A. aka "Jackson." After Mary died he married Margaret Ann "Peggy" Stephens, daughter of Adam Stephens, son of Margaret Love by her first husband Hezekiah Stephens. Margaret Love Stephens married secondly James Agee Smith, brother of Charles Smith's father William Smith who married his cousin Betsey Smith. The families went from Virginia to Tennessee, then Alabama where Charles was born, back to Tennessee where he married Mary, and on to Missouri and finally Iowa where Charles married Margaret Stephens.
  • 1830 Census Greene Co IN # 157 David Fry (100 KB)
    The 1830 census were two page records. David is on census 157, aka page 312. On census 158 aka page 314 you will see his brother-in-law Nathan Stewart, James Stewart his father and Benjamin Fry. David's father Vincent Fry lived by Benjamin Fry in North Carolina on the Uwarrie River. Benjamin was the son of Johann Peter Fry, Jr. David's father Vincent, must also be closely related to Peter Fry, Jr.
  • Walter Pollard and cousin Caroline Smith (327 KB)
    Walter was the cousin of both Caroline and her husband George W. Headlee. Walter's paternal grandmother was related to our Smith side, and his mother was the first cousin of George's mother, Mary Ann Fry. Walter was known as the "Ragman" which was an important ocupation during the two world wars. And when George was running around the country with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, it was Walter who kept food on the table for Caroline and the children. It's no wonder that when George said either Walter goes or George will leave, Caroline chose Walter. It has been claimed by some grandchildren of another marriage, that George married a second time while still married to Caroline. Walter's parents were Jasper N. and Mary Fry Pollard, but she was listed as single on a census living by her mother Amanda Fry widow of Daniel Fry. Since they were Mormons, Jasper had a few wives however, only one was legally married to him at a time. The last one was Mary Ann Gobble whom he married in 1911.
  • Marriage Bond of James Stewart and Sally Fleshman (179 KB)
    I have replaced the old image with a new one that includes the permit to marry letter from Sally's mother, which proves James was her first husband, and probably John Legg was her second. James Stewart and Sally Fleshman were the great-grandparents of George W. Headlee. This is a photo of the actual marriage bond of James Stewart and Sally/Sarah Fleshman. Date of 11 July 1796 was possibly due to the fact that they needed to post this bond for $150.00. They were actually married 6 November 1795, months before. The marriage bond was witnessed by John Stuart (son of David Stuart) and the signature of James was as beautiful and well penned as any you'd hope to see, declaring he was not just literate but well educated.
  • 1830 Census Greene Co, IN, # 158 Fry and Stewart (242 KB)
    The 1830 census were two page records. David Fry is on census 157 page 312. On census 158 you will see his brother-in-law Nathan Stewart, his father James Stewart, David's father-in-law and Benjamin Fry. David's father Vincent Fry, lived by Benjamin Fry in North Carolina on the Uwarrie River. Benjamin was the son of Johann Peter "Pelzer" Fry, Jr. David's father Vincent must also be closely related to Peter and Benjamin Fry.
  • Caroline Smith Headley (14 KB)
    Caroline Smith married George Headley, grandparents of Ron Potter and Carolyn Stober, and great-grandparents of Barbara Neel Blizzard, Josephine Bendon Mercer, and Glenn Headley.
  • Andrew Jackson Headlee (46 KB)
    Andrew Jackson was the brother of George W. Headlee, sons of George J and Mary Ann Fry Headlee. Andrew was born 27 May 1852, Pottawatamie, Iowa, and died 26 November 1901 in a train accident, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Andrew married Hulda J. Smith, sister of Caroline Smith, George W. Headlee's wife, subjects of this webpage.
  • Caroline's Carnival Wine Set (93 KB)
    Caroline's Carnival Glass wine set is now a treasure of Ron's. Carnival Glass was very popular during the great depression.
  • Elisha Headlee Obituary (527 KB)
    Elisha Headlee was the son of John Headlee and Jerusha Mann. He was in the American Revolution with records of descendants in both the SAR and DAR. Elisha was born in 1760, New Jersey, and died in 1845 in Greene Co, Missouri, and buried in the Old Salem Cemetery.

Related Files

  • Fry Family History (11 KB)
    Vincent Fry Descendants by Velva Davis.
  • Vincent Fry living near the Uwharrie River (21 KB)
    In these emails between Genforum Fry/Frye postings, we can pinpoint the location of Vincent Fry who lived near and moved to Indiana with Benjamin Fry who was probably his brother. Our family historian, Nora Headley Bendon, said David Fry's father was Joseph Fry. Since he was about 30 years old when he married Mary Snow, he was probably married before. He later married Mathilda Padgent and widow Mrs. Mary D. Bridewell. We need proof of who Vincent was.
  • Thomas Reynolds b. 1742 Ancestors and Descendants (218 KB)
    Thomas Reynolds born 10 Feb 1741/2 in Guilford, North Carolina, died 3 Oct 1782 in Edgefield, South Carolina. His wife is unknown. Our Thomas was the son of William Reynolds Sr and Rachel John. William was the second son named William of Henry Reynolds and Prudence Clayton of Chester, Pennsylvania. There were two Thomas Reynolds in Edgefield, South Carolina. The other Thomas was born 1745 in Virginia, who married Nancy Harris and was only a distant cousin, and certainly not the same person. The big problem is that even when someone posts his family lineage online correctly, they may still have him married to Nancy Harris which is false information.
  • James Wells Descendants (476 KB)
    James Wells was the father of our Abraham Wells, American Revolution soldier, father of our ancestor Dorothy Wells who married George John. They were the parents of our ancestor James John who married Margaret Robison. George John was also in the American Revolution.
    These families intermarried so often I'd rather not go into it, rather, let the file reveal the connections which in discription becomes knotted. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when go into genealogy!
  • McCool Wills (20 KB)
    These wills are from Joyce McCool and really cool because she was the first to publish the correct lineage of our McCool ancestors. A real ball of yarn, to be sure, because everyone named their children with the same family names--over and over again. Thank you, Joyce.

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