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View Tree for ANDREAS SHADEANDREAS SHADE (b. Abt. 1720, d. Abt. 03 Sep 1786)

ANDREAS SHADE was born Abt. 1720 in Germany (possibly Hesse, Germany) (immigrated Aug 21, 1750), and died Abt. 03 Sep 1786 in Tulpehocken Twp, Berks Co PA. He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH KRAFT on 10 Feb 1754 in Tulpehocken or Bern Twp, Berks Co PA. He married (2) Marie Eve Kettner on 25 Mar 1771 in Berks Co. PA.

 Includes NotesNotes for ANDREAS SHADE:
I have posted several thousand Descendants of Andreas Shade on the internet at

The father of Andreas is not identified, though Myron Lewis Shade in his 1931 genealogy names Hans Adam Shade who arrived in America in 1737 or 1738 as the father, but lists no proof. There is other evidence that Hans Adam was not the father of Andreas, as records exist that list three sons of Hans Adam as George b. 1742, Nicholas b. 1745, and Charles b. 1750.

Though his name appears mostly as "ANDREW SHADE" in "The Shade Family" genealogy authored by Janet Shade in the 1980's, on entry to America it is written "ANDEREAS SHAAD" or ANDEREAS SHAADT" (it is unclear due to an ink blot), however it appears that someone else signed his name as his mark "X" appears between his first and last name. His last name is sometimes also found as "SCHADT" (see Baptismal Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever ( but as early as 1759 (see 1759 land papers below) his name was recorded as "ANDREW SHADE". I have elected to record his name as "ANDREAS SHADE" Likewise, Andreas' wife is recorded variously as "MARIA" or "'MARY" with the last name either "KRAFFT" or "KRAFT"

Andreas was among 85 passengers that arrived in America on the ship Anderson on August 21, 1750. (His trunk now in possession of Mary Lou Shade b. December 27, 1926)

Following is from Janet Shade's "The Shade Family" genealogy (published in the 1980's and now out of print):

SHIP LIST # 151-C: Penna. Archives, State Library, Harisburg, Penna. P. 91; List 45.6
PRESENT : Thomas Lawrence, ESQ.,Mayor

The forreignors whose names are underwritten imported in the Ship Anderson,Capt. Hugh Campbell from Rotterdam and Cowes in England, did this day take and subscribe ye usual oath

this list includes the name Andereas Schaadt (or Shaad, it's unclear)
(Copy of this document in my inventory)

This is the Oath taken by Andreas upon his immigration (copy in my file) My transcription:

Rights & Liberties of the ___ settling the ____of the Crown___ the late Queen Anne & the heirs of her body being _____and as thee same by our other Act _____An Act for the further Limitation of thee Crown __ better serving the Rights & Liberties of the Subject is __ ____ settled __ _____after the _____ of the said late Queen & for Default of ___ of the said late Queen to the late Princess Sophia Electoress & Dutchess Dowager of Rannover & their Heirs of her Body being _____ And all these things profoundly & sincerely acknowledge promise & declare according to these express words by me spoken & according to the plain & common sense and understanding of the same words without any equivocation ____ - - evasion or secret reservation whatsoever And so make this recognition acknowledgment renunciation & promise heartily willingly & truly

==See "Timeline" in this file for American history 1754 - 1787

His age at the time of his arrival in 1750 has not been established; One source has him listed as born in Germany December 12, 1714. Four years after his arrival in America he married Maria Elizabeth Kraft
(Krafft ?) of Bern Twp, Berks Co. PA.

Record of Reverend John Casper Stoever - Baptismal and Marriage, 1730-1779,
printed by the Harrisburg Publishing Company, 1896:
p64: Marriages: "February 10, 1754: Andreas Schaat and Maria Elizabeth Krafft of
Bern Township."

Maria Elizabeth's birth and baptism was also recorded:

p37-38: Andreas Krafft (Northkill) Maria Elizabeth, b. April 17, 1737;
bapt. July 17, 1737, Sps; Heinrich Beyer and wife.

( margin note in the book: " Christ Little Tulpehocken or Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church near Bernville")

Several of the children of Andreas and Maria are also recorded in these church records.

Mary Elizabeth died about 1769 and on March 25, 1771 Andreas married Marie Eva Kettner (Ketner ?)

And again from Janet's book: "Andreas Schaadt settled in Tulpehocken Twp., Berks County PA. There he lived, reared his family, acquired a farm of 300 acres, died and was buried.

I have not been able to locate the gravesites of Andreas and Mary Elizabeth though it is very possible that they are buried in the cemetery of the CHRIST LITTLE TULPEHOCKEN CHURCH in Bernville founded in 1729, REED'S LUTHERAN CHURCH in Stouchsberg founded in 1743. Though Andreas might be buried at CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH AT STOUCHSBURG founded in 1786

Roadside Marker - Location: SR 4010 W of Bernville" Christ Little Tulpehocken Church -
Organized 1729, this is one of the early Lutheran churches founded by Rev. John Caspar Stoever, Jr., who started the parish records in 1730. A log church, erected before 1749, was replaced by the present stone building in 1809. Since 1853, Lutheran and Reformed services have been held here."

Subj: DAR Patriot Lookup: Reference Code RZYGFZK
Date: 11/24/2001 5:47:48 PM Pacific Standard Time

A search of our Patriot Index provided the information found below.

SHADE, Andrew
Birth: GR Circa 1725
Service: PA
Rank: PS
Death: PA p 9-3-1786
Patriot Pensioned: No Widow Pensioned: No
Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No
Spouse: Maria Eva Ketner
Spouse: Marie Elizabeth Kraft

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From "History of Berks County Pennsylvania" by Morton L. Montgomery, 1886:Pages 1083-1097 of this book are devoted to Tulpehocken Township (Tulpehocken; settled about 1707; incorporated 1729 while part of Lancaster Co.) and there records that "In 1759 Andreas Shade paid 2 pounds in property taxes --"

Also, see "History of the Counties of Berks and Lebanon" by l. Daniel Rupp, published by G. Hills, 1844

Both of these books describe the area in the period. Accordingly it is known that when Andreas first arrived in 1750 the area now called Reading PA had no houses but by Feb 1752 it consisted of 130 houses, 41 stables, 160 families consisting of 378 persons. The original population was principally German who emigrated from Wurtemberg and the Palatinate though the administration of public affairs was chiefly in the hands of the "Friends". During this period so many Germans arrived that the English did not like it. It was peaceful until the the French and Indian War from 1754-1763. By the start of the war, Andeas had just gotten married and was setting up house keeping. During those years in Berks County, about 200 peple were killed by the Indians along with the burning of houses, barns and crops in Berks Co. The years of 1755 though 1759 seemed to be the worst. ( It is a safe bet that Andreas had to keep his rifle handy at all times. )

For further on the Tulpehocken area - see "Shade - All Shades Families in this file" in the Index
There is another book - "Tulpehocken Immigrants" by Rev Frederic Weiser - I've not yet located it.

Our immigrant Ancestor ANDREAS Shade was known as ANDREW as early as 1759, just 4 years after coming to America when he purchased land in Tulpehocken Twp Berks County PA:

=========THE WILL OF ANDREW SHADE September 3, 1786

Andreas must have been a man of some means. The 1779 tax rolls in Berks County listed him as owning 200 acres, 4 horses. 5 cattle, 6 sheep. His tax bill was $1,830

I have a photocopy of Andreas' Last Will which is recorded in Will Book 1781-1811; B184;3-68, in the Court House, Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. The will is dated September 3, 1786. It is believed that Andreas died shortly thereafter. See - Berks County Registry of Wills ; ShadeAndrew, 1786 Tulpehocken Township.. (My photocopy of the Will includes the "Inventory" (see below)

==================THE WILL OF ANDREW SHADE

In the name of God, Amen, the third day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty six, I Andrew Shade, of the township of Tulpohoccon in the County of Berks in the state of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being weak of body but of sound mind and memory Thanks be to God for the same, and calling to mind themortality of my body knowing that it is appointed for all men are to die, do this third day of September aforesaid make and ordain and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form that is to say.

Imprimis, And first of all I commend my soul into the hand of God that gave it, and my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian like manner at the descretion of my executors.

Item. I do order all my just debts and funeral charges to be honesty paid and adjusted.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, May Eve, during her natural life the following enumerated articles viz: one large copper kettle, two pewter dishes, four pewter plates, six pewter spoons, one iron pot, her choice, one tub, two buckets, one table, her choice, one frying pan, her bed bedstead and bedding, now in my house, her chest with all that is therein, one coffee mill, and it is further my will that my beloved wife aforesaid shall have of my plantation whereon I now dwell during her natural life yearly and every year eight bushel of good wheat and seven bushel of good rye the said grain to be taken to mill and the meal and bran to be fetched home to her as she wants the same, one hog, fattened in the fall yearly weighing at least one hundred pound, Forty pound of beef, six pound of goodwool, ten pound of -?-- flax, or hemp, ten pound of--?--, fire wood smallcut and hauled for fire use, One cow her choice of all my cows to be left on my plantation both summer and winter as well as the owner's cows of the place are kept, and if said cow gets old or should die, my wife aforesaid to have an unquestionable right to take another cow out of the stock then on the premises her choice. And it is further my will that my beloved wife Mae Eve shall live on my plantation during her natural life, she to live in the house which the owner of my plantation shall built for her near the spring house Well furnished with a stove in the room, as also to build a spring house for my wife aforesaid. I also give and bequeath to my beloved wife three perches of land of the foremost part of the hemp piece for a garden, And about half of an acre above the hemp piece for potatoes which ground the owner of my plantation is to dung and plow yearly for my wife and to keep it in good fence, And it is further my will and I do hereby order, that my executers herein afore named shall take 100 pounds of the first money raised out of my estate and put the same out on interest and my executors to pay the interest thereof yearly to my beloved wife aforesaid for support provided always she remain my widow, but if my beloved wife aforesaid should alter her mind marry again then she shall immediately leave the premises aforesaid and shall have none of the aforesaid bequeathed except her bed and chest only.

Item. It is further my will and I do hereby order that my plantation and tract of land with the appurtenances whereon I now dwell situated lying and being in the township of Tulpehoccon aforesaid containing about three hundred acres of land be the same more or less, my children who are now of age shall make------ amongst them and sell the same, and which of them give the highest price shall and hold the same to him their heirs and assigns forever. But if my children should not incline or any of them to purchase my plantation aforesaid then my executors hereafter named shall sell and expose of same at public --- and sell the same for the best price that can be had or got, for the same, impowering and vesting fullpower in my executors hereafter named to give such deed or deeds to the purchaser or purchasers as will vest in them a fee simple of my plantation aforesaid whether it be to my Children or otherwise allowing always unto my beloved wif aforesaid out of the same her bequeaths all help unto her, and it is further my will that my exucutors herein named shall expose at public venue all of my personal estate and the money arising out of my real and personal estate equally to divide amonst my children share and share alike to that is to say, unto my son Samuel one fourteenth equal share Unto my daughter Catherine one fourteenth equal share, Unto my daughter Elizabeth one fourteenth equal share, Unto my son Michael one fourteenth equal share, Unto my daughter, Susanna one fourteenth equal share, Unto to my son Andrew one fourteenth equal share, Unto my son Adam one fourteenth equal share, Unto my son Christian one fourteenth equal share, Unto my daughter, Magdelina one fourteenth equal share, Unto my daughter Catherine one fourteenth equal share, Unto my son John one fourteenth equal share, Unto my daughter Eve one fourteenth equal share, Unto my daughter Christina one fourteenth equal share and unto my son Jacob one fourteenth equal share.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Samuel the choice of all my horses over and above what I have already bequeathed him for his birthright. first allowing also unto to my daughter Elizabeth the same household furniture equal with my daughters Catherine and Susanna, now married, And it is further my will that after my wife decease all her effects which she may yet have shall be sold by my executors at public venue and the money therefrom arising shall equally divide amongst my fourteen children aforesaid share and share alike, and I do hereby appoint Daniel Kemp and George Susaman to be guardians of my six youngest children: to wit; George Susaman to be the guardian for my daughters Magdelina and Catherine and my son John, And Daniel Kemp to be the guardian for my daughters Eve, Christina and my son, Jacob.

And lastly do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved son Samuel Shade and my beloved son-in-law Philip Kemp my whole and sole executors of this my Last Will and Testament and to see this my Last Will and Testament justly and honestly fullfulled according to the true intent and meaning thereof and I do hereby revoke disallow and make void all other Wills or Legacies whatsoever by me heretofore made whether in words or writing allowing this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament.

Signed Sealed Pronounced
and Delivered by the said
Andrew Shade as his Last
Will and Testament in
the presence of us

Mathia (his mark) Kemp
Christopher(hismark) Kern
Andrew Shade

==The Inventory (photocopy in my file)

A true and perfect Inventory and conseivable apraisement of all and singular the goods an chattels rights and credits which were of Andrew Shade late of the township of Tulephoccon in the county of Berks yeorman deceased======

# S
The deceased's wearing apparel 8 6
Three sheets on table cloth 17 6
One house clock two chests 11 2 6
Seven old books two glass bottels on brass one inkstand 10
One earthen dish on butcher knife on razor 2 6
Two weavers looms with all the gears 7
Two bedsteads and bedding 1
One bag with some feathers shoemakers tools 11 6
Two old brass bells 2
Two bedsteads and bedding 2
Three small casks one half bushel some tallow 11
One dresser one horn one salt box thre old frying pans 1 5 6
Seven fron? sadels two fron? flesh forks one funnel ten pewter spoons 12
Twelve old wetstones with horns three knifes and forks 2
Two hammers and anvils two fron? wedges one marol?one gig 9
One marol?one fron? wedge some old fron? nine con? chains 16
A quantity of pewterware two fron? pots 1 8
Two augers two hand saws one drawing knife three chizzels 7 6
One fire hold one con? chain 3
One fron? kettle five buckets two old tubs three con? chains 4
Fifteen table cloths seventeen hand towels 2 10
Nine sheets three small pieces of linen 1 2
Forty yards of ive? linnen one flatting? fron on glass bottle 215
One old spinning wheel two willow baskets 2 6
Six old chairs a quantity of yarn and strings one old chest 14
Ten yards of linen cloth tow wollets? two shears 1
Eight yards of ditto? thirty bags one waggon? cloth two chests 2 15
A quantity of salt with the tubs two hachets on chizzel 1
Four old Riddels? one old spinning wheel three saddels 2 7 6
Some barley one small loom three beehives 4
A quantity of flax seed five tubs 1 5
Some woolen yarn four glass bottels some wool 10
One stillyard? ibe oaur if wool cards some old fron? 11 6
Forty eight yards of linnen cloth 3
One fron? kettle one appel mill eleven casks 2 5
A quantity of eart henware three tubs one funnel one cask 18
A quantity of boards some hemp two sheep skins 9
One large waggon 14
One small ditto? 3 10
Some flax three brakes six sithes 1
Three dung forks two dung hooks three weeding hoes 8
Two lock chains seven collars six blind halters four quilers? 1 18
Three grubing hoes one ax one grindstone 14 6
Two cradels and sithes some boards
three sleds two plows one barrow 1 12
One pair of hay ladders 4
One grind mill one cutting box one slay 1 8
Eight hives with bees on ladder 2 1
Fifty bushel of wheat 15
Thirty bushel of rye and twenty bushel of oats 8
Twenty hogs and shoats 6 6
Fourteen sheep 3 10
Three cows 10 15
Two heifers 5
One bull 2 15
Two steers 2 10
Four calfs 2 8
One bay horse 6
One rone ditto 12
One sorrel mare 10
One bay ditto 15
Ten geese 10
One cradel one dough trough one half bushel 5
Three oil jugs one sheet one bag 6 6
A book debt against Silvester New 19 6
Ond bond against William Gauher 12
One ditto against Daniel Kemp with the interest 34 14 4
One ditto against Tobias Shugare 12 15
One ditto against Christopher Kern with the interest 10 6
One ditto against John Kopp with the interest 38 3 2
One ditto against Peter Gebhard withthe interest 20 12
One ditto against Philip Kemp 35
One note against John Hubler witht the interest 15 9
Two ditto against Philip Kemp 21 6
One ditto against William Gauher 6 19
One ditto afainst Philip Kemp 2 10
One bond against John Reigle with the interest 23 12
One note against John Member 5 10
A book debt against Samuel Shade 25
One note against George Shide 3 10
A book debt against John Albert 6 5
One ditto against Jacob Schman 7
One ditto against George Radebach 1 9 6
One note against Philip Kemp 1 10
One loan office certificate 12 9 3
A book debt against John Reigle 12
One ditto against John Hubler 3
One ditto against Mathias Reigle 1 10
One ditto against Philip Kemp 1 2 6
Book debt against several persons 29 7 5
By Cash 51 13 3
Total 627 16 5

The aforegoing goods and chattels were appraised
in the whole to six hundred and twenty seven pounds
sixteen shillings and five pence to the best of our
knowledge witness our hands the 4th day of
October Anno Domino 1786
Mathias + Kemp
Apprison (?)
Christopher CK Kirn

On August 3, 1789 a final accounting of the estate of Andreas Shade included the following

original inventory (above) 627 16 5
advance on sale of said goods 108 13 0
wheat sold and not charged in the inventory 35 1 1
book debts received and not charged in the inventory 3 13 9
and interest received of divers persons 26 4 3
a plantation sold at the direction of the Will 1400 0 0

# 2181 8 4

==In my file is a photo-copy (and transcription) of the release issued by Jacob Wertz, Michael Shade and Christian Shade to Samuel Shade and Phillip Kemp, acknowledging settlement of the estate.

======See Note under Mary Elizabeth Kraft for information on the Andreas farmland

=====Church records of baptism of his children
Schadt, John Jacob, b 05 1755; bap 06 01 1755, Spon. Jacob Gicker & wife Maria Catarina
Schadt, Maria Catarina, b 06 11 1756; bap 07 27 1756, Spon. Maria Catarina Philbert & Jacob Strauss
Schadt, Samuel, b 03 22 1758; bap 04 02 1758, Spon. Samuel Philbert & wife Susanna
Schadt, Anna Elisabetha, b 09 16 1759; bap 09 23 1759, Spon. John Albert & Anna Elisabetha Philbert
Schadt, John Michael, b 05 10 1761; bap 05 24 1761, Spon. John Michael Kehl & wife Catarina
Schadt, Maria Susanna, b 11 29 1762 bap 12 19 1762, Spon. Sauel Filbert & wife Susanna
Schadt, Andreas, b 11 8 1764; bap 12 02 1764, Spon. Balthasar Unbehagen & wife

No record of baptism for last two children -John Adam b 1766 and Christian S. b. April 19, 1767

Fact 1: Donna Brown -
Fact 2: Lucinda Shade -
Fact 3: Harvey Lubold -
Fact 4: Larry Morton -
Fact 5: Linda Evans -
Fact 6: Joanne Shade -
Fact 7: Daniel Shankster -
Fact 8: Sherry Young -
Fact 9: Terrance Shade -
Fact 10: Nancy Shade -
Fact 11: Donald S. Shade -
Fact 12: Douglas M. Shade -
Fact 13: Arthur Olin Shade -

Marriage: 10 Feb 1754, Tulpehocken or Bern Twp, Berks Co PA.

More About ANDREAS SHADE and Marie Eve Kettner:
Marriage: 25 Mar 1771, Berks Co. PA.

  1. John Jacob Shade, b. May 1755, Berks Co. PA.
  2. Marie Catherine Shade, b. 11 Jun 1756, Berks Co. PA.
  3. John Samuel Shade, b. 22 Mar 1758, Berks Co. PA, d. 15 May 1835, Turbotville, Northumberland Co., PA (Turbotsville cem).
  4. Anna Elizabeth Shade, b. 16 Sep 1759, Berks Co. PA.
  5. John Michael Shade, b. 10 May 1761, Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., PA, d. 1831, Berks Co PA.
  6. Marie Susanna Shade, b. 29 Nov 1762, Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co PA, d. 24 Nov 1844, (Strausstown, PA - Zion Blue Mt Cem. Strausstown PA).
  7. Andrew Shade, Jr., b. 11 Nov 1764, or 8 Nov 1764, in Berks Co PA, d. 06 Jun 1843, Lykins Twp, Dauphin Co PA (Klingers Cem - now Zion Cem?).
  8. John Adam Shade, b. 1766, Berks Co PA, d. Bet. 1815 - 1820.
  9. +CHRISTIAN S. SHADE, b. 19 Apr 1767, Berks Co PA, d. 19 Jan 1837, Seneca Co OH (Smith Cemetery).

Children of ANDREAS SHADE and Marie Eve Kettner are:
  1. Magdelina Shade, b. 1772.
  2. Catherine Shade, b. 1774.
  3. John Shade, b. 1776.
  4. Eva Shade, b. Aug 1778, d. 19 Mar 1845, New Bloomfield, Perry Co , PA (Christ Church cem) or Marklesville ?.
  5. Christiana Shade, b. 1780.
  6. Jacob Shade, b. 29 Sep 1783.
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