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View Tree for Johann Diel BohneJohann Diel Bohne (b. 1711, d. Abt. 1764)

Johann Diel Bohne was born 1711 in Germany, and died Abt. 1764. He married (2) Mary on Abt. 1738.

 Includes NotesNotes for Johann Diel Bohne:
This brief account of the first generations of Bohne (called Boon) family in America is presented with the hope tht it may clear up some existing uncertainiteis, and aid others in future research. While every effort has been made to secure accuracy, your indulgence is asked for any possible errors.
Following many years of research and investigation, this compiler has attempted to correct, in the following pages, some of the fallacies that have surrounded Johann Diel Bohne and his family, some of which were:
1. That we are related to Captain Daniel Boone of Kentucky fame, who belonged to the English Boone family, which is an error.
2. That the father of Johann's children was one Michael Boone of the English family, who in reality was a grandson of Johann's.
3. That Johann's daughter Margaret had only one husband, Leonrd Pouder, whereas she married a second time to John Everly. This erroneous conclusion probably was reached because Leonard Pouder died in 1776 and his will was not filed until 1797. A professional genealogist, with years of experience in Los Angeles, said that nearly always a delayed filing of a will was to allow the youngest child to become of legal age before it was done.
4. That Johann's daughter Catherine was married to John Sullivan, whereas her husband was Cornelius Sullivan and John was their eldest son.
Dr. John Calvin Wright, now Assistant U.S. Commissioner for Vocational Education, Washington, D.C. (a descendant of the son John) has done more than anyone else to get early data regarding Johann, and especially to establish the connection between the Boons of Frederick Co, Maryland, and the Boons of Franklin and Montgomery Cos, Virginia. Sincere thanks are offered to Dr. Wright who has graciously permitted the use of any of his findings. This compiler has concentrated more on the son Nicholas (her direct ancestor), the Pouder-Everly, Sullivan, and Miller branches. The Hoss family has a professional genealogist in its connection who confirms Johann Diel Bohne as their ancestor. The family of Jacob has been printed in the Boone Family Bulletin.
A personal search of court house records - marriage licenses, administration accounts, wills and deeds in Frederick, Westminister, and Haggerstown, Maryland; early church records in the Marland Historical Society in Baltimore; U.S. Census records in Washington D.C.; and pension records, have yielded many proofs. Correspondence with many descendants have also added much. Some facts will always remain in oblivion. Thanks are given to everone for help and patience in replying to queries. We can well feel proud of our sturdy German ancestors--industrious, thrifty, reliable, honest, religious people--and be grateful to them for the energy and enterprise that brought them to our America. The Germans of 200 years ago were very different from the Germans in the old country today.
Mrs. Nellie (Woods) Whedon
835 So. Lorraine Blvd.
Los Angeles (5), Calif., and
402 So. G. St., Wellington, Kansas


In the year 1741 a German immigrant by the name of Johann Diel Bohne landed in Philadelphia (His name was pronounced Boon). Doubtless his wife and three or four sons were with him. The passenger list of the boat--the Marlborough--did not show the names of the women and children. Only males of sixteen or over were required to take the Oath of Allegiance to the Government. Johann gave his age as 30 years.
Dr. John Calvin Wright, Director of the Federal Bureau of Vocational Education, Washington, D.C. (a descendant of son John) discovered these facts--the name of Johann on the passenger list of the "Marlborough"; his will on file in Frederick, Maryland; the seat of the Bohne family in Germany; and in 1937 the exact location of his land in Frederick (now Carroll) County, Maryland.
There appears to have been two distinct lines of the Boone family in America--the British (English, Scotch and Scotch-Irish, to which Captain Daniel Boone belonged) and the German, that came by the way of Maryland.
The seat of the German Boone family is said to have been in the Palatinate Province of Pfalz, near the village of Obermoschel, 20 or 25 miles southwest of the town of Mainz, and on the banks of a small stream which empties into the Rhine, due north. While the German name is spelled Bohne (Johann's signature to his oath of allegiance in 1741), the pronunciation is Boone, even to this day among his descendants now living in Maryland. A great many of his descendants have adopted the English spelling, Boone. In the same family some children spell it Bohn and some Boone. In early deeds, Johann's sons used both Bohn and Boon. On the Baptismal Certificate of one of the children of his daughter Margaret, Margaret is mentioned as "one born Bohne."
It is not known where Johann and family spent the first few years after their arrival in America. On April 10, 1750, 50 acres located near Frizellburg, now Carroll County, Maryland, called "Boon's Content" were patented to Theobald Boon (Land Warrant No. 587, Prince George County.) We know by his will that this was Johann Diel Bohn whose name was often misspelled by public officials. On March 28, 1752, at the request of Deal Boone, the following marks of his cattle and hogs were recorded to-wit: "The left ear cropt and a nick in the right ear" (Land Record B, folio 545, 1748-52, Frederick, Md.). On Sept. 16, 1752, he acquired 80 acres of the "Resurvey on Shear Spring" (Land Warrant No. 1970, Prince George County.) On Oct. 10, 1758, 40 acres of the tract "No Whiskey" (Land Warrant No. 2821.) At the time of his death in 1764, he owned these three tracts of land. 80 porches (1/2 acre) were set aside on the "Shear Spring" tract as a family burial ground. Practically all trace of this is gone at present.
Those three tracts remained in the family until 1777, until the death of the widow, Mary, or until the youngest son, Adam, became of age, as provided by the will of Johann. One Sept. 18, 1777, Jacob Boon (son) and wife Catrin deeded all their interest in "Shear Spring" and "Boon's Content", together with a lot in Frizellburg, to Mary Triplett of Baltimore (Liber R.P., folio 230.) In 1782, Jacob and his younger brother, John, appeared in Bedfore, now Franklin Co, VA, John going to Montgomery County in 1807 and living in the part that became Floyd County in 1831.
On March 18, 1783, Nicholas Boon (son) sold the tract "No Whiskey", left to him by his father, to Michael Wagoner (liber W.R. #4, folio 283.) The Bohn-Boon land passed thru various hands until it was inherited by Mr. Edward Formwalt, who deeded it to his stepson, Mr. F.H. Haines, the present owner.
Frederick County, Maryland, was formed in 1748 from a part of Prince George County, then in 1776 Washington and Montgomery Counties were taken from a part of Frederick County. In 1837, Carroll County was erected from a part of Frederick and part of Baltimore Counties. Frizellburg, Carroll County, near where the Bohn-Boon land was situated, is 4 miles northwest of Westminster and is a village of one or two hundred persons.
Johann Diel Bohn made his will in 1761 just before departing on a voyage to Germany. He probably died early in 1764, as a notation on the back of his will states that it was "proved by P. Myers, and the other (witness) was dead 5th of April 1764." The witnesses were Michael and Peter Meyer or Myers. The will was filed April 13, 1764 (Liber A #1, folio 209) at Frederick and is also on file at Annapolis. For some reason the executers he named did not serve, and son Nicholas acted as administrator. Johann's signature to the original will is in German as Bohn, though his name to his Oath of Allegiance has a final "e" Bohne. The penmanship is identical. Unfortunately, whoever wrote his will for him, spelled his name "Bone," instead of Boon or Boone, and it is copied that way into the Will Book at Frederick. The omission of the one "o" caused confusion for years as to his identity.
Johann gave his age upon arrival from Germany in 1741 as 30 years, and his will was filed in 1764, hence his dates would be 1711-1764, aged 53. A tradition has long existed among many descendants of Johann's children of relationship to Captain Daniel Boone of Kentucky, who was not German, but of English ancestry. It is almost impossible to correct this long standing error.
The mistaken relationship of Captain Daniel Boone probably originated from a rumor that spread, source unknown and with no apparent proof, that a Michael Boone of the English family was the father of the children that Johann Diel Bohne named in his will. This was given some credence in Mrs. Hazel R. Spraker's book, "The Boone Family" under "Undetermined Connections" page 494, and which she now considers the most serious mistake in her book. It said that Michael Boone lived and died on his farm in Mt. Pleasant district of Frederick County, Maryland, where the old stone barn he built is still standing. His grave and that of his wife are nearby. Mrs. Spraker says there was no Michael Boone in the English family.
A search of the court house records by this copiler in 1936, and also searches by others, show only one man by the name of Michael Boone. This Michael, son of Nicholas and grandson of Johann Diel Bohn, was born about 1773 (his wife born in 1776, 1850 U.S. Census) and died by July 26, 1832 (Adm. Acct. in his estate, Liber G.M.E. #3, folio 13), married October 14, 1804 Mary Magdalena Burrier, daughter of Philip and Barbara Burrier. Philip Burrier died in 1803 leaving 207 acres called "Hitchbaugh" in the Mt. Pleasant district, about midway between Mt. Pleasant and Liberty, the buildings some 200 yards from the main highway on the east side of the road. Deeds filed between 1806 and 1810 show that Michael Boone (named son-in-law and executer in Barbara Burrier's will, filed in 1822--Liber H.S. #3, folio 2) bought this land from the Burrier heirs. Michael's widow, Magdalena, her daughter Esther Nusbaum and husband Frederick Nusbaum, deeded a part of it to Frederick C. Keller in 1846 (Liber #3, folio 364). Paul Etzler of Frederick is the present owner (1945). He and his tenant both say no graves are there now.
Mrs. Spraker endorses the above correction to the error in her book, "The Boone Family" page 494. She writes that "Michael Boone" tradition prevailed in at least three branches of the family (Miller, Hoss and Pouder) before 1923, and that the error no doubt originated and spread many years prior to that date. The fact that three branches of the family claimed a Michael Boone as the earliest known American ancestor made it seem most plausible. No doubt one branch accepted it from another several generations ago. "I am glad to know," Mrs. Spraker writes, "that your careful and analytical research has uncovered the truth and has put an end to the unfortunate perpetuation of this error."
Johann Diel Bohne, 1711-1764, named his wife Mary, five sons and four daughters in his will. The birth years of only two of his children are known--dates from their tombstones in Kreider Cemetery, near Westminster, now Carroll Co, Maryland--Margaret Pouder-Everly in 1743, and Catherine Sullivan in 1753. Nicholas was the eldest, as Abraham called him "half-brother" in his will in 1825. Thus Johann had a wife that died in Germany, after which he married Mary and had eight children by her, the eldest ones born in Germany. It appears that Mary died about 1777. Nicholas was naturalized in 1765. Nicholas, Jacob and John were on the Committee of Observation in Frederick County during the Revolutionary War. Thier names were on the list of "Associators" Frederick County in Marcy 1778 (Nat'l Gen. Quar., Vol. 6, page 33).

The ship's passenger list shows that Johann Diel Bohne arrived in Philadelphia on the boat "Marlborough" in 1741. On this list of 72 names, he is number 47. His name is written in English and spelled phonetically as "Dewaile Poon", age 30. His middle name was used and "B" is often mistaken for "P" when spoken by a German. The Oath of Allegiance of the "Marlborough's" passengers was made September 23, 1741, as shown by a photstat of the original document now on file with the Pennsylvania Historical Society at Harrisburg.
Oath: At the Court House in Philadelphia, September 23, 1741.
Present: The Honorable George Thomas, Esq., Lieutenant Governor, and
Samuel Hassell, Esq. Mayor of Philadelphia.
The Palatines whose names are underneath imported in the Ship Marlborough,
Thomas Bell, Master, from Rotterdam, but las from Cowes, did this day take the oaths to the Government. (Johann Diel Bohne was number 44 on the list)

WILL : Frederick, Maryland
of : Liber A #1, folio 209
JOHANN DIEL BOHNE : Made--Nov. 1, 1761
Son Nicholas, Administrator : Filed--Apr 13, 1764
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
In the Name of God Amen Whereas I, Han Deall Bone of Frederick County and Province of Maryland Farmer being in good health of Body and of sound mind and memory and being forthwith to depart on a voyage to Germany do make this my Last Will and Testament as follows:
Imprimis first of all I give and bequeath to my well beloved Son Nicholas all that tract of land called No Whiskey lying in Frederick County in the Province of Maryland containing forty acres of land to him and his heirs forever, he the said Nicholas paying unto my two sons John and Adam when they come of age five pounds Current Money each.
Imprimis I also give and bequeath to my said Son Nicholas ten acres of land part of a Tract of Land called Shear Spring adjoining to the aforesaid Tract of Land called No Whiskey to him and his heirs forever and no more of my Estate.
I also give and bequeath to my Son Jacob my Dwelling Plantation with one hundred and twenty-five acres of land he paying to my Son Abraham fift pounds Current Money at the end of two years after he enters on said land to him and his Heirs forever.
Imprimis I also order that my personal Estate shall be equally divided between my two Sons viz John and Adam and my four Daughters viz Margaret, Mary, Kathrine and Elizabeth.
Imprimis I also order and Will that my well beloved Wife Mary shall keep entire possession of Dwelling Plantation, until my youngest Son is of Age.
Imprimis I do also nominate and appoint Joest Runkle and Daniel Zacharias Executers of this Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Will or Wills by me heretofore made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this first Day of November seventeen hundred and sixty-one.
(Original signed in German) Han Deall Bone (SEAL)
Witnesses: Nichael Moyer Peter Moyer.

More About Johann Diel Bohne:
Emigration: 1741, Philadelphia, PN.
Probate: April 13, 1764, Frederick Co, MD.
Will: November 01, 1761, Frederick Co, MD.

More About Johann Diel Bohne and <Unnamed>:
Marriage: Abt. 1735

More About Johann Diel Bohne and Mary:
Marriage: Abt. 1738

Children of Johann Diel Bohne are:
  1. +Nicholas Bohn, b. Abt. 1736, Germany, d. Aft. 1823, MD.

Children of Johann Diel Bohne and Mary are:
  1. Jacob Boon, b. 1740, Germany, d. March 17, 1814, Boone Mill, Franklin Co, VA.
  2. Abraham Bohn, b. Abt. 1742, MD, d. 1826, Rockingham Co, VA.
  3. Margaret Bohn, b. 1743, MD, d. March 03, 1814, Frederick Co, MD.
  4. Mary Bohn, b. Bet. 1743 - 1753, MD, d. Bef. March 07, 1825, Washington Co, TN.
  5. John Bohn, b. Abt. 1745, MD, d. November 1824, Montgomery Co, VA.
  6. Catherine Bohn, b. 1753, d. 1824, Frederick Co, MD.
  7. Elizabeth Bohn, b. Abt. 1755, MD, d. Bef. 1825.
  8. Adam Bohn, b. Abt. 1755, MD, d. date unknown.
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