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Ancestors of Scott Russell Bodeen

Generation No. 5

      16. Anders Andersson Bodin, born August 17, 1861 in Västannor, Leksand, Kopparberg Lan, Sweden; died 1902 in Enderlin, North Dakota. He was the son of 32. Anders Andersson and 33. Bröms Brita Hansdotter. He married 17. Anna Ersdotter Glad June 12, 1886 in Grontuv, Gagnef, Kopperberg Lan, Sweden.

      17. Anna Ersdotter Glad, born June 01, 1868 in Gröntuv, Gagnef, Kopperberg Lan, Sweden; died September 08, 1952 in Coteau, North Dakota. She was the daughter of 34. Erik Persson Glad and 35. Sara Ersdotter.

Notes for Anders Andersson Bodin:
He was both a farmer and a soldier in Sweden.

Bröms is the name of the farm and later on it became a name used in front of the first names. As you can see you get your fathers name as a surname (for example Larsdotter or Ersson). From this you can understand that Anders Andersson Bodins father was called Anders + something. Bodin is his soldiers name. Normally in Leksand those days the wife never was called Mrs. Bodin but was Anna Ersdotter all the time.

Anders took work on a threshing rig to make some money and was crushed between the engine and separator at Enderlin, North Dakota where he was buried.
Children of Anders Bodin and Anna Glad are:
  i.   Anders John Andersson Bodin, born January 12, 1888 in Gröntuv, Gagnef, Kopperberg Lan, Sweden; died Abt. 1903 in North Dakota.
  Notes for Anders John Andersson Bodin:
Andrew (Anders) went with some other men hauling coal from a mine along the Des Lacs Lake, North Dakora and fell from his wagon and broke his neck, and died at 15 years of age.

  8 ii.   Arvid Andersson Bodin, born October 17, 1889 in Gröntuv, Gagnef, Kopparberg Lan, Sweden; died November 03, 1921 in Parshall, North Dakota; married Kristina Olsdotter Nystrom August 06, 1914 in Bowbells, North Dakota.
  iii.   Anna Andersdotter Bodin, born October 10, 1891 in Mjälgen, Leksand, Kopperberg Lan, Sweden; died September 10, 1980 in Willmar, Minnesota; married George E McLaughlin 1914; died Unknown.
  Notes for Anna Andersdotter Bodin:
Her family moved to the United States when Anne was a baby, settling in Svea-Olivia farming area of Minnesota. Later the Bodeen family moved to North Dakota near Coteau where they homesteaded. In 1914, she was united in marriage to George E. McLaughlin and to the union two daughters were born.

She and her family made their home in Niobe, N.D. and then in 1934 moved to Willmar, Minnesota. For the past seven years, Anne had made her home at the Bethesda Homes. Anne past away on September 10, 1980 at Rice Memorial Hospital at the age of 88 years 11 months and 2 days.

  iv.   Victor Emanuel Bodeen, born February 08, 1894 in Renville, Minnesota; died May 11, 1975 in Noonan, North Dakota; married Alice R Miller; born in North Dakota; died Unknown.
  Notes for Victor Emanuel Bodeen:
Victor had heart rhythm disturbance for 4 years prior to his death, Arteriosclerotic heart disease for 20 years prior to his death and Schizophrenia for 15 years prior to his death. At the time of his death he was also completely deaf.

Victor had been a farmer most of his life in Burke County, North Dakota.

  v.   Albert Alexander Bodeen, born November 11, 1896 in Willmar, Minnesota; died October 25, 1918 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
  Notes for Albert Alexander Bodeen:
Albert joined the Army Signal Corps and was sent to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, where he caught that terrible flu in 1918 and died October 25, 1918.

North Dakota Military Records:
Service Number: 3,078,561
Enlisted at Minot on June 4, 1918; sent to Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; served in 15th Service Company, Signal Corps, Fort Leavenworth, Kans., to Sept. 24, 1918; Company D, 424th Telegraph Railway Battalion, Signal Corps, to death. Died at Fort Leavenworth, Kans., of broncho pneumonia, on Oct. 25, 1918.

  vi.   Eric Hjalmer Bodeen, born October 03, 1898 in Minnesota; died July 11, 1904 in North Dakota.
  Notes for Eric Hjalmer Bodeen:
Hjalmer who was about 6 years became ill with Spinal Meningitis and she had a doctor come out from Minot, North Dakota to see him but he died July 11, 1904. The doctor cost $30.00.

  vii.   Olive Bodeen, born Bet. 1901 - 1902; died Bet. 1901 - 1902.
  Notes for Olive Bodeen:
Olivia is buried in Little Butte cemetery, but cannot find any trace of the grave which should be in the southeast corner of the cemetery. She may have died in the year 1900-1901. She was around three months old.

      18. Olof Olsson Nystrom, born February 07, 1833 in Flasta, Arbra, Gavleborg Lan, Sweden; died June 16, 1902 in Flasta, Arbra, Gavleborg Lan, Sweden. He was the son of 36. Olof Olsson Nystrom and 37. Stina Larsdotter Strom. He met 19. Anna Byman Bet. 1878 - 1893.

      19. Anna Byman, born March 12, 1863 in Enanger, Gavleborg Lan, Sweden; died 1895 in Flasta, Arbra, Gavleborg Lan, Sweden. She was the daughter of 38. Gustaf Adolf Byman and 39. Mrs Byman.

Notes for Olof Olsson Nystrom:
Facts about this person:

Fact 1     
Never married, paramour

Child of Olof Nystrom and Anna Byman is:
  9 i.   Kristina Olsdotter Nystrom, born July 15, 1893 in Flasta, Arbra, Gavleborg Lan, Sweden; died May 28, 1971 in Great Falls, Montana; married Arvid Andersson Bodin August 06, 1914 in Bowbells, North Dakota.

      20. George Myers Brown, born August 15, 1856 in Floyd Co., Indiana; died February 06, 1919 in Great Falls, Montana. He was the son of 40. Lemuel Brown and 41. Margret Myers. He married 21. Nellie Malinda Clemens October 18, 1885 in Sun City, Kansas.

      21. Nellie Malinda Clemens, born March 28, 1870 in Cillicothe, Illinois; died June 19, 1938 in Bremerton, Washington. She was the daughter of 42. Alvin Clemens and 43. Sarah (Syer) Sehrwood.
Children of George Brown and Nellie Clemens are:
  10 i.   Willard Edyth Brown, born November 15, 1886 in Topeka, Kansas; died August 04, 1945 in Great Falls, Montana; married Francis Alice McIntyre September 27, 1914 in Denton, Montana.
  ii.   Lemuel Alvin Brown, born November 27, 1888 in Evans, Montana; died October 02, 1959; married Etta Martin April 02, 1913 in Denton, Montana; born June 24, 1891 in Fremont Co., Iowa; died October 27, 1955.
  iii.   Leonard Brown, born November 27, 1888; died Unknown.
  iv.   Emory Brown, born June 09, 1892 in Evans, Montana; died November 15, 1967 in Marysville, Washington.
  v.   Estella May Brown, born June 09, 1892 in Evans, Montana; died September 12, 1959 in Bremerton, Washington; married Charles McManus in Bremerton, Washington; died Unknown.
  vi.   George Perry Brown, born August 04, 1896 in Denton, Montana; died June 29, 1918 in Denton, Montana.
  vii.   Mable Blance Brown, born March 08, 1899 in Denton, Montana; died February 24, 1990 in Tacoma, Washington; married Wilhelm Christian Otton Jensen; born July 1885; died April 14, 1968.
  viii.   Gertrude Mildred Brown, born June 07, 1901 in Great Falls, Montana; died November 16, 1996 in Bruce, Wisconsin; married (1) Frank Mattison June 19, 1919 in Bruce, Wisconsin; died December 15, 1933; married (2) Irvin Schroeder November 20, 1935 in Bruce, Wisconsin; born August 08, 1905; died April 09, 1985 in Bruce, Wisconsin.
  ix.   Iveston Homer Brown, born September 06, 1903 in Stockett, Montana; died June 01, 1989 in Great Falls, Montana; married Ina Mae Back October 29, 1927 in Great Falls, Montana; born February 27, 1907; died September 18, 1995 in Great Falls, Montana.
  x.   Cora Belle Brown, born Private; married Clarence Mattison Private; born September 14, 1903; died December 07, 1976 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  xi.   Clara Jane Brown, born September 23, 1907 in Evans, Montana; died December 30, 1961 in Bremerton, Washington; married Gerald Morgan Private; born Private.
  xii.   Margaret Elizabeth Brown, born October 06, 1910 in Stockett, Montana; died August 03, 1976 in Bremerton, Washington; married Cecil Dakan Private; born Private.
  xiii.   Wilson Edward Brown, born November 23, 1911 in Denton, Montana; died January 11, 1996 in Everett, Washington; married Joy ? Private; born Private.
  xiv.   Violet Lillian Brown, born October 14, 1916 in Denton, Montana; died March 30, 1977; married Floyd Kelly Private; born Private.

      22. Rufus Eugene McIntyre, born June 15, 1858 in Battle Creek, Michigan; died August 09, 1940 in Choteau, Montana. He was the son of 44. Amasa McIntyre and 45. Lucy A Brown. He married 23. Sarah Jane Syer April 03, 1884.

      23. Sarah Jane Syer, born February 06, 1866 in Iowa; died January 10, 1954 in Choteau, Montana. She was the daughter of 46. John Syer and 47. Sarah Jane Long.
Children of Rufus McIntyre and Sarah Syer are:
  i.   Lucy Mae McIntyre, born December 26, 1885 in Kansas; died June 23, 1975 in Whitefish, Montana; married (1) Dan Landry; died Unknown; married (2) William Walter Hankins; died Unknown.
  ii.   Amasa Marion McIntyre, born July 10, 1889 in Arkansas; died April 27, 1973 in Roundup, Montana.
  iii.   Emily McIntyre, born January 18, 1894 in Arkansas; died March 19, 1912 in Denton, Montana.
  iv.   Courtney McIntyre, born 1895 in Arkansas; died 1907 in Denton, Montana.
  11 v.   Francis Alice McIntyre, born March 08, 1896 in Blackburn, Oklahoma; died 1971 in Dayton, Washington; married (1) Albert Reid; married (2) Willard Edyth Brown September 27, 1914 in Denton, Montana.
  vi.   Benjamin McIntyre, born April 07, 1898 in Arkansas; died December 31, 1968 in Roundup, Montana.
  vii.   William Henry McIntyre, born March 27, 1900 in Blackburn, Oklahoma; died January 19, 1961 in Ashland, Oregon.
  viii.   Harvey James McIntyre, born April 06, 1903 in Blackburn, Oklahoma; died December 15, 1989 in Cut Bank, Montana.
  ix.   Theresa Maud McIntyre, born April 03, 1906 in Blackburn, Oklahoma; died January 11, 1973 in Whitefish, Montana; married (1) Adolph Kasen; died Unknown; married (2) Charley Cornelious Twiggs; died Unknown; married (3) William Guniard; died Unknown; married (4) John J. Cannon; died Unknown.
  x.   Shirley Marie McIntyre, born 1908; died 1914.
  xi.   Chester McIntyre, born 1910; died 1910.

      24. Charles Richard Frailey, born January 25, 1839 in Fayette Co., Illinois; died December 1898 in Tulsa Co., Oklahoma. He was the son of 48. John B Frailey and 49. Mary Elizabeth Myers. He married 25. Telitha Elizabeth Sarver November 26, 1857 in Shelby Co., Illinois.

      25. Telitha Elizabeth Sarver, born April 01, 1842 in Bowling Green TWP, Illinois; died January 09, 1917 in Oklahoma. She was the daughter of 50. Jeremiah H Sarver and 51. Mary Mollie Frailey.
Children of Charles Frailey and Telitha Sarver are:
  i.   Dolly Frailey, died Unknown.
  ii.   Millie Frailey, died Unknown.
  iii.   Richard Frailey, born Abt. 1858; died Unknown.
  iv.   Mary Elizabeth Frailey, born June 17, 1861 in Fayette Co., Illinois; died September 13, 1932 in Oklahoma; married George Washington Harris February 02, 1879 in Fayette County, Illinois; died Unknown.
  v.   Daniel Webster Frailey, Sr, born December 31, 1862 in Fayette Co., Illinois; died February 03, 1921 in Frailey, New Madrid Co., Missouri; married Harriett Jeanette Anderson April 28, 1889 in Dixie, Illinois; born September 15, 1865 in Fayette Co., Illinois; died May 21, 1947 in Herrick, Illinois.
  vi.   Elizabeth Frailey, born Abt. 1866 in Fayette Co., Illinois; died April 1886 in Fayette Co., Illinois; married George W Burrus January 11, 1885 in Fayette County, Illinois; died Unknown.
  12 vii.   Jeremiah Benedict Frailey, born February 1870 in Fayette County, Illinois; died 1933; married (1) Della Wright; married (2) Ellen M Beck November 06, 1891 in Fayette County, Illinois.
  viii.   Cynthia Catherine Frailey, born October 04, 1876 in Herrick, Illinois; died November 08, 1969 in Drumright, Oklahoma; married (1) Dick Smith; died Unknown; married (2) Armon Rosco; died Unknown; married (3) Charles Chandler Abt. 1900; died Unknown.
  ix.   Thomas Ewing Frailey, born December 23, 1877 in Fayette Co., Illinois; died December 18, 1957 in Pana, Illinois; married Zelma Victoria Jones; died Unknown.
  x.   Jim Thurman Frailey, born February 02, 1880; died October 26, 1975 in Ponca City, Oklahoma; married Sarah Frances ?; died Unknown.
  xi.   George Washington Frailey, born March 1887; died Unknown; married Bessie ?; died Unknown.

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